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[-Tuesday, May 30, 2006-]

Listening- Fairy Tales, Jojo
Location- Living room...

Right, for once, I am not gonna write about what happened today...Haha, I'm watching "Romeo" on Nickelodeon. And well, the story so far is like Romeo and his brother is sorta bad on terms cause of a girl. And I am thinking like, love is like such a weird thing...Isn't it?

Its like because of this thing called "love" people can fight with people that they are like so good and so close with?! Then because of it well, people can either hate each other cause they fall out of that relationship, or they can like want to be with each other 24/7 cause they are IN a relationship. HAHAS. SO weird LAH. Then friends fall out because of misunderstandings like they thought their friend is like dating their crush and all that lame stuff...Oh man, why AM I talking about this. SO NOT LIKE ME LAH...Whatever...

You know what I really REALLY don't like to happen? I really don't like it when I happen to have the same stuff as people around me. No, I am not talking about phones all those. I am talking about you know, bags, pencil cases, notebooks (paper...) and clothes...That's why, sometimes, I rather spend more to buy something really UNIQUE so that I don't end up carrying the same stuff as others. But if its agreed on like sometimes, I buy the same pencil case as my friend then nevermind, but its like everyone has their own style and I don't really like it when I find something really unique and nice and whatnot, then people ask me where I got it and then go buy the EXACT same thing for themselves. I know sometimes its unavoidable that we wear or take the same thing as people, but yeah, I just don't like it. I am pretty sure you all also don't like it right? Haha...But sometimes, I still ask people where they get some of their things but I won't buy those that are totally and exactly the SAME...Heh...

Oh wells, gonna watch that 9o'clock show on channel 8...Hahas, it's really nice...

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Listening- Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani
Location- NP, VTDS class...

Hahas, went to the clinic this morning and the doctor says that he still can't see, so he sent me for an X-ray, and when the X-ray was out, he tells me that there is no BONE inside. And he said that it might me that the bone just scratched my throat LAH...

Then I came to school and spent 40mins in my FAVOURITE class in my whole course. HPD!!! A.k.a history. Hahas...They spent the day taking photos around the school on like design elements and whatnot. So yeah I am SO JEALOUS LAH, cause I only reached class 40 minutes before break. BAH!!! BUT I have the assignment and its so COOL! Take photos LEH!! MY hobby...haha...!!!!!! Okays...

Hmmm, now having VTDS a.k.a sketching. And its so DOTS lah, I mean literally. Cause we are learning about shading and he taught us two methods, dotting and drawing lines. And its like pretty interesting but then mine, I can only do the shading with pencil properly. The other 2 methods are not that good. OR should I say it sucks...HEh...

Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival!! WHHHOOOO!!! HAhas, ignore me. But then we are also having the PDI gathering tomorrow. The whole class will be taking part in Talentime and we are going to dance. DO NOT imagine me dancing, you will most probably puke LAH...HAHAS...Then I am also playing captain's ball. HEE...I'm Loving IT!!!!!

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;5:30 PM;

Listening- 1000 Words, FFX Yuna -Jade from Sweetbox-
Location- Living room

OH damn. The doctor was like blaming me that he can't see the fish bone cause i went there too late. He said that I should have went to see him when the fish bone got stuck this morning instead of 8.30pm tonight. He gave me some lozenges and told me that if the pain persists tomorrow morning then I will have to go back and see him in the morning when his clinic opens at 8.30am...BAH...Then if he still cannot remove it like that, he will be asking me to go for an X-ray...Oh greeat...So yeah, I will go to school when the doc gives me the OK.

First my mum and her slipdisk, then Jason with his appendicitis and now this...BAH...Don't think that this is a small thing. I may end up having to go for surgery if it is serious...GREAT..

But then, that is a small thing compared to those happenings on the news. Case in point, Indonesia's earthquake. Not just mentioning for the sake of mentioning. But the thing is that, Indon has been having pretty frequent earthquakes and now, Mount Merapi is also becoming active. Read more here and here... Am like super worried LAH. But still, I guess he is alright cause at least, he managed to reply my sms today. Heh...Sorry wrong time for this kind of dicussion. Haiz...Shall pray tonight...

Hmmm...Guess that will be all...Am working on ANOTHER blogskin now...haha..

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[-Monday, May 29, 2006-]

Listening- Nothing But Trouble, A1
Location- NP, PDI studio

ARRGH...Am currently having break and it sucks...I had Otah for lunch and now, I am having the freaking FISH BONE stuck in my THROAT. I tried drinking, vomitting and even trying to pull it out with my fingers cause I can sorta feel it? And NOTHING WORKS. BAH!!! And it hurts when I swallow my saliva or drink. BAH...I hate fish...Well, actually I love fish LAH, but I hate it when the bone gets stuck in my throat...

Called my mum and she was like "okay, take MC, go hospital"...-.-"...But I think I will see what happens after Maths, maybe it will just come out or go down by itself. But I doubt it LAH, cause its like embedded on the right side of the throat...BAH...

Hmmm...Bob's SIM card money has run out and he can't sms me anymore...BAH...This sucks...

Okay, today is a SUCKY DAY!

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*Pray that I dun end up in hospital...Or I may miss like my 3rd lesson of VTDS...BUM*


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Listening- Never Gone, Backstreet Boys
Location- My Room

OMG!!! HAHA...New skin, and I made it myself! Well, I made the picture, and I had some trouble with the coding so I had to refer to some of the skins in Blogskins. So yeah, I guess I can say that this is my very first skin made by myself!!! I had some trouble with the colors so I hope its okay. Ummm...Comments? Haha...Man, I gotta go sleep now...School tomorrow. Why does the weekend have to fly past SO quickly? BAH!

Well, actually I think that this skin is like SUPER pinkish, and I don't really like pink. But then I am lazy to redo the brushes in blue or green, so I just left it as it was. The words on that FF8 Rinoa picture is written by me! HAHA...SO I can finally reflect what I feel and whatnot. I didn't want to use a FF8 pic initially, but after like looking around ALL my anime pics and my photos, I couldn't find anything suitable, so yeah, I decided to us FF8...Heh...Image hosted by

Not bad for a first attempt I must say. HAHA...Yes, I am being buay hiao bai...

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[-Sunday, May 28, 2006-]

Listening- One In A Million, Bosson
Location- Living Room

Heys, as you people can see, I have changed my skin AGAIN. Haha. But the thing is, it stil doesn't reflect what I feel. I just can't SEEM to find a skin which like resembles what I am thinking. I know this skin is nice and all but still, I am still in search of a better one. I think that, it would be so much easier if I can just make my own and all considering that I have Photoshop Elements which can still be used for making skins. BUT my HTML sucks, I can make minor changes, but to make a WHOLE skin...Heh...That would take ALOT of time for me to learn. So yeah, this skin will not be for long, cause even now, I am still searching for a new skin...0.0...

Hmm...I handed in my report already even though I am like not sure whether the format is correct...Heh...But I added a page on my list of references just in case I forgot to summarise or change something into my own words, at least I credited the website. Heh...

Actually my basic criteria for a skin is pretty simple. I just need the area for the posts to be big enough for me to put up pictures in the medium size. Then it should at least be sorta appealing to me and make me go like "WOW!" you know? Haha...And I acutally prefer those skins that are like those neverending posts instead of those like in one table and you have to click click click to get to different parts you know? But somehow, usually, those looks nicer LAH. HAHA...Okay, I am so picky about skins, and yet, I can't make my own, so I shouldn't be complaining ya?

Well...Guess thats all, cause nothing much is happening today except the bad weather...=D...

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~Missing you still...~


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Listening- Radio...
Location- Bedroom

Hahas...I am like so proud of myself!! Why? Cause I have like finished 3/4 of my History report!!!!!! HAHA...And my font is like size 11 Bookman Old Style, which is not very big. I have done like 2 pages already. And now, I am like looking for reviews of his books to put in...Heh...Its also related in the sense that he PRODUCED it and that it tells us what he thinks or in other words, his trademarks and highlights. But sadly, the information on the Design For Need movement is still VERY limited LAH!! ARRGH...

CATS meeting was...Well, quite alright but not very productive. Cause there was supposed to be like 5 people and only 3 came, including me. And the other girl was late cause she had another project meeting earlier in the morning and was at Esplanade, so yeah. She came at around 3, and we ended up only doing the presentation slides till 6.30 LAH. We didn't do the portfolio cause it's like only due in week 13 can?! Well, actually, the presentation AND portfolio is due only on week 13. For next week, (Week 6), we actually only have to give her our generated and chosen ideas, along with the market scanning. BAH!

After that, I decided to take a cab home and you know what?! I would have reached home about the same time if I took a BUS LAH! That was how long I had to wait for a cab. And this freaking lady lecturer just placed her arse in front of me to flag down a CAB LAH!! So rude can? I was only like 7-9 steps behind her, so don't tell me maybe she can't see me. Then some other girls went to stand even further in front of her. And I was like smirking cause now she knows what it feels like when someone snatches a cab under your nose! Then I waited for like 1/2 hour before I decided to call a cab. Which came like 10 minutes later. And just think! I spent $15.50 on a trip that I could have spent only $1.60 on!!!! Freak...

Then I went to join my mum in the KTV room and she was watching Munich. I didn't watch it though, I spent the time working on my report. HAHA. Then she played another movie called The New World or something. And it only showed for like 10 minutes before she fell asleep. HAHA...It was THAT boring can?! Even though I watched it, at the end, the only thing I could do was *blink blink* "huh?"...-.-"...So yeah, don't buy that movie.

Then we watched some Korean movie called Shadowless Sword "Wu Ying Jian". Well...The movie is pretty nice. A bit violent though. It's about this swordswoman that is to protect some prince from harm cause some other country's people or something were killing all the princes. I don't have any idea how come the princes are all over the area, but that doesn't matter. As you watch the movie, you will feel that, the prince don't even need anyone to protect him LAH, his kung fu/wushu is like so GOOD can? And it turns out that the swordswoman learnt her wushu through that prince about 14 years ago. And at the end she died LAH...HAHA...OH and they sorta liked each other. SO sad right?

Now you know what I am thinking? I am thinking that, if only I can type out the report as easily as I am typing out this post, then the report can even go up to 5 pages or more LAH. But limited resources what to do? I can't possibly go and make up some dumb thing by myself right? Haha...Oh wells, back to the report.

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[-Saturday, May 27, 2006-]

Listening- A Song Per Day, Justin
Location- NP Library 3rd floor.

Am in the school library now, and I am like super bored can?! We are supposed to have the CATS meeting at 1 and I came earlier to book a room for our meeting time. Bum~ Okay, I hear the team leader's voice but am not planning to go look for him anyways. I don't know, I just feel weird around people like him...(I am not saying that being like him is a bad thing.) The thing is, I just can't really mix with people that are ummm...How to say, bookish? Heh...Hey, I am not insulting him in anyway, its just that he is like not lameish enough lah. Aiya, I hope you people get it. If you don't also nevermind.

Hmmm...I have yet to finish up my History report and I am like totally stuck LAH...I can't find anything on that Papanek guy LOH. Limited resources. Even when I went to search the catalogue of the National Library Board, they only have like 1 book that is written by him in the National Libraries LAH. KNS...And if the resources on him is not limited enough, we have to look for the movement he is in which is the Design For Need movement. I totally cannot find anything on THAT laH! Even Wikipedia doesn't help at all...-.-" Someone help me. Why must I get that Papanek, I rather take the one that design cars, -forgot his name-...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh, and after my common test week, I going flying off to South Korea!! Gonna stay in Seoul for 3 days then go to that Jeju island for another 3 or 4 days, then come back. Will be flying off before dawn on the 10th. And the June break is like the only time I can catch up with my pals that are not studying in Polys or private institutions. BAH!!!!!!

Oh, on a random note, if you all watch the current 9pm show that is on Channel 8, I noticed that Fann Wong right, she looks weird. My bro says that she went to enlarge her eyes, but I say that she ummm, have too much Botox. Aiya,don't know, don't care, don't give a damn...Fann fans, please don't spam my tagboard...that is if you even come across this post. HEH...

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[-Friday, May 26, 2006-]

Listening- A Song Per Day,側田(Justin)
Location- Living Room

HAHA!!! I found that song!!!!! SO nice CAN?! Go listen to it here!! Oh, you have to have Quicktime to listen to it though. OR, you can go to and search for "A Song Per Day". =D...I am like so so so loving that song LAH.

Here are the lyrics:

-A Song Per Day-
~By: Justin~

Every time when I'm thinking of you
I just don't know what to do
Pinch myself when I'm dreaming of you,
Making sure that you could love me too
How it slipped away, all my happy days.

Though I'm acting cool, when I'm feeling blue,
Just to show you that I'm through with you,
well I never want it too.

How can the love so beautiful ever slip away,
When I get to the place,
I swear I'll write you a song each and every day,
Oh, god I'm missing you is driving me so insane,
Standing all alone in pouring rain,

Can't explain
Can't explain
All my pain...


Ok, I went to see the doctor again just now. Am feeling much better except that I have a bit of a cough and some phelgm...He gave me more medicine...Bah...

Hmmm...Exams coming soon, then we have that PDI buffet get together with the seniors. Heh, think it will be fun cause there is like talentime, sushi making competition and captain's ball competition...HAHA...Guess which one I joined? Captain's Ball!!! No not sushi making...

Maths was...a bore I guess, he gave back our tests and I failed..Hey, no surprise considering the fact that I skipped the last 4 questions!! Haha...But,I am going to do better for my next test...Guess I better bring along my earphones next week then...Or maybe I can just stick to my iPod, we shall see...Angus was like crazy in Maths class cause he did one question so many times and he kept getting it wrong, AND he also checked with the tutor, so he was like "WAH LAO...You lie to me SIA!" and so on...HAHA...

Okays, gotta finish up my stuff for tomorrow's meeting...Shit...I forgot to book the room...Dieee...OH well, I will go book it tomorrow. Think I will go there about 30 minutes earlier...Please let there be a room...Or I will be like dead LAH...

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[-Thursday, May 25, 2006-]

Listening- Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx
Location- My Room

ARRGH...I am taking a break from Maths to blog. IT's just so difficult to do LAH...Can't seem to get it right at all...And the answers =1they showme makes absolutely no sense can (21+1)=3? Yes, 21+1!!!! This is just a brain breaker.

First off, here are the pictures continued from last night:

Okays...Today was alright. SW WAS SO FUN!!! Cause we did batting today. And yes, I sucked at it, cause I simply can't make the ball fly when I hit it from the tee stand...-.-"...And the captain appeared today...Like finally. HAHA. And I finally remembered the names of my team mates. There is that captain Lay Yan (I got that right...right?), Kenneth, Rui Xia, Keith and Khairul. This new guy came and join us today, no idea what his name is though, but he is a pretty good catcher. Lay Yan was like the best in batting LAH...Hahas...Gonna play against Faizah's team next week...-.-"...

CATS was FUN! Cause the class clown was here! So funny LAH that guy. Keep making us laugh. Then the lecturer accidentally gave us the middle finger. SUPER FUNNY I tell you...Then after that I had the CATS meeting in my group for our project...And I must say that I am proud to come up with 10 pretty good ideas within half an hour. =D...Gonna meet again on Saturday from 1-4...-.-"...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR TATA! Haha...Won't tell you why, I will keep you guessing, and also cause its her private stuff and you people don't really have to know.

Guess I will go back to that nonsense maths...heh...Wish me luck for my coming common test ya?

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;6:43 PM;

Listening- Radio
Location- My Room

OH great, I was like editing the photos using photoshop and its already 11.21...-.-"...Ok this is going to be quick, I need my sleep

Hmmm...Today was typical. Except that VTDS TOTALLY PISSED ME OFF!!! ITS SO FUCKED UP!!! ARRGH! I hate sketching lessons...2 point perspective...What the hell is that? We were supposed to draw some dumb Dynamo detergent bottle in 2 point perspective view. And what did I end up with? Don't even ask, I think it looked like a splodge of ink or something..ARRGH...And its supposed to be graded. I am so going to have to retake this module LAH...Complained to Bob about this and ended up talked to him on sms the whole day...HA...

Then we had MDA practical. Testing on "harness"(I meant HARDNESS, just typing what the lecturer always says...heh). Used some machines like the Rockwell test, Brinell Test and Vicker's Test, was pretty fun actually. Then it got boring and we started fooling around...HAHA...Show you the photos later...

Break was alright I guess, talked about BCG, medical checkups, CCAs and whatnot, practically anything under the sky LAH...Then we went for the MP practical which was so FUN! Compared to VTDS...Finished up our milling today and I guess I can say I did a pretty good job other than some miscalculation in the dimensions...Heh...


okay...blogger is not letting me upload the rest...-.-"..will upload them tomorrow...=D

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[-Wednesday, May 24, 2006-]

Listening- Radio
Location- My Room

Gonna sleep soon. But there is something I need you guys to help me find. It's a song from this chinese movie (starring Richien Ren Xian Qi and Miriam Yang Qian Hua). The title of the movie is Tian Shen Yi Dui, or 2 Become 1. I watched the VCD today, but then I can't seem to find one particular song that I want to download. Here is how the song goes:

Every time I'm thinking of you,
I just don't know what to do.
I pinch myself when I'm dreaming of you,
Making sure that you will love me too. (or something like that)
How it slipped away, all my happy days...

(can't hear this part properly...)

-con't- How can a love so beautiful ever slipped away,
When I get to that place I swear I will write you a song each and everyday

(this part also not that clear)


I was recording the song on my mobile when my mum came and in started talking...-.-" and she doesn't get it when I made the hand sign telling her to shut's why some parts I can't really hear...And I have searched for the song all over YAHOO! with no avail...-.-"...Help me?

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[-Tuesday, May 23, 2006-]

Listening- Greatest Story Ever Told, Oliver James (What a Girl Wants OST)
Location- My Room
Mood- Sick...

Remember I told the doctor I didn't need his mc? I was oh so wrong LAH...Turns out I only woke up at about 6.45 this morning, which is the time I am like supposed to leave for school. And I felt HORRIBLE! (Yes, I am still feeling horrible, thought that I would just blog instead of sleep.) Then my mum took one look at the condition I am in and ordered me back to bed...-.-"...

Sore throat, runny nose and cough should not go together! Arrgh...I hate the flu. Smsed Linda and Faizah and told them that I am sick and won't be going to school, cause we usually wait at the bus stop and then go to class as a CLASS or maybe just our group LAH. Went back to sleep till 8.45, took breakfast and medicine, then went back to sleep till 1.30, woke up, had my lunch and ate medicine, and now I am blogging and suffering from tummyache...Darn...

Its the 23rd anniversary for my parents and my mum totally forgot about it...-.-"...Guess she was too busy taking care of us and all...Haha...

OH great, I am going to miss VTDS A-FUCKING-GAIN and I will also miss the softball attachment. The flu must love me. Guess I will be doing a lot of make up lessons. EG Maths, VTDS, HPD and the softball attachment...Guan Yin Pu Sa -Goddess Of Mercy- help me...Heh...

My mum was like "You don't sleep again hor...Watch tv or do something, don't sleep sleep sleep." -.-"...Then she was like asking me to rest somemore...wth...-.-"

Arrrgh...Report due on Sunday...

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Listening- One In A Million, Bosson
Location- My Room

HEH!! I guess that I can say that today was a very hyper and happy day for me! HAHA...Guess why? Cause I talked to Bob again. Well, not talk, more like smsed each other. Found out that he will be taking his entrance exam for uni in June 11. And he's like super stressed. Heh, so yeah, smsed him for about half the day from break to maths, then MDA for 2 periods, spent a total of $3.00 just to sms him, which is like 20 messages!!!! OMG LAH...Haha, but thanks to him, I managed to stay awake for Maths and most of MDA...Hee...I think my mum will like explode at how much I spent on "overseas charges"...Darn, but its worth it. Hee...

Hmmm...Today was like normal and after school, I went to my Grandma's place (took bus to yio chu kang mrt with Linda), ate dinner then my lame uncle brought me to see the doctor, with my Grandma in tow. Yes, I am still sick and this is the second time I have seen that doctor this week. He wanted to give me an MC, but then I told him that is alright, cause I remembered that there will be VTDS tomorrow, and since I have already missed last weeks lesson, I can't possibly afford to miss another right?! Haha...Then there is softball attachment tomorrow from 5.15 to 7.30...Darn...

Exams in 2 weeks time!!!! ARRGH, SO not prepared LAH...Especially for Maths...Jeez, I hate Maths...Then there is MDA paper which is like structured questions so its gonna be quite alright, I hope.

I actually survived in my contact lenses the WHOLE DAY!!! -Hello, my lectures are in air conditioned rooms.- So yeah, its like a miracle cause my contacts usually drops out at around halfday cause it will become super dry. Hee...

I AM HAPPY!!!!!!! HAHA..*Good luck to Bob for his entrance exams, no worries, I will pray for you...Hee..."

Oh and something important to announce. I am not going to Aussie afterall. Decided to stay in NP then maybe take interior/architecture/industrial design in Uni after Poly...Hee...I know some of you will be very happy, like Halif right?!!! HAHA...

Ok the medicine's side effects are taking over me now...
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[-Sunday, May 21, 2006-]

Listening- Almost Here, Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
Location- My Room

Alright, I decided to change the blogskin of my blog. Heh, I really like this skin, and it sort of says how I feel about someTHING right now. Just like how this song -refer to above- makes me feel. Heh...

Take a guess on how long I took to find this skin? Let me tell you, I took a total of 4 HOURS! Yes, 4 freaking hours, just to find a blog skin. I looked through the catergories like "Dark", "Anime" and "Light" last night,(or this morning for that matter, from 10pm-2am), but found nothing. Went to sleep, woke up at 1.05, took my lunch, watched CSI:Miami on AXN, and some other shows on CH 56. Then I came back here and decided to look through some of the older "Skin of the Day" in blogskin and this skin caught my attention just like THAT -snaps finger- I don't know why, but I just feel that this skin is like so nice you know?

Oh...Its missing the history section, will fix that later.

Hmmm, mum hired a new maid cause she just can't cope and so far, I would say that she (the maid, lets call her Auntie) is doing pretty well. =D...Except that she seems to be a wee bit scared of Bobby (yes, I am talking about my mini schnauzer). -.-"...Does Bobby look that frightening? I can just imagine if Auntie sees Jacko (my Golden Retriever which was sent away cause someBODY complained to AVA and also partly due to my pneumonia...Bum~). HAHA...

Ok, I shall stop the crap...

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[-Friday, May 19, 2006-]

Listening- Guo Min, Ranie Yeung
Talking- Kangwei
Location- My Room

BOO to MATHS! BAH! BLEEH! BLEAH! Arrgh...Yes, I hate Maths, it has always been one of my more hated subjects cause basically I suck at it. And now, engineering maths? No, there is no tuition for it unless you count tutorials which is basically useless cause ummm, when we ask the tutor questions we are blur on, I just end up more blur then ever! So yeah...And today was the Maths Quiz 1c and well, I basically got so pissed that I end up skipping the last 3 or questions. Take in mind, that there are only like what, 6-7 questions. BAH! Hate maths.

So, my brother is out of the hospital already, like FINALLY!? And the fees paid to the hospital was a FREAKING $10,000+!!! LIKE WTF? I read the reciept and one part on "Comsumables and Supplys" costed $600 plus and it was like my brothere didn't eat anything till the last 3 days and even so he could only take porridge. The porridge must be made with abalone, lobsters and birds nest, OH, and ummm golden rice. SO expensive...

WHEE!...The weekend is here! Time to relax...NOT. Have to finish up my Maths tutorial 2 and the Maths Online thingy. (BAH!). Then there is the report for HPD which I have no idea whatsoever how to do. Then the most irritating and useless CATS project. BLEAH...Oh, and I have yet to join a CCA...Bah...Think I will end up joining photography club. Heh...

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Listening- Some song on the radio
Location- My Room

HAHA...Went out with Talisa today. Lets talk about school first, cause school is more important...HAHA! =P

Softball today, was super tiring cause we have started running round the "diamond" and er, the helmet was like threathening to just jump off my head if I run, and I had to hold it down with one hand and thus, I could not run that fast. OH, and I got hit on the face TWICE today. First one was when I was training with the teacher cause my partner went to the toilet, i misjudged the ball and it hit my chin. The second one was when they were throwing the ball round it bases, it hit me on the cheek, and yes, it HURTS...

CATS = boring = no comments

Then I met Talisa and went to watch The Da Vinci after having lunch at Swensen's the ice cream was horrendous. Cause we had that executive lunch and they gave us free ice crea...uggh, me and Talisa were like "W'lao, they give us the one that never sell on awful..." Uggh...

Then during The Da Vinci code, I was like nodding off, due to the side effects of the medicine. Boo...Then when we sat down this group of people came in in school uniform and I was like "Wah...School excursion AR?" cause it was like half a class or more...-.-"...

But the movie was quite similiar to the book except some parts like the cryptex, cause there were supposed to be 2 crytexes not 1. And some of the things supposed to be said by the lady was said by the guy and vice versa. And the "friend" ummm Leigh Teabing was supposed to be fat and he was like pretty skinny in the movie. But the story is somewhat similar. HAHA...

Then we went to take some more neoprints and the machine was like giving us an heart attack sia. KNS...So fast...HAHA...Ate at Pastamania and talked about some stuff on school and whatnot. Went to Takashimaya and Talisa bought Beard Papa (Papa beard?) before she took a bus home. Then I went to wait for my parents at Cuppage plaza cause they will be having dinner there. So yeah, I am like lazy to go home on my own...heh...

Talked to Talisa while waiting and we mostly talked about movies that were made according to books, and we had like so many comments on the new guy acting as Dumbledore. SO VIOLENT LAH...I mean the new Dumbledore. Boo...So yeah, waited for my parents then came home. And tomorrow, I am having Maths test, and I am so prepared for it. Prepared to fail, that is. I have not even revised anything on the Domains and all those crap...BAH...

Talisa is on the right. HEH! The siao looking one...=P

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, May 18, 2006-]

Listening- Endless Love, Jackie Chan and Kim something...
Location- MY Room
Talking- Talisa

HEH...Went to school today feeling rather groggy. Side effects of the medicine I suppose...Then we had MDA practical,which does not feel that much like a practical at all...-.-"...Cause the lecturer will like show us how the machine is used then we will just use the graph to calculate some stuff...MATHS again...Darn

Then during break they were like talking about CCAs and stuff when I said that I might most probably be going to Aussie afterall. But then, I changed my mind AGAIN. HAHAS...Can't seem to make up my mind. BAH...But if I am staying here then I might just continue to interior design later on.

Then we had that MP practical, and did milling today. Was pretty fun considering the fact that the metal chips just flew ALL OVER the place. And one landed in my shirt, bloody hell. The worst part is the cleaning up bit. KUKU sia, the chips are like all over the place and we had to sweep EVERYTHING up. I rather clean the lathe machine 2-3 times than clean this mess up...Heh...

Then went to my grand-ma's place for dinner. Slept for a while then my grand-pa sent me back home...

Jason is so not getting better. He's going to have to stay in the hospital for about 5 more days cause the doctor said they saw the X-ray or something and he had some kind of inflammation on the inside...-.-"...What did I say about putting people carrying flu viruses and people that just came out of operation. Darn those people.

Gonna watch The Da Vinci Code with Talisa at Plaza Sing tomorrow. She's gonna book the tix first before meeting me cause there is like an AXS machine at her place...HEH... I just checked the GV website and the 3 o'clock slot is like already half-booked...-.-"

ARRGH...I have to take my medicine at 12, and I am like so sleeepy...

Talked to Halif about his Mid-Years results today. Seems like he is doing pretty well for all his subjects except Biology. Haiz...Good luck Halif...Make a choice and do your best!!!!

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, May 17, 2006-]

Listening- Si Lu (Slik Road), Fish Leong
Location- My Room

Arrgh, I hate hate hate being sick...BAH! Oh wells...

So yeah, the usual procedure today just like any other Tuesday, went to school, but left during lunch.

Lets see, we had a presentation today, and I think we all (as in the whole class) did pretty alright, but I think most of us were pretty scared that we did not meet the 3-5min time given to us that we talked more, and ended up over-estimating. HAHA...But then, its like our first presentation in Poly MAH...So yeah...Then we went for lunch where I called for a cab then went to my Grandma's place.

Went to see the good old doctor from there. And hell, I went there with my Ah-ma at about 2.30, and I only saw the doctor at 3.35?!!! Cause he was having lunch MAH, thats why he took so long, and I fell asleep on the chair while waiting...I want to ask a question, why is it that whenever I go to the doc's other people seem to spend at least 5min in the doc's room, but I always come out even before 5min.

Hmmm...Then I went back to my Grandma's place, took medicine and proceeded to fall asleep till Faizah called me to tell me about VTDS which I missed. Looks like they have started on Perspective drawing...0.0...And they had to draw a toaster oven. And they were like complaining about it cause its quite difficult. I am like so dead LAH...I won't be surprised if I have to repeat EG1, MDA and VTDS next year/semester whichever applicable.

Sooo...Now my homework is like piliing up already. 1)Report for History due next Sunday. 2)Maths quiz on the coming Friday. 3)Practice perspective drawing or something. 4)Tutorial 2 for MDA. 5)CATS project.(Shit...)ARRGH...No mood to do those stuff, especially the last one.

Okay thats all about school...

Bought the book -The Da Vinci code just yesterday, and i have finshed at leat 3/4 of the book. SO GRIPPING LAH! I mean its like so interesting and its like I don't to put it down till I finished it, which is something that so far no book other than the Harry Potter series and the Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness (Wolf Brother & Spirit Walker) can do to me...Heh...Ok, back to the book...I WANT TO FINISH IT TONIGHT! (or tmr morning for that matter)

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[-Tuesday, May 16, 2006-]

Listening- Shut up, Simple Plan
Location- My Room

FUCKING BROTHER...You think parents not at home can down there scold here scold there isit?! FUCK YOU LAH...NBCB...Go fuck your own brains...KNN...You oldest so what? BIG AR?? Owe me $400 and you still down there shout shout shout...KNN...Fuck you LAH...I give you attitude so what?! Everytime tell you something down there "Huh huh huh?" FUNNY AR...I not as free as you everyday go treat people to dinner lah hor...I GOT LIFE ONE. I GOT HOMEWROK TO FINISH AND I AM NOT THE LITTLE GIRL THAT YOU CAN SCOLD AND HIT FOR NOTHING ANYMORE...Fuck, I got my own brains, not like YOU...Fucking useless asshole...USELESS thats what you ARE, HOPELESS TOO! Yes I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. No money, bad mood then down there anyhow scold scold scold shou shout shout...NBCB...GET LOST LAH...I know you like to smash doors down or maybe you just make the lock spoil and enter the room for you-know-what...Don't you even fucking think about taking my stuff ever AGAIN...Don't say I am exposing my family matters out to the whole world, I KNOW I AM...Find another outlet for me will ya?!

ARRGHS...Spoil yours truly's mood...Fucking useless idiot...


Right...back to the main topic...HOSPITALS...Like what the hell? My bro just came out from operation and you put him together with some guy that has stomach flu and have the rush to the toilet 20 times a day? And the doctor said that the virus can be transferred by AIR...-.-"...Then now? This guy got a flu, fever, sore throat and everything, you put him with my brother also? HELLLO?! I mean, what the hell? You put someone that is vulnerable to virus attacks with someone that is coughing and sneezing and whatnot? WTF? Later get infection how?? Hmmm?! Oh whatever, not like anyone cares right? And don't even tell me to get a Class 'A' ward. What if, just if one cannot afford to? Then if really get infection how?? The least you can do is to put similar cases together, like flu with flu, operation with operation and so on...Even government hospitals can do that why can't you?


-Logged Off-
*yes I am in a very bad mood. Don't mind the singlish please...*


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[-Monday, May 15, 2006-]

Listening- Du Chang Qing Ge, Tank & Selina
Location- NP, MDA Lesson

OMG...Can this lesson get anymore boring!?!!!??? I doubt so...HAHAS...Goodness, his English is really...-.-"...Hardness become harness,now become harner...-.-" Damn pro...Then he was like teaching us on the Rockwell Hardness test...And its like to use ball and make an impression in the sample workpiece...And he was like "If my ball are 10mm..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Didn't notice but then my accomplice looked at me then we burst out laughing then Ade looked at us and we looked back and he also ended up laughing...HEH...And now they are saying that I started it, and thus I am dirty...-.-"...EY...At least that means I am paying attention okay!!!

Gonna visit Jason at the hospital later...Heh...oh and this post is basically to -suan- my lecturer so I am ending it now...Oh, and I am sitting right up front...HAHA...Like he cares...

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Shan Hu Hai (Coral Sea), Jay Chou and I forget who that girl is...
Location- My Room
Talking- Hans, Talisa, Faizah...

ARRGHS...Gotta wake up in about 5.5 hours time for school and here I am blogging...Heh...

I practically spent the whole day in the hospital with my mum and Jason. From about 9.30am to 7.30pm?!!! My grandparents came over at around noon to visit Jason and then have lunch there as well. Seriously, the food there is GOOD! Then when we went back, Xavier and Faizal were there to visit him...Then me and my mum proceeded to Thomson Plaza to buy those cooling pads for him cause he is like having a high fever. And he just finished his operation so yeah, its not that good a thing. Then I went to order my contact lenses. OH...I bought the Da Vinci Code book and have started on the first few pages, and I already sorta don't get it. I am losing my touch in reading stories...Guess I will have to re-read it a few times over.

Then went back, and stayed with Jason a while more before my dad came and picked us up for Mother's Day dinner. Heh...Was quite fun during dinner, but I sat at the wrong table, meaning the table that is not that fun, cause my 2nd Uncle and my Grandma was at the other table. At least my 3rd Aunt is sitting with me...Heh...She said she will bring me over to my 1st Aunts salon on Friday to rebond my hair, or something, cause she needs a trim too. And I am supposed to meet her in the school she is teaching at. Namely St.Andrews Secondary School...-.-"...Boys school somemore...

So basically thats all...I need my sleep...zzzz

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[-Sunday, May 14, 2006-]

Listening- Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx
Talking- Ting Ting, Faizah

Heh...Went to school at 10 today and met Linda and Faizah there to finish up on our presentation for History. No, we are not in the same group. Stayed there till freaking 2.30 before leaving!!! Imagine that! My butt was practically glued to the chair all that time and I only left to go to the toilet twice...-.-"

Mum called me at around 12.30 to tell me that Jason has been admitted in Mt. Alvernia Hospital due to appendicitis!! And then she called again at about 1.30 to tell me that Jason will be having his operation at around 3.30. Then my aunt called me and asked me where Jason was and what not cause my mum didn't pick up the phone...All these happened in the library and I kept forgetting to turn my phone to silent mode. So smart right...Hahas

Took a cab down to the hospital, which I found out was so bloody near to my school. The cab fare was like $6 and if I had taken bus 74, I would have reached there in half an hour!! Hahas...So yeah, then I had Fish & Chips for lunch at the cafe there cause my mum switched off her phone, so yeah, I decided to have my lunch first. Then when Jason came out from the operating theater...He looked like Edison Chen! HAHA! I mena seriously! He looks like Edison when he was filming the 9 Girls and A Ghost, the part that he was about to be "captured" by some old guy. Ok ok, enough crap.

Then I decided to finish up my presentation slides since I had nothing better to do...HAHAS!!!! SO yeah, its all done and ready for presenting!! Only that James have not read it over, so I have no idea how he will be presenting...-.-"...

Oh...And a suggestion to the hospitals that only have vending machines as the only source of snacks and drinks when the cafes are closed, please, have those kind of machines that are able to exchange our notes into coins near the vending machines. You think everyone carries about a whole bag of coins everywhere they go is it?!...

Gonna go visit him at around 8 tomorrow morning...zzzzzzzzz

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, May 13, 2006-]

Listening- Wo Nan Guo, 5566
Location- My Room

Hahas...Been spending some quality time with my bed today. Didn't sleep in though, cause I wanted to go to Ang Mo Kio Library to try and get some research on that Papanek guy. Turns out, libraries are close on Public Holidays! How nice. So yeah, I decided to give Hans whatever I promised then went to have some Char Siew Rice for lunch. Then went home and slept somemore till about 6. Then my parents went out for dinner and I slept somemore till, cause my parents bought pineapple rice back...-.-"...I don't like pineapples, but I like the rice...Next time I should order "I want pineapple rice, but without pineapples please." Heh...Then watched The Cool Guy (that Korean movie) and Taxi 2 on Channel 56 and AXN respectively.

I love -The Cool Guy-!! The show is oh so nice can?! I love the ending especially, but these things just don't happen in real life. Plus, the lead actor is oh so handsome!!!!!!*faints* Its basically about how this guy met a girl through an internet forum, and then went to her school to look for her cause she kinda insulted him on the forum. Then while trying to run away, she ended up landing on him when she jumped over the school wall and plus she kissed him on the lips when she landed!! So yeah, they begun dating and then she found out that his father died of AIDS, and thats why he doesn't like people to touch him...blah blah blah, then ummm, they had a stupid argument and the guy went to the States and only came back a year later during the year's first snowfall. Funny, touching and just too cool! HAHAS...GO buy the VCD if you want to watch it...Oh and it turns out that they went to the same kindergarten before and when everyone was like kinda making fun of him cause his father died of AIDS, she went and kiss him or something cause its his birthday...I think...I can like watch this show over and over again without getting tired of it. Oh hell, he is 30 years old...HAHA!

Taxi 2 rocks!!!! I love the way that she (Queen Latifah) can transform her cab into that cool racing thing! HAHA! Quite a funny show...Loadsa road action, racing and whatnot...Nothing much to say about this show...Heh...

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, May 12, 2006-]

Listening- Bu Yao Wang Le Wo (Don't forget me), Wilber Pan
Location- My Room

Its been such a long day!!!! Went to school as usual. Had loads of fun in S&W!!!! Okay, I finally remembered the name of the Captain...He's Lay Yan, and the other girl in my team is called Rui Xia. Then this other guy came and join our team today and he was like SO PRO!!!!! He partnered with the Captain and they were like tossing and throwing the softball around and catching almost each toss. They are good at far and fast balls...So pro...Then me and Rui Xia were a bit pathetic...Hahas...Not on form LAH!!

Then CATS was a bit boring as usual, but I think our group is loosening up a bit after 3 weeks of CATS, so yeah we joked abit (very little bit). But I still prefer normal lessons with my class more...

THEN, I met Faizah and Jason for lunch at Canteen 2, where we bumped into Ivy, Qiu Yun, Victor, Wan Ting and Benjamin. Hahas...And that was when I found out that I forgot to bring the $20 my mum gave me this morning...zzzz...And the ATM at the Atrium is not working. Buy 4D also not so accurate can...AND I also left my water bottle in CATS class...Then I decided to take the bus to Ang Mo Kio central and draw money from there before taking a cab home. But I changed my mind again and went to my Grandma's place after getting my money instead. So I slept there from about 2 to 6...Shoik AR! But I am still sleepy...I need a date with my bed...HEH...

Then after dinner my Aunt brought me and her kids to eat Haagen Daz at Junction 8...Hee...Oh...My 2nd uncle is like so LAME can...HAHAS...But he very fun. I think out of the 6 uncles and aunts, I am closest to my and uncle and my smallest aunt. Sounds confusing right? Hahas. Then she sent me back to my Grandma's place where my parents are and then I went home. THE END!

So Tired...

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, May 10, 2006-]

Listening- Almost Here, Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
Location- Living Room
Talking- Faizah

HAHAS!!!! Have been watching the "Never Say Die" And its like freaking FUNNY CAN!? HAHAS!!!

SO! Today was typical, nothing special happened in school other than lessons, and the usual suaning by Angus...This guy really reminds me of Hans can...HAHA...Talking about Hans...He told me that Bob is coming back this week? No idea whether he is speaking the truth cause sometimes he just lie on stuff about Bob...-.-"...But they are having a soccer match against MJC on friday...Feel like going...HA!

Didn't have my evening "nap" today, all Jason's fault LAH! Cause its his girlfriend's birthday and he wanted to go decorate the playground in my area. So, he wanted me to help him...ZZZZZZZ... He decorated the place with lightsticks mostly and it looked quite nice. SO JEALOUS CAN?! HAHAS...No guys will do it for me...Heh...

SW tomorrow...Softball rocks!!!HAHA...Gotta take down names, emails and phone numbers. AND I have to wear a cap too...Great...Where am I supposed to find one now that mine have gone missing...

OH!! My camera have not arrived at that store that my Dad buys cameras from!!!! ARRGH!!! I WANT MY CAMERA LAH!!! I need it for that trip to Korea, my random photos! Haha! But seriously, I hate using my phone or my Dad's camera to capture photos, cause my phone camera really sucks and my Dad's camera is super bulky...zzzzzzz

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Listening-Almost Here,
Talking- Hans, Talisa,Victoria

AHHH!!! Sorry, I am just too happy that lessons will only start at 11 tomorrow!! Heh...Cause the lecturer cannot make it for the Wednesday morning lessons this week and next...=D...So there will only be LSS and the Practical for MP tomorrow...

Tell you people something...I got stung by a bloody bee today LAH!!! And that chao Angus down there "The bee got die not?!! It normally eat honey then suddenly take oil..." Like the bee "eat" with its sting HOR?! Then he was like "Later your hand rot AR!"...KNS...Today whole day -tio suan- by him LOH...Go uphill also must say me...KNS LAH!...Lolz...

I got D+ for my sketching!!! We were supposed to sketch the chairs in the class. Easy right? MY FOOT! Not the normal chair okay!? It was those chair that can roll here roll there...And with all those handles that can increase/decrease the chairs height...I wasted like 5 pieces of paper on it can? And then I decided to draw the back of the chair that was in front of me...HAHAS...So much easier can?!

Hmmm...Wad else...Guess thats all...OH YAH!!! There were alot of PAP jokes between our group today...A.K.A the girls minus the 3 Tings...Cause there were like so many people wearing white in our class today...HEH! Then when Ade walk past our table I was like "EY PAP!!!!" And the thing is, he is not even Singaporean LAH...Then me, Faizah and Victoria were like laughing and laughing...Ok lah, type out not funny, I know...

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[-Monday, May 08, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Kao (Depend), Richie Ren
Location- Mum's Room

HAHAS, lets see, today was alright. Except for the fact that I forgot to bring my Maths lecture notes and my MDA tutorial homework...-.-"...And I had to re-copy the whole tutorial assignment with questions from Faizah...MDA was freaking funny LAH!!!...Some of them decided to skip classes, so yeah...But the teacher was like going on and on about his "harness" (hardness...LAH). And he was like teaching us the definition of hardness and he said this. "Hardness is to measure the WANK resistance of the material." and I was like laughing and laughing LAH!!! He meant wear, but he pronounced it as Wank...Oh My Goodness!!!!! Then he was telling us on ductility "Ductility is how well a material can be elongated without fracture..." 0.0...And I was like trying to control my laughter...HAHAS...Okay, no more dirty talk...eeeyuer...

Hmmm...Then after lessons I went to the library with Faizah to look for some research for History. I had to look up on Victor Papanek, and she had to research on some French guy or something, the name is Mies something Lugwid or something...Can't remember...Then we found 2 books on the History of Design, so we are lucky...But then its not enough, I think I will go to one of those public libraries this week...ZZZZZZZ...I think I will start off at Pasir Ris...HAHAS...I think I will end up talking to Jay loh...

Ok...Lets see, since I said I take random photos...Here are some for you people to view. I either took them in school or on the bus, so some of them might have some reflections...Heh...

Okays...Thats all...Got to finish up my room plan or else I am dead...

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Let Me Die, Nicholas Tse
Location- NP, Blk 56, vending machines

ARRGGH...My brother is like CRAZY! He sent me to school this morning, so nice right? And guess what, I reached school at freaking 6.56am!!!! That chao turtle...So yeah, since I have not eaten my breakfast yet and the canteens are not opened yet, I decided to come to the vending machine area and have that "Hotbake"machine make me an sausage omelette sandwich...It actually tastes nice!...HAHA...But too bad they don't have ice milo and I have to make do with Ice Lemon Tea...

OH...And the tote bag I bought? the zip broke, and is currently spoilt, so yeah, go figure, and it costed more than $20...-.-"...I feel like getting another sandwich...HAHA...But not enough money...zzzzz...Hmmm...I think can, but its already 7.16 and I am meeting Faizah at 7.30 I think...Hahas...

Oh yeah, read on for my dedication to Hans, that chao kuku...Last night, or this morning for that matter, I wished him happy birthday and even typed out the whole freaking birthday song for him, and there was no reply...AND it was so bloody pathetic LAH...Chao kuku...Make me lookso enthu for NOTHING!~!

Oh, and the play count for that song, is currently 100! And I only downloaded it on Saturday...HAHA...But the song is super nice LEH!!!! You should go listen to it...Just search Youtube for it and click on the Final Fantasy 8 version which someone made, cause its the clearest one that is in english, the others are either not clear, or it is the chinese version.

ARGH...I feel like twisting my borthers neck cause I am so bored. But, if he did not send me to school this early, then I won't be eating breakfast now would I? Oh whatever...

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Xie Xie Ni De Ai, Nicholas Tse
Location- My Room


This post is dedicated to Mr Hans, good friend of mine for about 2 1/2 years. His birthday is today, thus the special post about him. I purposely waited till 12 midnight to post this okay...I so nice right? Quick, say I am nice...Hahas...jk...

Lets see.

Hans, is the pool king, the singing king, the walking radio, the good friend, the professional -suaner-, the soccer player, the basketball pro, the funny guy and more, rolled into one! Hahas. He is also the short (1.65-7 i think), and the average looking 19 year old from Taiwan.

Pool king, because whenever we play in a group, usually he is the one that keeps winning and winning, so far, the only person that I think can beat him, is Bobby. In our group, that is. Most of the time he can just anyhow hit, and the ball will still go in...-.-" His pool motto "Dunno what to hit? Anyhow -zham-(hit very hard) can already..."

Singing king, because, he can sound like anything from Rainie Yang Chen Ling to Aaron Kwok. He raps, he sings, he talks crap. His voice can be high or low, but he can't beatbox. Best singer in my group maybe. Oh yeah, he can also easily change the lyrics of the songs to something lame as he sings along. -.-"...The second Jacky Wu is what I call him sometimes.

Walking radio! One of the best traits about him. Since he is the singing king, we will ask him to sing songs when we are bored. He knows at least 1/2 the songs being played on the radio (chinese, 93.3) at that time. And no, I am not kidding you.

Professional -suaner-, I think everyone who knows him knows this...No need to elaborate.

Soccer player and basketball pro. Basketball school team VICE-CAPTAIN okay...Don't play play. Once, he was falling down and he took a shot, and the ball still went in. Considering his height and the rate he was falling and pattern, it is pro. And we were all like "SIA LAH! GAO XING! (the MVP Valentine that one...)" He also plays soccer in school. Street soccer. And from my point of view, he not bad lah...

Funny guy. This person, he makes me laugh. Everytime hang out with him, confirm will laugh. Even when I am pissed off or sad he also can make me laugh like crazy.

OH...He is also the bowling pro. First time play, can get score of 130+...-.-"...

And plus, the songs that are difficult to find? Just find him...Cause usually, he will have...HAHAS... Also an Angela Zhang's fan...

ONE SUPERBLY good friend to have. Cheer you up when you are down, make you laugh harder when you are happy...Sings like a king, suan like a pro. Ball games? No problem. Funny, stick up for his friends, gives good advice when he is serious...What more can you ask for in a friend? Except for the fact that sometimes, he will trick you into believing he is telling the truth when he is actually bluffing, but he will tell you and apologize.

He can also imitate the way celebs, teachers and friends talk to the extent that you can fall over and keep laughing!...Especially his imitation Aaron Kwok's accent...Damn funny...

Okay thats all about this funny guy...

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday to Han Chiang,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

WHOOO!!! Yes I am mad...

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, May 07, 2006-]

Listening- Let Me Die, Nicholas Tse
Location- My Room

Hahas. After the KTV session that day with Talisa and Hans, I find myself liking Nicholas Tse!! I mean, I used to like him alot! But then after sometime it just faded off, and now, I am back to liking his songs again. Its been like what, 8 years ever since he became a singer/actor?! Hahas..I just love love love this song. And I managed to get Hans to send me some of his other songs too...Heh...Lazy lah. OH...And his english is like so good can?! For a hongkie. I have listened to this song for like I don't know how many times already, I played till I slept last night, and from 2 hours ago, and I am still NOT tired of it...HAHA...I intro-ed the song to Faizah and now, she is also addicted to it...heh...

Oh and a random comment. How come those guys that sends "Home Delivery" to my house always looks so cute?! I mean, last time, when my mum used to order Sakae Sushi, the guy was quite cute and he came 3 days in a row. Then this morning, my mum decided to order Mac's for breakfast, and the delivery guy also damn cute..AND HIS BIKE SO COOL!!! -For a delivery guy that is-...-.-"...Okay, ignore this...I am NOT guy crazy...

Okay...I have yet to complete my homework and the weekend is coming to an end. The layout for the studio that is due on Tues, I have not redrawn it on A3 paper and neither have I thought out the scale...zzzz...Then we have that research on past designers. I have done the research on the net, but its not enough...zzzzz

Ok...I have to go continue on that particular post that I am going to dedicate to my superb friend HANS, cause his b'dae is in about 11hours time...HAHA...And to think that my homework is still not done...-tsk tsk-

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, May 06, 2006-]

Listening-Xiao Chen Da Ai (Big love in small city?), Lee Hom
Talking- Chun wei, Talisa

Wah...So long never talk to Chuny already. 0.0...And we are busy exchanging emoticons...-.-"...

Arrgh...I am okay now, slept for the whole day and woke up hungry...Whats new? Lol...Had some bread then watched some television...Parents asked me to have dinner out with them and got rejected cause my shoulder is in pain...All due to the fact that I am lugging about 3kg to school everyday. My shoulder needs a rest. Plus I am taking softball...-.-"...I won't be surprised if my shoulder gets dislocated someday.

Am still trying to decide whether to proceed to Aussie for my studies...Lets see

In S'pore, NP, PDI:
-Fun class and lessons
-Am liking it more and more
-I actually have some interest in it unlike when I first thought.
-Friends and family are all here.
-Don't have to be that independent.
-Shorter period of time to get a degree if I do well.
-Can meet up with new and old pals anytime I like.
-I still like Vet Sci more...I think
-My drawing sucks.
-Have almost no relation to animals except if I design stuff for animals.
-Lacks exposure to the outside world.
-Makes me dependent on my parents. 0.0

In Aussie, IES Foundation Sch then to UQ, Vet Science-
-Am doing something I like (I hope, I am not sure)
-Makes me an independent person.
-Exposure to other cultures and whatnot.
-Away from friends, family
-Super expensive
-My science sucks?
-NO idea what it will be like.
-Have to start all over again at a new place.

OK...Looks like staying here has more Pros than going to Aussie, but still the its not the amount, its the weightage of each point. I think, I will think it over for this few months that I will be here, cause, I only have to register in September.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:50 PM;

-Logged off-Listening- Shut Up, Simple Plan
Location- My Room

I FUCKING HATE YOU! Just cause you injure your back you think you can shout at me for NOTHING! What the FUCK do you take me for? HUH? Your scolding bag issit?! GO scold your husband, your sons WHATEVER! Don't COME AND SHOUT AT ME FOR FUCKING NOTHING!!! You bad mood can anyhow scold people?! Fuck lah! Who do you think you are?!

Tell you wait for a while to let me eat then I broom the kitchen ALSO CANNOT?! I NEVER SAY I DON'T WANT TO DO OKAY?! GET THAT RIGHT! I only said "Wait, I eat first." ALSO CANNOT ISSIT? Then ownself do then say I don't want to do, then down there nag nag nag and scold scold scold. EY! I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING MAID FOR GOODNESS SAKE! YOU WANT SOMEONE THAT YOU CAN SCOLD FOR NOTHING? GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE. ONLY GIRL IN THE HOUSE SO WHAT?! The guys are what?! DISABLED ISSIT? NO RIGHT? THEN EVERYTIME I GET SCOLDING ONLY? WHAT THE FUCK?! THEY ALSO NEVER CLEAN UP THEN THEY DON'T GET SCOLDING, THEY DON'T wash their own dishes I have to wash for them?! YOU GET THE PICTURE? I AM NOT OKAY, I AM NOT HAPPY HERE.

SO what if I am happy and smiling when I go out with my friends? Your problem issit? They make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me feel as if I ACTUALLY BELONG. YOU? All you do is scold when you are in a bad mood and when nothing goes your way! Only girl so what? GIRL HAVE TO DO EVERY fucking HOUSEHOLD CHORE ISSIT?! Then the guys? Sit there play game, watch television, talk on the phone...What the fuck is this? Buy bag for school also cannot tell you for fear of you blowing up, I don't see other kids having this problem! I cannot tell you anything! NOTHING!

What's happen to the days that I ACTUALLY look forward to being at home. NOW? I RATHER BE OUTSIDE WITH HANS AND TALISA MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. I Wish I don't have to go home. Go home late also get scolded? Then my brother can stay out till what? 3am then come back? SO FUCKING UNFAIR. I even look forward to staying in school for projects then to come back here!!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:05 PM;

Listening- Xiang Shui (Perfume), Nicholas Tse
Location- My Room

HAHAS!! I am very very very happy today! Went out with Talisa, Hans, Kangwei and Kim Swee after lessons. Had Math tutorial in the morning till about 10.00 then went with Ivy, Linda, Victoria, Angus, Brandon, Benjamin and James to have "breakfast" at Canteen 2 (Sports Complex). Then stayed there and talk about school, books, movies, and the people in our class with them till 11.05!! And I was supposed to meet Talisa they all at Somerset MRT station at 11.30! HAH...Waited for the bus to Clementi till about 11.30 then went to draw some money from the ATM before taking a cab down instead cause I was like so freaking late!

Then met Talisa and we walked to Cineleisure under the freaking rain! Then at the traffic light, this girl came and asked us if we wanted to share her umbrella with her. So nice right? Hahas, but we still got wet...Then met Hans, KW and KS at KFC before going to play pool. Hans won all the games can!? Even Kangwei lost to him...Actually I won him once, but it is cause his last ball (number 8) went into the wrong pocket...HAHAS...Then I was paired with Talisa to versus KS and KW. So fun. But KW had something on so he went back at about 1.45. Then we went to KBox!! SO LONG NEVER SING WITH HANS AND TALISA!!!!!!!!!!!! Then KS went to bring Fadilah to meet us.

Then funny thing is, with KS and Fadz around, me, Tata and Hans were like normal, and he just did the basic suaning of people. Then when KS and Fadz left. We went crazy!! HAHAS…Talisa and Hans were like snatching their mobile phones from each other and its like so funny. And guess what? The total bill was $90.40 which is about $16 person! So expensive, I think I will just go to Party World KTV next time. Then that KS only paid me $22 for 2 people LOH!!!!! $10 LESS than the actual amount he was supposed to pay. KNS LAH! Was so pissed off at him, then Hans made me laugh by changing the lyrics of one of the songs.

Then during the KTV session, I was smsing Bobby. Yes, he is in Indonesia, but I have his number and I was a bit bored while singing and I wanted to ask him whether he was coming back to NP next year. Turns out that he is going to continue studying medicine in Indon and will only be coming back in 6 years time, which is like the same if I also go to Aussie... -.-"...No fun...Then I told him that I didn't know whether I should go to Aussie for Vet Science and I might be staying in S'pore and he was like "Why the sudden change of mind? NP too good ar?" Hahas. Then he told me that the decision is up to me and the only thing he can advise me is to make a decision, stick to it and don't look back cause looking back will only result in more complications. I think he should become a counselor...HAHAS!

Then Hans went back first so me and Tata shopped around for Hans present. (His birthday is on Monday) And we couldn't find anything! I only remember that he asked for soccer shoes...So expensive LAH! He wants Adidas shoes somemore. KNS...Then we went to take some neoprints, then we ate at Cafe Cartel. The food there is really nice!!!!! I love Cafe Cartel LAH! Then we went to collect our iPods from the stall that is helping people decorate their electronic gadgets by sticking those stickers on them. And my iPod looks GREAT! The scratches are less visible and the outer layer looks really nice. OH! And I went to buy a bag from Ink, so did Talisa. HAHAS...We ended up buying things for ourselves instead of for Hans...So yeah...


-Pool- (Kangwei, Hans & Tata)

WHOOTS! Kangwei da "pro".

Kangwei...Taking aim and it goes in!

The real pro. Mr. HANS!

Tata vs. Hans...Who won? Hans lah...

-ITEMS!- iPod with sticker and casing...
iPod with sticker, without casing. The front is the same, I did the design on the back only.
New bag and some stuff Tata got from Aussie
1 perfume, 1 koala toy, 2 shot glasses...From AUSSIE!

Talisa got me some stuff from Aussie like the bubble gum (pink round thing on the bag), and the items in the picture above. Oh...The black bag with the pink ribbon was used to store the bag that I bought, so it's actually like 2 bags. HAHA...I love my iPod even more!! And the tote bag can easily store every single thing I need in it...Cool...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:13 AM;

[-Thursday, May 04, 2006-]

Listening- Bu Yao Wang Le Wo (Don't Forget me), Wilber Pan
Location- Office

Am at the office right now, cause my mum asked me to come and help her print cheques for creditors...

Hmmm...My dad sent me to school this morning, and it was about 7.00 when I was near the school so I went for breakfast with my Dad before going to school. Then when I was sitting there waiting for Faizah to come, guess what?! I saw someone from my primary school...She looks so pretty!! I like! Cause her face looks pretty slappable to ME! KNN! Stare what stare, from Life sciences BIG FUCK AR?! (Ey, I only say her hor, not all life science students...)KNN...Give me snobbish face for what? YOURS TRULY MAY NOT BE THAT SMART, BUT, WTF, SO SNOBBY, SO NICE TO SLAP LAH...I ALSO DON'T LIKE YOU LAH!

Then when Faizah came, we went to change at the toilet in the Sports Complex with Faizah, and then went to sit where the softballers were seated. Saw some people from my CATS class there. Then we had some "ice breaking" session which was like half ice breaking and half training. We were put into 2 rows to throw the softball for each other to catch and while doing so, we were supposed to communicate with the other person...Then we were put into teams and my team has 2 people that is in the same CATS class as me. Remember the guy that I said reminded me of Kangwei? Yeah, he is in my softball team and he is Captain...Then the other one is a girl, and I forgot her name (typical of me)...And then I got saboed as team Manager...kns...hahas...But quite fun...Softball is so MUDDY LAH! No wonder he asked us to bring extra shoes to change...kns, when we finished S&W, my sports shoes turned from silver to BROWN LAH!

Then we had CATS, and I went with the girl in my softball team. So yeah, we were almost marked absent cause we reached there about 13 minutes after the lesson started. And we will be marked absent if we were 15 minutes late. Then in CATS, that softball captain kept acting/talking like a GAY! Freaking funny. Turns out he was imitating one of his lecturers. OH...And Ade is also in my CATS class...Same group somemore! HAHAS...At least got someone to talk to me. Then the other guy in my group that was not there last week, just came out from army...Hahas...And we are given a project to hand in on week 6...KNS!...Then met Faizah, Ivy, Jason and Brandon for lunch before coming to the office...

Okay there are alot of kns in this post. Here is one more...The place that we practice softball, is DAMN FAR from the campus, have to cross on bloody long overhead bridge...KNS!...HAHAHAs...Yes, I am mad...

-Logged off-

OH YAH! Meeting HANS AND TATA tomorrow! WHOOTS! HAHAS...I am "siao"...Pictures tomorrow, I promise!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:56 PM;

Listening- Yes 93.3fm
Location- My room

Lessons were alright today, and I am getting to like school more and more!! Now I don't feel like going all the way to Aussie anymore...0.0...Hahas...I am still trying to make up my mind...

Lessons were like so fun. First the sketching class. It was like so -.-" can?! We were supposed to sketch out our handphones and I still think that mine is the most horrendous in class. LOOK SO CARTOON LAH! Then we had to come up with 10 ideas of different handphones that we think teenagers will like. And you know what I came up with?! I came up with one that was like a watch with wireless Bluetooth earpiece and another one was inspired by compact powder case...So lame right.

Then we had the most boring lesson in the whole course, MDA!!!! *clap clap clap*...We were shown 2 videos about materials and their applications. The first one was so boring that half the class fell asleep, I zoned out like a few times too...Then the second one had me laughing till my cheeks hurt. The person that was talking in the video keeps poking his own chin with his pen, then when he says -at or and- he sound so freaking ENTHU LAH! Damn funny. Then it does not help that people like Alex and Angus are like making fun of him.

During the one hour break, we talked about drama series, then about movies then about horror movies (The exorcist, Shutter...) and it was like a movie marathon can?! HAHAS...Then we had the practical for manufacturing processes...Which is like DnT practical. And the turning he asked us to do? BENNY NG asked us to do before LIAO! HAHAS...But a bit different. Then the guy was like a bit slow in teaching and we were like the last group in our class to leave. Then took bus back with Angus cause he also taking 74, but halfway only, so the first half was funny and the second half was very boring...He reminds me of HANS lah! The things he says are like what Hans would loh...

YEAH!! Going out with Tata and Hans on Friday!! CAN'T WAIT! -How many times have I said this...- Then I will be having Sports and Wellness and CATS tomorrow...zzzz...Don't feel like going...SO SIAN...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:50 AM;

[-Tuesday, May 02, 2006-]

Listening- Jian Jian Dan Dan, JJ Lin
Location- Home, Living Room...
Talking- Kelson ONG...tooopid guy...

HAHA! I just found out that my wireless connection can reach the first floor of my house...HEH! GOOD!

I REALLY REALLY HAVE TO THANK ANGUS AND ADE!!! If not for them, my beloved Sony notebook might have been lost for good. Its like the last lesson for the day and the lecturer brought us down to the studio to study how it looks like so that we can like plan a layout for the class.And while I was busy walking around sketching and everything, I left my notebook on one of the tables, along with the others. And I am so pro, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT when I left and I am lucky that I went to the toilet then to fill my water bottle before leaving otherwise I might have already reached the main gate when Angus called me...Must find one day and treat them to lunch..HAHAS!!

Then the bus journey also sucks like hell...First of all SOO MANY people takes bus 74 and today was the worst so far...Then when I went to the second level of the bus in hope for a seat, I suay suay decided to seat beside this lady, and she has some stuff with her that can be easily put on her lap and when I was asking her if I can seat here she looked like super buay song loh! Then she took her things to put on her lap and let me squeeze to the inside seat...Like she cannot just move her ass like that. I know lah, she let me seat there is doing me a favor, but DUH! SO irritating. Then when I was taking a cab back from Bowen Sec, guess what I SAW?Like super disgusting can?! There was this old lady in her 60s I think, and she was squatting at the side of the road where the drain is on the pedestrian walkway, and her BARE ASS was facing the road lah! KNN, later I get sore eyes...But really loh, I have no idea whether she is shiting or urinating lah, but still...I know I know, I am being abit mean, maybe she is suffering from some illness...But still...eeyuer...

And now, I am home waiting for my brother to da bao my food back and he says he will be back at about 7...-.-"...I might as well make sandwich lah! KNS...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:17 PM;

Listening-Beatbox Freestyle, Rien
Location- NP, Canteen 4...The food is...

HAHA! I am addicted to this beatbox video lah!! (Refer to above)...SO nice...HAHA...Okay, I am addicted to the way that they can make those sounds just by using their mouths..SUPER JEALOUS can?!!!

Got our first project, and I am partnered with James...-.-"...But he is okay and kinda reminds me of someone in my sec school, can't really tell who, but his personailty is like that yeah...The project is on History of some dead designers...Yeah that is what History is about...

I am oh so bored and sketching class will be starting in about 35 minutes...I hope that he will teach us some sketching skills, cause I am really in need of teaching in the sketching department...zzzzz...

Jason asked me to go to TP on Friday with him to see Dharni, Rien and some of his beatboxing friends perform, but then I am going out with Tata and Hans LAH! Choose wrong date to ask me go TP can?! Can he choose a better date? HAHAS...But its a-okay...I think I will be oh-so-extra there, cause I am the only one with almost ZERO knowledge of beatboxing...Heh...

I have nothing to blog about and I am very very very bored...Guess I will go search for more beatbox videos...I am oh-so-addicted to it LAH!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:18 PM;

[-Monday, May 01, 2006-]

Listening- How Are You, Wilber Pan
Location- My Room

Been looking through some photos that I took during the Sec 3 and 4 days. How I miss them so. I even miss Mrs Ng and her mood swings, Mr Loo and his oh-so-boring Maths lesson and Mr.Benny Ng with his teaching in a language that consists of Hokkien, English and Chinese...Now, my Engineering Maths lecturer is pretty alright, but the tutor is...Then the lecturers for Manufacturing Processes(MP), MDA and VTDS speak in almost perfect English with the exception of the MDA lecturer. I am so bloody not used to taking DnT in English, cause Benny Ng always speaks in his language (refer to above) and everyone understands him. HA...Then Mrs Aziz (did I get the spelling right?) and her sacarsm...And Ms.Lum with her slang. Mdm Tan with her nagging at my chinese spelling 0.0", and even the boring boring classes taught by Mrs Ho and Mrs Lee...Actually, I don't miss them(Ho and Lee), I miss the things that me, Ting, Bob and Hans use those periods for, like joking, crapping, singing (Hans and Ting) and copying from Bob...Heh...

Then now about my friends. Ting with her w'laos and her perfect chinese, Talisa with her Then hows and really ars...Hans with his oh-so-lame jokes and his singing, Bob with (hmmm, lets think) all his soccer games and his funny hairstyle...Jeez... Sharing of popcorn and drinks in the movie theater with Elaine, Hans and Bob...Darn

Then now, Ting is in MI, Talisa will be in SIM soon!! WHOOTS! Just next to my campus, Hans is APMI at Tanjiong Pagar which is also pretty near and the furthest, Bob in Indonesia...I think that I might still be alright with Hans and Talisa cause of the location of their schools, about Ting, we will have to see, and lastly that idiotic Bob that FORGOT to enrol for NP, I think its most likely that we will drift apart...Damn...

Now, its all alright when I am still in NP...Then what about if I leave in Jan/Feb next year? I won't be able to meet up with them, I won't be able to see them face to face other than with the help of webcams and mics, I will be the furthest away from them. This sucks. And to think I have to cope with this for about 6 years. But I will still come back during vacations, otherwise, I will most probably die from homesickness there.

Lets take a look at the old days...(No captions though)

Darn, how I miss them...

-Logged Off-


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