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[-Sunday, March 30, 2008-]

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I haven't emptied my plate of food when I cooked it myself for a long time now. But tonight's dinner was pretty alright if I can say so. Whee! Now I feel like eating my beloved fish (shaped ice cream with red bean paste and a waffle crust)!!! And I just happen to have a pancake craving at the same time. Dang!

Been having problems sleeping lately...It's like I can't fall asleep at all!!! =.=" Will start looking like a zombie or something. Slept at like 4am this morning and 7am the day before...Wtheck right!?

Anyways...Something to share:

i never knew what it was like by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

OH, and I CAN GO TO TAIWAN!! WHOOTS! Wahahaha...Am I persuasive or what!? Mum gave the okay! (like finally)

Conversation with Hans:
Me: Eh Hans, Hongshulin in Taiwan, what is it like?
Hans: Er..Hongshulin. Many trees...
Hans: And red
Me: Wah lao eh...You kuku la!!
Hans: Kuku is bird bird. There also got birds!
Me: =.="

EH Kuku! Funfair ar...

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[-Friday, March 28, 2008-]

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Edit (1.04am, 29th March, Saturday)

Great...Currently, all my plans -mentioned below-, be it the holiday trip or taking the driving licence, are screwed (to put it simply). And to think, I was so happy about being able to like and visit my friends in their country, and treat it as a holiday at the same time.

You would think that after like knowing them for a year and having gone to Gold Coast like twice with them, staying in the same room, that they can at least be trusted to take care of me while I am in their turf right (since they are already doing so over here)? Well, at least I do think that they can be trusted to do that, but seems like someone else who has control over whatever I do doesn't think so. Plus, apparently someone also thinks that I can't take care of myself, which is so ironic, after being literally thrown into a whole new environment and taking pretty good care of myself all this time!

So basically, I have been reminded time and again, that my main motive for coming to Australia is to study, and study and study till I either die of boredom/stress or get back to Singapore with that piece of paper that's gonna get me a job (If I do go back, that is...Hmm..Aus PR sounds tempting). Plus, I am not suppose to have a life here at all, cool right?! Awesome~

Wow!! So basically all the connections I have made so far with people from around the globe is like...useless right? Then when my friends are concerned about me, they ain't really caring, they are just asking for the sake of asking or just pretending to care when they don't! Ouch! That hurt my feelings you know, and it really pisses me off when people say that!

OH, and I have also been reminded over and over again that I am a girl! Wait, let me check...OH yep, that's right, I AM! So girls are always on the losing end or some reason or another? I don't know, whatever goes. So let's see, the hazards of going to Taiwan: 1) Not having a place to stay (They don't have hotels in Taipei! You gotta be kidding, omg! -I am kidding-), 2) Not knowing where to go, or not having someone to bring me around (apparently, I don't friends in Taiwan you know, and I can't read chinese to save my life right? -Note: Read with sacarsm-), 3) Get sold...(yea right, me, what to who? Meat to the butcher? $20/kg or something?), 4) Getting lost and not making my way back to Aus/Sg...(too bad the Tao-yuan airport is so small and unknown that I can't find it huh? -I am being sacarstic people....-), 5) Get beaten up or something like that.

/edit (1.28am)

Original post:

WHOOTS! I've got my basic itinerary for my mid-year holidays done up! It's not confirmed yet, but I am just gonna put it here.

First, I will be flying from Brisbane to Singapore on the 3rd of July (arriving at 3.30pm), then on the 10th of July, I will be flying from Singapore to TAIPEI! (Leaving 8.35am, arriving 1.15pm) YAY! Holiday in Taiwan is gonna be fun! Then leaving from Taipei for Brisbane on 17th July (Leaving 6.15pm, transit in SG from 11-12, then arriving Brisbane at 9.35am on the 18th).

Then the total price would be like AUD$1407! Which is like $200 more than the price of a return ticket for Bris to Sg. Gotta start saving now!!!

OR...If Joe decides to take SIA (for the sake of convenience, so he doesn't have to go to the airport like 4 times in a week -1) Him arriving, 2) Picking me up when I arrive, 3) Sending me off, 4) Him leaving- and since I am like leaving only 1 day before him and arriving like 3 days after, it's abit pointless plus his place is like an hour's drive from the airport! And the only reason he needs to pick me up and send is off is that I am staying over his place while in Taipei) then I will be leaving Singapore around 7th/8th instead of the 10th. Which means I will be in Singapore from latest...1st July.

So basically, I will be spending like a week each in Taipei and Singapore.

That is if I have the work attachment thing during the 1 month holiday. If I don't I might just return to Singapore like late June then still go to Taipei during those dates since the price will still be the same.

I was initially planning not to return to Sg, but then I am like considering to take my Driving Licence in Sg afterall cause it takes like...4 years minimum to get a freaking open licence here, and I probably cannot drive in Sg using the probational licence from Aus (1 year Learners, 2 years Probational-1, 1 year Probational-2, then Open -length of time is compulsory-). Plus I kinda miss the ppl back home...+ my dogs!!!!

So it's like I can go back and take the Basic Theory test first, then go for the rest at the end of the year when I return again, would save me a bit of time.

Haha, my mid-sem break is hardly over and I am already planning for my Mid-year break. Wtheck!? XD

Oh...I am like watching another old Taiwan Idol Drama...Tokyo Juliet with Ariel Lin and WU ZUN as the lead actress and actor. Kinda interesting story + they have HK actor Simon Yam in it as well. It's basically another one of those romance dramas with fashion design in it.

That's about it for now. Will update about my week in the City tomorrow!

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[-Wednesday, March 26, 2008-]

Post No:#648

Am gonna go lame in this post and just put up some DA stuff. XD

doors of happiness by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

they're meant to be there by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

you walk by by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

lies we have to tell by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

when you're really in love by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

words you can't utter by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

show me the way by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

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[-Tuesday, March 25, 2008-]

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YES!! Someone found my wallet!!! Received a call from UQ Gatton's Student Centre this morning and she told me that someone has returned my waller to the Gatton Police Station. Called the Police Station and told them that cause I am currently in the city, I will only be able to collect my wallet like on Thursday or Friday, & thanked them for keeping on to my wallet for me. *Or maybe I will go today if we have nothing much on*

But I have already disabled my card!! =.="...Oh wells. Thanks to whoever out there it was that handed it to the police, I can't tell you how grateful and relieved I am!!!! They said it was found on the railbus, so it's either at the railway station or on the bus...Hmmm. Thanks to the upper powers for looking out for me!!!! ^^

Heh...Happy!!! My neoprints and all my memories! YAY!

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Post No:#646

DIU! I lost my wallet. THANKS...Damn happy. My neoprints (the one and only neoprint that has both Talisa and Hans in it), my protective amulets, my cash, my debit cards, my KBOX Membership card, my Easy Way membership card and all those other cards (Student ID, Ez-link, SG IC etc.). Some drawings, and ALL MY MOVIE TICKET STUBS. All...gone!

Deactivated my aussie bank keycard and am gonna get a new one soon, can't do much about the other cards other than to replace my Student ID and replace the SG ones when I go back. I don't really mind losing those replaceable items, since they are replaceable. It's those memorable stuff like the neoprints and my ticket stubs and some of my membership cards.


Those things aside. Am not really in a good mood today. Would have been better, but some stuff happened. And it's like I am getting pissed at the person when it's not really his fault.

I don't get why sometimes people can do stuff, but dislike it when others do the same thing. If you can do it, why can't others?!

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[-Monday, March 24, 2008-]

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Haha...Currently falling head over heels (in infatuation?) and landing flat on my face once again. Which is a really "comfy" thing to do. It hurts, but I can't talk about it...much.

Others might piss me off big time and I will never talk to them again, but then for someone, all he they has to do is to get me to laugh and I forget about it and forgive whatever has happened over and over again. I am sooo bias and I know it.

Seriously, 連我都不知道, 自己為什麼會對你那麼好. I also don't know why I am like so affected by some of the things you say and do that I sometimes change parts of myself slightly to fit into a kind of "image". Everytime that happens I ask myself "這次改變, 是為了自己, 為了你, 還是為了證明什麼?".

Maybe 我已經錯過了一個一直在我身邊照顾我的人, cause all my focal point was always you, you, and you. I missed out on someone that really bothered to take care of me, and is mostly there (on the phone or in person) when I need to talk or to relieve some stress, cause of this foolishness.

Time to get over it I guess...

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[-Sunday, March 23, 2008-]

Post No:#644

Step Up 2 The Streets is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I love it even more than Stomp the Yard, Step Up, and Save the Last Dance 1&2 put together. Okay, maybe I am bias cause I love watching street and break dancing. MONSTER IS SO COOL!!! The female lead was pretty, but I prefer Tyler from the previous movie as the male lead! Hahas, I was just stunned with some of the moves portrayed!!

Stomach hasn't been feeling well these few days and it kept like rumbling throughout the movie, which is so annoying!! Jeesh! Hmmm...Am so gonna get the OST for Step Up 2 as well, the songs were real good~

Played pool again after that with Yang Hao, Johnny and Joe. Met PC there as well...AND later today, they are all *except Johnny* gonna go to Gatton with me! Gotta get some stuff and maybe do my laundry or something. WHEE!! I get $100! XD

Man U vs Liverpool tonight. Then KTV on Wednesday and watching Shutter on Thursday. Looks like my hols is gonna get quite packed!! Still can't forget about my assignments though, especially those that are due real soon, like the Prac report for ANIM1014 which is a pair-work thing that I find kinda annoying since it's rather simple, and I don't particularly enjoy having to do group work during hols cause it takes up my time and I have to accommodate for others. Not that my partner is lousy or anything, he is actually quite cool. Heh...

Guess I will get some sleep before leaving for Gatton...

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[-Friday, March 21, 2008-]

Post No:#643

-Rant edited-

So, first it's yes, then it's no. Then it's yes again! And then you say you don't feel like going anymore, BUT you still decided to join in. So, what does that make you? I seriously don't get you! Unpredictable...And people say you are trustworthy. If you were, and since this is the basics of being someone that people can believe and trust, why can't you make a promise and just stick to it? Is it that hard to keep a promise, or are promises meant to be broken?!

Like seriously, fine, it's true that you carried out your promise in the end. BUT it's the process, not the results that matters most. It's like I double and triple checked with you that that's what you are going to do and you said yes. Then you decide to change your mind, so just leave it at that!! Moving in between decisions and finally settling for the one that you were supposed to do, doesn't make things better, in fact, it make things worse. First you can't be trusted, then you can't decide even on such a simple thing.

I can understand if you had something on which is really important at the last minute, but I don't see why I should tolerate the reason when it's that you simply "don't feel like going" anymore.

And it's not even the first time. It's happened so many times that I actually lost count. So, I don't know why I continue and believe that you are gonna follow up on your promises and what you say to me. And, it seems like, it's only towards me that you do this, cause other people seem to find you really trustworthy, but not me. Why? Ask yourself

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Post No:#642

YES!!! Bio test was rather simple...^^...Finished it in like 20mins, and spent some time checking and transferring the answers to the OTAS sheet. 50 MCQs!! Like all the freaking questions were MCQs!! Not that I mind, and it's not that simple and clear cut as you think cause they give alot of similar-ish answers and you gotta choose the most appropriate one. -.-" Joshua was the first to leave the lecture theater and he left when I was starting to transfer the answers, which is like in 20 mins!! Freaking HECK!? VJ VJ....=.=" XD

Am currently in the City!!!! And I walked all the way from freaking QUEEN STREET to TOOWONG! Thanks...That's like 1 zone. And it took me like slightly over an hour. Don't really mind except for the fact that I was kinda tired, but the view was good cause it was like along Brisbane River the whole way!! Real pretty, might just bring my camera and mini-tripod and go over there for some shots! I think it's better than even my favourite SOUTH BANK!!!! And it kinda helps that Johnathon was walking as well cause the rest of them just ran at the start and was ahead of us all the while (like 15-20 mins). We couldn't be bothered to run and since both my sch and my luggage bags were with Kit and Kin Fatt, I don't mind cause at least I didn't have to lug those things back. THANKS GUYS!! ^^

YES! I wanna watch STEP UP 2, THANK YOU!!!!!! Ni neh neh de...

Hmmm, my pool streak ended, and now, I SUCK at it. Not that I was ever really good...Just so happens that sometimes, I listen to whoever is teaching me and then I learn that skill for a while and happens to be quite accurate. But...most of the time, I am still lame at pool...YAY!

Said it once, said it twice and I will say it again (damn it seriously irks me):
說到就要做到, 做不到就不要說啊! 說話前先想一想好嗎…

Movie movie!! KTV AR!!!

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[-Tuesday, March 18, 2008-]

Post No:#641

Bio test on Thursday!!! And I am like only half prepared!! 0.o"
Discussion Summary due tomorrow and I only started like...10 mins ago! Man...

Been feeling really really sleepy these days. I just keep falling asleep whenever I just sit on my bed OR sofa. It's like "1....2....3....4....5....Lights out!" and I wake up an hour later to find that I haven't even started or haven't finished what I set out to do in the first place. That's one bad thing about having too comfy a sofa and bed. =.="

EASTER BREAK SOOOOOOOOON!!! Gonna have holiday from the 21st March to 6th April! WHOOTS! CITY CITY!! MOVIE MOVIE!! POOL POOL POOL!!! FISH FISH!! TAZI TAZI!

XD...Yea, just ignore that.
I wanna watch STEP UP 2!! I wanna watch VANTAGE POINT!!! I wanna watch MAN U vs. LIVERPOOL!!!!!! XD XD...since when did I become interested in soccer!?

Anyway, bio prac today was kinda fun. Remember the 2 cute guys I mentioned before!? HAHAHA!! One of them switched seats and sat beside me, well, he was talking to some of the other girls at the table. THEN, cause there always seems to be 2 microscopes missing from the lab, he shared one with me! WAHAHA...He damn CUTE CAN? (and smart too)! But then again, I not interested in ang mohs...Gimme an asian anytime. Just find him above average in terms of looks, and apparently he keeps snakes! 0.0" COOL~!

LOL...I sound so...BIMBO. =.="

Alrights, back to my assignments before I fall asleep on my bed again. XD

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[-Friday, March 14, 2008-]

Post No:#640

RIGHT! After my rant...I am gonna spam this post with a FEATURE! Finally...

This time, it's still a DeviantArt gallery, but the genre is not photography. Instead, it's traditional drawings by MalvaAlcea! I like her drawings mainly cause the the message they come with...

Some of her works:

your whole world is complete by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

affairs of love and hurt by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

the end of something great by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

but not because i love you by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

right next to the one you love by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

AND MY PERSONAL FAVES that I can somehow relate to:

because it reminds me of you by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

it's easy to fall in love by =MalvaAlcea on deviantART

So check her gallery out ya?!

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Post No:#639


Impulse is a scary thing...It turned my soy chicken into honey chicken. XD...Was gonna have soy chicken for lunch, but when I was frying it, I suddenly decided to dump some honey on it, turned out it was a good idea cause the taste was not bad, and I actually didn't put enough oyster sauce & soy sauce when marinating the chicken! =.="

Was supposed to have cabbage rice today, but then I remembered that I finished all my rice and haven't bought any! Ended up with my all-time backup dish, stir fried spaghetti with mushroom and sauce..=.=" Am getting a little tired of noodles, but I only cooked it once this week.

Need to pick up more recipes on what to do with chicken other than honey and soya. Till now, I can't really tell if the meat or chicken is thoroughly cooked...I am a failure~

-Rant removed-

-Logged Off-

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[-Thursday, March 13, 2008-]

Post No:#638


This post is once again...forced to be added other than...Sheep Hao! (Yang's pronunciation = Sheep's pronunciation in chinese for those that cannot direct translate).


Today was soooo cool! I learnt how to use MS Powerpoint during AGRC 1015 (knowledge management, aka lame computer class)! OH WOW! *Note: I am being sarcastic if you cannot tell*

Discussed about last week's campus field trip during AGRC 1010 (Systems management aka the course I cannot make head or tail of) and I noticed how little I remembered, luckily I recorded down voice clips and videos throughout the "fieldtrip" so I get to revise them and do up my case study on how to improve UQ gatton campus habitats and turn it into a eco-campus where it's a living laboratory for research, teaching and learning....(Yes, that was paraphrased from the question given to me).

Gotta do a summary for the blackboard discussion! Gonna be alright I guess, am pretty comfortable with summaries. Due the coming week! =.="...No city for this weekend and I am itching to play pool~ I WANNA EAT MY FISH!!! (As in the ice-cream with red bean paste)


I just found out that majority of the Tazis are doing commerce...0.o"...Majoring in accounting and that's not just limited to the Tazis, almost all IES people are studying that as well. I guess people just love money, regardless of whether it's theirs. XD


Bio test on the 20th and the 21st is the start of my 2-week HOLIDAY!! LALALALALALA~ Am gonna race to the city...WHEE! (*Don't tell me not to, and don't expect me to stay in Gatton cause I WILL NOT unless they decide to come over which I doubt they will unless I sign on for Foxtel or smth...hahahas*)



Channelside Relic by *tfavretto on deviantART

Love at First Scent by *ahermin on deviantART

We Came in Peace by *ahermin on deviantART

outside in Bawaria by ~Alcove on deviantART

Pray... by ~Alcove on deviantART


That's all!

-Logged Off-

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[-Wednesday, March 12, 2008-]

Post No:#637


Conversation with Yang Hao that led to this post:
Me: Nitez lah!
Y.H: Diu...You never blog, sleep what sleep?
Me: Lol
Y.H: Go blog.
Me: I blog now you read meh?
Y.H: Ya, quick quick, don't be lazy!



ANYWAYS....I love bio pracs! And it doesn't hurt that 2 cute guys are like sitting opposite me! (my fortune, their misfortune)...Wahahaha...Can't wait for behaviour pracs with the horses!


Missed the train on Sunday morning, so I stayed over for ANOTHER night at Joe's this time round cause I was freezing in Hao's place...And it was like a bet that if I can sleepover at Joe's, then I will stay another night. And WHO KNOWS, that kuku didn't even ask anything and said okay! Wtheck...

Had dinner of LOR BAK + VEG + EGG + MEAT (as in everything was braised) and rice made by the one and only CHEF HAO!! I had like double servings of that! Gonna get fat and die if I live with him man...But then again, I am already fat, so it doesn't matter....XD. And as if that wasn't enough, I had the leftovers (+ some other side dishes) for lunch the next day! WAHAHAHAHA...Shiok...

Anyways...I STILL HAVEN'T FINISH MY CHAPTER 5 NOTES FOR BIO!!! And the lecturer has already finished that topic...shit~ All thanks to 10k B.C and pool and dinners, which is worth it! Okkay...I am contradicting myself...

Left the city in the morning and forced Joe to make me brekkie by saying "You want me to leave for Gatton on an empty stomach? Mei Liang Xing De..." WAHAHA AND HE frigging snored on Sunday night(you did not read that, I did not write that)! First time I heard it, am gonna record next time cause he doesn't believe it...XD

Hmm...That's about it for now I guess...

OH RIGHT, 10,000 B.C was quite good but the ending was like wtheck 0.o". Watch it! But if you just wanna see the sabre-tooth tiger, then it only appears twice for like 5 mins yea....

I WANNA WATCH STEP UP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, March 08, 2008-]

Post No:#636

Wahaha!!! No need to guess, I am in the city right now! Yes, I know, I am here again, what's the big deal right? Well, it's just something I like and very much enjoy! It might be just pool, and a movie, but yea, better than nothing, and since it's activities I enjoy, (plus the fact that there are no pool centres/cinemas in Gatton) I love it here!!


Sealed up my house before I left with some blue colored tape due to the vast amounts of pests that are currently invading my house for whatever reasons. Let's see, my "murder" quota for this week is : 2 Cockroaches, 6 flies, 2 maggots (Wtheck!?) and 2 spiders. I have no idea where the freaking maggots came from as I mop the floor once a week, and vacuum like twice a week + clean my kitchen and dump the rubbish everday!

Then...I saw a dead fly outside my back door and the maggots were happily coming in from the vent at the bottom of the door. PLUS, I totally forgot to buy Baygon/Mortein, so in the end, I just taped up the vents at the bottom of my back door and internal garage door to prevent them from engulfing my place while I am out...I hate pests.....................!


Had lunch at Hao's and dinner at Joe's tonight as Hao was working the afternoon/night shift. Dinner was alright, considering it's the first time I had food cooked by Joe himself (other than the microwaved instant noodles the other time -.-"). Heh....I want ONION EGG LAH!!!!
Met up with Hao at their workplace and then went for pool....Nothing much today. Had coffee with Kin Fatt at Gloria Jeans (I am never going there again) before dinner with Joe and basically that was it!

Heading to Chinatown tomorrow, and then lunch, then movie, then dinner (LAKSA!!!!) and then maybe pool again....Then I am leaving on Sunday morning! That's quick....But I probably am not gonna come to the city again till the mid-sem break starts cause of my test and one assignment that's due soon........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WAHHH!!!!....Nothing much...Shower time!

OH YA! I think I should have gone to the casino or something today cause when we pooled, I won like almost all of the games I played and all BY LUCK cause they all just kept hitting the white ball in with the 8-ball. Hahas....But Joe was playing role as "coach" today and he kept telling me "Gently Gently only!!" =.="...Kuku...

And currently I have a quota of scolding Joe whenever I see him, which is only 100 times in 24 hours...XD Otherwise, I will get very tired, and if I don't fill the quota, I don't feel contented. XD...WAHAHAHA...

-Logged Off-

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[-Tuesday, March 04, 2008-]

Post No:#635

School was pretty fun today! Especially the Biology Practical sessions. Even though it's only the first class and all we did was to fool around with the microscope to look at cotton fibres, wood shavings (super thin ones that we had to cut).

Been feeling rather...Sleepy lately. It's not that I don't get enough sleep (or maybe I don't), it's just that I am like in a daze while doing stuff. I fall asleep writing my own Bio notes at home, and I wasn't even doing it on my bed but on the sofa! (Okay, maybe my sofa is comfy as well, but that's not the point.) Wtheck...

Been chatting a bit to Hao about people and personalities and how it's always the "bad" boys that gets the girls, while the good guys (that helps the girl with stuff and work and showers her with care) always seem to be referred to as being "Not 'boyfriend material'/'my type', but a really good person nevertheless.". That's kind of stupid eh? But hey, it happens alot! Majority of people seems to fall for the person that is the least concerned about them.
For example, there are like 3 guys, and 2 of them are really really good to this girl (like treat her to stuff, teach her things, help her out with work, carrying her stuff, just being there when she wants company and other little things) and the third guy is indifferent to her exsistence. What almost always happen is that, the girl will like the one that's indifferent to her! Stupid, I know right?! But yea...-.-"

Then, there are people who also take others for granted! They seriously IRK ME! It's like so annoying! Come on, appreciate what you have before it's gone!!! Other people might actually envy you, yet you are not appreciating what you have. Jeesh...

Okkay...Random jabbering aside.

Just wanna let some peeps know that, if they wanna talk, I am here to listen, and my phone line is open 24/7 (other than the times that I can't get connection in school...-.-"). I like to see happy faces, not sad ones, and pretend ones even less...XD.

Sorry again for the lack in photos. Will be putting up some of the Gatton Campus on Friday (since I have 1.5 hours to waste while waiting for class to start, then another 3hrs for break). I am also sorry for changing the song on my blog so often, it's just that I suddenly started becoming addicted to Fan Wei Qi's songs (just 2) but I get tired of them rather quickly as well...So yea, I am gonna change it to English for now.

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, March 01, 2008-]

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HAHA!! I didn't go for the international students bbq afterall, cause I was enjoying something much better than charcoal-grilled meat pieces. Heh...Class ended after the 2 hours (well only 1.5hr) lecture yesterday morning and since I was that bored with nothing to accomplish, I decided to hit the city!!! So yea, did some chores, packed my stuff and came here! Dinner supplied by Yang Hao again! ^^

Oh, and my internet is already set-up so yea...Some photos will be up preeeety soon I would say. Anyways, I have a cut on my lip and since everyone's like asking me about it, I think I will just say it here. Well, as you guys know, I have been complaining about the spiders and their webs in Gatton. Most of you also know that I have the tendency to walk and sms at the same time so I am not paying attention to my surroundings (I walk & read & pay attention, but with sms, it's different). I think you guys can already guess what happened. So yea, I was like kind of chewing on my upper lip while trying to think of what to reply, then when I started replying, I hit a spider web head-on! Shiiit...Yea that's what happens when you don't pay attention ot where you are heading when studying in spiderman's school.
So, that's just the overview of what happened. At least the spider was not at "home" when I hit it's web, and there weren't any dead insects or anything on it yet, so I guess I am kind of lucky. Josh said walking into something is like "bimbotic", WTHECK?!

Many notes to type up!! Finally managed to finish Chapter 2 notes for Intro.Bio., but I gotta start on Chapter 3 now. -.-"

Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Handling (ANIM1014) was AWESOME! Even though we haven't started on the pracs yet, the lectures has already left me looking forward to the classes, mainly cause the course co-ordinator/lecturer is really funny. But he uses OHP slides instead of powerpoint slides and I am like blind or somethind cause I was really kind of sitting at the back of the lecture theater.

Ok....Time for notes typing...=]

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