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[-Thursday, April 30, 2009-]

Post No:#824

I miss Singapore...
All those people that really know me
Friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, relatives...blah

2 more months...
Can I take 2 more months of this!?


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[-Tuesday, April 28, 2009-]

Post No:#823

I want an hour of my life back!!!


I spent it fixing the light in my bathroom...And when I say light, it's not the lightbulb I am talking about.

XD, so last night, the lightbulb in my bathroom busted, so I have to replace it, only I didn't know how to remove the cover cause I have never seen anything like it before. So yea, I asked Joe if he could take a look at it for me, only to get the reply "Can't you do it yourself!?"...=.="...My first reaction: "I would if I can get the cover off it!!!! It's not like I can't fix a lightbulb okay!"

>.>...So he removed the cover and the bulb (bayonet), and I decided to replace it today! The replacing was fine, but when I tried to put the lid back on by twisting it in like what he did, THE WHOLE LIGHT CAME OFF THE CEILING CAN!?!?!?

I freaked out, and called Kin Fatt but he didn't know how to fix it, and Yang Hao was already heading to the city. Called my dad up and asked him if he could teach me to fix it, and he didn't know wtheck I was talking about. >.>....

Attempted to shove it back up that stupid hole then twist it around but it just came falling out again...

Finally figured out how to do it about 30mins of inspecting (and shoving it back), and then spent another 30mins trying to "hook" it back in the hole (they had some plastic hooks that you have to use a screwdriver to hook onto the groove in the hole when the light is in the ceiling...). Would have been way easier if someone was here to hold the light cause it just kept falling out when I am screwing one side in, but there wasn't anyone cause Joe's out. Finally fixed it after an hour! My DnT training didn't go to waste!

XD, who needs a man in the house when you can put a light that fell out back in the ceiling!?!?!

Well, that's the most interesting thing that happened today! 0.o"
In case you were wondering, I didn't put the lid back on cause, it dims the light too much and I don't like my bathroom being too dark.

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[-Monday, April 27, 2009-]

Post No:#822

Had dog dissection prac today!! >.<"

The prac tutors said that most of the dogs would be greyhounds (from racing etc.) and unwanted dogs from the pounds that would be euthanased whether or not they were used as cadavers, so there's no ethical issue there. Well, most of the dogs were Staffordshire Bull Terriers, my group got a Red-Cattle cross with something else.

Anyways, the dissection went pretty well, no one got sick or puked or anything and it didn't smell as much as I thought it would. Had to remove a forelimb, part of a ear and one side of the ribs (to expose abdominal and thoracic cavities), then did a worksheet on the dissection; Katey's were all bloody cause she wrote with bloody gloves on...XD.

Well, that's pretty much the highlight of the day. Met a new friend who's also from Singapore, and I think her name's Odrianna? Well, yea, anyways...I am broke for the rest of the month, which is only 3 more days anyway...>.<"

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[-Sunday, April 26, 2009-]

Post No:#821

換作是我, 大家只會第一時間閃人好嗎?

對,我太MAN,太高,太大, 怎樣?!

大家都以為, 我每天嘻皮笑臉的, 什麼事都沒有
以為說, 不管說我什麼, 怎樣笑我, 我都OK的...

好像只有是他說, 我才不會去想太多, 也不會當真...

重點是, 我也不知道我怎麼了.

If there was someone, everything would be better. Right?

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[-Saturday, April 25, 2009-]

Post No:#820


The weekend's here! This week went by really quickly...And I am glad all the assignments and mid-sem exams are over!!!!

Basically, nothing much happened this week. Was so focused on doing the assignments and studying for the tests that...I didn't do much else all week. Tomorrow's SUNDAY, then school starts again on Monday! ARRGH...*Wants long weekends*

Well, I went for the Vet Clinic observation thing yesterday morning; spent about 4.5 hours at Greencross Vets Chermside observing how they communicate with their clients (the pet owners, not the pets)verbally and non verbally, and asked some questions that were given to us to ask the vets and their clients.
I have to say, the clinic staff there were really really nice! I didn't feel awkward or scared (which was what I expected) cause they are a really nice bunch of people that have good humour, and would joke around and include me in their conversations. Also got some vet tips from the regarding how I should 'act' around my clients in the future.
I even got to look while the vet surgeons perform a couple of minor surgeries, and also had some hands-on experience with handling the animals there. Was kinda surprised to see so many more cats there compared to dogs! I might just go back there for my clinical practice later on...^^

Hmm, guess there ain't anything much to update...Met up with Kin Fatt many times, didn't see much of Joe at all this week, and met Yang Hao a couple of times. Hmmm...

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[-Tuesday, April 21, 2009-]

Post No:#819

Sometimes, I seriously doubt Joe's INTELLIGENCE level you know?! He is like a fucking spoilt brat! And I don't blame anyone but himself for that.

I was already stressed over studying for the exam tomorrow, and just as I was destressing with the prankcall voice clips that Hans sent me, he had to decide to flip my blanket with my BAG (and all the notebooks and files in it (HEAVY)) and my watch and notes on it, over my head.
GUESS WHAT?! The bag landed smack ontop of my head and my heavy Seiko watch went and hit my temple on the left side. FUCKING IDIOT. And all he did was laugh after saying "Why is it so heavy" and see everything land on my head.

EH FUCK LAH. Are you like freaking RETARDED or are you just too mentally traumatised to come to the conclusion that you should apologize or at least ASK if I AM OKAY?! OI, a 3 kilo load landing on your head is not a funny thing! Oh wow, laugh like a fucking hyena and then start wondering why I am so pissed off.

Told him to get out of my room and he went "Can you tell me why the bag landed like right ontop of your head?". WTF LAH CB! Cannot tell I am pissed issit?! I WAS TYPING MY NOTES. You could've flipped my laptop over for all you care, and then what would happen to the notes that I have been typing for over an hour? GONE.

So now I AM MAJORLY pissed off, and have a splitting headache. LIKE FUCK I can continue studying. TMD, KNN...

AND I AM STILL PISSED. Fucking asshole.

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Post No:#818

Should really be studying...

BUT~ I got bored. And so quotes:

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. ~Lamartine

A goodbye isn't painful unless you're never going to say hello again.

Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle
Everything I do is stitched with its color.
~W.S. Merwin, "Separation"

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes. ~Henry David Thoreau

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[-Monday, April 20, 2009-]

Post No:#817

Easter Holidays' over!!!! T.T...

Went back home during the week (Monday till Saturday morning), to take my Traffic Police Driving test and FAILED miserably...=.="

What?! First time mah, literally Chua Sai (Shit in my pants) can?!! Then the tester keep going like "Proceed! Proceed!" and rushed me so I got even more Gan Jiong (anxious) and proceeded to mount the curb (wide turning) while turning out of the directional change course. WTF CAN?! Immediate Failure~

Told Hans and he was like "Wah lao, what you doing sia?! Waste parent's money!" XD...Eldest brother was laughing like mad, and so were my parents. >.>"...興災樂禍...Oh wells, will have to take in again in July and just PRAY that I won't get the same tester and stop Chua Sai-ing for no reason. zzz

MET UP WITH HANS AND YELENG!!! Watched 17 Again, which is a pretty good movie despite what you might think of the synopsis. The plot is pretty good and it was pretty funny. ^^ Went for dinner at Shokudo Japanese Bazaar in Heeren, then headed back to Cineleisure for Karaoke till 12am! =D, I miss Karaoke~ Super fun with the 2 of them. =D...No photos, but plenty of sound clips and videos.

Went for dinner at Grandma's as well. Chilli Crab~ Chicken Curry~ Yum Yum...XD...Ah Mah's the bestest cook!~ Hope her eyes get well soon cause the glands keep secreting stuff due to inflammation or something. 0.o"

Went to gym twice, and I gotta say, I kinda miss exercising though I am not about to join Fitness First in Aust anytime soon. It's just too crowded...Might get one of those cross-trainers to work out at home though, cause it's cheaper than membership or a bike and burns more calories etc.

And as you can probably tell, I didn't do ANY WORK back home. =.="...And I had 2 assignments and 2 mid-sem exams that are due this week. Managed to finish the Causal Diagram thing which is due today at like 3am, and studied for the test till 4am when I fell asleep. Woke up at 9+ and just couldn't get my mind to work, but the test went alright. Could answer most of them...>.<"

Animal Husbandry test tomorrow and I have the Membrane Biology assignment due on Friday at 4pm. >.>"...I am just about ready for another holiday.


Yang Hao made Lu Rou Fan for dinner yesterday!!!! YAY! Yum yum~ Brought the leftovers home cause he cooks everyday and I don't feel like cooking cause I have to study for the exams and finish my assignments. Lu Rou Fan again tonight...Don't think I will get tired of it soon. Arigato~

So fudging sleepy~

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[-Saturday, April 18, 2009-]

Post No:#816


I will miss you more than words can say,
Thinking of you every single day.
I love you like my brother,
I'll always love you til the end my friend.

The more I think, the more I weep,
At least I have memories to keep.
I know we'll meet again soon enough,
But I can't wait cause it is tough,

Everytime I take out my photo pile,
I look at you and me and smile.
All those times you made me laugh,
& All those times you saw me cry.

All the memories I hold in my heart,
No need to miss you, we're not apart.

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[-Monday, April 06, 2009-]

Post No:#815
Today: Dr. Jekyll

Been "slightly" depressed and majorly pissed the whole of last week but it's all over now! ^^...

ANYWAYS! Kin Fatt's and Yang Hao's birthday celebration! I will let the photos do the talking:

Dinner first at Superbowl in Chinatown,

Then after dinner, we went to have ices at some random place in Brisbane city...& For the cake cutting ceremony!

And then...The usual pool...XD

Hmmm, then we went home!


Think that's all...

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Post no:#814

Why must you always piss me off at the end of the day?
Then pretend nothing happened at all the next day.
Not a word about it at all. And act like the nice person I know you are not.

You said you wanted to go buy something to eat cause you were bored.
Fine, I shall eat with you even when I am full.
3/4 way through the movie you went "你不要看的話可以出去啊!"
(Translate: "If you don't wanna watch you can go out")
WTF was that about? I didn't do anything! I didn't even yawn or anything!
What could I have said? So I kept quiet anyway...
Don't wanna fight with you again...
Should have just continued ignoring you tonight.

Maybe other people might not think there's anything wrong.
The problem doesn't lie with what you said,
It lies with the tone of voice you said it in.
When will you learn to actually communicate with people?


Times like this. He's missed even more.

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[-Saturday, April 04, 2009-]

Post No:#813
(Actual post of the day after this)

Alrights!! Birthday wishes!

Happy 21st Birthday Kin Fatt!!!

Hope you like the celebrations and present even though it won't be much~ XD
Good luck for your exams, all the best for your future and hope you remain as my grocery and random makan-ing buddy alright!?


Happy 20th Birthday Yeleng!!!

^^ Have a Happy Birthday!! Stay pretty forever! XD,
Good luck with your studies and/or work.
And I have already got your present, which I will pass over when I return! (I don't have a solo photo of you!!! XD It's always with Hans. 0.o")

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Post no:#812

Major post with pictures late tomorrow night!!!! ^^

Met Kin Fatt for lunchies today! Ate at Renu Thai, and I couldn't finish my fried rice so Fatt kept going like "Aiya, one more mouth, one more mouth!" like how you bluff a kid to finish her food. =.=", but I did finish it in the end...DAMN FULL can die. XD, went grocery shopping after that, and he bought loads of stuff~ Grocery buddy rocks~

Got home, he came home, apologised, blah blah blah. Whatever. Still a little peeved...But as usual, once he is nice I will forget about it again. It's a retarded cycle. >.>...And Hao says to let it go, so...I shall listen to him.

Went out to find Yang Hao at the cyber cafe and watched Taiwan drama for like...45 mins or something then Samantha called and I met her to go present shopping for the Birthday Boys (Kin Fatt and Yang Hao, 21st and 20th respectively), and also to find a place for dinner. ^^...I am not telling where it is! (Okay, I just told Hao. =.=")

ANYWAYS...Samantha and her friend left, so I met up with Hao and Sam (another friend) for pool! XD, Sam's super fun...Hahas~ Played till 11.20pm and went back home. ^^

Well, I gotta shower now, just came home in the stupid rain.

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, April 02, 2009-]

Post No:#811

You know why you can never find a girlfriend??

1) You have no guts, no balls, no courage whatsoever.

2) Your mood changes faster than the speed of light.

3) You never think of how your actions might affect other people.

4) You think you are right all the time and that you are above everyone else.

5) You can ACTUALLY make someone that likes you so much, hate you.
-If you can make someone that likes you hate you, do I have to say more about those people who don't like you?-

6) You always think about yourself, yourself and YOURSELF.

7) You shamelessly ask for stuff. You use people to get stuff you want.
-And she's stupid enough to give you things-

8) You are indecisive and behave like a 3 year old kid.


The only thing I did was to ask you why you were packing your clothes in a box, and you have to shout at me and tell me NOT to make stupid conversational topics when there isn't any topic to talk about.

HEY, at least I AM FUCKING TRYING right?!
Fine then, I shall not ATTEMPT to make any conversation with you since my topics are just TOO STUPID.

It was a fucking innocent question, you didn't have to SCREAM at me did you? So next time if you ask me like "Are you cooking?" or "What are you doing?", I should go like "Don't make stupid conversation topics when there's nothing to talk about." How would YOU feel if someone told you that?

Please, think about what you are gonna say before spitting it out. Think about other people's feelings. Just use your fucking brain for once. YOU READ books on building a good relationship with people, shouldn't you USE that knowledge? You never learnt anything from them did you? OR are they just on your shelf so you seem intellectual?

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, April 01, 2009-]

Post No:#810

Was emo, and after a totally unrelated conversation with you consisting of 4 sentences, I felt okay again.


Hey, guess what?!

You succeeded...

I cried...Twice! Cause of you! In a week!

Betcha laughing now right? XD...You kuku...

*He seriously has perfect timing!*

-Logged Off-


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