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[-Thursday, July 08, 2010-]

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I so backdated on so many photos!!! And also a couple of recipes~ XD

ANYWAYS, back from my Taipei trip which wasn't what I expected it to be. Phoenix and Hao would know from my multiple calls! XD

Dealt with my Eldest Brother's Wedding, 1 couple, 2 days, 2 banquets, hundreds of guests, 2 lamed legs and it's over! Banquets were held at the Marriott Hotel Singapore and the food was great. Can't say the same about the service though...0.o"... Lamed legs due to a pair of 2 inch and a pair of 4 inch heels, yup, I am attempting suicide by wearing heels. NO MORE HEELS...EVER! They should invent nice looking flats~

Well, the couple was merry but I was nagged half to death by my grandparents...THEY KEPT FEEDING ME, even when I said no!! Like seriously....>.>...And when I took off my heels, a couple of people went "Why you remove your heels! So 粗魯 (uncouth)!" What!? My feet hurt, and since you can't see that I ain't wearing any shoes under the floor length dresses, who cares?

ANYWAYS, I started working at the Singapore Polo Club, 2nd day out of my 10! It's only from 7am to 10am in the mornings and I might have to stay till afternoon for certain days. Been grooming, feeding, watering and hosing down horses so far. One of them, Perla is rather shy and it took me 20 minutes before she got used to me grooming her. Another one, Piperna is a cribber/wind sucker .
[for the uninitiated, "A cribbing horse will anchor his upper front teeth onto the stall door, partition or post. Then he tenses up his neck and facial muscles, retracts his larynx (voice box), and gulps down air. A wind sucker flexes his neck, gulps air and emits a grunting sound."].

Work has been rather easy so far, I won't call it mundane cause I haven't been doing it long enough but it is definitely not very exciting. My nasal passage has been getting really sensitive due to all the dust and hairs it has been exposed to...*aaahhchoo~*

For some reason, I can't upload photos, so I will be doing that next post! SORRY GUYS~

And I miss Phoenix! He's up in the mountains where there's absolutely no internet nor mobile phone connection! T.T...Only 6 more days till he's here!

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