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[-Thursday, October 29, 2009-]

Post no:#901

Been spending almost all my time on campus, revising for the EOS examinations.

Already finished revision for BIOL1028, and would just need to look at the again prolly about a day before the paper itself to refresh my memory. Working on locomotion now, origins and insertions of muscles are such a pain. >.>

Thanks to Phoenix, I have been pretty motivated to study. Not that he did anything, just simply being my quiet "study buddy" is enough, cause I study better when there's someone else studying with me that doesn't try to talk or sing or distract me in anyway.

So yea, spent almost an average of 7 hours a day studying in BSL since Monday, then dinner then home for more revision. If I still freaking fail after all this mugging, I will probably just go into depression and switch courses or something. Haiz

ANYWAYS. We headed down to the city for dinner and Starbucks session just earlier tonight, been freaking ages since I last went to the city for dinner or anything else. Went to Madtongsan 1 for dinner cause I haven't had Korean food in AGES and was craving for it. XD Chilled for abit at Starbucks, then he waited for me to catch the bus before heading back to Sunnybank himself. Crazily nice guy~

Might go on a road trip to Cairns with him, Reiko and Reiko's friend, but I am not sure yet. The itinerary looks pretty cool, but I still ain't comfortable with having to stay in backpacking hostels...=.=" We will see~ And it kinda clashes with my birthday too.


Took a break and read Yahoo TW's knowledge+ groups' essays.
And I quote:

It's from a 'short-story' called 命運捉弄人, that has 4 parts to it. Check it out:
命運捉弄人 1
命運捉弄人 2
命運捉弄人 3
命運捉弄人 4

I don't even know why I am updating the blog. Am feeling a little down...and confused.
You prolly can tell I am not using any effort to update at all.

And something I am gonna adapt from Yonnie's facebook~
Friend A: "Why do you still love someone that doesn't love you back!?? There are so many more fishes in the sea!"
Friend B: "Just because it's also water, would you drink from the sea?"

And I say..."Exactly!"

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[-Tuesday, October 27, 2009-]

Post No:#900

900th post! And it won't even be a proper update.

You know what?
I prefer to keep some special friends that way, special...
I don't need or want all of my friends to know each other
I'd rather not all of them were friends with each other
Maybe it's selfish, I know it probably is...
But I just don't want to have no one to go to when I wanna escape from some friends.

It's selfish, but I just don't want my special friends that I normally keep to myself to suddenly know everyone I know and become friends with everyone.
Probably cause I am paranoid. But that's just me.
If I met that friend in, say... a group then I am fine with that. But if I normally hang out with that person alone, I'd rather keep it that way.

And I don't get why girls must all go "OMG!!!! You like him don't you!??!" just cause I started spending more time with a guy. Or they'd go "OMG, he likes youuuu!!!!" just cause the guy's nice or have dinner with me.
Like...WTF? It's just a friend? Guys and girls can be JUST FRIENDS you know? It is actually possible to be simply friends with no romantic feelings involved at any stage whatsoever, and I would know.

IT annoys me when people assume that I am suddenly "involved" with someone just cause I am suddenly hanging out with someone that I never mention. What?! You think it's like a secret relationship? 0.o"...Must be damn stupid. If it was that easy for me to be involved in someone, you think I'd be single since...forever?

Just cause someone is nice to you doesn't mean that like you THAT way. It could be their nature, it could be cause you have something they can use (aka making use of you), it could be cause he was brought up that way, it could be a million other reasons.

And I don't like introducing my "hot" guy friends (if any) to my girl friends (if any) or vice versa cause they'd keep asking "Hey, where's that so-and-so hot person last time??" etc. Mad annoying...I am not a matchmaker...


Is it that hard to have someone to call your own?
Doesn't even have to be a boyfriend, just a friend!

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[-Sunday, October 25, 2009-]

Post no:#899

how to fight loneliness by *hotburrito2 on deviantART

*Photo: A single person bobbing in the vast ocean*

So...How do you fight loneliness?

Sick of my current life
Or the lack of it.

Sick of being ignored and alone,
to the extent of being amazingly happy when someone just talks to me,
even if it's just for a second.

It's almost my 900th post!!! Time to celebrate!
Sick of feeling negative,

The poolside's my friend.
It's peaceful there...

Life is beautiful?

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Post No:#898

Yep, just blogged a proper post that's below this one.


In chinese, found it on Yahoo TW knowledge+~
15,16,17 and 19 are my favourites. XD XD




暴力傾向版-- 你不如去死!!!


(評:不錯 還會畫句點)

(真是傻眼 @@)

一年級小朋友造:你看什麼看 ! 沒看過啊!


例題:你(唱歌) 我(跳舞)
學生:你(好嗎) 我(很好)

例如:一心一意 七上八下
原來是四捨五入阿= =

小朋友: 媽媽那麼愛我 ,爸爸也很愛我,他們對我的愛永遠永遠不曾改變.







別人都誇我( ),其實我( )
別人都誇我( 很帥 ),其實我( 是戴面具的 )
別人都誇我( 長得很奇怪 ),其實我(根本不是長這樣)

有志者( )….照理說是填(事竟成)

19.[ 能...真是...]--- 正確:能認識你這個朋友,真是我的榮幸。

20.課本原句大概是:我是 (小鳥 ),想要(飛到天空)
結果小朋友造:我是( 小偷 ),想要( 偷錢 )
他大概想錢想很久了吧= =

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, October 24, 2009-]

Post No:#897

So many things to update on. Start with VET BALL~~~~

So, vet ball, was at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre! We managed to get the Terrace room, which sadly didn't have a view of the river...XD

Anyways, PHOTOS! Well, they ARE up on FB, but just to make this post less wordy~

The 'freakishly' tall Stevo! *Beer sucked, the rum and coke was loads better but costed $7...* I am 174cm and only up to his shoulders or something. 0.0

Mary-Kate and Me~

Ex-Year rep Sarah! (I think she's like super pretty~) and Claire Madden~

Introducing, the emo-Katey~ XD And her bf Andrew in the background...*nom nom nom*

Nanano, Amy and Michelle!!! =D

Very pretty Jiah~ and a very happy Laura that's half cut off~ XD

Freaky boy Angus~ He straightened his freaking hair! And his outfit was like the most "special" one that night. XD, pink BOW TIE~

We got a 2 course meal, a main and a dessert with free flow wine, beer and champange~ The drinks were pretty shit, I mostly drank water. =D

The food was sooooo good though! We didn't get a choice, they just set the food down in front of us and we just ate it or swapped with someone else if we got what each other wanted. I got the steak and it was mad yummy, Katey had the chicken which was pretty good too.

Desserts were either a creme brulee cake thingy that tasted and looked very much like a very rich brownie or a sticky date pudding with ice cream. The sticky date pudding was much much better, but that's what Katey got...T.T...LOL

Then Cathy got abit crazy with Mary Kate~

Happy Michelle!
Nanano pointing at Michael Noad "Noady" our loco lecturer~

Sarah "Sez" again~ She's so PRETTY~

So yea, at the end of the ball there was a after party, AKA Kick-On at The Fox Bar. XD, Katey, Andrew, Stevo and I were still mingling in the ballroom with a few others then this security fella came up behind us and said "Yea, finish your drinks and head on to The Fox now~" and I didn't noticed him, but the others were abit 'high' and just looked at him, then he went mad and screamed "LOOK, I just told you to finish your drinks and get outta here, I am not F***-ing AROUND WITH YOU people!" and we all got a shock then he like left angrily.

0.o"...Crazy security fella, and Andrew reckons he's either being paid like $10 an hour after 10 or doesn't get paid after 11...xD. Which is prolly true.

Walked to The Fox but couldn't get in cause I forgot my ID and only had my student card...=.="...The others tried to banter with the bouncer but I didn't wanna piss him off so I left. Tried to get Joe to pick me up from the city, cause it was like 11.20 or something and I didn't bring my Go-Card (ezlink) so I didn't want to catch a bus...Caught a cab instead cause Joe said he was gonna sleep. >.>...


Had horsey handling prac at Gatton yesterday. Was mega boring cause it was pretty much what we did for the horse handling prac in Vet Tech last year. >.>... Sheep handling was loads more fun, got to wrestle and throw sheep and push them down a slide. XD

Got so tanned from sheep and horse pracs at Gatton cause were we out in the sun the whole day, and the only reason I could tell was that there is this white band of flesh around my finger where my ring is, and that the white band of flesh where I have my watch suddenly got paler, or the surrounding skin got darker. =.="...Like 2 shades darker now.

Then cause I wore a cap and shades, my face is like paler ontop and like darker after the bottom of the nose~ =.="...Looks like some gradient shading or something. Blah~


Went out with Vanessa and Jess today cause I wanted to eat cake. All thanks to that anime, Yumeiro Patissiere. XD, the cakes in that anime look mega-yums!

Had lunch at Ajisen!!! Then I tagged along with them while they shopped in the city for a bit, then we headed to Le Bon Choix Bakery (click for linky) that's at 397 Queen Street. Had 2 mini cakes each cause they all looked really good, then we tookaway 2 mini cakes each as well! XD...I also bough a Ciabatta loaf from them and it's already 3/4 gone cause I just have it with abit of butter for dinner.

PHOTOS~ Van and cakes~

Let's see, starting with the coffee, clockwise: Espresso, Chocolate mousse with Baked Cheesecake centre, Strawberry mousse, Mascarpone coffee and chocolate, Mango Mousse with Creme Brulee centre, Macadamia Mousse with Creme Brulee centre, and the last one in the middle is Mille-Feuille. ALL YUMS~~
I know where I am getting my breads and my b'day cake now...Oh and afternoon tea~ XD

Then at Ajisen~

Van and I! XD

Jess and I~ ^^
Random notes:
1) I just found out that I can get the internet connection in my unit at the swimming pool in the compound!! Gonna spend loads more time there at night now...=D I love the poolside at night cause it's nice and cool, and pretty quiet as well. And I think the deckchairs are comfy even though they are just wood, and I wont' fall asleep there. XD
2) I finished my Protein Digestion in the Horse assignment!!! =D I finished it at the poolside. XD
3) EXAMS ARE 2 WEEKS AWAY! Mega screwed. Shall spend daytime in the library then night time studying at the poolside~
4) I am tired of cooking...0.o"...Just can't seem to be bothered recently.
5) I am addicted to using the words "Anal retentive/Anal" and "KA-BLAH!" now....XD
Well, going off!
-Logged Off-

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[-Friday, October 16, 2009-]

Post No:#896


Only just had time to read what I blogged last night.

Half of it is deleted cause I feel ridiculous, retarded, re-wadever

Having another Corona, and I should stop blogging when I am drinking...

I drink when I am emo....Or just for social events. That's about it.


And I have a sheep handling prac for half the day tomorrow, then Samantha's and Huiyan's b'day celebration at Ahmet's (South Bank) tomorrow night.


*I just had a beer that's supposed to help me sleep, but I have a sudden urge to blog. Am prolly going to read this some time tomorrow and go WTF?!*

I hate it when people say stuff like "OH, never ask me!" then when I ask them they go "Eee, I say then you ask..." and keep saying that without answering the question. SO FRIGGING ANNOYING. Then they will go "Too bad~ I have plans/functions/meetings/parties/herpes that day already" THEN YOU ASK ME TO ASK YOU FOR WHAT?! 21664137133613

It's just, too many people have done that, and it gets on me nerves.

I think I really should try sleeping *hic*

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, October 12, 2009-]

Post No:#895

Made Honey Tumeric Wings for dinner! They were absolute yums!!! Haven't had such yummy chicken for a very long time` You must must must try it!! ^^

Recipe adapted from Rasa Malaysia
Makes 10 wings & drumlets

5 Whole Chicken Wings (or 10 middle parts)
2 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp Parsley Flakes (or chopped fresh parsley)
1 tsp Blended/Minced Ginger (I use a blended ginger that comes in a tube)
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
1/2 tsp Tumeric powder

-If you are using whole chicken wings, use a scissors and by cutting through the joint, separate the drumlets from the wing. (Yield 10 pieces total)
-Marinate the chicken pieces with all the above ingredients for 1-2 hours. If you are using a bowl, remember to move the wings at the top to the bottom periodically so each wing is completely marinated. Or, if you are using a ziploc bag, just flip the bag over...
-Pre-heat oven to 200 degs celsius. Once heated, place wings in oven (middle rack) and retain the marinade liquid.
-Bake wings for 20 minutes or till cooked, flipping them over at 10 minutes. Before flipping over, brush the wings once with the marinade. Then a couple of minutes before they are done, brush again with the marinade.
-Once done, remove immediately from the oven and serve.
*Wings are cooked once juices run clear.

Do try it! They are really really good, and probably the best BBQ-ed wings I have ever made. ^^

*I am glad Joe's on a diet, cause that means I get to have more wings! Don't worry, I didn't eat them all, I packed half for lunch tomorrow~*

-Logged Off-

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[-Sunday, October 11, 2009-]

Post No:#894

My daily laughs~

Conversation with Joe:
Me: 你是沒有被人揍過啊!
Joe: Eh! 沒有也!
Me: 要不要試一下...
Joe: *結巴* 不然我試試你~試試~再看 
Me: Huh!? *cracks up* 你要講什麼啦?
Joe: 不然我試在你一下, 說成不然我試試你看看...=.=
Me: WHAT?! So wrong! XD XD XD

Translate to Singlish:
Me: You never kena whack before ar!
Joe: Eh, don't have leh~
Me: Want to try?
Joe: *Stammers* If not I try you...Try..Then see
Me: Huh?! *cracks up* What are you trying to say??
Joe: 'If not I try on you, you see how' say until 'If not I try you see how' =.=
Me: WHAT?! So wrong!! XD XD XD


-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, October 10, 2009-]

Post No:#893

Made Steamed Prawns for dinner! =D
Recipe~ (Adapted from
*click on image for large view~*

10 Large Prawns
1 tbsp Chinese Cooking Wine
1 tsp Sesame Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

1 stalk Spring Onion, chopped
3 cloves Garlic, finely chopped
3 tbsp cooking oil

-Devein prawns**
-Wash prawns, pat dry and season with half the spring onions, cooking wine, sesame oil, salt and pepper.
-Steam over high heat for about 3-5 mins or till cooked.
-While steaming prawns, heat oil in a pan and fry garlic till golden brown, add in rest of the chopped spring onions at the last minute.
-Top the prawns with garlic oil and serve hot!

**To devein the prawns, take a pair of scissors insert it at a parallel at the "neck" area, and then cut through the shell and part of the flesh to the tail to form a slit and then remove the vein.

Easy peasy!

Well, I am going back to my anatomy now~

-Logged Off-

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Post No:#892

MLIAs for today!

Today, I was playing the game where my cat will lick my fingers and I try to catch his tongue. After multiple victories I had to yawn. My cat stuck his paw in my mouth. You win Jack-Jack. MLIA.

Today, I bought a variety pack of kitchen utensils. As I took out the extremely large knife, I noticed a label that sad, Warning: Keep out of children. I am hoping this was a misprint. MLIA.

Today, I taught my students the importance of the squiggly line over the n in Spanish (the tilda), because it makes the difference between "I am 17 years old" and "I have 17 butt holes". I feel as if I am teaching important life lessons to America's youth

Today, my professor handed out a writing guide to the whole class. I naturally looked through it and noticed that he wrote revising a paper is like a condom; not your first priority, but your first obligation nonetheless. MLIA.

Today, I had to babysit my 3-year old neighbor for an hour. Her parents put the channel "Noggin" on before they left so she could watch it. On one of the shows, the main character was looking for a bunch of birds with horns. He asked the kids, "Can you help me find my horny friends?" I have never laughed so hard, ever. MLIA.

Today, I went out for dinner with my family. I noticed that our really cute waiter was wearing a shirt that said "Laugh at my shirt or starve" written on the back. I burst out laughing. He gave me a free dessert and a phone number. MLIA

Today, I was giving a spelling quiz to my second graders. The word was born. My students still get confused with letters at times and about half wrote porn. I am tempted to put their texts in time capsules and send it to them in 15 years. MLIA

Today, I was browsing through my school's library and found that the Bible was in the Fiction section. I go to a Catholic school. MLIA

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[-Friday, October 09, 2009-]

Post No:#891

Taking a small break from studying muscle groups and decided to read some essays on Yahoo Taiwan's Knowledge+ section. =]

I find this one pretty good. Do have a read if you understand chinese~


常因為你的小體貼而感動,如果你一直對我好 我可能就會喜歡你



女生的心很倔強 ~~~








其實,人一輩子,就只能愛上一個人了 .....

刻骨銘心的愛 .......







-nana (Yahoo Taiwan user)

Alrights, back to studying.
Actually I think it's bedtime. XD

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, October 07, 2009-]

Post No:#890

I know I know, my blog posts have been very inconsistent and boring lately. But trust me, they are only about to get more inconsistent & boring cause the EOY exams are almost here. And before that I have my loco prac exam on Monday and a Biol1028 seminar the week after the next(group hasn't even met yet...=.="), then a Physiology essay after that.

So, you will prolly find many posts on bitching/mugging about/for exams...

Anyways, I finally stopped procrastinating and finished my Biochemistry assignment. I hope it's alright cause the dumb lecturer gave super vague instructions...>.>...


Anyways, remember I said Joe made dinner the other night?
Surprisingly yummy! And I am not prejudiced like Jess said. Or maybe I am cause his cooking last time was very >.>...XD

Picture: Boiled veggies (to go with the braised mince), braised mince and basil omelette. P.S. Was too hungry to take a proper photo, and Joe got to the egg before my camera got there...

Funny conversation with Joe about the Basil omelette:
Joe: I make basil omelette okay? *eyes the bunch of basil I just set in a glass of water*
Me: Don't want! Last time you made it damn horrible~ >.>...
Joe: Huh? What did I do? 0_o (obviously doesn't remember)
Me: You went and chuck the whole bunch of basil in there with the stalk. Can still see the whole shape of the basil after you cooked it somemore!
Joe: But supposed to take only the leaves what...
Me: Ya, it's common sense, how I know what you doing!? o.0"
Joe: Oh...Okay lah... *starts removing basil leaves*

He did the stupid thing, then says that it should be done some other way which happens to be the right way... *smacks forehead*

Then I made Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings with Basil, Chilli and Garlic for dinner last night.

Super yums! Got the recipe off Nook and Pantry blog~
Click HERE for recipe!

Ah wells, shall go back to studying loco for abit before I go to bed...

Oh and Joe made sushi the other time as well. Kin Fatt helped with vinegar-ing the rice since he was here to get the Taiwan drama episodes off me. And it was yummeh too! =D
Then he started chopping cabbage...and here's the convo:

Me: You gonna fry cabbage?
Joe: No...For sushi

Me: Har?! where got people put cabbage slices in sushi de?!
Joe: They do! It's only whether you wanna put it in or not...
Me: 0.o"...*thinks: what kind of sushi has Joe been having???*

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, October 05, 2009-]

Post No:#889

" 那时我们被困在路边


Man...this is such a nostalgic feeling. The whole thing is from the extremely old Yes 93.3FM radio station in Singapore. It was from a program they used to have at night called the 音乐日记 (Music Diary), where people would write and send in stories about their life to the station and get it read out at night during the program.

They stopped the program sometime ago and I suddenly thought about it cause I have been playing my whole iTunes collection randomly and it suddenly played a podcast I had of the 音乐日记 program. Started listening to those that I have and this quote got stuck in my head. =D

Kinda sad it's no longer running...Hmmm

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, October 04, 2009-]

Post No:#888

Getting slightly addicted to the short stories/essays that some Yahoo! Taiwan users have published onto the "智慧+" (Knowledge+) section.

One that I am reading now is titled Angel's Wish 逐風天使 and the author has quoted from somewhere this:




I have heard of the first 2 paras from Hans, but not the 3rd and 4th! =D

Super loves this quote...^^


Side note: Joe's cooking dinner tonight! Can't be bothered to cook, so he's cooking 肉燥飯 (braised mince + rice? XD),Basil Omelette and plain Boiled Greens to go with the braised mince! =D Happy~

And he is singing/whistling while cooking. LOL

-Logged Off-

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Post No:#887

A few quotes I saw on MLIA (My Life Is Average) and I thought might make your day or at least put a smile on your face!

-Today, my teacher finally handed out our biology textbooks. Usually the first thing everyone does is open up their books and see who used them last year. While everyone else was squealing over which cute senior boy's books they got, I opened mine. I have Jesus's Biology book. I win. MLIA.

-Today, I was sitting in my room and heard a little boy outside sneeze. I said bless you, and five seconds later, I heard a very hesitant...."God??." MLIA

-Today, I was looking up the side effects for the medicine I am on. The therapeutic dose and the toxic dose are very close, so I have to really be aware. The list of side effects includes giggling. I thought that was funny and couldn't stop giggling. Now I'm worried. MLIA

-Today, I was watching a reality-show where people use private investigators to try to catch their significant others having an affair. During one scene a woman saw her boyfriend skinny-dipping in a pond with another girl. They did not blur out the girl's face, but they did blur the faces of the ducks swimming in the water. I haven't laughed this hard in years. MLIA.

-Today, I asked a little girl I was babysitting what her favorite color was so I could draw her a picture. She looked at me very seriously and said "I don't have a favorite color, because I don't want to hurt the other colors feelings." MLIA

-Today, while walking to class, some random guy tapped me on my shoulder. I took out an earbud and turned around. He kneeled down and started to sing "Marry me Juliet, you'll never have to be alone" He kept singing, pulled out a ring pop, put it on my ring finger and said "Baby just say yes!" So obviously I said yes! He got up, hugged me, and ran away yelling, She said yes! I love my college. MLIA

-Today, a kid in my class told the teacher that his dog ate his homework. The teacher laughed, until the kid silently pulled out a clear ziplock bag with an obviously chewed piece of paper in it. We all applauded. MLIA

-Today my identical twin and I were at the mall after school. We met a few guys. Trying to make conversation, one of the guys asked, "so how long have you two been twins" MLIA


For more MLIAs go to: My Life is Average!

-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, October 03, 2009-]

Post No:#886

An essay I found on Yahoo!奇摩/Yahoo! Taiwan's knowledge forum thingy.



























Remember that!

-Logged Off-


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Hi! Welcome to my blog.

This is the area where I rant and rave about everything and anything going on in my life.

If you are looking for recipes, the links to each single recipe will be located before the archives, just scroll down a little.

Usually, I talk about what's been going on in my life, my cooking, or my latest buys/holiday trips.

Time to time, I will introduce new websites that I find interesting, and online shopping haunts.

I make my own blogskins, and I do submit them onto You can find them HERE

Thats about it!

On Twitter


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The Girl- Ying Xuan A.K.A Karie
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The DATE- 25th Nov'89
The Hometown- Singapore
The Location- QLD, Australia
Interests- Travelling, Music, Cooking, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Snorkelling, Jet-Ski, DOGS, Reading...


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