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[-Tuesday, May 11, 2010-]

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*Warning...Quota killer post!*

AND the First part of Byron Bay, covering the place we stayed, the lighthouse + walking tracks, lunch, surfers, beaches and dinner~

Stayed at the Chalet Studio @ The Garden Burees~ So worth the splurge. XD, I love that place! It had everything you will need, other than a hairdryer and the check in/out procedure was totally easy. Dinner at Bo's. Walked ages before we found a place that had food we wanted that wasn't too expensive.

Live music + Angus rump steak with roasted vegetables stack~

Then we went off to the lighthouse for abit to see if we can get nice pictures at night. Strong gales made it difficult...

Max Brenner's FTW~ ^^

Slept for 4 hours or so then it's the Lighthouse again for the famed sunrise! And as usual, it was cloudy. BLAH

Then we went on the walking track all the way down and back up steep steps...>.>

Yes, all the way down to the point shown in the picture below`

When we got there, it was splash time! Waves were crashing on the rocks like mad, and the spray got on my lens so like 60+ of my photos were with round blurred orbs on them as I later realised. =.="
Then back up to the lighthouse, down to the carpark and off to lunch we go! SUSHI! Totally yums~
Then we went off to the famed beaches of Byron Bay...Surfer dudes and babes galore + dog walkers~
Stopped at some old rail tracks cause I thought the grasses looked cool against the sunset.

Pizza for dinner! They were one of the best pizzas by far!

We had the Satay Chicken and The Krakatoa (Indonesian style chicken, spicy).

Alright, I am beat. This post took almost 1.5 hours...=.=" Shower and beddytime! The rest in another post!

-Logged Off-

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