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[-Sunday, April 30, 2006-]

Listening- Blind, Lifehouse
Location- Home, My room
Talking- Talisa

LIKE FINALLY?!! I have no idea why, but my notebook is like taking so long to load pages on the internet when I am at home...I waited for like 15 or more minutes for this bloody page to load can? So irritating. ARRGH, but at least I am in now.

Okay, I am currently doing my Engineering Maths Tutorial and I was stuck at one of the questions for 1 HOUR! Engineering Maths is so damn difficult, and failing EMaths for like 2 years does not help, neither does having the answers at the back help when I have no idea how to get it. Then I decided to ask Ben Yeo for help and he was helpful, but I still could not find the answer, so I asked Benedict Chieng for help instead. He is a genius at Maths and Science. And I am not kidding. Within 5 minutes of seeing that question, he could give me the answer, which was only 1 sentence by the way. And it took me 1 WHOLE HOUR to try and figure out the answer. I am so hopeless. So yeah Ben.C is like going to be my official freelance Maths tutor...HAHA...

Am starting on Section C (simultaneous Equations) now. Should be easy for me, thanks to Ting Ting's coaching during the Sec 3 and 4 days. HAHA!!! No school on MONDAY! And I'm loving it! -.-"...Whats with the Mac's slogan...Nevermind that now.

Going to go out with Hans and Talisa on the coming Friday...CAN'T WAIT!!! Miss them so much! Yes, even though I just saw Hans on Thursday, but that is not the point. The point is, I miss my secondary school days and that's why I will miss them even if I just went out with them. That is how close I am with this group of people. Poly life is like so different without them. I won't say its boring cause its actually fun. The only thing is that the kind of jokes that I can make with Hans, Tata, Ting etc, sometimes cannot be used on my Poly pals. I guess its just cause people are different in the way they think.


I think I am a coward. Really. I mean my thinking by the way. Its like I have set my mind on being a Vet, and I don't dare to make a change. I know what life as a Vet is like, I have done my research, and I have absolutely no idea how life like a design engineer is like, so I don't dare to change my plans. I don't know, but I am just scared. I love design, I love NP's 1P01 class. But I just cannot bring myself to change what I planned to do since 2 years ago. I have no idea what the future has in store for me. I don't even know whether I can cope with living and studying alone in Aussie, let alone think about the dangers. If I stay in S'pore, I will still have my friends and family with me. And I know that at least my family will be there if I run into any troubles, its just so different from going alone to Aussie. It's still not too late and I can still choose to complete my Dip. in Product Design & Innovation before going to Aussie, but I feel that its such a waste of time AND money. I need a counselor...Jeez

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[-Saturday, April 29, 2006-]

Listening- Hao Xing Fen Shou, Candy Lo
Location- Home, my room

ARRGH! Iam currently doing my maths tutorial, and it sucks big time!! Even Ting Ting can't help me. I have done the Maths Online tutorial, and that is likes super easy compared to what I am doing right now. So, yeah, I decided to take a break and blog instead.

Oh yeah, did I mention? Someone in my school owns a Lamborghini, YES, A LAMBO! Most probably belongs to a lecturer...BUT, that person must be freaking rich to be able to own one. Saw it twice, but didn't take any photos, if I see it again on Tuesday (Monday is Labour Day!), I will take a photo and put it up.

Slept at about 3 this morning and woke up 13 hours later at 4.00pm...So nice! Haha...But now, I am having a bloody headache, which sucks. About the maths question, I can do it, but when I checked the answer given to us, my answer was totally off! And now I am like investigation how to get the correct answer.

Here is the question...If g(t)=(1"/"(t"2"+1)), find g(s+1)... Ummm, the "/" is the divide sign and "2" is square. Anyone wants to help me? Hahas...The answer is (1"/"(s"2"+2s))...So yeah, I need help..My Math sucks...

Okay, I got to hit the books now...

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[-Friday, April 28, 2006-]

Listening- Yuan Liang (forgive), Alec Su
Location- Home
Talking- Eileen

HAHA...Just came back from school, and the last 3 periods were FREAKING FUNNY LAH!! Laugh till my cheeks and tummy hurt...You wanna know why? Well, cause the teacher was the type that we can joke and -suan- with, and he was from CJC then continued to NS before getting into NP...And he was like "You all know what CJC is famous for?" And the guys were like "ABORTION RATE!"...So enthu LAH! And the lecturer was like "huh? issit?!"...Lolz...(In Eileen's words, he self-destruct)...Then he asked us what CCA we think he was in, and then we all were like making blind guesses. Turns out he was from soccer...Really cannot tell...(This is like only 1 out of the many jokes made at him...But he is really great, cause he is those type that can laugh at himself...Like Lim Chin Huat....)

Then we had to make a product out of vanguard sheet, and it must be worn on the head. When it was time for presentation, it was so freaking funny! There were like so many things that came out, like some helmet to prevent things dropping from the top to injure your head (to which we said..."DROP TEST DROP TEST!!! Drop brick on it!!!" Or something like that), then there was another which can be used to keep your stationery. My group (Me and Faizah) made this hat which is like worn on your head and it can be used to store stationery and whatnot when your hands are full. Comes with a free separator somemore! HAHAHA!!!! I will show you the pictures later...

That was the later part of the day. The earlier part, we had Engineering Maths 1 tutorial and yes, it sucked. The teacher so ACT SMART can?! But I don't want to get sued, so I won't elaborate, lets just say that he almost spoilt the maths software on my notebook...Bloody hell...Then the way he teach is just about as interesting as reading a chinese dictionary (which is boring to me, in case you don't get it...Get it?) And the more he explains, the more complicated it gets...I think I will die in his class...ARRGH!! I have yet to complete the maths tutorial, but its due next Friday, so I have some time.

So basically this week was alright, and the only lessons that I dislike are CATS, MDA and the EG1 (maths) Tutorial...Arrgh...


From left to right, Bryan, Benjamin, James, Wei Ting, Faizah, Linda, Brandon, (forgot this guy's name), Daniel and Ivy...Looking cute!

Then the lecturer took a class photo and told us that he will send it to us...I will put it up when he does...HEE!

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[-Thursday, April 27, 2006-]

Listening- Class 95fm
Location- Taxi.

Haha!!Just look at the location I am in, and you will know why I am laughing. No, the taxi does not have wireless, like DUH! But I am just leaving Tampines and going home, so I figured that I would do something productive. By the way, I am typing this out on MS Word so that I just have to copy and paste it down later.

Today was pretty boring to say the least. The Sports and Wellness was basically briefing about sports, rules and whatnot. Then me and Faizah wanted to join Archery for SW, but it was full, then we tried Tennis and it was also FULL! So we ended up in softball...-.-"
But I am not complaining, at least I didn't get into aerobics. But I really wanted to try out basketball, but I think I will be like so extra there...Lolz...Then it was time for our CATS (Creativity Applications and Thinking Skills), and I was like separated from my class. Well, we were all separated but some were like in pairs, and I am like -.-"

CATS was quite fun cause the lecturer is funny and the people in my CATS class are like so freaking funny. Then there was this guy right, his English is like super good, and his general knowledge is also quite broad. Why? Cause we were given some NASA reports about how some inventions derived from NASA, and they guy could explain really well about why it was invented and so on, so yeah, he kind of reminded me of Kangwei...HAHA! Then we were grouped and my group is like...-.-"...Damn quiet and boring, but two other guys are absent, so yeah, I hope it will be better when they come...

Then after school, I went to Coral to collect my O Levels Cert and saw Maxine, Nikita and the other girl that I forgot her name also collecting their results. Then I went in search of Halif and Mr. Ng. I couldn't find Halif, and Mr. Ng was not in school. Such a waste of my time!Lolz...Then I saw Bridget, Malcom, Kelson, Chee Ying they all in school. After that, I went to White Sands library cafe, and met JAY!! HAHA!Miss that girl so much, and I can tell that she miss me too..HAHA!! Then I found out that Toni also graduated from NP!Lolz! Then I sat with Mandy, Ke Ying and their gang to have my lunch before meeting Hans and Kim Swee at Tanah Merah. Then this guy from the States (NY), came and asked me how to get to City Hall while I was waiting for Hans and KS. Then I was like telling him how to get there and everything, then he asked me a funny question. He asked me "Are you from around here?" And I was like "Yeah, of course, I am a Singaporean. Why?" And he was like "Oh, cause of the way you speak English, you don't really sound like one." Cause when I talked to him, I didn't use any -Lah, loh, lehs and ars- I spoke in perfect English okay?! Don't play play and no, he doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes, he looks abit like an Asian, like Kelson. HAHA!

Then Hans came and we waited for KS, then we went to bloody TANJIONG PAGAR! So freaking far can? And I like just came down from Clementi...-.-" We went there cause KS and Hans needed to settle some things in their privated school (APMI), so yeah, we stayed there for about half an hour before heading BACK to TAMPINES to play pool. Actually, they wanted to play at Bugis, then I was like "Don't want lah! Go pavilion and play."...Lols...Then we played pool for about 1 hour, and when we left the guy was like "Next time if you come in with Ngee Ann Poly tee shirt we cannot let you in hor..."Then I was like "Oh ok, Sorry ..." Lo...So paiseh...Then I went to packet some food for my mum and now, I AM HOME!!! My legs are like so tired, and I still have school tomorr...MATHS for 2 periods...Shit...I bet I am going to fall asleep. Then 3 hours of break before having History of Product Design...zzz

I MISS CORAL SEC 4E3'05 LAH!! -Specific people only okay-
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Listening- Fen Shou Kuai Le (Happy Breakup), Fish Liang Jing Ru
Location-Bedroom, home...

HAHA...Just finish talking with Kai Hua via webcam and mic. So fun...Hahas...Then remember that I said that the VTDS (Visual Thinking and Design Sketching) asked us to practice how to draw a fire extinguisher? Well, here is what the original thing, compared to what me and Faizah drew during class.

The fire extinguisher...Angus on the left, Alex on the right...I WAS taking the fire extinguisher...
My drawing...So freaking weird looking...

Faziah's drawing......=D

So yeah, you get the picture...I think that if I show that sketch to Benny Ng tomorrow, I will get scolding for sure, BUT! We are only allowed to use pens okay...Don't play play...Arrgh, no one is free to talk...

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[-Wednesday, April 26, 2006-]

Listening- Down, JJ Lin
Location- Home

I totally embarrassed myself on the bus back just now. First, I wanted to listen to my iPod and its like i put the earphones and all in my ears, then I turned it on (or tried to for that matter) and it was out of power! Then this group of kids from some sec sch or primary was like looking at me, and I was like...-.-"...What the hell, so yeah. Then I was like really tired and fell asleep on the bus, and then after bout 30 minutes, I woke up, and you know why? I hit my head on the seat in front...And the kids that I mentioned earlier were like sniggering away...Shit...

Then this guy was like talking on the phone so freaking loudly about how he helped a family, cause the husband kept abusing the wife and son and molested his daughter and how he helped them. Then he said that when the wife said thanks, he told her "Don't thank me, thank GOD!" and I was like "WTF?" Then he said that the son doesn't talk to anyone but talks to him and I was like thinking "WAH! So noble! So good!...So arrogant." Maybe I am misinterpreting his tone but he sounds like he is like oh-so-smug to me.

ARRGH...Sports and Wellness tomorrow, and I have nothing to wear, wish me good luck, I might just go in the NP's SoE polo shirt...But I don't know whether I should bring my notebook, what if there is no place to keep it? Then what if it got stolen...0.0 Then I have no idea what sport I want to choose, I feel like taking basketball, but it is like so male dominated...Some of the girls are going for tennis...Arggh...Oh well, we will see...

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Listening- Chi Pang (Wings), JJ Lin
Location- NP's Library
Talking- Kangwei

Talked to Ting Ting and Hans yesterday via webcam and mic...SO FUN! And please, don't think dirty okay...Then Hans was like going "whopper whopper whopper" on his mic, and he kept putting on a hairband cause his hair too long, but he ended up looking gayish...Then he put on his specs and he look freaking CUTE lah! HAHA...No I don't like him...

HAHA...I am having my break till 2. The lecturer let us off early by 1 1/2 HOURS! HAHAHAHA...SO nice right? But its cause he has nothing to teach, as it was our first lesson. But he showed us around the lab (like DnT lab), and all the machines and equipment that he showed us were like how to DESTROY our projects...HAHA...Just kidding, the machines were like to test for hardness, tension, toughness and whatnot, and then, its like we are testing till our products break, so yeah, the guys in my class were like "WAH...You teach us to destroy our projects ar..." Then he kept pronouncing hardness as harness...So freaking funny. Then he showed us the industrial sized machines like the blow moulding machine, injection moulding machine and all those, and then the guys were like thinking dirty about blow and all those...They even ask him "Mr. Lim you know how to blow not?"...LMAO!

Then before that lesson, we had the sketching class and guess what? We had to sketch a fire extinguisher, and as usual, my sketching ended up looking cartoonish...zzzzz... But he said that it is good...0.0...Oh well, I will blog again tonight...

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[-Tuesday, April 25, 2006-]

Listening- Ai Shang Wei Lai De Ni, Wilber Pan
Location- NP's Atrium

HAHA!! I have break till 1!! And it is like so freaking long away. Had Engineering Maths before this and the lecturer was teaching on functions and just as he started on the substitution and elimination thing, it was time for us to leave...HAHA....But the lesson was rather boring, and I surprised myself by staying awake for most of the lesson which was like 2 hours! But then I zoned out a couple of times and almost fell asleep once, but that was when he was teaching, so yeah...Wish me good luck for my common test! Not that it is anywhere soon...

Dad sent me to school today...Hmmm...Seems like I won't have to take public transport anymore unless both my dad and my bro are busy...

The tech guy came and fixed my home wireless for me, but the signal in my room is like super low can? Two bars only...But I remembered that I got 4 bars once. Looks like I will have to move my laptop around the room to search for the perfect location like a geomancer would to those red things with a compass...

OH OH!! I dropped my notebook at school yesterday, BUT, it was alright, cause of the casing that I bought from Challenger...It says that even if you dropped a dumbbell on the casing with the notebook in it, it will still turn out alright, so yeah, I guess that's true...HAHA...Without the casing, my notebook might have broken down or something...

Hmmm, I have yet to collect my tertiary level ez-link card, and I think, that I will be buying the bus & MRT concession when I get it...Hmmm...OH! And the sandwiches made at the Campus Deli (run by four leaves) are absolutely delicious can?! I saw alot of people queuing up for it yesterday, so I decided to try it today, and yes, it tastes great!! I think I will be getting my lunches there from now, if I don't want to eat those full meals...Hee...

Arrgh, visual thinking and design sketching later...Darn, I hope that my sketching skills didn't deprove that much, or else, I am Oh-So-Dead...

Gonna go back to Coral on Thursday to collect my O levels cert. Will be going with Talisa, and will be meeting Halif there too! HAHA!!! I am so going to tell Mr. Benny Ng about my course, and I might just ask him about the Maths stuff...zzzzz...

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Listening- Chi Pang (Wings), JJ Lin
Location- Home

ARRGH....The MeL website is so pissing me off! I cannot even open the page, let alone log in and check my mail and whatnot...Shit! So yeah, I decided to update my blog AGAIN...haha...This is like the 2nd post today...

Hmmm...The last 3 periods were like SOSOSOSOSO BORING CAN?! The teacher was monotonous, and he just reads everything single thing from the PowerPoint slide, as if we cannot read like that, then some guys just slept and talk and he didn't even care. Then got saboed and almost got the class rep. for his lesson...NO THANK YOU...Who cares about CCA points, I can jolly well earn them myself thank you very much. Then I was like "I don't want LAH!" and he said that he will nominate next lesson...If he nominate me again...I tell you, I confirm won't do anything. Then he let us off 40 minutes early! HAHA...Then tomorrow morning there is 2 periods of Math, then 3 periods of break and 2 periods of Visual Thinking & Design Sketching...Shit...My sketching skills sucked, and now its already rusty...DIE DIE...

Then Math today was pretty okay, the teacher quite funny, and he is the type that can joke around with us. The other 2 like so boring, but I am going to meet one other lecturer tomorrow, so yeah, we shall see...

Okay...I saw the webpage like FINALLY and it told me that there was an internal server error...WTF...KNS...TMD...KUKU SIA! Aiya, forget it...Tomorrow I will have to collect my ez-link, and then ask the CAL2 technicians to help me upload some maths software and the Scientific Notebook thing. 3 hours of break should be enough, I hope...

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[-Monday, April 24, 2006-]

Listening- Almost Here, Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
Location- School, NP's Atrium

YIKES! First day of school was so typical. Woke up at 5.15, and left my house at around 6.45, cause my brother decided to bring me to school, HAHA...SO nice right? I know, but I had to sponsor him $20 for petrol...-.-"...But still, if he decides to bring me to schol everyday, I will save alot on transportation time. It takes about 1 hour toreach school by public transport, but if my bro brings me to school, it will only take about 20-30 minutes...0.0...Such a big difference can?!

So yeah, first lesson of the day was Manufacturing Processes, which was 1 period=1 hour, so yeah, the lecturer was a bit boring, then when he asked us to introduce ourselves and our hobbies, I said take random photos of the surroundings and the whole class was like laughing at I-dunno-what...Whats so funny? Hmmmm..Haha, nevermind, but I miss Hans and Bob and Ting and Talisa, its like now in class, I still lame around abit, but without those 4 its just totally different cause we had alot of "Mo Qi'. Don't worry, I am having 2 hours of break right now so I am not exactly breaking any rules or what.

When to print my lecture notes just now and HELL! So many people were like queing up. Saw Nadzir there and checked out the notes for Engineering Maths which he also has, and the first reaction I had was "SHIT LAH", cause they were like bloody complicated, and if you have A Maths, it will be slightly easier, but I just passed my E Maths can?...-.-"...

Okay, here are the photos I promised of my room.

Under my vanity table...
Shelf beside my door...


Freak, suddenly so clean can?!! Hahas...

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[-Sunday, April 23, 2006-]

Listening- Down, JJ Lin
Location- Home
Talking- Doris, Eileen

HAHA! I just bought my new notebook!!!!! Sony VGN-SZ18GP/C and I am so loving it! But I hate it too...Okays, maybe I should explain.

I love it for its weight(1.68kg only can?), security (fingerprint reader!), design (carbon fibre and airplane metal...) and the sound system! Better than my hi-fi can!? Maybe to me only. But I hate it cause I was trying to set up the wireless internet connection today (my house runs on a secured wireless system) and I couldn't do it! Tried it out for like 3 hours on end, and still can't use it, so the computer guy (Mr.Ng) is coming down to my place tomorrow to help me fix it. Now I am wondering if I will be able to connect to the internet in school...Hmmmmm...If I can't, then I am really going to be oh-so-dead...I wanted to ask Yan Hao (computer/IT pro) about how to connect, but decided not to...Haha...So yeah, please pray that I can connect to the internet in school tomorrow.

I will be going to buy a thumbdrive and the Microsoft Office software to install later. The thumbdrive is like a must cause I want to transfer my songs and whatnot from my computer to my notebook. There is no way that I am going to burn everything into a CD...NO WAY...It will take too long, and I will be wasting I-dunno-how many CDs...

And I spring cleaned my room today, I didn't know that my room could be so clean, I cleared out a grand total of 3 plastic bags (those big red ones), 2 rubbish bags (black plastic bag for the dustbins), 1 "action city plastic bag" (the bigger one) and 2 other normal sized plastic bags of ten years series, notes, files, textbooks, broken colour pencils, crayons, some Sylvester sim photos and alot of other stuff that I used to use during my sec school days and my DnT drawings that Mr. Benny Ng rejected... Then I had to carry all my magazine collections and story books to the third floor and there is like almost no place to store them, I had to make 4 trips to bring all those books up can!? But after cleaning up, there is like alot more space to put my stuff...HAHA...I think that my room will go back into the original state (before i cleared out the stuff) within a 3 months...

I will post the photos up tomorrow!

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[-Saturday, April 22, 2006-]

Listening- Who's MVP?, Wilber Pan
Location- Home

Orientation today started at 8.30, but the whole thing only officially commenced at around 9.15? And I woke up at 5.30 for it can!? The thing is this, I slept at 1.30am! And I only slept for like what? 4 hours? But I didn't feel tired when I woke up. Went to Clementi by another route today, I went to City Hall then to Clementi, today I tried to go to Jurong East then to Clementi. It was faster by about 10-15 minutes, but I was lucky cause the bus and train arrived just as I was waiting for it.

Met Faizah (New friend) at the bus stop to walk into the SoE together (School Of Engineering), and we were like cursing the person that designed the school, hahas. Hmmm, lets see, what did we do today...Oh yeah, the morning was spent on our seniors and some lecturers telling us how to use the school online system, and there was a presentation on some volunteer thing which is like once a week to help mentally/physically disabled children, and I think I might be volunteering for that. Then when they initially asked us to join the MES (Mechanical Engineering Society) we were quite reluctant but changed our minds later.

Then we had some games, and Shao Wei a.k.a siao emcee was the emcee for the day again, with his friend, Lenny, or Randy or something that sounds like that...0.0...Then we had to find items for each of the letters in the word "Engineering" with no repeats of items...0.0...Then they had this balloon game for the 3 winners of the word game. They had to see how many balloons they can blow within 2 minutes, regardless of size. Easy right? Here's the catch, the winner is the one that can burst the most balloons in the next 2 minutes and the centre pair only had 1 balloon which had like only 1 or 2 breathes of air in it, they had other balloons but they didn't know how to tie it, so too bad...And when they were like trying to burst the balloons and whatnot, we were all laughing like mad!!!! Their expressions were like so freaking funny can?! And Shao Wei got "molested" cause the pair in the middle wanted to burst their balloons by hugging him...HAHA...Then the funny thing is that they kept calling Shao Wei "chee hong" not sure what that means though, but they call him that when he starts interviewing girls then they call him "brokeback" when he interview guys...Damn funny lah.

Then they taught us our ME Division cheer it went like this:
"I say ME you say OH!"
"ME? OH"
"ME? OH"
"I say ME you say YEAH!"
"I say ME you say OH, I say ME you say YEAH"
"ME? OH!"

You wanna know why I told you all this? Cause this guy changed the cheer to:
"I say Shao Wei you say Hong!"
"Chee? HONG!"
"Chee? HONG!"
(I know lah, he never say Shao Wei, he only say Chee, but still...)

Then the whole division were like laughing like mad at this!

Then it was time for lunch...And I got selected for the Fun(d) thingy which is to help the needy pupils to raise funds then I was like so unhappy with it...Then during lunch Shao Wei was interacting with the freshies and when he came to our group, he was like "So how is the orientation? Anything you all don't like?" and Ivy (another friend) who also got selected said "I don't like being forced lah" (half jokingly) and Shao Wei explained to us about the whole thing and all, and we all had respect for him cause he can be like uber funny and can be serious when he needs to be...(yes, we ALL) Then after lunch we had the CCA Fiesta but I didn't really have time to look around cause the place was congested and then we only had 20 minutes before we have to prepare for the Fun(d) thingy.

At the Fun(d) thingy, it was surprisingly fun cause all we had to do was to cheer for our team and the Student Leaders were all so enthu, that they made us feel enthu also. Lolz...The funny thing is that, when the student leaders lead us to cheer right, only about 3-4 of them managed to do it, and they are those that were part emcees or emcees for yesterday and today. Why? Cause they give us notice before shouting the cheer, then they also make sure they stand at a higher position, and they sometimes use the loudhailer, the other SLs didn't do those so when they wanted to cheer, we also don't know, and it was like so "pai seh" for them. And our mascots, came in first for the mascots costumes!!!! HAHA...Later I show you...OH, and yesterday the photo of the student leaders of my class? The guy's name is Qing Ming...Haha...


The SLs, teaching us the cheer

Lenny? The emcee

Shao Wei, (emcee) got bullied...HAHA

Balloon blowing time! BAM!

Balloon bursting time..."POM!"

MAGNUM FORCE!!! They are so freakin popular...(cheerobics)

Our Mascots...An orange digimon baby look alike and a robot...
The ears are useful!...For shelter

The team that made this possible!...*Two thumbs up!*

See the trophy? The blue guy holding it is "Lenny" and he was the robot...Haha

Dance club? I don't remember, something hip hop I think...

PRESENTING!!! The Student Leaders!!


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[-Friday, April 21, 2006-]

Listening- 1000 Words, Jade (Sweetbox)
Location- Home
Talking- Nicholas (friend's friend...)

I wanna say something. If I can kill MSN, I most probably would. Why? CAUSE IT CAUSED THE MISUNDERSTANDING BETWEEN me and Bob!!! Due to some MSN cock-up, I can't send him emails, never see him online and his nickname is still stuck at "A Typical Day" which was like I don't know how many months back! And these were like the kind of things you get when a person blocks you right? So I had framed him about blocking me for like 4 months...I am so ashamed of myself. Shit.

Maybe you want to know how I know that he didn't block me, and I think most of you guessed it. It all started this morning, I smsed him because I didn't see him at NP's ME division Orientation! Then we were like smsing throughout the day and I asked him why he blocked me on MSN, and he was like "I never what! I block you for what?" Stupid MSN...If I didn't contact him today, I think I would have not known even when I go to Aussie. SO yeah, me and him are back as good friends again, and I am happy about it!!! =D...Sorry Bob for framing you and calling you vulgarities for so many months...Hee...=P

Okay, back to the main topic today. NP's Freshmen Orientation (ME Division). I met Nadzir at the bus stop outside NP instead of at City Hall station, cause I was late by 20 minutes! And when we walked in to LT45 (Lecture Theater) it took a bloody 10 minutes can?! SO FAR IN THE CAMPUS! All the way at the other end from the main entrance, I can just imagine what it would be like to run around the school...And there were like slopes and hills and whatnot. So by the time we reached our destination we were like sweaty even before the camp begun.

Then we went to our respective classes and so on. And waited for like 1/2 hour before the camp actually started. And I was like looking around to see if Bob was around (knowing hs habit of being late and forgetfulness...), and he wasn't, so I smsed him to check and he was still at home...-.-"...So he said that he would bathe and come down immediately. Then we had some games, the emcee was really enthu and we all really liked him...Haha...I forgot his name though...Bleeh...Then we had song singing sessions and a performance by some drum players(not the rock band kinda drums), and they are really good, they had a nice catchy rhythm. Then we went to our respective courses and had a briefing on what the course was about then it was lunch time...Then we went to the LT 45 and listened to another performance by the drum players and from the NP's Song Composing club. I must say that they were great! I am so jealous cause I cannot play an instrument...

Then it was time for the Treasure Hunt (which lasted 4 HOURS CAN?) around the campus to let us understand NP better. Haha...The student leaders in charge of our group were like really nice and friendly, and they also joke about teachers and whatnot. Then the last station, we had to imitate one of the three advertisements shown to us the first one was the Fasio advertisement, the second and third were made by the seniors themselves...And the adverts were like freaking funny! The Treasure Hunt was really tiring (walk for 4 hours non stop can?) but really fun too! I am so glad that I went for the Orientation.


Student leaders, Angela and errm...I forgot his name...HAHA
The siao emcee (in blue in front) and some students
The siao emcee...Lolz
The siao emcee bullying people...Lolz...
One of the drummers of Song Composing Club (SCC)
The singer and the guitarist (VP of the SCC) of SCC
The drum players...

Drum players playing their instruments...

And when I smsed Bob again during lunch he told me that he didn't enroll in the course!!! He was accepted but he didn't enroll, so he will only be in next year's batch, and when he goes in NP I will be out already. Then we were like crapping through sms throughout the day...Haha...How long has it been since I crapped around with him? 4 months? 5 months? I don't know, but it doesn't matter now...Does it?

Okay...More tomorrow! I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow...So yeah, give me a wake up call if you can...HAHA

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[-Thursday, April 20, 2006-]

Listening- Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian (Only want to live one day for you?), Nicholas Tse Ting Feng
Location- Home

Went out with Hans, CMC, and Kim Swee today. Gabriel was with us while playing pool but left after that. I was supposed to meet Hans at Bugis Junction's taxi stand at 1.30 then he told me he will be late for 20 minutes, then after that I asked CMC where he will be meeting Hans, and went to met him. Then we decided to find the pool place ourselves (with no knowledge whatsoever about where it is...-.-")...Walked to the National Library then met Kim Swee at NAFA, and then walked to the pool place which was just opposite NAFA. Okay, enough talk...

PHOTOS!!!! (-Pool again...What else is there to do when meeting Hans?...Hahas...-

Hans And Kim Swee
Hans...Stop sticking your ass at my camera can?
Hans, Kim Swee and CMC (the guy in black)
Hans and Kim Swee Hans and CMC

Then after Gabriel left, we went to have lunch at KFC...Nothing much happened there, except that I got insulted by Hans and Kim Swee so many times...Bloody idiots...Then our table was like so freaking noisy cause the two of them were busy laughing along with Hans when he -suaned- me...WTF...Moronic asses...
Then they said that they wanted to watch movie but there was a change of plans cause CMC was going to leave at 5, so they wanted to play LAN which I went diao cause I have no idea how to play LAN can? Then in the end, don't know who decided to go the the arcade instead. HAHA...At least they got some "gentlemanliness" in them...Then I was like "I long time no play Time Crisis..." and so I ended up playing Time Crisis 3 with Hans, then Hans died and CMC took over then I died and Hans took over...And all this while, Kim Swee was watching some other person play Ghost Squad or something...Then after that we all went home...Hahas...I had fun today, after I-dunno-how many months of rotting at home...

Then Nadzir called me just now...Cause he is also enrolled in NP's Engineering School (Mechanical Engineering division) and he is going for orientation tomorrow also. So I am going to meet him at City Hall at 7.50 am (supposed to be 8 then changed to 7.30 then changed to 7.50...-.-"), then go to NP together...Hmmm...I better go confirm the bus route, or else I think I will be lost even before reaching NP...And now that I know that some other Coral student is also in NP's Engineering school, I don't dread the orientation that much...Hahas...

Then Jenny Aubrey (IES Foundation Studies) replied me and told me that if I went this year, it will mean that I will be getting into Bachelor Of Science and that if I transfer courses after 1 semester, then it is not guaranteed that I will get into Vet Science...So yeah, I have decided on going only next year's February...I am super lucky that she told me, otherwise, I don't want to think of what might happen...*Thumbs up to IES Foundation Studies' Jenny Aubrey!*

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[-Wednesday, April 19, 2006-]

Listening- Be My Baby, Edison Chen
Location- Home
Talking- Hans

That Hans is such a kuku...He told me that he is going back to Taiwan in July, and now he tells me that he is staying here and studying marketing (mass comm) and hospitality and tourism. And that he can get a degree in 2.5 years...0.0...AIYA...Who cares, I am leaving soon...Hahas...

Okay, now that the person (Jenny Aubrey) have advised me to go only next year, I think I will just do that, since my dad and my mum both thinks that I should do as she says. Which means that I will only be leaving in Feburary next year, and plus, my dad wants me to take the PDI (Product Design and Innovation) course at NP while waiting, since I have nothing better to do...SO I still have to go for orientation, but I might try to "pon" -skip- the orientation on the second day so that I can go back for investiture...But that is provided that there is nothing important on the second day.

And now Hans is making me more confused, he now says that the school is at Perth...-.-"...AIYA...Make me confused...Okay, I got it, he will be finishing his degree there but will study here...So confusing...


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[-Tuesday, April 18, 2006-]

Listening- The Distance, Evan & Jaron
Location- Home
Talking- Kangwei, Yan Hao

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I just checked my e-mail and ended up screaming at the computer and shouting to my mum who is downstairs!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! HAHAHAHA...

Okay, now that I have calmed down a little...Here's what happened. I received emails from Jenny Aubrey (IES Foundation year -Uni of Queensland-), and here is what she said.

"Dear Ying Xuan

Attached are your offer letters to enter the July Program 2006 plus a provisional offer for UQ. If you cannot access the documents, please contact me immediately. All original offer letters will be sent out by courier.

If requiring accommodation, please complete the attached accommodation form and return to us with your fees. Please refer to your offer letter.

Also included in the offer package is a Guardianship form for all students under 18 years of age to be complete by parent or guardian (Section A). The parents are authorizing the Director, Mr Chris Evason, to be the guardian of their son/daughter. The director/delegate will monitor the students general welfare & approve suitable accommodation arrangements to the completion of
the Foundation Year or until the student reaches 18 years of age.

-and so on-
Kind Regards
Jenny Aubrey"

HAHA...When I saw that, I was literally jumping up and down...(no there was no earthquake dummies) And my mum was like "What happen?!!!" And when I shouted the news to her, she was like "REALLY? GOOD LOH!"

Then I read the second email from Jenny Aubrey,

"Dear Ying Xuan

Sorry I forgot to mention that you wanted to go into Veterinary Science, please note that Vet. Science is only a February intake only at UQ. If you go into the July Standard program 2006, this program finishes in June 2007, so I have given you a provisional offer for Science for one semester. You would be best to go into the February Standard program 2007 finishing in
December 2007 then you would go straight into Vet. Science in February 2008 if you meet the requirements from Foundation Year."

Then my mood became diao -.-"....Cause basically, it means that I either go there in July this year then continue in Bachelor of Science for one semester (then dunno cont. to what...I am not sure) or I go there next year (Feb) for foundation studies then take Vet Sci in 2008...

And now KW is telling me to go there and focus on my studies and don't fool around or do drugs or anything...-.-"...Hahas...I am so guai -obedient-, I where will go there do drugs...lolz...

Hmmm...SO now that IES have offered me a place, what's left is to see whether Taylors College (Sydney) and Trinity College (Melb) will take me. But now that I know that at least one of the Foundation schools are going to take me, I am very very happy and am at peace...Have been having nightmares the past few nights...Lolz...

Oh well...

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Listening- Which to Bury, Us Or The Hatchet, Relient K
Location- Home
Talking- Hans

Okay, so now, it looks like Hans is really going back to Taiwan. FOR FREAKING 11 MONTHS!! zzzzzzzz...Oh well, at least he might be coming back. But still, he is like going off in July or earlier cause school there is starting in July...

And I found out something that is making me very ummm..."sianz"...Same poly, nevermind, same campus, nevermind...SAME DIVISION SOMEMORE...-.-"...I just found out that PDI is under the ME division (Mechanical Engineering)...0.0"...I know I know, it's not like he will be any happier to see me there, but still, I am so dreading the orientation camp. AT least he is already back in S'pore which means that he won't be missing the orientation at the least...And yes, Hans said what I guessed "Fate lah"...-.-"

Oh yeah, I went to my aunt's hair salon yesterday to cut my hair...=D...I asked her to helped me cut my fringe so that at least it is visible. The thing that's good is, she didn't give me the typical girl fringe (the sweep to the side fringe a.k.a Lindsay Lohan). Hee...So yeah, here are some photos...

YX Before:

-Yes, I am zhi lian (self obsessed)-

I used to pull my "fringe" out from the sides, but now, I don't really need to. =D...It doesn't look that obvious in the photos, but at least, it looks different when you see me in person...=D...The funny thing is that, I had to clip my hair to one side, cause she helped me style into a side parting and my hair has been in centre parting for like 16 years already. So I have to clip it to one side when I sleep, so that it can be "seasoned" and remain at that parting next time. Oh yeah, she also helped me to cut the back into a V-shape...=D...I am very happy with my new hairstyle.

So yeah...Guess thats all...

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[-Sunday, April 16, 2006-]

Listening- Ci Ke, Ni Xiang Qi Shui (Who are you thinking of now?), Lee Hom
Location- Home

ARGGH! I am so pissed can?! I am not your maid can?! I am just helping you! What's with the "Give me cloth, give me cloth?!" Ask you what cloth you want also don't want to tell me? Then give you the wrong cloth you also not happy! OI! You never tell me what cloth you want, then I take wrong cloth you not happy, then what you want me to do? Give you my towel you want?! WTF...

ARRGH...Fuck...Now that I have ranted, I can actually write something.

Okay, went to eat the the Seletar Hill restaurant last night with my parents. The food there is great! My dad gives it 10/10 while I gave it 9.5/10. Haha...Hmm...we ordered Sambal kangkong, Tong-po Pork (Kong Ba Pau), Szechuan Chilli Fish and fried rice.

The outside of the restaurant

The inside of the restaurant...

Cute sign put up recently...Haha...

Tung-Po Pork with Steamed Buns

AND my ultimate favorite, Szechuan Chilli Fish

Took some pictures for you people to see the food there, but the picture of the kangkong and fried rice was super blurry, so I took some photos of the place instead...Haha...

OH and there is something that I need to inform you people. Since I am having my orientation on the 20th and 21st, which is on the coming Thursday and Friday, I CAN'T GO BACK TO CORAL FOR INVESTITURE...Sorry people! But I really wanted to go back, the only thing is that the orientation ends at 6.30 on Friday...-.-"...

I sent some emails to the foundation schools which I have applied to online, telling them I have faxed/mailed them my academic results. I am hoping that IES Foundation Studies will hurry up and reply, cause it is the only one that might be able to answer me within next week, and if they reply me and tell me that I am successful, then I won't have to go for orientation and can go for the investiture...So must pray for me if you want to see me okay?! Haha...Just kidding -about the praying part-.

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[-Saturday, April 15, 2006-]

Listening- Only Love, Trademark
Location- Home

Haha...My aunt is coming in a moment. She wants to borrow a shirt from my brother, cause there is a concert at her church today and my uncle doesn't have the black shirt which is needed...Lolz...

Okay, I have a new video up in case some of you didn't notice. It's S.H.E's Tian Hui (Grey Skies?).

Went to Hougang Mall just now to ask them to post my documents under Speedpost, and guess what the person told me?!! She told me that they will only send the document on Tuesday and it would arrive around either Thursday or Friday. WHAT THE HELL!? Then by the time they reply I think I am already studying in NP...-.-"...Oh yeah, and there is a orientation on the 20th and 21st, at 9.00am for NP's Engineering school students...So yeah, someone inform the person that is currently somewhere in Indon, cause it is COMPULSORY.

Spent most of the day playing Harvest Moon (back to nature) on the playstation that Jason borrowed today. Haha...I have nothing else to play! Well, other than Yahoo! Pool, which is getting sickening...

Hmmm...Guess thats all...

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Listening- Ju Li (Distance), JJ Lin
Location- Home

Hey people. Guess what? A couple ( In their 40s ) came to my place today...They were looking at the house, cause my dad says that he wanted to sell this place and then move back to Hougang. Damn...That will mean that I will have to send Bobby -my dog- away. SHIT LAH! Who wants my dog? Haha...But maybe I can plea my dad to keep him, cause he is just a Miniature Schnauzer, but a super noisy one.

Then I went to the office with my parents. My dad went there to do some stuff and my mum went back to do her accounts. I went back to print the application form for Taylors College and the declaration form for Trinity College, and at the same time, fax my results to IES Foundation Studies, University of Queensland (UQ). I will have to go to one of the Singpost offices tomorrow. I need to ask them to send the documents using Speedpost. Hmmm...Might just pop down to the office in White Sands... Haha...Not sure, cause there is also one in Hougang Mall, which is so much nearer...

And then, I had to print out the application form for Taylors college like 4 times, and finally getting it right on the 4th set. The first 3 sets were horrendous. They were either 1) Written in my horrible handwriting -Which improve much after writing it 3 times-, 2) Had wrong information on them. And the worse thing is that, the mistakes that I made were always in the middle or near the end of completing the application. -.-"...Then when it was time to print out the address on the stickers (my horrendous handwriting will make a bad impression...haha), I wasted like 15 stickers! Cause I used those that were connected like 4 in a row, and once I get one printed wrongly, I can't use it again, so I have to take another 4 pieces out...Haha...But my mum helped to me to settle that.

AND, I finally got my ass downstairs to get my NP's enrolment booklet, cause they have been sending emails to me, asking me to log in to my NP's email address and read the mails there...-.-"...

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[-Friday, April 14, 2006-]

Listening- Fu Huo Jie (Halloween), Angela Zhang
Location- Home

Wow, second post today...How long has it been since I did this kinda things...

Haha...I also have no idea why I WANT to apply to Australia...Its not just cause I want to go there to study Vet Science, which I do. But I also want to try my luck with fate. You ask me, do I believe in fate? Yes, I do. Haha...So lame right? But really, I do.
If Jason didn't get enough aggregate to transfer to Chong Boon which I got, then I also won't go to Coral and meet people like Talisa, Ting Ting, Eileen, Halif, Bob, Hans, KW and the rest of them.
Then if the Polys didn't reject my appeals, I also won't end up being in the same school as Bob, luckily not the same course. Then if my parents didn't have the ability to send me overseas, I REALLY am unlucky, so yeah, basically, I am trying to test fate. I wanna see, whether I will really end up in PDI in NP's Engineering school, or whether I will be able to leave this place.

OH, and one more...My dog's name...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But maybe it's just silliness on my part.

SEE? I am so lame. But do you believe in fate? Or do you think you can control it? I am trying to...Hahaha...

But no matter what, the things that I have to do this year, would be to go back to my primary school -Parry-, because, it will be Parry's last year, and I HAVE TO GO BACK...Or else I will be disappointing my friends and teachers that are still teaching there. Another thing would be to come back next year and see Halif take his O levels results and celebrate with him like he did this year with me. Cause I promised. But then I will have to see if I have the time...=P...

Haha, I am already behaving as though I am so sure that the Universities will take me, but seriously, I am not that confident. I don't know, I just have that feeling that things might not go like I planned. Oh great...

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[-Thursday, April 13, 2006-]

Listening- Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney
Location- Home

Just came home from MOE (Ministry of Education). My dad brought me and my mum out today, cause my mother needed to see the doctor, and I needed to go to the MOE. So yeah, when I was there, I told the person that I needed to certify copies of my O levels results slip, and she told me that there is no certifying that the copies are true and that I have to request for them to print out my statement of results at $10 per copy...-.-"...
And while waiting for the person the print my result slips, my dad was like "You take your O level cert already?", and I was like "No...Not yet"...And the person heard and told me that I should check with my school, cause the private candidates have already had their certificates printed and sent to their schools or something.

So, now I have to send these copies to each of the respective Foundation schools. The easiest method is to fax it to them, but I can only do so for the foundation program in University of Queensland. Then for the others, I have to mail it to them. -.-"...I think that, by the time they reply, I am already starting school NP...Lolz...Cause, I just went to check the Singpost website, and they say that it takes 7-11 days to send letters there, or 2-3 days if I use speedpost. Then even if I use speedpost, and the university there doesn't, it will that like what, 9-13 days for me to receive their replies and I start school on the 24th, which is like in 11 days. I think I will send it to the local representatives, which is like faster and cheaper.

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[-Wednesday, April 12, 2006-]

Listening- Missing You (-Korean Song-), -Seo Ye Jin-
Location- Home

Sorry for the lack in updates. I know I know, I have not updated in like what...5 days?! Ok, lets go over what's been happening in point form.

1) Mdm.Ong have passed away, and her body has been cremated today.
2) My mum is now discharged and she's feeling much better.
3) I have pondered over whether to really go to Aussie for the past few days, and I think that, I would most probably be going. Will you people miss me? Haha...
4) I wanted to print out the application form just now, and guess what?! My printer ran out of ink...Shit.

So yeah, I am going to Aussie. The Universities that I want to go on to, after Foundation Program are:
1) University Of Queensland
2) University Of Sydney
3) University Of Melbourne

I have submitted my application for both the University Of Queensland Foundation program and University Of Melbourne's Foundation program -Trinity College- online. And now, what's left is to send my application to USYD -Taylors College- by post.

So yeah, I am totally prepared to go. I just want to leave this place for now, so that I can forget some of the sad memories that I have. Yeah, like I can forget them, but still, a change in surroundings might just do me some good.

Okay, now I need to know where I can certify my copies of my academic results. MOE? Or will it do to just go back and ask the Coral staff to certify it for me? Hmmm...So now, it looks like I will have to go to the office tomorrow...Darn...What about my mum...ARRGH...
Went to Mdm Ong's cremation ceremony just now. Saw some people there like Jia wei, Clarence, Kangwei, Joey, Qiuxuan, Mandy and some others. But Halif wasn't there...-.-"...I didn't really talked to them today, cause it's like so weird.

Ok...Gotta go...

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[-Friday, April 07, 2006-]

Listening- Wo Hai Zai Deng Ni, Jimmy Lin
Location- Office

Okay, I have changed the video to one of Jimmy Lin's...I think most of you won't know him, cause he was more of in my mum's time than ours, but still he looks damn cute, and have that boyish face that makes him look like 20 plus when he is already 30 plus...

I went to check my application at RP's website. and guess what?! My appeal is unsucessful. Yes, UNsucessful. This sucks big time. And now that I have thought it out, I think, I will most probably be saying "Bye Bye" to Singapore and then go to Australia to study. That is, if they accept my application.

People would be expecting me to be sad/dissapointed or something right? But actually, the results of my appeals didn't really surprise me that much. Especially after I saw the COP for this year at the mass appeals. Its more of like a confirmation of my doubts instead of a surprise or shock...Talked to Kangwei about my options just now, haha...Not the perfect person to ask, but he was one of the few people online that I actually talk to. I think I might be applying through an agent (Fortrust), instead of just submitting my application to the school just like that, cause, with an agent, you don't have to worry about so many things as they help you settle all your applications, and all you have to do is prepare your particulars and then pack your stuff and prepare to leave. As for whether I am really leaving, I will let you people know.

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Listening- Swear It Again, Westlife
Location- Home

Arrgh, I have to wake up at like freaking 6.00am tomorrow and here I am, typing away in front of the computer...I am like so deprived of sleep right now, I just wish that I am like my mum (minus the pain), so that I can just lie down, and sleep the day away guilt-free, if I like.

The doctor didn't allow my mum to be discharged today, cause she was in too much pain...On a rating of 10 on the first day, today, she was experiencing about 8/10? And with the painkillers the pain is lessen to about 3 or 4/10. But still, my mum doesn't want to keep relying on the painkillers, cause taking too much is not good for health, and she doesn't want to have to reply on them for the rest of her life or something. The therapist that helped my mum this afternoon was like so rough, I wondered if she has been through training at all.
Even something simple and painless like tying the belt thingy around my mum's waist, she has to make it out like she needs so much strength and then in the end she ends up making my mum hurt. WHAT THE HELL?! Then when my mum was in pain and told the therapist to hold on for a moment, she waited for like 3 seconds and continued whatever she was doing. WTF?! Which part of "Hold on a moment." do you not understand?

Then when my dad and I went for dinner at Paragon (My Mum's Cooking -I rate it about 6.5/10-), my relatives came to visit my mother and the kids were like freaking noisy...Luckily the bed beside my mum didn't have anyone staying there. And then I talked to my aunt and uncle (they are teachers) about the choices I have left, and they advised me to take some time to mull over it before deciding, or I may just end up making a disastrous decision. They told me to picture myself at maybe 30 or 40 years old, and what I might be doing then, would I prefer to be working around animals and watching them recover or would I prefer working around pen/paper/wood/metal/plastic, helping people to design their products?
Their advice helped, but not much, cause I am still as confused as ever. I DO like design, and I don't mind Ngee Ann Poly at the least, maybe except for the traveling part. But then I SO LOVE animals, and I can't bear to leave my mum here and all that. If only RP takes me in, then all my troubles will be solved. I am like torn between two things that I love...Namely dogs/cats and design. Spending 2 years taking DnT definitely helped my design streak to come out from it's "cave".

Okay, so it looks like I most probably won't be attending the Speech Day ceremony, even though I really want to go. I might be free, and may go if my dad goes, but I doubt it, cause my dad is also really concerned about my mum...She can't even get off and on the bed that easily, it hurts like hell. Then even lying down in the wrong position is painful, she have to be totally straight, otherwise the hip/waist part will hurt.

Okay...I need sleep...

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[-Thursday, April 06, 2006-]

Listening- Almost Here, Delta Goodrem
Talking- Kangwei

Sorry for not updating my blog people. I think some of my friends that read my blog ever so often will go like "Where the hell is Ying Xuan? How come her blog have not been updated?!!!" So yeah, here I am, damn tired, and wanting to just go "plonk" into my bed.

SO, I have received Ngee Ann's letter today, I just came home from the hospital, so I just saw the letter, and they, as expected, rejected my appeal. Now, I only have one last chance left, which is Republic Poly.
I have not checked my e-mail for the past few days, cause I was simply too busy. Remember I said that I told them about my wrong address? Well, they replied and asked for my IC and full name for verification, so I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, they have considered and accepted my appeal. I certainly hope so. I definitely can't just leave my mum and dad alone here now that my family is like freaking messed up.
But if things really turn out that bad, then I have like almost no other choice than to either go to Aussie or stay and do my PDI course.

Okay, remember I said my mum sprained her back? Well, she was admitted into hospital on the 4th of April, which is why I am like freaking busy recently. I have to do the housework, make breakfast, visit my mum at the hospital. And it turns out that it wasn't just a sprain, 3 of her soft bones slipped out of place (slipdisc?), and she have to stay for therapy. AND I have not settled the bank forms for Ngee Ann's PDI course. I had better go do it tomorrow (okay, today, cause it's already 1.04am).

I wanted to rant about my bros', but I decided against it since they might just end up reading this, I don't want anything more to be messed up, but I will say this much. It's your mother lying in the hospital...Can't you help out a bit at home at the least?! HELLO?! Yeah, I am on holiday, so I can stay home and do the housework, and you all have to work and study, so you can't help out? Bullshit!! What if I was also studying huh?! Then no one will wash your clothes, hang them out to dry? No one will wash the dishes? Or maybe you will be waiting for the dog to help you do all these?! Or the sink will magically wash the dishes for you? PLEASE, can you people take some initiative?! Oh forget it, telling you people this is dui niu tan qin (playing music to the bull/cow), cause it you don't even care, do you?

And don't even think about saying that I am telling everything that happens in my family to the whole world, cause this is my blog, if you don't like it you can leave. This is like the only place that I can rant about everything and anything! EVEN if I am talking about the family, so what?! If this is not true, then you also don't have to worry about people believing it right? And if it is true, can you say anything? If you want me to take this off, prove that you can help out...Otherwise, you are just plain selfish and is practically hopeless...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:52 AM;

[-Monday, April 03, 2006-]

Listening- Ghost Of You And Me, BBMak
Location- Home

Looks like I had better not go to blogskins anymore or else I think I will be changing a skin each day. I just changed the template yesterday, and today, I have changed it to the current one (FF VII, Advent Children). I like this skin, but I don't think it will last long before I change to another template cause there are some minor flaws (to me at least), like the space for the posts being too narrow, and making the posts seem really long or something.

I am not officially unemployed yet, but I am not going to the office today. Well, I don't think there is anything else to update. So yeah...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;11:59 AM;

[-Sunday, April 02, 2006-]

Listening- Wo Bu Pa (I'm Not Afriad), Wilber Pan
Location- Home

Okay, this post will be short cause I am like going out for dinner in like 5 minutes time!

1)As you people can see, I changed the skin of my blog.
2)If you didn't notice, there is a scrollbar on the side and to go to the tagboard page, you need to scroll down and click on the work "talk".
3)At the page "her", don't scroll, cause there is no need to. Unless you want to mess up the video then that's your problem.
4)If the font is too light/small, please tell me so that I can change the colour/font size.
5)I finally finished watching -Ba Da Hao Xia- (I still have no idea what the english title is...), the show was great, but the ending was a bit...-.-"...The kind of show that everyone dies at the end. But stil, I like it!

Ok, my mum's screaming for me...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:27 PM;

Listening- Si Lu (Silk Road), Fish Leong Jing Ru
Location- Home

Arrgh, I am suffering from a tummyache, but don't worry, it's not that type that makes you want to go to the toilet...=D

Ok, so now, I am only left with chances from NP and RP. I have told RP about the mistake in my address, and have yet to receive a reply from them. The last time I e-mailed them to unlock the section to allow me to change my address, they told me that it is not possible as they are now considering my application or something like that. So this time I tried asking them to take note of the mistake in the address, I hope they will really take note and help me out. Otherwise, nothing much has changed about the appeals.

Hmm, I guess nothing much has been going on, except that my mum sprained her hips last night. 0.0"...Haha...I wish school is going to start soon!!! I am like so so so so bored staying at home or going to the office day after day.

I feel like going back for Speech Day at Coral Sec, but the thing is I have no idea when it is, even though my dad have received the invitation card with Samantha and Halif's face on it...Lolz...Then the second thing is, I don't even know whether we are allowed to go back...

Oh well...Just going to spend another day waiting...

-Logged Off-


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