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[-Thursday, February 28, 2008-]

Post No:#633

Hmmm, I might just be able to get wireless in my house by tomorrow. TPG sent me another e-mail saying that my ADSL service is now active and will begin charging today. Haven't got the modem yet (they are gonna post it over) but it might have already came or I might have to pick it up at the post office tomorrow. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Crunchyroll and Youtube I am back!! Heh...I miss watching my animes, TW Dramas and those random guitar/piano covers. Totally...~

Am kind of dreading the timetable for tomorrow. Class from 8-10, then break from 10-1, then an hour of tutorial + 3 hour of pracs before classes end. But there's gonna be free dinner tomorrow as there's a international student BBQ going on.

Not sure if I am going, cause even though I have a bus at night, the road leading to my place is really kind of dark, with like no street lights I think (or maybe just one or two). Josh and Diogo are just gonna cycle back to their place, Momoko's gonna catch the rail/bus back to city. Maybe I will go to the city too! LOL...Nah, I can't, too much stuff piled up with all the household chores, typing + printing of notes and what not.

Sorry about the lack of media here, but once I get the internet connected, I will be sure to bombard you people with photos!!! XD...

Guess that's about it for now...

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[-Wednesday, February 27, 2008-]

Post No:#632

WHEE! No, I have not gotten my internet connected at home yet. Am just using one of the UQ laptops during one of my breaks. 0.o" I was thinking that the practicals would be more "prac-y" in a sense but 2 of the pracs (out of 4) I have attended are just computer sessions.

The one now (AGRC1010) is still alright I would say (loads of fieldtrips from what I gather), but the previous one (AGRC1015) is just that little bit boring for me cause it's almost like one of those computer classes you have in Primary School? Like how to use the things in MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), how to search for information on databases, how to use Blackboard (NP and TP uses it) and some other IT stuff. Yan Hao was like "I will get full marks if I was on that course!" and I am sure he will...

Am looking forward to the other 2 pracs cause they probably require some thing more normal to me in term of "pracs" like science practical sessions.

Okay...School stuff aside.

Well what happened is that, the door locks for the screen/security doors of my house sucks and they basically just won't work. (Back door won't lock, front door can't unlock at times) That's security for you...0.o". And that happened on the same day! Managed to get hold of a locksmith on Yellow Pages (no, I am not gonna go through the rental agent, you will know why), he works 24 hours but the call out for after office hours is $100 and it's to be paid in cash and I just didn't have that much cash on me, got him to come over the next day and yea, the new locks feel so much more solid instead of the original filmsy ones. (He mentioned that the back door lock was a really cheap one...thanks owner...).

Wtheck...THEN, Ray White (the rental agency) has not yet managed to contact the owner of my place so the kitchen lights are still out! HELLO?! 2 weeks with no light! JEESH...Just get the freaking handyman over, why do you have to contact the owner and let HIM get the handyman?! So tell me, would YOU get the agent to find a locksmith if it takes them like 2 weeks to get hold of the owner to get hold of the handyman!? Jeesh...

Well...That's about all the complaining I am gonna do. OH YEA, I managed to change my prac that was on Wednesday morning (8.00 am, the one I was complaining about of the bus) to Tuesday afternoon and the pracs are basically named after each different major. Was in the wildlife one, but managed to change to the Vet one, so that helps! ^^

Internet connection in coming soon...TPG just contacted me about it via e-mail. YAY!!! Then there are some other minor stuff like I am still getting used to doing everything in my house alone, like meals alone facing either 3 empty chairs, my laptop (with nothing on it) or the tv!

Okay, that's about it...Class ending soon I think.

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[-Saturday, February 23, 2008-]

Post No: #631


WAHAHA...Went to Chinatown to get some snacks and freaking heck, they cost me like $54! =.="...And it was only like 1 bag of items LAH! Neh neh...Totally...EXPENSIVE LAH!!

Anyways, groceries aside. Hao, Joe and PC has been "Deng deng deng deng-ing" all the time (as in piano melody at the start of Jay Chou's song "Secret") XD...kukus.

Hmmm~ What's it like to see someone you know and was actually your good friend like a year ago or something and then not talking or acknowledging each other at all except some glances here and there? Guess it's not a first for me anyway, but still can't get used to it. (Am I supposed to anyway?)

Why is it that, most/some times, when there's a long holiday, friends seem to change and seem to start breaking up within the group. It's totally weird. It's like no matter how close you guys were before the long break, once the break starts and you don't get to meet up during the break for one reason or another, the friendship will start drifting apart and then sooner or later, it will just fade to nothing? It's damn annoying in a way. Hate it, don't want it to happen...but yea, what can I do about it?

But then again, there are those that even though can't meet up or don't meet up for like 1/2 a year or more, but can still hang out like the old times once they reunite. Those are the people I treasure, and they are the ones that I believe and hope that will remain like that forever. Always there, always your friend...

I am like totally rambling off again.

Did nothing much this weekend over in the city. Basically just pooled alot. 0.o" Was supposed to watch Jumper at the movies, but then the timeslot we were gonna go for was full! Jeesh...

Hmm...Guess that's about it.

-Logged Off-

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[-Friday, February 22, 2008-]

Post No:#630


I managed to survive for a week without a mobile OR Internet connection, cause my Vodafone account doesn't cover till Gatton! Wtheck. Gatton is preeeettty alright I guess. Just loads of spiders and webs everywhere.

Oh and BTW, I don't have my internet connection done up yet, and I am just using Yang Hao's laptop at the moment over at his place cause I am just gonna stay over at his place till Sunday morning then going back to Gatton. I am with my AWESOME SOCIAL CIRCLE!!! And I am like a loner or something in Gatton. Well, at least Momoko's having classes with me.

Met a guy named Joshua who studied at VJ before in Singapore. He's 21 I think and yea, he looks 18 or 19. There's also another girl by the name of Yan Yu from Ngee Ann Poly, she's also 21. If I am not wrong there are about 35 to 40 international students at the Gatton campus and I am like the youngest in that group as well. Out of those, there are 10 singaporeans and Joshua is the only guy, and the rest are all from NP or something like that.

Hmmm...Life there is kinda boring with nothing much to do and I hate the timetable!!!! If I have classes at 8am (Which I do, on Wednesdays and Fridays), I only have the 6.30 bus that gets me to school at 6.45, and none of the buildings are open. I am like gonna feed the mosquitos while waiting for class to start. =.=" Other than that it's quite alright I would say.

My mobile is already working now, just signed up with 3 mobile so yea, you guys can call or sms me. I also have a landline...and I think most people will know that already. Internet has to wait till maybe this Friday? So yea...But I will go online whenever possible as I will be using the wireless connection in school or just using the school's computers.

Will update again tomorrow night!!

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, February 18, 2008-]

Post No: #629

Sorry for the lack of updates!!! Been kinda busy since I got back to Brissy! Arrived on Friday night, met up with Tazis on Sat, Sun and Mon nights while going over to Gatton during the day to buy furniture, clean the house and whatnot. sure is expensive to get everything. =.="

Thanks to Joe, Hao and PC for the company these few days ya!? Had loads of fun...^^ Oh, and for helping me out with the enrolment stuff.

ANYWAYS. Notice to Tazis:
-------There will be a lack in connection on my mobile for this week as I am still on pre-paid and the coverage kinda sucks for over there in Gatton. I will be getting my home phone line connected tomorrow, which is Tuesday, and I will be calling one of the Tazis (Yang Hao probably) so that you guys have a number you can call if you need to contact me. (Call between anytime after 4pm...). If it's really urgent, I have left my mum's mobile number with Hao, then you guys can leave a sms there so that I will be able to get back ASAP. Or you can sms my mobile but I might not receive it. My internet connection will probably on be up on 27th Feb or later. ---------

Will be back in Brisbane city on Friday morning or noon, which is when I will be signing up a 3-Mobile plan and maybe headover to Chinatown and get some foodstock. Will be returning to Gatton like Saturday evening. Staying over Kit and Hao's place...I think.

About the house, it's quite good actually. The size is just right (maybe a little big, but any smaller and I will get no dining space. 0.o"), the bedrooms and bathrooms are decent and the kitchen is really roomy. Haven't tried walking to or from the bus stop, but I think it will be alright.
It will take me maybe like 20 minutes or so to walk to the town area or Gatton Plaza to do some shopping so I might get a bicycle. It's also a rather quiet area with LOADS of greenery so my mum reckons I won't fall sick that easily due to all the fresh air. XD. Saw loads of cows and horses there...And a golf course is like 5 mins away from my place and the sports center 10 mins (walking dist.).

CLASSES START on 25th!!! EEKS!! My timetable is kinda decent, except for Wednesday and Friday whereby classes start at 8am, and the bus only runs at 6.30am or 8.10am from my place so I will reach school at like 6.45am or 8.30am...So I am either gonna be late by 1/2 hour or early by 1 hour. Riiight...=.=" Starts at 9am for Monday and Tuesday and 1pm on Thursday. Ends rather early except for Wednesday (6pm).

I don't reckon the timetable is confirmed yet cause my contact hours don't match the amount I am supposed to have. So I guess I have some things to ask during Orientation...

Will be uploading photos ASAP!!! Bye for now!

-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, February 09, 2008-]

Post No:#628

MAN! It's that time of the year again. When you collect red packets and get insulted by those relatives that see you only once or twice a year, and when you get bombarded with brainless questions like "You married?" (HELLO, I am BARELY past 18! 0.o"). It's also the time that the radio spouts annoying CNY songs like there's no tomorrow.

Sounds fun eh?!

Let's see, I had one cousin ask me "Jie Jie, why you so fat ar?" and I was speechless. COME ON, you are BARELY kindergarten/lower primary AGE, and you can ask this kind of questions. Seriously...I was like stunned cause I just woke up from a nap and was fixing my hair. -.-"...

Then I had one relative who's quite large herself ask me "OMG! What are you eating nowadays, why are you SO FAT?!" literally straight in my face, then she can still continue and tell my mum (who was beside me) "You also not bad ar? Eating all the good food right, your daughter is like you, only bigger!" WTFUCK!? Was on the verge on exploding, and she can still ask "CNY, why you look so depressed/angry? Must be happy!"

Ya happy, so freaking happy that people are bombarding me with insults just cause:
1) They see me only once or twice a year.
2) They must get some kind of worth for the amount of Ang Pao money I get. (or smth)
3) They are drunk or high or simply rude.
4) The tradition that kids cannot be praised cause they will grow up bad...(EH? So taking it out on us now right?!)

SO, I had countless people (both male and female) saying that "WAH, you are so tall!" -Yes, I stand at freaking 173cm, tell me something I don't know...-, and then proceed to grab the nearest guy that's older than me (their sons or my mum's cousins who looks as pissed as I am feeling) and say "WAH, you taller than him! How tall are you!?" And once they learn my height they go like "Oh..."
(I think I need to hang a sign or something around my neck that says "Yes, I am tall, and yes I am probably taller than you and any other ppl around here...I am 173 cm, don't ask after reading and please tell me something that I DO NOT KNOW").

Then I had like maybe 2 handfuls of people reminding me about how fat I am (thanks, BUT NO THANKS), and out of those, a handful will ask me why I am not on a diet, OR if I a going on a diet OR have I given up dieting...OI, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Once you see someone fat MUST die die go insult them then you happy or something? SERIOUSLY! I fat then I fat lah your problem? No right, it's not like you are my bf or husband or parents or something...Even if you happen to be one of those, then it's also MY problem, not YOURS. SHEESH...~

Then there a few who seem to have a serious forgettery or something, it's only been a year that they haven't seen me and one of them starts thinking that I am married or something...And there are those that go like "OH, you working now?" or "Finish studies in Aus already?!" OI, I am still studying and it's only been ONE YEAR...YOU NUTS? (If one year can get degree then I am a genius and prob won't be doing my degree only NOW)

The most typical questions I get are like:
1) When you going back to Aus? (I get thirsty just answering this one question)
2) How long are you going to study there? (and once they know it's 5 more years, they think I am a repeat student or something...wtheck)
3) Got boyfriend? (NO NO NO! FREAKING HECK...It's damn annoying that question)
4) When getting boyfriend? (How I know...You think like MacDelivery? Call then send to my house ar?)
5) What you eat, why so fat/tall/big/large etc.
6) When you getting married? OR, when will your grandma have a great grandchild? (0.o"...Refer to question 4)

JEEESH! People...I think I will like print out some cards with all the answers on it and give everyone one card just so they won't ask me to repeat stuff over and over again...


(But it was a good collection this year...Though I rather not go than to get insulted and get like $
$4 or something)

-Logged Off-

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[-Friday, February 01, 2008-]

Post No:#627

YAY!!! Am going on a 3 days 2 nights cruise on the Superstar Virgo later this evening! ^^ Though it's my parents' company event, I am going to "chup jit ka" (literal translation: put in one leg...Non-literal translation: join in) cause my mum owes me a holiday trip anyway! So I won't be contactable from the evening of the 1st till probably afternoon on the 3rd...

Chinese New Year's coming!! And it's LESS THAN 2 WEEKS before I get back to Brissy!! (Yes Hans, stop your nonsense about why I am happy to go back!) I think the saddest thing when I got back was that the freaking Ang Mo Kio ave 6 market+coffeeshop was burnt down or something and my favourite WANTON NOODLE stall which I have been eating at since like kindergarten will only be operating late Feb...T.T...I want my wanton mee...~ Okay, shall stop whining...

Am currently bored outta my mind! Guess there will be about 2 more meet ups with Hans, Talisa and Clarice (or more!!) and maybe 1 more each with others...Heh...

Currently Craving: Corochan's Corokke!!!

*I get cravings where ever I go. When I came back, it was Pancake Manor's pancakes + Easy Way's Honey Green Tea plus Lychee Jelly, freaking NANDOS and St.Lucia Fish and Chips. Now that I am going back to Bris, all my cravings are rushing out at once...=.="*

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#626

Been bored, and I think I have been watching too many idol dramas. Something just came into my mind and I feel like writing it down...

如果現在你喜歡的人在你胸膛哭泣, 但不是為了你, 而是為了另一個她喜歡的人, 然後她說 “如果我喜歡的人是你就好了…”那種感覺, 應該不好受吧?

Yes, I already know the answer to this retarded and redundant question.

Yes I am bored and I know this post was random...Something even more random:

這次改變, 是為了自己, 為了你, 還是為了證明什麼??

Anyways, I will be leaving on a cruise from the 1st to the 3rd of Feb, so if there's anything, just leave me an offline message on MSN or on my tagboard and I will get back to ya ASAP...^^

-Logged Off-


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Post No: #626

Don't know why, but I just don't seem to want to talk to anyone one the phone for long nowadays. But whenever I feel this way, there is only less than a handful of people whose calls I will pick up.

One of them is that stupid ass kuku head! Even though the conversations are meaningless, they manage to pull my mind off things that are bothering me at that moment.

Yes Kuku Head, I doubt if you even know I am talking about you, or that you even read my blog. =P

Thanks for being my friend all this while, and even when I am down in the dumps, just thinking of the times with you will cheer me up a considerable amount, and everytime I get over something, somehow or another the process will involve your help. There always happen to be time on your hands when your friends need help, and that's one of the many good traits you have.

I ever thought that distance or time will take this friendship apart, but I guess I thought wrong, and I am glad I am wrong cause it would be a HUGE loss to lose a friend like yourself. Heh... I appreciate all that you have done since the day that I met you. Even though you might not know it, your craziness has always been the best medicine I can get my hands on, be it whether I am depressed or angry. You might not give the best advice, but your crazy ideas are the what matters more.

You kept me in check, never letting me get ahead of myself. I was never afraid to be me whenever you are around cause I know that you will understand and accept me as crazy as I am.
I am glad that we are simply good friends, no more, no less. Thanks for that you idiot...=P

BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

*Yes, I just wanted to "show off" that I have a friend like kuku head. =P*

-Logged Off-

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