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[-Thursday, May 29, 2008-]

Post No: #676

Okay people...Here's a tongue twister for you which I made up while talking to Halif.

"Assignments are given to the assignmentees by the assignmenter...and now the assignmentees are assignmenting to hand in their assignments to the assignmenter!"

Say that in 5 seconds and you get a free:
1)Easy Way Bubble Tea (L-size)/ Fish Ice Cream for those in Brissy or
2)Free Famous Amos cookies (100g) for those in Singapore!
*Limited to the first 5 people from each location. Prizes are exchangable for items of the same value.* *Redeem before 1st July*

As if anyone will actually play this thing. 0.o"

Then other stuff like:
-People that go for attachments are Attachees, which sounds like Attap Chee (Palm Seeds in Hokkien I think), which are those white jelly like thingys you put in Ice Kachang.
-Dreamers can be dreamees, and dreamees can be dreamers. Dreamees are dreamt by dreamers, but either or neither of them can be dreamy!
-Lecturers lecture while lecturees listen to the lecture.
-Callers call Callees. (Calbee!)


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[-Sunday, May 25, 2008-]

Post No:#675

Me likes!!!

Dark Waters by *Toope on deviantART

i could fall for you by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

So many stories by ~dcamacho on deviantART
(For the one above, do click on the link and read the description...It's cool!)

paintin' the sky by ~cloud-room on deviantART

An Evening in Heaven by *hougaard on deviantART

Magical Moonlight by *Toope on deviantART

.14. by =lustandfire on deviantART

And I just couldn't resist putting this up! I was listening to Bubbly by Colbie Calliat...So addicted to the song, thanks to Hao. XD

Anyway, when I saw these photos, I was like "This soooo 'Bubbly'!!" (as in the song, relate them to the MV)

9496 by =CrazyTob on deviantART

9370 by =CrazyTob on deviantART

the spectator by ~marielliott on deviantART
(Tagline: Be inspired, You can't spend life watching other people live it.)

in the grass by *roseonthegrey on deviantART

A walk in the grass by ~Jack-the-Photo-freak on deviantART

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[-Friday, May 23, 2008-]

Post No:#674

Am so friggin sleepy!!! Didn't sleep last night cause I was doing the AGRC1010 Systems Improvement Assignment which I have procrastinated for a looong time. The total amount of time it took me to finish it was like 4-5 days, I started it like 2 weeks ago, so I was procrastinating for like 9-10 days. =.="...

WELL, it's over and done with now! So I can relax work on the next assignment, which is the AGRC1015's "Why we should not breed dogs with genetic abnormalities." essay, which will be looking more into the ethics and stuff instead of the actual disease.

Anyways, I was bored so I decided to edit a photo I have of Jason (my brother? if you dont' remember or know).

He wouldn't need much post-processing work done, so I basically desaturated the background, used some colour variation stuff and played abit with the contrast and brightness levels. Now...if only he was smiling or something instead of having that weird expression on his face.

Okay, I am seriously sleepy, am like dizzy already.

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:05 PM;

[-Monday, May 19, 2008-]

Post No:#673

I haven't laughed till I cried while chatting on MSN for a long time now! Thanks to Halif and his inflated EGO!

Here are some quotes which proves that Halif has an inflated ego (and yes, I logged the ENTIRE conversation just to laugh at it next time):

1) "Whether she has added her resume to millions of others who have applied and kena rejected." -I asked him if he had like 6-pacs cause my friends wanna know, he said it was subjective!-
2) "Sad lah you never miss me, hahahaha, every women in this world should miss me"
3) "Well I look rojak, so its fine" -I said that some actor dude looked Eurasian, and Halif thinks he's hotter than that guy.-
4) "How can girls not get attracted to me? haiz...Im just the ideal prince charming"
5) "Eh must tell you this they are not the only one. Haha, especially after I wore pink shirt the other day, they said it looked good on me!"
6) "Haiz. You know the other day I was sitting in my office at UOB then suddenly these group of TEENAGERS girls took a camera and secretly want to take picture of me then I went to them and ask "You want to take a picture with me?" and they were like so happy sia!"

Conclusion? HALIF IS SELF-OBSESSED! I guess that can't be helped since he has girls clambering after him half the time! I am gonna be hated by girls if I hang out with him too much, and I think, he will be swarmed when he goes out with Kangwei! Or maybe not, since the girls might just faint first. XD

Okays...I have to go back to my assignment.

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[-Monday, May 12, 2008-]

Post No:#672


I am like sooooo Happy and MOTIVATED TO STUDY RIGHT NOW!!!

Have been slacking off the past few weeks/days...But I just saw my assignment results online and I am motivated again!!

Remember the essay I was like whining about? The one that required me to model a system of UQ Gatton's ecosystem and everything? I am glad the work paid off! I got like 29/30 for that assignment! AM LIKE SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY!!!!!!!! Grade 7!!!! Was not expecting that...

Then the other assignment that needed us to hand in the essay plan, mind-map, annotated bibliography and question title? I got like...35/40 for that one! Which is another grade 7!!! Happy~!!!!

MUM! DAD!! You think I can get the Panasonic DMC-FZ50?!?!?! *hint hint*

Okay...Shall wash up my kitchen and dinner plates and proceed to STUDY! CHIONG AR~!

Everybody ah~JIA YOU for EXAMS!

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:45 PM;

Post No:#671

Another Feat from =MalvaAlcea.

it must have been right by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART


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[-Sunday, May 11, 2008-]

Post No: #670

"There's nothing like a bowl of piping cold soba noodles to warm you up on a cold winter night...."


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:28 PM;

[-Thursday, May 08, 2008-]

Post No:#669

Before I forget to say it here:


(Note: I did not take that...He was cam-whoring! As usual.....)

It's been like SIX YEARS since I first knew you in Sec 2....and FIVE YEARS since we started hanging out with Bob, Yeleng, Tingz, Talisa etc. So haven't really changed that much, which is good, cause you could be worse, which would probably kill us all or something. XD.

Well, I hope are enjoying some kind of celebration in TAIWAN where you are getting your army training or something. Probably getting like birthday bash by your army mates....or...well, you are 21, and people do all kinds of things to people that just turned 21, especially in the army, look out behind ya! XD

Will hand over your present when I return to SG, cause I LOST YOUR ADDRESS and..No one seems to know it. 0.o" You live in some ulu unknown place or what? =P....

Shall put up a more decent photo of you before people get the impression that you are some pervertic uncle or something worse.

(Note: He's on the left...The person on the right is CMC)

So yea, once again, Happy Birthday and start settling down already!

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[-Monday, May 05, 2008-]

Post No:#668

Whoots! I have finally started on my 4th fictional book for 2008!!! Here's a list of what I have finished reading and some of the books I am gonna get/read for this year!

1)The Face of Death by Cody McFayden (4.5/5)

2) Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (2/5)

3) Cross by James Patterson (3/5)

4) T is For Tresspass by Sue Grafton

5) Killing Fear by Allison Brennan

6) 7th Heaven by
James Patterson

7) Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman

8) Plea of Insanity by Jilliane Hoffman

9) Blood Brothers by Jack Kerley

10)The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari

11) The Skin Gods by Richard Montanari

12) Play Dead by Richard Montanari

The first 6 books in bold are the ones I already bought/borrowed, and those that are in italics are the ones I have read! Oh, and by the way, all of them are of the crime/murder genre except Labyrinth...Which I have to say I seriously found boring, the book was slow-paced and the writer was like showing off how much research she has done etc., I only got through half of it before I decided to return it to the library...And I seldom give up on a book like that.

I am like addicted to this genre of book, but I don't really like the ones that lets you know the killer at the start of the book, those are a little boring (like Cross by James Patterson which I finished 3/4 of and returned cause it was too predictable).

Richard Montanari, Cody McFayden, Jilliane Hoffman are seriously AWESOME writers for this genre and are highly recommended by yours truly. Those of you who think that this list is quite a lot since they are like mostly over 500 pages, I really don't think it is, considering I read an average of about...100-130 books in a year when I was still in Secondary School. It's high time I went back into that pace cause I haven't been reading alot these few years, like...3o or less books in a year (not including those research ones for my assignments).

Brissy people, keep a lookout for these books for me ya, so I can get them when I head over ya!??!

Another book I recommend is The Murderers Club by P.D Martin. That reminds me, I think I will get some of her other books as well like Body Count & Fan Mail!!!!!

These books are so gonna cost me...Ouch...Anyways, I will be putting up some "reviews" for these books everytime I finish one. So yea, just wait for them if you are interested or you can check for user reviews as well.

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:06 PM;

Post No:#667

A new song's playing on my blog. It's an original by Sarah Kim on Youtube, and she's so good on the guitar, plus she has a good voice! Check her profile out here: Lilsarah22.

The song's titled High, and here are the lyrics:

I must admit that I miss you
are you with friends getting high
and not on me

I haven't called cuz you don't understand
but in the end, I still want to know

Are you seeing painted lights
And misread signs?
with eyes half-closed and in the dark
is your heart searching for more?

Don't worry about me cuz ive moved on
Caring for you is harder now
now theres a line that I cant cross
so ill stay over here and pray for you, pray for you

i cant see you cuz I wont save you
I wont save you cuz I cant mold you


Anyways, it's been awhile since I had some music covers up, so I am gonna spam!

Seriously, this dude's playing skills are really awesome! Plays with emotion...*Obsessed*

I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance (MCR)
Covered by:sharingannosasuke

Disenchanted by MCR
Covered by:sharingannosasuke

Helena by MCR
Covered by:sharingannosasuke

Let Go, Original by David Choi

Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield
Covered By: David Choi

3 AM by Matchbox 20
Covered by:baloux

This one's a little soft but really good. Might wanna turn up your volume.
It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects
Covered by: NewPianoCompany

Gotta Go My Own Way by Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical 2)
Covered by: NewPianoCompanyderektsuiXD

I think that's enough for now...Shall keep the rest for later! Now...To record!

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[-Sunday, May 04, 2008-]

Post No:#666

My parents are here!!!!! And they are leaving again tomorrow! -.-"...Weekend getaway or something. Went to Chinatown and bought like this whole load of stuff, and some other things for Hao's household. =]

Been having fun! Cooking dinner for my parents and whatnot, buying those supplies that I am too lazy to lug home (toilet paper etc.) and getting picked up and sent to school on Thurs and Fri! I am such a spoilt kiddo. XD, I WANT A CAR!! Am gonna get that friggin' P-license by the end of next year so I can get a car in 2010, when I move to Gatton again. T.T

Apparently, now my TW trip is kinda screwed. WHOOTS~ Hao, go back TW please?!!?

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