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[-Tuesday, November 29, 2005-]

Listening- Ghost of You and Me, BBMak

Has fallen in this song all over again...been playing it over and over again on my computer and hi-fi set...lolz...dunno why, but I really really like this sounds so meaningful and sad...lolz...well, the tone/music might not be that sad lah...but still...oh nevermind...lolz

Hmmm...I have gotten over him already...and it is quite an achievement ok...lolz...I have stopped thinking of him, and right now, there are no more feelings left for him...he is no longer part of my life anymore, unless he still wanna be friends, which, I don't mind...but the thing is, I don't like him anymore than I like Ting, Talisa and Eileen right now...but even though I am sure of these thoughts right now, I don't know what will happen when I see him outside, but since he will not be here from the end of nov (or so he says) to goodness knows when, I won't see him on the streets, so I am quite safe, for now...lolz...ok ok...shall stop ranting 'bout this...lolz

Hmmm...Mum is finally relenting on how I want to dye my hair...lolz...I got a lot (I mean alot for my age) of white hair, and when she sees it she goes " alot of white hair leh...I xin tong (heartache)ar..." lolz...and I go "Then let me dye hair lah! Then no more white hair liaoz..." and she will say "see first"...lolz

Things I wanna, but have yet to do before christmas:
1)Dye hair.
2)Get my contact lenses.
3)Get manicure (lolz...with Ting and Talisa)
4)Get a new bag for next year.
5)Go to Gold Coast, Australia (Most prob going during Dec, but no promises)
6)Go to "The Cliff" resturant at Sentosa for dinner on Christmas Day...lolz
7)Get a new dog...HUSKY!!!! A Golden Retriever also can...lolz
8)Read a new book, that is interesting enough to keep me reading it without stopping...
9)Get some makeup essentials, which I happen to borrow from mum all the time...
10)Pester mum to let me makeover my room...(not gonna happen)

Things I have yet to do before release of results next year:
1)Go on overseas trip with friends ONLY...
2)Change the passport photo (It sucks)
3)Get a computer notebook...(Go NP...lolz...must have...)
4)Repair my watch...(strap separated into 2)
5)Get a job!!! (from Jan to April)

Thats all!! lolz..oh more...lose weight...hee...

Hmmm...I sound like some dumb idiot...lolz...byes~!


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Listening- Ghost Of You And Me, BBMak
Talking- Ting

Haven't updated for some time, reason is simply cause there is nothing for me to update, or in other words, nothing that I can update...

Looking for a job to last me through my hols...but still haven't found one...enquired for vaccanies at "Pet Lovers Centre" for Pet Sales Assistant and "Famous Amos" but so far, no reply yet...have to call a lady on her phone to enquire for a job at Famous Amos...Anyone wanna employ me?!! lolz

Got a haircut very happy with it...cause the stylist was good...she has great cutting and styling skills but the thing is, I cannot style my hair like she did on the day I got my hair cut...she managed to get my hair to be quite straight...but then now, at home, I cannot get that effect at all...arrgh!! now, I am thinking of rebonding as my hair a bit curly by nature...but if I rebond, I am afraid that my face will look even fatter...bleahx..I sound like some vain freak...lolz...

Hmmm...guess thats all bahz...ciaoz


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[-Saturday, November 26, 2005-]

Listening- Mei Li Shen Hua (Endless Love), Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon
Talking- Jing Yan, Ting Ting

Heh heh!!! I am officially 16...wahaha....after waiting for this day for so freaking long...heh...went out with Ting Ting and Talisa today...lolz...put on light hint of make up (0.0)...lolz...I know I know, I have never worn any make up at all, cause I am such a tomboy right?!! one has ever seen me with make up on except Ting, Talisa, Xuan'er, Rick, Mandy, Shane, Brendan...thats all...I think...oh yar...and my family members lah...

Today was fun...met Ting and Talisa at City Hall and went to book the tickets for the Harry Potter show due in the afternoon...then went to play 2 rounds of pool before heading down to Kenny Rogers to have our lunch...oh yeah...the food at Kenny's is getting worse...the Kenny Quarters, even when I asked for drumstick, was quite dry...the mash potato is alright though...but then corn and muffin...urrgh...gross...the original muffin was so nice loh..but they change and now it has some chocolate in it...and its so not nice...and the corn, now become the regular cup corn...-.-"...haiz...damn dissapointed...but still, it can fill our tummies...lolz...then went to look for Eileen, who is working at Suntec...talked for a while then headed back to Marina Square to watch Harry Potter...the show was's very nice if you didn't read the book and just want to know the story...but then its dissapointing if you had read the book cause some interesting parts got cut off totally...haiz...was supposed to meet Bobby to play pool after that...but then he say town too far...and tell me to inform him again when i confirm...and since Ting say play at Cineleisue, I told him and he say "c 1st"...and since I did not want to be dissapointed if he doesn't turn up, I told him to forget it, and no need to meet le...heh...lolz...weird huh...

In the end, we went straight down to meet Mandy at Marina Bay, cause we were going there to eat steamboat...lolz...then while waiting, Talisa got molested and tortured by us...lolz...Mandy was late...but then its okay...lolz...when Rick, Xuan'er and Brendan turned up, Mandy also reached, so me, ting, talisa took cab down to Zhen Fa Huo Hai Xian (Zhen Fa Live Seafood) with Mandy cos she said she lonbang us...then Xuan'er they all took bus down...When we were almost done, Shane also came down, but Talisa had to leave sad...then after dinner, went to play pool...Winner in, Loser out...and thus...Rick kept he played twice with each person in the group (6 ppl) and no one won him at all!!! -.-"...that is what I call pro...and I thought that Hans, Isaac and Jerrold were pros...lolz...

Hmmm...then my parents came and fetch me home...heh...that will end my post for today...=D...

P.S: thanks for teh presents ppl...=D...really like them alot...oh yeah...Thanks for celebrating my b'dae with me too...really enjoyed my day today...had loadsa fun...=D...Thanks peeps!


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[-Friday, November 25, 2005-]

Listening- Wang Qing Shui (Love Eraser -drink-, Andy Lau
Talking- Ting, Hans, Talisa

After all those things, it's back to square the end...all that I wished and hoped for, still end up empty...heh...I guess I should just tune off for a while... till all this is over...or else...i will just end up even worse then now/before...

Not gonna write down any details...none at all...cause, I don't want to read my blog next time, and remember what happened today again...I wanna forget all about it...the best thing for me to do now, is to enjoy myself tomorrow, find a job, work for 3 months, go back school then collect my results, and then I will not think of him again...I just hope that I won't breakdown again right now...

Cried a bit this afternoon after hearing the news from 2 people...yeah...I cried...wadever...but then after that, fell asleep for 2 hours...guess I was just too tired from all those times that I had to guess what he is thinking and make myself depressed from thinking about him...right now, I don't have to do anything anymore, cause I am in no position to...I don't know if I should be happy or sad, cause it should be a relief for me to know what he finally has on his mind...but somehow, I will still feel sad, and I am sure you would too, if you were in my shoes...and no, his choice does not involve me in anyway, and never would, not in the past, not now, and certainly will never happen in the future...

I love my house...I can easily climb onto the roof, and just sit there when I want to be by myself...-gonna go out with Ting and Talisa tmr to celebrate my b'dae...gonna watch Harry Potter, then go sing Kbox, yes I know singing again...then play pool (most prob at Marina Square)...then maybe just hang around before heading down to eat steamboat at Marina South...-

If it was in the past, I would have lied to myself, and think that maybe they are planning a surprise or something...but I know they aren't and I think I should really stop lying to myself already...cause the last time I lied to myself, I don't know how I did it, but I managed to make myself blind, till the day the truth came out and I was angry and hurt even more right now, I will not give myself any false hopes, face reality and just stop thinking about guys altogether...

I don't even feel angry at all...cause I know that all this while, it was me and only me that thought that he liked me...well..yeah, say I am bhb, I don't care right now...I was just lying to myself all this while, I should really stop this really bad habit of mine...haiz...guess thats all...will blog again tmr...


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[-Thursday, November 24, 2005-]

Listening- Qi Li Xiang (Orange Jasmine...I think...), Jay Chou
Feeling- HAPPY!!!!! Excited!!! Stress-free!!!! wahahahaha...lolz

Hee...I am mad right now...lolz...hmmm...The Os are finally over!!! =D...I am so happy!!!didn't update these two days cause I was busy celebrating the end of the O levels...I know that most of the Sec 4E/5N people are very happy right now...yesterday was the last paper...then after that, went to Ting's place to change before heading out the Tampines mall...

Was supposed to go play pool with hans and gang at Paya Lebar, but alot of then complained that it's too far, so ended up at Pavillion...Ting didn't want to play at Pavillion...but I really wanted to, cause it was just about the last time that I can hang out with this group of people and Talisa had to practically beg her not to leave...=D...yeah...then when playing pool, I got trahsed by almost everyone there...hmmm...or should I just say that I lost each game that I played...lolz...

Then...after that...the whole group of the MAPAJA went off and did not pay at all...great right?!! arrgh...the 3 of us (the gals) were so angry with those people loh...wanna play then never pay up...bleahx...but some paid about $2 to hans before they left, so those were okay...but the rest!! ARRGH...kill them...lolz....

Hmmm...went back to school today to collect the leaving cert and testimonials...and was really enjoying the whole thing till some BITCHES pissed me off...yeah lah...I talk to him liao what?! must take photo issit?! Fuck off bitch...oh yeah..and if you do dare to put it on the net...i think you no need to go get your results next year...and I freaking mean it...piss me off...assholes...yeah well..other then that, the day when pretty well bahz...went to sing at KBox with Ting and Talisa after getting our stuff from school...oh's my dad's b'dae!!!! Happy Birthday daddy!!!! (I know he dun read my blog..but...who cares?!)

Mum dun allow me to do anything to my hair!!!! ARRGH!!! Not even cut dye and no rebond (will harm my hair, then later spoil...-.-") and can't cut it cause the last time I had it cut, it became shoulder length when it was way past my she wants me to let it grow..but I am gonna get split ends already!!! Must trim!!! lolz...

hmmm...thats all...oh yeah! My b'dae this friday hor!!! must wish me happy b'dae okay!!!??? lolz...ciaoz!


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[-Tuesday, November 22, 2005-]

Listening- Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney
Stress Level- 4/10

Gonna have the Design and Technology(DnT) paper today...hopefully I will be able to do well bah...didn't actually sutdy for it except to go to the Design and Techonolgy site that I linked to at the "Links" a pretty good site, and has almost everything you need for DnT in it...but I think that it would be better to study the notes that Mr Ng gave last time or those "Longman" guide books...

Hmmm...gonna have the paper in about 2 hours gunbound...lolz... went out with Ting on Friday but didn't go out with Talisa on Saturday cause my mum did not allow me to go...she told me to stay home and study...-.-"...and then the class bbq is currently becoming a friends gathering...lolz...cause not alot of our class people are going, and those that are confirmed are Ting Ting, Talisa, Hans, Bobby, Meng Cheng, Eileen and me...then Hans will be bringing his group MAPAJA (sound like terrorists hor?) consisting of Kim Swee, Muhaimin, Hafeez, Shameel, Kah Wei and some others whom I have forgotten along...and Ting has asked Xuan, Mandy and Rick to go along as well...

Went out with Ting on Friday and in the end, we did not watch Harry Potter, but lamed around at Plaza Singapura and Cineleisure till Rick, Mandy and Xuan came and meet us at Orchard Party World...had some fun there...they are nice people, very friendly....lolz...then after that, took train to Bedok, Xuan's house, and had dinner at this Japanese resturant, called Sumo House...hmmm...nothing much after that I think...can't remember the details...oh yeah...Ting got thrashed by Rick and Xuan when we played pool, and I got trashed by Ting and Rick...-.-"...those pros...lolz

Hmmm...bought the item that Hans asked me to buy, and he is damn lucky somemore...there was only 1 left in the outlet at heartland mall, and Changi Airport and Tampines Mall was sold out...I managed to get the last one for him...luckily...but mum was not happy, and I got a lecture...darn...

guess thats all bahz...


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[-Friday, November 18, 2005-]

Listening- Nobody's Home, Avril Lavinge
Talking- Talisa, Ting

Today was the POA paper 1, pretty easy I guessed, only did not know how to do 3 questions...the Geography paper yesterday was also quite easy compared to Miss. Lum's prelim paper...but the POA paper 2 was quite hard..not confident of socring, but hope that I can long as I pass, I am happy...

Arrgh...something is wrong with my MSN!! I can't log in...dunno whats wrong with it also...its about one more month till christmas and the christmas decorations are already up!? So fast...aiyo, why the shopping centres all so enthu?! But I also abit too rush...or maybe its cause I have nothing better to do...I have decided on most the presents to buy for my friends...but for some people, I still cannot decide what to get...esp those guys...lolz...

Hmmm...left 2 more papers to the end of the O levels...I was so dreading the Os ealier this year, and it has passed in the blink of an eye...just 2 more papers, DnT and Science Paper 1...I think I will spend more time on my Science this time rouch, cause, not I bhb(translation: arrogant) but then I am quite confident of scoring for DnT, cause we have been doing it the whole to this year, and even if you have no idea what to do at the beginning, by now, you should have gotten a good grasp on the basics...and that is what the O levels papers test you on...yeah, so, I don't think I will study much for DnT...

I am already acting like I have no more papers...lolz...going out tomorrow with ting, and then on Saturday with talisa...arrgh...their schedules clash, then cannot meet on the same day...lolz...oh well...guess thats all...


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[-Wednesday, November 16, 2005-]

Listening- The one I am waiting for, Relient K
Talking- Talisa
Stress Level- 5/10
Depression Level- 3/10

Am feeling much better than I was earlier today...not that depressed anymore, but still cannot focus totally...hmmm...but having this blog has been a great help...even though I do not write down any reflections of the day here, it consists of my memories, my joy, my anger, and my sadness all in one site...

Its good to have a blog, cause in that way, I do not have to tell every single one of my friends why I am feeling down or angry, cause I can just tell them to read my blog, instead of going through each detail over and over again...what's more is that, this online diary will forever be avaliable at the tips of my fingers unless I delete it, and I can easily scan through what I have been through in the past, and can reflect on the changes that have happened to me when I grow older and become more mature next time...

Tomorrow is the elective geography paper, and POA (Principle of Accounts) paper 2...I cannot mess up for these two papers, but neither am I in the mood to mug right now...I think I will mug later on, cause sometimes, the night calms me down and I am able to adsorb information more readily...

Oh well...I don't wanna talk about the Os anymore, dun wanna have to think so much about it anymore, and I am sure alot of you are tired with all those rants on "the paper so difficult!!! blah blah blah" yeah, so lets talk about something else...

Hmmmmm...gonna do something to change my image after the Os...gonna dye my hair dark brown, with maybe gold/ash or light browns and reds streaks...think its gonna look okay...I hope...lolz, I have bad colour sense...wadever...and change my hairstyle...not in the perm and rebond way, but just cut it into another style...and I am also gonna get some contact lenses...both colour (most prob greenish blue kinda colours)and without colour...heh heh...and yeah, so I just hope that I will look better after the changes...hmmm...anyone thinks I should let my hair remain black?

Well...the hair has gotta be done before my b'dae, so I think I would get it done on either the 24th or the 23rd...but the 23rd is my dad's b'dae...oh well, then I think the 24th would be the best date...gonna go with Ting if she wanna go also and Talisa, cause Talisa is gonna get her hair done...Ting may find it a tad boring cause I doubt if she will get her hair done, other than just cutting it into another style...

hmmm...guess thats all..and dun worry, I will take loads of pictures of me and my friends before and after our "makeover" and place them up here...=D


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Listening- Same old brand new you, A1
Talking- Ting Ting
Stress level- 7/10
Depression level- 8/10

ARRGH! nothing is going into my brian despite me reading the same paragraph over and over again...haiz...I should not have thought of him at this kinda time, there is a time for everything, and now is not the time for me to think of him and all those memories, but for me to concentrate on my O levels...I cannot focus at all...I can't even remember facts properly...haiz...I really hope that I can do okay for the rest of my papers...I dun really care about POA that much cause it's not one of the subjects that I wanna use, but still, if I do well for it, it may help to pull up my marks...But I just cannot concentrate...even listening to music while studying (which usually helps) does no good at all...

Oh greeat...he is going back around the 25th le loh...he bloody well know that I am gonna ask him and a whole lot of people to celebrate with me lah ok (my b'dae and cmc b'dae clash, so maybe celebrate together then should have many people go bah)...fine loh...he wanna do till like that I also nothing to say...(someone get me a gun for birthday present...and then shoot me in the head with it please)...I wun go and beg him that I know he is going back on the 25th, I will atill ask him to go out on that day also...but I doubt that he will go lah...arrgh...and Hans also wun be there (going back on the 24th)...sianz...those people pang seh me on my b'dae...greeat b'dae present ever man...then Kangwei going to Japan for about 1 month, and leaving on the 28th...hmmm...ask him, kelson and eileen see whether they wanna go and celebrate with me, Ting and talisa... all the more i cannot concentrate loh...arrgh...dun wanna study le lah...I GIVE UP!!...I only wanted you to celebrate my birthday with me including a whole lot of other people...what's so hard about that?! Even if you are ignoring me totally also no need to do till like that one loh...what's the matter with you!? Or maybe its just me, cause you seem to only be treating me this still laugh and talk to your other friends, you still can play soccer with you are willing to talk to every other bloody person except me?!

EY, what the fuck did I do wrong?! Tell me that I can die happy lah...What's wrong with me...can't you just be my friend? Others wanna talk also their problem wad?! Can you stop them not? Even Hans still say about us are such a bloody coward lah...just hiding into your shell and not coming out to face reality...whats' wrong with me?! Fat people not pei to be your friend issit?! Ugly people like me have no right to like others issit?! Everytime I like one bloody person this kinda thing must happen!? Why leh?! I also dunno lah...I dunno why I am born into this world also lah...You will just become another -him- lah okay...I am sick and tired of this thing...this bloody cycle repeating itself all the time! I hate my life lah...if I do not have a phobia of pain, life would be so bloody much easier for me...

The more I think of it...I also dunno what kinda feelings engulfs me right now...I feel sad, angry, depress all at once!!!But most of all, I am scared...I am still scared to lose you right now...I am freaking tired of this thing already loh...if you dun wanna be my friend anymore then TELL ME!...Just tell me and I will just go away dun have to look for a better time, cause there is no better time then the present...I dun care even if you tell me in the middle of this fucking Os that is making me so stress...wad's so difficult of saying those 7 words "I dun wanna be your friend anymore?" I tell you...just tell me you dun want to be friends anymore...thats all it takes for me to leave your life...Dun make me hate you...seriously, cause it will not do any good to either you or me...

I wanna forget you, I wanna forget everything that happened between us, I wanna forget each bloody memory that still goes through my mind almost each bloody minute...I wanna forget everything, I wanna go back to when I was in primary 6, life was so much easier then...


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[-Sunday, November 13, 2005-]

Listening- Dong Jie (Loosely translated into freeze), JJ Lin
Stress level-4/10
Talking- Talisa, Kangwei...
Depression level- 7/10
Sad level- 8/10
Going crazy- 20% more... was a good day...but only the till 30 minutes before...haiz...

Went out with mum, dad and grandma for lunch this afternoon when my mum came to pick me up at white sands...saw Hans at the Thunder Bird shop in white sands...lolz...was talking to my friend that works then when I heard "ey Ying xuan wad you doing here?" and I immediately recognised that the voice belongs to lame around abit with him...that idiot...lolz...kept disturbing me about him (guy of the last post) again...dumbass...then when I looking at the guys clothes and seeing which one to buy for christmas presents...he was like "you wanna buy for yourself say need to say buy for other ppl one" -.-"...idiot...then when I told him was for christmas present he said "you siao ar? where got ppl buy clothes for christmas present one?!" -.-"...lolz...that funny ass...and before he went off, tell me to go check for him the price of the giant size soft toy in mini toons is how much...always disturb me still can tell me to see the price for him...he win liao sia...lolz...

yeah, so went for lunch with my family...then went to grandma house to watch 'The Maid" so i practically dod not study today except for the lesson with ms.lum this morn...

hmmm...dunno wad to update le...ciaoz!


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[-Saturday, November 12, 2005-]

Listening- Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx

Sorry guys...lame post coming up, would suggest you dun read...

BUT if you insist...

-You used to be the person whom I did not even know existed...
-You were the one, whom I met after an outing with a pal...
-You are the one, who makes me laugh my head off even when I am sad...
-You were the one and only person whom I would laugh with even when I saw -him-...
-You were the one that comforted me when I was sad...
-You were the one that I could talk to on the phone non-stop for hours on end...
-You were the one that I would think of first hand when shopping for friends overseas...
-You were the one that spoke to me on the phone for 1 hour before my fight was due...
-You were the one that I collected notes for when you are absent...
-You used to be the one that I can tell everything to...
-You are the one that was absent during the collection of results, and I volunteered to collect the results for...
-You were the one that I was pissed off when you did not turn up when you said you would...
-You were the one that would be late for at least 1/2 hour each and everytime we went out in a group...
-You were the one that I sat next to when taking the MRT home for more than 4 times...
-You were the only one whom comments made on my folio that I took seriously...
-You were the only one there to accompany me and talk when doing the project this year...
-You were the one that I would watch play soccer with your friends after doing the project each time...
-You were the one that I would think of when I have problems to share...
-You are still the one that I miss at night sometimes...
-You were the only one to help me to do my project even though you were busy with yours...
-You were the one that I would go and stand next to and talk when doing the project...
-You are the only one whom's POA tips that I could remember properly...
-You were the one that kept teasing me and I did not get mad at...
-You were the one that gave me more nicknames than others could...
-You were the one whom nicknames would not set me on the warpath...
-You were the hardworking one while I was the playful one...
-You were the only person that I sang a duet with...and I still remember the date, time, song and the number of times it was played...
-You were the only one that could bring out the competitiveness in me...
-You were the one that I sat beside in the cinema most of the times...
-You were the one that I would share my drink with when watching a movie...
-You were the one that that I cared about more than anything else...
-You are the one and only that made me think that someone actually cares...
-You were the one whom I would go play pool with but still be happy to just watch...
-You were the person who does not understand any hints that I dropped...
-You were the one that I really really fell head over heels for...
-You are still the one that I am crazy about...
-You are the one whom I thought liked me, but end up ignoring me...
-You were the one that people always made rumors about, of me and you...
-You were the one that I was worried about when you looked tired and depressed...
-You were and still is the gentleman that I know...
-You were the one that I could push away time spent with my mum so that I could be with you...
-You were the one and only person that I could sit patiently and quietly beside when you were busy doing stuff...
-You were the only one that I always waited for to walk to the interchange with after each time we did the project, no matter how long I would wait...
-You were the one that I would hold the folio for and wait while you stayed and tidied up in the toilet...
-You were the one, whom I had so many memories with, be it happy, sad or angry...
-You were the only one that had the same name with something that was mine...
-You were the one that I would be afriad of, for fear of you leaving me...
-You were the one that I would watch my words when I said something, for fear of making you case you left me...
-You were the one that would order a home delivery from Mac, that can cost up to $10...
-You were the one that used my phone to take photos of the other 2 acting as a couple...
-You were the one that made my hp oily cause you used it after having pizza and before cleaning your hands properly...
-You were the only one that did not comment on what I wear...
-You were the only person that could make me walk all the way to the back of the MRT when it wasn't convenient for me to...
-You were the one whom I waited hopefully to take the train with and you found out...but i denied it...and we still took the train back...together...
-You were the one that made me think soccer was interesting...
-You were the one that I was concerned about but would never show it when you fell or your old injury came back during a game...
-You were the one that acted to be jealous (or maybe you were) when I said "ouch" when someone's nose bleeded due to the soccer ball flying into his face...
-You were the one that said " for him never buy for me!" when I bought drinks for my other friend...
-You were the one whom I would remember where I placed your shirt, while I mixed up the others...
-You were the one whom I would talk about to my friends...the way you made me laugh, made me cry and made me angry...
-I was the one dissapointed when you could not make it to Party World with us...
-You were the one that had the same views with...
-You were the one that almost walked into the girls toilet while talking to me...
-You were the one that I would buy things or treat you to lunch for without complaining...
-You are the one whom I owe a Tony Roma's dinner...
-You were the one that I argued with about who was the one that is supposed to treat Tony Roma's...
-You were the one I gave in to, just beacause I wanted to...
-You were the one that left me alone when I was angry and talked to me after I cooled down...
-You were the one that tried to get a smile out of me when I was angry or sad...
-You were the only one that could have a cold war with me and I would not get angry with but only sad...

You were all these and more...the list goes on...I would be writing till midnight if I continued...

But now, the cold war has not yet ended...and when it ends...all of this will not just be a memory...

If YOU ever read this, then I just hope that things will be better, or at least, not get worse that it is now...

(told you guys this post will bore you...)


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:45 PM;

Listening- Be My Baby, Edison Chen Guan Xi
Stress level- 0/10!!! Wow! But only for now...=D
Location- Mum's Office...

HAHA!!! Finished all the maths papers for the O levels!!!! YAY!!!! Lolls...I am ecstatic! HAHA...I would go burn the maths book, but too bad, I may still need to refer to some formulas when I am in Poly...haiz...but the paper was quite tough, for me that is...lost about 25 marks out of 100, hope I dun make too many careless mistakes, or else I would fail...and one question was asking the area of the walls, I was so stupid! I went and add up the walls and the celing and floor too!! Arrgh... how dumb will I get?! Hmm...but overall, I think I did okay bahs...cause I still managed to do most of the questions, although I skipped some parts cause I have no idea how to do, or have no idea what the question wanted...But like I said, I hope I can pass with a B bahs...thats what I am hoping to get...otherwise, a pass would be good enough...

NO MORE PAPERS!!! Till Wednesday lah...lolz...haha...but I have like 5 more papers...2 POA, 1 Geog, Science paper 1, and DnT (My fave subject other than english!)...have to go study for POA this weekend...geog too...but the other two, I dun think I would I much problem...cause DnT should be quite easy, cause the marks for the project takes up 60% and I should only need about 65 marks for the paper to get an A2 or A1...=D...but I shall not get complacent...will still study for DnT...gonna earn marks from those Mechanism questions which I always seem to not be able to do...

Was really unlucky just now! and my big mouth lolz...haha...was haging round white sands with Talisa, and when we were about to leave, asked her if she thinks that Hans they all finished their soccer game, and she said dun think so...lolz...guess what?! When we were coming down the escalator, saw Hans and CO....I have a really suay (unlucky) mouth I tell you...and the both of us panicked! Lolz...she did not want someone in the group to see her, and I didn't want HIM to see was really funny now that I think of it...lolz...and the last time, I said "hmmm, later Hans they all come up, then later the ________ and _______ also come up then we die" when we were having lunch at the library...and they really came up!!! OMG lah...and I pretended that I was reading my book, and turns out i held it upside down..-.-"... Think I shall not mention seeing those people...if not later see them again then panic...lolz

well...have to go read up on Geog...bye for now peeps!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:21 AM;

[-Friday, November 11, 2005-]

Listening- Everywhere, Michelle Branch
Stress Level- 5/10
Mood- Normalistic...

Hmmm...the maths paper 2 is tomorrow and here I am updating my blog...haha...but I am pretty much done with studying, and have also done 2 of the past years' maths paper 2 and managed to finish within the time limit that is 2h 30min...

Sorry for the post yesterday, I am normal today though, yeah, unless someone goes and bring him up again later on...talked about him to Kelson just now, cause Kelson asked me about me and him, and so just told him everything loh...since he is one of the few that will listen to me rant about this kinda problems...hmmm...lets not go near that topic again...

Well, yesterday's English paper was easy enough...=D...I AM SO HAPPY (About the paper only)!!! Think that I will be able to score an least, I hope so...cause the composition was easy, and for the section B, we only needed to write a speech, not a letter, thus all the time trying to cram those blasted formats were wasted...but I am still glad...

Physics was okay, I guess...and Section B was easy, AGAIN! The 20 marks were practically give away if you studied...yeah...but the section A was quite challenging for me due to the problems I have with cramming the formulas into my somewhat tiny brain during exam periods, and one question, which I would have known what to do, I did not know how to do, because I did not recognise it to be a moments question!!! ARRGH...If only I had recognised it, then I would not have done such a stupid thing...darn...

Hmmm...guess thats all for today...have to get back to those maths formulas on volume and surface areas for cylinders, spheres, prisms etc etc...BYE! oh yeah, I forgot to warn you...tmr's post would most probably contain much ranting on how hard the paper 2 is...haha...ciaoz!

Listening- Danger Zone, Gwen Stefani


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:06 PM;

[-Thursday, November 10, 2005-]

Listening- Ghost of You and Me, BBMak
Stress level- 5/10
Depression- 70%

Why does everything have to end like this again? Why issit that you are ignoring me again?! I shall not beg for you to stand by be, I shall not beg for you to be with me, I will not beg for you to continue to be my friend, because, only you can make your own decisions, I cannot change your thinking, I cannot read your mind, what did I do wrong this time round? All I wanted to do was to ask you about the paper, but what did you do? You chose to ignore me totally...I am sick and tired of your attitude and I just want this thing to end right now, but you won't even talk to me, what do you expect me to do? Do you treat me as a toy that you can throw about as you please, and expect me to be nice when you are nice, but then kick me all the way to the other side when you are tired?! Hey...I am also made of flesh and blood...I have feelings too alright?!

People tell me that maybe you just want to concentrate on your O levels and that is why you are ignoring me...hello?! I am having them too! And I do not forget and ignore my friends, I still be there when they need me...what about you? You became a total loner, I am not blaming you for that, but could you not torture me like that?! Some say that maybe the rumors have finally gotten to you, and you do not wish to let those people continue spreading the rumors...a minority of my friends say that maybe you do like me, but don't know what to do with your feelings or are unsure of them, and is ignoring me because of that, and that you also do not wish for my reputation to be affected by these rumors...

BUT, I doubt it...I have enough guy friends and male relatives to know that those reasons that my friends gave do not apply to you and I feel that we will never be the same as the past again, playing pool, hanging out, and taking the train back together...why is it that you have changed so much...I know that people will change, but you have changed much too rapidly for me to get use to...

Thinking of the past, I really feel like crying...but I have sworn never to let my tears drops over guys anymore, no matter who...I am tired and bruised after all this things, and just want to let it all end here...I miss those times that the 4 of us can just hang out together like a group of best friends..haiz

But whats the use of thinking of all those past memories...I can never relive them again...I doubt if I will ever trust a guy again for a loong time(I won't turn lesbian though)...once bitten twice shy, and I have been through this kinda things 3 times in a row... guess that will end my entry for today...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:58 PM;

[-Wednesday, November 09, 2005-]

Listening- Ghost of You And Me, BBMak
Stress level- 3/10

Hmmmm...Had the third paper of this week earlier this morning, 3 down, 9 more to go...I think I did pretty okay for Chem today, considering that I only lost about a max of 15-18 marks out of 65 for the chemistry paper...the paper was pretty easy, and I had never done an easier Chemistry Section B...lolz...the 20 marks for section B were pratically give away questions~! haha...=D

Hmmm...Hai Sing people said that their teacher had said that the Sri Lanka confilct was out of syllabus for Social Studies, which caused most of them to do badly cause one of the easier questions was on the Sri Lankan conflict and the other easy one was on the Downfall of Venice, and I think most of the Hai Sing students studied alot on the chapters on Singapore stuff...but didn't really focus on the other topics bah...haiz...

Stress level is quite low currently, cause tomorrow is the English and Physic papers...and I am pretty confident of scoring for English, and am only afraid of the Physics, but I think I should be able to cope too...if I don't screw up for Physics and Science paper 1, I think I should get at least a B4 for Combined Science...hmmm...

Guess thats all..gotta go revise my physics formulas...arrgh, I hate physics...and then maybe go do 1 english compre...bye!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:54 AM;

Here's the lyrics for the song that is currently playing, I just changed the song...=D...hope you all like it...

!~Ghost of You and Me~!

What am I supposed to do with all these blues
Haunting me everywhere
No matter what i do
Watching the candle flicker out
In the evening glow
I can't let go, when will this night be over

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

Seen a lot of broken hearts go sailing by
Phantom ships, lost at sea
Well one of them is mine
Raising my glass I sing a toast to the midnight sky
I wonder why the stars don't seem to guide me

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

The ghost of you and me
When will it set me free
I hear the voices call
Following footsteps down the hall
Trying to save what's left of my heart and soul

Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow
I can't let go
When will the night be over

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me (Whole para X4)

-> BBMak <-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:47 AM;

[-Monday, November 07, 2005-]

Listening- Like A Rose, A1
Talking- Kangwei

Today was the first two papers...Maths Paper 1 and Social Studies (how many times have i said that?!)...hmmm...was quite prepared after all, and i guess that I did pretty okay for the papers...maths was not that hard, but its only paper 1 and paper 2 will be much harder...haiz...Social studies was okay, I guess...section b questions were quite tough, but are easy to do if you did study...chose the question on the Sri Lanka conflict...the first part was easy, but the second part wasn't...and it was 13 marks for the second part!!!!! Think I will only get about 7/13...bleahx...but the source base will be able to pul me up...I hope...

Tomorrow will be the Chemistry paper...haven't studied for brain has dried always happens after a maths paper...lolz...luckily it did not auto switch off during the SS paper...guess I will study for chem before sleeping tonight...arrgh, i remember things easily when I study before I sleep...

Arrgh! mum just cursed me!!!! Told her I lost about 15 marks and she said that careless mistakes will take hold of 20 marks! So bad!! what kind of mother is this...lolz...haha...oh well... guess that's all I have to report for today...Buhbye!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:22 PM;

Listening- So confused, 2 Play feat Raghav
Stress Level- 5/10
Talking to- Kangwei, Bobby

The first paper is tomorrow!!! The O levels are finally here!!!! Haiz...I am pretty much prepared for tomorrow's paper, but I still need to go look at some Maths formulas that I seem to keep forgetting this week, hope that I can do well...Wish me luck people! I need it...=D...Tomorrow will be the Maths paper in the morning and then the Social Studies paper in the afternoon, so I have some time to look over the Social Studies again, and will be bringing the Longman study guide along incase I forget anything...

Hmm...after Os, gonna get my hair coloured, contact lens and most probably try and lose some fats lah!...Don't Laugh...I mean it okay...or else I will severe all ties with you people lolz...hmmm...the O level is starting tomorrow and I am already talking about what I am gonna do after it...lolz...weird...but most of us are not gonna go for prom, but the class will be having a class chalet from the 22nd to the 24th...tha means we can go straight to the chalet after our Science paper 1...will cost about $15 per person, so those that are considering going, pay up hor!!!! Oh yar...and no outsiders allowed, unless they are also going to pay, otherwise, I have no idea what the class might do lah...

Hmmm...guess thats all right now..well, I shall go look at my maths formulas again...bye peeps!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:00 PM;

[-Sunday, November 06, 2005-]

Listening- The Second Star to the right, Jesse McCartney...
Stress Factor: 7/10
Top 3 Movies to watch: Harry Potter and the Globlet of Fire
Legend of Zorro
Exorcism Of Emily Rose

ARRGH!!! Haiz...just finsh doind one maths paper with help from Ting, Kangwei and Kai Hua...heh heh...asked them on MSN...I am quite confident to score for my Maths...Paper 1 that is..after doing last year's paper once again...hmmm...but I will die if the Social Studies paper ask on the Singapore twin engine thingy...I am quite certain that I can do pretty okay on all the other topics that will come out, except the one on the Bloody Sunday (Catholic and Protestant riots chapter) counting on Maths, Science, English, DnT, Chinese to get me into the Biotechonolgy course in either Singapore Poly or Ngee Ann Poly...

Mum says that if I get results that total up to about 14-15 points, she will get a electronic notebook for me...but acutally, I just want my two dogs back...haiz...I miss Jacko and Angel alot, and I cannot possibly go and visit them cause I dun think their current owners will like it...though I will not complain if she gets me a new dog ((Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky will do heh heh...))...haiz...but I dun think she will want to cause I have had pnuenomia before...and also have childhood asthma...greeat...

Haiz...but if I get the results and she wants to get me a notebook, I think I will consider for the Thinkpad X41(After some discussion with Kangwei) or one of the Compaq designs...but after using the CNet Exact choice ((they generate the perfect choice notebook by my choices in some keys things)) I think I will get the Dell Inspiron 6000 for Home (Pentium M 1.73GHz, 1GB, 80GB)...heh heh...okay...shall stop talking like I am some materialistic girl, cause, actually...I am not!...lolz...

hmmm...guess that's all...have to go study the Sec 3 Social Studies topics le...ciaoz ppl!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:00 AM;

[-Friday, November 04, 2005-]

Listening- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Green Day
Mood- Traumatized

Oh great...I am having my Maths and Social Studies papers on Monday, and I am struggling with the chapter on "Sustaining Singapore's Development in the 21st Century" -Chapter 4-...not the whole chapter, but enough to do me harm...haiz...better go read it again later...Maths is quite okay so far, thanks to help that I had from Ting and my tutor...I am hoping that the paper won't be too difficult, and will be happy enough if it's last year's standard...haiz...gonna go practice more papers tmr and on Sunday...Saturday would be used for Science...

Nothing much happened today, but I have to go for Social Studies lesson with Ms.Lum tomorrow...I wish that it will be in one of the IT or Computer Labs...otherwise, I think I will fry in class...bleahx...been in too much air-con lately...but gonna meet Ting to collect money from her Primary school friends and then for lunch...wonder who's gonna turn up tmr...hmmm...

Well...I think that's gonna be all for today...have to get back to my books...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:18 PM; is the lyrics to the song that is playing in my blog right now...

!~ Almost Here ~!

Did I hear you right
'Cause I thought you said
Let's think it over
You have been my life
And I never planned
Growing old without you

Shadows bleeding through the light
Where a love once shined so bright
Came without a reason

Don't let go on us tonight
Love's not always black and white
Haven't I always loved you

But when I need you
You're almost here
And I know that's
Not enough
But when I'm with you
I'm close to tears
'Cause you're only almost here

I would change the world
If I had a chance
Oh won't you let me
Treat me like a child
Throw your arms around me
Please protect me

Bruised and battered by your words
Dazed and shattered how it hurts
Haven't I always loved you

But when I need you
You're almost here
And I know that's
Not enough
And when I'm with you
I'm close to tears
'Cause you're only almost here

Bruised and battered by your words
Dazed and shattered now it hurts
Haven't I always loved you

But when I need you, you're almost here
(Well I never knew how far behind I'd left you)
And when I hold you, you're almost here
(Well I'm sorry that I took our love for granted)
And now I'm with you, I'm close to tears
'Cause I know I'm almost here
Only almost here

-Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:14 PM;

[-Wednesday, November 02, 2005-]

Listening- I Bruise Easily, Natasha Bedingfield
Feeling- Bored...

Hmm...just finished a round of studying Combined Science, and finished reading two of the new books, namely Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis, so since I have nothing much to do, I decided to go take more quizzes...

he's not necessarily a sweet talker, but he realli
knows how to talk to gurlz. whenever he talks
to u, u'll have a feeling that ur being loved.
even if the sensation's just small, u know that
there's always someone that cares for u~ ^^

why do u like him? (updated with more detailed results)
brought to you by Quizilla

You're the Heavenly Angel. You're a very good and
kind person, most likely religious in some way.
You love to do the right thing and can't find
it in yourself to be mean. Sometimes you are,
but feel badly afterwards. You have many
friends because they all like you and think
you're nice, but you consider many people your


The power to cleanse and heal all wounds and


Knee length flowing white dress, bracelet on right
arm. Long, large feathery Angel wings. Butt
length blue hair with sapphire eyes.

What's Your Inner Angel? 17 diff results! Anime Pics!
brought to you by Quizilla

You're element is fire. You've got a spicy
personality that's never boring. You like to
do things that are out of the ordinary and put
tons of passion into every aspect of your life.
Just don't let your firey temper get the better
of you!

What's your element? (with absolutely BEAUTIFUL pics, tons of results)
brought to you by Quizilla

You are the Painted Warrior, who is an elf that
protects her side when they need her, covered
in not enough armor. You know you don't need a
lot of protection on yourself. You are strong
and you know you'll win. You are protective and
when you see your friends in danger, you don't
hesitate to defend her from the offender. Most
of the time, you use force because you feel
words aren't enough to teach the other guys a
lesson! You believe in war but that does not
mean you are a terrible person! After all, war
has solved the problem of slavery, rascists,
communism, and Naziism, right? Everyone calls
for you, the Painted Warrior when they need
help. You will always be there, you never quit,
you are determined and brave. Giving up is a
great shame for you and that's something you'll
never do!

What do you think about my quiz? Rate 5 and
message, please! And if you don't like it,

Deep inside you, there's a creature trying to get out... What is it??? (Beauitful anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

your Beauty is dont have to go out of
your way to make people like you, they just
do.your kind and caring and others love that
about you

what Beauty do you hold?(with anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmmm...guess that's enough for now...not all are accurate though...=D


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:26 PM;

Listening- The Anthem, Good Charlotte...
Recently Reading- Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver
Mood- Angry...grrr

ARGHH!! I hate it, hate it, hate it! when people compare me with others...I so HATE being compared with others! Why don't anyone just GET THAT?!!!!!! I mean, I AM ME! So why compare me with people that are totally not like me in anyway?!!! I am not studious...I am not thin as a stick...I am not pretty OKAY?! So stop comparing me with other people who gets 7 or 8-9 A1s for their O levels! I AM NOT THEM! I have no wish wadsoever to be like them okay?!...I am not like those people out there that are so pretty and thin and wadever I do not care...I AM ME! Okay?! Accept me for who I am, or you can just go talk to my hand...cause I dun like being compared to others, neither do I like to be forced into being comeone that I am not! I also try to be as real as what I really am...I hate not being myself...

The stress level is already like 6/10 and SOME people just have to go increase it to 9/10...HEY! I need breathing space okay? Some people just have no clue when to stop comparing people...WHY don't you go compare yourself with someone that is far better than you? see if you like it...The pressure built up on me is so great that I CAN'T BREATHE properly STOP comparing me and asking me to do what I do not like...Yeah, I may have been rude to grand-pa earlier on, but why can't he stop comparing me with all those other geniuses out there?!!

I wanna got to a Polytechnic okay? Not a Junior College, I don't care what he thinks, he can go get someone else to be his grand-daughter if he wants someone that will follow his wishes without thinking... I have already shown him my "Black" face and he still does not get it and go on and on and on... I already stopped answering him properly and went on the verge of "mmm, orh, uh" to wadever he says and he still goes on!!! Someone HELP ME OUT! And my dad is not helping either...GRRRRR...It went on till the extent that when the both of them stop for a second, I took out a book and stuffed the earpieces of my iPod into my ears and turned on the music just loud enough so that I will not be able to hear them properly...Hate those people...hate them when they compare me...

That ends my ranting FOR NOW...on a happier note, I bought 3 new books today, yeah, I know I know, I should be hitting the books ((school textbooks that is...)) instead of reading storybooks at this time...but hey! Can't I relax and do something that I enjoy?! Well, anyways, the 3 books are Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis and Charmed & Dangerous by Candace Harvens...

I have started on the first book and I think that it is just as good or better than Michelle Paver's last work that I read, which was Wolf Brother...Both the books are a part of a series, titled Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness...I would urge those that like to read about animals, adventure and suspense to read this book...=D...I shall not spoil the story, so if you wanna read it, it's easily avalible at Pouplar and Kionokuniya bookstores...a little spoiler here, It's about the story of a boy named Torak, who has lost his father, that was killed by some demonic bear, and a wolf cub named Wolf, who lost it's family in a flash flood...and together they had plenty of adventures...oh yeah, they also met a girl named Renn...=D...that's all I am gonna tell you...=P not much anyway...lolz...Yeah so, get both books if you like the sound of "A spellbinding story of fellowship, treachery and self-sacrifice which plunges you into the haunted world of the deep past..." quoted from the author...

Well...guess thats all...shall get back to my book...buaiz!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;5:50 PM;

[-Tuesday, November 01, 2005-]

Listening- To the sound that the air-con is making...lolz
Feeling- BORED!!!!!

Bleahx...just had a "supper" or should I say VERY EARLY breakfast of roti prata that Jason bought as he was hanging out with his friends there...he must not do that again...or I wil become FAT!!! okayy...I AM fat, but dun wanna become fatter now, since I have nth better to do, I decide to go take some quizzes...=D... If you are bore too, then read on...otherwise, I might make you bored with this post...heh heh...

angel of fire
you are the angel of fire. you are passionate about
everything and very daredevilish.

what kind of angel resides in your soul? (awesome pics and lots of results
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a punk.You picked a dress that is very prom
and at the same time, very unique and not
preppy or girly.Yay for you.

What Is Your Ideal Dress? (Pics And Lots Of Results)
brought to you by Quizilla


You have Raven
Positive Traits: Intellectual,
Wise, Experienced, Honest,
Negative Traits: Pompous,
Condescending, Withdrawn, Pessimistic,

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

You heart lies in love. Yeah good luck with that
lasting to long.

Where does you heart lie? (beautiful anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

hmmms...thats just about it...not all is totally accurate...but its just a way to relieve boredom...gonna go slp now...Nights!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:47 PM;

Listening- K ge Zhi Wang ((King of Karaokae)), Eason Chen Yi Xun
Feeling- Pretty much normal...and a bit confused...

Today was the day of the actual Chinese paper...after so many days of ranting and complaining about it, it was over within 4 hours...I think I did quite okay for the papers, and I am just hoping that I will score better than both my last paper and the prelims that just passed...*crosses fingers*

Since today is Halloween a.k.a All Hallow's Eve, I have been thinking about why there are no celebrations in Singapore on this day...hmmm...maybe its too difficult for people to go "trick or treating" around HDB flats, or maybe it's just not the usual to celebrate Halloween...after reading some articles on Halloween, I became Halloween on the 31st Oct or the 1st Nov? I think its' on the 31st of this month right? This website here will be able to answer most of the questions anyone might have about Halloween the web address is ''...

It's quite weird to think that there are no major celebrations done for Halloween in Singapore...I mean, we celebrate New Year's Day, Christmas, Good Friday a.k.a "Ang Moh holidays...-.-" " and also Chinese New Year, Qing Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mooncake Festival, Hari Raya and why is there no sign of celebration, except maybe in some places like Zouk...weeeird...lolz... may ask why I am blogging at this kinda hour, its like 12.21 right now, and I was writing my blog since like 11.45, so those paragraphs above actually belong to the 31st Oct instead of 1st nov...heh heh, so dun confuse yourself ya? Well...guess I will go accompany my mum now, she's watching t.v...See ya!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;6:22 PM;


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Time to time, I will introduce new websites that I find interesting, and online shopping haunts.

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