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[-Monday, June 29, 2009-]

Post No:#866


I am back with the beloveds!!! Family, friends, the lot! =D
Dinner with parents at the new Japanese restaurant the first night. Will be going there and taking photos then doing a post on that next time.

Met up with Hans on Friday with his friend Pan Li. =D...Had steamboat at Bugis...Ate loads, so full can die! Hahas...

Saturday, morning facial & gym session, lunch with parents at Four Seasons, then shopping with mum at Marks and Spencers.

Sunday, dinner at grandma's; chilli crab, chicken curry, salted vegetables & duck soup, fried tofu, sambal kangkong with cuttlefish. Grandpa bought durians too! =D...Then met with Hans and Yeleng at White Sands aftr that. Hans mum just got back from Taiwan and he asked her to get some Yam Pastries for me! NICE RIGHT?!?!? =D Awesome~ Wahahaha, I love my yam pastries. Watched "I Love You, Man" at E Hub, @ Downtown East, got home around 1+/2 am. =D That movie is pretty nice, you should watch it~

Meeting Hao in about 9 hours, then gym session. Should get to sleep now...

Anyways...I like:

waiting for someone to love by ~aamamiah on deviantART

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If I keep telling myself I don't care, maybe I won't anymore...
I know that this is wrong, but sometimes, I can't help but feel jealous over random things
The truth is, he still has some influence over my emotions regardless of what my brain says about my feelings for him, which is none...


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[-Thursday, June 25, 2009-]

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Less than 12 hours till my flight to Singapore!!!!! =D
The last paper was retarded as usual! XD...

Went shopping with Kin Fatt in the city on Tuesday after his exam. Bought 2 pairs of jeans for my brother, a black PU(polyurethane, a.k.a man-made leather) hooded jacket and a pair of sliver hoop earrings for myself and chocolates for friends. =D

LOVE the jacket! It was the last piece and on sale; from P.O Box in the city, and it came in my size!! Wahahaha...Joe doesn't think it looks nice but I think he is just jealous cause he's been lemming after the same thing. LOL...

Anyways, had lunchies with PC after my final paper cause he happened to be in Uni doing his assignment! Then had supper with Kin Fatt at Sunnybank after he came over to get some movies/dramas from me, got home around 11.34pm and I locked myself out cause I forgot my keys. The manager was asleep so I couldn't get him to open the door for me. Text-ed Joe cause he was out and said I was locked out...Don't know whether he came home early to open the door, but he was in a foul mood when he did...>.>...Our communication methods in the house have been diminished to SMS-ing even though we are both home, or leaving him written notes. WTF?


Above picture; the collection of soft toys I have "kiaped" using those toy catching machine thingys. Total number = 15, on the average, I will catch one whenever I go to Cue city for pool. XD...I currently have 3 random rabbits, 1 ugly mouse thingy, 1 baby Tigger, 1 baby Eeyore, 2 baby Winnie The Poohs, 1 random Cat, 1 Fox like thing, 1 Bobdog in a canoe, 2 Mashimaros, 1 Snoopy and 1 Graduation Bear. The cheapest ones costed me $2 for 2 tries, and the most expensive ones are the Winnies at around $13 -$15 each.

LOL...So much money right...XD...It's becoming a tradition! And they each have their own place in my room, some on my bedside table, the graduation bear on my study desk and the rest randomly placed. I probably need to buy a shelf to contain them all if I continue this...XD

Alrights, better go rest...

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[-Monday, June 22, 2009-]

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Final Exam... by ~Tenchi12 on deviantART

YAY!! Only one more paper left, and what's more, it's OPEN BOOK! But it's not gonna be easy cause we have to correctly analyze a scientific paper etc. Hopefully my comprehension skills will come into use. =D

The paper was EASY! By far the easiest paper this semester and the one I have most confidence in! =D Gotta thank Joe again for dropping me off at uni cause it was raining...XD...He woke up already anyway~ >.<" There was only one question I didn't know how to answer and had to make up some stuff for.


Might head down to the city with Kin Fatt tomorrow cause his last paper ends tomorrow, and I have to get chocolates for people back in Singapore, Hans' pool glove and jeans for my brother.


Bought 2 books from the second hand bookstore in Toowong after the exam. Need something to read on the plane and also to relax with for today. =d

Guess that's about it...

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[-Sunday, June 21, 2009-]

Post No:#863



Pig reproduction; how to tell when they are in heat, or if they have a miscarriage, how to mate them...looks as disgusting as sounds. T.T...I DON'T WANT TO STUDY PIGS LAH! I already study him enough at home as it is! >.<"...XD

Anyways, Joe's Tasmania trip is CANCELLED! YAY! Now I have someone to drive me to the airport! LALALALALALALALA. XD That's pretty much the only reason I am happy. And that I won't be left alone in the house with a strange person that's a little 神出鬼沒 when Joe's not around. Creepy fella...Hmmm...And his coat keeps dropping like black cotton balls all over the place or something. >.>...


Finished watching the old taiwan drama 王子變青蛙 and am now watching another old drama 綠光森林 that has ETHAN RUAN IN IT!!! He's like damn hot!!! He looks even better with longer hair like in the drama as compared to now...帥慘了!


Shall carrying with studying, but I am gonna move on to buffalos and horses...


Optimal solution by *meppol on deviantART

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[-Saturday, June 20, 2009-]

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Joy by ~reeed on deviantART


BIOC1011 is over!!! And I THINK...I THINK I passed. =D...Thanks to Bob for accompanying me last night and telling me to relax and stuff. And the questions I asked him turned up in the exam!!!!

Slept for one hour before waking up for the exam, was murmuring my notes while Joe drove me to uni and added a "Fudge" to pretty much the end of every 2 sentences cause I couldn't, for the life of me, remember it. Joe went "So during the exam you shall write 'FUDGE' on the answer booklet." XD, repeated that to Katey when I saw her cause she was doing the same thing and she was like "I Juuust Might...Just might do it!"

Wrote some nonsense for questions that I didn't understand or didn't know the answers to...Did the MCQs pretty well (made educated guesses). Walked out of the room and Katey just went "F***!!!!". So that pretty much sums it up.

Bought some fried rice from Toowong Village, headed home, finished it and slept from around 11.45am till 4.30pm. XD Kin Fatt asked if I wanted to join him for dinner at Yakiniku at around 5.35pm so I went. The food was pretty good though a tad on the salty side. =D...Good dinner!

Life relax by ~Topher90 on deviantART

Rented movies: Kung Fu Panda, The Women and some Hong Kong movie with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung Chiu Wai in it called Confession of Pain. Am taking a break today before full-on studying tomorrow for ANIM1024. Pigs, horses, sheep, Dairy cattle and maybe Cats. Hmmmm...

Anyways, Joe's friend is staying over and I totally forgot his name though he introduced us like...a few hours earlier. =.="...

the eyes of children by *hotburrito2 on deviantART


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Post No:#861

Frustrated Boy by ~megudark on deviantART

It's currently 2:43 AM and I am still up...Exam at 8, managed to get Joe to agree to drive me to school cause I think I might be late if I caught the bus at 7.45 AM cause I have to report to the examination room 15 minutes early.

Last Second Studying by ~MyOwnI07 on deviantART

Taking a mini-break after 2 hours of studying...

Am feeling abit better for the exam now cause I actually understand some stuff, especially regarding the metabolism section and the stuff on ALA, GLY, GLU etc...Have to look at the DNA sequence/translation/transcription/synthesis thingy next. Hmm, could do with a bowl of hot soup right about now, but am outta canned soup.

Allnighters by =Jaicca on deviantART

Am gonna sleep like nobody's business after the exam tomorrow. Will prolly wake up late afternoon, then have dinner at the Thai place again...That would be my 4th time there in 5 days...

Anyways, wish me luck for the exam. Or if you don't think I need luck, then wish me all the best! =D

PS: Bobby just offered to be online if I needed any help. And it's so late! AWWWWWW~!

Last DA:

Death Marshmallow by ~Alephunky on deviantART

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[-Friday, June 19, 2009-]

Post No:#860

i will never regret by ~blahizmyname on deviantART


BIOC1011 exam in a little more than 12 hours. But it's the furthest thing from my mind.


WTF am I doing here in the first place?
Regretting my initial decision...
But yet, I don't do anything about it...

As cliche as it might sound, logic and emotions are in a conflict within me.
如果真的要, 在一秒內就可以想通了...不是嗎?


why so alone? by ~l3dav1nc1 on deviantART

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[-Wednesday, June 17, 2009-]

Post No:#859


Total of 3 papers down, 3 more to go!

Today's theory exam was alright, but the practical exam was definitely fudged up! =.="...Everyone in my group came out of the prac exam saying "I AM FUDGED!!!" or something like that in their own language/ways.

FREAKING BIOCHEM on SATURDAY! At 8 freaking AM as well! =.="........

Want to die...


Dinner at Mr. Yang's tonight. I think there's soup! Yum yum! =D...Didn't really sleep last night cause I was studying/procrastinating and talking on the phone as well. But the phonecall was worth it. Anyways, I didn't sleep so I can't be bothered to cook cause I will prolly just go to sleep if I head home...=D...

That's all for today I guess...

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[-Tuesday, June 16, 2009-]

Post No:#858


I only recently realised that the last time I changed my blogskin was more than a year ago! To be more accurate, this blogskin has been in use ever since 17 September 2007, my 557th post.

This is prolly the longest I have ever stuck to one blogskin. XD
I still like it, but maybe it's time for change. You reckon? Hmmm...

Yea yea yea, I am procrastinating again cause I don't want to study. =P

Anyways, back to blogskins, I am thinking maybe white this time. Might have an image, might not, I don't have an idea yet, but I know it won't be a navigation skin where you have to click to get to different parts of the blog cause I find it a little annoying. Or maybe I will just leave it as it is~


One paper down, should be alright. It's only 5% anyway...5 more papers to go! =.="...Fuck that.

Should go study for VETS1022 and not do what I did for today's paper which was to study it from 12 noon till 2pm when my exam started at 2.30pm. But then again, there wasn't much content to cover anyway.

OH WELLS...Shall try to go cram some stuff into my memory before tomorrow's paper at 8 freaking AM. =.="

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[-Monday, June 15, 2009-]

Post No:#857

wtheck, 3 posts in 24 hours.

ANYWAYS, this is a notice:

"The University of Queensland has been advised that a student and a staff member have tested positive to H1N1 Influenza A (swine flu).

The student, a resident at St Leos College, presented with symptoms at the University Health Services on Thursday. On Sunday, the University was notified that tests were confirmed positive. The student is in quarantine at his home in a regional centre.St Leos College is not closed or quarantined; this follows consultation with Queensland Health.

The University is continuing with all normal functions including all examinations. Activities have not been cancelled. Face masks and hand gel, as a preventative measure, are available at exams to students who request them.

The University is in daily contact with Queensland Health to co-ordinate the management of individual cases of H1N1 Influenza A as they occur. The student and the staff member are undertaking the recommended course of treatment."


That's what we got through the student emails today.

Some students are asking why the Uni only informed us today evening when it has been confirmed on Sunday. Most of the others are just wondering why exams are not postponed cause they think the school should be quarantined. Some say that the least they should do is to quarantine the area where it happened and the people there. 0.o"...

Apparently not getting SARS in Aust that time is making them a little complacent. Hmmm...

& Kin Fatt says: "Good, can get more masks from them then can use on the flight back..."


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Post No:#856


Dinner was takeaway from Renu Thai Noodle Bar in Toowong. =D
The food there is pretty good, I especially love their Prawn Pad Thai~ ^^ It's around $12 but contains like 6-7 large prawns so I think it's pretty worth the price.
Didn't have pad thai today though cause I was craving some noodle soup...Ordered the Beef Soup special (Thai Beef Soup Noodles a.k.a Lao Pho) for takeaway and it was yummy!! =D, but the beef slices were a little tough though. >.<"

Been eating alone for what...2 weeks now? XD Had a chance to eat out with Joe yesterday but I "childishly" threw a tantrum. WHAT?! I don't see why he has to call for more people just because I don't want to pay for him (more people = cheaper or some twisted logic). Apparently just taking me to Sunnybank for dinner is not worth it if I am not paying for everything, but it's worth it if he is going with any other girl or guy who are not paying for him either. So...What does that make me? An...ATM, a...Debit/Credit Card...a Bank or a...Maid? And since I have always been the one paying, I don't see why he can't pay for himself for once. Sure, it's always me that asks him to go there with me, but that's only cause he's the only one with a car. If I had a car, I wouldn't even be asking...seriously!

And since he already has 'worthwhile' company, I don't see why I should go since I am soooo not worth the time/petrol. And to boot, it's only 10 more days till I touchdown in Singapore, then I can have all the awesome-est Jap food I want cause Dad decided to endorse in Paul-san's new Jap restaurant, so I don't see why I should treat anyone (esp Joe) to Oishii Sushi at this point in time, and HANS and YELENG would kill me if I continue splashing money on "the likes of Joe".

AND he doesn't see why I was pissed!


Exam at 2.30pm tomorrow, and Yan Hao's enlisting tomorrow as well! 0.0...Good luck to him, I hope to see him alive! XD He keeps saying he will die in there.

Hmmm...I still can't be bothered to study. Yan Hao says it's cause I am bored with the courses already. 0.o"...Eh, 4.5 more years to go and I am bored now. =.="...

OH WHATEVER...What will come will come, can't stop it anyway.

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Post No:#855

Conversation with Halif:

Halif: What are you doing wrestling with a guy wearing only his boxers?!
Me: He bully me first!!!!!!! I am victim leh!
Halif: Haiyo, wrestle with semi naked guy...
Me: WWF also semi naked guys mah...
Halif: But that one is guy and guy, this one is guy and girl!
Me: No no no, now is guy not guy and girl not girl!
Halif: For all I know, later got ___ Junior!
Halif: Okay okay, then ___ Senior and ___ Junior...
Me: NOOOO!! Later my kids will be FAT AND UGLY...AND SHORT!! Like alien like that!! Cannot lah!
Halif: hahahaha ET
Me: EH, at least ET is SKINNY OKAY!!
Halif: Can lah, can go lipo and plastic surgery~
Me: Cannot, must natural!
Halif: Eh, now you can tell your doc what you want your kids to look like you know!
Me: Then the doc will say "To do that, please do not mate with the likes of _____"
Halif: hahahahaha, don't anyhow ar yx"


Me: He piss me off again laah!
Halif: Why he cause you to pee?
Me: PEE??! PEE?!?! That sounds SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS and in SO MANY WAYS!
Halif: How I know that's not happening leh!?
Me: OOII!! WHAT SIA!?!?!
*after a while*
Halif: No lah, I go find food
*food conversation for a while*
Halif: Think of chocolate fondue..and PIZZS!!
Me: PIZZS?!?! LOL, you pervert ar, Piss, pee now PIZZS!!
Halif: Typo lah! Pizza!!!

And so on...Xd

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[-Sunday, June 14, 2009-]

Post No:#854

Got my "trusty alarm clock" to wake me up today. XD...Good job, well done! XD


All the best to you peeps out there that have exams tomorrow, and that's including you, you and YOU~ XD

The idiot kapo-ed (stole) my new, black, Adidas track pants. Chao bloody kuku, don't wanna return it somemore! AND I JUST WASHED IT! =.="...Tried to "A" a meal at Oishii Sushi from me as well...XD! I don't like you anymore, stop trying to "A" things from me!!! Okay lah, to his credit, he bought my favorite 冰峰 for me when he came back from dinner last night, thank you! And SO, I am having dinner alone again! Hmm...Prawn Pad Thai sounds appealing right now.

Exams on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, then back to Singapore! Dinner with Fatt before flying off though, haven't met up with him since the swot vac started.

LALA, back to Taiwan Drama!!! I mean...VERTEBRATES!

*yummy 冰峰*

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, June 13, 2009-]

Post No:#853

What kind of kuku will rouse you from bed at 9+ when you only slept at 4am a few hours earlier?! =.="...And then he tells you it's already 12.

That kind of kuku...yes, him!

XD...And he was going on about how nice he was to me, cause he is waking me up so I have more time to study.

Then, what kind of kuku wakes you up by first messing up your hair, then starting to poke you at the places where it tickles, then dragging all the sheets off you when it's winter, then pulling away all pillows, throwing a file at your head, tackling you rugby style and then just sitting on top of you and tickle you until you dissolve into giggles or start shrieking...=.="

Yes, that same kind of kuku...

And yes, repeat the process for about 2 cycles and he is better than any alarm I have. >.>...


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[-Friday, June 12, 2009-]

Post No:#852

And right after the previous post, he came in and we talked! 0.o....Are you secretly reading my blog!?!?!? XD

Anyways, it's already Friday and I am less than prepared for exams. Sigh...
I need a hug for motivation...
Or a good luck hug...
Or a screw the exams, stop studying hug...
AIYA, I just want a hug lah!

I should go back to studying, so yea...

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[-Wednesday, June 10, 2009-]

Post no:#851

1 argument every 3 days...>.>...Somehow things always work themselve out in the end. Not because we talk it out or anything, but we just continue joking around a few days later...I don't think that's a good thing though, cause it doesn't solve anything and the same argument will repeat itself~ =.="


NOPE, I have not been studying, neither am I nervous, probably because I am in the "I can't be bothered, and let's stop pretending that I am studying mood"...

and YES, the looming exam date still bugs me...It's in 6 days, my first paper in on Tuesday. But...I can't study. I try, I fall asleep...>.>...

and YES, I should stop sleeping 12 hours a day. It's like I can't wake up before sleeping a full 12 hours. If I happen to set the alarm to go off in 7 hours, I would wake up, turn it off...go to the toilet and wash up, then sit on my bed and fall asleep again! =.="


I should study...yes I should.

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, June 08, 2009-]

Post No:#850



Finally got down to "self motivated" study and in less than 2 hours, I FELL ASLEEP! Like wtheck please. >.> Maybe it's cause I spent the last 30mins studying on my bed...I was getting cold! I wanted to cuddle under my blanket~ Eh heh....

Allocated myself 2 days of studying for each subject till the start of papers, then I will revise in between papers as well. Exam papers printed off are starting to make some sense, like finally...

I still want to die...

And there's the feeling of giving up. Heh...And Hao says "Oh, Bye bye!"

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, June 06, 2009-]

Post No:#849


*Steps on jap-style deep frying after the jump*

Lol, for the uninitiated, Panko (pan = bread in Japanese) is Japanese breadcrumbs/crumbing used for deep frying.
They are different from normal breadcrumbs, as they do not contain the bread crust, thus making a lighter and crisper coating.
PLUS, normal western breadcrumbs are normally like small particles (i.e sand) but panko is coarsely ground which makes it more "flake-like" and pointy (adds to the crunchiness). They also absorb less grease and thus stay crunchy longer!

Heh heh....

Been making chicken katsu (Jap styled fried chicken) with the panko I bought from Chinatown and yesterday I bought prawns so I was thinking "EBI FRY" (ebi=prawns) which is Jap style fried prawns...Made that for dinner tonight (yea, it's only 6.30, but I was hungry so I had a super early dinner) and it was yummeh!! =D

Anyways, basically for deep-frying katsu/ebi fry the basic steps would be:
For chicken thighs, thin them out by partially cutting horizontally along thicker parts then flip it over so it will be longer & thinner. They cook faster and more evenly this way...

1) Optional: You can marinate the seafood or meat with some sake (sold for drinking), mirin and salt and pepper first for about 5 minutes.
2) Season plain flour with salt and pepper, mix well.
3) Coat the to-be-fried ingredient with the seasoned flour.
4) Dip into beaten egg
5) Coat with panko
*For ebi fry, repeat steps 4 & 5 for a double coating if you prefer a thicker crust. I don't double coat chicken because it would turn out too thick.
6) Press panko onto the surface firmly then let it rest/adhere for about 5 minutes.
7) Deep fry with medium heat until golden brown. (Deep fry in batches to maintain oil temperature)
8) Remove from oil, set on some kitchen towel to absorb excess oil. Serve~

I like to serve chicken katsu with Jap curry or with onion & egg like how they do it for katsu-dons. I prefer ebi fry with Jap mayonnaise or served with green tea powder that's been seasoned with some salt.

Will be posting pictures if I happen to make anymore. =D

-Logged Off-

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Post No:#848

It's been officially 4 days! Whee~





And should so totally be studying, but I am slacking off. And the thing is, I printed off past years papers and I read through the questions only to come to the conclusion that I have not absorbed anything in the past semester! Yay for me! No? XD Muahahahahaha

Yes yes, I am sooooo happy I am about to cry tears of joy!


I want a break from this place.

Anyone's place got a spare bedroom? XD...

Maybe I will check into Oaks apartments that my parents stayed at when they were here...Good idea no? XD...Gotta ask mum first though~

-Logged off-


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[-Friday, June 05, 2009-]

Post No:#847

Went to Sunnybank with Kin Fatt today for some groceries. =D
Ate at the Taiwan place there and the food was pretty good, we pretty much stuffed ourselves silly~ XD...I kept going "死啦你!" cause he was teasing me or making stupid comments and I said it so much that it sounded like a single word and he went "My name is not Sirani okay!" and suddenly "Sirani" became a word to call me with. =.="...Lol...

Bought COD FISH!!!! OMG OMG, I can't stuff this up so Imma gonna call my mum when I decide to cook it. Loves cod fish~ Flaky flaky cod fish...And I just realised that Coral Trout was 東星斑 which is a madly expensive fish. No wonder it costed me so much last time for 2 slices......>.>.......And I stuffed it up cause I overcooked it...BAH!

So yea, bought quite a large number of things, and headed back to the city to switch buses, dropped by Adidas to get me some trackpants for sleeping/exercising in....=D...COMFY~ Mum called and we talked for a bit with Kin Fatt babbling in he background a little. XD, they (mum & Fatt) get along damn well when they are nagging/making fun of me.....

Finally got home at like 4+ (we left St.Lucia at 12.30?), tired out cause the stuff I bought were too damn heavy~

Nothing much happened today, met up with Katey in uni before meeting Fatt cause we were gonna discuss our assignments (same topic, individual assignments, so..the answers are supposed to be similar)....

EXAMS IN 13 DAYS! FUDGE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Am so totally supposed to be worrying about other stuff right now (i.e EXAMS or even swine flu cause I think I caught something....Blocked nose, no fever so it's not swine flu) but I can't seem to get my mind of that particular thing.

And it's not even the first time it happened this year. Well, maybe it will happen periodically? XD...Like menstruation or something.

BLAH, I am babbling...

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, June 03, 2009-]

Post no:#846
yay...we ain't talking anymore! >.>...
Maybe it's for the better. You reckon?
LALA! Yang Hao came over for lunchies today! =D...Chicken curry~
Anyways, he stayed for abit to finish up his project poster thingy then left for school.

Skipped 2 lectures today supposedly to complete my "Gene Technologies" assignment, which is easy but super tedious cause it requires searching for plenty of stuff. ARRGH...I hate assignments like these, it's like they are teaching me how to research or something and it's really pointless.
SO YEA, I procrastinated and read my new book (Promise Me by Harlen Coben) which I got from the secondhand bookshop in uni for $10. =D...CHEAP~

Been moody as of late. Felt a little better at like 2am this morning, cause MR.HANS sent me a link to this website "" saying that it was a gossip website. I was gonna sleep, but curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link.


THIS FREAKING scary close up of a ZOMBIE's face suddenly appeared and filled the screen, and then there was SCREAMING! And the thing is, I was watching anime earlier so I forgot to turn down the volume...

GOT A FREAKING SHOCK and I felt my heart stopped for a minute, tried to mute it but my lousy computer was not responding so I just pressed on the off button hoping that it would turn off QUICKLY! My eyes were like tightly shut during that whole process, and I think I screamed a little too. WTF LAH! Rang up Hans once I got over the shock and turned my lights on and started reprimanding that idiot! >.>...Apparently I was the last person he sent that link to and the first person to tell him off.

IDIOT LAH, you know I damn scared of these things then still send me!! AT 2 FREAKING A.M. SOMEMORE! Later I heart attack then you know~ Confirm haunt you forever!

Couldn't go to sleep cause I was wide awake from the shock...Read my book which took my mind off that and drifted to sleep.

Okay, it's about time to start on the retarded assignment...

sometimes I like to say...Read Between the Lines~

-Logged Off-


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Hi! Welcome to my blog.

This is the area where I rant and rave about everything and anything going on in my life.

If you are looking for recipes, the links to each single recipe will be located before the archives, just scroll down a little.

Usually, I talk about what's been going on in my life, my cooking, or my latest buys/holiday trips.

Time to time, I will introduce new websites that I find interesting, and online shopping haunts.

I make my own blogskins, and I do submit them onto You can find them HERE

Thats about it!

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Artist: Tracy Chapman
Song: Fast Car

About Me

The Girl- Ying Xuan A.K.A Karie
The Age- 22
The DATE- 25th Nov'89
The Hometown- Singapore
The Location- QLD, Australia
Interests- Travelling, Music, Cooking, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Snorkelling, Jet-Ski, DOGS, Reading...


Meals + Snacks:
;Chicken Curry
;Da Pau (Meat Buns)
;Gyozas (Potstickers)
;Honey & Tumeric Wings
;Lamb Burger
;Shrimp & Chive Dumplings
;Steamed Prawns with Garlic Oil
;Tamagoyaki (Jap Omelette)

Sweets & Cakes:
;Chocolate Fudge Cookies
;Egg Tarts
;Individual Cheesecakes
;Ondeh Ondeh
;Oreo Cheesecake

The Memories

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