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[-Saturday, November 24, 2007-]

Post No: #598


Promptly fell asleep when I finished updating my blog. Sorry to Yan Hao, Kit, David, Charmaine and everyone else who sent me a message on MSN just now. Was just too freaking tired. Heh...

And I also freaking did my laundry after blogging which meant I slept from 7.45 till about 3.21am and my clothes were stuck in the machine all this while. They kinda...smell weird...-.-"

Movie tomorrow?

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[-Friday, November 23, 2007-]

Post No:#597



Last paper was Biology and it was good!! (I make it sound like food don't I...) Finished it, waited for Kit to come to school and pass over his house keys, 12.30pm.

Fast forwarding to 3pm: Finish buying groceries with Ping Chiuan (Thanks!) and went to Gloria Jeans to chill while waiting for the other people to finish their Business Management Exam...Went back and started to cook.


Fast forward to 7.00pm: Dinner's served!! And everyone's busy watching The Island...Was sleepy and tired...Tried to sleep in Kit's room after dinner while they are still watching The Island, but couldn't really sleep. Thanks to David for being pillow again! ^^ Heh...

Fast Forward to 9.30pm: Pool in the city AGAIN! ^^ Till about 11.45pm. Supposed to take a cab home, but then went over to sleep at Joe's with Yang Hao instead. Took a cab there with Kin Fatt, Stella, Joe and Hao.

Fast Forward to 12+ am: Walked Stella to her place and then back to Joe's. Started raining halfway and we only had 1 umbrella between us. I took it, lent my blazer to Hao for "shelter" and Joe walked in the rain...

Fast Forward to 1+ or 2am: Finished shower, played Big 2 for some time and finally climbed into bed at about 3+. Didn't even sleep then cause the two of them were like gaying around and telling lame jokes and pestering me. Started nodding off at about 4+ almost 5, woke up once at 6.45, and finally at 8+.

Hao slept till 10.40am, and then we started preparing to go out and he made breakfast. ^^ Happpyyyy! Went to meet others at Cultural Centre and took a bus to Sunnybank for Karaoke!!! Wahahaha, damn long never sing, and I suck anyway.

SURPRISE SURPRISE! Yang Hao's voice is like 0.0"...Totally STUNN-ED!! Damn nice lah...WAAAAAH. Cannot tell that he has such a nice voice when he sing, cause he's like always making fake voices when laming around and everything...-.-".

Back to City...People left, and went for dinner with Fatt and Kit, then went home.

Stomach has been feeling queasy all day man...arrgh. Not good...

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[-Wednesday, November 21, 2007-]

Post No:#596



Maths was rather easy today. ^^ And it's the only paper so far that I didn't leave early! That's suppose to be a good thing anyway! Was looking at some questions and going "Wtheck...I forgot how to do it!" skipped those, came back and all of a sudden, it came to me!! WAHAHAHA...Then I forgot the formula for another question and during the last minute, I remembered I can use the Cosine rule to solve instead. WAHAHAH...Ok...I should stop.

Last paper's TOMORROW! Biology! Hopefully I will come out as happy as I did for Maths today...0.o...

Went for pool after Maths with Yang Hao and Ping Chiuan. Wahh...Ping Chiuan is like so good at it now!!! DANG!


YAY!! Dinner at Kit's tomorrow I think. Good food again! WAHAHAHAHA...

4 more days...

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[-Tuesday, November 20, 2007-]

Post No:#595


And I need the headachh, insonmia and nightmares whenever I manage to fall asleep to leech onto someone else instead of me. Not...good...

I officially need to get SNACKS!!! Like seriously...I miss those wasabi flavoured tempura seaweed, it's way better than the one sold in SG, and the assorted Jap nut thingies. Gonna et them tomorrow after Mathematics test...


I swear..These guys cannot stay still for 1 minute...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:26 PM;

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Sometimes, a little self pity brings out the love in others.
Sometimes, it can show how much others care, or don't care.
Mostly, it shows the place you have in their heart...


Reassurance, received when it's needed, can be one of the best things that ever happened to someone.
It's nice to know that, somebody cares enough to tell you ain't feeling too good, and also know the reason why.
It's great to think that, at least there is one person that care, that one person whom will say "It's gonna be alright, I'm here." sometimes, a simple hug will do the trick.


It's nice to have someone there to hold when things go wrong.
It's nice to have someone tell you everything's gonna be alright when things seem to spin outta control.
It's nice just to know there's someone on the phone, even when both parties are silent, that can listen to you, and understand how you feel without knowing too much.
It's nice to have someone that you know you can always depend on.
It's good to have someone that understands you, and is always there to help.
It's nice to know that somebody actually cares, without seeking something to gain.


Thanks to anyone who have done the above, I know at least of 1 person...

---It's devastating to find out that someone you thought cared, never actually gave a tuppence about you, or anything about you, and it was all a facade, a fiasco, a pretence...---

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[-Monday, November 19, 2007-]

Post No:#593

YAY!!! 2 papers down and only 3 to GO GO GO!!!

AE was kinda easy, and everyone in the Tazi group, hopefully managed to do the Essay Question cause it was in the tips. ^^ And I think most of us discussed about media ownership laws previously when studying together, no doubt there will be a few repeated opinions when the teachers and mark the papers!!!

Physics sucked as usual. I have no brains whatsoever for Physics!!! ARRGH...Well, at least it's gone, though it took half my brain cells and 3/4 of my confidence with it. Never EVER going to do Physics again...I hope...

Chemistry paper tomorrow AFTERNOON!!!!

I wish it was Jing or Benjamin that are taking my exams instead...They would get like 7 for everything LAH!

Light bulb in my room has been out for like 3 days or something. My own fault really, cause I didn't tell them about it as my room was too messy to be seen. Papers everywhere, bowls stacked here and there, books all over the place. Heh...

GOLD COAST SOON!! YAY!! I am looking forward to the trip! ^^

PHOTOS (From last day of school):

And the ultimate lame quote for the day by no other than YANG HAO with high IQ, EQ and LQ (LameQ):


*我两Cute=我2Cute=我 too Cute= 我太Cute...*

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[-Saturday, November 17, 2007-]

Post No:#592

After the yummy dinner at Joe's place cooked by Yang Hao...

We (Kit, Fatt, PC and I) had an impromptu dinner at Kit's place. No photos though, I left my camera at home, but I will try and get some from Kit. Anyways, items on the menu were:

1)Bak Kut Teh!!!
2)Hainanese Chicken Rice
3)Sweet Chilli Calamari (sotong)
4)Stir Fry Broccoli in Oyster Sauce
5)Dessert: MANGO PLATTER!!!

Been so long since I had Bak Kut Teh!! Yummy! And it's the version with chinese herbs that I like better than the one with only pepper. Heh...

Ping Chiuan came over with the intention to teach me Chemistry, but...heh, end up he taught me only a few things cause I am a bad student and was fooling around with Kit and Fatt. Paiseh Paiseh...=.="


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[-Friday, November 16, 2007-]

Post No:#591 (edited)

Will be going to the library afterall. In a while...

I just have one thing to say now:


"If you really like it, then go after it. Don't lose it and then start to regret. If things don't go the way you planned it to be, then at least you tried!!!!!"

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[-Thursday, November 15, 2007-]

Post No: #590


(Note: Ying Xuan a.k.a Ah Ma a.k.a Karie is no longer pissed, cause I find it pointless since nothing will change anyway.)

I finished studying BIOLOGY! Like finally...Might have to skim through the book once more the night before the paper, but I am mostly done with it.

Good luck to Kit and Kin Fatt who are receiving their IELTS results tomorrow!

Still contemplating if I should head to the library tomorrow. Too many distractions at home...a.k.a laptop which is my Internet, TV, KTV system, Telephone and Radio all in one. Zzz...

At least I am better prepared this semester, at least it wasn't as dramatic as last semester. I laugh now when I look back at that period of time, and I swear that's enough for this year. None are left even if I want them to drop. (Yea, that doesn't make sense, unless you can fill in the gaps. No, not the spacing between the words. -.-")

Am disappointed, but what's going to change? Nothing I guess, cause there isn't enough persuasion or influence to change for something that ain't meaningful enough right? I guess sometimes expectations exceeds reality, well, maybe not sometimes, but most of the time. The more you expect from someone, the more disappointed you are gonna be, that's all I can come up with right now.

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:45 PM;

[-Wednesday, November 14, 2007-]

Post No:#589



Pissed. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I saw ANYONE do this. Ha! 你不是男人!! You ain't fit to call yourself a man, you can't even fulfill the basic etiquette of being a GUY!

Like seriously...

印象越來越差. There's a really big difference from when I first knew you, and you now. And it's not a good thing.


Studied today at the state library with the other 2Ks. Then headed off to Joe's place to continue studying then have dinner as YANG HAO (da CHEF) is cooking!!! Didn't actually get to study alot...0.o" But dinner was cool!

Had MANGOES!! WHOOTS! Anyways, after that left for home. Zzzzz

Been studying out at the state library like everyday this week, and will continue to do so. ^^ Thanks to Kit and Kin Fatt for putting up with me this week, heh, I know I am a nuisance when it comes to Mathematics.

After exams, then it's just gonna be 1 week of holiday, and then back to SG!! I and kind of partial to going back now...Cause I have made such strong friendships here, and I don't know if it will be the same when I come back next year. It's like most of them are from KK, so they can meet up and everything. Fatt's in Miri, Samantha in KL (I think), Ping Chiuan in JB, Yang Hao in Taiwan and me in SG. It's not THAT far, it's just Malaysia...But yea. I am rambling again, ignore me.

It's like I will miss people here, and I already miss people in SG!! ARRGH...

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, November 12, 2007-]

Post No:#588

Today wasn't that productive if I think about it. Oh wells, at least I got through half of Biology lecture notes, and 1 Chapter for Physics.

Anyways, random stuff I found out when studying Bio:

-An average brain weighs 1.3-1.4 KGs...My head feels heavy.
-The total surface area your small intestine takes up is about 230 sqm, or the size of a tennis court. (That is with all the villus and micro villi unfolded)
-Newborn baby's brain is 350-400g
-Spinal Cord is 43-45cm, vertebrate column is 70cm. Spinal cord is shorter than the vertebrate column!

Other random stuff from this website I chanced upon,
- Disneyland used to deny admission to long-haired male guests.
- In the Lion King movie, when Simba flops onto the cliff, dust blew into the air spelt S-E-X.
- Disney produced a cartoon film called "The Story Of Menstruation".
- Prepackaged salads may contain E.Coli
- Food colorants cochineal and carmine are made from ground beetles. 0.o
- A mural in Iraq depicts an airplane slamming into buildings resembling the WTC towers.
- Starbucks charged ambulance workers $130 for 3 cases of water intended for injured during search and rescue at the WTC.
- Coca Cola used to contain Cocaine.

Time for bed!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:30 PM;

[-Sunday, November 11, 2007-]

Post No: #587

Been some time since I last did a Featured DA! So here's a fellow dog-lover, whose work I admire, and envy.

*Hotburrito2, an Australian based in Perth has a total of 91 deviations in his gallery. Even though he has barely a hundred submitted deviations, he has acheived 187,389 Pageviews in a short 2yrs 8mths.

His amazing waterscapes have recently become a favourite of mine and I look forward to receiving notice that he has new deviations whenever I log-on, which is pretty much everyday. Living near the beach has a great advantage, and I envy him for that.

Okay, less talk, more photos. Here you go, feast your eyes and relax on these:

the weightless grasp by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

the moral of this story by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

the accidental deletion by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

how to build a time machine by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

human 1, wave 0 by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

here comes the sun by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

spring by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

a world of opposites by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

a stone, believe me by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

That's all I am showing here. Visit his page if you like it.

-Logged Off-

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:51 PM;

Post No: #586

Sorry for the lack in updates. I really want to update, but since my monthly internet download of 30gb has been overloaded, I can't upload the photos as the connection is too slow and it keeps getting timeout-ed.

Anyways, I will make sure to update on the 14th if the internet connection is fixed. ^^ Be patient cause there will be many photos from 3 events.

1)Jairal's B'day Celebration.
2)Thanking Session For Duncan.
3)Last Day Of School Photos

Anyways, I enjoyed dinner on Friday cause after the study session with the Tazis, 8 of us headed off to Kit's place for dinner.
This time round, Joe and Yang Hao were head chefs!! You can't go wrong with them for chefs, or any of my grandsons for that matter. Anyways, had "Qiu Dao Yu" (some fish which I have no idea what it's called in English), Corn Soup (chinese style), Sauteed Black Pepper/Black Bean Pork, Roast Chicken (Bought from Coles) and Stir Fried Cabbage. Very "homey"!!! Was super yummy, Thanks Joe and Yang Hao!!!! ^^

Wahaha, and having another similar session soon, at Joe's place this time round. 14th November, 7pm, Toowong. Contact Joe if you are going!

Nothing much has been going on...Still sick, but recovering. Exams in a week!!! That was quick...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:16 PM;

[-Thursday, November 08, 2007-]

Post No:#585


(That's the only one person shot I have of him...-.-")

^^ Happy 18th Birthday and all the best for your life in Uni and thereafter!! ^^


Still sick...T.T

Thanks to Fatt and Kit for buying me Honey Green Tea from Easy Way today! (",) -Yea, I am a pampered grandma.-

Last day of English tomorrow!!! T.T

Nothing much to update...

-Logged Off-

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[-Wednesday, November 07, 2007-]

Post No:#584

After downing a grand total of 5 mugs of green tea + honey, I am feeling a wee bit better. -.-"...Bad thing is, I don't know what time I will get to sleep due to the total amount of caffeine in that 5 mugs.

Finished Chemistry Resource book Tutorials!! ^^

Oh, if you think you are dumb, think again. Go to Darwin Awards website and check out the stories there. Just one story from the web to cheer you up.

Man Glued to Rhino Buttocks

"Vermont native found himself in a difficult position yesterday while touring the Eagle's Rock African Safari Zoo with a group of thespians from St. Petersburg, Russia. Ronald went to extremes to demonstrate the power of Crazy Glue, one of America's many marvels, to the Russians.

To prove the effectiveness of Crazy Glue, he rubbed several ounces of the adhesive onto the palms of his hands and jokingly placed them on the buttocks of a passing rhino.

The rhinoceros, a resident of the zoo for the thirteen years, was not initially startled, as it has been part of the petting exhibit since its arrival as a baby. However, once it became aware of being involuntarily stuck to Ronald, it began to panic and charge wildly about the petting area with Ronald as an unwitting passenger.

"Sally the Rhino hadn't been feeling well. She was constipated, and had just been given a laxative when the American played his juvenile prank, " said caretaker James Douglass.

During Sally's tirade, a shed wall was gored, two fences destroyed, and a number of small animals escaped. Three pygmy goats and one duck were stomped to death. During the stampede and subsequent capture, Sally began to feel the effects of the laxative, showering Ronald repeatedly with over 30 gallons of rhinoceros diarrhea.
A team of medics and zoo caretakers were needed to remove his hands from Sally's buttocks. "It was tricky. We had to calm her down while shielding our faces from the pelting rhino dung. I guess you could say that Ronald was in it up to his neck.

Once she was under control, three people with shovels were working to keep an air passage open for him. We were eventually able to tranquilize Sally and apply a solvent to remove his hands from her rear," said Douglass. "I don't think he'll be playing with Crazy Glue for awhile."

Meanwhile, the amused Russians were impressed with the power of the adhesive. "I'm going to buy some for my children, but of course they can't take it to the zoo," commented Vladimir Zolnikov, leader of the troupe.

Ronald did not die, nor was there any reproductive injury, so he can only qualify for a Darwin Award if you are persuaded by the fact that nobody would date a man who smelled of rhino dung."

Well...That's it. Getting sleepy. YAY!

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[-Tuesday, November 06, 2007-]

Post No:#583

Why is it that people's actions will tend to contradict what they express verbally?
Why can't they just say what they feel, instead of what they think others want to hear?
Why is it that some people tend to shift between personalities depending on the people they are with?
Why are there people who make you feel like they are only pretending to like hanging out with you for whatever reasons?


CURRENT STATUS: SICK!!! tea...*sniff*

Been busy with studies, re-writing notes for Biology and Chemistry. Learning up definitions for English. Practicing maths and what not. And no, I won't be closing my blog due to the "Attack Of the Exams", I don't see the point since I still blog whenever I said the blog is closed. Case in point, O levels 2 years ago.

Nothing much been going on. People starting to stress out, or skip classes. I think the whole of next week will be spent in the state library.

Okay, no more school talk, time to get working on Chem.

-Logged Off-

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:45 PM;

[-Monday, November 05, 2007-]

Post no:#582

Some DA stuff!!

Tilted by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Day at the Beach by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Thoughts... by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Day or Night? by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Those above are taken by me. Hahas...Anyways, FEATURES:

Lonely Road to Nowhere by ~Phator on deviantART

Slight Morning Light by =mrcool256 on deviantART

everybody's best interests by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

Where Time Stands Still by *tfavretto on deviantART

Hahas...That's the end of this post! Hope you enjoyed the photo galore!

-Logged Off-

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:29 AM;

[-Friday, November 02, 2007-]

Post No:#581

Countdown to Exams: 16 DAYS!

Shit, how time flies. It's only 16 days to the EOYs and it only feels like I cam to Brisbane a week ago!!!! Will miss the "Tazis" and our Triple K (no affiliation whatsoever with any terrorist groups out there...) when I am back in SG.

Talking about missing people...For anyone that missed me, here are some photos! (Yea, I am just looking for an excuse to be a cam-whore...XD)

Anyways, the last unit test is over!!! Maths unit test was today, and I think everyone did well! ^^ Thanks to Kit, Kin Fatt and Ping Chiuan for tutoring!!!!

Went out for lunch as usual, then 3K (Me(Karie), Kit and Kin Fatt) headed to the State Library to study. Never been there, good place though, nice environment and great decor, think I will go there instead of the City Library which is quite small in comparison.

Well, they studied IELTS and I was pretty much lazing around cause the only thing I had with me was Maths, and I didn't feel like doing Maths just after a Maths test. Then after some studying, we started getting fidgety, and started joking around about "Walls" and "Where's the toilet" and some other lame stuff which probably only the 3 of us will understand.

Library closed at 5, so we went to South Bank to relax for a little while, then headed to Chinatown for dinner. WHEE! SUPERBOWL rocks! Love their food, and we got free soup this time round! Heh!! Headed to city and we each went our own way.

Studying again tomorrow!!! Just me. Hahas, need some time to study alone, will probably start talking in a group. XD.

More photos:

That's all for now peeps!

GOOD LUCK TO IELTS EXAMINEES taking the test tomorrow!!! JIA YOU!

-Logged Off-

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