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[-Wednesday, August 03, 2011-]

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Well, it's been a shitty 4 months so far~

Remember last post where I talked about losing my passion to work with animals and whatnot? I realised that's not the case.

Many things have happened since my last update:
-Transferred back into Veterinary Technology (BAppSc)
-Phoenix finally got a job-ish
-Went back to Singapore for holidays and only met up with people...once?
-Yang Hao and Joe graduated!
-I moved house, and I still don't have internet or phone connection at the new place~

First things first, I transferred back to Veterinary Technology from Vet Science, I know it's the right thing to do and I have never been so sure of a decision in my life so far.

It's been tough in Vet Science; struggling with studies and doubting my abilities to be able to help animals after graduating (if I graduate). I don't know what got into me when I got into second year of Vet Science, I just seemed to lose all interest in what I was studying and wanted out. My parents wanted me to stay on, and so I did, using 3 years to study what people do in 2.

I knew that Vet science wouldn't be easy but I guess I wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be, especially after I had to re-do a course and didn't know anyone in that year. Because Vet Science is such a small program (100+ students a year), everyone knows everyone in their year and coming in when they all have their own little cliques isn't the best.

People might think I am quitting cause I think it's too hard (well, come to think of it, maybe I am), some will say I am wasting my parents money cause they spent so much on paying my tuition fees for Vet Science (but if they continue to pay for 3 more years od around AUD45,000 a year when I am not going to do any better, I am wasting less this way).

I talked to Mum and Dad and they were really supportive. I thought that they would be really angry but they weren't, so I am glad. I was thinking, after graduating from Vet Tech, I can work and really find out what the industry is like, and if I still want to do Veterinary Science then, I would go to another Uni to study it and pay for it myself then I wouldn't be so stressed about letting other people down.

*Mental note: Check out the prospectus of the universities first and see what the courses offer*

I am going to the workshops offered by student services so I can learn study techniques that suit my learning style (apparently I am quite well balanced between learning styles but prefer to learn verbally rather than visually), how to take notes and revise efficiently and how to study for exams (time management etc.). They really help!

I am actually really happy in Vet Tech and I look forward to going to classes instead of dreading to go to them. That's good right? So why do I feel embarrased when I see previous Vet Sci students from my year?


Phoenix found a job doing fundraising in Toowong Village! I am not sure what cause it's for (some humanity thing). Say hi if you see him, and if you want to donate to a good cause, look for him. The pay's pretty shit if you don't get anyone to sign up though, and it's just for the first 2 weeks after that, he doesn't get paid if no one signs up! =.="

Oh well, it's better than staying home doing nothing~ ^^


Hao and Joe graduated! And Amanda's here for student exchange! Joe's doing Masters in QUT and Hao's doing Cookery in TAFE now...That means they will still be here for my graduation, I think~

Their parents came over which was quite awesome and great fun!


I moved house like...2 months ago or something like that. Joe and Yang Hao came over and helped loads! We rented a truck, Phoenix drove and they moved! I didn't do much~ XD Thanks guys!

And until now, I still don't have INTERNET! Which is really shitty. Apparently the cable leading from the main telecom circuit to the units in my compound only allowed 2 of the 4 units to be connected. WTF?! So the contractor went to talk to the rental agent (before the semester break), and the rental agent contacted the owner who dug up blueprints and contacted her electrician who is supposed to sort it out and then discuss how to fix it with the contractor!

More than a month has passed and nothing is done! Went to the rental agent more than 3 times! Arrrgh~ I am going to request that they fix it sometime this month the next time I go. Can I ask for compensation? Like going to uni to use the internet, and the bills that I am still paying even though I am not using the services?!


Hmm, there isn't much else to update about. Until next time!

-Logged Off-

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