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[-Thursday, September 25, 2008-]

Post No:#721

It's 6.45 in the morning and I am blogging! Yep...I didn't sleep the whole night. What happened was...After the Biology exam in school, I stayed for another hour before getting a lift back from school at about 10am (Thanks Yen!), and Momoko came along to get more of her stuff that's in my place. Then after she left, I proceeded to watch animes till I fell asleep from 12nn-5.30pm.

So yea, couldn't sleep at night after that looong nap, so my body clock which was only re-adjusted on Tuesday night screwed up again on Wednesday. Yay for me...Not.

Had laksa for dinner! Yum yum~ Hahas...Still have alot of frozen meat in the freezer and some veggies in the fridge that I have no idea what I am gonna do with. If I leave the veggies in there and not cook them, they will rot while I am back in Sg. 0.o"...Arrgh, sukiyaki tonight then, but it ain't fun to have it alone.

ANYWAYS...The exam was crappy! I didn't finish the paper, and that's saying something cause I normally finish an exam at least 30mins before it's supposed to end with the exception of maths and chemistry. Don't think anyone managed to finish the paper at all...Everyone was complaining that there just wasn't enough time (me, Josh, Momoko, Katey, Yen and most others).

We has 50mins for 13 short-answer question, and for this paper, short answer = 1/4 page or about 7-8 lines. And since it was short answer, most would try to squeeze in everything they know so that they don't lose marks, which was what happened to me. =.="...The paper was divided into 2 parts, plant section and animal section. Plant section was about 30 marks (3 qns, 10 marks each), animal section was about 70 marks (10 qns, 7 marks each).

The last question was about the differences in monocots and dicots which was worth 10 marks, and I only realised that I am running out of time when I looked at my watch and there was like 3 minutes left, so I dropped the other 2 plant questions to do that one cause it's the easiest to score. Then went back and tried to do other questions ASAP, but ran outta time.

Another thing was that, they didn't "remind" us that we have 5/10/15 mins left like they normally did during exams so most of us weren't thinking about the time cause we thought they would let us know, but they didn't! JEESH!

ARRGH...Need to sleep, gotta spring clean my house later~

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[-Tuesday, September 23, 2008-]

Post No:#720

-Edited @ 8.55pm-

When you live in Gatton...

And there's nothing to do...

You get bored...









And even more bored...









And even more bored.......The pics are different okay!

I will betcha $100 that if Hans EVER see this, first reaction "OMG WTF you doing!?", aftershock "YING XUAN! PLEASE! Don't act cute, you not cute lah!" after that "Teddy bear somemore..." and then proceed to make fun me for the rest of my life. XD

Halif's reaction would prolly be: 0.0"...*Stunned* followed by a series of LOLs and HAHAHAHAs... And so would Yan Hao... >.>" Oh, and maybe followed by "So bimbo~"








Yes, I am camwhoring with my beloved Polar Bear soft toy! =D It has a name, but that's a secret...XD It serves as a pillow and a bolster, and is extremely comfy to hug!

Obviously, I am really bored PLUS outta my mind due to lack of sleep. Guess what?! Insomnia strikes again, and I didn't sleep AGAIN! YAY!

And there's class later, and the exam tomorrow. DOUBLE YAY!


*I do not normally blog like that at all*

Sorry for blinding anyone, please pay for ya own medical bills.


Edit: When I am bored and procrastinating? This is what happens...

Sent sms to Halif and Yan Hao that says:
"Have no fear! For the procrastinator is here! But she will procrastinate before saving the day...hahas. PS, I am procrastinating cause I can't study for Bio. -Ying-"

Halif replied:
"haha...You are in the future!! Lol...because your timing shows 8.50pm 23rd sept but it's only 6.50pm 23rd sept in Singapore!"

Bo Liao Ness

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[-Monday, September 22, 2008-]

Post No:#719


Mum called to warn me of buying milk/dairy products or products containing milk imported from China and Taiwan in Australia. Here's the conversation:

Mum: XUAN! Don't consume any dairy/milk products from Taiwan ar!"
Me: Huh...Why?
Mum: See lah, never read news right! The milk Taiwan imported from China to make their pordcts is contaminated and can cause kidney stones etc...
Me: I know. I saw it on taiwan news online last week.
Mum: Now even Singapore also checking you know!
Me: I don't know, I don't read SG news...>.>
Mum: You read Taiwan news never read SG news?!?!!?
Me: Ya, SG news also nothing. Very boring. And if its environmental or global issues, Taiwan news will also report mah.
Mum: Aiya, whatever. Remember ar, don't consume okay!
Me: But I just bought a pack of 3.15pm Earl Grey Milk Tea last month. Then there's still a number of packets left, and that company is not affected, I think. Plus, I have been drinking it quite alot lately.
Mum: Don't know you lah...I gotta go. Remember to watch/read the news frequently okay. Stuff like that also don't know.
Me: I do read news! Just not Singapore news...XD

and so on.


Made sesame & ginger chicken for dinner tonight. Was looking for something new to experiment with so I called around to ask for opinions...Grandma suggested soy chicken, which has a similar recipe to sesame chicken, and I got the sudden urge to eat that cause my mum haven't made it since forever. Heh...Yum yum~

Bored. And I am still not prepared for Biology. Yay for me. Am so not in the study mood recently, just want to slack off and do nothing for a few weeks.

Am really peeved with this semester's courses as well. I just don't get what the lecturers are going on about, and some lecturers can't really teach while others don't really care.

Even the idea of getting into Vet Science is not motivating me alot right now, not to mention other "advantages" of doing well for this sem.


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[-Sunday, September 21, 2008-]

Post no:#718

I shall officially name myself "THE PROCRASTINATOR!"

It's like I have a major test on Wednesday for Plant and Animal Biology and here I am watching TW Dramas, surfing Youtube, Karaoke-ing in my room (neighbours must be going nuts), blogging and doing everything except studying!! >.<"

Anyways, new song up on da blog!! It's Show 羅志祥's 當我們宅一塊! I think the MV is super cute can! Not to say the song is also really upbeat, keeps me awake when studying (if I am studying that is)!

Lyrics here:






看个几片dvd 打个wii
oh everybody love in the house

lady lady忧郁拿去贴墙壁



boom boom 到底ok不ok
boom boom 跟我说一声ok

boom boom 到底ok不ok
boom boom 跟我说一声ok
型男型女要一起 say hey
宅男宅女为爱一起 say hey




I am hungry...


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[-Saturday, September 20, 2008-]

Post No: #717

Nothing much happened lately, so I have little to update.

Anyways, I've received my grade for Woolly Mammoth Part 1! (Remember the skeleton I had to draw with all the explanations and what not?)

Yep! 31/40!!!! Hahas, it's not that high a grade, but after hearing stories of how many people got only 22-25 for their results, I am pretty happy with it. 31/40 = 77.5/100 = Grade 6!!! There's still hope for Vet Science! XD

Talked to Hao over the phone yesterday, and he told me about the "story" behind the "abc soup" part of his msn nickname, and because of that, I tried searching Youtube, Crunchyroll and for 紅茶 and all that turned up was songs and commercials!!!!! ROAR~ Bloody Chef Hao! Tell me Taiwan movie somemore!!!

Talking about Taiwan. Hans is already back in TAIPEI!!!! 0.o"...What I know so far is that his brother is hospitalised so he is back there for about 2 weeks and will be back in SG by the end of Sept. >.<"...Hope his brother gets well soon~

I am kinda wanting to eat the yam pastries I bought from the Taipei International Airpor, yum~ Shall not get started on the food again. 滷肉飯!!!!!!! XD XD...Until now, I still don't know how to cook it, despite reading multiple recipes online. =.="...


Conversation with Halif:

Halif: Booo...
Me: aahhhh~! CKW GOT FACEBOOK!
Halif: yup
Halif: suddently so excited
Me: Finally got someone good looking as a friend on my facebook. LOL, jk lah
Halif: oh me you mean
Me: no lah, is Kangwei, not you. Don't be delusional. XD
Halif: Dont worry I will think that its me
Me: DELUSIONAL and Egoistic!
Haif: oh well thats fine.

CKW = Chen KangWei = Our Ex-Ex-Ex-Ex-Ex Head Prefect from Coral Sec.

Oh wells. Back to Biology...

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[-Wednesday, September 17, 2008-]

Post No:#716

Random note: Talked to mum yesterday over the phone and she said this "你很機車嗯!!" XD

Where got 機車! I so 可愛 can! XD XD...Is 可憐沒人愛的可愛.

Anyways...I finally got to studying for next week's Biology test. =D

Study essentials!! Notes, notebook, pencil case, iPOD

Hardworking de leh! XD

Study partner! Introducing...Fellow Singaporean Yen..'s backview. XD

Spent 2 hours out of my 4 hours break in the library today to catch up abit on Plant and Animal Biology. Managed to finish about 1.5 modules, doing up notes and review questions. =D...

Spent the other 2 hours having Fish and Chips at the Cafe while talking to Momoko and Mari (both Japanese girls). Mari's a postgrad student and she's doing a research that requires her to go around trapping animals to weigh them, tag them and whatnot then set them free again. She showed us some photos and we just looked through all the photos in her camera (dating back to 2006!! 1GB memory card).

Saw some photos from Japan and I was like "OKONOMIYAKI!!!" at one of the photos and they were like "LOL...Yeps! You can be a Japanese!" cause I kept talking about Jap food. I only know the food names, I can't speak Jap except for "Konichiwa! Watashi-wa Baka-desu...Hontoni Baka-desu!" Which is "Hi! I am an idiot...really an idiot!" XD XD. I know certain words but can't form a sentence in Jap.

Nothing much to update....Ending off!


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[-Tuesday, September 16, 2008-]

Post No:#715

So, turns out Wilber Pan also has a bew album that's been out for sometime already. Listened to the new song on that album and really liked it!

Super nice! XD...Well, at least I think so. So this song and JJ's Always Online is being played on loop on my laptop and my ipod. =D


It's TUESDAY again!! And we all know what Tuesday is gross day for me sometimes. Last week, it was the digestive tract of the pig, this week it's the digestive tract of the sheep! What's the main difference? Well, the pig had a way stronger pungent smell to it. Nah, seriously, the pig is not a ruminant while the sheep is, meaning that the pig has one stomach while the sheep has 4 (Reticulum, Rumen, Omasum and Abomasum).

Sheep's intestines and the rest of the digestive tract wasn't as smelly as the pig's but I sure don't want to smell it again anytime soon! Oh, and there was a dead chicken which one of the students dissected to show the internal organs as well, because avians have a different digestive tract compared to mammals.

Spent some time in school catching up on my AGRC1019 Plant and Animal Biology notes and revision cause the mid-semester exam is coming soon!!! Next Wednesday to be exact, so I have little more than a week left to prepare, YIKES! It's not a MCQ paper this time, but a short answer question paper. I am so so so dead if I don't start mugging now.

Chemistry practical tomorrow...I wonder what's going to happen. Hmmmm

Been watching a few Taiwan Idol dramas as well, after finishing 命中住定我爱你. Been watching 籃球火 (up to ep 7, but I think I am gonna stop soon cause the basketball playing is =.="), 不良笑花 (up to ep 2. So far so good, but Rainie Yeung's voice is kinda annoying) & 无敌珊宝妹 (Up to ep 4. I don't know what to make of it, but will keep watching cause it's interesting. Has the main 命中住定我爱你 cast in it, but only for a small part)

籃球火 main cast: 羅志祥 Alan Luo (Xiao Zhu/Show), 言承旭 Jerry Yan & 吳尊 Wu Zun
不良笑花 main cast: 楊丞琳 Rainie Yeung, 潘瑋柏 Wilber Pan !!
无敌珊宝妹 main cast: 張棟樑 Nicholas Teo & 郭采潔 Amber Kuo

Most Taiwan Drama series are up on They also have movies and Korean dramas/movies but only with chinese subtitles or is dubbed in chinese.

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[-Monday, September 15, 2008-]

Post No:#714


Found out that JJ Lin's new album is gonna be released soon! The song currently playing on my blog is one of his main hits on this album. Song name: Always Online. I like it, it's one of my faves now...XD

Anyways, unofficial lyrics courtesy of Seahorse333 on



Everthing will be ok

Three two one
I'm always online
和你one to one


Three two one
More and more

I'm always online


Been having weird dreams lately. A few that freaked me out so much I woke up sweating. Seriously man...

In one of them, my friend's dad had a stroke, and I had that dream 2 nights in a row, it was like continuous and ended with a...funeral. 0.o"...Wtheck can?! And none of our other friends were there, just me, him and his whole family. I know who it is, but the rest of the dream was pretty much a blur, and I didn't get to see the dad. Super freaky!

In another one, there was a fire in Coral Sec and elephants were used to put out the fire along with the cranes and fire brigade and whatever. Then one elephant got spooked and came after me, it was chasing me everywhere and trying to hit me with it's trunk and what not. It managed to hit me a few times and almost squashed me when it reared up. 0.o" Then it became 3 elephants and I managed to squeeze into a narrow alley where the elephants couldn't get me. Then my alarm clock rang...Saved by the bell~ XD

I don't want another nightmare tonight please, been having them like for 4 nights already. Others I can't remember...And I am still suffering from insonmia!! I sleep at like 3-4am!!! T.T

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[-Sunday, September 14, 2008-]

Post No:#713

Went to Lin Jun Jie's blog and saw Nike Air Jordan Force Fusion III, which is a fusion of the Nike Jordan and Air Force. ME LIKES!!

Photos from, I personally prefer the Reed colored ones, followed by the white ones.


Don't think they come cheap though. HAN CHIANG! HELP ME BUY WHEN YOU GO BACK TAIWAN KAY?! SET! LOL...

My b'dae present! XD You owe me for 5 years man! Nah, kidding...I will pay ya back.

Lalalalala...Shoe shopping! CHIO-NESS!!

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[-Saturday, September 13, 2008-]

Post No:#712

I am starting the "Diet" which my mum reckons works best for me...XD
Yea, I said don't do diets, I really don't, this is not a diet!

Anyways, this "diet" is, to sleep between 4-6am, wake up around 5-6pm, and have only dinner. So since I only eat one meal per day, I lose weight eh!? Well, that's the explanation my mum gave me...Total nonsense. Sleep all day, no movement at all, how to lose weight?! Gila eh...

Wells, I have been suffering from freaking INSONMIA AGAIN! Yay for me! I can't sleep at night at all!! It's like I prepare to sleep at about 11 or 12, but I only fall asleep at 4am...Tried counting backwards from 100,000 but it doesn't work, tried listening to instrumental music it doesn't work, tried sleeping on a full stomach (I can't sleep when I am hungry~) doesn't really work, tried drinking something hot doesn't work. BLEARGH!!!

Neh neh...Maybe I should go 24 hours without sleep so I can sleep at night since I will be really tired.

ANYWAYS...Mid Autumn Festival is coming (a.k.a Mooncake Fest)!! And I am gonna be stuck in Gatton all alone! YAY~! LOL...Oh wadever


Some stuff from DA to end the post:

forgiveness by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

beauty and palindromes by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

little kitesurfer by ~tomislav-moze on deviantART

Explosive Fire by ~unforgivenmind on deviantART

splash2 by ~BenoitPaille on deviantART

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[-Wednesday, September 10, 2008-]

Post No: #711

Conversation with Halif:

Halif: "He love sick lah, think of you"
Me: "-.-...I sick of love lah, think of flu"
Me: "LOL, that rhymes!! Oi...Reply eh...Poke"
Halif: "............"

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Post No:#710


Been pretty lazy these few days. After the tuna sandwich "diet" over the weekend, I still can't be bothered to really cook anything. Made salmon Kin Fatt's style, and stir-fried some french beans with sausages Joe's style (he himself can't remember what he put in there...=.="...Had to guess, but it was alright) on Monday, and have been surviving on pretty much instant noodles and left over pizza. 0.o"

School's still alright I guess. I hate Tuesdays now that's for sure. So, last week we had to cut up a dead rat right? Guess what it is this week!? One clue...It's usually pink/black with a curly tail and flat snout. Yep, pigs, but no, we didn't dissect a pig.
We merely had to probe around the digestive tract of the pig with all the...digested stuff still in the intestines. The whole specimen had the tongue, oesophagus, stomach, spleen, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, small intestine, caecum, large intestine, ovaries, uterus, rectum/anus & vagina still intact. OH, I forgot, the lungs were still there as well, including the trachea.

It smelt pretty bad, and people around the organs would get a whiff of it every minute or so. I was alright, until I got a whiff when I was talking so my mouth was open it felt as though I was tasting it (yes, eew), gagged and almost threw up. =.=" There were exclamations of "Oh God" "Jesus, that stinks" & "WTH/F?! Oh shit..." all around. Apparently, the rectum was full of feces when the prac session started, but was "emptied" by some students who were poking the intestines and what not throughout the prac, so by the time it got to my group, it was only half filled, but that's bad enough already.

And I was writing all that while having dinner at the same time. =.="...Nuggets, french bean & minced meat omelette.


I miss hearing these sentences:
-"Eh..Don't act cute! You not cute!" replied with "I never loh! And I know I not cute lah."
-"What you want lah!? huh? What you want! Faster, what you want!!!" replied with "HUH?! What I do!?"
-"Ah PUI!" replied with a "HAIYA...Stop it ar!"
-"Anyhow only, anyhow~"
-"Ah, eat eat eat, eat somemore. Only know how to eat~" replied with "Wah lao eh, you call me when I about to have dinner what! What eat only?!"
-"Eh you very mean leh!" "What mean? Mean what? Where got?!" followed by LOL
-"Stop it ar Han Chiang!" "Sorry boss, sorry boss!"
-"Stupid Hans~" "Ah what!?" "Say you stupid lah, cannot ar!" "caaan, no probleeeem"
-"Hungry leh" "AH SEE, Always think about food. Eat somemore...EAT!" =.="
-"Ying Xuan Ying Xuan Ying Xuan Ying Xuan....Yiiing Xuuaaan" "WHAT?!" "Nothing!~ =P"
-"Eh Ah Lian!!" "What lah! Don't call me that okay!" "Your name what, if not what you want me to call you!" "=.=...Whatever lah you"
-"Ah smoke somemore, smoke! Father, mother die!" "Eh, you curse ppl's parents for what!" "Never teach their son properly, so die!" "No comments"
-"Ying Xuan! Be a man! Do the Right THING!" "I am not a man" "Oh yaa...I forgot"
-"Eh Hans, are you a man!?" "Ya!" "Can you be more gentlemanly" "For what sia? You also man what!" "WTHECK? I am not loh" "You behave like one" "....forget it...."

AHAHAHAS...Good old days...

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, September 08, 2008-]

Post No:#709

I kinda updated my links on the nav. bar a little, especially the celeb's blogs. Currently, the list contains:
JJ 林俊傑, 五月天's 阿信, Alien 小鬼's Blog, 吳尊, 汪大東, Danson 唐禹哲, Aaron 炎亞綸 & Nicky 李玖哲's blogs.


Well...I was watching Lin Jun Jie's KTV vids on youtube, then drifted to his concert/live videos where he played the piano and sang at the same time (SO AWESOME...*loves*), then went on to some Jay Chou video. Then I found these...which are so friggin hilarious I think those people that need a break should watch it...

(Ps..In chinese lah~)

4.55 till 5.14 damn funny
6.18 - 6.21 also, stupid Kang Kang!!


羅志祥的鬼故事 (cannot sleep after this can!! But I am scared of stupid ghost stories, and this is damn stupid...)


小豬會Beat Box唷

羅志祥可愛片段 (You can just stop after the 3p part if you get it)

豬鬼演男女朋友+goodbye kiss (SO GAY CAN!!! Andy Lau somemore...omg...)

小鬼跌倒了 小豬給他惜惜

-Logged Off-

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[-Sunday, September 07, 2008-]

Post No:#708

This must be a record of some kind...XD, well at least for me:

1) My phone hasn't rang even once in the last 48 hours, and neither have I made any calls or smses. XD

2) I have been having toasted tuna spread sandwiches for all meals the past 2 days. XD, made the spread on my own, it's easy enough and tastes pretty good. Mum used to love it when I made it in SG for supper sometimes.

No, I am not on a diet, and I never will be. I just simply can't be bothered to cook anything even though my freezer is full of meat/poultry and I also have veggies and other stuff. Haven't been craving anything at all too, which is kinda weird. 0.o"


Finished the Chemistry mid-semester exam and managed to get 11.9/15! Yea, don't ask why 11.9, it's just that each of the questions were worth like 1.3 or 1.4 or something like that. Totally weird. Gonna work for the other 5% which the lecturer separated from the main exam (even though it's counted as one) and then we can take it as many times as we want, as long as we want to get the full 5%. =D

AGRC1019 Plant and Animal Biology mid-sem MCQ is also coming up soon!! Modules 1-3 and 7-14! I am so screwed...

Well, have been slacking off alot this weekend, watched You Got Served, Disturbia and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, facebooked for a bit and that's pretty much it. Gonna start studying for Biology test tomorrow...

Guess that's pretty much it!

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, September 06, 2008-]

Post No:#707


You See the World Through Yellow Colored Glasses

You live your life with optimism. You remain happy through the bad times, and your outlook remains bright.

You judge all interactions through the lens of hope. You try to see the best in people, and you give them the benefit of the doubt.

You face challenges with a spirit of adventure. Things are what they are, so you might as well make the best of them.

You see love as the utmost expression of personal joy. You tend to be attracted to lively, friendly people.

At your worst, you are a bit petty and jealous. You want to be everyone's shining star.

You are happiest when you're daydreaming or thinking up fresh ideas.


I think someone needs to remind me why I have a cell phone with almost 100 contacts saved. If you know what I am getting at...Good for you! If you don't, it doesn't matter anyway.

And people wonder why I love me dogs more....

Me dogs are missed!

-Logged Off-

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[-Tuesday, September 02, 2008-]

Post No:#706

-EDITED at the end of post-

2 things to update about!

First, we dissected a dead rat in Animal Structure and Function practical session today~ It stinks, and it doesn't help that I was bending down over my rat cause I can't cut it standing straight (needed to be precise you see). I was alright throughout the prac, but the smell sorta got to me and plus I was already hungry from having just a sausage roll for lunch! So my stomach wasn't feeling good, and the smell was...ERGH...and when I got home, I started feeling queasy and wanting to puke and stuff, BUT I didn't cause there was nothing in my stomach to throw up. Then whenever my hands were close to my face I kept getting this mindset that I can smell that rat and the smell of the latex gloves still on my hands which made me worse. >.>...I washed my hands 5 times! IT'S PSYCHOLOGICAL! >.<"

Second thing that went wrong, my key snapped off! Literally! I was gonna open the glass door (which is my front door) and the key was already a little wonky (it was bent one way, so I bent it back, and anyone who has taken DnT knows that doing this will make that bent area really weak), so I slotted it into the lock and turned it, only it didn't turn but simply snapped off in my hand!!0.o"...Had to enter through the backdoor instead and thank goodness I could still get the broken part out of the lock. Great, now I have to go find time to duplicate another key! I wasn't even usng much strength at all too!

End of the bad stuff...

Aussie Idol rocks! Wes Carr and Chrisley are in the top 12!! Whoots~ I am thinking the next two might be Amanda and Tom. Tom, Natalie and Amanda are kinda my faves for tonight's batch...I can't wait for Madam Parker's performance!! Overall...Wes Carr is my current fav, though I kinda wish he would shave...>.<"


Chem prac tomorrow! Then Chem online mid-semester test from Friday till Tuesday. We have 4 hours to do the test, and it's 24 questions! You will never get that in Sg, but I ain't complaining, it means I can kinda take my time to get my answers right.

I hate the Wiley system that they are using though, cause if you round off too much, too little or don't round off, your answer is gonna be WRONG when it's actually right. 0.o"...Lazy people that uses computers to do work!

Hmmm...Nothing else I guess. OH, my laptop's keyboard is getting old! The "down" arrow button ain't working properly, and I have to press down on it really hard to get it to work, but sometimes it doesn't even when I keep poking it!

Oh yea, another piece of news demonstrating the retarded-ness and desperation of humans:

Welder’s love plans unscrewed

JOHOR BARU: A welder who tried to elongate his penis with a nut found himself in a pickle when the nut got stuck after he had an erection.

The victim, from Taman Sri Skudai, had apparently been trying to increase the length of his penis ahead of his engagement next week when disaster struck.

It is learnt that the incident occurred on Thursday and the 20-something-year-old victim went to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here to seek treatment when he was unable to get the nut off himself.

Unfortunately, hospital authorities were at a loss and had to call the Fire and Rescue Department for assistance. A department spokesman confirmed that they received a call from the hospital yesterday, and sent seven firemen to help out. They, too, were unable to remove the nut. At press time, the nut was still firmly attached to the base of the man’s genitals.

This is the second case in the past week involving objects stuck on penises. On Aug 25, firemen were summoned to the University Malaya Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur to cut a steel ring from a patient’s penis after numerous attempts by doctors failed to dislodge it. It is believed the patient, in his 20s, had slipped the ring onto his penis to increase his sexual prowess.

Personal notes: Okkay, there's one man whose one penis is stuck in ONE nut, so...what the heck do they need SEVEN firemen for? Seriously, then they can't do anything...I wonder what his fiance would think about that. Poor nut.
This teaches you...Don't poke around and mess about with nuts and stuff with holes, you just might get stuck!

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:44 PM;

[-Monday, September 01, 2008-]

Post No:#705

I love curry, especially my grandmother's chicken curry that she always makes when I return to Singapore. Didn't know what to make for dinner tonight and decided on curry cause it doesn't really need me to stay in the kitchen to wait for it to cook and stuff.

Tried something new to me, but most people have tried before while cooking curry with dry powder and it turned out pretty great! Almost the same as my grandmother's!! Am so happy with myself cause out of so many times I tried making Singapore Chicken Curry this is the only successful one. Oh, and using the McKenzie's or Clive of India's brand of curry powder doesn't work for me, I prefer the Baba's brand (Malaysian) that you can get from Chinatown at $2.10 for a large pack.

Here's the recipe if anyone wants to try, when I say finely chopped, I do mean finely chopped...If you have a blender all the better! USE IT!

Serves 4-6 if served as a side, 2-3 if served as a main, depending on how much you eat.

Chicken Curry (Singapore)
3 heaped tbps of curry powder (I mixed 2 tbsps of Babas' with 1 tbsp Clive of India)
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp oil
4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 piece of ginger, finely chopped (same amount as garlic)
1 onion, finely chopped (abt twice the amt of garlic and ginger)
1 Cinnamon quill
1 Star Anise
2 Dried Chili (optional, I like it hot!)
275ml (1 can) Coconut Milk
2 Potatoes, cut into quarters or eighths
Chicken, diced or you can put in whole drumsticks and wings
Extra curry powder for seasoning.
Cooking Oil
Salt to taste

1) Marinade the chicken with some curry powder and 1 tsp of cooking oil for about 30mins.
2) Mix the curry powder with the 1tbsp of water and 1tbsp of oil to form a paste.
3) Stir fry the marinated chicken till about half cooked and dish up to one side.
4) Stir fry the chopped garlic, ginger & onion with the cinnamon and star anise in some oil till fragrant.
5) Add in the curry paste and continue frying till aromatic or when the oil separates from the paste.
6) Add in potatoes to fry with the paste mixture till evenly covered, then add some water (80ml?) to help it cook.
7) Pour in the coconut milk and also add in the chicken and 2 pieces of dried chili, stir thoroughly and leave it over high heat for 10 mins.
8) Switch to low heat and simmer until the potatoes are cooked.
9) Add some salt to taste.
10) Remove the star anise, cinnamon and dried chili. Serve hot over rice or with bread!

Here's my end product!! I took the photos with my mobile phone's camera...So its not high quality.
Now...Who wants a serving?! XD...This recipe is a keeper for me, that's why its up here.

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