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[-Sunday, May 31, 2009-]

Post no:#845

When I cook, and Joe's having dinner, he would should wash the dishes, which is pretty logical!
But "sometimes", this is what happens (@ about 7.30pm when we finish dinner):

Joe: "Just leave them, I will wash them up later" *goes back to room and shuts the door*
Me: "Okay~" *brings the dishes to the kitchen, washes knives, wipes down stove and dining table then leave the rest beside the sink in tidy piles*

2 hours later:
*walks into kitchen and sees this*

Note: 3 bowls are covered by the plates on top of the large, blue plastic container
*Contemplates whether to wash them up or not, most times I do, or I just leave them...and then:*
2 more hours later:
*walks into kitchen, probably to get snacks and sees~*

*Contemplates once again whether to wash them. Today, I decided to leave them...*
Mutters: "Lets see if they are still there tomorrow morning..."

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Post no:#844

AHHH!!! Gonna exercise in a while, so I might as well use this time to update since I won't have much time after that!

>.>...Went to study at the Uni yesterday afternoon cause Joe suddenly went "Eh, pack up [your study stuff], we are going to the uni to study..." and I was like "eh?! okay~" cause we didn't even talk about studying together in uni, but yea, I had lunch then packed up and got ready to go to uni.

Drove there and Joe was giving me 'driving' tips...0.o", if I drive like him I will fail my test AGAIN OKAY!!! Anyways, got to uni, found out that the BSLibrary was closed "I TOLD YOU! Stupid Joe...", went to SSH library instead, and turns out we didn't study together but went to our own little corner to study then meet up when the library closed to go home together. What's the point laaah! Might as well study at home in my own room right?! But nevermind, I got to sit beside a shuai ge, LOL~

He is weird, and I thought he was being nice cause I was studying in his room the night before and said that I can't study alone...>.<", which is of course, a lie. XD, I just wanted some company!?

Okay, no more Joe stuff.

I think I am doomed for the exam, not because I don't study, but because my brain is so overloaded with information that once I close the book, I can't remember ANYTHING! WTHECK! I am gonna get evicted from Vet then summoned back to Singapore and lead a boring life working at Mac's for $5 per hour or something. (If that's the case, might as well stay in Australia and work at Mac's for $17-$20 an hour right?)

I hate BIOCHEM...The other subjects are okay. VETS1018 is pointless, VETS1022 is fine, ANIM1024 is interesting...kind of...

ANYWAYS, time to go

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[-Friday, May 29, 2009-]

Post No:#843

Joe's getting more perverted!!! We were play-fighting in the living room cause we keep annoying each other (I said "at least there will be people at my funeral after I die, none at yours!!!" after he he told me to go and die...xD)
So yea, I was trying to get him to stop hitting/tickling me, so it was like:

Me: "脫你的褲子哦!!!" -he was only wearing his too small flimsy boxers...XD-
Him: "脫你衣服哦!!"
Me: "你脫啊! 沒在怕的啦" -dares him to-
Him: *attempts to tug/remove my hoodie jumper*
Me: "OI!!! 你變態啊!!" *runs to room*
Him:*chases after my hoodie...*

and we start another "set" of wrestling. >.>

Yes, we are retarded. He's childish! No wonder none of the girls he goes after likes him, cause they are older, and he would be too immature~~~~~ (Yes, I said that to him too when we were "play-fighting" XD)


Time to go back to revision~

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[-Tuesday, May 26, 2009-]

Post No:#842

Currently in Hao's place awaiting dinner~ Mapo Tofu!!! Yummeh~ Hahas
Didn't want to cook cause I end late today, and plus Joe's not gonna be home. That freaking idiot that acted like a pervert last night. >.> Hao says to beware, scarly kena rape. WTF LAH...I am not his plate of vegetable and he is not my cup of milk tea okay! At least no longer...XD


I just realised that I know nuts about differentiating the different nerve cells from each other. What's the difference between sensory and motor neurons, I mean by looking at them. Bob, I need help, you are in medicine, you are supposed to know~ XD Exams in like 2 and a half weeks and I am hardly prepared. Sigh...Another assignment due next Friday on gene technologies, god knows what that's about!

Mapo tofu~ Mapo tofu~ Mapo tofu~~~~~~


This semester is getting too long to bear. It feels like I have been taking vet for a year but it's only been a few months. I see pictures of people going overseas in their own groups on Facebook and I want a groupie holiday too!!! I miss Singapore~ to a certain extent. xD Touchdown on 25th June at around 8.30 to 9pm! Then flying off again on 21st July, 9.45am. Might head down the coast once I get back even though it might be freezing there. =D

And then there's Han Chiang and his "how gossip are you" quizzes....>.>, according to him Bobby was secretly dating me back in Coral Secondary, and we enjoy kissing and hugging during DnT lessons. Wtheck~ Hans you scandalous kuku! To people that are wondering, NO IT'S NOT TRUE!!! >.>...

Anyways, dinner's about to be served so I will post next time!

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[-Monday, May 25, 2009-]

Post No:#841


Am stuck in school till 10. Was supposed to have an 8am prac, and I WOKE up AT 8am!! How nice~...Contemplated juse going back to sleep and go for the next prac at 10 instead but decided not to.

Rushed outta my place and forgot to bring my wallet so I had to run back again to get it. Took a cab to school, there was a slight jam, and got to the prac at a quarter past 8. Then the tutor said that I would have to go to the next one at 10am, cause I already missed 2 quizzes. Should've listened to myself.

And I realised, in the rush of getting to school, I forgot to bring my labcoat! Like wtf am I doing!? But I don't think we need it cause it's just quizzes and looking at some plants. I hope we don't need it...

ARRGH, slept at like 3am or smth!

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[-Sunday, May 24, 2009-]

Post no:#839

Haven't had good company for dinner for the longest time ever!!! Especially at my place. ^^... Kit, Irene, Hao and Stella came over for dinner last night. Hao made chicken chops (SUPER YUMMEH CAN!!?) and with a side of pasta, and I baked mussels with garlic butter & cheese, and Eton's Mess for dessert~! YAY

Only have the photo for Eton's Mess~ XD (It's essentially sugar, vanilla essence, thickened cream, mascarpone cheese, crushed meringues, fresh strawberries and strawberry puree~)

Then we just talked and mucked around for awhile:
Hao's super cute *see video*! (Wall-E~~~~)

Made Chicken Katsu-don for lunch today, cause I bought Panko (Jap bread crumbs) from Chinatown when I went with Kin Fatt on Friday. =D...Delicious~

Anyways, that's about all I have for updating..XD
I don't know why some people like to pretend or think they know me really well. It just pisses me off...People like Hans and Hao DO know me pretty well, but sometimes other people shooting off comments thinking they are right about me just pisses me off.
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[-Thursday, May 21, 2009-]

Post No:#839

I finished the gluconeogenesis assignment! Thanks to help from Katey and also from Bobby all the way in Indo~ XD...What?! I didn't know the answer, Google wasn't helping, so I decided to text him the question, cause he's prolly one of the few people I know outside of class that might know the answer (he studying Medicine what!).

So yea, came to school early to finish up the assignment, and now I have to wait till 2 cause it's already break time. Zzz~ Might just revise for ANIM1024 cause I don't have the notes for other stuff with me. Hmmm~

Nothing much, update again tonight after Angels and Demons. According to Yeleng, it's pretty good, but apparently Hans don't think so. 0.o"...

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[-Wednesday, May 20, 2009-]

Post No:#838

It's almost the weekend again!! YAY!

Went to school this morning to do part of my Gluconeogenesis assignment, cause there's a simulated experiment that's only available in the library. =.="... It was raining cats and friggin' dogs this morning, and the only part of my body that was dry was my head cause of a few factors:
1) Huge rain...
2) Strong gusts of wind
3) Puddles
4) A car that didn't slow down when approaching a puddle and thus sprayed water all over me.

BLAH...And it was freezing as well (16-19 degs Celcius~) =.="...So being wet wasn't fun at all.
Took a cab home, then went for lunchies with Yang Hao and Joe at Sunnybank! Oishii Sushi~~ Heh heh~ Groceries at the chinese supermarket (Winter Melon Tea at 99cents per can! WHOOTS!), dropped Hao off, got home and Joe parked the car to the left too much and I could hardly squeeze out. Friggin idiot~

And I have been sitting in front of my laptop, wondering how to start my gluconeogenesis report because I don't know the answers to the questions in the simulated experiment. >.>...So fudged~



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[-Tuesday, May 19, 2009-]

Post No:#837


Been losing sleep for 2 days straight.

Didn't sleep at all on Sunday night, fell asleep in front of the laptop for 1/2 hour on Monday afternoon (then Joe came and woke me to make lunch for him~), then fell asleep from 6 to 8pm. Went to bed at 11, hardly managed to fall asleep at 12.30am then my mum called at 1.28am! WTF?!?! Then I just couldn't go back to sleep again...SERIOUSLY!

I was SOOOO PISSED that I called back and pretty much shouted down the phone! It's like, I AM HAVING INSOMNIA, and I finally manage to drift off at 12.30 and some idiot come and wakes me up...AND FOR NOTHING! It wasn't even anything important!!! And I already told her NOT to call AFTER 11pm Aust time unless my dog's dying or something.

The last time it was Joe, and I couldn't sleep after that too. The next person that does this kind of thing is gonna bear the wrath of my fury. And this is even if you are Hans, so don't try anything funny. Quote Katey: "Castrate them with a rusty wooden spoon."

So yea, didn't sleep at all last night again. And I have to be in school at least till 3pm. THEN I HAVE GROCERIES. THEN Jess and Vanessa are coming over *might ask them not to*, THEN I have to cook dinner! MY DAY IS FUDGED~

It's prolly the stress. When I get really stressed over stuff, I can't sleep. It's about time to get sleeping pills. People who are gonna go "But they are bad for your health!!!", here's my reply: "Not sleeping is bad for my health too! And, if sleeping pills can make me sleep, then it means I can absorb stuff during classes instead of dozing off or daydreaming or just being zombie-like!"


Anyways, random note: I know how to make Oyako-don now!! Made it for Joe's lunch yesterday, and used fried chicken instead of the traditional methods cause he wanted fried chicken as usual...Can't see why he never gets sick of fried chicken. He practically lives on it!

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[-Sunday, May 17, 2009-]

Post No:#836


I am happy! I managed to go through and finish writing 1/3 of my BIOC1011 lecture notes, and they all pretty much made sense, though there were some parts I had to wiki or google so I know how it actually works. =D, that's like 9 lectures worth of stuff done! Have to start on the next part which is Membrane Biology! Should be easier, cause I like membrane biology, it's easy to understand! XD


Been lazy to cook. WHAT?! I hardly have any ingredients now that I am broke. But the term deposit has matured and I just have to go to the bank tomorrow to get it out. >.>...You can apply or reinvest online, but you can't terminate a term deposit online. Stupid money-making schemes; you can't do it online, you forget or you don't have time to go to the bank within the week, then they reinvest the money and if you want to get it out, you gotta pay! =.="

So yea, back to the cooking thing. Bought frozen dumplings from the Korean mart on the next street, so I am having that for late lunch, dinner and tomorrow's lunch! Might make dumpling noodles for tmr's lunch instead. 0.o"...I like dumplings! With Chiu Chow Chilli Oil~ Yummeh~

Well, have to get back to revision for VETS1022; Blood & Lymph and Muscle tissues! HELP!

OH, and I saw how to make the Eton's Mess on Masterchef Australia! Reminded me of what Janelle (homestay back in IES) made for dessert sometimes during spring. I remember that I always had second servings of those, ABSOLUTELY YUMMEH-ISH! Gonna make it over the next weekend! Wahahahahaha~ 瑪斯卡邦 (mascarpone)!!!!


599 by ~lenagnl on deviantART

Taipei Night Scenery by ~kwang411 on deviantART

Taipei 101 by ~KeVvin on deviantART

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[-Saturday, May 16, 2009-]

Post no:#835

Taking a break from BIOC1011 revision to blog a little...

Well, technically, this is just gonna be a list of movies I wanna watch these 2 months:
*Australian Release Dates*

1) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Comedy), currently showing!
2) Angels and Demons (Action? Drama? Thriller?), currently showing!
3) I Love You, Man (Comedy), out 4th June
4) The Proposal (Romance Comedy), out 18th June

Probably not gonna get to watch most of them though, with exams and all that shit. =.="


*Am glad BIOC1011 is making sense...Kinda~*

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[-Friday, May 15, 2009-]

Post No:#834

Been eating Ovalteenies like nobody's buisness...If you don't know what they are, you prolly don't eat sweets, but you can guess by the name! Basically, it's a round sweet made from compressed Ovaltine, which is a chocolate malt drink. Yes, we all know that don't we!?

This is getting random...

*Wow, surprise surprise!*

Insomnia by =fogke on deviantART


I should really get started on my revision, I have 4 weeks left till my first paper! 1 week of revision per subject, is that enough!?

*Random: I feel like screaming...But then Joe would wake up and start being all sacarstic. I quote "It's okay! You can be even louder. It's okay, it's only midnight, the neighbours can't hear you!"*

Hmm...Claypot chicken rice for lunch and dinner tomorrow. WHAT!? I don't feel like cooking at night. Or maybe...*stares into space towards the direction of Hao's place~*

Fudgies...I want snickers *looks at Joe's chocolate stash* *hand reaches out* *slaps self* Have some self control!! 0.o"

I remember one funny conversation with Joe the last time he washed his bedsheets. XD, I wanted to wash mine too, so here's the conversation:
Me: 你在洗床單嗎?!
Joe: Yea...
Me: 我也要洗! *raises hand*
Joe: 你要洗那你就脫啊!
Me: HUH?!?! 脫?! *Stares and starts laughing*
Joe: Shit~ 不是啦! 幹~ *laughs* 要洗快點...


Then earlier on, he was gonna wash his socks and underwear or something, and he came to my room and asked if I have any light colored clothes or towels to wash, and I said no cause I already did most of my laundry. So he said "What about socks?" and here's the conversation:
Me: 我挖一下...
J: Ok
Me: *holds up a pair of black socks* 有一雙!! 那要不要洗?
J: 只有一雙那你就去買啊!
M: Huh?! 0.o"
J: Eh! 我在說什麼?! 不是啦!
M: *laughs*
Joe: =.="....一雙就算了吧...
M: Ok!

He comes up with the weirdest replies~

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[-Wednesday, May 13, 2009-]

Post No:#833

Been moodless again lately! Blah~

Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken (again! It's yummeh~), Boiled Kailan with Oyster Sauce (Joe made this...Cause I said I don't have many methods for cooking veg. What he did was basically what I did, except I mixed oyster sauce with soya sauce, sesame oil and abit of water like my grandma...) and I made scallops with a kind creamy mushroom sauce, turned out weirdish but still pretty nice I think~

Should so totally be doing my assignment right (500 words) cause I have no idea what to write! This is like the first EVER assignment that I REALLY DON'T KNOW what to write for!!!!!! Damn it! Sigh...I have to make up a scenario in the vet clinic that I visited which shows some form of professionalism (either good or bad) and reflect on it...I am so like "What kind of assignment is this...RETARDED~". Nothing much happened at the clinic I went to! So now I have to be like some kind of scriptwriter or something, plus I don't really wanna make them look bad cause they are really nice people!

Whatever, it's only 500 words, I can do it in like an hour if I have a scenario to work on. I need someone creative~ HANS!!!!!!!! XD XD He will prolly come up with some really weird/creative/unusable ideas which can spark my imagination.

Blah blah...Lunchies with Fatt on FRIDAY!!!!

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, May 11, 2009-]

Post No:#832

Major Stress Time!!!!!

For BIOC1011 (Biochem), I have to remember stuff like "Pyruvate is converted to oxaloacetate through a process called pyruvate carboxylase, which is then decarboxylated and phosphorylated to phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) by PEP carboxykinase. PEP is converted to fructose 1,6-biphosphate by a direct reversal of several reactions in glycolysis. Next, fructose 1,6-biphosphate is dephosphrylated to fructose 6-phosphate by phosphoglucoisomerase, and finally fructose 6-phosphate is dephosphorylated by glucose 6-phosphatase to get glucose." (Gluconeogenesis)....

WTF?! Just let me die. If I can pass BIOC1011, I am happy enough, don't even bother aiming for high grades. Seriously...

And I have 6 papers!!! It's about time to start studying...Like MAJOR REVISION!

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[-Sunday, May 10, 2009-]

Post No:#831

Wow, it's Joe's 21st birthday!
Doesn't concern me...

no, i am not annoyed, merely extremely pissed off that's all. he shouldn't have came home...

Hans says, I should just hang out with good friends (i.e Fatt, Hao, Jess...) more
It does help...
But I can't just go running to them every time I feel alone now can I? XD

And sometimes
Even if I am surrounded by people, I still feel like I am alone

Is it so hard to find someone you can talk to about everything and random things,
Someone that will never make you feel like you are alone or non-existant,
Someone that can make you laugh whole heartedly, smile deep down from your heart,
Someone that, no matter how busy will make time for you,
Someone who never makes you feel awkward or like a burden,
Someone that never makes you think you are wasting their time,
Someone whom you just know is gonna be there even when silent or away.

It isn't, I just chose not to stay...

Where are you when you are needed?!

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Post no:#830

I like this deviation from DA!!

I'm Over You by ~PARANOIA--7 on deviantART

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[-Saturday, May 09, 2009-]

Post No:#829

0.o"...For a moment, I forgot how to spell "commonwealth" and went "commen" then "comman". Wtheck...


Exam timetable's out, my exams are spread out pretty well, starting on the 16th, then 17th, 20th, 22nd and 24th so I have time to revise more in between papers! Have to start on BIOC1011 (Molecular basis of life...Biochem~) revision! I have no idea wthell the lecturers are talking about in class! >.<"

Got down to finishing my part of the group assignment for the written part of the Veterinary Practice Visit component of our course. Finished it rather quickly, just had to compile everyone's answers, summarise and then write it out again.
So that's one assignment down! Have to do another one for the same course, about the same visit, but this time it's a Professionlism Reflective Task...Whatever that might mean.

Called Hans last night to wish him Happy Birthday and surprisingly, we ended up talking for an hour! XD...His home phone bill is gonna increase by quite a bit this month! But it's worth it for me cause I am no longer emo!
XD...Bob says that Hans is an Antidote for Depression, just a dose of him and you will be perfectly fine, if not VERY HYPER!

Well~ There's nothing much to update. Except that my bank balance is currently in NEGATIVE due to my outrageous mobile phone bill from month. Eh heh...I just have to wait till 16th May, then I can get my term deposit out and I will have money again! Don't really like borrowing from people, I guess it's a personal thing, but times like these, what can I do!?

That's it!

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, May 08, 2009-]

Post No:#828

It's that time of the year again~

XD...Hugeass photos of Hans throughout the years must be uploaded!

2004 (Kapo-ed from Class photo! XD):

2005 (Ms.Lum commanded us to bring Hans for a haircut! The day Bob walked around Singapore with his pants undone and almost walked into the ladies! XD):

2006 (Teacher's Day):

2006 Major Unglam! (Sentosa, the day before Hans goes BOTAK for Singapore!):

2007 (Airport! The day I am due to leave Singapore...CAMWHORE!):

2008 Dec (Airport again!! Sending Bobby off! Stop taking photos of me and Bob!):

2009 Jan (Hong Kong Wang Jiao Cafe, White Sands, talked till 3am with Yeleng. Thanks man!)

2009 NOW (Kapo-ed from your Facebook lah!):


I think you looked your youngest in 2006 man! XD...
Anyways, Thanks for the long chat on the phone! ^^
There ain't much to say that I haven't already told ya!
So...Happy Birdday!

Published: 2.00am Aust Time, 12:00am Singapore time.

*Jack Black Ah!?!?!?!!?* XD XD

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, May 07, 2009-]

Post No:#827


Oh, had lunchies with vet peeps today (Oriana, Cindy, Chloe and Kevin) at Song Authentic Malaysia Chinese Cuisine. The Hainanese Chicken Rice is nice!!!! Kevin ordered the chicken curry with rice which looks SUPER NICE too! And their portions are pretty big, I ate at 1pm, and I am full till now! And the Chicken Rice costs less than $10!! (Yes, in Singapore it would be $3...But here, less than $10 is a feat, esp with the portion size)

Hmmm...Nothing much happened today other than that. Worked out, and didn't feel like dinner so I marinated the fish and left it in the fish. Crumbing and baking it for lunchies tomorrow, with mushrooms...and some sauce that I will make up as I go.


Cheesecakes tomorrow too~ Have owed Hao and Kit long enough. XD...Their 100 individual cheesecakes 0.o" Obviously I am not gonna make a hundred. Just 12 (2 for my household, 6 for the Hao household, 2 for Jess and Vanessa, 2 for Fatt *or smth like that*).


I am like damn hyper...GUESS WHY?!!?!

I went online shopping again!!! 6 pieces of items (2 jeans, 2 tops, 1 long vest, 1 trackpants) for SGD$123.45 including shipping and handling fee! I love Orangebear, I love and I LOVE TAIWAN STUFF (is cheap!)!!

ANYWAYS....I will be updating again in about an hour's time. =D

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, May 06, 2009-]

Post No:#826

YAY! Dinner at Hao's tonight! Can't be bothered to cook for only myself...And I don't know what to cook either. >.<"...


Goodbye My Love by =NiehnaRosa on deviantART

Love Don't let me Go by =NiehnaRosa on deviantART

My Love by =NiehnaRosa on deviantART

Moment To Say Goodbye by ~Ci0n on deviantART

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[-Monday, May 04, 2009-]

Post No:#825


I. CAN'T. GET. TO. SLEEP!!!!!!

Am gonna go nuts soon! It's like, I went to bed at 10.25pm, and just can't sleep! I don't even know why!!

Tried everything that normally works; reading (I finished the whole book of 376 pages in these 4 hours...), eating something (I got hungry, and I can't sleep when I am hungry), listening to 'relaxing' instrumental music, listening to old karaoke sound clips (yes, I can fall asleep with those)...Nothing is working, I can't win!

Maybe I should try banging my head against the wall...

*Note to self: Once I wake up - Pharmacy/Kin Fatt - Sleeping Pills*

-Logged Off-


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Custom Image by: Ho Yan Hao, Singapore
Coding: With help from