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Thanks to Yvonne and Amanda for helping me out last night!!!!!!

Lets see, I guess it was a success was finished and turned out pretty awesome! First time I made it some more! Let's talk about process.

I followed this recipe, if anyone wants it, it's here:

Ondeh Ondeh Recipe (makes about...30-40 balls depending on the size you make):

500g glutinous flour
10g sweet potato flour (optional)
2 pinch of salt
3 tbsp coconut essence
Green food coloring
Hot water

Gula Jawa/Melaka
Brown Sugar

Dessicated coconut or grated fresh coconut. 200g?
Pinch of salt

1) Sift glutinous flour and sweet potato flour into a bowl. (big bowl)
2) Add in salt, coconut essence and hot water (about 2 cups?).
3) Stir to form dough. Knead. (If too wet, add flour, too dry add water)
4) When kneading, add in food coloring. I used about 3 teaspoons.
5) When dough is ready, divide into balls.
5a) For filling, just mix an equal proportion of gula jawa and brown sugar.
6) Make a hole in each ball and add in filling.
6a) Close the hole by pressing edges together, seal with some water.
6b) Roll again to form round shape and to close any cracks.
6c) DO not roll too hard in 6b, or it will break, and do not roll too long or it will soften.
7) Cook in boiling water till float.
8) Take out, roll in the dessicated coconut mixture till covered. Serve while warm.

Honestly, the only thing I measured was the coconut essence. Cause I basically just used a bag of glutinous rice flour, about 500g and a bit of sweet potato flour. Then coloring wise, I added while I made. And for filling, just mixed the two together in equal proportions and chopped it abit to ensure there are no edges to poke through the ball.

Glad to see that most people liked it! The dough and filling it took me close to 2 hours. Heh...Cooking was around 15-30 minutes.

Here a pic of it:

Hee, first time making it and it rocks! People were like "You sure you first time make not?!" Lolz. Joe was the one that asked me to make malay kueh, and I didn't see him today. Too bad, so sad, actually I saw him, but he was rushing for class and so was I, then I asked Chloe to tell him to meet me at 1.00 so I can give him the last 2, but in the end, I guess he left, so I gave it to Emir. Not gonna make it again, unless it's like end of year or something. Too time consuming.


Exams are approaching!! Exactly 1 more month before I see Singapore! WAAAHHHHHHH! Now that I think about it, the 4 months I am here passed rather quickly. ^.^"

Time to call mum. Cya guys!

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