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[-Monday, August 31, 2009-]

Post No:#880

As Tagged By Mr.Halif!

1. Besides your lips,where is your favourite spot to get kiss?

2.How do you feel when you wake up this morning?
-Felt like skipping classes...

3.Who was the last person you took photo with?
-That would be with...Er...I think Cindy, not sure~

4.Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
-I am pretty sure my friends think I am spoiled so yea

5.Would you ever donate blood?
-Maybe one day, if they give local anaesthetic...

6.Have you had a bestfriend who was the opposite sex?
-Absolutely! Let's say 3?

7. Do you want someone dead?
-At this moment, no...

8.What does your last msg says?
-Received: 10 more minutes (Kin Fatt)
-Sent: LOL, suan le lah. Good Night! (Yang Hao)

9.What are you thinking right now?
-My lunch is getting cold

10.Do you wish someone to be with you right now?

11. What is the time u went to bed last night?
-I think it was around 2+ am

12.Where did you buy the t-shirt you are wearing now?
-Er, K-Mart. I am wearing this red checkered long sleeve shirt that's prolly 3 sizes too big for my PJs

13. Is someone on your mind?
-Many someones

14.Whos was the last person who texted you?
-Kin Fatt... =D

Tag 8 random people to do this survey:

1) Samantha Ooi

2) Irene Ng

3) Halif! You kuku, do it again. XD

4) Yang Hao

5) Sakinah

6) Dennis Chiang Han Chiang! Aka Hans

7) Low Yeleng

8) Talisa Lee

16. Who is no.2 having relationship with?
-With Mr. Kit Lau aka KitKat!

17. Is no.3 male or female?
-I think it's a HE, but can also be hermaphrodite. XD =P

18. Is no.4 single?
-Absolutely not!

19.Say something about no.1
-SAM SAM!!!!

20. Describe no.6
-Eh, Hans...He is a big boy! XD Met him in Secondary 2, this fella from Taiwan used to irk me, then we became good friends! Always making fun of me, but then, he gives good advice and is valuable when it comes to jokes. =D

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Post No:#879

And once again insomnia strikes...
Missing sleep isn't the best thing ever when you have a 4 hour long horsey dissection prac the next morning
I know my brain's gonna be mush

I miss the sweet sweet dreams I used to have
The long long chats with friends, where we chat till dawn and then both fall asleep when neither could sleep the night before
The phone calls, where though not much is said, feels good just to know someone's around, that someone cares; silence that doesn't mean that there's nothing to say, but that it need not be spoken to be known or acknowledged

Thoughts invade my sleep
Emotions stir
Stomach grumbles
And here I am, up again, blogging and munching on 1/6 block of a chocolate
Hugging my tiger plushie
Missing the people, the dreams, the company

Eyes hot,
Tears drop.
Arm hurts,
Something else hurts more
Yearning for something that's non-existent

Time to go to bed darling

Not my usual writing style I know
But this is how I feel like expressing myself tonight.

.Searching happyness. by `Nonnetta on deviantART
*Artist's Comments
In your quest of happyness you take every opportunity.
You're so tired of sad and lonely nights, you're too tired of unhappy endings - it's like they were for you only.*

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[-Wednesday, August 26, 2009-]

Post No:#878


Blured Emotions by ~Wacia on deviantART

But feeling contented & happily lazy right now.

Be happy. by ~photography-cc on deviantART

Complicated, yet everyone wants a piece of it...

I Will Love You by ~DreamingPhotographer on deviantART

I still Love you by ~Add1ct3d on deviantART

Where's my happily ever after?

And live happily forever... by ~Juchise on deviantART

Maybe it's near?

The one wish right now...That everyday is like this, plus a little bit of magic~

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:22 PM;

[-Saturday, August 22, 2009-]

Post No: #877

So, he came in this afternoon to talk things out...And things should be better now so I have deleted that previous post.

Will be blogging about stella's birthday on sunday maybe.

I am actually typing this via mobile internet on my bed cause i am so tired!

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[-Wednesday, August 19, 2009-]

Post No:#876


Had my Q Fever Serology today (Pre-Screening) to check if I am already immuned to Q Fever cause otherwise I would need to get a vaccine for it...It hurts~ Got a major bruise on the inside of my elbow where they drew blood for the blood test. Never had bruises from blood tests before, even the time when they drew like 5 test tubes of blood at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital.

Any they even spelt my name wrong after I spelt it to them.

Karie Paul...Yea right...~ I was like "It's pour, P-O-U-R" and my enuciation isn't that bad...

This image is just the cutest! >.<"

I am moody, slightly depressed (having withdrawal symptoms from laughter) and I want hugs and cuddles.


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[-Tuesday, August 18, 2009-]

Post No:#875

I miss people that actually listen to my woes/complains/problems and ACTUALLY show that they care instead of giving distracted "mm-hmmm..." or just going "I don't care you know?"

BAH, should've called hans today instead of yesterday. Oh wells...

Yes, I am in a bad mood. Just read my twitter. >.>

And I officially hate my housemate. AM TOTALLY MOVING TO GATTON NEXT YEAR. I AM NOT taking SHIT from him for another year. He can go fuck himself and gag, then throw up his duodenum, jejunum, ileum, appendix, colon and mesentries, then swallow it again for all I CARE.

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[-Wednesday, August 12, 2009-]

Post No:#874

OKAY! So updating on EKKA as promised and some other stuff:

Went to the EKKA with Kin Fatt, Irene and Kit last Saturday! Got there at around 10 and stay till about 3+. Spent almost $70 there on games and the only decent thing I won was a dog plushie! =D

Photos, not in any particular order:

I'm good at darts!! =D And the dog I won is in the photo below!

Bumped into Charmaine! =D

Poor traumatised looking puppy~

This horse is named Joline! XD...Joe-Lin~

Irene and the Alpacas. Main difference between alpacas and llamas are that llamas are much bigger~
Totally yummy Strawberry ice cream sundaes! =D

Kin Fatt and Petey Pie!

Kit and Petey Pie. He knocked on the pie when the guy inside was turned away. XD...Then Petey had to shuffle round to see who hit him. Major funny~

Into Showbags Arena! =D

Then we left and Kit, Kin Fatt and I left for late lunch at Ajisen! =D Had Curry Karaage Ramen.

Met Yang Hao for pool for an hour then off to watch The Ugly Truth! =D...Gotta LOVE THIS MOVIE! It's soooo funny! I love romantic comedies. =D The vibrating panty part was soooo funny! Then we had Hungry Jacks and it was back to pool. Was tired and left them there. XD...

Geon-oh (The cute korean working there) and his friend who also works there were like "Where are you going?" and I was like "I am tired, I am going home to sleep...They are still playing!!!" and his friend came out and patted me on the shoulder and told me to get a good rest. LOL...

Alrights, that's all for the update on EKKA! =D

Potluck dinner at Hao's with his whole "family" and Kin Fatt on Friday night after I go for groceries in Chinatown with Hao! Then watching District-9 with Hao on Saturday! =D Packed weekend as usual~

Gonna go to bed soon! Nites ya'll!

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[-Sunday, August 09, 2009-]

Post No:#873

Found out that Hao's wife, Amanda, reads my blog! *waves, and says "HI!!!* =D


Teaser for next update!

Follow the Smileys by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Smiley Kites by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Round and round you go by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Say "Ahhhh....." by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

EKKA with Kin Fatt, Irene and Kit! =D

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[-Tuesday, August 04, 2009-]

Post No:#872

Sorry for not blogging! Anyways, pictures!

1) My lunch box tomorrow! =D, which is also my dinner today

Hainan Chicken Rice...Joe loves Hainanese Chicken Rice, so I was trying to bribe him with it so he would have dinner home. I hate having dinner alone. It didn't work, cause he has to work tonight, but he's having it for lunch tomorrow too! So...Matching lunchboxes

Other than the chicken rice and poached chicken it contains Blanched Kailan with Oyster Sauce & Garlic Oil, and Fried Egg Tofu coated with a sauce made from oyster sauce (again), fried shallots, sesame oil, water, soy sauce and sugar...

2) After I came back, the first thing that happened was my supp papers!
Had to retake both VETS1022 and BIOC1018 papers...=.="...And I just found out today that I have passed VETS1022!! =D...I wish the BIOC results will be up sooner.

Had pizza in uni with Yuki, Oriana and Donna who were all retaking VETS1022 while waiting for the practical component of the exam to be set up. The pizzas were awesome and really yummy! =D

3) Dinners at Yang Hao's and Kin Fatt's

Like I said, I hate eating alone so I scooted off to Hao's and Fatt's a couple of times for dinner before uni started.

Yang Hao's roast chicken leg with mash and coleslaw! =D I finished the coleslaw! And my plate had 2 drumsticks, but I took a picture of Irene's plate. Yum yum~

He thought I was taking a picture of his reflection so he tried to bend away. XD...
Dinner of braised pork (which he also da bao-ed for me~), lemongrass chicken and stir-fried cabbage. Oh, and my pathetic attempt at deep fried mushrooms which turned out really dissapointing.

I love having dinner with many people!

4) GOLD COAST with Yang Hao!! =D
Went to GC with Yang Hao before uni started!! I already kinda miss the fish and chips place there, cause the prawns there are soooooo FRESH! =D

We stopped by:
a) Hard Rock Cafe cause I had to get a shirt for my uncle...And Hao got tempted into buying one for Amanda back in SG. =D
b) One of the Japanese Restaurants for brunch...=D...Oishii-desu~ And pretty cheap too, cause they come in huge bowls. Shared a donburi with Hao.
c) Hazel Tea Shop for our bubble tea fix! They have the yummiest pearls and the best bubble tea, at the very least in Queensland.

Hao busy texting his wife in SG. =D

He had Taro Milk Tea with Pearls and chose Malt Milk Tea with Pearls for me. =D...
Da Bao-ed pearl milk tea back for Fatt and his Sister, which exploded when I dropped them so I had to go back and get somemore...XD

d) Max Brenner's! Their chocolate's amazing! Had their mocha hot chocolate...And Hao's totally uninterested in sweet stuff + he was tired so he napped. XD

Mocha Hot Choc in a HUGMUG. Was tempted to buy a hugmug, but I know I will never use it...XD...Bought a 9 piece chocolate set for Fatt too.

e) Peter's Fish Market
The best fish and chips! We got set 1 to share cause we were still full from the donburi and drinks... Forgot to tell them I want the fish battered...So we got the default crumbed ones.

Bought fresh prawns there. Got 6 of the medium sized ones, Hao ate one and I had the rest. =D...What?! I love prawns! Especially when they are this fresh~ Sweet and juicy and salty~

Then Hao suddenly asked me where the 'sandline' of the prawn was, so I started to 'dissect' the prawn with my fingers and fingernails, cause its structure is similar to that of the crayfish which we dissected in class (IT WAS STILL ALIVE AND TWITCHING!). Showed him the intestine/sandline of the prawn, dorsal and ventral veins, then the guts (in the head) and the heart which was in the head as well...

He was impressed~ XD

Me:"And that's the vein..." *picks it out and eats it*
Hao: 0.o"...WTHECK?
Hao:"So...Does it taste better with or without the..shit?"
Me: LOL...XD, "With! Nah, kidding, it's almost the same..."

Set 1 comes with a piece of fish of the day (crumbed unless told otherwise), chips and crumbed calamari rings! =D...Yummeh~

Tempted to get the Lobster Mornay (below) but they were mad expensive for half a lobster...

Fresh fish, lobsters and other seafood sold there too. But the place is pretty small...=D

Other random pictures around GC:

5) Meals with Kin Fatt! =d

a) At Pancake Manor for supper before my BIOC1011 supp paper cause we were both hungry...XD
His Banana-rama pancakes! Banana pancakes with caramel sauce and ice cream, served with bananas!
My typical order. Beglian waffles with caramel sauce! Had a basket of chips to share too~

b) At Little Singapore for lunchies! Roti, spring rolls and vegetarian curry puffs~

c) Dinner at Little Hong Kong!

Lol...I am getting tired...NITES

-Logged Off-

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