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Made Oreo cheesecake today, and it was a half failure! Why half? Cause it was perfect in every way, except that it tasted too cheesy for my liking, will prolly add more cream or sugar next time. I didn't follow the measurements on the recipe cause I didn't buy enough cream cheese, so its all my fault.

One note, NEVER EVER grease your springform pan with butter if you are baking cheesecake, I would much rather you used baking paper cause the butter will "cook" the outside of the cake and make it really brown and crispy, sometimes, burnt.

Anyways, here are the photos of the cheesecake making steps, the steps themselves are fine alright!? If you follow the measurements given in the recipe, you will be alright!

Oreo Cheesecake:

18 Oreo cookies, crushed in a blender
1/4 cup melted butter

680g cream cheese,softened
1 can sweetened condensed milk
3 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 Oreo Cookies, crushed (Optional)

Chocolate shavings
Whipped cream
Whole Oreo cookies

1) Base: Crush about 18 Oreo cookies finely for the base, preferably without the cream. I left the cream on, it was pretty fine actually. 0.o...Use a blender to crush the cookies if you have one!

2) Mix with about 60g of melted butter, and press into the bottom of the baking pan firmly to form the base.
3) Filling: Combine cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla extract and 3 eggs mix till smooth. If preferred, crush about 2 Oreo cookies (not as fine as the base) and add to the filling mixture and mix thoroughly.
4) Assembly: Pour half the filling ontop of the base. Roughly chop or crush some more Oreo cookies and sprinkle to form a layer ontop of the filling.

5) Pour in the rest of the filling to finish.

6) Baking: Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Once heated, bake the cheesecake for about 45-60 mins, checking often to ensure it doesn't crack.

7) Once done, remove and allow to cool, then chill in fridge till cold, about 1/2 hour?

8) Topping: If you want to, keep some whole Oreo cookies and get some whipped cream and chocolate shavings to garnish. Use the whipped cream to make little "knobs" around the edge of the cake, and press an oreo cookie on top. Then sprinkle chocolate shavings in the middle.

My final product...I took this last photo and my camera went out of battery. It looks abit wrecked at the top cause I have already started eating it. XD And I didn't garnish it.

If you like really cheesy cheesecake add that amount of cream cheese, if not, then you can either reduce the amount of cheese and increase the amount of condensed milk or add some sugar.

Will be making it again, with less cheese this time...

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