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[-Monday, December 31, 2007-]

Post No:#612

Still up...Can't sleep. -.-"

Rental stuff's driving me up the wall. Submitted the application on the 21st (Friday), still no news, probably cause of the weekends and the festive holidays taking up more than half the time. Might e-mail them about it again on the 3rd.

Been getting quite abit of info and help regarding furniture and appliances...Thanks ya!

Application stuff's kinda worrying as well. Sent in my ARO somewhere on the 12th to 15th. E-mailed them asking if they received it with the TT deposit (which my mum says has been processed), but no reply...-.-"


Might have to return earlier than expected if things don't turn out as they should. If I have to go back earlier, might have to return like mid-late Jan. Zzzzzz...No CNY for me then!?!

Frustrations leads to insonmia?

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[-Thursday, December 27, 2007-]

Post No:#611

YAY! I watched I Am Legend!! Well, I don't know what I am "yaying" about since I slept through the whole movie, well, almost...I only woke up at intervals when the "zombies" appeared all of a sudden. Movie lasted 100 mins, I think I slept for a total of 70 mins. Not to mention the bloody moviewatchers on my left were LOUDLY discussing the MOVIE while watching it. The girls are BIMBOS I tell you...They don't even find themselves noisy, still can laugh. Wtheck.

Yan Hao was on my right, and he was sleeping as well! Heh...I slept cause I didn't sleep the night before, but I might watch the movie again if anyone wants to. Didn't do anything much that day, went shopping before I met them (Yeleng, Yan Hao, Ben and Chun Wei) then met them and went to the arcade for a while, had lunch, then movie, then arcade again.

Went off at around 5...Met my mum. Had dinner at Swensen's! Service sucked. Fish and Chips were so-so.

Craving for Pancake Manor's pancakes!! St.Lucia's Fish and Chips!! Gelatissimo Ice Cream (Actually we have a branch somewhere in Orchard)!!! Lala!

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[-Wednesday, December 26, 2007-]

Post No:#610

Been listening to the clips that I recorded on my phone the last time we went Karaoke-ing in Sunnybank. It's filled with Hao's and Joe's voices mostly, I ain't complaining, I just kinda miss them (as in all Tazis), like ALOT now. Got almost all the songs that they sang, I guess I just feel nostalgic... And the last and only time I visited K-Box ever since I came back, I was stuck singing those songs instead of my usual JJ's...XD. It's the feeling I had when I was in Brissy for the first time and I missed the people back here.

What's making it worse is...Joe ain't getting a CAR!! So there isn't anyone that can drive me from Gatton to the CBD. If I am going by public transport, it's like 3 hours, bus->train->train. Or, if I can, I could catch the inter-campus bus that costs $7.00 and saves me more than half the time.

Wanted to return earlier, but it ain't possible cause my relatives expect me to be here for CNY, and even I can go back, there isn't a place for me to stay unless I go and stay in the holiday apartment earlier and wait for my parents to arrive, which is kind of like a waste of money if you think about it. Plus, I don't really have to return that early now that Joe's being helpful and helping me to look for furniture and stuff. ^^ Thanks!!! (Wahaha, it helps to have a "grandson" literally stuck in Brissy, *I think he will kill me when he reads this...=P)

Getting presents! And I think I am suppose to give out "Ang Paos" when I get back to Brissy and have a reunion dinner with the Tazis.

Oh wells, going out now.

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[-Tuesday, December 25, 2007-]

Post No:#609


Merry Christmas everyone!!

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[-Sunday, December 23, 2007-]

Post No:#608


I just found out that Orangebear (the Taiwan online store) that I frequent online has an actual store in Taipei itself...Whoots! Another reason for me to visit Taipei before Chinese New Year...Heh heh heh.

If Mum agrees, I might just be able to go, either alone or with her. If I am going, it's probably going to be only about 4-5 days or a week depending on accommodation costs. Might go on like Jan 10 or Jan 15, spend a week, then back to SG. Gotta start saving money...But I remember my mum said she would sponsor half the trip, wahahahaha...Okay, ignore me, I am on "high" mode right now.

And if I go...It's WINTER!! Heh heh!! Oh snap...I just remembered all my winter stuff are safely zipped in a luggage in Joe's garage. Riight. But it's a good chance for me to get inexpensive winter gear for Brissy. Am in the shopping mood recently. Cleaning out my wardrobe tomorrow, and might check out Marina Square...

Maybe I will visit Sabah as well...HEH!

Holiday mood!!! Lalalalalala!

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[-Saturday, December 22, 2007-]

Post No:#607

Impromptu outing with Hans and Clarice today. Was sleeping soundly in mum's office when I received a text from Hans asking me if I am free to hang out. Of course I was!!! Met Hans & his soccer Co. after lunch with parents at Marina Square's Seoul Garden...They split up there and Hans and I headed off to Far East Plaza to meet Clarice.

Headed to Spageddies at Paragon for late lunch, ordered a Tiramisu for myself. ^^ Not great, but good enough! Clarice had the chicken and fish combo, and finished with the apple cobbler which was quite good, Hans had the Cappuccino Cheese Cake and it was not too bad as well. Service was so-so...

Decided to catch a movie and went off to Cine for National Treasure!!!!! It's a good movie!! ^^ Love it! Went home after that, so nothing much happened.^^

Anyways, I need to digress, and don't say I am comparing SG to AUS so I should go back to AUS since I dislike it here so much.
This is what happened, the train was really packed when we got on at City Hall (duh) so we had to squeeze into one of the cabins and there were these 2 girls dressed in black, petite like most SG-gals but not skinny. Size 10 maybe? Anyways, I didn't notice anything, but when we got off at Orchard, Hans was going on about some bimbos on the train and I was like "Who?!". Turns out the 2 girls were...Kinda...pointing and whispering something about me with a dirty look on their faces!!
Weird that I didn't notice, cause I am normally a little sensitive to these stuff. But, maybe I am getting used to the typical Singaporean syndrome when they see someone plus sized or FAT. I am so sorry that I am taking up more space than NORMAL, but hey, that's no reason to whisper bad stuff about me, in front of me when you are a TOTAL STRANGER.
Hans called them sizeists (sexist, racist, sizeist...XD), but then again, there will always be people like that around, especially in SG when a size 14 is considered huge, let alone a 16/18/20/24!
It's no wonder SG-eans have self esteem (kiasuism) issues...Must you compare yourself to someone who is worse-off than you in certain aspects to feel good about yourself? Well...No! But some people do it.
So what if I am fatter, or taller or awkward looking or douse myself in bad dress sense? I have no self confidence issues, and I don't see why I should just cause I ain't the "normal" sized person.
People like that (not only strangers, but salespersons and some relatives/"friends") used to annoy the heck out of me. I get so pissed at them, but in the end, I just got used to it. If that's the way SG-eans think, then LET THEM. I don't have to let it affect me, as long as I have friends who know and accept me for who I am, that's enough, I don't have to go all out to impress people I don't know.
So...Typical SG-eans, spare a thought about the person you are bitching about the next time you want to talk about a total stranger who is different, or fatter/taller/worse dressed/poorer than you. So what if you are better? Bitching only makes your personality worse doesn't it? If you are pretty on the outside, but then bitch about people that are worse off, then what does that make you? Spare a thought for the "victim", what will he/she think when they know you are talking about them in that sense? It ain't a good feeling (it hurts you know?), take it from someone who knows.

Hmmm...I had to do that.

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[-Friday, December 21, 2007-]

Post No:#606

Been trying to find and actually RENT a place in Gatton for next year as you people would know!!

I have started to apply for the place that I previously talked about, but I need 100 ID points to apply, and all I can come up with is 80! Stupidly, I threw away those previous rental receipts which would be worth 50 points for only 4 of them!!! And I don't have a license or a motor vehicle so those are out for the points. And I need 2 referral letters from previous rentals for 20 points, but even if I can, I will only get 1 cause I only have 1 homestay!!!! ARRGH! FRUSTRATED!!!

E-mailed the agent about the problem and have yet to receive a reply. Sms-ed Janelle and asked for her help as she keeps a copy of the receipts, so I asked if she could copy 4 of them and e-mail them to me, but haven't received anything or a reply. I guess I will need to call them if she doesn't reply by tomorrow.

On a lighter note, nothing much has been going on, haven't met anyone since my grandma's birthday. Am kinda bored to say the least. So this post is going to be full of crap and stuff about shopping...XD. Yea, what's the world coming to? I am ACTUALLY shopping! Wtheck...

X-mas is only 4 days away!! No doubt I will be spending it sleeping at home or out with my parents. Not really in the mood to hang out with people, and I bet most of them want to spend it with their family or significant other...Heh.

Anyway, not only is X-mas coming, the New Year is arriving as well! And cause of that, I am like cleaning out my wardrobe like I do every year, but I am bringing it up a notch by doing a major re-haul for my wardrobe (Vanessa and Jessica will be happy to hear that no doubt!). Gave some Flesh Imp tees to my brother, and gonna throw/give to salvation army some other stuff, or maybe sell them off on e-bay or Yahoo! Auctions.

AND most importantly, it's time for some serious shopping (that is, online shopping)!!! Went in search for Taiwan Sprees again, found 2 that are taking pre-orders and set down some orders. ^^ Gotta love OrangeBear stuff!!! I've got the links on the sidebar, just scroll down if you are interested. Gonna cost me less than $150 for 8 tops and 1 pair of jeans...^^

Will be getting more stuff from other shops around as well. Will be checking out Fourskin for accessories, Pull & Bear/Marks & Spencers for tops/jeans and some other places for jeans. I am like addicted to jeans, namely the really nice ones with details/stitchings like the ones Kit and Hans have. Wanted to get a few pairs on E-bay Aus, but they don't ship overseas...zzzz.

Hans told me the other day that, he is too used to seeing me in tees and jeans, and when he saw the Student Ball photos he thought that I looked weird in that dress, and it might be cause he ain't used to it...Niceee...

Am going for a new look, what better time to start than on the new year that I turn 18!?

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[-Monday, December 17, 2007-]

Post No:#6o5

Celebrated my grandma's birthday on the 15th!!!! Had dinner at Jumbo, Serangoon Gardens. Food was mediocre (fried mee sua was especially bad), service was bad. Never going there again!! Anyways, I will update about that next post.

Went out with Hans yesteday (16th), met him at Cineleisure, had breakfast and played pool (9-feet table). There was not a single person there today...Hmmmm. Walked from Cineleisure and window shopped across Orchard Road (visited Heeren, Paragon, dropped by Lucky Plaza, bypassed Tangs) to Far East Plaza, where he did even more window shopping, basically window shopped around the whole of Far East Plaza. -.-"

Met Clarice and Irena for lunch (Ayam Goreng), then Irena went back to work, and we headed off to Wisma Atria only to walk in, to Taka, then walk back to Orchard MRT again. -.-"...Went to Challengers at White Sands to get new headphones for my iPod then headed to Hans' place to watch Star Awards 2007 and the match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Man-U won 1-0!!! It was a freak shot! -.-"...Had dinner of KFC! ^^ Then headed back after that.


Having some trouble with the house hunting in Gatton. The place I previously mention is not bad, about 560m to the ONLY bus stop for the ONLY BUS to UQ Gatton. Not that far, 2-3 blocks maybe? It's like walking from my house to the main road near my place. If I miss a bus...Then I am like definitely going to be late.

But like I mentioned, it's unfurnished and doesn't come with ANY white goods at all. Might rent the place, but I need to know about any kitchen appliances there are, if there's no stove and oven then I am definitely not renting it cause I will have to get those as well ontop of other things like laundry and kitchen appliances, cleaning stuff (vacumn, mop...), furniture, misc. stuff like mirrors, kitchen utensils...GOING NUTS!

Still need to look at some photos of the bedrooms and other rooms. Agent sent me some photos, but it was photos of stuff like the sink, the laundry area "sink" thingy, shower, toilet, living room and one side of the kitchen! What the heck!? Asked for overall views of each of the rooms instead.

Might need to take a trip down to Brisbane if things don't go as smoothly, but the only tickets I can get at like 1st or 2nd Jan, returning on 4th Jan...ARRGH! Anyone wanna go take a look for me instead!?!? Still need to look at how close it is to the "city" of Gatton and places like Coles and other facilites avaliable that I might need like a pharmacy, clinic, harware stores etc.

It's 2 hours to Brisbane City by Public Transport!!!!!! That's like going from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay or even further on the MRT! T.T

All these are driving me crazy!!!

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[-Sunday, December 16, 2007-]

Post No:#604


Decided not to have dinner at The Cliff afterall. First of all, it's really expensive, and the amount can be used on my Aussie expenditures instead. Bleeh! Will get my chocolate fondant fix elsewhere!

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[-Saturday, December 15, 2007-]

Post No:#603

HAHA!!! Someone must really love me! Well, technically, it's my mum! I was like asking her about X'mas eve (we don't really celebrate it) and I was hinting (heavily no less) about dinner at The Cliff @ Sentosa. Heh heh, and she said "If you want it, just make a reservation for 3!". Just hoping that there are still places avaliable cause the advert came out on the newspaper in October!!! Gonna try making a reservation later.

Am still looking for a place to stay next year. Found one that's not bad, 2 bedroom unit, unfurnished, $195/week. Owner's doing some renovation, so I get to save a little on the rent if he does as I won't have to pay extra to reserve it. But the harder part is getting the furnishings, went to Ikea's website and calculated the amount for the furnishings that I will need:

Living Room:
-Coffee Table (1)
-Sofa Bed 3 seater (1)
-Armchair (1)

-Double Bed (1)
-Matteress (1)
-Bookcase (1)
-Work Desk (1)
-Table lamp (1)
-Work Chair (1)

Dining Room:-Set of 1 table and 4 chairs (1)

Those things alone adds up to quite a tidy sum, and I still have to get stuff like a fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer...blah blah blah...Head's gonna burst just thinking about those things, plus I gotta set up a internet connection. T.T

Asked mum about it, and she says since I am going to be there for quite long, might as well get the furniture and sell whatever I can off when I get back...Good idea eh? Sofa bed's for when my parents come over, I can sleep on it and they can have mine. Hahas. 2 bedrooms cause it ain't easy to get a hotel/motel in Gatton.

Hate looking for houses and furniture and everything, plus it's not like I can buy the furniture online and just get them to send it over even if they have the online shopping service cause I have to get the measurements for the rooms first to make sure everything can fit! Arrgh...

Gotta settle on a house soon, and to accept the offer. Tons of stuff to do, thinking of heading back a little earlier, but I can't do anything without a car to get me around, so I even if I wanna go early, parents will have to accompany me and they probably can't do that cause of work commitments.

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[-Friday, December 14, 2007-]

Post No:#602

Was supposed to be another boring day at home today. Ended up joining my mum for lunch at her office (Tempura & Sashimi Bento by Azuma Japanese Restaurant...Yum!), then heading off to Yio Chu Kang where my uncle picked me up for BOWLING at Orchid Country Club. I gotta say, it's my worst game ever with only a score of 40!?!?!? *Stun* But we got 4 games, and my scores gradually got better by like 20 points each game. XD. Love bowling!!!!

Hmmm...X'mas is coming again. Another year's coming to an end. Hahas. Feel like dining at The Cliff, Beaufort Hotel, Sentosa for X'mas eve. Kinda ex, but the amount is worth it just for the view, ambience, food and service! Went there once and I have been craving to go there again. I am like totally in love with their Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake...Okay, I should stop. Can't afford to go there, and it's not like anyone's gonna join me. 0.o"

Been getting quite a few dessert cravings recently...Tiramisu, Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake (Chocolate lava cake/chocolate fondant), Chocolate Fondue, Apple Strudel...blah blah blah...

Am rambling again, got nothing much to update...

-Logged Off-

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[-Wednesday, December 12, 2007-]

Post No:#601

Look for the Gold coast post below, it's right after this one!

Anyways, ever since I am back in Singapore I have been sleeping for almost 12 hours everyday, which means that I never did wake up before 12 noon. Getting lazy.

First outing when I came back was with Halif and Vivien!! Went to Changi Village for Nasi Ayam Penyet, Satay and Roti John, then headed to Tampines Mall's Arcade. Played Daytona, and the freaking gearshift was not working properly! Like wtheck...
Went to White Sands after that with Halif cause I needed to get stuff from Watsons. Hans called, and I ended up meeting him and Clarice there. Halif left and we went to the Pasar Malam (night market) Hans' place to "chill and talk", ended up staying there till about 12am. It totally slipped my mind that I have a curfew in SG and that I didn't have any house keys with me, not to mention the midnight surcharge the taxis here have...

Went out again the next day for a movie with Talisa and Hans. Was gonna watch Enchanted, but ended up watching Golden Compass. I was looking forward to it...But the movie was only so-so. Love the animal animations though, but there was hardly any climax. Caught Hans sleeping through some parts of the movie! Hahas...

Did some window shopping then headed to Bugis for dinner with Clarice. Was supposed to have steamboat but it started raining so heavily!! Had Fish & Co. instead. The Baked Salmon (Baked salmon with citrus herb crust served with creamy mushroom sauce) was pretty good! But for Fish & Chips, I will wait till I get back to Aus. *And to think I used to complain abt food in aus.*

Spent the rest of the week with my parents. Went to my grandma's place!!! Had my fav chicken curry, sotong balls (so wrong...), soup and more! Hee hee...

I miss Easy Way...Got craving for bubble tea, but...SG's bubble tea is totally horrible (well, the ones I tried were).

By the way, I am officially based in Gatton next year. Come visit, or I will! =P

*house hunting is a tough job*
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Note: Half of this post was written on 1st Dec'07

Post No:#600


Am in the midst of packing to go home!! Am kinda partial to leaving actually, cause I am so used to being surrounded by friends here that are practically there ALL the time. Am so used to being able to get people out by just a simple phone call, or an sms. I miss my "grandchildren" ALREADY LAH!!!!! T.T

Guess it's all gonna change when I am back in SG cause...Well...Everyone will be busy with their own stuff, some serving the ARMY, some busy studying, some...working maybe? I don't know!



Day 1:

Arrived at Gold Coast, and waited for Samantha so that we can check in and leave our stuff at their place first cause Kin Fatt's gonna be late. Went for lunch, FISH AND CHIPS, which was cheap and really good! But I kinda still like the one in St.Lucia better.

Heh...ANYWAYS, spent the rest of the day in Surfers and the beach. Played Volleyball and Dodgeball, built "sandcastles" only to be demolished by Kit, Joe and Yang Hao! Buried Ping Chiuan and gave him boobs, abs and yea...a dick. XD

Went back to the girl's hotel, got our stuff and headed to our hotel. IT's AWESOME I tell ya! Anyway...Showered, and got ready for DINNER!

Heh heh, was at the Korean BBQ place we went the other time as well, dinner was AWESOME as usual...AND...O-M-G, was totally taken back when Joe, Kit and Kin Fatt appeared with a cake ALL THE WAY FROM Brisbane city, kudos to David (aka pillow), and roses from Joe! Thanks guys, you people made my 18th the best EVER! OH YEA, and they got drinks as well, like ICE WINE (my fav, kudos to Joe, Kin Fatt and Kit for getting it! ^^), vodka and Jim Beam. Thanks for remembering what kind of cake I like as well!! Thanks for the dinner treat!!

Went back to the girls' place to play cards and celebrate...I think some of us were half drunk already by the time we left (me, Joe, Ping Chuian and Wei Fang). Continued playing cards and drank Ice Wine back at our hotel room. ^^ Who ever lost has to do the amount of push ups that represented the amount of cards they lost by. Haha!

*I think I am hooked on Jim Beam!*

Day 2:

Woke up early and went "swimming" with the guys. The pool has a water-current-creating-thingy and it caught me a few times by surprise. Spent most of the time in the hot tub though... Guys taught Kit to swim! ^^ Headed back to the hotel room to get ready for lunch with the girls.

Went for lunch at a random Jap place. Food was good though! ^^ Then some of the girls headed off to do manicures, while the rest of us went off for more shopping and bowling! Bloody Hell...These people CAN bowl LAH!! Strikes here, there and everywhere, triple strike by Joe. 0.o" Me and my big mouth was like "If you triple strike, I treat you to dinner." and he did! Wtheck...
Went to Hazel Tea Shop to get bubble tea again!!! Can't really remember the rest of the details. I think we had dinner at Macs and this group of Year 12 Aussie guys that were there for Schoolies sat down and started talking to us randomly...0.o"

Guys left for Infinity, girls watched a movie on the hugeass tv right smack in the middle of Surfers, and I left for the hotel cause I was feeling tired...

Day 3:

We WENT FISHING!!!! Kudos to PC and Samantha for booking and planning it! Everyone was all right at first, but pretty much most of the girls (exception of Samantha and I) got seasick cause they ain't used to it. Joe and Hao felt a little queasy as well.

OH! They saw DOLPHINS!!! And I saw freaking jellyfishes...-.-"

Went back early cause we didn't get any fish and cause most of us were feeling sick. guessed it...SHOPPING again! Ok, maybe it was just me, cause the Hao, Joe and PC went to Timezone to "game" but didn't play any...and I was hunting for gifts to bring home.
Went bowling AGAIN and Joe got triple strike AGAIN! Wtheck...And it was at the end of the 2 games (fell off the freaking chair! -.-") and thus I owed him a pair of shoes...(Which in the end, I didn't pay for...XD).

Samantha and Stella went for their haircut...And then we went to wait with the girls at their hotel after collecting our bags from ours. Left them there and went o Harbourtown with Joe for even MORE shopping. Bloody hell...My budget literally exploded and crossed $300 the 3 days I was there...0.o".

Bought jeans for my bro, and got something else. Shopped around quite abit and then headed to the train station to head back to the city for dinner with Tazis at Citywok!

Okay, that's the end of the GC thingy....

Am tired...It took me quite a few hours for this post!

-Logged Off-

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