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[-Friday, June 30, 2006-]

Listening- Lai Dian, Wilber Pan
Location- NP, Maths tutorial lesson.

Why do I get the stupidest and most irritating teacher of all times?!! Ho freak, he should bang his head into the whiteboard LAH. Kuku...He gave back the papers then don't want to go through. KNN CB. Piss me off, waste my time only, if you want to give back papers then FREAKING go through it LAH. If not then we don't know our mistakes even. NABEH. (Yes, there are vulgarities.)

Passed the maths paper with a 68! And that stupid Bob was like "No wonder the sun came out from the west this morning..." -.-", yes, he finally topped up his SIM card. And he is going to set up internet!!!YAY!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHA. Yes, I am having mood swings, from angry to happy in like a few minutes. Eh heh. But he didn't do that well for his Uni entrance test, so, he is going to sit for another test tomorrow. Bum...

Alex, using his "laptop"...LOLZ
At Lot1, Sembawang. He super zhi lian de. BUM
Me and my workpiece.
He looks damn stupid with that scrunchie LAH. LOLZ
Our MP projects. For sheet Metal

AHAHAHA...Ok, the teacher is going to kill me if he finds out I am blogging.

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[-Thursday, June 29, 2006-]

Listening- Fan Zhuan Di Qiu, Wilber Pan
Location- NP Library

Heh, sorry for not updating yesterday.Wanted to update, but was too tired to do anything except go plonk on my bed and fall asleep. Heh.

Hmmms, well yesterday was fun LAHS. During sketching, it sucked pretty much, but then I think I actually drew pretty alright this time round (FOR ONCE).

Then we went for MDA, which I didn't pay ANY attention to LAH. We were supposed to look through those microscopes then draw out what we see LAH. I doubt if there is anyone that drew through looking the microscope LAH. Then we were supposed to do those reports/worksheets at the back of the prac worksheet. Guess what? While LSS was explaining everything, me and Alex were like talking and laughing about Ong Bak and the advertisement about the little girl wanting to buy birds cause her brother is going on a journey right under his nose and he DOESN'T CARE! HAHAS! Damn funny lah that Alex. Lolz. Then Ben was sleeping and only Faizah, Angus and the 3 Tings were doing.

During MP, Ben almost chopped off Faizah's finger while Angus almost cut off Alex's finger. BOTH with the folding machine LAH. And that's the highlight of the lesson. Lolz. I will upload the pics tonight, PROMISE. Hahas.

Today, was well, alright I guess. Heh, softball match and we WON! And the other team is like super STRONG one LAHS. Lay Yan was damn funny as usual.Hmmm, nothing much I guess. CATS was...Well, fun. But I was falling asleep. Too tired LAHS.

Nothing much, gotta get back to doing the MP project which I am like supposed to do already. Due today somemore. I so pros...

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[-Tuesday, June 27, 2006-]

Listening- Zhao Mi, Wilber Pan
Location- Living Room

OMG OMG!!! Hahas. Skipped VTDS today. Heh, didn't feel like going, cause well, all those people aren't going, and there's no one else in class for me to hang out with, and I would die of boredom LAH.

Hmmm, me, Linda, Alex, Brandon and Ben went to Lot 1 Shopping Mall, and bought tickets for Scary Movie 4! That show is damn funny LAH!!! Before we watched, we went to the arcade, and I played the basketball machine with Alex, we had a total score fo 1677 points LAH! HAHAHAS, but then our score was recorded at 677 cause it went one big round LAH, so kuku one. Lolz. Then we playing some hitting games and Alex played the Baby Hero or something with Linda. Was super fun LAHS!!!!

Hmmm, nothing much after that, went to draw money then went to the movies. Bought Nachos, and well, the cheese was super SALTY LAH. -.-"...Anyways, back to the movie. ITS DAMN FUNNY LAH!!! Laughed and laughed like crazy. Hahas. I especially like the parts when the iPod came out and turned itself into the Tripods in War of The Worlds. Damn funny. Then the other part was when the Ju-on kid wanted to come out of the bathtub but was forced back in by some guy. LOLZ. The show was super funny LAHS. If you need a laugh, you should VERY MUCH watch that movie. Heh

Hmmm, then we didn't do anything much, went to Sembawang music store and I bought Wilber's new album! Am listening to it now. Man, the songs are SO NICE LAHS. Eh Heh.And to think I just said that I wanted to get it yesterday. Hahas.Photos later, am watching TV.

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Listening- Almost Here, Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
Location- My Room

Freak. Freak. Freak. Freak. Freak. (What a way to start)

Wells, yes, FREAK!! Man, have you like dissapeared in thin air or something? Or did some wild animal eat you up while you were swinging from tree to tree while chewing on a banana you monkey/caveman?!! BAH.

9 days already? And I am still waiting. You had better appear somewhere, so that I can contact you, or you come and contact me yourself LAHS. Must be too busy watching WORLD CUP right? You soccer freak. -.-". Bummer!!! If I get dark eyerings, its all your freaking FAULT!

ARRGH. Kaoz...

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[-Monday, June 26, 2006-]

Listening- Si Lu(Silk Road), Fish Leong
Location- Living Room

Hmm, just got home from my gandma's place. Went there for dinner again, and instead of sleeping, this time round, I watched that Xiaozhu's show on Channel U!! GOT WILBER PAN! OMG LAH. SO shuai. Hahas. Oh he has released a new album. I am so going to get it LAH.

Well, went to school. this morning to meet Linda, Brandon and Ben they all as usual. Nothing much I guess, except that, Alex, who has a sore throat is as crazy if not more than usual. He can MOONWALK LAH. So cool. Aiya, anyways, MP was boring and hardly anyone was paying any attention. Then Maths, well, it was alright I guess, at least I managed to understand something. Heh.

MDA, was once again, a total bore. -.-". Got back our exam paper and I freaking PASSED! Hahas. Got 77/100 for the paper. Min Ting got 98, the highest in class. Not suprising, she is the most hardworking among all. Hmmm, then Mr. Lim taught about Non-Ferrous metals which I totally paid no attention to, too boring LAH, and I am freaking sleepy LAH.

Gave Ivy her present and I think she liked it. Gave the others their stuff I got from Jeju, the handphone accessories and chocolates. Haha. =), guessed they liked it too.

Hmm, I have finished watching Full House, am going to start on Stairway to Heaven now. Full House totally ROCKS LAH. The ending is super uber duper nice. So sweet. =)...

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[-Sunday, June 25, 2006-]

Listening- Xin Tai Ruan, Richie Ren (Yea, its a super old song)
Location- My Room

Just some neoprints I took when I was out. 2 ONLY. Hahas.One with Tata on friday and one more neoprint which was taken when I was out with Ting Ting.

With Tata. =)
With Tings. =)

OH damnit, you said you will be coming back around end of June, and I don't know where the heck you are now, and I can't even ask Hans cause he is not in SG. At least, keep in contact right? I don't know what I am thinking, worried about you I guess. If this time, you are once again, ignoring me for whatever reasons I don't know, then well, I am really dissapointed in you. If you wanted to ignore me, then why, in the first place start talking to me again?

I don't know LAH. Maybe your SIM card ran out of money again, or maybe the telephone comppany is experiencing problems. ARRGH, I am frustrated and tired and just plain worried. Please get in touch sooner ya?

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Listening- Shi Nian (10 Years), Eason Chan
Location- My Room
Talking- Talisa, Vic, James, Faizah

Hahas, I got to thank Vic first, cause my file was too large to submit onto MeL's Digital Dropbox, and I was like going "Oh shit oh shit, cannot hand in, die already." Heh, then she told me that I can just make the photos smaller LAH, then won't take up so much space. LOLZ, I super blur one, so I didn't think of that. Eh heh...

Hmmm, sorry for not updating for some time. Heh.

Well, lets start from where I let off, the outing with Talisa.

Well, I met Talisa at Cineleisure and as USUAL, we were BOTH late! Heh...Then we went to More Than Words, cause I needed to check whether there is the Cars soft toy for Hans. Heh, he wants to buy it for his friend. Then we went to the cinema and bought our tickets for Silent Hill!!

Lets talk about the movie. It is labelled as Horror, so I was expecting something like Ju-On or Shutter LAH, but it turns out more gorish and computer animated than other horror movies. The gore parts were scary, but then some parts, were just boring. Heh. And, whats worse is that sometimes, the music played don't even match the scene LAH. -.-"...And basically I don't get what is happening when her husband can't see her when she is like right in front of him!? My bro,(who watched it after me) said that she died already, while my mum said that she enter another dimension. Kaos, SUPER Complicated LAHS. Watch till I headache. Overall 3/5 stars.

After the movie, we went to More Than Words again, cause we both needed to buy birthday presents, she for her bro's gf and me for Ivy. Bought our things and went to TCC for dinner. Expensive, but I think, quite worth it, cause the food tastes really nice, and I just LOVED my Iced Minty Mocha! Hahas! Then we sat there and just talked about the times in Coral and all.

Headed to Level 9 to take neoprints! HAHAS, we borrowed some hats to wear from them. LOLZ, and well, the neoprints turned out okay I guess, only that we both looked WHITE! HAHAS, and considering how pale I am already. Heh...Then we went to the food court and just sat there to talk and I took photos of Talisa, HAHAS, all the expressions (Xi,Nu, Ai, Le and more) Lolz....

Went to take the train together then we went home separately. Had a real great time on Friday HEES!

And yesterday, I was practically cut off from the world. Heh, addicted to Full House LAHS! LOLZ, That show is super nice can?! Compared to what I lent Talisa, I think Full House is so so so much better LAHS. HAHAS. Even my mum is addicted. Lolz.

Hmmms, guess thats all for now. School starts tomorrow, I have to sleep early tonight.

OH, and I found that Cars soft toy for Hans, except for the fact that the soft toy's outer layer is those leathery find instead of the furry kind. Heh. I was like asking my eldest bro to look out for it when he goes out and he immediately went like "Have ar, my friend's shop got sell..." LOLZ.

Oh wells, back to Full House.

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[-Friday, June 23, 2006-]

Listening- I Bruise Easily, Natasha Bedingfield
Location- NP Library 2nd floor. (of the library)

Heys, I am in school right now. Well, I am early, and since I am waitingfor Linda, I thought that I should blog. Eh heh. Right now, I am thinkin whether I should take down that Silent Hill pic in my last post cause, well, its freaking me out whenever I see it. Heh...

Brought Talisa's stuff with me and you know what? I hope they don't melt, or it will bee a real mess! Eh heh, keep guessing what I got for you Moot Moot. HAHAS. =)

I am bored...Photos later today I promise, cause well, I brought my beloved camera out. I want to finish the HDP project, cause its lke due on Sunday, 23.59. Hahas. I think people that see me in Cine will think I am crazy, snapping photos oh-so-randomly. If you see someone with a camera in her hands and taking photos of pratically anything, see if that's me alright?

Oh wells, I might as well get started on my MP project report. ZZZZZZZZZZ

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[-Thursday, June 22, 2006-]

Location- My Room
Listening- 1000 Words, Jade from Sweetbox

Whees! I just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. (Tell me I got that right). And it totally ROCKS! Though I was confused at some parts. But then, its so cool LAH! I love the graphics. Hees.

Personally I liked Reno best. He is friggin' FUNNY LAHS. HAHAS. Oh, I love Red XIII and TIFA too, not forgetting Cloud. Hahas. Yuffie and her damned BOOTS and LACES!! So cute LAHS. Okok, if this goes on I will be talking about ALL the characters LAH.

Hmmms, looks like I will be out practically the whole day tomorrow. Gonna go to my grandma's house before heading to school. Then will be staying there from 1-3 or 3.30 at most to watch the videos and research on the MP project.
Then AFTER that, I will be meeting Tata at Cine. Hees. We were supposed to watch RV, then we changed to Cars, then to Campus Ghost Stories but it only has ONE timeslot which is too late, so we are catching Silent Hill instead. Then, if there's time, I might just DRAG Tata to watch Jason's performance at Wisma Atria at 8.00pm to raise funds. Hahas.

Have no idea why, but just have a sudden craving for HORROR movies. Heh, looks like I will be having trouble sleeping tomorrow night. Eh heh. I love horror movies/stories but then, I have trouble sleeping after watching one. FOR example, Ju-On, Dark Water, SHUTTER and so on. Heh. LIGHTS ON.

Silent Hill...

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Listening- I Think I Love You, Full House OST (Korean Drama)
Location- My Room

Man, I am SLEEPY. Stupid Jason woke me up via phone call and asked me to check the surroundings of our house for a GIRL with long hair. -.-"...Slept at about 4.30 this morning. I really have to tune my biological clock back, otherwise, how to survive when school starts?!

Checked the letterbox and saw a letter from Ngee Ann addressed to my ELDEST BROTHER. Happened the other time too, when I was in Korea. My eldest brother received a letter from NP, while we were in Korea, telling him that I have been absent from one of my lessons all too many times. So yeah...I opened this one (WITH permission form my bro) and saw that they were asking HIM to attend a PARENT'S Forum. WHAT THE TOOT?!

Now, I am thinking, whether I wrote my brother's name when I was registering. But I remembered that they asked for 1 or both parents' particulars WITH a relative's particulars. So I wrote my bro's, my mum double checked it some more. Maybe the person to key it into the system key till blur already then key wrongly? I don't know. How can I correct this mistake?! And I thought they were sending him letters to ask him to join a course or something. Hur hur

Oh wells. Guess thats all that is going to happen today. HAHAS.

-Logged Off-

~Errm...Reply my smses you dumbass, at least let my heart be at peace right? Are you like in SG Olready? IF you are, then bloody CONTACT ME LAH KUKU!!! God..This is infuriating. Bum, now I am missing you. Hur hur~


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:37 PM;

Watching- White Chicks
Location- Living Room

Hahas, been eating DURIANS, and I am suffering from sore throat.

Hmmm,I have been thinking recently. NOT that I don't usually think. But the thing is...I don't know how to put it...Errm...Oh forget it.

Anyways, all I have done today is SLACK, I have not touched report ever since I last did it which was like yesterday? Please, someone motivate me. Heh heh.

Oh wells.

~New Link: My Blogskin Profile *Under My Other Stuff*

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[-Wednesday, June 21, 2006-]

Listening- Nothing But Trouble, A1
Location- My Room

I have been TAGGED by dearest FAIZAH to do this. Hahas, bear with me and my very RANDOM facts. Hahas. Take this opportunity to know me better if you don't already

numero SEPT(number SEVEN)

7 random facts about me:
-I like NIGHT WALKS! (In camps)
-I think pink/red looks best with black
-CSI:Miami lover!
-I 'LURVE' sketching more than you CAN imagine
-I LOVE Korean movies/dramas!
-I LOVE horror movies?
-I LOVE mootmoot. HAHAS

7 things that scares me;
-Horror Stories told at night.
-No internet/phone. HAHAS
-Losing my friends, family...
-Abseiling (mind my spelling)
-Being grounded...0.0

7 random songs at the moment;
-Let Me Die, Nicholas Tse
-Almost Here, Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
-Ghost Of You And Me, BBMak
-I Never Told You, Edison Chen
-Lian Ai Da Ren, Show & Xiao S
-One In A Million, Bosson
-Never Had A Dream Come True, S'Club 7

7 things i like most;
-DOGS!!! Huskies!
-Koh Samui! (Its an island)

7 things i say the most;
-Lame LAHS
-Wah LAO!
-BOO! (On MSN)

7 people i tag to do this;

Hahas, now that that's done. Back to work!!!

OH yeah, I love Moot Moot, I am going out with her on FRIDAY...After going to school...Moot moot is Tata LAHS, I am toot toot.

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Listening- Could It Be, Christy Carlson Romano
Location- My Room

Hey people. Well, I made a new skin for myself! Hahas, it was supposed to go into, but then when I previewed it (I edit using my own blog), I was like thinking "Might as well use this, not bad mahs..." Hahas, so yeah, my old blog skin is now submitted onto =)

Have continued playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature just recently. Left the game after I started Poly, so now I am back to being addicted to it. NOT a good sign...

I very free right? Making blog skins AND playing Harvest Moon when I SHOULD very much be doing my report and powerpoint presentation. Heh. No motivation LAHS. Hahas. Right, I should really be doing my work. Heh...Going to go back to school on Friday with Linda to view the videos that Mr.Soh asked me to watch, and then do some research to finish up my MP project. Eh heh...Last minute work is always bad, I should remember that. Hahas.

Anyways, back to work...

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:27 PM;

Listening- Start of Something New, High School Musical OST
Location- My Room

Blogger is really getting on my nerves. It's like taking so long to load!!!

Anyways, I have like finally STARTED on ONE of the projects. Heh...I think I have to take a visit to the library to do some research on the Abrasive Jet Machining and the process of making books. Cause, on the net, I can only find ONE site that can tell me about abrasive jet machining, but its quite a informative one, so I am not complaining. But on book making? Please, I can't find ANYTHING related or informative. All I get is crap...Bum.

I thought that my posts are lacking photos. So...Here are some, of my friends in poly. Hee, not a lot, but I think its enough. Hahas. Most were taken after our MDA paper, during the dumb dumb sketching make up lessons.

ALL in the original state cause I am simply too lazy to photoshop. Pardon me.

Alex, the siao and lame one...Hahas
Vic...The funny girl + lamer...=D

Brandon and Ben. Hahas, Ben is cute right? Everyone says that...Hahas
Linda, Vic and FAIZAH!!!! Hahas, the closest people I am with in class, I guess...=P

Well, thats all, OH, I just made another blogskin LAHS. Hahas...

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[-Tuesday, June 20, 2006-]

Listening- Dao Dai, Jay Chou
Location- Room
Talking- Ben -just now-, Faizah, Yan Hao, Tata and Ke Ying!

BUM! Talisa is SICK and can't go out with me tomorrow afterall. Damn the flu bug, you better get off Tata now, or I will personally disinfect her -in other words, kill you-! Okays, I got to relax.

So, now that I am not going out afterall, I can use the time to do my much 'ANTICIPATED' projects. Heh...Going to start with MP first, cause I SUPPOSE that its easier? Heh...Lets hope its easy to find out about Abrasive Jet Machining and how BOOKS are made. Isn't that question JUST MADE for me? I LOVE reading and thus I LOVE books, but all I know is that it is made of paper and paper comes from tree pulp and tree pulp obviously comes from TREES, and trees are cut down by treecutters...Okay, I shall stop the crap.

Obviously, I am BORED...

Okays, back to Shin Chan and stoning...

~New link:Ke Ying's Blog~

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[-Monday, June 19, 2006-]

Listening- Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx
Location- OFFICE

Its been waaaay too long since I stepped into the office. HAHAS. I am here cause I went to have lunch with my mum and bro at Lei Garden in Orchard just now. Hee...Love then DimSum there. YUM.

This is going to get BORING...Cause I have NOTHING to update about...:

1-I am getting bored with this blogskin ALREADY, and I made it myself, how cool is THAT? Hahas, will be putting it up on blogskins AFTER I make myself a new one, BUT, I am not getting any inspirations anyhow. Bum...

2-PDI projects dued : MP, and HPD. I am like slacking each and everyday of my break left away. HAHAs, just can't seem to get myself tuned into the HOMEWORK mood anyhow. BAH.

3-Going out with Tata tomorrow! WHEE! Hahas, missed her waaay too much LAH. Oh and she's gonna become my neighbour (school, that is) Hahas...Hap hap happy!! Neoprints taking AGAIN!!

4-Movies I WANT to catch...Be it coming soon or now showing
-Pirates Of The Carribean, Dead Man's Chest
-Just my Luck
-Stay Alive
-The Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift
-Garfield 2!
-Shrek The Third
-The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
-She's The Man

5-Hans in Taiwan. That moronic ass is only coming back in July...First week I THINK. Bummer...I miss his lameness

6-Bum...He have not replied to ANY of my smses (2) ever since I got back. Worry worry worry, SIM card ran out of cash maybe. Bum...

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Listening- The Anthem, Good Charlotte
Location- My Room

Okay, I am going to RANT first.

When I dislike someone, I MAKE IT KNOWN. I am not one of those people that will act as if they like the person when they actually DON'T, so GET that FACT through your THICK SKULL and into your WEENY BRAIN.

I don't like the person, WHY should I pretend that I like them? GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON why. I pretend I like them for WHAT? I don't like them and that's A FACT, so why should I pretend? TO make them feel better? WHAT FOR? I make them feel good to make myself feel bad? PUH-LEASE!!! I have better things to DO. OR should I pretend that I like YOU for the majority's sake? NO THANK YOU.

Just because you are a senior doesn't meant that I have to give you FACE. YES, I might be younger, and I SHOULD respect you. BUT PLEASE, get the fact that sometimes, the things that you SAY irks ME, and I get IRRITATED. THEN, when I rant about YOU to my PARENTS, I end up getting a LECTURE. I can't say ANYTHING rebellious AT HOME. I can tell close to NOTHING to my parents! How GOOD is that?!

It's like whenever I say something about someone to my parents, be it whether good OR bad, they will have something to lecture me ABOUT. PLEASE, I am 17 that is SEVENTEEN for your sake. And I don't need you teaching me on how to behave around certain people, why do you think I have so many 'masks' that sometimes, I get TIRED of putting on a SMILEY face just to PLEASE PEOPLE, that I end up being MYSELF, and making people HATE ME? I like it AR?! HUR HUR HUR.

I don't like my uncle, I HATE the way he keeps picking on people, whether or not the person is me is not the matter. BUT sometimes, the things he says are like, he don't think about what the other party feels, he JUST says whatever he thinks is RIGHT. I KNOW I am like that too, in the sense that I show that I don't like people when I don't. But then the things he says REALLY IRKS ME! BAH.
I am FAT and thats a FACT you DON'T have to keep EMPHASIZING ON. I DON'T, I repeat, DON'T need you to remind me THAT every single TIME you SEE ME. SO WHAT if I am fat? YOUR PROBLEM? NO RIGHT? Don't like it? No one tell you to LOOK RIGHT? You think everyone are like your daughters so skinny AR PLEASE HOR.


My FRIENDS know me BETTER than my PARENTS DO!! They JUST DON'T GET IT!! And they have known me for like 17 years, and they DON'T understand me?! My friends that knows me for 3 years knows me BETTER than them for GOODNESS SAKE. BAH

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, June 18, 2006-]

Watching- Shin Chan, Youtube
Location- MY Room

Man, I am getting addicted to Shin Chan (La Bi Xiao Xin) AGAIN! Hahas, been watching it nonstop for like 2-3 hours already with each episode lasting like 7-8 minutes. Hurhur.

SO, today is officially FATHERS DAY! And Eileen's birthday as Kelson so kindly reminded me on MSN just now even though he is all the way in GENTING.

So, Happy Birthday to Eileen. AND Happy Father's Day to my Dad. Stayed home all day and my dad went out to work! -.-"...Father's Day still have to work, and its a SUNDAY too. BAH. Anyways, we are going to Toa Payoh to have lunch with my Grandpa, Grandma and my aunts and uncles and cousins.

PLEASE don't seat me with my first uncle thank you very much, I can't STAND HIM. But my 2nd Uncle is different, he is so lame that when I am at my Grandma's house with him and my cousins, we can bring the house down! HEH!!

Shit, nothing to wear. I brought ALL my wearable clothes to Korea and they are in the washing machine. Bum...

Guess thats all. OH YAH, my bro will be performing outside Wisma Atria on Friday. He's gonna Beatbox with a couple of his friends to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation. Go support okay? Not sure what time though. Heh...

Okay, back to Shin Chan...=)

-Logged off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:54 PM;

Watching- La Bi Xiao Xin (ShinChan) on Youtube
Location- My Room
Talking- Talisa, Linda

HAHAS, I am watching La Bi Xiao Xin on Youtube. And its doing its job of cracking me up!!! I am starting to talk like him AGAIN, after like so long of not watching that cartoon, its so funny!!

Anyways, this post is NOT about Shin Chan, its about that guy that called me a jerk.

You know what he said? He said he put me in the jerk list because he wants to take me out from it. WHAT KIND OF EXPLAINATION IS THAT?!! SO IRONIC LAH. Its like someone purposely eating something that has gone bad so that he can shit, and then tell people that he shitted cause he ate something bad. -.-"

I mean like, if thats the reason you give then might as well DON'T put the person in there in the first place. If your reason is like maybe you called me a jerk cause you think I am one, and then will take me out when your impression of me gets better then its alright, but you put me in to take me out? A bit stupid don't you think? Might as well say that you put me in because you don't like me, cause this kind of reason is kinda patronising LAH.

ANYWAYS, I am supposed to go to back school during one day of the break to watch some videos that Mr.Soh showed the class on that day that they were taking photos round the school. Going back on Friday with Linda. Not sure what time.

Then on TUESDAY, I will be going out with my beloved TATA to watch RV! I MISS her SIA. I hope she likes her pressie that I got for her...=) Lolz...

Right, gotta go, AND ITS FATHERS day tomorrow, or today, cause its like 12.05am. Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there. Daddy, LOVE YOU! Muacks. Hahas. I am siao.

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, June 17, 2006-]

Location- MY ROOM (How I missed it...HAHA)
Listening- Da Cheng Xiao Ai, Lee Hom


HAHAS! You all got miss me?!! Hee...Talisa, you faster meet me to go out AR, if not your present rot away I don't know...>.<... haha

Anyways, I think I am suffering from too much flying in the planes, cause sometimes, I feel like I am swaying as if I am still in a plane with too much turbulance. -.-"...

Watched 2.5 MOVIES in the plane back last night. Namely, NANNY McPHEE, AQUAMARINE and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA!

Hahas, Nanny McPHEE was damn nice lah. I shall quote her "When you need me, but don't want me, I will stay, when you want me, but no longer need me, I will go". NICE MOVIE!!

Aquamarine. Man, this story, is so so so so so touching LAH. I almost cried at some of the parts LAH. But it was damn funny the way the mermaid, Aquamarine, behaved. Lolz. I WOULD DEFINETLY ask best friends to catch this show together! =). Quote "It does not matter where you go, but who you go with." Or something like that. =)

Memoirs of a Geisha. I only watched like 1/2 of the movie and then the plane touched down, damnit. But as far as I watched, I am quite sure its a nice show LAH, I read the book anyways. HAHAS.

Alright, this is getting like a movie review, heh. Back to Jeju.

Hmmm, second day, we went to one of the mountains which used to be a volcano, the view was SUPER NICE. Then we went to one of the museums, followed by a cruise out to see some other volcanoes out in the sea, then came back in and went to ride the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).
IT WAS SUPER EXCITING LAH, and the guide was like sitting on my ATV with me LAH, cause I think he got tired that I was going slowly HEH, then he just accelerated and I was like screaming at the cornerings and bumps cause he was going SO DAMN FAST LAH. Then he was like "Don't worry, I am BEST DRIVER." LOLZ. Oh and Jason's ATV almost 'peng' on him LAH. He went over a rock and ended up driving on the side 2 wheels. LOLZ. DAMN NICE. YOU SHOULD GO TRY, much better than ANY go-kart I have been on. =D...Oh and when you went past, the horses actually looked at you and Jason said that the horse looked like from left to right as I drove past then looked at him and shook his head aka CMI (Cannot make it). LOLZ

Then went to the site that part of "Jewel of The Palace" or better known as "DA CHANG JING" was filmed. The sight/view WAS ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!!! HAHAS. Oh, I saw a damn snake there that scared the daylights outta me. I was like viewing the photos I took in my camera and suddenly there it was in front of me, knn, got a shock LAH, then it sorta stared at me nonchalantly and proceeded to slither somewhere else. Freak...

Hmmm, nothing much then, flew to Seoul in the morning of the 16th, and went to Namdaemun Market cause my mum wanted to get the Citron Tea. So I went shopping around nd I ACTUALLY bought something, bought a shoulder bag and a cap. The bag is super nice and pretty unique just the way I like IT! OH and big enough to hold my laptop. =).

Nothing much I guessed, heh. Well, I will be uploading the photos onto myphotoalbum AGAIN. Go check it out after 3pm sg time. =)

-Logged off-


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[-Wednesday, June 14, 2006-]

Listening- Chuang Wai (Outside the Window), Jacky Wu & Joanna
Location- Hotel Room

Hey people!!! Sorry for the lack in updates. =D.

Well, I am now in Jeju, South Korea. And it looks like any other small town/city in Korea, except that it has alot more trees. And the VIEWS. Man, you should see them!!! Hahas, the sea is really very pretty. Anyways, I will be uploading the photos to myphotoalbum again. So, go see them if you want to. =D

Well, today, we went around half of the island, via a taxi which brought us around. We went to the Teddy Bear Museum. So CUTE LAH! HAHAS, they have a Chalie Chaplin bear, a Mona Lisa bear, then this Last Supper exhibition there also, and all the characters are bears. There is even an Elvis bear, a Madonna bear. Then there were the worlds smallest bears, damn tiny.

OH, and the LV bear, which costs 229,783,793 Korean Won,which is like $381,059 SGD. Expensive? Think again, there is this bear that was 125Karats and is the worlds MOST EXPENSIVE TEDDY, it costs £43,000, the mouth made is of solid gold, fur made from gold thread and eyes with pupils of sapphire and irises made from 20 tiny diamonds. 0.0...Expensive.

Loads of bears there, thats why its called the Teddy Bear Museum

Then after that, we went to the Submarine which can bring us underwater to look at the oh-so-beautiful coral reefs. But then I saw...Nevermind, just don't go for it alright? There was nothing much to see and even less to photograph. I think the reefs at Koh Samui are MUCH better and its free to go. Just go snorkelling and you can see the reefs there and its super beautiful. I wanna go again, how I miss that place...Bum.
Anyways, back to Jeju, after that submarine tour, we went to see the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. And yes, it was really beautiful, but the damn weather spoilt it cause it RAINED. Bum, but the waterfall is really nice and you don't have to hike/climb mountains to reach it, its just VERY gentle sloping ground all the way. =D.

Went for lunch. Then to a place called Happy Town. -.-, name is weird huh. Anyways, the place was like a circus, but its always there LAH. Then we saw some acrobatic performances, like a girl with a lady hanging and rotating on a ladder hung from the celing, then another girl spun by a lady by the feet. Then a man and a woman that grabs on silk cloths and sorta flew? Then there was like those motorbike cages and at the end, a total of 7 bikes were in there, driving and spinng. -.-". Heh...Was a bit boring LAH. But I was too busy being pissed off at the Korean school girls behind me kicking my chair and screaming so loud I thought my eardrums will burst. OH, and I saw a few Camel Toes here and there. Don't know whats that? Go to and look for one of his posts on a circus. Heh. Or google for it.

Then we went to buy some local products, and bought somethings for Faizah, Vic, Ben, Brandon and the rest too. =D, oh I bought orange chocolates. Their umm, famous local product? Heh. After that, nothing much, had dinner then came back here. =D...

Guess thats all, gonna go upload the pics on cause blogger is mad again. -.-


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[-Tuesday, June 13, 2006-]

Listening- Xi Huan Ni Mei Dao Li
Location- Hotel Room

Right this will be quick cause my laptop is running out of batt. And I have packed the adapter AND the charger already.

We are going to Jeju Island later on, and I am not sure there is internet connection there, so yeah, I might not be able to update and go online for these 2-3 days. =D...I think I will go visit their teddy bear museum.

Yesterday we went "shopping" around the shopping districts like Itaewon, Dongdaemun and Nandaemun markets. Mind the spelling, I have no time to check. But then we didn't buy ANYTHING, except for a few dozen packs of seaweeds and 1 big pack of shelled walnuts. 0.0... I WANT TO BUY A NEW BAG damnit!. Heh, my old/newest one? The zip is like totally spoilt LAH. Kns.

Oh, we ate ginseng chicken soup last night. Yum...

Bro didn't come for dinner, he didn't want to. Bah...

Anyways, take cares and I will soon, be back. Oh shit, I have not done my MP yet. Die...

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, June 12, 2006-]

Listening- Because Of You, Kelly Clarkson
Location- Hotel Room

Hmmm, just read Tata's blog and I think, I have to REINFORCE what she said, thus in this post, there shall be no vulgarities, I hope. Heh...


Point No.1- "Jerks" are only to be used on MALES, yes, the dictionary confirmed that, and I am pretty sure that my English foundation is also enough for me to confirm that. So yes, I am not a JERK, cause I am not a tranny (transvestite), and neither am I a male, I am sure everyone can confirm that with you, or do you need my Birth Certificate? I doubt it. So, please use the correct word for the correct target. BUT but but, I can call you a BITCH, cause one of the meanings are as follows "A man considered to be weak or contemptible", but I don't know you so I won't call you one.

Point No.2- YOU insult me by calling me a jerk inappropriately, when you don't EVEN KNOW ME? HA HA HA. You made me laugh, cause its such a moronic thing to do. And you don't even know the definition of that word after you attended and ACTUALLY graduated from Junior College, HA!! I laugh at you. Hmmm, that made me think, I thought vulgarities are oftenly used in JCs as well as Polys and other institutions..Maybe you didn't attend JC afterall.

Point No.3- IF, using vulgarities makes ME a jerk. Then what does that make you? An oh-so-holy-and-innocent-gentleman? I think not. Cause, actually, gentlemen, don't go around calling people that they don't know jerks (Refer to point 2). So, IF I am a jerk, then you, are not much better calling me one, when you don't even KNOW ME? Please, why did you even read/stalk my blog in the FIRST place? Cause you wanted to get to know Talisa better through her friends? Well, then DON'T judge them, cause you have no idea who they are.

Point No.4- If you think you can judge me just by reading my blog, then what if I read YOUR blog (if you happen to have one) and just assume that you are something that you are not? You like it? Doubt it. Sometimes, people appear different on the Internet, which is why you should never trust strangers you meet via IRC. Did your teachers teach you that?

Point No.5- You call people that uses vulgarities jerks, so to you, maybe, just maybe, that some of your friends are also jerks? Cause, nowadays using the word "fuck" is already becoming the norm. Sometimes it is even used for saying something is good for example "EY! This is fucking delicious/fun/nice." and so on. Or maybe your friends are all like you. Hey, open your eyes and welcome to the REAL world that is NOT so perfect afterall.

Point No.6- JUST to reinforce the fact once again. YOU don't know ME, so don't JUDGE me. Thank you very much. OH, and Jerks are males, so I am not one. And lastly, if someone don't like you then BACK OFF, and stop assuming that just by smsing AND calling the person all the time, that they will like you, cause usually that is what, makes people dislike you more. SO, get the hint and stop harassing Talisa. OH, and STOP being so bloody thick-skinned thinking that only pretty people can be compatible with you, cause, after what Talisa said, you are not that good-looking yourself. If you were, then you won't be so irritating, and keep harassing girls that you CAN'T GET. =)

Lastly, I have ended my rant. Enjoy!

-Logged Off-

OH YES, I forgot to add. Do you see some wall near you? Yes? Please, go ram into the wall with your head, and I will thank my lucky stars that one moronic soul has done something as moronic as ramming his own head into the wall, making himself more moronic. And, if someone sees you in the process, all the better, maybe they will call the people in white to bring you back to Woodbridge/Buangkok Medical Centre. =D. Or maybe it will make you a better person, but I doubt it . =)


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Listening- Stick With You, Pussycat Dolls
Location- Hotel Room
Smelling- Jason's smoking...Freak...

HAHAS! Day 2 in Seoul, Korea. =D...Went to the the National Museum of Korea, followed by the War Memorial of Korea, then the Namsangol Traditional Folk Village, and after that, we headed to the Namsan Seoul Tower (SUPER HIGH SIA) and lastly the National Folk Museum and the Gyeongbok Palace.

Lets start from the start.

1)The National Museum Of Korea. Hee, we walked around the otuer gardens but not into the Museum. I must say, the place is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Photos later. Took many photos that might be usefu for HPD there too! The architecture is already enough, and the gardens and all...0.0...Here photos speaks louder than words...Hopefully, Blogger is working alright. Otherwise, I will have to load the photos up to!

The Mirror Pond...What mirror? Wind caused too many ripples

I have no idea what this stands for

Err, Random yes...

Some pavillion with a bell in the middle

The main gate! The thing keeping the gate in is actually part of an old wall

-Thats not all the photos, just a small part-

2) The War Memorial...Nothing much here, loadsa planes and tanks and just some war stuff. I should have skipped it...Photos, are like very little...

3) The Tradtional Village...Well, it was interesting here! I mean, you can like how Koreans lived in the past and eveything. The buildings were also quite interesting and you can like see that everthing in they original state (I think, even though they were moved here)...Photos! Oh shit...Blogger is mad again...Nevermind...I will post them on for you people...=D

4) The "N" Seoul Tower...ITS SUPER HIGH UP/TALL. The bus drove us up and on the way up, Icould feel my ears "popping" due to the pressure, no kidding. Then we had to go 300m UP a STEEP slope to get nearer the Tower. Once there, we went higher up by 1 storey onto the "deck". And it was so super uber windy!!! I think, if you were wearing a cap, it would have flown away to somewhere down there (As in the city area). Took some photos! And then went off to catch the bus to the National FOlk Museum.

5&6) The Folk Museum is connected to the Palace so it was great! We walked around the outer skirts of the folk museum then went to the Palace to walk around cause I remembered going there during Sec 3 and one of the places in the palace was BEAUTIFUL and super PHOTOGENIC (if you can call a place photogenic) but then we only stayed for like 30 minutes then we went off to catch the bus.

After all those, nothing much happened except that we missed the last bus, but luckily there was another city tour bus that came along cause the driver was afraid some people got left behind or something. Thank god he came! Otherwise we would have be stranded and waiting for like I have no idea how many hours. Heh...Came back to the hotel via MRT. OH, and their MRT lines are like SUPER complicated. Heh...

Guess thats all, gotta wake up early tomorrow for the SHOPPING! HEH...I found the place! IT IS Doosan Tower, we bypassed it today and I remembered the outer area and looks, so yeah, heh...Happy shopping and bargaining tomorrow!!!

-Logged Off-

*I have the link to the online photoalbum on my links under "OTHERS" so yeah, go check it out after 11.45 singapore time to see the photos.

*DISCLAIMER: Use the photos, but credit me thank you very much.


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[-Sunday, June 11, 2006-]

Watching- Coach Carter
Location- Hotel Room

Hahas, the hotel technician came and fixed my comp to enable me to use the net here. Hopefully my comp still works when I go back to Singapore LAH. Had dinner at some little shop just now. Ate barbeque/bulgogi pork and I must say its really nice! Way better than the ones you get at Seoul Garden (not that they serve pork), but then we ordered two kinds, one with marinade one without. Of course the one with marinade tastes better LAH. Hahas, that little shop was like PACKED with people can!? But then the food is so good I think they got awards and got on TV even though its like smaller than your average cafe like Starbucks or Coffee Bean!!

Of course, the language was a problem cause the menu was also written in Hanguel (Korean language). But at least, 1 guy could help us translate, even though is English isn't that good, at least we could get it across that we don't want beef. Heh...

OH, and I must say something, the 7-Elevens here are way smaller than the Family Marts. Cause the last time I came in Sec 3 with the school, we shopped at the Family Marts and they had like ALOT of stuff, but 7-11? Small fry LAH. HEh.

One thing I hate about travelling is to forget to bring my conditioner and shampoo. My mum brought the shampoo but not the conditioner, so my hair is abit like grass right now. BAH. But the weather here is FREAKING COLD! I can't even tell whether its Winter or SUMMER (Supposed to be summer). Heh, almost froze out there at night.

Gonna go visit the palaces around here tomorrow. OH! ANYONE REMEMBERS which shopping mall we went to during the Korea trip with Ms LUM during JUNE 2004?! I think its the DOOSAN tower, but I am not sure. Great, and my mum is asking me where to shop and bargain all those. Heh...Help?

OH and the place is freaking HIGH TECH CAN?! Came in, and was looking for those peephole in the door. What peephole? High tech OKAY? VIDEO CAMERA located at the doorbell and if people press the bell, the screen near the toilet comes alive, showing you the person outside. Then the heater also controlled via a mechanism. Control the temp. yourself! Coool. Heh...And the rooms and elevator cards, no need to insert, just tap and go! Heh, high tech right?

Arrgh, gotta sleep...

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, June 10, 2006-]

Listening- Nothing In Particular
Location- Hotel Lobby

Hey people!! Did you miss me? I am in Seoul, Korea NOW! HAHAS...And so far, I would say its been pretty alright.

1)I am using the browser in Korean so yeah, I am a bit confused.

Went to the Changi Airport at about 9.30 to check-in our luggauge, then shopped around at the duty free stores. Ate TWO pretzels from Aunt Anne's. Nothing much there. =D I got my camera! HAHAS. =D =D =D =D . . .

Boarded the plane at 11.50. I thought it was a 10.50 plane, got it wrong heh...Bought a book by Dan Brown, titled Angels and Demons at the bookstore at Changi Airport. Read part of it on the plane but spent most of the time watching the movie "Eight Below". So sweet LAH! Then while we were leaving the air stweard was like "That's a good book your are reading, I think it was better than his other book Da Vinci Code. " HAHAS, so humorous LAH that guy. Friendly too.

Touched down at 6.56 local time which is 5.56 singapore's time. Took a cab to the hotel to check in our luggauge, cause we can only check into the room at 2! Had some kind of mutton and beef soup for breakfast at the cafe opposite the hotel. Tasted nice and all, but still, I prefer sunny-side-ups with waffles and pancakes, or maybe just the "roti prata". Then we walked to the MRT station here to try and figure out where to go next.

And this kind soul, decided to help us out cause I think he saw us sitting there for like 15 minutes?! Hahas, he brought us to the Tourist Info Centre and on the way, he told us about all thos places of interests and whatnot. Oh and he also managed to tell us the history behind some monuments, so I guess he can be a part time tour guide, or maybe he is?! HAHA...His name was Jonan I think. Heh...I don't think that Singaporeans will like go care about some tourists that are lost or something. I just have that kind of feeling, no idea why.

Then when we came out of the info center, it was sorta drizzling. So we went to this Duty Free shopping place (I won't call it a center or mall, its way too small) and bought some local foodstuff. Nothing much there. Then we came back to the hotel and thats the end of day 1. -.-" Boring huh? Anyways, I will post us the photos ASAP, as long as I can connect to the internet in the hotel room/apartment.

Guess thats all...

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, June 09, 2006-]

Listening- Neverland, F.I.R
Location- My Room

My oh my, its ALMOST TIME to go!!!!!!!! HAHAS. Can't wait. And dad's going to get me a camera on the way there so I won't lose out on the picture taking. You CAN be sure that I will be taking loads of photos (random or NOT) for the assignment from Mr.Soh and also for my own collection. =D...

Well, gotta go have my dinner now. =D. Then its off to the airport (not forgetting my cam...My beloved Panasonic DMC-TZ1) for me!

Don't miss me people!

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Leave (Get Out), Jojo
Location- My Room

Heh, stuff's half packed, and still waiting for some clothes to dry, damn the weather.

Went surfing through Friendster and I saw something FREAKING funny! HA.

and her HOMETOWN is bArCeLoNa ** [my perfect worLd.]" *Eww...sticky caps, I used to do that, but its dumb now*

Sia LAH, I didn't know I have a "friend" (read:FIEND) from SPAIN! HA, MY FOOT. Cheena say cheena LAH, say Spain, maybe she's in SPAIN, but hometown? CHINA LAH, BARCELONA MY ASS. Lie also find a better place to lie about, I DOUBT if you look Spainsh. If you say ummmm...Singapore maybe people will believe LAH. KA PUI.

I believe that Tata, Ting and some others will find the above person SUPER hilarious. Want to see who? Just remember cheena and you should know...Tata, another clue, for you, someone at your "rojak" chalet (1st day) that claims she has HIGH FEVER? Heh...

A few people that like her, don't like me, so yeah, please don't bombarde my tagboard THANK YOU VERY MUCH, cause well, I don't like her, thus the bitching, DUH.

Thats one. Lets find someone else to laugh at.

Hmmm, can't seem to find anyone else to laugh at. So sad... HAHA

Back to packing...

Countdown at this point of time till I get on the plane is about 6.5 hours. Boarding the plane at 11, and will be at the airport at 9...0.0

-Logged Off-


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Listening-Fly Away, F.I.R
Location- My Room

Hahas, uploaded a new skin onto blogskin just this morning, at about 2.30am! Preview it here and give me coments ya? Well, the are for the posts is WAAAAAY too large, but still, if you are forever putting pics up, its good, at least you don't have to like scroll sideways...heh...

Anyways, I gotta get packing, cause in about 9 hours or so time, I am going to be at the airport. Wish me a good trip ya? Hahhas...No worries, I will sms you people before I board the plane, just my usual routine before I go overseas so that my friends don't spend extra money smsing me overseas. Heh...

Anyways, I am bringing my laptop there, so I might still be able to update my blog and log on to MSN and stuff if there is internet connection at the hotel, which they SAY there is. I think there is a computer in the apartment too if I am not wrong. Heh

Only problem, the language. Not alot of them knows how to speak English or maybe I am wrong, but then I only know "Annyong Haseyo", "Kamsa Hamida", and "Sarang Hamida/Haeyo" and the last, which I won't even use cause it means "I love you". HAHA, the first one means "Hello" or "How are you" and the second one means "Thank you"...I think. Went to Korea in with the school in Sec 3, so yeah, we kept hearing "Annyong Haseyo"s and "Kamsa Hamida"s everywhere and we asked the tour guide. Heh. Please don't mind the spelling cause I have no idea how to spell the Korean language.

Ok, gotta get packing!

-Logged Off-

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[-Thursday, June 08, 2006-]

Listening- Mirror Mirror,M2M
Location- Living Room

Hahas, sorry for not updating for 1 day. Wanted to update at 2am this morning but wasn't able to log in. =(...Anyways, the MDA paper today was alright I guess.I skipped 1 question that consisted of 10 marks. And I missed one part of another question asking me to state an example!! And I KNEW how to do it LAH! FREAK!

Anyways, I think that I can pass but might not be able to score, jusr like the maths paper. Man,I am typing this out while watch that Women of Times series on Ch 8. HAHA, getting more and more exciting LAH that show.

Then we had VTDS from 1.30 to (no not 3, not 4) FREAKING 6.30! Like WTF? Then the class was siao today cause its the end of the papers and Alex almost got himself in deep trouble. Heh...Will post up photos if blogger allows me to. And then you people can take a GOOD look at my poly pals. =D

VTDS basically sucked as usual, but this time round Alex helped me and Ben and some others out so I think its quite alright. Then we had to draw this toaster with the door open and we have to draw an arrow suggesting how the door opens and close. Easy? YOUR HEAD!...Heh...Then we had to draw a children's toy that is like fixing one thing onto another in EXPLODED view. -.-"...Wasted like 1 piece of paper, which is like little compared to Ben who had to redraw 4 TIMES! HAHAS...

Then we walked to the bus stop and while walking there, bus 74 came and Linda and Angus ran to it, but the uncle drove off. I was still slowly walking behind, and I am taking also taking 74. HAHAS! Then we waited for bus, boarded the bus, and saw SI2 on the TV. Then we were like commenting on the female singers and whatnot. Talked about alot of things LAH, mostly lame stuff.

Got off at Ang Mo Kio mrt and took a train to my Grandma's place for dinner. Heh...Then accompanied her for a while, and my grandfather sent me home. Nothing much I guess...

Okay,Blogger is seriously pissing me off...I will upload the photos before I leave for Korea tomorrow alright? =D

-Logged Off-

*Good luck once again for your entrance exam. And make sure you do well and come back during end of June. HAHAS. =D


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[-Wednesday, June 07, 2006-]

Hahas, I made ANOTHER blogskin...Similar to this one. But bigger and with a different pic. Go see and comment ya?


I wanted to sleep just now, but this sudden inspiration came to me, so I couldn't sleep and I just HAD to make it. =D

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
Location-My Room

Just got back about an hour ago from the wedding dinner. The groom was handsome and the bride was pretty whats new. Heh...Took some photos but only a few of them turned out decent. Will put them up later...

For this wedding dinner, I had to put on FULL make-up. Cause it was like a family friend's wedding, so yeah, I need to look decent at least. Used my mum's make-up and turned out pretty well except that I overloaded on the compact powder and ended up looking WHITE...KNS.

Then at the wedding (Goodwood Park Hotel), nothing much happened. Well, the groom was made to pole dance when he went to fetch the bride which we saw via projector screens. I must say though, the layout is DAMN good lah! Some places are like when you seat at a certain table you can't see the screen, but for their wedding they had 4 screens, so it was great. Then the food was...nevermind. The couple really looks good together LAH. Then when we left, the groom was like RED-FACED tomato. HAHAS. They said that he drank so much he ended up throwing up in the toilet. But he wasn't drunk. 0.0...(Blogger is taking so long to load the photos...-.-")

Came home, removed the make up and wasted ALOT of cotton wool. And now, I am blogging. Gonna revise MDA tomorrow. The WHOLE of tomorrow that is. Then have the paper on Thursday morning and go to Korea on Friday!! Can't WAIT LAH!!!! HAHAS. Going to have to bring my notebook there too, to do the assignments, to blog and whatnot. IF there is wireless connection LAH.

Tired and Sleepy...

OH, and the pool at NP today was weird and gross. The two sides were like normal, but the middle was like BROWN!!!? And we went like, WAH LAO, someone diarrhea while swimming is it?!

Correction...Blogger is NOT letting me upload the photos...I will try again tomorrow or rather, later toDAY...Heh
-Logged Off-


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[-Tuesday, June 06, 2006-]

Listening- One In A Million, Bosson
Location- My Room

HAHAS!! Math test today was alright I guess, could do most of the questions!!! FOR ONCE! HEH. Took a cab down to school cause my brother was like a "Brother" at his friend's wedding, PLUS it was raining. Did some maths stuff on the way there and managed to like do 2 questions which I actually didn't know how to do. HA...Taxis inspire me...

Went to the Sports Hall for the paper, and brought my jacket which was of NO USE at all except maybe to wipe my sweat off at times cause I thought the hall was air-conditioned, turns out, it was fan-conditioned LAH. FREAK. Paper ends, and we waited outside for the others to come out. Then I went to the shop beside the campus deli to pack some food home.

Reached home, ate, watched tv and now blogging...Have to go prepare for that wedding dinner later. Did I mention I have NAHthing to wear?! GREAT...

-Logged Off-

-Bummer! Sms me only when you are bored. HAHAS. Good luck for cramming all your notes within 5 days. HAHAS. No worries, I won't be there/here to disturb you, for I will be in KOREA. Heh...Lets hope your SYSTEM does not SHUT DOWN. HAHA-


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Listening- Yi Kao (Depend), Richie Ren
Location- My Room

OMG LAH. Just like what Faizah says, I should be REVISING MY MATHS!...Guess what? I spent like 1 hour making a skin. Someone slap me please. Heh...I really am super UNmotivated CAN?!

Anyways. GO HERE to see the skin. Heh...Light purple. With a photo I took in Aussie. =D...I really HAVE TO GO BACK TO MY MATHS. With a cup of hot chocolate of course. Add some marshmallows please...HAHAS, Yes, I am crazy. Whatever just give me comments alright people? Thanks! Okay, the image is blurry...Bum

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[-Monday, June 05, 2006-]

Listening- Yuan Lai, JJ Lin
Location- My Room

Hmmm, went to school today with my hair let down. It's like the FIRST TIME EVER that I let my hair down the whole day while I am out. And it's freaking warm LAH.

Waited for Faizah at the bus stop to go to Maths together, and in the end, we waited for Brandon, Ben, Victoria and Linda before going into class. James was funny LAH. He came with his friend then came and talk to us as the bus stop, and he was standing beside me while talking to Brandon so I said "Hello UNCLE..." Then he was lik "Oh Hi" then turned back to Brandon then turned back to my hair and went "WAH!"...SO slowpoke LAH that guy...HAHAS.

Maths, Faizah sat with her friends so I sat with Victoria they all. HAHAS. At least this lesson was more productive than the others. I actually learnt SOMETHING LAH. And then my brain was like slow today SIA. After Maths, we went to eat at Canteen 2, nothing special. Then we went to Vic's house to revise for Maths. Her beagle (Great, I forgot his name) is CUTE LAH!!! Oh, we saw a baby komodo dragon outside her house. Heh. Back to her beagle. SO CUTE LAH! Then Brandon, Ben and Linda are like scared of dogs. HAHAS.

Then Vic changed and we went to the condo opposite which is also her place (Her grandparents' to be exact) and sat at the void deck to revise for a while before going upstairs. Her grandma is so cute LAH. HAHAS. Stayed there till about 4 before going off. OH. Victoria played the piano, and she is like so GOOD!!! DANG, I wish I can play like that. But I just don't have the patience. Next time my kids WILL learn to play the piano LAH. HAHAS. Ok, sorry for sidetracking for a moment. The revising was rather productive too. At least Brandon could like explain some things to us. Heh. Then we went to the cold storage opposite "Longhouse", bought ice cream and we took a bus to Bishan to take the train while Vic went back home.

At Bishan, Brandon was like shopping at Fila so Linda went to meet her friend first. Nothing much there. Took train to Yio Chu Kang and then came home. Heh.

OH. Ben is like a Auntie-Killer LAH. HAHAS!!!!! He likes to seduce aunties and ah-mas. HAHA...And Vic's house is like so nice LAH. I LIKE HER ROOM! HEH...Got sauna somemore. 0.0...Heh...OH and the void deck at her Granma's place is like SO GOOD for taking photos LAH. And it's super windy. A great place to study at AT night! Oh and Brandon's eyebrows are ranked #1 while Ben's are ranked #2!!!! HAHAS

Guess thats all. I gotta go finish up my FREAKING CATS and then revise for MATHS. BAH...

-Logged Off-

Post Script- Wedding Dinner to attend to tomorrow night. Ab-So-Lutely NahTHING to Wear...Peeerfect. Not...BAH!!


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Listening- Let's Get Retarded, Black Eye Peas
Location- My Room

HAHAS. I am HAP HAP HAPPY TODAY! Guess what? I got a new hair colour AND cut!! Lets go through the process which lasted for about three and a half HOURS. Sat till my ass was sore. Then while people were flipping through magazines, I was looking through the EG1 notes...Heh...

Photos of the Processes:: Warning, do not freak out alright? HEH

Before my haircut...Doubtful

Half way through the applying the dye...I like the style...heh

I looked horrible, so I blocked the face. Refer to cow cartoon

After the whole head dye and parting...Nice? Colour is sorta dark BROWN with a hint of red

Re-Touching of highlights...

I SPENT 3.5 hours sitting there, and they washed my head once with shampoo, once with treatment and had rinsing TWICE. Damn, my hair must be like SUPER CLEAN LAH. Hahas. Oh, I got it done at Kimage Kovan and they are supposed to like close at 7, but then cause of me, 2 of them only started closing at 8.

Heh...FINAL RESULTS: Warning...VERY "noisy" in the pic: Okays forget it, Blogger is not letting me upload...BAH!

Guess how much it costed will ya?
TOTAL COST: DYE + CUT + WASH + Treament was $175!!!!!!!!! FREAK! I could like play I-have-no-idea-how many rounds of pool and go to KBOX I don't know how many times and watch like I don't know how many MOVIES with popcorn and drinks!!!! AND the number of overseas messages I could have SENT. GOODNESS.

ARggh, maths tomorrow, gotta go sleep people.

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[-Sunday, June 04, 2006-]

Listening-Dang Ni, Cyndi Wang
Location- My Room

This is going to be the shortest post ever! HAHA...I just SUBMITTED a skin onto Blogskins. Go check it out HERE!!! Give me comments alright people?! Thanks..Hahas...=D

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Listening- Before I Fall In Love, Coco Lee
Location- My Room

Okay, I am seriously very pissed off at CATS LAH! And to think I was just about to like it. Man, the lecturer is SUPER CANNOT MAKE IT CAN?!!!! I mean, first she tells us some things that we supposedly have to finish by last Thurs then she send us an e-mail telling us we don't have to afterall. Then on Thurs she tells us some of the things there is still left for us to finish up and that we only need to hand it in on Week 13. THEN NOW, she tells us no, we have to hand it in by this wednesday!!

EY, funny AR?! Anyhow SIA! So pissed off LAH, and this week is the CA week LOH!!!! I have to like study for maths on monday then have the paper on tues and study for MDA on tues and wed, then have the MDA paper on Thurs, then I am leaving on Friday!

Wah piang! Think I very free ar? Then the leader another super irritating one. I mean yeah, I know we have to hand it in on wednesday, then he wants us to meet on BOTH monday AND tuesday? WHAT THE HELL?!

Monday I have Mr.Poh's tutorial revision for maths from 10-12 then I have to go revise on my own at home. And he wants to meet from 1-3?? Ey, I very free is it? PLUS, we only have 2 pieces of work that is not done yet which can easily be finished within 2 hours Thank You Very Much! And he wants to meet on 2 DAYS?!! I very free is it? (I know I have repeated this many times...bear with me)...MDA1 and EG1 is WAAAY more important than stupid dumb dumb CATS! But anyways, Monday, I won't be going, I am not FREE, I have to go cram my maths formulas. And if not for the fact that I am feeling guilty, I won't even bother to go on Tuesday LAH, MDA1 is keeping me busy enough THANK YOU VERY MUCH...Have to go revise like 4-5 chapters! Super long chapters at that.

SO pissed!

On a happier note, I am happy that at least, I have friends that are willing to listen(or read for that matter) to me rant! Thanks FA-I-ZAH!!!!!!!! Hahas...Good luck to all 1P01 people for their Common Test 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D...We need it!...Heh...

*Thank goodness you messaged me today, or else, I would have kept on worrying about that dream of mine. Glad to hear that your area is not affected. And you are still in the mood to lame. I didn't expect that you will sms me on your own. HAHAS...=D... Good Luck for your exam on the 11th!! I will be in Korea by then...But at least you will be back by end of June...Can't WAIT!


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[-Saturday, June 03, 2006-]

Listening- Chuang Wai (Outside the Window?), Jacky Wu & Joanna
Location- My Room

Hahas. Went shopping with my mum just now. My eldest brother got a new hair colour at the hairdresser's then my mum had a new haircut. Then we went to Ang Mo Kio Central to shop for some clothes.

Went to Giodarno and bought 2 pairs of jeans (one normal, one with like paint DOTS) and 2 tees (Black with green wordings,and balck with PINK picture) for myself. I love Giodarno LAH. HAHAS...Their old ME tees were abit lame but the new "World Without Strangers" theme tees looks pretty nice. Then I was looking at watches, those $10 per piece ones, but none of them caught my attention. =( Then my bro went to packet some food for himself and we headed home.

Mum bought some new clothes from Rampage (Thomson Plaza) looks alright I guess...Hahas. She it to attend a wedding dinner with my dad tonight. But she has nothing to wear or so she says.

Common Test on Tues and Thurs. Haven't revised yet and I am still slacking. Heh. I still have time to make blogskins somemore. Hahas, made one that is in Black and White with a picture that I took just the other day. Theme is "leaving our memories behind" or something like that. I think some of you have seen the photo. The one with the car's side mirror reflecting the back of the road? Heh...

Hmmm...Guess thats all...Gonna go take a nap...0.0

-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, June 02, 2006-]

Listening- Mu Nai Yi (Mummy), JJ Lin
Location- My Room

Alright, sorry for the lack in updates, been pretty busy lately...First up are the photos I owe you people...=D

Okay that is called the hardness testing machine...
From another angle...
The teacher donning his HUGE gloves...Carrying a flask of liquid nitrogen
The Captain Ball match...yet to begin
Mr SOH the fav. lecturer and some others
The lecturers performing an item for us!!

So thats that. Hmmm...Lets talk about these 2 days...

Yesterday we had SW softball, the last lesson for the term, and my team was not not play opposite Faizah's team cause the teacher Mr.Oh decided to change it last minute. And yes, we lost a terrible lost,lets not emphasise on that now. It was fun though!! HAHA...But the Captain was on MC from PE!!! GOSH LAH...Then after that we had CATS which was pretty fun cause we showed the teacher what we had done so far and she told us what else there was to do and my group just lamed about a bit (FINALLY opening up lah), while Lay Yan's group was rushing their work and he was making SUPER LAME jokes that made us laugh. Heh...He kept talking in that gayish manner which is freaking funny. Then I went to my grandma's place and slept from about 3 to 6.30 and woke up with aching arms and legs...-.-"...Ate dinner, went home, end of day 1...

Then today we had...MATHS QUIZ! BAH! I think I am going to fail it AGAIN lah, didn't study except last minute and I couldn't cramm anything into my brain. Heh...Then my contact lenses dropped out while I was reading the 2nd question...Then after lessons, went to put it back and get my MDA prac notes from Min Ting before going to meet TING TING!!!!!! MISS THAT GIRL SO MUCH LAH!!!! HAHA!!!!

Spent time at K Box, singing every song possible. Hahas, sang OUR duet Wu Ding and I learnt another duet Chuang Wai both sang by Jacky Wu with Landy or Joanna. Hahas...Then we sang "Lian Ai ING", and some songs from JJ, Lee Hom, Nicholas Tse and the rest...

After that, we went to take neoprints at level 9, free lamination and cutting (they cut for you), and if you use certain machines they can send the photos to your email. Hee...OH and they rent out costumes for you to wear if you want to.

Then went to eat at Suki Sushi, then to that Nike shop where I was like looking at that shoe that came out just 1 month ago and one salesperson came and talk about the shoe, I turned and was about to say "oh Ok, thanks" but then I noticed that the guy is quite cute so me and Ting just let him finish his talking then ask him about the price and all, then went off...HAHA...
He's cute! And that shoe is nice, costs $177, for Nike, I guess its about average. I don't mind since my old Nike is in pieces and I need a new one anyway, then my And1 shoe will go into softball...Heh...Oh that guy is taller than me also. HAHA...Then Ting Ting taught me Maths before we went our seperate ways (me to Centerpoint to find my mum and Ting to go see the Singapore Chinese Orchestra with her MI pals...)

Photos for the outing tomorrow...Not alot anyways...Haha...

-Logged Off- 10.08pm


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[-Thursday, June 01, 2006-]

Listening- Ai Mei, Rainie Yeung (playing on the radio)
Location- Bedroom

OH MAN! Today was like THE GREATEST DAY ever!!! In poly life that is. ITS SO COOL!!!!

1) In MDA practical, we played with the impact testing machines, namely Izod and Charpy tests. And its like so fun!! Yes, we love breaking things HAHAS...Then the teacher donned a pair OF HUUUGE gloves which palm could practically cover MY FACE LAH!!! HAHAS, and you know what? He showed us what happened to the properties of each material after it is placed in liquid nitrogen. Wax just shattered when the sorta poked it with the tongs, rubber became SO brittle and it just broke when bended. Nothing happened to the ping pong ball and the Styrofoam balls. But the coolest has GOT TO BE THE BALLOONS!!! When he placed an inflated balloon on the liquid nitrogen, it just deflated and scrunched up!! Then when he removed it the balloon inflated by itself!!! SO COOL! Will put up all the pics and videos tomorrow. Too late already, if I put them up now I will only be sleeping at 12 for goodness sake...

2) MP practical. We were, FOR ONCE in MP prac in an AIR-CON ROOM! HAHAS...Then we dismantled and assembled a gearbox made by some company whose name reminded me of pasta. Heh...Then we named each part, took the measurements and gave each part like a 6-8 character code. Cooool. Then we assembled the gearbox again. Had some trouble with the assembling LAH, cause well, everything is easy to take out but hard to put back WHAT!

3) We had the PDI GATHERING TODAY!!! (Evening/night for that matter)...Played in 1 round of captain's ball then stopped cause I was a bit no mood then like no "mo qi" with the team people LAH, so yeah, I become the photographer. Heh...Then there was also the sushi making competition which we came second in. Oh, we came first in Captain;s ball!!! Kudos to Brandon, Alex, James, Angus and the seniors!!!! Then there was this number game (Zhong Ji Mi Ma) which is like you have to guess the number on the card, but then when you guess it correctly, you LOSE. HEH, and our team also won in that. Thanks to Jason, Bryan, Jin Tong (correct sp?), and some seniors. Then we had the TALENTIME! WHOOTS!!! Didn't know who scored the best but then overall winners is? P01!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not 1P01 cause its like the seniors and juniors so its 1/2P01!!! HAHA...OH, LIM SWEE SIONG danced with US! I think we scored in the entertainment LAH. HAHAS, Then we gave Mr.Lim the markers that the team won, and the colour pencils to Mr. Soh who is like our FAVOURITE TEACHER! HE is just SO COOL!!!! HEH...Then we took a class photo. And you should really see it, cause the whole class was in BLACK or DARK BLUE!! SO coordinated LAH! But every Wednesday also like that. Haha!!! Oh and in Captain's ball there was this senior who is like SO COOL!!! He reminds me of Jun Quan cause he is like a basketball pro (can tell LAH, by the way he handles the ball) and he can jump like SO HIGH LAH. Even though he is not that tall also. Heh...Cool LEH! BASKETBALL ROCKS!

Hmmm...Then my parents came and bring me home at around 9.30 cause we ended at about 9.10 then we walked out and everything which took time LAH. SO basically, today ROCKED!!!...1P01 ROCK ON!!!


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