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[-Saturday, March 31, 2007-]

Post No:#495
ARRGH. I never thought I would say this, but I am sick of food. Yes, you read that right, I am sick of food. Well, the food here at the very least. Lunch = microwave leftovers or salmon (Canned) with bread. Breakfast=toast...toast...toast. WAH LAO.

At least dinner is normal. Other than the occasional fusion. Lol. Hmmm, here are some pictures of some of my friends that you guys haven't seen yet. The Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Jessica, Isabel(M), Me, Divia.(M) Me and Jessica (SG)
Me and Jane (Korea)

And some fugly shoes that Isabel showed me when shopping.

My first reaction was..."Fuck...CHEWBACCA's legs!!!!" >.<" I really do mean the Star Wars character. Maybe I can give it to Hans for his B'day, he can go marching in it for Army. XD Oh and some random shots on the way home.

Continuing on the food. I was so sick of eating microwaved lunches that I went to Toobul today determined to buy a good lunch for myself. I found nothing. Crap...I was prepared to spend $20 even, but the food were all deep fried. Got myself some sushi rolls in the end. I am getting sick of sushi rolls too! And the only things I bought from the supermarkets are the canned sardines, which is going to be my breakfast and probably lunch tomorrow. They go nicely with toast. ^^" I don't care, next week is Chicken Rice satruday! Going to make some normal food.

Well, I better get back to my Physics and Chem. Kambate!

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[-Friday, March 30, 2007-]

Post No:#494

Heya peeps. No update since forever, sorry 'bout that. Been busy with work...I know I should spend more time on updating but I have to work on my Audition studies.

Went "shopping" today and was really tired. I don' know why, but I was feeling like...down or something. Gonna update that private blog later. Gonna rant. ^^;

Going out tomorrow I think. Or maybe I won't go cause I gotta study for my Physics and Chemistry test that is on Monday. Crap...At least the mid-sem break is coming.

Nothing to update as you can tell. Cya ppl.

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[-Friday, March 23, 2007-]

Post No:#493

WHEE! Maths test is over! But I have Bio on Monday! How niceeeeeeee...Maths was kind of easy but I had a little problem over the last question so I was pissed as I needed to find the x and y intercepts for y=x(x-2)(x+2) and I didn't know if the front x applied to the whole equation or only the first one. Then I skipped it and went back to it after checking and I know the two other parts of the question was no asymptotes and x-infinity=y-infinty, -x-infinity=-y-infinity. Then I thought of the method to find the intercepts. TABLE OF VALUES and just sub in the x, so I got that question right. Wahahaha.

English was so-so cause I wasn't sure what the question was asking but I kind of guessed. It was supposed to be around 250words long, and my first version was like 450? So I shortened it and it became 350. I got so fed up I summarised it and got 190+ words!! So sickening can? So I added a conclusion and made it 224 words. XD Don't think I would score for it. 0.o"

INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL! I forgot to bring my CAMERA! So convenient. Hahas. When I cooked the curry everything was perfect except the potatoes cause they were the soft flaky type used to make mash potatoes, and it like melted into the curry making it thicker than ever! Oh, and I used curry powder to cook it cause I didn't have time to go to Chinatown and get the curry paste from Lee Kum Kee.

It's not easy to cook with curry powder okay...Then I popped it into the fridge for the night and this morning it practically turned pie-ish. I had to dig it out, YES, DIG, not pour!! Stupid potatoes. So when I reheated it, I added water, curry powder and some skimmed milk cause I threw away what was left of the coconut milk. Turned out so-so to me but when I brought it to school, I thought no one would take it but it was practically finished!! So happy, and I heard that someone said that Dave Hooper (a favourite with the science students) said it was good and some other students also liked it. ^.^"

But the most popular table has got to be the Australian table cause it was full of desserts!!!!!!! Cheesecake, anzac biscuits, brownies, frogs in a pond (jelly with choclate frog!), pumpkin soup, pies, quiches etc.! OH and a taiwanese made TAU HUAY (sweet jellied bean curd) he actually MADE it by blending the soy beans, filtering and so-on and it was goooood!!!! Love it cause I missed the tau huay back home. T.T

Vietnamese table, my friend said he made the u-cake (pronounce as "ooooh"-cake). It was like rice dumplings with a sweet filling, liked it quite alot. Then the malaysian table. Piang...Fried calamari rings, and fish fillets. And we were like "Malaysian meh?" But it was quite delicious, there were 2 huge (and I mean HUGE) trays of that piled with it and they were both emptied! Then Pauline made cocktail and it was really good, her family recipie, super nice, and Jessica made Hainanese Chicken Rice. It was good too, but then the school forgot to heat it up so it was kind of cold...Grrrrr...

It was a really really good day! ^^ gotta go study Bio tomorrow. Hahahas...Oh shit, I am going out tomorrow, guess I will study tonight, tomorrow night and on Sunday then.

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[-Tuesday, March 20, 2007-]

Post No:#492

YAY!! Chem test was a disaster! How nice! ^.^"

Hahas, anyways this Friday, my school is having this International Food Festival event and I am joining! Guess what I am making. EASY RIGHT? Chicken Curry!!! I got the recipie from my Grandma through the phone and since it's my first time making chicken curry, I hope it will turn out alright. (I cooked it once in Sec 2 for Home Econs! And taste nice also okay, dun play play).

English test on Thursday, open book cause it's like quoting, paraphrasing and referencing. Then on Friday...THE MATHS test! Wahahahas, hope I can do it though, cause I need to memorise the formulas again though I pretty much got them in after like what...2 years of hardcore maths tuition.

Have to sign up for IELTS, and I need to pay a freaking $250 on that one test! WTF. Waste of money and time. Hello! I have Cambridge Os! I still don't understand why I have to spend so much money on something that I have proven already since Os are supposedly harder than the IELTS cause IELTS is like the basics of basics. ARGH. Even my senior that is in UQ was like "What IELTS? Singaporean need to take IELTS meh?!"....-.-"....

And I have to go look for a place to take passport photos as I conveniently forgot to bring any here as I thought I wouldn't need to use any. Then I have to put in the money so I will prolly be handing in the form on like...Thursday!? Now...Where is that photo-taking place...

No photos today either. Gotta go do my Biology! Shitty teach...Her name is the same as the the bio teach in Coral! Start with D!

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:11 PM;

[-Sunday, March 18, 2007-]

Post No:#491

2 updates in a day! You guys are lucky! Cause I noticed that I have not changed the featured user (>.<") and I also had a latest achievement on AuditionSEA. First, my AuditionSEA thingy. It's more important. =P

IT HAS BEEN eons since I got a 6Xcombo on Audi, let alone when I am taking the license!!!!! Super fun. XD...

FEATURED USER: A photographer that does photomanipulations too. I love her art cause they are really like dark-ish with a dosage of emo-ness. Even though she only has 47 deviations her number of pageviews surpassed many others by many times. She is Princess-of-Shadows. I can't put up her works cause she has cancelled the "downloadable" action. But do visit her page. ^^

Well, I have not gotten to my chemistry, so I better do now. buh-bye!

-Logged Off-

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:36 PM;

Post No:#490

Bleeh! Sorry for not updating in 2 weeks! Been really busy busy with the assignments and plus I have 3 unit tests next week. Chemistry, Maths and English! -.-"...Only worrying a little about Chem, cause Eng has always been my stronger subject and Maths is like revising what we did in Sec School. But it's gonna get tougher as the back of the rest of my Maths book is all...A MATHS or Engineering Maths if you like it.

Vivian has moved out of our homestay!! We had a "farewell party" for her at the food court but we mostly just talked and fooled around with the camera. Here are some photos:

And you probably guessed...I still haven't taken photos of the house! XD. But all you guys need to know is that it's big, and does not have air-cons in bedrooms! And the second floor was moved up from I have no idea when, so it's kinda of..."flimsy"? Lolz, I can't think of the word right now, so just pardon me.

Then yesterday, I went to town the city. Met Jessica and Pauline there (both Singaporeans) and we went to this UQ (Uni of Queensland) Singapore Student Society (SSS) event. It was rather...boring cause it was just a speech and then we were all left to "mingle". And since all of those people were from UQ or QUT or Griffith Uni, they had no idea what Foundation year was. A typical conversation:
"HI! where are you from?"
"Singapore. Hahahas"
"Hahas, where are you studying now?"
"Foundation Year fo UQ"
"Oh! I am studying at UQ too, what campus are you at?"
"Huh? Oh no, my school is a building by itself near Boundary Street?"
"Oh. Where is that?"
"Ummm...Spring Hill."
"So what are you studying now?"
"The 3 sciences, Maths and English. It's like a prep course for Uni."

So we decided to leave early and only did it like 1 hour in advance cause everyone was trying to make us stay. -.-"

OH, and I will tell you why I lovvve English lessons here to bits! My teacher is like so good to us and he doesn't really need to stress us, so it's really fun. And he showed us this video after he was done with teaching and had 10mins left.

HAHAS! "Hiii Sweetie!" "PINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE!" "Ohh my god!" "So they have to suck your face or something to suck the poison out?!" Ross is so gay and even when they are wearing the same thing, its is so man, the other is so...wrong.

And if anyone wants the lyrics for the new song on my blog. Here's it:

怕不知不觉无法忍住眼泪不留 oh~

Thanks to Mr.Hans for intro-ing me that song! Anyways, I gotta go people. And if anyone wants to know, I am still on AuditionSEA.

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[-Sunday, March 04, 2007-]

Post No:#489

Okkay! I still have not taken proper photos. So I am going to put up only one, which is of the outdoor deck with Mitch's room on the right, the pool down the stairs and nothing else on the left! I will try to get more of them up by...Wednesday?


RIGHT, now, time for the featured user!

This week's featured user is not a photographer. But a digital artist! He is from Canada and goes by i-netgrafx on Deviant Art. His art is kinda of fantasy/real life. I love the environment series cause it brings light to the problems we are causing, for example Pollution and also some beautiful landscapes like Dunes. Here is some of his works.

Environment: Gothic Industrial by *I-NetGraFX on deviantART

Speedpaint: Green hills by *I-NetGraFX on deviantART

Speedpaint: Fortress Ruins by *I-NetGraFX on deviantART

Speedpaint: Industrial city by *I-NetGraFX on deviantART

I can't put the rest up cause I don't the HTML codes and am lazy to put the addresses in myself. So go take a look at his page, and look through his deviations, they are much much better in full view alright!

Nights all.

-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, March 03, 2007-]

Post No:#488


I was rushing through my Physics homework the other day, and I only slept at 3+am because of it! And since I was rushing through, I made a lot of careless mistakes and since it's submitted online, I can't redo it!!! Then when I went to school the next day I was like "Have you all finished the Physics assignment?!!!!" And they were like "nooooooo....." and told me that it was due on the 12th, not the 2nd!!! LIKE, WTF!!! I could have done it slowly and got more correct...Grrr...Stupid me. And it's still unfinished. -.-"...

OH, and I ate Subway for the first time yesterday. OMG, its so delicious can?! Cause my homestay gave me a can of salmon and some bread for lunch, but when I re-heated it in the microwave, the oil from the salmon seeped through the bread and was utterly disgusting, so I threw it away, went to Subway (beside my school only!), and bought a cheese melt sandwich. Mmmm-mm!! Definetly not my last, and I will get it when lunch gets too horrid cause my breaks are like an hour long, or more!

Went to Toombul(a big shopping mall) and bought some ingredients for Hainanese Chicken rice, bought some foolscap (or lecture pad if you want to) paper and a bigger note book. Waited for Denise then for the bus before heading back home to cook the chicken rice. Not bad for a first attempt I must say, PLUS they have no steamer so I had to improvise with a pot, bowl and a rack. But I should make the marinade stronger next time cause it was kinda bland. Next week is chicken CURRY! MY STYLE! Gonna show them what's real curry, not the sweet-coconut-gravy they have here.

I am so sorry about the photos of the house, I PROMISE they will be up tomorrow alright!!

And surprisingly, here, my best subjects are Chem, Maths (!!!!), Bio and English/IELTS. Physics sucks the most, and I am worst at it so I am gonna put in more time for that. 0.o"...

Well, enough talk now.

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