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[-Sunday, April 08, 2012-]

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YAY!!! The holidays are here!! =)

Had a fun weekend so far, celebrating Mr. Hao's birthday and hanging out with Van and Jess~ Obviously overspending and running out of money~ XD

1 Mid semester test on the Tuesday back to uni, then 2 assignments to hand in during the first two weeks of May, gotta start some actual researching soon.

Other news:

Received a Letter of Commendation from the Faculty of Science for last semester's GPA of 6.5 overall~
Told parents, Dad said "Good, strive harder and get better results next semester!", Mum said "Top 20% (of the faculty) very high meh?! You should get GPA 7 overall since you said it was easy peasy!"
My reaction as follows:

Then continued saying that I should go find out which part of the 20% I am in or specifically my place compared to other students....
My reaction as follows:

Yes...DAFUQ?~ (Okay, no more memes) Like seriously?! Why do I need to even know that?! You think the University is really going to put together a list telling you who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd.........Xth place?! Even if they did, I am not remotely interested!

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, it's just the whole "You should get a perfect GPA since you said it was easy" and "Go find out your exact place in the whole uni" that's annoying me. Can't you just be happy that I did well, after like almost 3 years of doing horribly in Vet Science.

When I failed stuff in Vet science, I didn't get told off or anything just nagged at to study harder etc, so why is it that when I do well in Vet Tech, I don't get congratulations?! =.=" Parents~~(Rolls eyes and shakes head)

Seriously?! Now I know why everyone in Singapore is so freaking competitive over every single little subject/test. Random classmate A:"Hey, so what did you get for the test?!", Me thinks:"Why the fuck do you care?"

Blah....Then Dad goes on talking about me going back to Vet Science after finishing Vet Technology, which kind of annoyed me further cause right now, I honestly do not want to go back there. Running away, giving up on my dreams...Call it whatever you want, but it's not even an option to go down that path again.

It's like what, 50K/year for tuition fees alone...Dad said to get PR before going back to Vet Science then the fees would be waaaaay cheaper. Really? So easy to get PR huh...~

Arrgh...Yes, I still love my parents.

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