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[-Friday, August 13, 2010-]


EEKS! Lol, seems like having a boyfriend in my like is sucking away my intentions to blog! XD

Uni's been hectic. We had to open up a dog, that was voluntarily dontated to the school for learning purposes, during a pathology post mortem prac in the second week! 0.0"...

Having classes all days except Tuesday and the weekends now, but it's alright cause I get some Fridays off too cause we are divided into groups for our pracs. Then plus Phoenix has classes Monday and Wednesday in St.Lucia so I am getting Calvin to give me a lift to uni on Monday mornings and all other times it's either the dreaded railbus or the intercampus~

I don't even get the genetics part of the course! The notes are sparse, the lecturer talks too quickly and she says lectopia is working but it's actually not! =.="...Annoyed. Why did I take Vet Sci to torture myself!? Bleah...Right, I love animals (*continues chanting in the head*).

ANYWAYS...Went to EKKA with Phoenix, Cindy, Yuki, Andrew and Min! It was alright, met Yang Hao, Chloe, Kit and their new housemate Vivian there later that evening!

Then before that was the greatest reunion of all time in the Tazi history! 13 people at Yang Hao's PLACE!!! OMG~ And he had to cook for all of us! 辛苦你了~ Food was yums as usual, and Joe attempted the steamed fish in foil some days later. Don't wanna know what the outcome was, but it looked real weird when he put it in the oven. >.>

Made a version Teriyaki Lamb for dinner a couple of nights ago and Phoenix loved it! =D

Parents are in Hokkaido! They rang me 2 mornings ago and said "We are at Burberry, anything you want?" and because I was still groggy (just woke up), I said "Burberry? What Burberry? Huh???" It took me 3 minutes to fully comprehend what they were saying. XD But I didn't get anything cause I couldn't see or imagine the designs they have right now, and it's not like I am searching for branded bags online everyday. >.<

Apparently they are coming to Brisbane to test my driving skills before deciding whether they want to allow me to get a car. I said "If you are actually coming, it would snow in Hokkaido when you get there!" XD

And I reckon Joe needs to brush up on his EQ and attitude more. ARRGH, he gets on my nerves so much! It's like when he wants you to do something he can't even say it nicely~ Then he expects everything to be perfect when he himself doesn't really care.

WTHELL, buying 6 boxes of magnum ice cream at one go just cause it's on sale? Did he even consider the SPACE that would take up in the freezer? Yea, we have 2 freezers and all the boxed/processed food in there is his, and he doesn't even finish them before buying new stuff! Where am I supposed to store my things then!? Idiotic.

Okay, gotta get lunch. *stomach rumbles*

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