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[-Sunday, February 22, 2009-]

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KFC breakfast is disgusting...

I had the scrambled eggs with waffles set, and...the egg is overcooked and so powdery it's like, pollen or something.

The waffles...were so hard and tasteless, I think cardboard tastes better.

One good thing, I saved 5 cents cause the meal was $6.15, but I only had $6.10 on me, so the 5 cents was waived! Like omg, I saved 5 cents from a lousy breakfast!!!! 0.o"

I miss Pancake Manor...

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[-Thursday, February 19, 2009-]

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Heading back to Aussie soon!! And I am pretty glad I managed to meet almost everyone I wanted to meet here, i.e. Hans, Bobby, Yeleng, Jessica and even Yang Hao. XD

Well, the exact date and time would be 23rd Feb, Monday, 9.55am~

So I will get to Brisbane at about 1935 hours (or 7.35pm) on the same day according to Singapore Airlines.

Last round of meet up sessions I suppose, yesterday with Jessica, tomorrow with Hans, Yeleng and maybe Talisa, and the rest probably with my folks. Definitely having dinner at/with Grandma's with the whole family either Saturday or Sunday...WHEE~ Chilli Crab? XD

No updates recently cause there's been absolutely nothing much going on! I mean, sure, I met up with Hans and Yeleng, and Jess and Yang Hao and all those other people, but I didn't take photos, or not enough for a blog post. So I will compile them sooooooon, maybe after I get back to Brisbane.

Hmmm..Still have a few things I have to get here before heading back.

okay, feats:

There is this photo I must mention, but doesn't have an embed tool so I will just leave the link here:

Splash by Davenit. It's actually just a very simple shot of an 8-ball dropped into water to cause a splash but it's immaculate!

you will never find it by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

Donut Panic Comp by ~Capttylor34 on deviantART
Mr. Apple Love by =fhrankee on deviantART

Stay Focused II by =Sortvind on deviantART

The Lost Highway by *Toope on deviantART

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:37 PM;

[-Monday, February 02, 2009-]

Post No:#779

Hey people listen up! Many of ya will know that I am a fervent reader of Kenny Sia,

and recently he has a donation "drive" going on, so I just wanna tell you guys about it and see if you are able to lend a helping hand.

Basically, Kenny Sia will go bald (botak) if he is able to raise RM 50,000 (or more) through his blog, for the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (click link).

To read more about why Kenny is doing this, click HERE.

The objectives of this function:
1. To raise the awareness of childhood cancer to mark the International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15, 2009
2. To provide moral support to children with cancer by shaving your head bald
3. To raise RM 200,000 in aid of SCCS objectives and programs.

SO now, time for you to decide if you are gonna donate: (by cheque, bank deposit, paypal/credit card or cash)

(Click on banner to donate!!)

Well, I have made a donation with part of my Ang Pao/Gambling money from Chinese New Year, and I am sure you can too~! Come on, someone's willing to go BOTAK FOR CHARITY while others are complaining that they have to shave their heads when going into the ARMY! So...SUPPORT LAH!

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