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[-Tuesday, December 30, 2008-]

Post No:#771

Okay, I SWEAR a proper post with photos will be up BEFORE New Year, cause I prolly will have other photos by then...XD

But a quote from Hans:

Me: *Attempts to sing some random high pitched song during KTV with a sore throat*
-After the song-
Hans: "聽完盈璇唱那首歌, 要回家拜拜了啦!" (Translate: After listening to Ying Xuan sing that song, have to go home pray pray!)
Me: "Is cause I sore throat lah! You make me sing somemore...=.="
Hans: "Ya lah ya lah..."

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[-Sunday, December 28, 2008-]

Post No:#770

Something I am lemming after a.k.a something I wanna get as a gift...XD XD

Nike "Original Waffles" Windrunner in brown.


Hahas, yes, I updated this just to say that. OF COURSE NOT!!! I am quite capable of getting it myself, even though I have no idea how much it costs! Well, its always nice to get a gift that you want right?

Well, I am half kidding about the present thing, but I don't mind if there's someone that wants to give this to me..But seriously, why would anyone? 0.o"...

CNY is almost here, it's less than a month away. Clothes shopping's all done online so I don't have to squeeze with the whole of Singapore in Orchard looking for clothes. The main thing I need to get are SHOES...After my BRIGHT YELLOW Mr.Happy Adicolor stint this year, you can be sure I am getting another pair or two of bright/bold/out of place the world/non-common shoes for next year.

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[-Saturday, December 20, 2008-]

Post No:#769

Quotes of the day, conversation with Halif (yes, again)...

Me: So you don't have a date for Twilight?
Halif: No lah, I don't have girlfriend how to have date?!
Me: Oooh, that means you only have "dates" with me!
Halif: Ya lah! There is only room for one asian in my heart! *Starts cracking up*
Me: *Laughs like crazy* Hahaha, Now, I want to vomit already ar!
Halif: *In the midst of laughing* Cause you fill up my entire hahahaha-heart!
Me: Idiot! hahahas, cause I am big enough right?!!
Halif: Ya lahh~
Me: This is so going on my blog can!
Halif & Me: *Laughs like hyenas*


A proper post coming soon~

In the mean time, enjoy my random conversations with my one and only diabetes buddy Halif okay?

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[-Wednesday, December 17, 2008-]

Post No: #768

Halif: "Look into my eyes and say it"
Me: "I cannot see your eyes okay!"
Halif: "Look into my eyes~"
Me: "What eyes?! Cannot see!"
Halif: "No loh, my eyes very big, not like Joe's so small"
Me: "LOL, what sia!!! His eyes are cute okay, not like yours so big and scary can!"
Halif: "I know lah, Joe's eyes so small you cannot see so you cover up right"
Me: "Nonsense la you! That's why I say you are nonsensical and dellusional"
Halif: *Laughs like crazy*
Me: "I am so quoting this on my blog lah! hahahahahaha~"
Halif: "hahahahahaha`"

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[-Friday, December 12, 2008-]

Post No:#767

Halif sings: "Joe. A deer, a female deer..."
Me: *chokes on water while laughing*

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[-Thursday, December 04, 2008-]

Post No:#766

stop pretending by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:55 PM;

Post No:#765




Reason to be annoyed:

1) LJ Hooker Gatton is getting on my nerves. Okay, not the office, the AGENT named LAURA O'DONOHUE. WHY?

a) I sent her an email on the morning of the 28th November, Friday:
Dear Laura,

Hi, this is Karie Pour from Unit 3, 4 Yates Street, Gatton, QLD 4343.
This email is to inform you that I will no longer be extending my lease and will be vacating the property on the 2nd of December 2008, which is when the removalists will come and move all my furniture and other items. I will only be back in Gatton on the night of 1st December 2008, but you are welcomed to inspect the property if there's any need to.

Do let me know if there's any rent I am still liable for.


b) By right she should take at most 1 working day to get back to me. No reply. I called her, and she said she will reply my email on MONDAY. BUT SHE NEVER DID! I know, WTF RIGHT?!

c) Called Laura up on 2nd Dec, Tuesday before the movers came to see if she wanted to come over to inspect the property and pick up the keys. She claims to be busy, FINE. I dropped off the keys at the office. And I asked about the email and she said "Oh, I don't think I did reply you." That's right, YOU DON'T THINK...Don't use your brains do you?

d) I emailed her again on 3rd December:
Dear Laura,

Hi, I don't think I have received a reply from you yet, or maybe it went to my Junk Mail and I accidentally deleted it. Would appreciate if you could reply ASAP or send the email again if you already did.


Received a reply from a certain Val Harmer:
Hi Karie

Laura is on holidays at the moment can you give me more info as to the email discussion that you have been having.


SO OF COURSE I BLEW UP! Hello, Laura is the one that's not handing down her work and you are asking me to keep you updated?! This is so unprofessional! WTHELL PLS. So I replied:

Hi Val,

I believe that Laura should be the one in charge of handing her work over. She never mentioned to me that she was going on holidays.

I sent her an email on the 28th November and told her that I will be vacating the property and she said she will get back to me, but so far there has been no action on her part. I really do not appreciate this.


If I get a stupid unprofessional reply, I am REALLY GONNA BLOW MY TOP!
And this is not even the only issue!


2) I really cannot stand people that don't do their research and just come to me expecting me to answer all their questions.

HELLO, I don't even LIVE in that region alright? It's ANOTHER STATE ALTOGETHER! You think Australia's like Singapore or something!? Yes, fine, you might not know how to do your VISA or something, but to send your application forms to me and asking me how to fill them int, and asking me to look for accommodation (to which I refused), to find where your FREAKING TAFE CAMPUS is and so on is REALLY going too far.

You wanna borrow money from bank also come and ask me. You THINK I BANKER ISSIT?! WTF Please?! If you can't be bothered to do your own research THEN DON'T BLOODY COME. I can understand if you are 16/17/18 but not if you are like 24/25!


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[-Wednesday, December 03, 2008-]

Post No:#764

RANDOM MEME! Kop-ed (grabbed) from Miss Tham's blog. ^^

Pour Ying Xuan/ Karie Pour

1.74cm. Wished I was shorter...No actually, I don't really, I wished guys were taller. XD

Finally 19

Tomboy or Girly Girl?
Either or. In terms of behaviour and attitude, definitely tomboy, but sometimes I like to dress up~

Describe your beauty routine?
Daily: Facial wash.
Everytime I remember/during winter: Toner + Moisturiser
Fortnightly: Facials!!!
Whenever I feel like it: Make up.

Describe your hair?
Naturally black, dyed "hazel brown" with lighter highlights. Rebonded, parted on the right, slightly longer than shoulder length. Mostly smooth except on bad hair days.

Describe your personal style?
Jeans + tee + vest + sneakers or
Jeans + long top with or without vest + sneakers or
Long top/dress + leggings + boots
Plus small "bling" or long necklaces.

Do you...
Like metrosexual boys?
Yes, but not if they are too extreme. Definitely prefer clean-cut guys with no excessive facial hair though, but going to any form of make up is a little over (lip balm is fine).

Like accessories?
LOVE! Necklaces and watches the most! Some earrings, but not rings...

Like high heels?
Hmmm, I like wedges and that's about it for high heels. But then again, I don't really need them do I (refer to height)? Of course, my favourites are Nike sneakers.

Like matchy matchy, or mix and match?
Matchy matchy! Mix and match for accessories.

Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general?
I guess~ More for the facial cleansing stuff, and less on make up, though I use Clinique for make up, I don't buy alot.

Shop online for clothes?
Love online shopping! Not cause I am lazy (okay, maybe partly) but cause it brings stuff from the rest of the world to me, especially since I am 'big' and SG clothes caters to the 'small'.

Article of clothing in your closet?
White linen long top from Marks and Spencer's!!! That's definitely my favourite, and I have been wearing it since...3 years ago? Goes with anything~

Makeup line?
Clinique for foundation and blusher, ZA for concealer, eyeliner from Shiseido, Mascara and lip gloss/stick from Estee Lauder. So...A large range!

Skincare line?
Suisse Program and La Coline. Damn expensive I know...

Women: Burberry Brit and Very Irresistible Givenchy!!!
Men: Very Irresistible Givenchy, Polo Black and Davidoff.

Colours to wear?
White, black, dark blue, gray, dark green...That's about it! 0.o"

What is a trend you dislike the most?
Super tight skinny jeans, especially on guys. Cause I think they look too damn weird, not to mention the prospect of infertility...XD

What is your fashion philosophy?
Dress according to body type.

What kind of shoes do you like?
Nike sneakers (air dunks, court force etc), limited editions, bold colors (ala Yellow on my Mr. Happy Adidas pair), BOOTS and Wedges.

What is your biggest fashion problem?
0.o"...Everything! Except my height. XD

What trends do you think should come back?
Er...Don't really follow trends.

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
Distressed Jeans or Flared Jeans.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Depends...I ever got ready in 10 minutes. Normally within 20 mints, but with make up would be an additional 20 mins.

Would you ever go out in public without makeup?
Of course! Don't I already do that all the time?

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?
TORRID and Orangebear in TAIWAN! Cause they have awesome clothes for the bigger gals. =D

Is there anything you absolutely CANT wear?
Mini anything and skinny jeans. My fat body and my mind just won't allow it.

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?
I have no idea who designs their stuff, but for brand I am going for Orangebear from Taiwan. They ain't famous, maybe online...XD

Wanna tag 5 people to do this too?
Do I have to?


Back to SINGAPORE TOMORROW! Touchdown 3.15pm, or maybe earlier, cause they managed to get to Sg like an hour early before. 0.o"

-Logged Off-


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[-Tuesday, December 02, 2008-]

Post No:#763

Okay, after maligning Joe in the previous post, I shall attempt to restore his reputation to its "former glory"...(what reputation? XD)...
Anyways, he woke up and helped out with packing the heavy stuff (microwave, tv, toaster) and then disassembled the bed in the guest room. Then...He went back to his computer and slacked while I packed all my stuff away. =.="

Anyways, we (read: I) finished packing everything and cleaning up pretty much on time. And the removers came. So we (read: Joe) helped the movers to move everything up the truck. 0.o"...Never knew he was that strong. He lifted my whole bedside table, made of solid wood (read: DAMN HEAVY) all by himself, amongst other stuff.

Drove back to his place, removed the things from the truck and into his garage & dining room (now a storage, paid $396 in all (3 hours moving + 1 hour driving to Gatton @ $99 per hour). So now I am almost BROKE. T.T

Anyways...SINGAPORE SOON!!!! YAY! I know I sound so happy, but actually I am kinda indifferent. I guess I am getting used to flying here, there and everywhere, so much so that it doesn't really matter whether I am in Brisbane or Singapore cause I have great pals on both sides. ^^

Dinner with Wei Fang later, dinner with Joe tomorrow (probably), then flying on Thursday morning! Have to wake up at 6.30am...>.<". But I managed to get an aisle seat on the row behind those seated next to the emergency exit, which means more leg room for me~ YAY...

Okay...Back to 櫻野3加1!

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[-Monday, December 01, 2008-]

Post No:#762

Joe's a Pig...

He's supposed to help me pack and move my stuff, yet, all he is doing now is:
Lying down on my sofa, sleeping and snoring (albeit softly) while looking like he is munching something at times.

AND IT'S ONLY 9.30pm!!!

Idiot Pig~


BUT, then again, maybe he's tired from that hour's drive down from Brisbane to Gatton. So I forgive him.

But he's still a pig:

A sleeping Pig...XD

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:30 PM;

Post No:#761

Once on the 25th, once on the 29th. Thank you~...

No wait, you should thank me!

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