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[-Friday, March 31, 2006-]

Listening- Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson
Location- Office

BOOHOO!!!!!! -I am trying to type as though I am crying, not screaming-...Went home last night, and checked the letterbox as usual...And I GOT THE LETTER FROM SP!!!!!!!!!!! It was just one normal sized envelope and I was already guessing what was inside. Guess what? My appeal was unsuccessful!!!!! Bah!...Looks like I won't be joining Chu Hua in SP any time soon...

Then I went to my room and went through the packages that I received from NP about the Product Design and Innovation (PDI) course, and one of the envelopes was on an orientation camp or something like that. It's a 2 day camp (not staying overnight), and they said that the "division" have prepared a fun camp for us or something like that, I have a feeling that the camp is organize by each school instead of the campus as a whole. And we are to be dressed in comfortable clothing and sports shoes as there will be sports...zzzzzzzz...And now, what am I really supposed to wear...Track pants? I think not. Who else is in NP's engineering school, help me?!! I don't want to turn up with people looking at me like I am some alien that descended from Mars or something. Oh shit.

Oh well, I still have chances at RP's and NP's Biotechnology course. I told you people that my dreams come true...see?! Bah...

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[-Thursday, March 30, 2006-]

Listening- Lights & Sounds, Yellowcard
Location- Office

Jeesh, everything seems to spoil after I have used if for sometime, then when I become violent with it, it becomes alright again...Wha?! Like today, when I came in, then electronic mouse was spoilt, and I couldn't use it to click on anything, then I decided to change the mouse to see if that would work, but it didn't...Then, I sorta kicked the CPU and then restarted it a few times, and it became alright again...What the hell!?

Anyways, yesterday, Talisa smsed me and told me that SP has sent her a letter about her appeal. And I was still in the office at that time!!!! And plus I was taking my time with the printing of cheques, cause my mum was going on about not going home till I finished the cheques and you know, I don't like people ordering me around, so yeah, I took my time...-.-"...And when I finished them off already (in record time!), my mum told me "Daddy coming to bring us to dinner, have to wait for him..." and I was like "WHAT!? -.-"...I want to go home and see the letterbox!!!!"...hahaha...Then when I finally reached home, at about 10.30, I went to the letter box with trembling hands, and saw an envelope inside. I took it out with my hands shaking and turned it over, and guess what?! OMG! It was addressed to my father...The first words to escape my mouth was "Tamade! Only got Daddy's letter...Wth"...But I was thinking "Cheeken, make me excited for nothing...kukuhead"...Lolz... -Obviously I was exaggerating about the shaky/trembling hands...duh-

Then my dad and Talisa have the same thinking, which is that, since my letter didn't come today, means that I may not have been rejected, so it may be a good thing. But I dreamt that Republic sent me a letter about my appeal, saying that it is successful, and I didn't get anything from the other polytechnics...Judging about how my dreams do come true at times, especially about academic stuff, I don't know, maybe the dream will come true, maybe it won't, or maybe the opposite will happen in real life...zzzzzzzzz...Headache...

I tell you, I can sorta guess what some people will say if I end up going to PDI in NP. Hans will most probably say "Really ar?! Lao tian ju ding de (It's fate), you can't run away from it"...then proceed to laugh like a freaking hyena...Yan Hao would go "HAHAHAHAHA....You damn suay"....Ting Ting would be a bit like Hans, I think, and Talisa...I think she would say "Aiyo...Then how?..." I am not saying that what I predict they will say is correct, I am only guessing...

Another day of waiting...

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[-Wednesday, March 29, 2006-]

Listening- Ghost Of You And Me, BBMak
Location- Office

Another boring boring day at the office. Oh well, at least all this will end by April, cause I am quitting my job in April...Duh...Mum doesn't seem too happy about it, but still, Poly starts in April! What can I do?!...

Since I will be visiting Jeju in June, I think that it's time I get my own camera already, so that I can take my own photos with my own camera to upload into my own computer and into my own blog...Wah...Alot of "My owns"...Lolz...I wonder whether the"new and better" camera that the shopkeeper told my dad about have arrived, I can't wait to compare the two cameras...Hee...But still, I want to get the camera before May.

Then about electronic notebooks, people have been telling me that Sony sucks...Yan Hao was the first, followed by Ben Yeo, and then Eileen. -.-". I don't know why Yan Hao dislikes Sony so much, he just said "Sony's notebooks sucks lah...get Acer better..."...But Eileen told me that her whole family have used Sony's notebooks before, and that they are very laggy and whatnot. Oh well, I guess I will have to search Cnet for another notebook...zzzzzzzzz...


Okay, I just checked Cnet, and it seems that there are 30 notebooks that matches my uses and preferences...-.-"...So many, how to choose?! And they rank it by cost, if they had ranked it by the Cnet's rating, it would be so much easier cause I can just take the higher ranking notebooks to compare...zzzzzz...

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[-Tuesday, March 28, 2006-]

Listening- Da Chen Xiao Ai -Or issit the other way round...?-, Lee Hom
Location- Office
Talking- Kangwei

Looks like I will be going to Korea in JUNE!!!! WAHAHAHAHA...I am freaking happy...At least that is once I am happy this week. Gonna go to Jeju-Do. You know the island that Ming Zhen Hao Da Ren/Chang Jin of the show, Da Chang Jing (Jewel of The Palace), got sent to when they broke the law or something like that? Yeah, its that place. If you don't watch Jewel Of The Palace, then you will have no idea what I am talking about...Haha...

When my mum told me, the conversation went like this...

Mum: "Going Korea in June hor...Make yourself free hor..."
Me: "Which part...Korea big leh"
Mum: "Jeju island"
Me: "HUH? Never hear before...dunno where..."
Mum: "That Jewel Of The Palace that one loh"
Me: "The island that they kena send to when they got imprison or what that one ar?"
Mum: "Ya lah ya lah...that one..."
Me: "Go fer wad?? You don't speak Korean hor...Later communication breakdown"
Mum: "AIYA...They can speal English one LOH...You don't bluff me"
Me: "Yah, of course have...1/5 people like that"
Mum: " that ar...Nevermind lah, go there your father can relax cause no phone calls..." Me: -.-"..."You lame leh...want him to relax can go Sentosa there the spa..."
Mum: "People will call him about work mah"
Me: "Cut his phone line easy..."
Mum: ..."Dun tok rubbish lah...You wanna go then go...dun want then you stay here do housework"
Me: "You win liao that threaten me..."

Then my mum asked me whether I wan having holidays during June period and I was like "Of Course lah! 1 month enough liao..." (I was happily thinking about JC/Sec Sch Holiday periods)...Then when my mum booked the tickets, I suddenly shouted at her...And she was like "I thought you tell me you holiday?"...And I was like "Got meh?! OH yah...I thought I still in Coral...pai seh pai seh...June no holiday."...And my mum was telling me about those things like when they booked the tickets, there is no refund...So I went to check the polys that are left which I have a chance to go to, and it seems that they have a 2 week holiday...AND it's just nice the days that I am going to Korea...Freaking lucky sia...

Anyone want anything to be brought back? Tell me ar...
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[-Monday, March 27, 2006-]

Listening- Ni Bu Zai (You're Not Here), Lee Hom
Location- Office

Gonna go back home in a couple of minutes, so I thought I would update my blog. Hee...Sorry for not blogging for 2 days. But nothing much has been happening. Except that I have went to NP's enrolment webpage to register for the course, and paid the fees. My mum was like "Why you register when you don't want the course?!"...Well, at least I will get to study won't I? And looking on the dim side, I may not get into the Australia's Foundation Program, so, it's just as well that I register for the PDI course first. It doesn't hurt to do that anyway, cause if I do get accepted by the polys, then I can just change and enrol into another course, and if I really have to end up going to Aussie, then I can just go along in August, right?


I have no idea what life is like in Australia. I think, I will have to go and ask someone about studying there...Hmmm...Maybe I will make myself free one day, go back to Coral and ask Ms.Tham about life there...haha...Cause I have no idea how much I will spend there each day!? I mean, even a bowl of noodles cost $7! And I will need to understand life there and whatnot. I am even prepared to do some part-time work if there is a need for me to. Or maybe I will just have a talk with one of my relatives on my dad's side, cause she has studied there before. Not sure which part, but I think she studied in Perth.


RP's still going through my application, and I have received ZERO e-mails from any poly telling me that my application is unsucessful -other than TP-. Is that a good thing? I hope so. But I am like freaking tired of waiting and waiting for my appeals to come out. I know that I have close to zero chance of getting into either NP or SP's Biotechnology course, but I think I will be able to get in RP's Biotech course right? My plans are like freaking messed up now.


Angela's new album...OMG LAH...Way too cutesy for me. Arrgh...But still, some of the songs are nice...

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[-Saturday, March 25, 2006-]

Listening- I Like You Like That, Wilber Pan
Location- Home

OMG...I just put Wilber's face in the My Heritage face recognition -read more in the last post-, and guess what? He looks like Beyonce Knowles?!! And Edison looks like Leon Lai?! Wha? Hahahahaha...

It's already 25th March, and I still have no idea what the polys have decided to do with my appeals, burnt them most probably. I have requested RP to unlock my application so that I can make changes to my address, cause I repeated my unit number as the block number...How stupid of me. But the person that replied my e-mail said that they are analyzing the application, so they cannot unlock it, (or something like that). Oh well, I guess I will need to wait.


Bought a new book yesterday. Memoirs of a Geisha. I have yet to watch the movie and it has already stopped screening...Right? The book is great! But, I don't like it to the extent that I can't seem to put it down, unlike...Let's say, Harry Potter. But still, it's quite nice. I have only finished reading it till page 145, out of 500 pages, so the impression might change...=D...I think I might be able to finish it by maybe tomorrow night or the day after tomorrow at the most.


I wanna say one thing. I LOVE GIODARNO JEANS!!! HAHA...Well, at least their jeans don't contain the much hated stretch fabric(to me), that seems fit around my ass/thighs like a glove. I hate that, cause, well, I AM fat, so instead of making it look flattering like when skinny people wear it, I just look weird and even fatter...-.-". This comment is no random, it's cause I went shopping yesterday with my mum, and she bought the Gio jeans for me. Yea yea, you people might say that Levi's and what other expensive jeans brand is far better, but I just like the jeans from Giodarno, why cannot issit!? I shall repeat...I hate stretch fabric...But I love bootcut jeans! Lolz...


Bought Angela Zhang's Pandora album today. She is freaking cute!!!!! And I love her voice...


Gonna register/enrol into NP's PDI course later today, I have to get my parent's particulars ready. Can the other polys please get in touch with me about the my appeals!?!!!!??? Grrr...

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[-Friday, March 24, 2006-]

Listening- Superstar, Jamelia
Talking- Eileen

I am suffering from too much laughter right now!!! HAHAHAHA...I love this website, there will never be another boring day in my life. I went to Kenny Sia's website and he was talking about this website that allows you to put up your photo, then they will analyze which celebrity you look like. Visit My Heritage.

Here are some of the examples that I uploaded...HAHA

Now that you have had a good laugh. Here is more!
But I am lazy to put up the pictures, so, here are the links instead...

Hans, Isaac and Wei Hao
Mr Raymond Ng
Jason (my Bro?)
Ting Ting and Timothy
Me,KW,QX and Charmaine
Adel, Timothy, Isaac, Hans and Nadzir
Talisa Again
Ming Xiang
Talisa, Me and Ting Ting
My whole Family
Me and Ting Ting
Jing Yan, Kai Hua and Jia Ci
Brian, Kum Weng

Okay, this is getting a bit tiring...Lolz...So? Did you like it? HAHA...=D...Most of the people I put up are those that I know/think won't mind a bit of making fun of...If you are offended, sorry, tell me and I will take down the link okay?

Heee...Well, I am going off now!

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[-Thursday, March 23, 2006-]

Listening- Chao Su You Xi (Speed Game), Edison Chen
Location- Home

It's my mum's birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Mummy!!! Okay, whatever, she doesn't even read my blog...


Okay, there is still no news from any of the polys that I appealed to. Damn, and I am supposed to do complete the online enrolment between tomorrow (24th) and Monday (27th). But I have e-mailed NP to ask about the refunding on fees, and they say that, as long as I inform them of the change by 24th April, then they will give me a full refund (less $50). So, now that is not a big problem at all...I wish that the polys will hurry up and give me a reply, it sucks to wait so long, and not know the results at all...


My dad went to check on the camera that I so much wanted (Panasonic DMC-TZ1). And it seems that the camera is already out!? But when I checked, it was supposed to be coming out on either May or June. Wha?....Okay, I just went to check the CNet website, and it says that the camera ships in March...-.-"...I got cheated...Haha...But the guy selling the cameras said that a new and better camera is coming soon, and it has 12X Optical zoom, more megapixels, and is $100 cheaper?...-.-"... I have no idea, but let's wait and see...I checked the Cnet's web for these specs, and there is like only 1 camera? Which is the Konica Minolta Dimage Z6, which is rated at 6.7/10 by the Cnet editor, but an average of 8.3/10 by the users.


Ok, I have got to go do some housework now...

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[-Wednesday, March 22, 2006-]

Listening- Tian Shi Xing, JJ Lin
Talking/Was Talking- Yan Hao, Kangwei, Hans

Still no news from the polys. But after talking to Hans, I just thought that I might be better off, by just going to Australia to study. I think I would be able to get in, but the Foundation Studies starts in September! Like...Wha?! But then, that is a good thing, cause I would have time to prepare. So, I downloaded the form off the website, and found out that I cannot edit it using Acrobat, so I had to print it out and write in pencil, cause my handwriting really sucks, and using a pencil will allow me to correct my writing if it is too horrible.

Then if I really get no reply from the polys after March ends, then I will just send the application to the school. DON'T say that I am rich cause I am going to study in Aussie...Cause I have no other choice, unless I want to stay here and waste 3 years studying something that I don't want. I am really confused right now. I just hope that everything goes my way. But, I will still be attending the PDI course if I other polys don't accept me, cause I don't want to spend another 5 months doing nothing.

And now, I have to calculate how much it will cost to take foundation studies there.

Foundation Studies Fees:
Tuition Fees- $16,500
Enrolment- $180
Stationery & Textbooks- $300-$500 (lets estimate it as $400)
Student Visa- $410
Overseas Student Health Cover- $330
Airport Reception- $120

Accomodation Fees:
Studio Fees- $245 per week.
Student Card- $18
Deposit- $500

Grand Total= $25,808
In Australian dollars...For 1 Year...

Well...So there...zzzzzzz

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[-Tuesday, March 21, 2006-]

Listening- The One I'm Waiting For, Relient K
Location- Home

Okay, so here is the update on the chalet that I promised you people. And guess what? I couldn't go home late, and had to go home by 12.30. PLUS my brother came to bring me home.

Okay, I MUST RANT FIRST! I H.A.T.E MY PHONE SMELLING OR CIGARETTES! I TOLD YOU SO MANY FREAKING TIMES! DON'T LISTEN? I won't lend you my phone next time. I HATE HATE HATE that smell! It stinks and it irritates my nose!

Okay, lets continue.

SO yeah, I met Talisa & Kum Weng at the chalet, and when we went in, the first thing we did was to play Dai Di (Big 2). And since Ying Liang also came down (cause I knocked even though there was no need to), we started playing almost right away. Then Hans, Wei Hao and Brian came back from pooling at Funkyballs, and we took turns playing, "Winner In, Loser Out" method. And Hans was half-naked for almost the whole day. No wonder he was sunburnt...HA!

Playing "dai di"...Hans, Wei Hao, Talisa, Kum Weng, Ying Liang and Brian..

Then someone's undergarments came flying down...-.-"...And it seems that they were trying to force Hans into a "bikini"...But I didn't see the video they took. Poor Hans...HAHAHAHAHA!!!! But then after that, he was just lying there on the bed doing nothing, and Talisa and I started to wrap him up with the blankets...Freaking funny! HAHAHA...Then we started whacking him with the pillows. He didn't do anything at first, then after a while, I think he got tired of acting, and he picked up a blanket, twisted it and started to whip it around...Damn painful can?! So we just whacked around with our "weapons"...Then I accidentally hit Hans in the eye...Oops...But it was okay, he wasn't angry. Then once he pretended that his contacts dropped and when we were looking for it, he rolled up this newspaper and whacked us on the back! CHEAT!

After the pillowfight, they wanted to go swimming...Talisa went to buy a swimsuit from the store, as for me, I stayed on land, cause 1)No money to buy swimsuit. 2)You think got size ar? LOLZ!

Before going to the pool...Who does he think he is? Ah Di from Energy?! ...LOLZ!

Talisa and Naziha...Did I get that right...My phone's camera makes them look roundish...Hee...Sorry!

ummm...Wrestling in the pool? I have no idea...Wei Hao, Hans, Ying Liang, Kum Weng and Brian...

Looks like they are taking swimming lessons...hmmm...

What was he thinking?! So gay!

When they got out of the pool, Hans started to wrap his yellow towel with some rabbit cartoon around himself...LOOK FREAKING GAY! But still...He is always acting gay...

Then we went back to the chalet, waited for those people to bathe/change/dry themselves then they headed to Aloha to kick soccer?! And once, Nazirul kicked the ball so hard (and high up), that it flew over the fence and onto the beach. He got to the ball just in time, cause it was at the breakwater already, imagine what they will do if the ball had floated away...Then Cheng Yu Da Bao (bought) MacDonalds for me and Talisa, so we went back to meet him at the chalet. Along with alot of handphones, cause I was supposed to take care of their handphones while they played soccer, just like the old times at Coral...I sound like I am so old...

Then Cheng Yu's friend (and Talisa's friend), Nicholas, came to set the fire for us. And he and Cheng Yu were like hyper!? Make alot of noise somemore. Then Hans they all came back and we started the barbecue! Of satays, only. And some leftover frozen chicken wings.

Shameel the satay "uncle", Ying Liang the chicken cooker and the rest.

Then after a while my brother came to bring me home, and he gave a lift to Cheng Yu, who wanted to go home to get his bike, then cycle back to the chalet...-.-"...

And ending with a pretty picture of me and Tata...=D

Okay, I hope the reply from RP,SP and NP comes soon, cause its only 3 days away before I have to enrol into NP's Product Design & Innovation (PDI) course. And I hope that it is a positive reply. The only thing I am worried about is the fees...As in the course/tuition fees. Because in the NP's enrolment package, it is stated that I must make the payment by the last day of my enrolment period which is on the 27th. And if I get any other enrolment package from any other poly telling me that they have a space for me for their Biotechnology course, I am so dead. But most people that appealed to NP or SP already got their enrolment packages, and I am still waiting, maybe they have decided not to put me in afterall...Damn.

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Listening- Chi Pang (Wings), JJ Lin
Location- Office

I feel like doing nothing else except sleeping till Poly starts, but that is not possible, cause I still have a job at my mum's office. So yeah. I am so not in the mood to do anything right now. I just want to sleep. Let sleeping dogs lie. Ahahaha.

Didn't have to mood to blog, but I felt that I had to, otherwise you people will start wondering where I have died to won't you? So, here I am, typing this post out, with nothing whatsoever to write. Cause the photos at the chalet yesterday are in my phone and my memory card reader is at home, so I am planning to update you people on the chalet later today.

I am bored. Don't feel like doing anything. No...I mean I feel like I don't have the energy to do anything, and it's not just another attack of the lazybugs. Really tired and moody today, and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the after effects of too much "partying" yesterday. Or maybe it's just ALL HANS & CO'S FAULT. Stupid people. And guess what we had for dinner last night. We had a pathetic meal of satays, but I think Hans bought them and he didn't ask for any money back...How nice! Then Shameel became the satay "uncle" cause he was like the only one cooking satay there. AND he was wearing this "cap" that Talisa folded out from newspaper. He look so funny! Hahaha...Okay, talking about yesterday has cheered me up a wee bit. Oh well.

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[-Monday, March 20, 2006-]

Listening- Photo, Ryan Cabera
Location- Home

Okay...Well, I didn't go to Mr. Sundrum's barbecue after all. Seems like they have not even confirmed it...-.-"...Nothing much has been happening these few days, but I have been pondering over who Hans "surprise guest" for the chalet is. Better not be someone that I don't want to see. But still, knowing Hans, it will most probably be someone that I don't want to see...So yeah, I should be prepared...

In about 16 hours time, I would be at the chalet, with Talisa, Hans and the rest of them...Can't wait. I need something to cheer me up. And I think they are still going to go to the Red House. I am scared...I am! Damn. And my mum only allows me to stay till 12. But my dad was like "I trust you so you can come back whatever time you want", which makes it worse, cause I don't know what he is thinking! I mean, if you set a time for me to reach home by (other than 12, cause NOONE leaves a chalet at 12, when the fun just starts...), so when he says whatever time I go home by, I was confused.

Oh well, I will just see what time I will go home. I think I will most probably leave by 1.30-2.00am.

Called Talisa today, and it was hilarious. Especially the part when Hans was jumping around and hit his stomach on goodness knows what...A skewer maybe. Then we were like being so sarcastic about someone that is there. I tell you, by the way Talisa described the way she behaved, I think I would have spouted vulgarities in her face if I was there. Or maybe I won't...Maybe I will just...Make her leave? She has a high fever, or so she claims, and she can still walk around like nothing is wrong. I would most probably have told her this
"You got high fever? Go home and rest, if not later you faint somewhere, we still have to call for ambulance, very troublesome you know? So you are better off at home." Which, in otherwords translate to "Get lost, stop acting, and I wish that you really got a high fever and end up in hospital." -For some people that get confused, the "she" here is not Talisa- If anyone is not happy with this "conversation" you can talk to me, but I won't guarantee that I will be sorry.


Bought some VCDs lately, including Harry Potter and The Globlet of Fire, Saw 2, Lady of vengeance -Korean-, The Virgin Suicides and some others that I can't recall now.

1 word description for each movie named.
Harry Potter - NICE!
Saw 2 - Gross...
Lady Of vengeance - Scary?
The Virgin Suicides - Boring.

Then there was this "wuxia" -martial arts- series that has Edison Chen in it. Watched that show today, and guess what? Edison died in the 4 disc -7th episode-! -Wails- And he was one of the lead characters! And he was also the one in the show that made everything so funny! NOT FAIR! Good people die young, well, in those shows at least. But still, its quite a nice series. Its about people trying to solve crimes, or at least that is what I guessed from watching those few episodes. The tile of the series is -Ba Da Hao Xia- (translated into 8 big heroes?).

Hmmm...Guess that will be all. But when I return from the chalet, I will guarantee you that there WILL be photos. Or so I hope.

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[-Saturday, March 18, 2006-]

Listening- Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet, Relient K
Location- Home

RIGHT! Some of you may think and ask why I am still not over Bobby Hartono yet, right? And how come I am still affected by him? Right? Well, here is the answer. IT'S NOT EASY TO FORGET SOMEONE THAT HAS PLAYED A PART IN YOUR LIFE FOR THE PAST YEAR! -I would like to see you try that, and please ensure that the person you are using as an example is an extremely good friend of yours, that you spent almost all the time in school talking to, and hanging out with AFTER school-

Alright? Now that I have got that clear, lets continue to the part about why I don't want to be in the same school as him (school, NOT campus). The first thing is, SINCE I am trying to get over him, seeing him in school won't help, WOULD IT?! The second thing is that, I am MOST CERTAINLY sure that HE will also not be happy to see me in his poly life. Who knows? Maybe he will start thinking that I am stalking him? Woah...That sucks, eh? And the last thing I need is him going around and spreading some stupid stuff about me, which I have a feeling he might do.

And to why I am affected by his presence, lets just say that I have yet to get over him...-As to why, read the sentence in captial letters in the first paragraph-...AND Hans is not helping at the least. And the way that he now ignores my presence? I am not used to it...And I can still see him joking around with people like he did with me and Hans in the past. SO yeah, HE IS NOT INVISIBLE, so I DO notice him even when I don't wish to.

Now do you get it? YES, I may be behaving like a childish kid. But do you think I care? NO matter what it takes to forget it, I will try it. BUT I won't let him jeopardise my future, so you don't need to worry about it.

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[-Friday, March 17, 2006-]

Listening- Jian Jian Dan Dan (Simply), JJ Lin
Location- Home

Okay. I went to check RP's website about their admissions and it turns out that they are still accepting DAE appeals! So logically, I decided to try for it. The whole process took about 20 minutes, and when I was done, I had to print out 4 pages worth of what I submitted for my own reference.

For those of you that may want to appeal through the DAE at RP, here is the website -Republic Poly, DAE online-
I shouldn't have used the DAE at RP as a last resort, but now I have learnt from my mistake, and hope the rest of you people do too, especially those that are taking their O levels this year. Make sure you think out your 12 choices thoroughly, and not just the first 4-5 choices, cause, you never know, what if like me, you don't get into your first 5 choices and end up in the 6th choice which I don't really have a interest in cause I placed it there without thinking through.

I have checked all the polys, and only Republic Polytechnic still has their DAE open. So yeah, if you are still waiting for your appeal results and have not applied through DAE at RP. Why not give it a go?

-Logged Off-


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Listening- Wang Li Hong screeching away on the radio...Haha
Location- Office

OKAY! So, yeah, if you read my last post, you would know that Temasek Poly has choosen to not include me in their population. But still, I might have a chance with my appeals at Ngee Ann Poly or Singapore Poly. And if I don't get in, I am either gone or gone. So yeah...

1) IF I don't get into either SP's or NP's Biotechnology, I have 3 choices
-Go Australia and just take my Vet Science Degree. Return 6 years later.
-Accept my fate, and take Product Design & Innovation (PDI) at NP
-Take PDI for the first year, then transfer courses in Year 2

2) If I choose option 2. Then...There are 2 problems...
-Bobby Hartono is in NP's Engineering School, and so is the PDI course. Which means, there is a really high chance of running into him, which I want to avoid.
-I have little interest in that course unless you tell me that I can still continue to vet science with it.

3) If I choose option 3. There is one problem.
-Even if I want to transfer, its not as easy as it sounds. Many people whom wants to transfer courses, don't get it.

4) If I take option 1. There are 4 problems...And counting...
-Money Matters
-I am going there A.L.O.N.E...And I get homesick easily...
-I am not prepared emotionally. I am only 16! Going to be 17 this year, but that is not the point.
-Foundation starts in August, and ends in 10 months time, which is May. Then the Vet Science course starts in March. Which means, I will be slacking here till August...Then come back in May, to slack one more year, then go back in March. How nice. NOT...

So...What do you think? And no, taking a private Diploma is NOT an option for me. Lets just say that I have seen some people change a lot when they go private schools, so...NO...

I just wish that NP or SP will accept me. Please?

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[-Thursday, March 16, 2006-]

Listening- Vindicated, Dashboard Confessionals
Location- Home

-UPDATE:TP JUST REJECTED MY APPEAL!!!! -I feel like crying...- -

I can't live without you, and you know it! Why do you have to do this to me!? I am doomed...Will you please come back?! I know you will, after I send you to the repair shop...HAHAHAHA!!! I am talking about my handphone (mobile phone). What were you thinking?!

Okay...Let's get this picture clearer...Well, I tried to call Jason just now, and I hear nothing...Absolutely nothing! Zlich! Kaput! And I thought that his phone was the one that has spoilt. But it turns out that, my speaker, has died on me. I can still listen on the "Loudspeaker" option though, but who will want the whole world to know what they are talking about? I have not tried it using my Nokia Handsfree Set though, or otherwise known as the earphones.

I am so dependent on my phone. So much that the world comes crashing down when it dies on me...And I am going to have to send it to the nearest Nokia store to get it repaired. Hmmm...Lets see...How about the one at Tampines? Hmmm...Maybe Suntec or Wheelock will do...But my warranty has worn out. Great. Why is it that nothing will need repair during the warraty period...But will have problems only when the warranty period is over?

But what if they have to reset all the settings in my phone! NO! *Slaps self*...Right, I am using a memory card...Haha, stupid me. Without my phone, I feel uncomfortable. I feel like I am cut off from the world, if you know what I mean. But then, I still have that Siemens -scorpion- phone somewhere in my room. But I have to say, that phone sucks big time! I have no idea why I bought it...Oh yeah, Jia Zhi introduced me that phone...Haha...

Okkaay...Something is weird. While typing out this post, I accidentally pushed my phone off the table and onto the floor. Then I tried calling again to my mum's office, and the phone is working?! I heard it ring once then nothing. So I decided to drop it a few more times to see if that will fix it...And it DID!

I swear I am not lying to you people! My phone was really spoilt, and after dropping it several times, it's alright already...Hee...That was what happened to my discman last time. I accidentally dropped it and all of a sudden it's working properly again. Hmmm...Maybe I can try to drop my CPU when it's spoilt...Haha...Just kidding...-The CPU part, I mean-
Okay, Talisa couldn't go out today, cause her cousin gave birth and she has to go visit her in the hospital. So I spent the day working. And the internet at my mum's office has died, cause the router has gone mad, so it was a very boring day today.

Halif has yet to reply me when I smsed him about Mr.Sundrum's barbecue. Oh well...

And Sony's customer service FINALLY replied, and it turns out that the notebook i enquired about, is not sold here. Damn...I am so looking forward to it. Maybe some stores at Sim Lim has imported it from either US, UK or some other country.

Okay...It's been 13 days since I appealed...It will take about another week till I know about my appeal results...Will they send a letter telling you that you have NOT sucessfully appealed into their school? Oh well, I will just have to wait and see, won't I?

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Listening- Dong Jie (Freeze?), JJ Lin
Location- Home

Okay...This will be quite quick cause I will just go through the main points.

1) Here are the photos I owe you people...-Pool & Fish & Co.- And most of them is of Hans...Bleeh

Hans taking aim...Black & White looks nicer somehow...Haha

Ying Liang was playing with Hans...He's quite pro I must say. But Jerrold better...Haha

Hans...Yet again. With some dumb expression on his face...Lolz

Ying Liang...He looks so serious...

Ummm...Hans was supposed to be there, but he stood up just when I took a shot...So...Yeah...

That's Nadzir...He was playing against...Hans, I think...Or was it Ying Liang?

B&W again...Haha...He looks better in this format anyways.

He was trying to take a photo of one of the waiters...I have no idea why...Is he gay? Kidding...

2)My mum brought me to Thomson plaza today, and we met Jason there...Then Jason had to get his eyes checked cause his vision was becoming blurry. So, my mum was like "You want to make your contact lens?" So yeah, I ordered my contact lens (lenses?) there...YAY!!! I am finally going to wear contact lens...=D

3)Then since I was forever complaining about not having my own house keys, she duplicated a set for me...=D

4)Bought some new VCDs, which included Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, Virgin Suicides (I know I know, it is like an ancient show already), and some "wuxia" -martial arts?- drama series that has Edison Chen in it!!!! I didn't know he acted in that show...

5)I am saving the best for last. Well, its not the best, but still...I received the enrolment package from Ngee Ann Poly!!!! When I first saw it in the mailbox, I was ecstatic, but after opening all 3 envelopes, it was all related to the Product Design and Innovation course I got into, nothing else...I don't know what I was expecting...Maybe a form telling me I got enrolled in their Biotechnology? I have no idea. But then it is written in the package that I have to accept their offer during the date given to me, which is 24th - 27th March, if I am not wrong. But by that time, our appeal results will be released right?! I hope so...

What if I don't get into my appeal choices? I don't want to think about it...I have no idea...I may end up getting sent to Aussie in August for their Foundation Studies...OR I may just accept my fate, and then try to transfer courses in Year 2...I don't mind Ngee Ann Poly at the least, it's just the course they posted me to, was really disappointed...Some people might laugh at me, cause I placed Republic Poly's Biotech as my last choice!! If I had placed it in the 6th choice, I am pretty sure that I will be receiving the enrolment package from RP instead of NP...But still, I hope my appeals were successful...Cross your fingers for me okay? And pray for me too...Well, if you do pray that is...

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[-Wednesday, March 15, 2006-]

Listening- Just when I needed you the most, Wilber Pan
Location- Office

Okay, this is part 2 of the outing yesterday with Tata, Hans and some other people. Well, I ended off at saying I almost didn't manage to get home because of Hans right? That was no it. When I reached the interchange, I had to call and lie to my mum that the bus from Changi Airport that I took only stopped near Coral, so I had to walk to the interchange. Then when I reached my stop, my dad was waiting for me at the filght of stairs that I always have to climb up. And on the way back, he was like "Why you so late? Talk with your friends till you forget time right? Everytime you want to accompany your friends then forget the time. Then later go home your mum going to nag again."

Then when I reached home, my mum was like "Next time, just call and tell us about what time you reacching, no need to ask what to take back."...-.-", the thing was, didn't even ask! I just said "Daddy, I now taking bus from Changi Airport to Pasir Ris then from there take cab home.", and my father told me to take MRT to Yio Chu Kang!!! My fault again?! Then my mum called me back and asked me to take bus...My fault again?! I know it's my fault that I reach home so late, but it was also partly becasue of them. If I had taken a cab home like I planned I would had reached home by 11, which was the time I told them I would be home by!

Some of you might be asking why I lied to my parents that I walked to the interchange from Coral, the thing is, I don't want my mum to dislike Hans more than she is right now. You may ask why I care what my mum thinks, but I don't want my mum to dislike my friends! What if, just if, your mum dislikes a friend that you always hang out and have fun with? I bet you will try to get him/her into your mum's good books right?

So anyways, my mum has taken to associate Hans with my late coming home. Cause most of the time that I am late home (about 11.30 onwards), the group would contain Hans. For example, the first time I was late home was around 11.45, and I was with Yeleng, Hans and Hartono -It was the time that I always go out in this group-, then the second time was with Talisa, Hans and Meng Cheng, then this time it was Talisa, Hans and Ying Liang...So, his reputation isn't that great right now. Bah...

I will be loading the photos tonight, cause I don't have my memory card reader with my now...

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Listening- Love Of A Lifetime, Lifehouse
Location- Home
Talking- Talisa

I just finished bathing and decided to update you people on today's happenings...I am so nice right?!!! Say I am! Haha..Just kidding...

Went to work as usual, then met Talisa at Downtown East for manicure, before meeting Hans to talk about the chalet planning. But then, we decided to have lunch at Burger King's first, then when I was carrying the tray to our table, the drinks dropped on the floor. I had no idea why, but then it turned out that the tray was a bit bent in the middle, so the drinks weren't balanced properly...Then when we asked Hans to change the drinks for us, the first thing he said "W'lao...Stupid!"...Hahaha...But then he upgraded Talisa's drink...And Talisa could not finish it...Haha

Well, then we headed to Scratch (name of the manicure outlet) where we got our nails done...Duh...Haha...The manicurists there were not bad, but the one that did for me weren't that professional, but she was quite nice to talk to. While she was removing my cuticles, she accidentally cut some part of the skin away causing it to bleed, but that was alright...The bad thing was that not all of my nails were colored properly, especially the little finger. Some parts didn't get the paint at all, and then the polish is quite fragile, the whole process cost $20, so...Yeah, go figure...But when I didn't know what color to choose, she recommended this color that was a bit like peach, and I quite like it! The last manicure I did was a disaster...Haha, but this one, other than some nail parts missed and a little bleeding, was quite enjoyable...I suppose

Then when we were supposed to discuss the chalet stuff, Hans called Nazirul and Ying Liang, and in the end we didn't plan much cause Hans was cracking dumb jokes, and some of which Talisa and I could not even understand...But most of the jokes were suaning me, as usual. Then we decided to go down to Funkyballs to play pool (say FUNKY! in a super enthusiastic way, and you will know why I find it funny)...And Hans won everyone one there...And I had like 4-5 balls left when he won...Boohoo...Haha...Oh yeah, Nadiz came and join us half way.

(I wanted to put some photos, but I am typing this rather quickly as my mum is nagging at me to go to sleep)

Then me, Talisa, Hans and Ying Liang went to Changi Airport to have Fish & Co. for dinner, we reached there about 9.15 and left around 10.30? Then I wanted to take a cab back from Pasir Ris, but my mum told me to take a bus back and she will bring me home from the bus stop.

So, I took the bus back to Pasir Ris, and Hans dropped off with me, and then he was supposed to lead me towards White Sands, but he walked me to Downtown East instead -His bicycle was there-, and he told me that I can take bus 89 from there, and turns out, HE WAS SO WRONG!! And my mum was already pissed off at me being late, and I had to take a cab to the interchange then take bus 88 back home. I got home around 12am...Because of Hans, I almost didn't manage to get home! (You can sing that with the rhythm of "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson)...

But then when Hans and I were walking through the park -I have no idea which one it is but it was a shortcut-, we talked about some stuff, which included Bobby Hartono. Cause I said that if I didn't get into Biotechnology at TP after appeal, then I would end up in Ngee Ann, and he was like "Ohhh...Then you very cham -meaning I am pitiful-" and then I said "Why? Cause Bobby there ar?" then he was like "YAH LOH!"...So enthu...And we talked about how niao -stingy- he was when we went to watch movie that time...All of us paid about $9, and I had to pay for his -Bobby-, and then when I took back from him, he was like "Why $9!? Only $8.50, I don't care I want my $0.50 back!", and everyone paid $9.00 or more, cause some of the money went missing...Then we talked more about Hartono, and somehow, I can only mention Hartono as Bobby when I am alone with Hans or Talisa, if others like Ying Liang, Nadzir or Nazirul was around, I would just call him Hartono...Well, at least during this period.

I don't understand it, whenever I see Hans, I get reminded of Hartono! Maybe it's cause I am used to seeing the two of them going almost everywhere together. Or maybe it's cause some of the things Hans do, reminds me of him...Anyways, this concludes that with Hans around, I will never be able to erase Hartono from my mind. But the thing is, Hans will always be a friend of mine, like Talisa, Ting Ting, Jing, Kai and Jia. If people had asked me before the O levels, whom I would choose to continue to be friends with if I only can choose between Bob and Hans, I wouldn't know how to choose, but now, if you ask me the same question, let me just say that Hans makes a much better friend than Bob ever will.

I will post the pictures tomorrow, if I have the time...

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[-Tuesday, March 14, 2006-]

Listening- Blind, Lifehouse
Location- Office

I hate people who like to show off! I can understand if you get something you like, which others might not have gotten (case in point: Course/school he wanted). But still, that is no reason to flaunt it all over the net is there? Everyone knows you got into that course, and we know you are happy alright?! But can you please use your brain, and spare a thought for those that did not get into the choice they wanted? Reading your MSN nickname is only rubbing salt in their wounds alright?! So get that through your thick skull into your brain!

I know I also tend to show off abit now and then, but when someone tells me that I am being irritating, I actually think it over and stop. Not go like "But it's true...Correct?" What the hell?! I hope you get the retribution you deserve. You don't tell people "correct?" in their face when you are being such a insufferable jerk alright? It's just not done! Let's quote the person I am talking about..."dun bother wat ppl say when u enter a good poly!!! -Thats way too cool!-"...All I can say is...Go improve your english and stop embarrassing yourself.

What's with the "Good Poly"? Hello?!! Singapore Poly is a good poly, I am not saying its not, and I am not insulting any SP students, I am only pin-pointing at one person...Everyone knows that SP is by far the best poly in Singapore, you don't have to promote yourself right? It's like, yes, SP is the best! But you? Ummm, can I say that you don't deserve to be in there?

If you just mentioned it maybe about 3-4 times, fine, I have nothing to say. But then, you changed your freaking MSN nickname thrice! And each time, it's getting more and more arrogant not to say insensitive!! I can't stand this kind of people. I understand if you are ecstatic that you got into your course/school, but this is not way to behave. How would you like it if someone keeps telling you straight in the face that he got into the course and school he wanted when you did not get anything? HUH? You won't feel good right? That is the kind of feeling people around you are getting right now. And even Yan Hao, who also got into his choice of course and school finds it irritating...I shall quote Yan Hao "oei, those going to good poly no need to show off leh, later you might lose an arm"...

And if the above mentioned sounds familiar, yeah, you know what to do. And please note that I am talking about a "HE" not a "SHE", in other words, I am talking about a MALE...Not a FEMALE...Okay? Good.

On a lighter note, I am meeting Talisa and Hans again! Haha...We are, well ,they are going to plan the food for the BBQ and Talisa invited me along, so yeah, I will just tag along. And before meeting Hans, we would be going for manicure! So yeah, stay tuned!

*I can't believe I wasted 1 whole post on that insufferable moron...I told myself not to, but I just couldn't stand it!*
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Listening- Mai Ya Tang, Jay Chou
Location- Home
Talking- Hans, Ben Yeo & Yan Hao -Well, yan hao went off-

Okay, I was bored last night, after dinner...And let me tell you, when I am bored...Things happen to my hair...Cause, most of the time, I will start doing weird things to my hair...Well, I will warn you, it will look weird...But then again, what's there to do when I am bored and can't sleep? Nothing much right? So, prepare to face the horror!!!!!! Well, there is only one photo, so, if you don't want to see it, then cover your eyes okay? Haha

I decided to make it small, so that you people don't have to suffer, and I swear, I just did this anyhow! So don't ask me how I did it...I have no idea either, and I can't seem to get that effect...Anyone wants me to style their hair? I doubt so...Lolz

Then, sometimes, I start doodling on a piece of paper...And it starts to take a form...I drew 5 blog templates on paper today! HAHAHA!!! But then my HTML sucks...And I don't have a printer, and my phone's camera sucks...So yeah...I won't post it up...And it's up to you whether you believe or not...

Hans just sent me this video...Which to me was damn funny, but I don't wanna get sued, so I won't post it here...Lolz...Ask me, and I will send it to you...But, please, don't get offended if you are the one that asked me to sent!!!

Haha...Well, I will get back to the conversations...

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[-Monday, March 13, 2006-]

Listening- Photo, Ryan Cabrera
Location- Office

Hmmm, I have been thinking about getting a notebook this year. (Not those pen & paper notebooks, electronic notebooks!) And I have been surfing the Cnet website for a suitable notebook. And I think that I just found it!! But I am not even sure whether it is sold here...

Here it is! -


I like this notebook, not only cause of the design (I love the colour!), but also because of these:
1)Operating System - Windows XP Professional
2)CD/DVD type - DVD-ROM/CD-RW (+R double layer)
3)Lightweight - 2.8 pounds = 1.27 kg
4)Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio with MP3 encoder
5)Adobe Photoshop Album SE
6)Sony Image Converter
7)VAIO Recovery Wizard
8)Battery Life - 396 min
*All from Cnet's review...Read more here...*

I know I know! I said that would purchase the Thinkpad Z60 if I ever get a notebook this year right? But then, what is there not to like about this better looking, smaller and more stylish notebook? Well, other than the price, which is US$2297.00 minimum, from Cnet...And I don't even know whether it's available here?! I mean, I searched the Sony Singapore website for this notebook, and, turns out, it doesn't exist!!! Hello? It's a Sony product! And the least you can do is to say that it is only available in some other country (eg.USA, UK) right? So, with no other choice, I decided to e-mail Challenger and Courts to see if they have any...No replies so far...

Anyone want to sponsor this for me???

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Listening- Lights & Sounds, Yellowcard
Location- Office
Mood- Shocked

Okay, I just went to vote for JJ Lin, like I do every morning. And I have just suffered from a panic attack. Well no, not the panic attack anyways. But his percentage now is 17.8%?!!! Wha?! NO WAY!!! NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!! Damn...This sucks...BAH! And now, I am thinking of leaving his votes alone...Somehow, I think it's my fault that his votes are decreasing so rapidly...It just scares me, the way that his percentage goes down whenever I vote...And I am DEFINITELY sure that I voted for him, I doubled checked!!!!

Must.Vote.JJ Lin. MUST.VOTE!!! -Picture is a link-


Okay, lets go back to last night. My dad only came back at around 11.15?! And then he bathed till 11.45?! And we finally went to have dinner at this place somewhere in Hougang. It was those stalls that sells Teochew Porridge with individual dishes. So well, nothing much there, except that both me and Jason (or Jae, as he likes to be called), bit into a piece of lala *A kind of shell/cockle...* which was spoilt and got this terrible sewage taste all over my mouth...Gross...

Finally reached home at 12.30? And slept at around 1.15 am!! I got woken up by my mum at around 9 and I am still sleepy...zzzZZZZzzz...


Hmmm...Looks like Yan Hao has gotten the enrolment form from Temasek Poly already, and when he told me, I freaked out!!! Cause I forgot that appeal students will get their enrolment package later...Haha...And if Hans is telling the truth, looks like Hartono has gone back to Indonesia *I hope he stays there for good, but not gonna happen*...Yan Hao and Ben Yeo were like "I hope his plane crash" & "I hope the plane gets shot down"...Haha, evil is their middle name, well, Yan Hao's at least...Well, gotta get back to work...But not before I make a quick visit to the toilet...

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[-Sunday, March 12, 2006-]

Listening- Far Away, Nickelback
Location- Home

Here I am, ready to go (and hungry), waiting for my dad to come home and bring us out for dinner like he promised. I am hungry!!! I have no idea where we are going for dinner, but by the looks of it, and the time, we would end up having dinner at the zhi char store somewhere around here. But at least their food tastes great!
I just went to vote for JJ Lin and guess what? He is lagging behind Taukif Batisah!! Here are the stats:
Stephanie Sun - 52.53%
Taufik Batisah - 21.84%
JJ Lin Jun Jie - 18.18%
Ado - 3.46%
Huang Yi Da - 4%

I am currently in a state of shock. We are talking about singer/composer JJ Lin here!? And he is lagging behind Taufik? NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!! And everytime I vote for him, his vote percentage decreases, which, according to the forum has also happened to some others as well...I wonder if there is something wrong with the system. Cause, when I first voted, he was on par with Taufik, and now? Damn...I think their system should show how many votes each nominee got instead of the percentage. Cause it is easier to check whether your vote has been registered...

Go vote - MTV Asia Awards, Singapore -

Or you can sms MAA 58 to 79000. It costs 50 cents per sms though...

Okay, I am having gastric pains now...Arrrgh...

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Listening- Blind, Lifehouse
Location- Home
Talking- Talisa

Okay, I must thank Kangwei for his song intros, cause I really liked them! Well, except for one, which is Twisted Transistor by Korn. I didn't like that...Too noisy for me. Haha...I don't really like noisy music like those like My Chemical Romance (I only like "I'm Not Okay"), so yeah...But at least I have some new songs to listen to, unlike a few days ago, when I was like stuck on listening to Wilber Pan and JJ Lin...

Hmmm...I read Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince till 3am this morning, and when I woke up at 1.30 this afternoon, I continued to read it till about 3? Haha...And even though I already knew the ending and all, I was like "dropping tears" while reading the part on Dumbledore's funeral, and when Ron & Hermonie said that they will be there when he is not going back to Hogwarts, such loyal friends huh? =D...But the thing is, I do not get emotional over books/movies!! Well, except for the past 3-4 months, I suppose. Bah!

I am like really bored right now. Jeez, there is absolutely nothing to do today!!! I really wish that Poly has started, at least I won't be lazing around doing nothing. But I still have no news on the appeal results, unlike Hans & Kim Swee, they have to make a portfolio for Interior Design at Nanyang Poly. (If I am not wonrg, that is)

I am bored...Hmmm...Wonder what's for dinner...HAHA!! I think we will end up having porridge though...There is still quite a lot left in the cooker. Bleeeeeh...HAHAS

Well, I am going to find something to do...

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*Okay...For those that have yet to read the post on the Downtown east trip I had today...It's just after this post* -edited-

Listening- Lang Man Shou Ji (Romantic Mobile/Handphone), Jay Chou
Location- Home
Talking- Talisa

Hmmm...Looks like I will be busy next week...I will be going out with Talisa on Thursday...We had planned to go back and visit Coral, but we had forgotten that it's the March holidays now...Haha...Oh yeah...When we went to buy some stuff from the Watson's at Downtown East today. They gave us some free gifts, and I got some vaginal disinfectant or something like that. It was like a small package of liquid for me to sample. DO I LOOK LIKE I SUFFER FROM vaginal INFECTION?!! Some people really irritate me...BAH!

Ok...Back to my plans for next week....I would most probably be watching the movie "Nanny McPhee" with Talisa at Suntec, I guess...Or Marina Square...Should be around that area, I think. Then maybe I will drop in on Chu Yun's(Doris's) working place. Then on Saturday, I would be meeting Halif to accompany him to the barbecue at Mr. Sundrum's place, I think...Lastly, on the following Monday (20th March), I would be gatecrashing -with permission- Talisa's "rojak" chalet as she calls it...I think we would be visiting the Red House, damn, I am scared...But before that I would be meeting Halif (yes, again)...He needs some help with his English, so I am just going to help him in whatever way I can...I have no idea how it will turn out, cause usually, I am not a very good teacher...Haha...

Hmmm...Nothing much I guess...Haha...I am just posting this so you people will know what to expect in my posts next week!

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[-Saturday, March 11, 2006-]

Listening- Sometimes, Britney Spears
Location- Home
Talking- Halif, KangWei...

Just came back about half an hour ago. Went to meet Talisa at around 2 at Downtown East's Buger King which is where Hans is working. Then we waited for Hans to have his break, so that he can accompany us to book the Pasir Ris chalet for their class gathering. While waiting, we just sat down and then ordered something to eat. And Hans was like really nice!! He gav...I won't say it...It might get him into trouble...So anyways, he was like a real "gentleman" to us...Haha...

Then when we went to book the chalet, it turned out that the 1 storey chalets were fully booked and only the 2 storey chalets were left. And they costed about $60 more! Hahas. Nothing much after that...We waited for Hans to knock off work. But felt bored and wanted to get our nails done at the manicure shop there, but turns out that we have to have a booking first. So we just walked around and bumped into Hafeez, Ying Liang and Nadzirul.

Then when we were ready to leave, Hans wanted to cycle back, but me and Talisa were like "We wait for you so long and you cycle back?! W'LAO!! Cannot...You push your bicycle back to White Sands with us..." haha...but Hans obliged...And then it started to drizzle halfway, and we saw quite a few lighting streaks across the sky. Then we talked about the movie "House Of Wax" and the comments that Hans had made him sound sadistic...Lolz...

Nothing much after that, except that the taxi uncle talked to me about somethings on life and all, he was pretty okay I guess...And he was like super nice loh! It was raining really heavily and then I had to wait for Jason to open the gate, which took about 5 minutes, and he waited...For no extra charges! I mean...Many other taxi uncles would had charged you while he waited, or maybe let you wait in the rain...So yeah, he was nice. But I forgot to notice his taxi number...Damn...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:13 PM;

Listening- Hei Se Mao Yi (Black Wool Coat?), Jay Chou
Location- Home

Am uploading F.I.R.'s songs into my iPod right now...And I talked to KW just now while I was working, and it turns out that he is not gonna go to private...His dad doesn't approve of it anyways...Then he introduced some songs to me and stuff...Nothing much...

Then after that, something big happened at the office, which caused my mum to hit the roof. She was screaming into the phone throughout that conversation...Luckily no one was in the office at that time. But I won't elaborate on it.

Nth much after that I guess...Today was pretty boring, except for that event. Haha...Well, I am quite bored right now, waiting for the songs to load and for the battery to be fully charged...I guess I will go play some games...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:04 AM;

[-Friday, March 10, 2006-]

Listening- Down, JJ Lin Jun Jie
Location- Office

Right! I heard from Tata that Hans is not going to TP...He is either going to NYP or taking a private diploma. Great, one friend gone. Then if Talisa ends up in NYP also, then another friend gone. Then Hans said Kangwei is gonna take private also, ANOTHER friend gone...Perfect, don't you think?

Bah...And I thought they were going to end up in Temasek Poly. Damn, I don't wanna be stuck there with those people that I am currently loathing right now. I know I know, TP's campus is big, and I might not even spot them once in those 3 years, but I am currently on a unlucky streak...I hope I get in SP or NP...Haha, but Chun Wei and Yan Hao are both going to be at TP...Hmmm...Fine! As long as I get a place to study Biotechnology, I will be fine...
Went to have dinner at Jerry's again. And I must say something. You are better off eating the seafood platter at Fish & Co. at least they don't deep fry everything, and the fish is in a normal state. The seafood platter at Jerry's is all deep fried (stated on menu though), and then the fish? Well, lets just say that I have eaten better at Fish & Co. Their fish was like super thinly slice, and coated with breadcrumbs. Then, the edges were tough, it was like...I don't know...Beef jerky?

But to their credit, I must say that their Cajun style Dory Fish is really nice, and their clam chowder?! YUM! The breadbowl does not absorb all the soup, so you actually get to drink it, unlike at Delifrance. OH, and their Brownies? AHAHAHA...My favourite!...Hee...
I finally got to transfer all my CD collection into my iPod, not alot though, just a few, but still, I got all of Wilber Pan's works in my iPod, and almost all of JJ's works too, except for his 1st album, which, I didn't buy. And the period of time to import 1 CD into my computer using the new drive with iTunes was like 1-2 mins max! Haha! I am IT obsolete, and my old one was like super slow, so, I think this is like FAST? According to my standards.
While listening to JJ's songs on my iPod, I must say something, his current album is not as good as the last one. And personally, I liked the 2nd album (JJ's Haven *Di Er Tian Tang) best. Maybe it's cause of the genre change.

Then when the song "Down" started playing, it got me depressed...Damn...Especially the following lyrics...

"Down" *Part of lyrics*

I said we just met so let's go slow
But no, you just told me to keep you from the cold
Sorry I can't take it,
Why did you fake it?
Why did we kiss?
And if you're down
I will be your teddy bear
I will be your clown
I will take you round and round
And if you don't mind I will be your standing ground
Even if that means I'd drown...
-JJ Lin-

It's sorta reminds me of those things that I wanna forget. BAH! But this song is currently in my "Favourites" list.
I feel that it's weird. I mean, my blog is featuring Wilber Pan, and I am talking about JJ half the time...HAHA...But both of them are tied at the top of my "Favourite Artistes" list...lolz!

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, March 09, 2006-]

Listening- Never Gone, Backstreet Boys
Location- Office

Okkkayyy~ This is out to people that are crazy over JJ Lin...If you wanna give him credit for his works, then well, the best way to do it might be to vote for him at the MTV Asia Awards...Yes? Right, here is the website MTV Asia Awards/Vote Singapore...Go on, vote for him, you know you want to. But then you will have to register with MTV Asia Awards first, and even though it's a bit of a hassle...Heh heh...JJ composed most, if not all of his own songs, and even wrote some of the lyrics for his own songs. And he has both Chinese and English songs in his albums, who else does that?! And plus Stephanie Sun has won for *I don't know* how many years straight?! Give other artistes a chance will ya? *Oh yeah, you can vote every 5 minutes*...Make a change...I mean, like now, whenever they annouce Singapore's favourite artiste, I can already tell who its gonna be...BAH...I ain't saying that Stephanie Sun sucks or anything, its just that, isn't it getting boring already?

Vote JJ
(The photo is not a link)

Must vote ar! MTV Asia Awards/Vote Singapore...Lolz...I am crazy


YAYNESS!! My brother finally fixed the CR-RW/DVD-ROM drive!!! He fixed it for about a total of an hour *He went out then came back then went out then came back again*. Yea, but still, it has finally worked!! HAHAHA!! I don't need to download songs no more! Hee...I can just go buy the CD, then transfer into my iPod...AHAHAHA...(Anyone has JJ's first album? I can't find it anywhere...bleeh)...


Oh and remember the day I went to appeal? I left my spectacles with Talisa, cause I was afraid that it would get flatten/broken as my bag was really quite full. And I forgot to take it from her when I left...HAHA...SO now, I have to make do with my normal eyesight as my extra set got broken and has yet to be fixed.


Some movies that I wanna catch-
1)Final Destination 3
2)Date Movie
3)Wolf Creek
4)The Shaggy Dog
5)Dorm *Sneak Preview*

1)Final Destination 3 (NC 16)
Well, it's the sequel to Final Destination 1&2, and well, the storyline is just about the same. Someone in the movie can tell when they are going to die and all those things. It's rated 2.5 by 8 Days I think. But I still wanna watch it...

2)Date Movie
Written by 2 of 6 writers of Scary Movie...I have seen the advertisment on AXN, and I laughed for like 1 whole minute after the ad ended...HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Damn funny. I have no idea what the story is about though...hmmm

3)Wolf Creek(NC 16)
Based on a True Story.
"The chillingly believable events begin as freewheeling, college-aged pals Liz (Cassandra Magrath), Kristy (Kestie Morassi) and Ben (Nathan Phillips) head out for a holiday hike in stunning Wolf Creek National Park to see its mysterious meteor crater. When they return, their car won’t start. Trapped in the vast emptiness of the wilderness – all they can do is wait for rescue.

Luckily, as night falls, along comes colorful local bushman Mick (John Jarratt) and his massive truck, offering a tow to safety. But as the sun comes up the next morning, it becomes shockingly apparent that Mick has no intention of fixing their car or letting them leave the Outback...ever again. As Liz, Kristy and Ben search for any conceivable way out, WOLF CREEK plunges towards an unforgettable climax." *Taken from GV's Website*

They say it's full of gore...hee...

4)The Shaggy Dog
In a few short sentences...Father too busy to care for family...Father turns into the family dog *which came from goodness knows where*...Dog/Father and switches between human and dog form...When he finally changes back, the family is happy and is more united than before...Get the picture? Add some humor and you have a happy family movie!

5)Dorm *Sneak Preview*
A boy gets transferred to a boarding school, to get away from his father, whom he knows a secret of. Then in the school there's a rumor floating around that there used to be a pool here, where children used to swim during the weekends, but was closed. The rumor is it’s because a kid drowned...

A movie from the producers of Shutter!...Hee...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:26 PM;

[-Wednesday, March 08, 2006-]

Listening- Gao Shou, Wilber Pan
Location- Office

After reading Tisa's blog, I have a sudden urge to go back to Coral...And to think I used to hate it so much...Ahaha...I missed my juniors!! And those that are my age but not graduated yet. Damn...I miss people like Halif, Jerrold, Clarence, Jia Wei, Jun Kai, Liyan, (I don't believe it either but) DE HUI a.k.a Dua Pek Gong, MANDY! and all the rest whom I can't seem to recall...Oh yah...Shun Lai...And how could I forget...KELSON ONG...HAHAHA...Acutally I don't miss Kelson lah...Lolz...Just kidding...

And I want to see Mrs Aziz, Mr Benny Ng (Who still owes teh DnT people lunch!), Miss Lum (Class gathering how ar?), Mdm Tan, Miss Tham, Mr. Quek (later ask me to lose weight again...cheeken...lolz), Mr. Sim (MY KOREA PHOTOS CD!!! Find already not?! 2 YEARS LIAO LEH!)...lolz...

My "beloved" Coral Sec:

The words ontop are like really irritating, but I have no idea how to get it off...Nevermind, I will go and take a photo of it when I go back...HAHA

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:44 PM;

[-Tuesday, March 07, 2006-]

Listening- The Anthem, Good Charlotte
Location- Home

Was talking to Yan Hao (well, actually I am still talking to him) earlier today. And we were talking bad about this PARTICULAR classmate that we both know and was my friend lah...Damn funny...We were like talking about the way he his being super arrogant and stuff. And we also cursing him lah...AHAHA!!

Then Talisa called just now and told me something which happened yesterday, which is also linked to that particular classmate of ours. AHAHA! Somehow he said that his current relationship (BGR) is "Awkward"...Which made me laugh like crazy, cause, you will never find anyone else more "compatible" in a relationship can?! AHAHA!! FRIGGIN Funny lah! But I won't post the details, cause I don't want someone that I particularly dislike to come and post on my tagboard, so if you are that person, please, zhi dong/be automatic/get the clue and go away...

You know something. There are people that seems to be able to "forget" to thank people you know? I mean like, for example, (EXAMPLE OKAY?!) you are taking DnT, and you still have no idea what you want to do and its already April/May already.
Then you yourself, don't really care *or seem not to*, and your friend who is like freaking worried for you, keeps pestering the teacher to give you an idea...And finally the teacher helps. Yah...okay, so you get the picture? Okay...Good...Now, lets continue...Then, when you finished everything, *with a lot of encouragement from the class, esp from some people*, you got a distinction, but your other friend got a B3, and you freaking make fun of him?! WTF LAH!? You won't even pass if your friend did not pester the teacher for an idea for you. And you won't even get an A if your classmates didn't encourage you to not give up!...Cheeken...Then you turn back and laugh at your friend...BULLSHIT...Ungrateful bastard.

If the above example sounds familiar to you, then you should know that I am using you as the example lah...That is only if you are from Coral Sec and took your Os in 2005...Oh yeah, and you should be a DnT student also lah, if not then the person I am talking about is OBVIOUSLY not you.

Hmmm...I guess that will end this post...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:44 PM;

Listening- Just When I Needed You The Most, Wilber Pan Wei Bo
Location- Office

Just reached the office, and I have yet to start the work that my mum has handed me...Oh yeah, it's PAYDAY! AHAHA...Right, whatever...Lets get to the point...

I reached here so late cause I went to Singapore Poly to appeal for admission. My mum drove me there, so she was late as well...But the thing was, when I was there, I called Hans, cause I ain't sure where I am supposed to go register and he was like "huh, huh, huh?" then I saw the sign and told him to go back to sleep...Haha...Then I walked into the Admissions Office, cause that was where the sign pointed to. And then this bunch of people came in after me, and when I asked the receptionist where I am supposed to appeal, she told me "Oh, it's upstairs, the concourse on the second floor"...Then the bunch of people that came in after me, turned and walked out...Lolz...

Then while up there, I filled in the forms for both me and Talisa, and then I found out that I must fill in her birthdate, and I was like "Shit...I don't know her birthday..."...I ended up calling her 4 to 5 times before thinking whether I should wake Hans up to see if he knew, but then I ended up calling Talisa's house, where she finally answered the phone...Haha...

And on the form, I read this "Applicants should make sure their aggregate is within the COP, before applying, as those whom aggregate is above the COP will not be successful..." Or something in that sense...And I was like...Damn...But I still applied for it.

Nothing much after that...Hmmm...If anything crops up later today, I will let you people know...Alright?! And remember to keep your fingers, hands, toes, feet and whatever you can keep crossed, crossed for me okay?! Haha...

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:18 PM;

[-Monday, March 06, 2006-]

Listening/Watching- Bu De Bu Ai (Have To Love)-Video-, Wilber Pan
Location- Home

Went to appeal at the different polytechnics with Talisa today. Was supposed to meet Hans they all first, but turned out that they went to Singapore Poly (SP) to apply first, while me and Talisa were at Temasek Poly (TP)...

TP was like really crowded!? Haha...And we would not even spot where the appeal forms were. Saw some of the RenZhes(-Ninjia- Basketball Team) there, Jia Zhi, Ben Ong, Jun Quan, Kevin and Ivan Tan. Ben Ong had a hair make over I think, his hair was like so stylio milo can?! HAHA!! But then again, it looks quit nice...But a bit retro looking...Lolz...Then Talisa went to for the course counselling which they have, and the person said something which really dashed her hopes. I mean, you are supposed to be there to counsel people, we know you are tired and everything, but can't you let it out in a easier-to-absorb way, instead of just stating it right out? Then I called Hans cause he said that they will be coming down to TP, and on the phone he suddenly asked Hartono to answer, I have no idea how he did that, but Hartono got pissed, and was like "It's not loh! Bastard sia Hans..." Then I was like "Can I speak to Hans?! Get him on the -toot- phone lah!" and when Hans came on the phone I rattled off saying that he went overboard and stuff, and he was like, come on lah, still friends wad! And I said "He got treat me as friend or not first?!" and Hans told me to grow up...WTF?! Stupid Hans, piss me off...But I can never stay angry at him for long...I have no idea why.

Then after that, we went down to Nanyang Polythenic by bus, where we saw Spiky and Ivan Ho. They looked like they did in the past. Talisa then submitted her application and we sat there a while to rest our feet, before proceeding to Ang Mo Kio Central to have brunch/lunch at about 11.45. That was when Talisa did something that was like freaking funny...Well to me at least. Haha...Then it was also there that we called "Mr.H-A-N to da S" and asked him whether he wanted to meet us and play pool after all the applications and stuff...

Then we went to Ngee Ann Poly via MRT, and when we reached there, it was like friggin' crowded can!? Like a can packed with sardines and if you walk in the group of people, you will actually pespire even though it takes less than 2 minutes to get to the other side, that is how warm it was! Then this guy/uncle, asked if he can help me with anything...This is how the conversation went:
Uncle- "Ummm, can I help you ar?!"
Me- Can you tell me where the appeal forms are located?
Uncle- Oh, it's over there! *points to the other end* Ummm, what course you going to appeal ar?
Me- Biotechnology.
Uncle- Then what is your JAE points?! *getting agitated/excited*
Uncle- *immediately* No need to appeal lah! Your marks too high already! This year's COP is 14! So dun waste your time! Why don't you look at these few courses *points behind him* They are all within your JAE points *proceeds to explain each course briefly which took about 5 minutes* So you see ar, appeal to this courses you got a much higher chance of getting in. So are you interested?
Me- *Was bored and pissed*...Ummm, actually I am not really interested, I think I will go look around first if you don't mind. Thank you... *Scampers off*

-.-"...I am not insulting or anything, its just that, must they be that straightforward? I mean, hello? Can't I try to appeal for that course? I mean, that is what this appeal period is for ain't it? For those that didn't get in, to try and appeal into the course!?...Jeez...

Then after that, Hans called and he was like "ey, you all at where liao? We reach Somerset already you know?" And I told him that we were still at NP and will be going to Singapore poly before heading down to meet them, and he was like "no need lah! Got some guy tell us that can go appeal online one lah! No need to go down!" And so, I naively believed him, and met him, Nazirul, Nadzir, Ming Xiang and Hartono. *I know I know, I am supposed to hate him, to the core, so why still meet him right? -Talking about Hartono here btw-* While there, we played pool and Nadzir, who won almost everyone there, including the pro'est there Hans & Hartono, LOST TO ME! AHAHAHAHA, I SO WANNA LAUGH! I mean, I lost to Hans AND Talisa can?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! AND I am like the lousiest player in that entire group! AHAHAHAHA!!! IT WAS FRIGGIN' FUNNY LAH!! HAHA!

Then after that, nothing much except we all took the train back together *When was the last time that happen, I DON'T REMEMBER LEH! WAY too long ago...*, and Hartono was like on the phone throughout and stuff and me and Talisa were like going "Talking to girlfriend lah...Must be de* within ourselves. Then on the train he also like outcast like that, cause we were standing in a group and talking/crapping/laming/suaning around, but he just stood alone by himself, while on the phone...Whatever...

Then when I got back to my mum's office, I found out that we can't appeal to SP online! And I was like "STOOOPID HAN CHIANG!! CHEEKEN...TMD!! BLUFF ME!" And the I called Talisa and asked her to pass the phone to Hans, and I was like questioning a suspect/villian or something...Then I have to go down to SP tomorrow and submit the appeal form for me and Talisa, cause I am like much nearer to Dover, as my mum's office is at Lavender. Stupid Hans...

-Post note: I am really not used to calling Bobby as Hartono man...But then, I am not eligible to call him by Bob or Bobby anymore am I? Cause he don't treat me as a friend and all those bullshit. Shit...I was like using some names for him on this post like "Fucktard, Bobby Hartono, Stupid Tortoise..." But they sounded freaking rude, so I just changed it to Hartono...Damn, really not used to this...Fuck... If you are Bobby Hartono and you are reading this, and if you even bother to wanna explain what's going on, go ahead, I am all ears...-


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[-Sunday, March 05, 2006-]

Listening- Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney
Location- Home

As I said in my last post, I went to my cousin's birthday. And I finally found out how old she is. She just turned 4!! Awww...How sweet. Well...Not really. It's her birthday and the princess was not in the correct mood. She was like grumpy and moody. -.-"...That's why when I post the pictures later, you won't see her in any, except 1...When turned out blurrish...

Well, a photo can say a thousand words, so I will just put them up...Alright?

Tip 1 for throwing party for kids: Balloons keep them really occupied!

Wah, so many soft toys, and I thought I have alot...

Once again, the balloons did the trick...But they were snatching from one another...

OOOOH!!! Pretty pretty balloons...My preciousssssssss...Nice decor huh?

A part of the food avaliable. There was shephard's pie, bee hoon, prawn roll, otak spring roll, chicken wings, green curry, rice, bread, cheese marcaroni, satay, pizza...The list goes on and on...

YUM!!! Chocolate Fondue for dessert!...That is the father of the b'dae girl...

Pretty balloons! this one was hanging in mid air...losing helium...NOOOO!!!!

Found this photo...The puppy looks like a small "Bigfoot" hor?

YEAH!!! I am 4!!! No...not me...My cousin...

Princess with her mum...She looks grumpy huh?

I took a random photo OUTSIDE the window...Super reflective...Can see the room refelctions....-.-"...

Then there was this kid who saw me and started whispering to her sister, and started sniggering away..TMD...WTF...Stupid Pri 6 gin nah(small kid)...Cheeken...

Then there were like some kids (guys) who saw a template of a guy and girl (cartoon) kissing and they went "EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! So gross...So disgusting"...They better don't do that when they are older...I meant kiss girls...But to think of it, when we were Primary 2 or 3...We were also like that...HAHA!

Okay...Me gotta go...

The photos were enhanced by ImageWalker 2.20...The software not bad...But I don't think you can combine the photos into one big one...But then to sharpen/enhance the photos, it's really good...Should give it a try. It's free...GO to then click on downlaods and search for "ImageWalker"...I lazy to put the link

-Logged Off-


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