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[-Wednesday, March 30, 2011-]

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Hmm...Just a little rant in the middle of the night

I seem to have lost my passion for working with animals. Maybe it's the whole "Let's cut up a dead dog (obtained ethically, surrendered voluntarily by owners to the university with full consent of what we are doing to them - more about this later) for prac today and we can see how the muscles/digestive system/nervous system/cardiovascular system works!" in Vet School which equates to not much interaction with live animals.

Now whenever we have practical sessions with live animal handling, especially dogs, all I think of is "I wonder if I will see this dog in the fridge next".

Or maybe it's the whole issue with Vet School trying to push us all into large animal practice, such as cattle, sheep, horses and so on. I mean, like 70% of whatever we are learning is catered towards large animals! I can take 50%, but 70% is kinda too much! We are learning about pastures, then nutrition which focuses more on large ruminants than any other animal.

Just cause Queensland has more small animal practices than large animal practices doesn't mean we all have to be pushed towards the demand market. Honestly, I am not into large animals at all. Seriously. Horses? They are okay. Cattle? Hmm. Sheep? Bah~

Why can't we get to choose what we want to study!? Like maybe we can do 2 years of general stuff, then for the next 3 years, focus more on the area we want to, be it exotics, avian, small animal or large animal! Wouldn't it make more sense to produce vets that are well trained in their individual areas rather than have a bunch of jack of all trades (or animals in this case), master of none vets?

Wouldn't clients want a vet whom is well trained in his/her area and don't know much about other types of animals than one that is mediocre in all areas?

It's called Veterinary Science, not Production Animal Medicine Science for a reason right?!

I wanted to study this cause I like the company of animals and it would feel good if I can make them better when they are sick, especially since they can't tell you what's wrong. But nowadays, all I can think of is how I am gonna tell future clients that I don't know shit about what I am doing or what's wrong with their pet! I am probably just plain stupid or something.

I don't know...I just can't seem to hold on any more. I am actually demoralised.

A Question Of Ethics. by ~nexxxxxx on deviantART

Anyways, regarding the whole ethically sourced animals. I don't get why the vet school isn't allowed to take abandoned/unwanted animals from pounds anymore because it's deemed as animal cruelty or unethical. The animal is going to be put down anyway, so might as well let vet students learn as much as they can rather than just incinerate it?

Don't get me wrong. If the animals were put down just for our learning's sake, that would be very wrong indeed. But if the owners wanted them put down at whatever cost/reason, or if they were unwanted and had to be put down cause they are vicious or cause they are too old etc. then I don't see the problem in letting the vet students have them and learn more about them.

Previously the school could source dogs from pounds and places like that, but then animal welfare groups stepped in and we aren't allowed to do it anymore. Apparently the universities in other states can do it. OH, and it's just dogs and horses, no one cares about us using pigs or cattle or sheep cause they are production animals? If you are a really animal welfare supporter you should treat all of them equally, not just support the ones you like!

Arrgh...This whole thing is getting to me. Gonna go!

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, March 28, 2011-]

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So~~ I have been missing for the longest time ever since I started this blog! I am still alive, barely. So much stuff's been happening to me! It's like a WTF month of March. Murphy's law in action~ So as Gordon Ramsay would say "F*** Me~" *and proceed with facepalm*.

1) Spent money buying new essentials; rice cooker, saucepan, pizza stone & hair dryer!
---- The non-stick lining on the inner pot of the old rice cooker peeled off.
---- Same with saucepan
---- The pizza stone went moudly. I cleaned it!!
---- The hair dryer filter broke.

2) The new stainless steel saucepan got burnt the second time it got used. Had to clean it off with baking soda and vinegar, got really pissed but it's fine now~

3) First time I got a flat tire, and I was late for uni too! Something good came out of it, I learnt how to change tires!

4) Got my new Corolla hatchback in Wildfire red, and drove it down to Brisbane on the first day. Managed to maul a dent that stretches over the middle quarter of the rocker panel/side skirt on the first night while parking at Phoenix's place! Costing me over a grand to replace...

5) Lost the cable that connects my camera to the laptop. Nothing major~ Just annoying.

6) Got my bag taken from Phoenix's room cause he forgot to lock his bedroom glass doors (which leads to the outside). It happened while we were sleeping! Like between 3.30 and 6.30am! LIKE WTF?! It's scary when you think about it. We could have been murdered!

Referring to incident 6, I think the thief is pretty stupid/nice/just wants cash cause...There were 2 laptops, 2 dSLRs, 2 mobile phones and a pile of coins just blatantly sitting there, and he/they didn't take any of those. He/they took my bag, which is worthless, and all I had in there was a bag of peanut M&Ms, my wallet, coin purse and sunnies! The amount of cash in there, probably could hardly afford them a maccas meal.

He/they even took a small pouch, probably hoping to find some money in there, but all Phoenix kept in that were his receipts from last year.

Anyways, we reported it to the police, a patrol unit came and looked around and said they would talk to the neighbours. Then a forensics guy came in to dust the door for fingerprints, he found a couple but we don't know if it's the thieves' or our own. We headed out to look around the area cause they would probably throw stuff away that's worthless.

Found my handbag under a streetlamp at a park nearby, with all the receipts and my sunnies in it. M&Ms were there too...Threw those away, duh~ Then Phoenix found Domo (my coin purse) sitting sadly on a stump so we recovered that too. Gotta replace the stuff in the wallet! IDs, debit cards, licenses and stuff. WHY CAN'T THEY HAVE JUST TAKEN MY MONEY AND LEFT THE WALLET?!

I mean, it's like, they take my wallet with $5 in it, but I have to spend more than $150 to replace all those cards! @!#%^&%&$#!$!$^*$@!$!%&*! A Singapore IC takes $100 and a month to replace! It's just so ANNOYING!

OH and he/they took my glasses too. Wthell do you want with my glasses?! They are so badly scratched that I have a hard time looking through them. ARRGH~

So yeap, FML max pretty much sums up my month of March.

On a lighter note, I think I improved on my photography skills!

Brisbane City by Night by *Snapshot89 on deviantART

Bustling City by *Snapshot89 on deviantART

Amass by *Snapshot89 on deviantART

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore by *Snapshot89 on deviantART

Gonna have to ring up Singapore's ICA tomorrow to report a stolen ID, get a replacement student ID, replace my QLD driver's license, report my stolen Singapore driver's license, call DBS bank to report a stolen debit card! Oh and I have to go to class on top of all that! Awesome.

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