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[-Saturday, March 20, 2010-]

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我握的, 不是我想握的手
Hahaas, I know I haven't updated in eons~
Been busy trying to catch up in uni cause I am such a slacker, am I not? Well, having 4 hours of BIOC lectures in a day isn't helping my absorption, but is killing me instead.
Then there is the whole parasite collection thingy where we have to get a minimum of 5 parasitic worms and maximum of 3 flies (total 10). =.="
But I must say, I am having it easier than those that are taking all 4 courses this sem. Neuro is a killer~

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[-Thursday, March 11, 2010-]

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Uni has started for a week already and the 2nd week is coming to a close. Joe's back, we got a new stove and everything is in order. Phoenix is back and so is Kin Fatt~ A Brissy Tazi Reunion is in order people!!

Something's been messing with my head these couple of months, most times I am perfectly fine, being the funny, retarded me that most people know. Other times, when I remember stuff or start thinking about stuff, I just get really confused~ In Singapore, there was still Yeleng, Hans and sometimes Halif to help me out with these things, but in Aust, some/most people don't really have an opinion to give me regarding my problems.

Don't be mistaken, a listening ear is always awesome to have, but sometimes I need an opinion to form my own opinions cause there are just so many things I can't get my mind around.

謝謝你幫我打了預防針~ These heart-to-hearts might be rare between us, but they are treasured and appreciated, I am thankful that you are still around despite all that has happened.


I think another dose of Bobby's prescribed medication is going to be needed sometime soon~

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-..Wonders Of Today..-
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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:25 AM;

[-Monday, March 01, 2010-]

Post No:#925

No, I have not edited/re-sized any of my photos that I took in Singapore~ And that includes the CNY ones....Which I somehow think are still in my camera (hopefully).

School's just started!!

Went for a 2 hour lecture today, and had to get ready to be picked up by Calvin by 6.25am, and I couldn't sleep till the clock hit 4am so I was waking up every few minutes or so cause I was afraid of oversleeping! The fact that both my "super-duper-noisy-bell" alarm clocks aren't working doesn't help much. BOTH OF THEM! AT THE SAME TIME! =.="

Spent most of the last week back in Brisbane watching DVDs with Yang Hao, I think we rented like...10 or so DVDs just for that week~ AND I still haven't unpacked yet, *stares at luggage then at wardrobe*, there just isn't enough space. Gotta get that drawer from Ikea soon~

NO CLASSES TOMORROW!! Am going to clean my house inside out (or so I say) and buy somemore groceries/stationeries! It's been raining almost 24/7 these couple of days and according to the forecast it will be like that for the rest of the week. Gloomy first week of classes it is~

I MISS TAIWAN FOOD! Yang Hao taught me to make "pseudo"-蔥抓餅 & 蛋餅 with the frozen Roti Canai pieces I have in the freezer (pack of 30, lasted me almost a year now...=.=), and I found my favourite brekkie drink too! 麥香紅茶 for the win~ Now I just gotta find me some 仙草奶茶.

Anyways, this is just a short update so I will be blogging again hopefully tomorrow after I finish cleaning the place.

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