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[-Wednesday, June 27, 2007-]

Post No:#522

This is a Thank You post.

1) Thanks JAIRAL, for lending me the Kinabalu jacket.
J-"Eh, where is my jacket oh?"
K-"At home! I wash tomorrow then give you back on Friday?"
J-"Aiya, nevermind, you gimme back after winter lah!"
K-"Can?!! You won't freeze to death right?" 0.o
J-"I got 2 blankets!!"
K-"I mean like when you go out lah..."
J-"No lah, no need..."
K-"OKAY! ^^ ^^"

YAY, I got kinabalu till winter's OVER! WHOOTS. Happy, cause it's nice and warm.

2) THANKS TO AL, for fulfilling my guitar listening craving. Hee, he actually recorded a song "Over My Head" by Fray!! Sounds good. ^^

3) THANKS to EMIR, for playing the guitar when I asked as well. ^^

4) THANKS to NELSON for lending Emir his guitar to play. ^^

5) THANKS TO QAHHAR for cooking dinner when I was over at foundation house revising!

6) THANKS to AMANDA for accompanying me when I was a foundation house revising.

7) THANKS to VANESSA who rented the What A Girl Wants DVD when I was craving for it during exam period. ^^

8) THANKS to Jairal, Qahhar, Al and Hussain for waiting for a cab with us when we are leaving foundation house.

^^, now my thanks are done.

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[-Sunday, June 24, 2007-]

Post No:#521

Yea yea, hiatus and all. When did I actually ever meant it.

ANYWAYS. Just a few updates.

-Me, Vanessa and Al broke Al's bed!! HAHAS. We were like fooling around, and he decided to JUMP in, and the wheel on his bed broke and flew out! LOLZ. Now he is telling everyone how "we" broke his bed. It's a team effort! Hahas.

-Oh, and this is a bad combination when studying:
Nelson's and Jairal's couch + Right Here Waiting (Piano) + Bio textbook = Zzzzzzzzzzz

-I wanna listen to the guitar!! Damn...

-EXAMS are tomorrow. Die....

-SG in a week. WHOOTS

-No guitar for 2 weeks. Bleargh.

-My room is hot in the afternoon during winter! I rather it be cold. My fan is on full blast and the window is open. Feels just a little cooler than summer. Bleeh.

-I love Kinabalu!!! Not that I climbed it. But I just stole Jairal's jacket which he climbed KK (SABAH) in (thus I names his jacket after the mountain). Nice and warm...Gonna give it back just before I go back to Singapore. ^^ THANKS RAL RAL! (Pronounce: Ro-ro)

-I love stars!! Been outside for 2 nights in a row staring at the pretty stars outside in the sky. Then it got cold. Then it rained last night so there are no stars.

-Nel-Ral's place is clean again!! Thank goodness Nelson's sis decided to drop by their place yesterday, it doesn't look like a shit-hole anymore! Conducive environment. Hee...

-Al placed 4 alarm clocks in Qahar's room last night. Set to go off in 30min intervals from 4.00-5.30am. Prankster!! Hahas.

Okay, time to hit the books....Literally...

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[-Friday, June 22, 2007-]

Post No:#520

About to go to sleep. Changed the song on my blog. A youtube user playing Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting on the piano.

Would like the guitar version much better, but couldn't find any good ones, and I didn't want like the original MV or anything...

Nights!! Love this song to bits!

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[-Wednesday, June 20, 2007-]

Post No:#519

PEEPS!!! My blog is of now on hiatus until my exams are over. So just wait for another week, till the 28th June. Then I will update. Loads of stuff to talk about...

1)Jess kicked a hole in Jairal's room door while trying to kill Nelson.

blah and blah and blah....

ANYWAYS. PEOPLE, I think I mentioned about an IELTS test that I have to take right. Well the results are out!


And if you guys are wondering about my lousy scores, 9 is highest okay....So I got the same results as O Levels. ^.^" Got 6 for writing, cause there wasn't enough time and the topic was on like undeveloped countries and tourism industry. WTH?!!?

So yea, that's over and done with. Gotta concentrate on bringing up my results for Phy, Chem and Bio. Need them up by 1 more grade to get a GPA of 6. Hopefully I can bring my Maths up to a 7, which is the highest, cause I am no a 6 now. ^^

Well, that's about it.


*Just a random thought, will guys stop thinking that I am too "man" when they see me cry? Lolz, no, I never cried here.*

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, June 04, 2007-]

Post No: #518

DAMN IT. Sorry, bitchy YX is back! Nah, I am kidding, though I feel kinda pissed screwed up(not..literally...okay?).

BLEARGH. Private blog, here I come.

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, June 03, 2007-]

Post No: #517

No classes tomorrow! Gonna stay over at Jessica's place from Tuesday night till Wednesday night cause of the Chemistry Labs. Otherwise, I have to like leave the house by 6.50am! -.-"...Thanks but no thanks.

Gonna make Laksa and Hokkien Mee on Friday!! No classes that day either, prolly gonna watch Shrek 3 or something. Exams are coming, gotta study. Eh heh...

ANYWAYS. Been freaking eons since I updated the featured user. Eh heh... So here it is!!

IgorLaptev from DeviantArt. Specializing in photography of Wild Animals and Waterscapes. He's from Canada and has 233 deviations with close to 30,000 pageviews. Here are some works by him:

Morning After New Year's Eve by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

Morning at The Dead Sea by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

La Ceiba Evening by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

About Canadian HiTech by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

The Portrait of the Proud Bird by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

A Closer Look by *IgorLaptev on deviantART

Yep, I love that last photo. ^^ Go view his gallery, betcha won't be dissapointed.

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, June 02, 2007-]

Post No:#516

Went to UQ today to do my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test!

Man, it sucked rocked!! Well, I am pretty certain I got like full marks for listeing, and like 35/40 for reading. As for writing and speaking, I am not sure.

It's like for writing section 2, we are supposed to write on "Increasing numbers of developing countries are expanding their tourism industries, why is this the case, and is it a positive development?" I am kinda sure I didn't make any spelling mistakes and I didn't go out of point, so hopefully I can do well.

As for speaking, the topic was like on community services and talk about someone that do alot to help people. 0.o" What kind of topic is that!?! I was blabbing and talking crap, I don't even know what the heck I was talking about!!!!! NB!@$!%!#!^!#%

Oh wells, it's over, hopefully I can meet my criteria for Vet Science so I don't have to do it again.

If you missed me, here's :

There's more coming, I just need to get them from Amanda! Oh, and by the way, Amanda is the new housemate I was talking about. Eh heh... Oh yea, I loove my Flesh Imp JACKET!


-Logged Off-


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[-Friday, June 01, 2007-]

Post No: #515


Thanks to Yvonne and Amanda for helping me out last night!!!!!!

Lets see, I guess it was a success was finished and turned out pretty awesome! First time I made it some more! Let's talk about process.

I followed this recipe, if anyone wants it, it's here:

Ondeh Ondeh Recipe (makes about...30-40 balls depending on the size you make):

500g glutinous flour
10g sweet potato flour (optional)
2 pinch of salt
3 tbsp coconut essence
Green food coloring
Hot water

Gula Jawa/Melaka
Brown Sugar

Dessicated coconut or grated fresh coconut. 200g?
Pinch of salt

1) Sift glutinous flour and sweet potato flour into a bowl. (big bowl)
2) Add in salt, coconut essence and hot water (about 2 cups?).
3) Stir to form dough. Knead. (If too wet, add flour, too dry add water)
4) When kneading, add in food coloring. I used about 3 teaspoons.
5) When dough is ready, divide into balls.
5a) For filling, just mix an equal proportion of gula jawa and brown sugar.
6) Make a hole in each ball and add in filling.
6a) Close the hole by pressing edges together, seal with some water.
6b) Roll again to form round shape and to close any cracks.
6c) DO not roll too hard in 6b, or it will break, and do not roll too long or it will soften.
7) Cook in boiling water till float.
8) Take out, roll in the dessicated coconut mixture till covered. Serve while warm.

Honestly, the only thing I measured was the coconut essence. Cause I basically just used a bag of glutinous rice flour, about 500g and a bit of sweet potato flour. Then coloring wise, I added while I made. And for filling, just mixed the two together in equal proportions and chopped it abit to ensure there are no edges to poke through the ball.

Glad to see that most people liked it! The dough and filling it took me close to 2 hours. Heh...Cooking was around 15-30 minutes.

Here a pic of it:

Hee, first time making it and it rocks! People were like "You sure you first time make not?!" Lolz. Joe was the one that asked me to make malay kueh, and I didn't see him today. Too bad, so sad, actually I saw him, but he was rushing for class and so was I, then I asked Chloe to tell him to meet me at 1.00 so I can give him the last 2, but in the end, I guess he left, so I gave it to Emir. Not gonna make it again, unless it's like end of year or something. Too time consuming.


Exams are approaching!! Exactly 1 more month before I see Singapore! WAAAHHHHHHH! Now that I think about it, the 4 months I am here passed rather quickly. ^.^"

Time to call mum. Cya guys!

-Logged Off-

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