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[-Wednesday, August 30, 2006-]

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Just wondering. Do Secondary school girls nowadays always act like a twit?

FOR example: They claim they like dogs. And when they see one? They giggle and giggle and move away from it so slowly you would have thought the dog will be eating them up and they like it!

They bad mouth people publicly - "Wah lao, she so ugly.." "Wah lao, she damn fat can...still wanna act chio." "Ey, she super lian loh." the list goes on. And then, they never look at themselves, the ugly thing, HELLO, please take a mirror and look into your reflection properly, and don't imagine yourself as if you are so gorgeous. About the fat thing, how you know she is acting chio? Then the "super lian" thing, how do you know? Just cause you see them acting 'lian' as you so call it? Then how 'un-lian' are you?

Then, another question, do girls nowadays respect themselves? Well, lets not go so deep, lets go and talk about whether they are looking out for their reputations. Maybe they don't care, so if they don't, I can write about them here right?

Seriously, there is nothing wrong to go to a guy's house, even if you just met him on the net. BUT, please, keep your own reputation and don't go straight in the room and lock yourselves in there for like a whole day doing goodness knows what. People can't see through the door, and well, we can only guess whats happening on the other side. And what they guess, is usually not pretty.

Decent girls don't go into a room with a guy and lock themselves in. PLEASE, think about your reputation at the least. GO ahead into the room, don't have to lock the door right? What will the parents of the guy think?

Why this sudden post? Well, you can say I got inspiration. =D

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SO. I am stll awake after that post earlier this morning. Did not sleep a wink I tell you. Its like, I don't know, I just couldn't sleep. So I plan to stay awake till like 12? Then make sure I fall asleep, I am sure coffee will help (to sleep). Then wake up at 7 tomorrow morning, bathe and prepare and go to Coral Secondary for my Teacher's Day celebration.

I totally forgot about the brownies, and I don't intend to bake them now. So, the teachers will have to make do with nothing. 0.0". Oh wells.

I was bored just now, and I went to the toilet with my camera. Seriously, I get VERY random when I am bored. Just take a look at the photos below. None of them has got me, so you don't have to keep your eyes shut.

Well, I suddenly wanted to take pictures of water. So I started playing with the tap. Goodness knows how much water I wasted back there, just for 2 perfect shots. Yes there is a bottle of Dettol hand soap beind the tap.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

If the pic below is not perfect shot I don't know what it. At least it is perfectly timed right?!
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Then I got back to my laptop, and decided to take a shot of it too. Seriously random. My keyboard is totally dirty from that angle. Eeew...The photos are taking too long to load!!!! Forget it, I will use imageshack...

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Took all the shots using the Macro function of my beloved and trusty Panasonic DMC-TZ1 (no photoshop involved AT ALL) that I am sure, will take fabulous photos at the celebration tomorrow. Ok, I am going to get back to more RANDOM photos. Of the koi pond maybe...Hmmm...

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Okay, don't ask me why I am up at this ungodly hour of 4.47am in the morning. Cause, I can't get to sleep AGAIN. Insonmia getting from bad to worse. Any sleep remedies to suggest? The normal hot milk don't work. -.-"

I was thinking about what life would be like in Aussie. I already know where I would be living and studying. Looked at the websites that might give me look-in on how life would be like all alone there. Heck, I even asked Kenny Sia on his blog's tagboard. But that was a no reply thing. Not the point though.

Read through on things about living in Brisbane and all on those holiday websites that seriously irks me. I want to find out on how life is like alone there, not about the accomodations and sightseeing!

I am looking for maybe a blog or something that someone writes on and tells people how to cope and how its like and all. I know it will be different for everyone, but that's me, wanting to find out everything before going ahead. I even planned the whole route from Sec 2. Only the route was interrupted by the Poly thing, which, I DO NOT regret going to by the way. And I was picturing myself in going to USYD (Taylors College) instead of UQ(IES Foundation Year).

Things I have to do before I head to Aussie (Planning waay ahead I know):
1) Learn to COOK properly. (Or I will be stuck with eating pastas and frozen pizza everyday. Something I don't wish to think about.
2) Learn to wash my own clothes. (More of learn to get my ass up and do my laundry)
3) Learn to keep my room neat and pick up after myself.
4) Try surviving without my favourite Wanton noodles, tau huay and pratas. Of course there are alot more food I gotta learn to live without. Who will offer to fly it to me?
5) Err...Sleeping in a strange place. My aunt's house would be a good place to start.

AND LOADS More on taking care of myself. Should I sign up for Taekwando lessons? Hmmm...

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[-Tuesday, August 29, 2006-]

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The neighbourhood dogs here have a serious problem with Bobby I tell you.

This is Bobby...The mini Schnauzer that doesn't look like one...

This is Chance, the puppy that acts innocent, but is full of mischief...

When I brought Chance out to jog with me earlier on, the neighbouhood dogs just sat and stared at him. (Too cute LAH...) Then I got tired of dragging Chance around, so I took him back home and got Bobby out to run with me...

Then, when we went around the same place that I had to drag Chance around, the neighbourhood dogs (big and small, ugly and cute) started barking their heads off, I even heard a baby cry. 0.0". I seriously thought that they have something against Bobby you know. But he just ignored them and went on pulling on the leash.

Oh wells, off to shower...

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[-Monday, August 28, 2006-]

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AHHH. Well. I went jogging just now, and it freaking drizzled after my first round. Bloody hell. Came back, and Chance licked my face. HAHAS. Ok, that was so random...

So yeah, I decided to go Aussie. And I think I will go like maybe 1 week before the 2nd sem starts to withdraw from the course. Otherwise, I have to pay the semester fees. -.-"

I have nothing to blog about. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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Well. About my last post.

I have decided. I will be going to Australia for my Foundation Studies, and then hopefully, continue on to Vet Science after that.

Why this decision? Well, guess my old passion of animals won over my passion for design. Cause, I don't like tobe forced to design things. I seriously hate it, especially when I have no inspiration. So yeah, I decided to head on to Aussie and continue my studies there.

It will be a tough journey, but I know, that I will love it. Cause no matter what, I will never EVER hate animals (mammals to be exact...). Even if I find it tough, I think, it will all be worth it. I hope.

This decision, once made, cannot be rewound. So well, I have made the decision, so I will be going. Some people may think that I am just running away from what I can't cope with here. I thought that too, but now I think, that, I am just pursuing my dream to become a vet and take care of animals. At least, I know that I rather face animals everyday and see them get better than look at papers and pencils everyday and wonder what I am doing.

So with this post. I am just saying that, I am going to quit NP. Faizah, Ben, Vic, Brandon, Linda. =D...I will be there the first day the 2nd sem starts. Then no more. =D...

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[-Sunday, August 27, 2006-]

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Should I go? Go to Australia to take up that Vet Course which I have not yet given up on. I am like really confuse, and I have thought about it like a gazillion times ever since I got my O's results. The E-mails and offer letters are all still with me.

If I really do go. I would be enrolling into the University Of Queensland, after my Foundation Year, which would commence in Feb'07 and end on Nov'07. Then the Vet Science course would start on Feb'08 and end at Nov'2012. By that time, I would be like, 23 years old. Thats not the point. It would cost like, I don't know, I have like counted the cost at least 3 times over in the past.

I have a passion for animals, and also for design. Especially Interior and Web Design. But the thing is I can't draw and my Maths simply sucks. PLUS, the interior and web design industry here is not really doing well I would say. It's like, there is only so many houses and so many websites you can design. And, you have to be really good at it to get projects. (I don't think I am good at designing, though I like it.)

Then, if I become a Vet, its like my passion, and I know vets here earn loads, just look at the price to get your pet a vaccination and everything. Then the Vet industry here is pretty alright I guess. But when I look at my friends that took up their interests as a course of study, they tells me that it seriously kills their interest for it, cause its like, they are being forced or something, I don't know.

I have done this like at least 10 times over, but I am going to do it again. I am going to compare here and there.

-Family, friends.
-Cheaper. By a whole lot.
-I can't draw. I hate Maths.
-I have a passion for design, but I sorta suck at it.
-I can still depend on my parents if anything happens.

-Teaches me independence, a good thing I guess.
-No family. (I can always make new friends. But I will miss my good ol' pals here)
-My science ain't that strong.
-It's more expensive.
-I have a passion for this job, like ever since, Primary 3?
-What if I don't do well, then I won't even have a Dip. to help me.

So, its a tough decision. With my Passion ranking highest I guess, followed by my academics, then the cost, and the friends and family thing. I don't know. I am really really confused right now. People have told me (Like my parent's friends and my aunt) that going overseas to study is a better choice. The cost, my parents said they would take care of it, no problem.

The only problems I have now are the homesickness I need to deal with, my academics and my emotions basically. I really need a counsellor damnit. I mean, I don't want to leave and then regret. But I also don't want to stay here, then look back when I am older and wonder what it would be like if I had gone. ARRGGH. I mean, I already know what it would be like if I stayed here, it would most probably be desiging and sketching what not.

If I am to go, I need to give them a reply by about Sept or Oct, so I have no more time to be fickle about this thing. I don't know. I need comments. I think I will go ask Ms. Tham, Ms. Lum and Mrs. Aziz about it when I go back to Coral. So confused...

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[-Saturday, August 26, 2006-]

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I actually went jogging just now...0.0...

Yeah, you got that right, this girl here who hates running to the core, finding that it has neither any point nor objective went jogging just now. It helped that I have a very energetic Mini Schnauzer that keeps pulling at the leash. Heh. Went like 3-4 round around my area. It was more of a half walk and jog, and for once, it was more on the jogging part. My mum thought I had gone mad when I told her I was going jogging, and Jason laughed at me. What a good brother.

I have no idea why I am writing this here either, guess I just want to say that I am really working on the weight losing. 0.0"

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[-Friday, August 25, 2006-]

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I have something to announce!

This girl here, is going to lose weight. I have set my mind on it like, 1am this morning while on the phone with Hans. Hahahahas. That's not the point. The point is, I want to lose weight and I have set my mind on it. Damn, its even here on this blog, so I am NOT KIDDING ALRIGHT?!

And you people that are going to give me sacrastic comments better hold your tounge and not demoralize me alright!? I don't need your dumb comments that will make me feel bad about myself. If you have anything nice to say, go ahead, if not, then you jolly well keep it to yourself.

Why the sudden decision? Well, that would be the "motivation" by Hans I guess. Well, last night I was on the phone with him. Just talking you know. Then we started talking about Bobby and he said that Bobby said that I looked even bigger than last time and all that so I said "He himself also not much better loh! He also gained alot of weight can." Then Hans said "Yah lah, but you see, people that likes to look pretty right. You even put make up, then do something about your weight man!" But he wasn't being mean or anything so I accepted what he said. Then I have this bet with him, that when he comes out of army, he will see me, at least slimmed down a little, but he didn't take the bet. He laughed LEH! Kuku.

But then, what he said (and what that Bobby said...I will show you, you shall see) really "motivated" me to lose weight lah. I mean, he's not the only one, but when I think back at all those names he's been giving me, like Whopper, I know that he's just trying to tell me to lose weight in a not so straightforward manner. Others have also been telling me to lose weight, but they never did explain what the objective is for, so I just brushed the comments off. So this time, my objective is to let him and that Bobby know that Pour Ying Xuan can lose weight too!

Muahahaha, I have great friends.

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Well. Today was supposed to be another undeventful day. Had insomia AGAIN last night, and slept at like 3+ Thank goodness Talisa accompanied me on the phone till about 2am. Hahas. I have such good friends. =) Thanks girl!

Was awaken by my phone at about 9+ this morning. Chun Wei asked me if I wanted to study at Changi Airport with them and I was like, I am having my hols now, what do you expect me to study about. But in the end, I still went, cause its better than lazing around the house doing nothing at all.

Went to the vet clinic with mum for Chance's monthly vaccination. He is getting heavy, and he won't follow if you leashed him. I am wondering what to do when he grows older and I can no longer carry him. Imagine if he just sits there and just won't budge no matter what! What a disaster...

Ok, so we went to the clinic, then I took the bus to Tampines, and transferred to a train to get to Changi Airport. Reached there, saw Chun Wei and Wai Siong. Went to eat at BK AGAIN! I have been BKing alot lately. Bum...So yeah, we ate and talked, and then Yan Hao came. That guy, he changed pretty much as in the looks. But they are all typically the same from Sec 4. So, we talked about Bobby and some other stuff.

Even Yan Hao said that when we got our O's results, Bobby had already changed abit. I didn't know that time, cause I was in that damned Cold War with him. I think we did more talking than studying. Hahas. But it was fun to catch up with what's going on in their lives. So, we stayed there for quite a while before heading down to Tampines and going to the arcade at Century Square.

It's been WAAY too long since I stepped into the arcade there, I remembered it was with Hans and Bob and Yeleng. Hahas. Played Outrun 2 so many times that some people got tired of us. Hahas. Yan Hao drifted real good. Followed by Wai Siong, then me, then Chun Wei. I finally won someone at Outrun!!! HAHAHAS I am so happy.

Then we went on our separate ways and I met my mum at her office. Went to town with my parents and ate at Fish & Co. Eeeurgh, I am getting sick of Fish & Co. the food there getting like worse from the past?! And I was the one that suggested eating at Fish & Co. How smart right?!

Hahas, so yeah, picked up Jason on the way home, blah blah. Nothing much.

So, today was pretty eventful...=)

MY PARENTS will be going overseas tomorrow!!!! What the heck. They are going to China for a week! BAH! I want a cruise! A trip to Koh Samui! SOMETHING!!!!!

Okay, thats all...

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[-Thursday, August 24, 2006-]

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I don't know whether to be happy OR angry at Mr.Hans.

Well, lets start from the beginning. SO, I was supposed to meet Talisa, Hans and Kah Wei today at 1.30 at Somerset. I was late, by like 6 minutes, Hans and KW were late for half an hour and Talisa was late for 1.5 hours.

So, me, Hans and KW decided to lunch while waiting for her. And Hans kept going on about some soccer guy whose name ended with...I don't know. And he kept saying that I am with that soccer player. And he was like "Later got surprise for you, you will get a shock!" SO of course I was like super curious who what it was. But as usual, he didn't tell me.

So, Talisa came at last, and we went to play pool. But before that, Hans went down and got the "surprise" which was a PERSON. Guess who? Only Hans can think of this kind of surprise, which is Bobby! How nice. What a good friend I have...Thanks man, I really got a shock ar!

So, Bobby came. And he changed a lot.

1) He gained weight, can tell, like 10kg?
2) His hair is still "DAMN NICE" but he cut it so short and combed it to the side. So it looks sorta, weird if you get what I mean.
3) He became like, he started suaning me and then laughs all by himself. Basically, he behaved liked a jerk, and if he was trying me make me hate him. He suceeded.
4) He has begun talking in very "colorful" languages. And also became super pervetic.
5) He is even worse than Hans. Not that Hans is very bad or what, but if you know Hans, you will know that sometimes, he tends to be abit dirty, but its actually funny.

SO OVERALL, he changed to someone that is very unlike Bobby, talking like a perv and behaving like a jerk and all.

Practically ignored him. When Hans brought him up I already noticed it was him even without looking at his damned face. I was like "Han chiang! SO now how? Kbox or Kpool." Decided on KPool, my treat again.
Then we played lah, and whenever Bobby was going to hit the ball which I don't know why, practically ended up on my side all the time when he was playing with HANS, so in the end, I got in his way and everytime that happends, Bobby will make some smart comment like "Wah lao! Road block sio!" And I like just took it in without saying anything until in the end, I blew my top at him and his smartass comments and went like "WAH, Very funny sia. HAHA..Shut up lah!"

I mean, he always suaned me with Hans back in the past, but he wasn't such a jerk. Like HELLO?! Ying Xuan here has feelings too, don't think I can let you suan all you like OKAY?! I mean, Hans' suaning makes me laugh, so its alright, last time, the suanings by Bob was also funny, but now, they are just a pain in the ass.

Ok, enough about Bobby. NO wait. One last thing. Supposedly, Hans and KW were supposed to go KBox and sing with me and Tata. In the end, Hans tried persuading Bob to go KBox with no avail, cause Bob just doesn't sing. Can I say I knew it?! In the end, the guys went off to play soccer. And KW was like stuck in between, but we told him to go with the guys. He still had the cheek to ask me to join them. HA, like I will leave Talisa behind. If someone else opened the mouth and invited me, I might have said yes if Talisa agrees or told him "Wah lao, you all pang sae us then still want to to pang sae Talisa meh?" But since he was such a jerk before, I just gave him that pissed off face and ignored him.

So, at Kbox, we sang to our heart's content, and I was trying to entertain myself LAH. Talisa is a good singing partner! Then, we ate at Yoshinoya's and decided to meet Hans and Co. at Simei. Saw Ann Kok at Somerset MRT and talked to him all the way till Simei. Where we got off, saw Hans and Co. then took the train to Pasir Ris, went to Mac's where, supposedly, they were going to eat and talk, and in the end, we sat there for like 5 minutes, and then Hans said he had to go, and we all went off.

Woah, that was a long post. And no, there are no photos. Bob pissed me off waaay too much. BAH.

So in the end, I don't know whether to be angry with Hans, I guess not.

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[-Tuesday, August 22, 2006-]

Post No: 313

Woke up so late today. Woke up at like 2.30. Guess what I was doing? I was on MSN on a Video Call. Slept at only 5am..-.-"...And I thought I could get rid of my dark circles during the hols. What a misconception.

I have been looking for this song for so long. The song title is "Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng" and then while talking to Hans, he was looking for old songs for goodness knows what reasons, he played that song! Am I practically went mad, that kuku, he won't send me the song OR tell me where to get it. How can you torture me like this!? Hahas, but in the end he told me the webbie, and I had to go look for it myself. Such a nice friend...NOT. Hahas. But in the end, I found the song, but too bad. It was not the singer I was looking for...I was looking for the Jimmy Lin Zhi Yin version of the song. Bum...

Well, anyways, I didn't do much today, I am like so bored, and am rotting at home ALREADY. PEOPLE!!! Start asking me out YA?! But I have a date on Wednesday with Talisa and Co. So at least I won't be so bored. Oh yeah, the sad thing? Hans is going to serve the Republic of Singapore in like 3 weeks time. (If you don't get what I meant, I meant enroll in the NS). Then he will be stuck in there till like Dec. -.-"...SAD LAH. HAHAHA, kidding. One friend arriving and another gone. BAH!

Oh wells. I am really bored now.

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[-Sunday, August 20, 2006-]

Post No: #312

I am so bored. And when I am bored I start thinking about things that I seldom even think about in the first place.

Well. I was thinking about friendships last night. Or this morning for that matter. Wanted to sleep at 1am, but ended up sleeping at 3am, cause I simply COULD NOT get to sleep.

Well. Friendships. There are things that can make or break a friendship. Things like trust. Personally, trust ranks the highest in my list of important things in a friendship. If you don't trust someone, then, what's the point of having a friend that you cannot tell anything to without it leaking out somehow or another.

Some people, never ever find a friend that they can trust to in their entire lives. I am lucky, cause I have a few of them that I can really really trust with my secrets. Hahas. Its saddening to know that sometimes, someone that you believe in, backstabs you and tells all your secrets to someone else. Whatever the reason, backstabbing is backstabbing. And its BAD. Hahas.

Oh wells. Well, I am glad that there ARE ppl I can trust. I have met certain people that just tells whatever I tell them to others, and that is something that I really really dislike and I really hate people that do that. Certain things, fine,you tell others, I don't mind that much. But somethings are just not meant for the public. Yeah, I know, if I don't want others to know, I should keep things to myself right? Thats the problem with me. I can't do that.

BESTIE! This person ar, knows practically everything about me. Hahas. Love you!
These 3...Know them for like 8 years? And we are still going strong. Best FRIENDS too!

This guy ar...(Shakes head). Haha, things he should never say, he won't say. He will only say the very surface details, not the actual details.

Glad to have you people as true friends. =) Stay friends forever YA?

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Post No: #311

YES, I have changed my skin. Blog skin. Not human skin.

Well, today was supposed to be totally boring with nothing to do.

Slept at bloody 6AM in the MORNING! Guess what I was doing? I was on the phone with that kuku Hans. From 2-6, that is 4 hours that I was on the phone with him. And my phone ran out of battery halfway through. Lolz.

Woke up at about 11. Had lunch. Blah blah. Tried to edit my blogskin with troubles cause of the font colors and the background colors. Dumb. I am so not making this kind of colors again. Then my cousin called. He asked me to go to Bishan and donate some money for his flag day thingy. SO, being the good older cousin that I am (ahem ahem), I went down at about 3+ and donated 3 dollars, then went home. You must be saying "Wah lao, nothing better to do..." But remember! I am a gooood cousin!

Then, talked to Talisa on the phone and ended up agreeing to meet at Pasir Ris to study together with Kah wei lah.

I tell you, my mouth is VERY suay and VERY accurate. Saw Hans and Clarice at the Pasir Ris interchange when I was waiting for Talisa. Then when we were going to take the train to Changi Airport. I was like "Later see Hans at the Mrt, I laugh." Then after saying that, I turned around and right in front of me was Hans and Clarice. -.-".

Then, the two of them decided to follow us to Changi Airport (nothing better to do). But he dissapeared with his gf when we were there. Decided to take the sky train and I was like "Haha, later Hans there waiting for us." And once again, HE WAS THERE. See, my mouth, damn suay. But we decided to take the next skytrain to T1, and I once again, was saying "Later Hans waiting for us there sia. If that really happens, my mouth is super suay already..." And NO, Hans was not there waiting for us. He was at BK, which we also decided to go to on the skytrain. AHAHAHAHA.

Ok, so we were suppose to study right? Well, I was the one that didn't eed to study cause my exams are over, so I spent my time making the 2 of them laugh...Muahahaha. Talisa...What is Going Concern? Okay, that's not the point. So yeah, we sat at BK till about 9.15. And decided to leave and go our separate ways at Pasir Ris.

Came home. Nothing much...Hee...

PHOTOs!!! ( I was being random today. Taking photos at the most random places)

Image Hosted by
At the Tanah Merah MRT station. Had a sudden urge to take photo.
Free Image Hosting at
AHa. I love BK's chilli sauce. Do you!?
Free Image Hosting at

The MRT Station
Free Image Hosting at
Outside my place. Took it on the way to Bishan.

WELL, thats about it. =)

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[-Saturday, August 19, 2006-]

Post No : #310

OKAY!!! Maths paper is done and I am done for! Holidays are here! (What holidays...70 hours in school for sketching...BAH).

Went to White Sands after my Maths paper today to "tutor" Halif's English. WHICH I don't think he has any problems with except that sometimes, he don't answer the question. Hahas. He's good. Halif, you better score for your prelims AND your Os. Haha.I am such a nice friend. For 4 years!

Well, I think we did more laming around then tutoring just now. Laughed my head off with them. Its been waaay too long since we last sat down and just talked. Saw Ke Ying, Mandy and their clique at the library too. Jay wasn't there though, she was on MC. And that Toni was like "Maternity Leave" Yeah right. As IF!!!

Hmmm, ate at the new Sakae Sushi at White Sands with Talisa. Did more talking than eating.I think I set the record for eating the least at Sakae in my entire 17 years of living.
Hmmm...Then went back to the library and just sat and talked. THEN, I went to Watsons with Tata and I FINALLY found my Lucidol Hair Treatment Water. And Talisa intro-ed me this conditioner which really works! My hair feels softer. =). It's the Watsons house brand. Then bought this Loreal Cleansing Milk also intro-ed by Talisa. Haven't used it yet.

Hmmm...Going out on Wednesday. CAN'T WAIT!!! AHHH, Happy BUBBLES!

OH yah, I haven't talked about my Maths paper. If I am lucky I should be ale to pass. But I doubt it. OH, and I sat at the wrong place. I thought my seat no. was 409 and I was think like why am I sitting with people I don't know at all. Then in the end, this guy came and I was like "Oh shit, I think I sit at the wrong place" and proceeded to raise my hand only to be ignored by the teachers. In the end, I went to sit behind Faizah (my usual placement) with the teacher behind me carrying all my stuff. LOLZ.

Hmmm....Since I have not posted a photo in some time. Heres one!

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[-Thursday, August 17, 2006-]

Listening- Kou Dai De Tian Kong, Angela Zhang
Location- Living Room

OH right.

I have less than 21 hours before my MOST BELOVED maths paper starts and here I am blogging and watching CSI:Miami.

So not good.


I am gonna go mug now.


-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;5:28 PM;

Listening- Ai Qing Lui Chen, Angela Zhang
Location- Living Room

Was supposed to go and hand in Maths tutorial today, but woke up SUPER late, like 2?! And I have not finished copying them somemore. No time to copy and I can't go to school within 2 hours of waking up. But I copied them, and I think I will hand it in on Friday, before the paper, just put it in his pigeon hole.

Anyways, I am to give English tuition to dearest Halif on Friday, after my Maths paper. Am to meet him at Pasir Ris, White Sands, the place that I have not gone to in about...2 months I guess. Or more. I miss that place loads! Heard from Miss Tham's blog that its going under a re-vamp I hope its going to be much much better. Well, with Ben and Jerry's? It definetly is. Well, after the tutoring session, I might or might not be meeting Talisa, just for dinner. Muahahas.

Then on Wednesday, we are going out! Happy bubbles!! Which hopefully, won't be burst by Maths exam paper. Going to (Whatelse) Kbox, then go pooling! Whee! I so need honey lemon (drink) to cure my damn sore throat. I can't go to Kbox sounding like that! Not with Talisa and Hans with me. No way. Hahas.

Hmmm...What else. Nothing much I guess, you people can always call me if you need someone to talk to, or you just wanna ask me out yah? Hee...I am so free and I am looking to go out!

I hate sketching. Am planning to just go for 1 week, as a good student. Then the week that Bob is back, as long as we are meeting, I am so skipping lessons. If we are meeting during the day that is. Heh.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:01 AM;

[-Tuesday, August 15, 2006-]

Watching- The Shoe Fairy (Ren Yu Duo Duo)
Location- My Room

Today's weather was so good I almost drowned. Was walking out of Maths remedial today and it rained so heavily, I thought they were fliming The Day After Tomorrow. Walked the sheltered way to Block 56, and then went under the rain for less than 1 minute to run to the Atrium and I was so wet, I looked like I dropped into the pond at Blk 56. Bloody Hell.

HPD quiz was pretty easy, could answer most of the questions, and those that I couldn't answer, I crapped my way out of it. Eh heh. MAths remedial was rather productive, finished up all my dumb MoL revisions and managed to complete-ly copy one set of tutorial which I owe that teacher for like so long already.

Nothing else I guess, I am hating maths, and I am so failing it. OH YES, I failed my sketching test, and I got to go back for 2 WEEKS (and he said 1 week during the test) of 7 hours per DAY. And it has to clash with the timing that Bob comes back and also of teacher's day celebration. Bloody Hell. That sucks LAH.

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:12 PM;

[-Monday, August 14, 2006-]

Listening- Gan Qing Xian (Affective Line), 183 Club
Location- My Room

Okay, this is officially my new favorite song! Gan Qing Xian by 183 Club. I don't know why, but I just can't get enough of this song. Well, that's not the point.

You know what? I am so in the cruise mood right now. Even before Talisa suggested a cruise trip, I was badgering my parents to go aboard Star Cruises during my hols! I need to RELAX and VENT! Man, these exams are really getting to me. Maybe cause I am doing a lot of last minute studying which NEVER works. Heh. I am still worrying about my Maths on Friday. I am this close to failing. I can NEVER get what the lecturer OR tutor is talking about.

I need a CRUISE TRIP! That's what I need! Or maybe a trip to Phuket/Koh Samui. OR, Marysville, Melbourne. Heh. I am thinking up all those relaxing places, BUT I doubt if my parents will bring me there. Bah...That sucks.

I so need to sleep, my MP paper is in like 12 hours time! And I have yet to study. Just can't seem to get into the study mood you know? Sometimes, I really wonder if I made the right choice to stay here for this course. I am not too late to change my decision though, the offer to go overseas is still with me and I have not thrown away any of the letters. I even kept those emails.

I don't think I can live all alone out there overseas, with no one to depend on. I really want to just think it over. The PDI course is alot of fun, and I have made friends here. I don't want to start all over again, thinking of whether I will be accepted and all those nonsensical things. I can't bear to leave this place even if I wanted to. What with all my friends, family and relatives here.

People like Jing, Kai, Jia, Faizah, Vic, Ben, Linda, Alex, Brandon (you get it, all those poly pals), Ting Ting, Talisa, Halif and Hans that make my day, make me smile, laugh and be thankful that I have them by my side you know? I will never be able to leave this place without ever missing them.

I just don't know. I mean, I love it here, seriously, and I don't know what it will be like out there. At least, if I can't cope here, be it academics, emotions or whatever, I have people to turn to for help. But out there, who knows, maybe I will become a loner with no one to look to for help.

Okay, enough about those things already. I guess I really need an outlet to rant to. =)

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:14 AM;

[-Saturday, August 12, 2006-]

Location- Living Room

I have not updated for like a VERT LONG time!!

Well, mainly cause I have absolutely nothing to update about. And I am pretty sure you are tired of reading about my poly life everyday ya?

Anyways, my exams and tests are coming, and I have that MP test on monday, followed by a HPD quiz on Tues and on Friday, the DREADED MATHS EXAM. Wish me luck!

MDA paper could not be any worse. 3 questions, separated into about 5 parts each. The worse thing? I was watching "Magicians of Love" the night before the exam and only studied about a few hours before the paper cause, luckily, it was in the afternoon. Eh heh. Last minute studies never works. I know.

Magicians of Love. I loved that series!!! Its so damn nice!!!! Do get the show, and I think you will be like so addicted to it, just like I am!! It features 183 club and Qiao Qiao from Sweety. Nice show, and I think I will never get tired of watching it!!

Was supposed to go out yesterday, after my Maths tutorial but Talisa couldn't make it. Was super dissapointed, called Hans, and he was still sleeping, and he confirmed that he could not go. So in the end, I stayed in school and tried to complete my maths. Eh heh...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:51 PM;

[-Tuesday, August 08, 2006-]

Watching- Tsubasa Chronicles episode 26
Location- Living room

AHH. Tsubasa is so NICE!! I am so addicted to it! After Tsubasa, I think I might be starting on Wolf's Rain. Hee...

Exams are like so near. And I am this close to failing LAH.

Okay, this is like SO DUMB. I have tests on this Thursday(MDA1), and on next Monday(MP) and Thursday(EG1). THEN! I also have a maths exam on next Friday ALSO. Someone please tell me I am mistaken!!! Man, this is SO STRESSFUL. I so need to go to KBox to vent my frustrations and stress out onto the microphone.

Might be going this Saturday. If Talisa, Hans and Kah Wei are going that is. Hans is so "Zhong Se Qing You" he says he got a date on Saturday!! And on the phone, when I called him, he like just woke up and from Saturday's outing which I was talking to him about, he suddenly told me he got work on Wednesday!? So no link LAH. I think he just woke up and become SUPER BLUR about what he is talking also.

YAY!! Brandon helped me buy the "Magicians of Love (Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi)" acted out by 183 Club. I am love that show can?! Watched a few episodes on Chn 56 (E-city) and I am addicted!!

Okay, something is wrong with Ben's blog, and there is nothing wrong with the HTML. He even tried changing a blog skin. I think there is something wrong with blogger again. -.-"

Okay, gonna mug for the tests!

OH YAH. Tomorrow I won't be in school in the morning. Gonna go back to Coral to find my teachers and my juniors. So long never see them. Plus, I don't have Maths tomorrow morning. HEH...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:04 AM;

[-Saturday, August 05, 2006-]

Listening- Kou Dai De Tian Kong, Angela Zhang
Location- My Room

Tokyo Drift has finally drifted into the cinemas of Singapore. It has taken SUPER long CAN?! (Don't you dare laugh at me if you have watched it somewhere like Malaysia)

Went to watch it on Thursday with Talisa, Hans, Kah Wei and Ying Liang. OH, and I bought new shoes! I also got a tattoo...A spray-painted tattoo, that is. Stayed in school till 4.30pm before leaving and taking bus to town. Blah blah blah.

Went to Heeren cause I was early. Wanted to check out Flesh Imp, but I am FREAKING BROKE this month. Went to the Nike store and bought a pair of shoes. The service crew is super nice LAH. That guy is super funny can?! Anyways, after that, nothing much I guess, went to meet Tata and Hans at Somerset. That kuku kept calling me Third party!!

Waited for the other 2. Then went to Cine. Blah blah. Bought tickets and had 1.5 hours to kill. Decided to eat then go for pooling before the movie. Turns out, me and Talisa sat there and talked while those three guys were watching some show on Ying Liang's laptop. TYPICAL LAH.

Went to watch the movie. And I almost went DEAF! The screeching tyres sort of reminded me of the voice of someone LAH. -SPOILER- I love the part when they were in the lift preparing to race the DK. The guy asked him "Are you mad? Do you know what DK stands for?" and he replied "Donkey Kong?" -LOLZ- then the guy was like "It means Drift King" and he was like "Drift? Waddayah mean drift?" -The lift door opened and 2 cars drifted past with helluva noise- "Do you still need a dictionary?"

Then the other part that I loved was when Han (the name of the person in the movie) drifted around a car which consisted of 2 ladies. He went in like Idunnohowmany circles, and you can see those tyre marks on the road forming a perfect circle. Then he waited awhile before driving past and collecting a note (with the number on it I assume) along the way. -.-". Like that also can.

So, CAR LOVER OR NOT, watch this SHOW LAH. I am not a professional movie critic, but I give this movie 4.5/5! Hee. -In Tokyo, speed needs no translation- Did I mention I love that 350z in the movie?

Movie ended and we went our separate ways. Was to wait for my eldest bro to come pick me up. He came, and at the traffic light, there was a Subaru beside his car and a BMW beside the Subaru. Subaru made damnlotof noise (I heard-Vroom vrrooom-POK...LOLZ) and was shouting to his friend the BMW owner. I am kaypoh so I took a look. BMW owner saw, and started revving his engine.(Whatever that motion is called) Make so much noise. And my bro was like "Confirm just finish watch Tokyo Drift these two. Eat full liao (Chi Bao Liao)"

Nothing much after that. Reached home and my mum accused me of DRINKING!! -.-"...Watch movie drink what drink? Haiyo!

Oh wells. I am gonna go sleep. Sorry in the lack of pictures, cause I didn't take any. Eh heh.

-Logged Off-

*SOO, it turns out, I was wrong AGAIN. You believed me. And it was your SIM card running out of credit that you stopped replying. My bad.*


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:39 AM;

[-Thursday, August 03, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Ge Xiang Xia Tian, Yi Ge Xiang Qiu Tian (Fan Wei Qi)
Location- NP Library

Freak. Am sitting in the library in NP like some idiot updating her blog. Waiting for Talisa to contact me so that we can meet and go to town earlier then meet Hans they all later.

Went to eat with Mang Tse (I think that's how her name is spelt...) from CATS just now. Ate and talked for a total of 2 HOURS! My goodness. I have never EVER sat down for 2 hours straight just to talk. 1 hour yes, but 2?! Man, I am getting more talkative by the minute!

Super bored. So decided to post up some photos I took during our MP practical lesson yesterday!

Did I mention that NP's workshop supports Brazil? Hahas.
Yeah, me at my most unglam. Lazy to photoshop lah.
Faizah's and mine workpiece!! Not cleaned yet...
Qiu Yun, Ivy and me. I look...Faggoty...HAHA
Presenting!!!! Our workpiece!!! Heh.

Guess thats all. I look DOTS in all the photos LAH. Did it on purpose OKAY!

Am still bored. TSUBASA!!!

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:47 PM;

[-Tuesday, August 01, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Ge Xiang Xia Tian, Yi Ge Xiang Qiu Tian, Fan wei Qi
Location- Maths lecture. Heh.

HA BLOODY HA. Lets look at the HIGHLIGHT of yesterday. Smsed Bob, friend knew, and proceeded to sms him "I love you". -.-". Bob didn't believe that it wasn't me. Told me he has a steady and scared that she thinks he is having an affair. -.-". Puh-lease, you are not freaking married, what AFFAIR? Got pissed at Bob, and told him "I already told you is not I send one, and I already have someone that I like over here..." No reply. If he doesn't believe me, he should go kill himself, please and thank you. Oh yah, one last thing, I don't freaking like him LAH NABEH CB.

Am not blaming friend, at least I know now. Heh.

Exams coming soon. So not the time to worry over those matters.

Maths = Die.
MDA = Can survive if start mugging tomorrow.
MP = Maybe can. 60% cannot. Must mug.
VTDS = Die till cannot die. Car sketch worth 15% and he didn't tell us. Eh heh.

Overall = Repeat maths module and VTDS module. Ha. Thats a great idea. NOT. KNS.

2 bloody years of friendship gone like that. Waste my bloody time. Fuck.

-Logged Off-


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