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[-Monday, January 17, 2011-]

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Thank goodness for leftovers in the rice cooker~ XD

I know I haven't been blogging for a long time~ There are many things (happy) going on which I haven't updated about! I guess having a partner in your life means that you have someone to share stuff with, who will ask you what's been going on, and you no longer have an urge to tell everyone what's been going on cause you know that someone is already listening~ (Thanks Phoenix...=])

Anyways, I am back in Singapore! I think everyone who reads my blog knows that already.

Spent New Year's Eve first with Halif, then off to Hans' place for a steamboat session! Not that many people this time, and Hans was urging me to hurry up and head over cause he has no idea what to do with the food and how to prepare the soup base! Stayed there and chatted with the guys + Clarice for a while, then headed back at around 11.50pm, passed midnight on the way home with Mum and Eldest Bro in the car. SAW FIREWORKS being set off, which made my day! I love fireworks, just not the crowds and air pollution that comes with it.

Then it was a couple of outings with Yeleng! Shopping, movies, dinners and lunches! Talked and gossiped loads~ Gotta love her! We saw "The Tourist" and "Love and Other Drugs". The Tourist wasn't as bad as the critics made it out to be, just a little unrealistic in some places, but overall pretty good. Love and Other Drugs was outstanding! I love Anne Hathaway~ She acted as a woman in her 20s with Parkinson's and has mostly good days, some bad days where she will freak and lash out at everyone then start breaking down. I really, really liked that movie!

AND I AM AN AUNT!! My sister-in-law has given birth to a handsome baby boy! Names undecided~ She wants something ending with "ius" for some reason and came up with what my brother calls "Alien names". Oh well, I think he looks like a Matthew or Dylan. I will have a photo up soon, maybe you guys can help come up with a name.

Went and saw Thai Horror Flick "Who R U" with Halif~ Not that scary, more like a thriller. We were pretty much making fun of the movie more than anything, especially when we realised that one of the girls, "Pan", died of dust allergies because the "zombie", which was the lead character's son (that didn't come out of his room for 5 years, and we later realise that it was all "the power of the mum's mind" which ressurected her already dead son), turned into dust after his mum died. Kinda agreed that dying of a dust allergy in a horror flim is one of the most pathetic ways to go~

Guess that's pretty much it for my Singapore trip so far~ Oh and about the first sentence, its just cause I was hungry earlier at around 12.30am and found out that there was leftover chicken rice in the rice cooker!! Bliss at midnight~

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