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[-Monday, November 23, 2009-]

Post No:#908

I had the resit for loco prac exam today!!! AND I PASSED! Mike said I did well, but I think he says that to everyone. Everyone that took it again passed too! Happy~~~~
Went shopping in the city after that with Vanessa and Jess to shop for some shorts/bermudas and tees for my Cairns trip cause as I have said and been told a million times, IT'S TOO HOT TO WEAR JEANS at this time of the year! XD

Heading off to Cairns at 10am tomorrow!! Bringing a medium sized luggage cause I can't be bothered to lug 2 duffel bags (1 country road and 1 nike sports bag) and cause I will be bringing stuff like plugs, my hairdryer and my laptop~ =D

Hmmm~ Was gonna buy a book to read on the car too but I totally forgot about it, so I am just gonna bring this other book that I have been taking ages to read~ Maybe I will finally finish reading it cause it's boring but it will be better than staring out the car window, even though I like doing that too...=D

OH!! And I went to 3 Monkeys last Wednesday with Charmaine! Totally forgot to update about that~ XD...Their cheesecakes were pretty good, they have rather large cake servings and I could hardly finish my portion after I had their chicken and avocado foccacia~ The food is prety good though, but I reckon I would still go to Le Bon Choix on Queen Street/Eagle Road for cakes!

Still haven't packed everything for the trip. The stuff I bought today are still being laundered~ Dark colored clothes in the dryer and the light colored ones still in the washing machine...0.o" *yawns*

Sorry for the total lack of photos! But I promise there will be some up while on the road trip alrightys?!

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[-Friday, November 20, 2009-]

Post No:#907

Gonna buy some 3/4 pants, berms and tees from K mart or something tomorrow. It's too hot!!!! @.@

Went for my resit for the digestion prac exam today, Carolyn marked the papers on the spot and gave us back our results. I PASSED!!!!!! So that's out of the way~ Gonna resit for my loco prac exam on Monday (yea, I am pathetic, I failed both prac exams...) Meeting Calvin in the pot room for study tomorrow morning.

Cleaned the house, minus Joe's room cause he's home and he shut his door once I started up the vacumn cleaner. XD

Spent like an hour cleaning the kitchen cause everything was so...sticky! Had to scrub down the stove and the 吸煙器 which was the worst cause I don't think anyone cleaned it before! Maybe Yang Hao at the end of last year? Had to vacumn and then mop the floor, and wash all the dishrags and floormats.

Grilled Chicken & Caesar Salad for dinner. It's too hot to cook anything. I end up dripping with sweat everytime I try to actually cook something. It's kinda too warm to sleep properly even. Only fell asleep at like 2am this morning and even then I kept waking up. =.=

Hmmm...I will update again soon, maybe Monday.

Roadtrip starts Tuesday!! I will still have my laptop with me, so I will update whenever I have internet~ Or I can always borrow Phoenix's mobile broadband thingy.

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[-Thursday, November 19, 2009-]

Post No:#906

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! *Throws confetti into the air*



Well, I have finished my end semester exams, and I think I passed all of them, maybe except one. Fudge...BUT they are not all over cause I still gotta resit 2 prac exams that I failed on Friday and Monday~ Gonna go for revision dissection today~

Ah wells.

He's been pretty nice so I am pretty happy.

Nothing much to update, so I am gonna go off~

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[-Thursday, November 12, 2009-]

Post No:#905


2 papers down! 4 more to go! Or maybe I should say '1 course down, 3 more to go!' cause it just sounds like alot less work.


I must say though, I think I passed that course even though I bullshitted my way through 2 questions on todays' exam.
The question that I totally didn't how to do was asking about why mineral deficiency is important in livestock in tropical countries.
And I was thinking "Why the hell is mineral deficiency important?? It's like a major problem, not something that's important for livestock!" and here's my train of thought: Tropical country = hot, humid, rainy = rain = wash away minerals from soil = mineral deficient pastures = mineral deficient livestock...And I said it can be solved by giving supplements. 0.o"...Prolly getting 0 for that~

Then the other question was: Discuss the factors that affect voluntary intake of food by animals. My train of thought: Animal hungry = eat food. Animal sick = don't feel like eating. Young animal = eat more cause need nutrients for growth. Then some other random stuff...XD Apparently 3 of them are right!

Well, that's over, and tomorrow morning at 8, I have blardy cell biology exam! Done the past year papers and the questions were pretty much repetitive so hopefully they are still the same this year, cause I am gonna focus on knowing what was on previous exams!

OK, time to go off...Joe's friend is here waiting for him to shower and then head back to uni to study till tomorrow morning. 0.o"...Crazy accounting people.

Gonna shower, read then sleep...

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[-Wednesday, November 11, 2009-]

Post No:#904

The more I think about it, the more angry I get.

Why do people never appreciate it when other people are nice to them??
It's like, you ask me to save a seat for you in the library and you say you will come and leave your bag here so I don't have to be totally embarassed when people ask me "Are you using this seat/space?" when I only have like one measly book and a laptop slipcase on the chair.

If you can't be bothered to come in early to save a seat for yourself, why the hell should I save the seat for you when you are only coming in in the afternoon or even late morning while I am here since the library opens!? Sure, I will help you if you live far away like Phoenix in Sunnybank (he still gets here around 9am anyway) but if you are living in Toowong or St Lucia, just come to the freaking library yourself and grab a seat yourself!

Just cause you have a "friend" here to "book" a seat for you doesn't meant that you can come super late or not answer when I call, especially when I already told you to come and leave your bag here cause I don't have enough things to book 3 seats! SO FREAKING ANNOYING! There is NO EXCUSE AT ALL.

Even if you have an exam at 8am, there is a bus coming in early, if the bus is late, you can WALK TO THE FREAKING UNI FROM YOUR HOUSE. So WHY can't you just come and save a seat for yourself, and then I can just make sure your stuff don't get stolen, then go for the exam!?

So, what's the difference you might ask; from me saving you a seat and you saving a seat yourself and me just looking after it. THE DIFFERENCE IS, at least there is a bag/books there instead of just my stuff everywhere! So it looks more like someone is actually sitting there instead of someone is just leaving their stuff everywhere. It makes me look inconsiderate!

Sure, I will save a seat for you if you live far away or you come like within an hour that I get here, but if you are only coming in the afternoon, don't even EXPECT me to do stuff like that for you. ESPECIALLY if you don't reply my texts and don't answer my calls. Why should I be nice to you when you don't even appreciate it!?

GAH! Back to cell biology

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[-Monday, November 09, 2009-]

Post No:#903


My exams start from tomorrow! One each on: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday then Monday~~ The last 2 are the Prac Exams that I have to resit cause I failed otherwise I would have been done. BLAH

Wish me luck! I wanna kickass and not have to sit for the papers again!!!
Gonna head to the library again tomorrow morning so I can chill revise somemore in the library before heading for exams. Apparently I have to try and get one of 2 group tables on level 2 of the Biological Sciences Library...

It's crazy! During exam period/swot vac, every morning people queue up outside the library before it opens so they can get a computer/study space! It's almost like a whole bunch of aunties outside NTUC/OG/-insert random departmental store here- when they are waiting for the doors to open to a sale! 0.o"...Then when the doors open it's like a stampede of students heading in and grabbing seats/computers/booths!

Ah wells...But then again, the biological sciences library is pretty popular, I guess cause there's lots of natural lighting and cause it's near the bus stop...

Digestion/Physiology exam is on tomorrow! I think I am ready. I am really not stressed out at all, which is pretty strange, cause normally the night before exams I get really stressed out and can't sleep and whatever. 0.o"...Either I am really prepared or I don't know that I am totally unprepared so I am relaxed. >.>...EITHER WAY...I am going to bed now so I can wake up early and be an "auntie waiting for departmental sales to open" tomorrow morning.

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[-Saturday, November 07, 2009-]

Post No:#902


Exams start on Tuesday for me~
Not that far away, but I am not freaking out yet, that's either a very good sign, or a very very bad sign. *crosses fingers*

Well, decided to update this poor abandoned blog of mine.
Let's see...

I have been studying pretty much EVERYDAY in the BSL or at the Pizza Caffe on campus, then dinner mostly at Hawken drive.
Whenever Calvin joined us (Phoenix and I) for dinner (twice) it was either Sunnybank (YAY!) or Highgate Hill (DOUBLE YAY!) where we had Japanese cuisine at Sakura~ The sashimi is super fresh and the standard there is the best I've had in Brisbane so far for it's price.

At Sakura, it's like $54 for their set menu which includes:
-Chawanmushi or Agedashi Tofu
-Sashimi Platter
-Teriyaki Fish or Chicken
-Tempura Platter
-Either Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu for the main course
-Rice and Miso Soup
-Either Green Tea or Vanilla Ice Cream

SUPER YUMMEH~ And Sakura's the ONLY Japanese place I have eaten in Brisbane that actually has TORO (ootoro and chutoro -Market price-). But they were sold out that day...T.T

Totally going back there again. No photos, cause I only had my mobile phone that day and the photo quality is super low...

I think I have pretty much tried every restaurant in Hawken Drive, except for Curry Connection (Indian), Persian1001 (Persian duh~) and the Pizza and Kebab place.

I like Edamame (Japanese) and Gregorio's (Italian)
Gregorio's pasta dishes are really yummy, I had the pan seared scallops with fettucine in creamy white wine sauce and for $15 there were like 15 scallops in there!!! Obviously very happy that day. XD

Edamame is a tad too salty for my liking...Somehow the dishes I order are always drenched in the sauce which makes it really salty. But I like their Soba & Tofu Salad with Sweet Basil and Sesame Dressing. It's THE perfect dish for those hot nights~

Yea, my swot vacation is like Makan Week or something. XD


Studies have been pretty good. I have to look at each subject again before the exams but I am pretty much done with revision. Seeing that I can't input anymore into my limited memory...Sigh... Biochemisty is such a painful subject, it's the only subject I have problems concentrating on cause it's so...Technical and boring!

ARRGH...Gonna go to bed soon. Library tomorrow...


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