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[-Tuesday, October 31, 2006-]

Post No: #385

Heya peeps. Like I said I am on an Anime Marathon and now, I am addicted to the opening themes of Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note animes!

Well, I have found the videos and will be putting them up with the lyrics so this post might just end up really long.

First up. Hell Girl opening theme.

Sakasama no Chou by SnOw.

Sakasama no Chou
Vocals: SnOw

Itsuka hikari ni mukau Sakasama no chou
Kimi to kami o kiru Kagami no naka
Jugyouchuu no rouka Hibiku ashioto
Taezu ame no oto ga Tsuite kuru yo

Kanjiru mama no katachi wa mabushii
Amai hana ni naru Doku no mi ni mo naru
Kyou mo ame Ano hito ima mo
Sora to sora de tsunagitai no

In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no omoi o Bokura wa dokoka ni nokoseru darou ka
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no omoi o Bokura wa doko made mamoreru darou ka

Kimi wa oboete iru no Sakasama no chou
Meeru no yariyori wa Toritome mo nai
Nagasarete ite mo Oyogereba ii
Taezu hito no koe wa Nami no You ni

Shinjiru mama ni Tsutaeru merodi
Yasashii rizumu Nakidashisou ni naru
Itsumo ame Ima ga mirai e to
Tsuzuku Sou omoitai yo

In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no katachi o Bokura wa dokoka ni nokoseru darou ka
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Sorezore no katachi o Bokura wa doko made mamoreru darou ka

Kotoba ni naritagaranai kimochi ga arimasu
Hito ga ikura te o nobashite mo Hito no naka ni todokanai basho ga aru
Koe ni naranai hitori hitori no omoi ga suki dakara
Nanika ni naranakute mo itsu no hi de mo kawarazu

In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no omoi o Bokura wa dokoka ni nokoseru darou ka
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no omoi o Bokura wa doko made mamoreru darou ka
In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no katachi o Bokura wa dokoka ni nokoseru darou ka
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Sorezore no katachi o Bokura wa doko made mamoreru darou ka

In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no akogare
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no kagayaki
In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no tokimeki
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no kandou
In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no manazashi
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no guuzen
In this Craziness, Uncertainty
Hitori hitori no nukumori
In this Craziness, You gave me life
Hitotsu no yakusoku


And now the Death Note anime opening theme.

The World by Nightmare.

Vocals: Nightmare

Hirogaru yami no naka Kawashiatta Kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai kara

Kajitsu ga tsugeta mirai
Risei o wasureta machi
Kuroku yuganda ima o
Yume, risou ni kaeru

Doushite? Boku wa kowareta meshia?
Dare mo ga nozonda "owari" o…

Hirogaru yami no naka Kawashiatta Kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai
Itsuka boku ga misete ageru Hikarikagayaku sora o

Doushite? Boku wa kowareta meshia?
Dare mo ga yumemita "rakuen" o…

Hirogaru yami no naka Kawashiatta Kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai
Itsuka boku ga misete ageru Hikarikagayaku sekai o

English lyrics are also avaliable at the source.

Source:--> Hell Girl <-- -->Death Note <--

Nothing much been going on. Totally rotting away.

If anyone knows where I can get the Sakasama no Chou song, please tell me! I can't find it anywhere. But if you want The World, I have.

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, October 28, 2006-]

Post No:#384

Heya peeps. I am on a Anime Marathon now. Hahas, currently watching Death Note, Tsuabsa Chronicles and Jikogu Shoujo (Hell Girl) all on Youtube.

From what I know Hell Girl can be download as bitTorrent files and its the whole of the first season at that. BUT, I downloaded it (all 26 episodes in less than 5 secs), but can't play the file. DAMN, anyone can help? I am like stuck on Youtube's episode 3 currently and it sucks.

Hell Girl is well, about thise girl, form hell (duh) and she will help you to take revenge by taking the person you have vengence with straight to hell, by give you a straw voodoo doll with a red string tied around the neck. If you want her to revenge for you, all you ahve to do is to pull the red string, but by doing so, you have a contract with her that is that when you die, your soul will go straight to the depths of hell...To contact her, you have to access a website at the strike of midnight and enter the person's name. The series are like short stories, but they have no link whatsoever. (Well, as far as I can see)

Tsubasa Chronicles, I am at Episode 47. Its a crossover series featuring Kurogane,Mokona, Fye, Sakura and Shaoran from Cardcaptor. No idea which anime the first 3 are from...But still, the story is like Sakura lost all of her memories (they are feathers), and they are all on a journey to get them back. Of course, there are villans almost in all the episodes.

Death Note, I am sure I don't have to emphasize on the storyline cause its already in the movies, BUT, I have yet to watch it. I am broke and no one is free. Baka...Lolz. Anyways for those that don't know, Death Note is about a Death God (Shinigami), that is bored, dropping his Death Note into the Human World. Anyone's name that is written in the book would die. And after writing the person's name, you have to write how he died in the next 40secs, followed by the details (location/time and so on) of death in the next 6mins and 40 seconds. A guy called Light found the book and started eliminating all the criminals on Earth which caught the attention of the Police, whom can't find anything and enrols the help of a legendary detective who goes by the name of 'L' and does noe let anyone see what he looks or sound like, nobody knows who he is. Its a battle between genius and genius against time. Whoever finds out the other first would die first. So yeah, thats what the story is about.

My favourite so far would HAVE to be Death Note followed by Tsubasa and then Hell Girl cause Death Note has the best storyline and plot, Tsubasa has the cutest characters and Hell Girl, well, is just short stories made into a series. But they are all very much worth watching.

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, October 27, 2006-]

Post No:#383

Alright peeps.

I have submitted my tee design to Flesh Imp via e-mail and after looking at the current short-listed designs, I know I don't stand any chance. Take a look at those designs that will blow your mind --->Here<---.

Mine didn't even have the Flesh Imp logo or words on it...And all of the short listed ones do. Shit...I knew I should have added the logo...Oh wells, I will take it as a lesson then. Acutally, I think some of the designers for the tees are blogskinners as well, cause some designs give off the vibe that I see in some blogskins and also the style and pattern/brushes. But still, these people are GOOD. Some are complicated while others are real simple...Now I am starting to think my design looks super lame. Hahas.

And I had to submit the one with my brother as the model, and he was wearing another brand of shirt, how dumb am I?! Jeezz...

Will be going for facial some time this week. Heading down to Orchard and maybe check out Vivocity. I am still totally broke, but if you wanna hang out, can ask me also. Hahas.

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, October 26, 2006-]

ost No:#382

Alright peeps. As promised, this post will be the gallery of Chance and Charm (currently in the progress of being called Baby...-.-")

First up are Chance's photos. Currently 7 mths.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Okay, let him sleep. Now, here are Charm's photos. Currently 6mths old.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

And here's their father...Currently...I think he looks like 10...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Kidding lah. That was spotted at the SKC Dog show at expo...Hahas.

Nothing much been going on...

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, October 25, 2006-]

Post No:#381

Heya peeps.

I received the eCOEs and CAAW documents from Australia already. In short, those are the documents that will enable me to get my Student Visa to study there. And since they didn't mention anything about refunds for the application I made to stay at Foundation House, I guess that there is space there and I am staying there. No homestay, and no more of wondering how my homestay family would be like.

Have to go see a lawyer to get the photocopied versions of me and my parents' passports certified. Have to go for a medical check up too. Somemore, my parents will be away for the next week or so. I only have till Friday if I want to get my Visa done before my parents fly off to China. Thats alot of time I have to waste ya?

Will post up some photos in my next post, promise, but I don't know when my next post will be either. I am feeling so down lately that I don't know what's wrong with me, and watching High School Musical so many times on Disney Channel does not help at all...

-Logged Off-

*Chance and Charm(the new pup) seems to be able to sense what I am feeling, Chance keeps clamblering all over me and laying down beside me as I use my lappy in the living room, his way oof comforting me I guess...Charm on the other hand keeps up his puppy antics and makes me laugh...*


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[-Saturday, October 21, 2006-]

Post No:#380 (EDITED)

Heya peeps.

Been MIA for a couple of days now. Let's talk about that outing with Tata, Hans and Clarice ya?

Well, we were supposed to meet at Tampines Mall for dinner then just sit and talk somewhere before heading home. Wanted to watch Death Note, but Hans watched it already. Anyways, I met Talisa at Pasir Ris before we headed down to Tampines to meet Hans and his gal. Saw Eileen and Steph Chong there and talked to them till Hans came.

Nothing much to talk about, ate at Billy Bombers then went to Mac's to chill. Basically, this meet up was just all talk and nothing much. Catching up on what's been going on, and just talking nonesense. Hans didn't change that much. Still the funny guy he is. The crewcut takes a little getting used to though, hahas.

For his reputation's sakes, I won't put up his face here.

Now, for today.

Went to the Singapore's Kennel Club's dog show at Expo Hall 4A. Saw like tens of dogs there. The more common ones were the Huskies/Malamutes, Golden Retrievers or Cocker Spaniels. There was this Husky that looked like a long haired Malamute!!! And it was like gigantic! Many dogs, many peoples and loads of doggie accesories.

As you can tell, I am not exactly in the mood to blog funny. No idea why I am blogging either.

Alright, only 1 thing to say before I go 'plonk' on my bed:

You never know how much you missed someone before you actually get to see them. That's when all those past memories come flooding back...

No, I am not emo, neither am I in love...

-Logged Off-(Will blog about yesterday's meeting later today...Its saturday!!!)


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[-Friday, October 20, 2006-]

Hey peeps!

I don't know what's wrong with Blogger, cause I can't seem to see my Tagboard and the rest of the navigations. Checked the code and its alright though. I think its only happening to me cause I checked other blogs and they seemed fine, except Xiaxue's...Bah...

Anyways, I rotted at home today. Received a call from Dr.Chan who is my lecture for one of my lectures. Heres how the conversation went (M=me, L= lecturer)

L:Hi, may I speak to Ying Suan?
M:I think you mean Ying Xuan? Yeah, thats me.
L:Oh okay, I am Dr.Chan your lecturer for your so-and-so lesson. I didn't see you in class today, are you sick?
M:Ermm, no, I am not sick, but I already withdrew from my course.
L:What do you mean you withdrew from your course?! What do you mean by that!? (fierce...)
M:I mean that, I already submitted the form for the withdrawal from the course that I am attending.
L:OHH! So you are going to study abroad? (how did he know?!)
L:Oh okay then, I will take note of that. Bye!
M:Ok, bye.

WHY do people keep calling me Ying SUAN!?!?! Jeez, they totally have to stop that habit and call me Ying Xuan instead. Even the Australia the other day could pronounce my name right without any correction from me. -.-"...Okay, sorry, I side tracked. Anyways, so that was the conversation, I wonder if I will be getting more conversations like this...0.0"...

Nothing much has been going on till Hans called from camp. Looks like he is going to be using his normal phone number now, so I can delete the rest. Talked to him about the happenings, like I "dropped out" from my course, my mum buying a new dog and some other random stuff. Going to meet him tomorrow night! Like FINALLY!!! And Talisa is also free! Might be catching Death Note with them if possible, if not, I think we will end up like those uncles at the coffeeshop and talking while drinking coffee...0.0"...

Talked to him for about 1/2 hour, he didn't suan me like last time, so I was a little not used to that, but he still suaned he rest like he did before. Heh. Its been more than a week since I talked to him and more than a month since I last met him. That goon. He says he might not be able to make it for my birthday cause around tha time, he would be in Tekong for jungle training for a week! Damn, and I thought I could celebrate my last birthday in SG with him around along with the rest of the peeps.

But still, distant friends are better than no friends...Hahas.

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, October 18, 2006-]

Post No:#378

Heya peeps!

Went to the bank with my mum to get a bank draft for paying the 1st semester's fees. Went down to IDP after that and there were 2 other students there from SG getting their Visa applications done.

Met Vanessa the counsellor that attended to me the last time and handed over the accomodation/guardianship forms, the bank draft and my passport for them to photocopy. She made an extra copy for my own reference and said that cause my file is under Kelvin (I think), he will contact me when the eCOE is received so that I can start applying for my Student's Visa.

Nothing much then. Came home and played with Chance and the new pup (current nickname:Wei kia (Short guy)) I think Chance is jealous or over territorial cause whenever the new pup approaches me, Chance will try to block his way. -.-"...No pictures of this one yet. Just think Chance, but with fairer fur and smaller but rounder eyes. Will post up the pics soon.

Nothing much I guess...

-Logged Off


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[-Tuesday, October 17, 2006-]

Post No:#377

Hey peeps. Sorry for not updating these few days. Been busy with the course withdrawal thing and getting my body clock back to SG timing.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Well, went to study yesterday and let the classmates know that I am withdrawing from the course. Most of them were like "Huh? Why suddenly like that?!" (thats the downside of not reading my blog...=P...) So, I attended one day's worth of lessons and got pissed at the Maths Tutor. Went to the Mechanical Engineering office to get the withdrawal form, filled it up, then found out that I had to go look for Dr.Tan to approve the form, then attach the offer letters and get my parent's signature on it.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Went out with Talisa after that. Went down to Heeren, and had dinner at NYDC. My first time trying it and it definetly won't be my last. Hahas. I love the New York mudpie. Then we headed to...guess where? Flesh Imp! Hahas, bought the Limited Ed Resurrection 4 tee and Talisa looked around, but didn't buy anything. Looked around at some other shops then went to take neo prints at Cine. My funny face pic, turned out...REAL funny. Jeez, I laughed till I almost cried. ( I am NOT being sacrastic)

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Went down to NP again today with my offer letters and the form which my mum signed on. Waited for about 2 hours before I managed to get Dr.Tan. He is still funny. And he said that it came as a surprise to him, but he heard about me wanting to withdraw when he taught my class 2 months ago...Hahas...

Oh yeah. Guess what. My mum bought another Golden Retriever!! Still haven't got a name for this one, though Scabies might be a good idea. I spent $200 on his medication for rashes. 0.0"...I am broke...Hmmm, nothing much been going on other than that.

OH OH! I reccomend the Missha's Yogurt Mango peel-off Mask for people that have dry skin and needs skin hydration. Its cheaper than other brands and it works really well for me. My pimples are kinda smaller today. =D...

Guess thats about it. Will update again tomorrow after my mum bring me down to IDP to submit the application. Was supposed to submit it today, but she wasn't free, and I had to bring the new pup down to the vet.

-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, October 14, 2006-]

Post No:#376

Once again there will be more images and less talk!

Well, first up, about the school tour yesterday. Well, I went there, and Briony (pronounce : Brownie) showed us all 7 levels of the school.

About the school's so-called campus. Its actually just 1 building, with 7 storeys but level 5 belongs to another company. The classrooms reminds me of Coral's Goegraphy room, with the plastic chairs and a long table to be shared by two people. The lecture 'theatres' are just slightly bigger and the rooms are basically the same with different facilities (computers in the computer rooms and so on). There is a common room on the ground floor where you can play pool, relax or study while waiting for lessons. There are like study areas and the whole building has wireless internet access.

To me, the place looks cramped, messy and a bit 'cranky' in Yan Hao's words. Its kinda old and the lift is not very 'smooth' in the journeys between the levels. Couldn't take pictures though. It gives off a vibe of a private school, only less 'classy'.

When I come here next year (my mum has made up her mind, but she is not impressed by the students there cause they smoke and don't look like they are there to study if you get what I mean. That is only what I feel, not necessarily true), I might have to stay in Homestay, which is living with another family and letting them take care of me, as I am below 18 so I am not of legal age and then the Foundation House is most probably fully booked. I get a bedroom all to myself, but the family might also have other international students bunking in with them.

Thats about all I have to share about the school.

Alright, thats about it. Enjoy the pictures!! And my itinery for yesterday and tday included going to Queen Street Mall and Chinatown.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Hahas, thats about it. See ya guys soon!

*I went shopping today and bought some stuff for some of my friends!!


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[-Friday, October 13, 2006-]

Post No:#375

Hey guys. Am in Aussie now. 2nd day. Using the dial-up connection in the room! Pretty cheap, AUD$50 for 3 days. Its like 5.34am in Brisbane right now, which is 3.34am in SG. Slept early cause I didn't sleep on the plane. Managed to watch 2 movies. Cars and The Devil Wears Prada!!!! Whoots! More about that later.

I am in Brisbane for less than 24 hours, and I already have 69 photos to edit on my laptop!! So first up are the pictures I took on the plane.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Note: They are taken at different times...0.0

Next up, from the Airport to the City:

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Okay, lastly, the photos of the view from my apartment (Oaks Lexicon) and the city itself.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

RIGHT! Thats the end of the pictures.

Well, one funny incident. My parents were cooking and there was alot of smoke. The smoke alarm went off and my dad thought that it was cause the pot of water was boiling. Hahaas. Called the reception told him my room number and whats happening and he sighed!!! We called the reception so many times, once for the adapters, another for the internet connection, then again for the stove and then the smoke alarm...-.-"...

Got to go bathe! Take care and I hope you all enjoyed the photos ya?!


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[-Wednesday, October 11, 2006-]

Post No:#374

Now peeps. My last post before heading off to beautiful Brisbane. (Some of you are going "Go already!" right? =P)

Anyways, I made a trip to pick up my mum from her office before heading down to IDP. More about that later. When I went to my mum's office, there was an accident. A van ran into this jewelry store at the bottom floor of the building next to my mum's office building...Managed to get 1 shot of the accidents. There were like so many people swarming all over the place...

Went to IDP. IDP is like an agent for people who wants to study overseas. All the people there graduated from Universities in Aussie. So they know more than other agents cause they themselves went through that stage before. My counselor was Vanessa. She kinda reminded me of Ms.Lum and she is really friendly. She gave me tips of what to bring/what not to bring, bank accounts, phone plans and all the rest. She was able to answer all my mum's and my queries. Nothing much there. I think I will be getting my student VISA done there, along with my acceptance form if I don't get it done in Aussie...

So I guess I would be studying in Aussie afterall. 0.0"...After so long of on and off confirming, I am kinda...skeptical about this whole thing. -.-"...

Oh wells, all my stuff is packed except this lappy. Am bringing it along in my sling bag. I don't want my laptop to go banging around the lugguage when they throw it around. 0.0...You people enjoy life here ya?

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#373

Hey peeps! This would be my second last post before heading down to Brisbane. Will update again before I leave for the airport.

Not sure about the flight length, but if should be about 7-8 hours. Midnight flight as usual. Boarding at 11.45, and will reach the airport at about...9.30?? Not sure, but my mum checked in via internet already.

Taking SIA!!! I love SQ planes to bits!! One of the comfiest and have personal entertainment system instead of having to share 1 screen with so many people. Am so going to watch movies on the flight AGAIN. I am so pathetic that I have to watch movies on planes when I go on holidays instead of movie theathers...-.-". Hopefully they have some of the movies that I wanted to catch but never seemed to be able to watch. If I don't sleep, I might be able to catch at least 3 movies. 0.0"...Panda eyes in Brisbane? I don't think so.

My packing is not done, my camera batteries are not fully charged, my iPod is somewhere in my room, my make-up is still strewn over my dressing table, the registration forms (for the foundation Year, just in case) are in the NP paper folder (how ironic) and the itinery is still not planned. But the car that my dad will be driving around there has already been rented. Maps are not printed (plan to get them at the airport) and the addresses are still in my e-mail inbox.

Looks like I have loads to get done tomorrow. Better get to bed.


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[-Tuesday, October 10, 2006-]

Post No: #372

Hey guys!

Recently, I find myself wanting to catch all episodes of <> (translates into As a female, I rule) shown on SCV Channel 54, every weekday at either 8 or 8.30pm, can't really remember. Basically, its an entertainment 'talkshow' held especially for girls/women. Topics range from how to wear latest make-up trends to wearing lastest fashion pieces and so on, basically, its about prettifying yourself.

So, yesterday, I went in search for other episodes at Youtube. There is one that I find VERY useful. It's an episode, that solves hair styling problems, from flat hair, to tie-lines (I don't know what they are called. Those dents that you find after you release your hair from a ponytail?), to frizzy hair and fold lines (when wearing caps).

I will put up the part of the episode that shows how to solve the tie-lines and fold lines. I think thats what is the most problematic. Cause this is the 2nd part, the teaching part for the fold lines start at 2mins. Doesn't require the use of a hairdryer either. But, so sorry, I can only find the chinese version..0.0"...

The first part of that episode is on bed hair or curls, but uses hairdryer. I think this whole episode is worth to watch. I tried it out today, it works! Hahas.

The user is called --->Chiensss<--- also has other episodes of 女人我最大 and other entertainment shows. Hee...

Well, another thing I learnt from that episode is that if you spray the styling water/water on your hands before combing through your hair (with your fingers duh), it will be more evenly spread and it saves you spraying too much over your hair, like I sometimes do, which is a total waste.

Nothing much to blog about, the two clothes came today and the blue cowl neck one (Faizah, the one you said was nice?) was made of stretch material and it clung to me like freaking cling flim!!! Even worse than swimwear...Jeez. The other one was also made of stretch material but it was not that clingy. How can 2 shirts, with the same size and material and similar cutting be so different!!!! So that blue top, I think I will keep it in my wardrobe till I find a way to wear it out...0.0"...OH, and photos decieve. I doubt if I will buy from there again. Cause, the measurements in the size chart was right for me, but it turns out...-.-"...

-Logged Off-


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Post No: #371


When I have the time to reflect upon my life, I think that, I am really a lucky and happy kid. Sure, everyone has their ups and downs in life, be it emotional or not.

I have great parents that listen when I talk to them and allow me to speak my mind when I am angry. Sure, I get into huge fights every now and then to clear the air, but we are still close knit. The bonus is that they take me overseas almost every year (or more), bring me out to dine at expensive places, buy me stuff to encourage(bribe) me to do better in my studies.

My brothers, they are great to say the least. My eldest brother is usually available when I need someone to pick me up or send me somewhere. I can talk to him about BGR stuff(I know its weird for a girl to ask for a guy's point of view,especially one that is 5 years older...0.0), he makes me laugh when I am moody, buys me stuff and helps me to organize things. Jason on the other hand, pisses me off at times, he gives me some style tips from time to time or I just copy some of his styles (this explains why I am so 'man' in dressing). But, I do have huge fights with him every now and then...Hahas.

I have a great grandma that welcomes me with open arms whenever I visit her, plus, she is a great cook! My grandparents dote on me as I am the eldest granddaughter (was the only one about 7 years ago?). Even though we don't have much to talk about, I have these sense of peace whenever I think about/am with my grandparents.

I own what an average teen in Singapore has, if not more. I don't have to worry over financial matters. I study in one of the most prestigious polys in Singapore (that is not saying alot, since Sg only has 5 polys...Still, NP ROCKS), and my parents are willing to finance me if they send me overseas. What more can I ask for?

I have great friends, from primary to poly:
My primary school besties, I am sorry to say I have neglected them these 2 years, ever since Sec 4 started. They were and still are, my best friends. Once we start hanging out, I don't feel like going home. They give me truthful comments and are never 'fake' around me. They pull me down a few pegs whenever they feel a need to and are honest and open in their comments.

My secondary school friends, I can't say I have alot, but at least I have one that has many, so I get to hang out with many people, and another that I can talk to about almost anything.

Poly friends are so far, the people that have changed me, for the better. I get exposed to more kinds of people in poly and I am glad to say that I get along okay with most of them. I have learnt to "dress up" and also grow up within these few months of poly life.

So far, I would say I only have 3 true friends. Jing Yan, Kai Hua and Jia Ci, thanks for being there when I needed you all. Even though we are all busy with our own stuff. With you guys in JCs stressing over your promos and later on, your As, and me in Poly, taking life as it comes.

They are able to keep most, if not all of my secrets and I feel comfortable to behave like the real me around them, since I have known them from P3.

Others, don't get offended. I know you all are also always there for me, I know I can turn to any of you in my time of need, but these 3, they deserve credit for sticking with an insufferable moron like me for 8 long years!! And they have never ever stood me up when we book a time and place to meet up.

In terms of BGR, I have none, zilch, zero that I can speak of. Never been in a relationship. But I yearn for one. Hahas. Who doesn't? Crushes? I have...Lets just say it can't be counted on one hand. Some of them found out, some never did, some are still clueless (or pretending to be). After finding out, some disappeared, some continued being hi-bye friends, some are still my close pals.

So, I would count myself, as a lucky kid, with a great family, great friends, great school and no-so-great grades.

Why this post all of a sudden? I have no idea. Was blog-hopping and 2 blogs just made me reflect on my life.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:00 AM;

[-Monday, October 09, 2006-]

Post No:#370

Hey peeps!

Decided to buy the white bag afterall. Cause, the mickey bag can't fit A4 size stuff, so its kinda pointless for me to buy it. The white bag costs $15 including Registered post. Quite a steal right!? Even if I go Bugis street and get a bag, it would cost me $10-$20 already! So yeah, I am glad I found this bag online.

And if you want to order clothes from Taiwan/HongKong/Korea/Japan, there is this website that organise sprees regularly. Spree items range from clothes-accessories-shoes, so go have a look. ---><---. Went to have a look there and spotted a spree for Orangbear!!! Spotted that seller about a week ago when I first started online shopping, but didn't have a credit card so can't order from there. Grabbed this chance and ordered 2 tops for the spree. Costs $35.35 altogether(minus shipping fee). So much cheaper to get it from there!! Here are the two tops:

They will arrive in about a month! I hope I don't totally forget about them by then. At least I will have new clothes for my birthday? Hahas. I know they look small in size, but these come in sizes up to 44!! No more Tees-only!!

Yes, I am in an online shopping craze. Someone stop me before I go bankrupt!!! I need a job! If I ever visit Taiwan, I think I will go crazy just shopping there. Heh...Lets make my next holiday destination Taiwan!!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;6:43 PM;

[-Sunday, October 08, 2006-]

Post No: #369

Stupid haze at PSI 140 sent me into coughing fits yesterday. Damn those tree burning idiots!!!

Anyways. Been shopping online for bags. (Yes, online shopping AGAIN). Saw 2 that caught my eye.

The first one is this:

Selling at $10...

The second one is this:

Selling at $29.90...

I am loving both LAH! But I am so broke. I feel like buying both!!! IF I buy both, it means that I will have to get a job when poly starts. -.-"...The mickey one is abit kiddish I know, but its so nice!!! OH yah, my birthday coming. Muahahhaa, in about a month's time. You all buy for me, then give it to me on my b'dae lah!

Okays, enough crap...Stupid haze.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;6:29 PM;

[-Saturday, October 07, 2006-]

Post No:#368

Woke up today with bashings from my mum!! She was using something to hit my head, shoulders and BUTT!

Woke up groggy and she was like "You buy top online!?" (I mention to her some tops I wanted to order online. =P) and I was like "Yah...I want to sleep lah." And she continued bashing my head with a parcel. Woke up again, and saw that my top arrived!!! The one that I ordered from Yahoo! Auctions. People, I swear that when you see it, you will go like "Omg, Ying Xuan will NEVER wear that top." But! It looks nice on me! Here's an image of the top from the Seller.

I know you are going "Ying Xuan will wear that top?! NO WAY!" Right?

And here's an image of me wearing the top. Pardon the camera blocking my face, I just woke up.

A bit stretched. But fits me well (doesn't cling on like cling film). Sleeves are kinda short compared to the original photo, but then again, I have broad shoulders!

The other two tops will be arriving on Monday! Can't wait! Will be bringing them to wear to Aussie on Wednesday. Leaving on Wednesday midnight, and returning on Sat/Sun. Will send you all smses when I leave just as a reminder in case you guys call me in Aussie and I don't think any of us wants to pay the Overseas charges.

Might be bringing my lappy there too. They have dial-up service at the apartment that we are staying at. Kinda looking forward to this trip. =D

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, October 06, 2006-]

Post No:#367
EDIT!!!: Told my mum about the reply from Jenny Aubrey and she decided to go and have a look around. We will be leaving for Brisbane next Thurs (12th) and returning on the 15th, just in time for 'school'.

Well, anyways, before my mum went to meet my dad, we went to Takashimaya to shop around for abit, went to purchase some mooncakes (I totally forgot that today was the moon cake festival!). Then walked past WATSON'S and saw some ZA PROMOTION. They have a limited edition foundation case. Really pretty. Its $29.90 for the case, 2 re-fills and 1 of those bags that you can unzip and become uber big! Great deal, go check it out!

Ate at Sanur, been ages since I last had Indonesian food. I still prefer the one at Paragon, can't remember the name, its opposite Ding Tai Fung. Well, the meal costed $86 for 1 fish, 1 bbq squid(2 in a serving), 2 white rice, 1 serving of the mixed vegetables in curry, 1 chendol and 1 advocado drink. Personally, I find it abit expensive LAH.

Guess that will be about all for today! OH yeah, I made the payment for the 3 tops. Am totally broke now. Not going to be able to shop for sometime. Arrgh. I can't wait for the tops to arrive, hopefully they arrive on Monday or Tuesday.


Guys! I need a little help here.

Guess what? While I was surfing Yahoo! Auctions, suddenly there came a stupid "de deng" sound alert from MSN messenger telling me that I have received an e-mail from..Guess who? JENNY AUBREY!

Like, finally! (I am not blaming her) I sent her the e-mail about the campus tour thing on Sept 20th and she has finally replied. She asked me to send her an e-mail confirming the time and date that I will be going over for the tour and that they will be glad to show me around.

At first, I was happy and smiling to myself, then all of a sudden, reality hits. The e-mail arrived a little too late. I only have 10 days of my hols left. Going there and back would take 2 days, tour would take 1 day. So, no matter what, I have to fork out 3 days, if my parents are willing. Another thing, my mum has practically SET her mind on making me stay here to continue PDI. Even my Aunt SECONDS that, cause she also thinks I am too young!! Neh-neh...

So people, what should I do. Tell my mum, persuade her to go and take a look, or tell my mum, do nothing else and just look at her reactions?
Another method would be to not even tell my mum and just reply that my mum has made me enroll here or something.

This is going to be such a bad day.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:05 AM;

[-Thursday, October 05, 2006-]

Post No: #366

Hey peeps!

Am going to make my payment for those two tops tomorrow. I can't wait for them to arrive!!! Will post up images of them once I get them. Total cost is $62 for 2 tops. Cheaper than Flesh Imp. Wahaha.

Also bidded on another top on Yahoo! Auctions. Some plus size Taiwan top. Purple color. Not really my kinda top, but its nice and unique so I thought I would try it out. Hahas. This one costs $28.90. Will post up the image when I get it too.

Been busy browsing Yahoo! Auctions lately. It's a great way to get stuff!! Cause, you don't have to meet up (unless the person requests for it), and usually, they have some imported clothes from Taiwan, Korea or Japan for plus sizes like me. If you want, you can check out users like Zoan81, alluresuite, allurexl, vogue_fashionplus, charms_wardrobe, lv_galleryzone and cannypie. They carry normal sizes too and most of them are like pre-order so you place an order with them and they order from the person that is selling.

Am thinking of bidding on this top. What do you think?

I am so totally broke LAH!

Hans called just now, and told him Talisa was sick so can't go out. Wanted to hang out with him tomorrow with maybe Clarice and the rest of the guys, but Clarice has to study, so yeah, have to postpone the meet up for ANOTHER week...0.0"...Talked and crapped for a while, then he said he had to call his girl, so we hung up. ARRGH, its been ages since I last saw him!!! I want KBOX, I want POOL, I want BK, I want CINELEISURE!!!!!

Neh neh...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:56 PM;

Post No:#365

Hey peeps!

Been surfing through those Online Boutiques in search of clothes that I can wear, cause I personally think, that I have been stuck on tees for waay too long (yes, I know some of you will go like "Finally!")

Went to (forum) to see if there are any reccomendations but most of those websites are U.S.A products and I don't own a credit card!!! BUT, but, but, but, I saw this website, and its situated in Singapore, but the products are made in U.S.A, and its like for plus sizes like me.

E-mailed an order for two tops from them and are waiting for their reply.

Those are the tops I placed an order for. And for those interested, here's the website for those interested, but they carry large sizes only. Heh...---->ePlusFactor<---.

Other than that, I have been working on the Tee design thingy for Flesh Imp's competition. So far, I have a total of 4 designs on my laptop. Use images I took of urban landscapes...Heh...

Nothing much...

-Logged Off-


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[-Tuesday, October 03, 2006-]

Post No:#364

Hey peeps!

Alright, first up, out to all fashion designers/wannabes who are interested in joining a DesignBattle (as they call it).

Objective: Design a Tee that will win the hearts of the Judges.

Submission Date: 0000hrs 1st Nov'06

Prizes (for each of the 5 winners): $300 CASH
$100 Voucher
10 Limited Ed tees worth $69 EACH

RIGHT, interested? Guess who organised it? (Hint: My fave streetwear company!) Guessed it already? Alright! It's Flesh Imp! Haha! Obviously the $100 voucher would be for purchases at their outlets and the 10 Limited Ed tees are also from them.

Judges are: Vincent Q (founder of Flesh Imp)
Daniel Ong (Perfect 10 DJ)
Finn (Fashion Photographer)

OKAY, heres the website ---->Flesh Imp 6th Anniversary DesignBattle<----. Check it out if you are as interested as I am.

I know I know, I can't draw. Shut up about that ALREADY. Cause, this design does not need to be drawn by hand. Its a tech thing, meaning you can use image editing softwares like Photoshop to create a design on the template that is provided on the website. And since I have nothing to lose, might as well try it out ya?

Okays, back to work!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:09 PM;

[-Monday, October 02, 2006-]

Post No: Nah, not counted as a post, since its going to be real short

I can't stand dumb people?!!! Especially if they answer rhetorical questions and try to make the person who asked look stupid.

I WAS asking a rhetorical question for goodness sakes, and I think everyone KNEW THAT? Puhlease...Like I can't tell a difference between 2 obviously different things when its stated?! Think I blind issit?

Don't try to make me look stupid, cause I am not. Well, maybe I am, but not the THAT extent.

Jeez, dumb people...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:36 PM;

Post No:#363

Hey peeps! Well since its over 12 and officially Oct 2, I shall blog about yesterday, Oct 1.

I went to Kimage @ Kovan!! No, I did not do anything to my hair, I am very happy the way it is now. My parents wanted a trim so they went there and I tagged along. Nothing much there, mum went there for a trim but ended up with whole head dye and treatment too. Lolz. But it was just as well, since my mum had loads of white hair sticking out all over her head.

While my mum was doing her hair, went shopping at Heartland Mall with Dad. Went to visit I.P Zone cause the tees there looked pretty nice, but the sales people kinda freaked me out (I don't like it when they follow you around the shop and keep asking you what you are looking for and whatnot. It's as if I would steal their stuff!). Went to Watson's bought Fasio liquid foundation and I am never going to buy it again. It doesn't offer ANY coverage! Blah blah. Nothing much.

When mum was done with her hair, we went for a late lunch then went home, while I prepared for a wedding dinner later that night (duh?!). Practically wasted ALL of my cotton wool pads on getting the liquid eyeliner right! BAH! Spent like 1.5 hours on my face. If not for that eyeliner it would have only taken 1hour max.! Well, spent some time to look for the clothing assemble that I would be wearing. There was no dress code, so I decided on smart causal since it would be held at Orchard Mandarin Hotel.

Want to see me all glammed up? Here's your chance (don't wanna see? Skip this whole chunk):
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
Hahas. Wore the cap that I bought the other day at MS with Tata. But decided not to wear it to the wedding.
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
I know I have 1 big eye and 1 small eye! Shut up already! Hahas, I look weird in this pic...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar
The whole thing... Just picture a long denim skirt at the bottom.

Well...Went to the wedding and you see ALL types of dressings there. There were gowns, dresses, qipaos, casual (Waay to casual), hawaiian shirt with pants, Jap lookalikes, jeans $ tees...You name it, they have it (except for beachwear...Like duh?!) Interesting though.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Waited for 1 hour before the food was served, but the food was GOOD! But I paiseh, so I didn't eat much. Yes, I have issues with eating with strangers. Total of 9 dishes including dessert! The dinner started at around 8.30 and ended at 11!!!!

To end off this post here's a joke to liven up your day. Yes, I am taking a leaf out of Shunlai's book by adding stories or images at the end of my posts to make it more interesting. =P.

Goony Bird

After many years of marriage, a husband has turned into a couch potato, became completely inattentive to his wife and sat guzzling beer and watching TV all day.

The wife was dismayed because no matter what she did to attract the husband's attention, he'd just shrug her off with some bored comment.

This went on for many months and the wife was going crazy with boredom. Then one day at a pet store, the wife saw this big, ugly, snorting bird with a hairy chest, powerful hairy forearms, beady eyes and dribble running down the side of its mouth.

The shopkeeper, observing her fascination with the bird, told her it was a special imported "Goony bird" and it had a very peculiar trait. To demonstrate, he exclaimed, "Goony bird! The table!"

Immediately, the Goony bird flew off its perch and with single-minded fury attacked the table and smashed it into a hundred little pieces with its powerful forearms and claws! To demonstrate some more, the shopkeeper said, "Goony bird! The shelf!"

Again the Goony bird turned to the shelf and demolished it in seconds.

"Wow!" said the wife, "If this doesn't attract my husband's attention, nothing will!" So she bought the bird and took it home.

When she entered the house, the husband was, as usual, sprawled on the sofa guzzling beer and watching the game. "Honey!" she exclaimed, "I've got a surprise for you! A Goony bird!"

The husband, in his usual bored tone replied, "Goony Bird, my foot!"


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