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[-Sunday, April 29, 2007-]

Post No:#501

HEYA PEOPLE! I know you guys are half hating me now. Sorry peeps, my laptop was down for the past 3 weeks as most of you would know if you read my blog in the past 3 weeks. Don't blame me, blame the "professionals". Even after I got it back, I recovered my C drive back to the original factory settings cause all they did was to install a new OS over my last one. WTF.

Anyways, I shall leave that behind me and make a note NEVER EVER to go back there again even if it's the last repair shop in the world. I'd so much rather look for Yan Hao or Joe (taiwan guy here that knows how to fix laptops, and I only knew the day I got my laptop back.....).

Well, the past few weeks were rather boring, I don't think I will be putting up many pictures at all, cause half of them are in my mum's laptop as my camera ran out of space in gold coast and I had no where to store the photos. Gold Coast was totally awesome!! Didn't really go anywhere other than Sea World and Movie World. Loved sea world to bits! But MW was rather boring to me. I spent the rest of the time sleeping, eating, toilet-ing and just enjoying the company of me parents.

Then I went to sunshine coast with the school the other day. Not gonna elaborate about it though, rather boring, but if you wanna know, just ask. ^^

Rushing through the english seminar project now. I have to edit some scripts by correcting any mistakes and making them shorter. That's not much either. Then my Physics assignment is due tomorrow at 8pm and I only have 7 questions left. Had 2 weeks to do it, but cause of my laptop, I only started like...yesterday or something. Gotta hand in the Biology research plan too, and let me tell you. I haven't even started. XD The plan would take probably an hour of my time doing relevant research.

And some photos that I uploaded onto DeviantArt after I settled my laptop. (Yan Hao says I am siao. XD)

At Peace by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

View that in full view by clicking. My first ever panorama photo. Stitched 2 photos together.

Dull by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Overflow by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Between the Trees 2 by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Between the Trees by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Sorry that this is so short but I really gotta finish up my work. Will update again tomorrow!!! And the featured page will be renewed tomorrow too.


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[-Thursday, April 05, 2007-]

Post No:#500

Let's celebrate my 500th post!!! ^.^"

LOLS. I know you guys looove me alright. Don't deny it. >.<"

Anyways, that was taken when I was bored on the bus as you can probably tell. And they are also up on friendster.
Today's the last day of school and I have holidays for a week! WHOOTS! Then I have Bio test on Monday! ">.> Then on Friday I have Maths test! <.<"
Hmmmm, so totally bored. OH and thanks to Yan Hao I got a free chocolate bunny today. Cause my English teacher (Duncan) was asking us to finish the quote "An eye for an eye..." and some people guessed a tooth for a tooth but it was wrong so I remembered what Yan Hao once said to me and went "MAKES THE WORLD BLIND!!!" so it was correct and I got the chocolate bunny. Which looks like this:

And that is not my finger! It's Vanessa's.

Well, that's about it for the update. Bye!

-Logged Off-

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[-Wednesday, April 04, 2007-]

Post No:#499

New blogskin is up people! I think you all probably noticed right? Hahas. Well, I was supposed to be working on a skin for someone else, but then, it became a little too girly, so well, I made it into my own cause I am in need to a blogskin change. Any comments ya'll?

Well, the left side is smaller than usual by about 20px? It doesn't make much of a difference except to the video size cause it has to fit in there. I rather like this and I think it's gonna stay fo at least half a year. ^.^"

Anyways, tomorrow is the last day of school! I finished my Chem and Physics assignment today. Many thanks to Jessica, Wing, Isabel and Tham for helping me!!! Now, I have to start working on my projects for Phy, Chem, Bio and English. Let me tell you the topics I am working on:-

Physics- Optical Dating Vs. Carbon Dating
Chemistry- Fireworks and how the colors are formed, which chemials are used (and so on)
Biology- Single-gene mutations
English- Euthanasia. Which is like a vet putting a dog to "sleep" only that this is to humans.

Pretty happy with these cause they are quite interesting to me, especially Biology and English.

And if you haven't seen the google map on how to get from New York to London, click on this LINK HERE. Pay close attention to step 23. Hahas.

Well, that's about it now! Going to see mum and dad on Saturday! WHEEE!!!!!

OH, and a shot I took today in my Homestay house.

Glow by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

No, it is definetly not that creepy in real life.

-Logged Off-

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[-Tuesday, April 03, 2007-]

Post No:#498

I was laughing my ass off yesterday when I went to SIA to book my plane tickets for July the 1st. Cause we were like "Hmmm, where is Chiang Mai?" And Jessica went to the world map and looked for Chiang Mai, then she looked for Brunei and then Singapore and her reaction was this "EH! KARIE KARIE!! Singapore is wiped out! It's missing?!!!!!" I was like "Whha?" And then I saw that Singapore was like a big white space on the map cause people kept pointing to it or something and we were literally wiped out by fingers, and then the only things left were "G-A-P-O-R-E". So Jessica was like "GAPORE!!! Karie! You have a country! GAPOUR!!!" -.-"....

Then when I paid for the ticket, I paid most of it in cash and wanted to play the rest by EFTPOS (NETS in SG) but I exceeded my limit for the day so I end up paying in cash, then 100 by EFTPOS and Jessica paid the rest with her EFTPOS. So we were like using 2 cards and cash just for 1 damn ticket that costed $1325.20 or something.

Then while having dinner, I saw this new broadcast that there was a tsunami at the Solomon's Islands and I think it's near queensland so some people that lived nearer to the coast were like packed and ready to leave and the schools were closed for the day. And my mum called me and went like "YING XUAN! GOT TSUNAMI??!!!" And I went "Errr..ya, but not here..." and my mum was like "YOU NEVER CALL ME to say you are okay!" "BUT NOT HERE TSUNAMI IS SOLOMON THERE!" LOLZ.

So fun yesterday. And I have not finished my Chem and Physics homework that is due tomorrow. CRAP. BYE!

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, April 01, 2007-]

Post No:#497

A new month has started and here's the new featured user for the week! Oh, and it's April's Fool, PLUS my aunt's b'day. Hahas.

The featured user this week is a photographer. I had to search high and low for someone that still has that embed option so I can put up their works here. Anyways, 'Gilad, aka Gilad Benari is a photographer from Isarel. I spotted him cause of his shots on animals and then I looked through his gallery and found it very interesting. I like his works, alot, I don't really know why, but I just like it alot.

Here are some of his works:

Swamp Forest by `gilad on deviantART

A walk on the other side by `gilad on deviantART

Movin' Out by `gilad on deviantART

Chasing The Sun by `gilad on deviantART

Between The Walls by `gilad on deviantART

He has more than 300 works so do check them out. ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:05 PM;

Post No:#497

Right, new song up!! Korean song, that I fell in love with while playing AuditionSEA. ^^" Here are the romanized lyrics:

-The Day We Meet Again-

neo moo ta pyon hae seo ni ga ah nin geot kat ta
son eul chap gi ga him ee deul reot na pwa Baby
neo moo ki da ryo seo ah joo cho geum jin chin mam eh
neo reul pan kyo jool him ee eop seot na pwa
gok dol ra oh ra go yeo gi it get ta go
ga neun ni deung dwi eh mal mot ha go
hon ja yak sok haet seot neun deh

man ni poh go ship eot ta neun
ha go ship teon keu mal poh da
wae dol ra wat nya neun mal ee
na doh moh reu geh meon cheo na waa
e seo oot seo poh ee ryo neun
neo reul ta shi ol ri go seo
nae mam doh ol go it neun deh

ee dae roh ni ga ta shi
dol rah seon ta myon (dol rah seon ta myon)
neol ta shi mal mot ha go
boh nae go na myon (boh nae go na myon)
doh ni ga eop teon nal cheo reom na
meong ha ni neo eui saeng gak eh
ni ga ta shi wa joo gi man
ae tae oo myo ji nal tehn deh

ni ga deon nan keu nal cheo reom
ha go ship peun mal mot ha go
wae dol ra wat nya neun mal man
na doh moh reu geh ha go it seo
ta shi deung eul dol ri ryo neun
neo reul chap ji mot ha go seo
na neun doh ool go it neun deh

man ni poh go ship eot ta neun
ha go ship teon keu mal poh da
wae dol ra wat nya neun mal ee
na doh moh reu geh meon cheo na waa
e seo oot seo poh ee ryo neun
neo reul ta shi ol ri go seo
nae mam doh ol go it neun deh


This is not 100% correct cause I didn't make it.

-Logged Off-


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