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[-Tuesday, February 27, 2007-]

-Post No:487-

Well! Today was an eventful day! Guess what?

I forgot to pack in my folder (with my timetable, some notes and homework) into my bag last night cause I was doing my homework! (See, I am so hardworking. XD) Then I forgot my Physics textbook this morning, and rushed up to take it down. Then I had to keep something which I have used and forgot to put back so I put the Physics text on the kitched counter-top, kept that item and rushed out cause I heard Vivien and Yvonne going out. Thus! I left my physics text at home. At least it saved me some strength as I didn't really need to use it much. 0.o"

Then I was nodding off through most lessons except Maths (WOW!), English and IELTS. IELTS is so easy for listening and reading. Not sure how I am doing for writing and speaking cause the teachey have not actually tested speaking and have not marked our writing (analysis of a diagram). Then for reading (comprehension) the answers are not more than 3 words or you are wrong, and I felt like I wasn't giving a COMPLETE answer cause back in SG, we wrote out what the question was asking then the answer! But I was still the only one that got 14/14 for reading. 0.o"...

English was hilarious cause I have it with Vanessa and Jessica! They are super funny! Cause we were supposed to do some work in class and I already completed it at home. And we started talking about what is the difference in Britain, England and UK?! Then we were like "England IS Britain and Britain is in UK." and started arguing on our own views. Then the teacher was like laughing at us, so we asked him and he told us that from what he knew, Britain consists of Scotland, England and Wales. Then UK is the Great Britain + Ireland and Northern Ireland. And when he finish going through the class work he was like "And those 3 girls over there *points at us and we went "OMG, whaa?"* asked the difference between England, Britain and UK..." and he explained it again.

Didn't fall asleep in maths cause I was busy trying to get ahead of the class so that I can go off early when she tells us to do class work. Freaking easy simultaneous equations. BLAH!

Physics was a disaster! I was asleep half the time and was like "What the hell is Theo talking about." cause I was so bored I started nodding off. One moment he is talking about friction and the other, he is talking about freefall or something...My own fault really.

OH WELL! Back to homework and research...

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[-Sunday, February 25, 2007-]

Post No:#486

For today's post, scroll down, cause this will be the featured user's post!

This time round, it's not photography, but comics! Stick-man comics that make me laugh and laugh like mad!!

Anyways, the DA user is Kris-wilson. He is a comic artist that hail from the U.S.A!! I really love the comics cause they are quirky, simple with just a little bit of sadistic-ness. Well, here are some of the comics!

Clipboard by *kris-wilson on deviantART

G Wiz by *kris-wilson on deviantART

Grow by *kris-wilson on deviantART

Orange by *kris-wilson on deviantART

Sword Arms 2 by *kris-wilson on deviantART

Freaking by *kris-wilson on deviantART

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[-Saturday, February 24, 2007-]

Post No:#485

In the blink of an eye, I have been here for 2 weeks already!! That was really fas! Time will go by even faster and then soon I would have my first semester exams, then second semester exam and then graduate! Hahas, I think I am thinking too far ahead.

Anyways, I went out today. Whet to the city and we shopped around. Bought 2 sunglasses at the duty-free soveniur store for $25!!! And they are super nice can!

Then bought 2 necklaces cause my Flesh Imp one is becoming brown in color at the nexk area. 0.o"...Won't put up pictures of those though. But they costed around $26? Then I saw this Nike sleeveless jacket that is oh-so-nice can?!!! Would have costed me $60 but I decided not to spend so much. Asked mum earlier on and she said that it's okay, I can get it! YAY!!!

Saw lion dance at the Louis Vuitton store at Queen street and it was awesome! It's been ages since I last watched a lion dance, felt really good. ^^ Photos below!

Hmmm, nothing much more actually. And then to you people, I won't be updating my blog every single day cause it's kind of troublesome and I reach home kinda late like after 4pm, and then I gotta do my homework and have dinner/tv session. Hahas. But I will update once every 2 days or so if possible.

Group shot!

And Charlie Chaplin! Hahahas!

Anyway, I hope you guys are fine. Gonna go rest now, nighties!

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[-Tuesday, February 20, 2007-]

Post No: #484

Just a quick update before I go back to my revision and then to bed.

Let's see. I had Physics, English, IELTS (english too), and Maths today!!! Well, fo Physics I was paying attention at the start and the end, but not during the middle section cause he was teaching about...Newton's laws, vectors and the rest which I pretty much read up about last night.

English was fairly fun, the lecturer gave us a "fill-in-the-blanks" worksheet about himself, his family and hobbies so on and so forth. Then for the second period, we had to do a comprehension paper which was so different from the one's in Singapore. In SG, our questions were long with long (usually) answers. But not here! The questions were like yes or no questions, and "fill-in-the-blanks" for "summary" of the passage and each answer would not be longer than 5 words. 0.o"... It's like, I finished the paper in 30mins (including checking) when we were given 40 mins, then I spent the other 10 mins or so doodling on the question paper. And the teacher was looking at me as though he thinks that I don't know how to do the paper and that's why I finished so fast.

IELTS was so-so. I still think it's a waste of time, except maybe for the speaking lessons. We practiced listening today and it was pretty straight-forward and easy. Didn't do reading or writing yet cause that will be next week. Am going to go for a few lessons and once I get the hang of things, I might just skip a few lessons an sign up for the test.

MATHS was pretty good, but I just wish that the teacher didn't treat us like kindergarten kids. She was like "Okay, I will draw the diagram for you on the board, and this is a rectangle..." It's like...whaaa?! Then the way she explain things is as though she is speaking to 5 year olds. Okay, so maybe some people don't really understand english so she speaks slowly, but I still am not used to it. Someone send Mr.Loo over please and thank you!

Oh, and on the way home today, I hopped on an unfamiliar bus, and ended up stranded somewhere. Thank goodness a lady noticed I was lost and when I told her where I lived, she pointed me in the right direction and I got home before it got really dark. At least it took me only 10 mins from the place where I thought I was stranded to the house. Phew...

Anyways, Chem, Bio, Maths and more Eng tomorrow. Blah...

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[-Monday, February 19, 2007-]

Post No:#483

There's a new song playing on my blog. It's by Alan/Show Luo Zhi Xiang, and I got to thanks Hans for sending it to me cause I am now extremely addicted to this song. Anyways, I will just put up the chinese lyrics here.


我偽裝著 不露痕跡的
想在你身邊 靜靜的陪著看著天邊
騎著單車 往前行進著
某個路口 愛在等著

你往前走 不回頭看了
記憶的笑臉 緩緩的敲著我的琴鍵
我不捨得 看你孤單單的
我愛你的 心牽掛著

心不再拼命躲 不去害怕結果
假設有個以後 妳會怎麼說
一直想跟妳說 幸福不再溜走
下個路口 你會看見愛 有美麗笑容

愛轉角遇見了誰 是否有愛情的美
愛轉角以後的街 能不能有我來陪
愛轉角遇見了誰 是否不讓你流淚
也許陌生到了解 讓我來當你的誰
我不讓愛掉眼淚 不讓你掉眼淚
現在永遠 你就是我 就是我的美

心不在拼命躲 不去害怕結果
假設有個以後 你會怎麼說
一直想跟你說 幸福不再溜走
下個路口 你會看見愛 有美麗笑容

愛轉角遇見了誰 是否有愛情的美
愛轉角以後的街 能不能有我來陪
愛轉角遇見了誰 是否不讓你流淚
也許陌生到了解 讓我來當你的誰
我不讓愛掉眼淚 不讓你掉眼淚
現在永遠 你就是我 就是我的美

愛轉角遇見了誰 是否有愛情的美
愛轉角以後的街 能不能有我來陪
愛轉角遇見了誰 是否不讓你流淚
將寂寞孤單做廢 讓我來當你的誰
我不讓愛掉眼淚 不讓你掉眼淚
現在永遠 你就是我 就是我的美


YAY! I survived the first day of school!!

Had Biology, Physics and Chemistry lessons today and met 2 teachers as the Biology teacher was on sick leave.

My Physics teacher, Mr.Theo, kind of reminds me of Robert Langdon of the Da Vinci Code? Not too sure why, but maybe its the way he teaches, carries himself and also his hairstyle. Hahas. But I like his lessons cause he does not drone on and on unlike Mrs.Ho. Thank goodness for that!! I think I will really enjoy my Physics lessons for this semester. ^^

But sadly I can't say the same for my Chemistry teacher, Dr. Dennis. 0.o" Well, you would expect someone holding a doctorate to be able to operate a computer yeah? Well, he doesn't really know how, maybe it's just me but he doesn't really seem like he is experienced in teaching. He has been at IES for ony a year (this is his second year) so maybe I shouldn't expect too much. Someone send Mrs. Lau or Mr.Lim over PLEASE!

Biology teacher was on sick leave, so Mr.Dennis took over. I must say though, he teaches Biology much better then Chemistry in my opinion. But I will just hold my views for now and see how things go when Chem and Bio.

Had a little bit of an accident today, almost sprained my anke, but thank goodness, it didn't happen. I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus (which was supposed to be there at both 7.36 and 7.44, but only came at around 7.58? I had to catch the 8.00am bus at the interchange for goodness sakes! Luckily the bus at the interchange didn't come till 10 past. Whew...) and I went to check the timetable for the buses again, and while I was walking back, my foot lost it's balance (there was a small height difference between 2 concrete tiles) and I was lurched forward and sidewards at the same time. Sadly, my bag wasn't light either. At least I didn't sprain or hurt my ankle!

Going to have Academic English, Maths, Physics (YAY!!! ^^) and IELTS (-.-") lesson tomorrow. Starts at 9, and ends at 5.30pm! T.T, that means I reach home by what...6.20-7pm? That's extremely late and the sky gets dark early here (Around 7pm). Bleargh. Gotta go check on the timetables for the buses again. Hmmm...There is one from my school to the interchange at 5.53pm (reach interchange at 6.27) and then from there I can take 598 at 6.28pm or 6.51pm (reach home at 6.51 and 6.58 respectively).

Hopefully I can catch the earlier buses back. Cause Yvonne and Vivian ends at 2.30pm and they won't be waiting for me.

Right, I am going to sleep soon people! Nights, and take cares!

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[-Sunday, February 18, 2007-]

Post No:#482

Scroll down for my everyday post. This is the featured user that slipped my mind last week. So here's a new one!

His username is Robertmekis on DA. A dedicated and powerful photographer. He "stitches" his photos together to form 1 wonderful image, a panorama. He has been dubbed the "Pano-King" by alot of people and I just find his works absolutely stunning!

Unlike many photographers in DA, he describes his shot, and tells people how many pieces there are in the panorama, what equipment he uses (lens, camera, tripod and so on) in the details of the shot. This makes it easy for others to learn and improve by looking at his tips.

His Gallery contains:
87 deviations.
77 of them are photography while the other 10 are Digital Art and he is great at it too.
Most of his shots are of landscapes in Czech Republic which is where he lives.

Some of his shots as below (go to the image by clicking on it, it is also where he read all the details)

Gates to Equinox by =robertmekis on deviantART

The Time Trap by =robertmekis on deviantART

Road The Winter Can Come From by =robertmekis on deviantART

LVNN: Sunrise by =robertmekis on deviantART

Loco-m-o-t-i-o-n by =robertmekis on deviantART

Wings Upon Laputa by =robertmekis on deviantART

Do visit his gallery and look at his work in full view, I guarantee its awesome! Hope you like it as much as I do, and stay tune for the next featured user next Sunday!

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Post No:#481

Whee! I am finally going to update my blog, you are happy...Right? Hahas.

Anyways, here's the take on my housemates and my homestay family.


Janelle: Homestay "mother". Working mum.
John: Homestay "father". Teaches P.E at a local high school.
Roxanne: Eldest daughter, 24 (I think).
Mitchelle: Middle Son, 20...
Fia: Youngest daughter, 14...(She studies in the school her dad teaches in)


Yvonne: From Hong Kong, 19 after her b'day this year. Wants to be a psychologist.
Vivian: From China, 19 after her b'day too. Wants to study commerce and economics.

YEP. That's all the details you will get now. Sorry to anyone that I gave the wrong info to, like Kangwei. >.<". The house is pretty big, 2 storeys, a pool and 5 bedrooms upstairs. 2 bedrooms are connected to a balcony (Mitch's and Vivian's). Then there is a bedroom downstairs, a laundry and bathroom, iving room, dining room (seldom used) and the backyard which can also be turned into a dining room. They have a mini schnauzer that goes by the name of Sally (or is it Zally?) she is 6 this year.

Well, these few days were spent at the orientation. Nothing much, just that my textbooks and manuals costed me like AUD$315? And I have to get another Bio textbook at $70. Ka-CHING $.$!!! I looked through the maths manual and realized...I have totally forgotten pretty much everything taught in Sec 4 (which is what I am doing now, only it includes A Maths syllabus) *smacks head*. How the hell am I going to go from a C6 to an B3-A2 in 9 months? *Include religious character here* bless me! Well, then on last Friday, there was the BBQ and games with the other people from IES. Met another Singaporean there, her name is Jasmine and she has been here for 7 years!! 0.o"...She has done her masters already, and she knows alot of people here. Then when we were about to leave, she invited us to a steamboat dinner for CNY celebration somewhere near Guyatt Park (pronounce: Guy-yert) on Saturday. We went there with some other people and had a great time!

Talked to Hans last night, video conferenced with him to be more exact. Hahas, he was going like "Gong Xi Fa Cai" with a very strange Aussie accent that he tried to imitate. Goon!! But then again, he was like "Then you can download things or not" I was like "Cannot lah" and he said "Oh, like that ar, then you must be getting bored with the songs in your iPod right?" which to I replied "Yea loh!" and he went "Then sometimes when I online and I take pity on you, I will throw you some songs lah." XD, pity me somemore please! He sent me a total of 10 songs! Yay!!! Love those songs cause well, his taste in songs is good and we have similar taste in music. Then he started going "Bobobobopopo pour ying xuan!". -.-"

ALRIGHT enough about that. I went swimming on Saturday morning at the pool here, and now I am badly sunburnt! Hopefully I will turn dark after becoming red. 0.o"...But OZ's sun is not to be fooled around with cause I might get skin cancer if I expose my skin to the sun too long. My shoulders hurt like hell!! Thank goodness for Aloe Vera gel.

Hmmm...PHOTOS (of friends and the events and places): Top Left: Me and Vivian, Top Right: Rachel and Me, Btm Left: Me and Yvonne, Btm Right (clockwise): Yvonne, senior from UQ, Yawni (I think thats how to spell), Yvonne's friend, Denise.

YUP, thats about it. Pretty much getting used to having to do stuff myself, like laundry, cleaning, ironing and some basic cooking.

Going to school on my own too cause my dad use to drive me to school. I received my timetable and I am like going to have to reach school at 9.00am every morning, and I have to take 2 buses (1st trip 4 mins, then second trip 45mins). Gotta take a bus from the nearest bus stop to Toombul interchange then change to the 8.00am bus and it can't be later or I will be late for class. Have to reach the 1st bus stop latest by 7.44am to catch the bus. And it takes me around 5-8 mins to walk to the bus stop so I have to leave the place by 7.34am. Which means, I gotta wake up at around...6.45-7.00am every morning! How convenient.

If that messed you up, sorry, to cut it short, it means I got to wake at between 6.45-7.00am then catch the 7.44am bus to Toombul and take the 8.00am bus to reach school at 8.41am. If the summary confused you then I don't know how I can help. XD.

Whee! Gonna go bathe now, nighty nights people!

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[-Wednesday, February 14, 2007-]

Post No:#480

More orientation today, and I finally TOOK SOME PHOTOS of my room in homestay. Will take some of the house on Friday cause I return earlier, or maybe tomorrow and I will get my housemates to take a photo together.

Orientation today was much much better cause the speakers were funnier! Had some drugs and alcohol talk, academic executives (much like the DMs and OMs in SG) intro, some CCAs intro from the University which we can also join in for a fee.

Also had the subject interview where we got to speak with some counsellors or teachers about the subjects we should take for our course in UQ next year. As expected mine was Bio, Phy, Chem and the 2 compulsory subjects plus that stupid stupid IELTS test which I personally think is a waste of time and my money. Even the prep lessons for IELTS are non-compulsory. And I can like take it on any Saturday that I want. I would probably go for 1 - 4 prep lessons to familiarize myself with the format and marking procedure of the paper, but after that I guess I would be fine. I hope...I have to get like an average of 7 with writing at 6 and speech at 7, or was that reading?

OH whatever, its not too much of a big deal I guess. And all the China and HK students were like "OMG, a 7? That's so hard." When they said that for Vet sci I had to get a 7. I was like thinking "Really? The highest is 9, lowest is 1, and 7 is alright." Cause its like for Os, we also get 9 grades, F9 to A1 and I got an A2 which is like an 8 if I am going to count it this way. And they have Listening compre which is like...EASY if I were to imagine it. Not that I am arrogant but that's a fact that I master english and fail chinese. I just have to totally get rid of the hong kong accent of speaking English that I have acquired over these few days.

Then I went out with my parents to set up the bank account and also to see a Doctor cause I am like sick. Sore throat, blocked nose and runny nose all at once, not good. OH and I found out that we just see the doctor for consultation and prescriptons, and then bring the prescription to the pharmacist to get our medicine. Its so troublesome and costs alot more too. 0.o" Well, at least the clinic that I went to direct bills to the OSHC (Overseas student Health Cover) so I only pays $20 for whatever reasons so.

PHOTOS of my room (its much smaller than my room in SG, but I have a big bed):

And if you look closely, there are scribbles and drawings on my wardrobe. ITs super dusty here LAH.


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[-Tuesday, February 13, 2007-]

Post No:#479

Sorry guys, for not updating in a while. Been pretty busy recently cause orientation has started. Pretty much just people speaking to us about immigration, safety and the subjects that we might be taking. Tomorrow we will be having a 10minute interview with the teachers on the selection of our classes.

I most probably would be taking Physics, Biology and Chemistry other than the 2 compulsory Maths and Academic English. I thought that the maths diagnostic test (a test to determine which class we would go to) would be kinda hard? BUT it was so easy?! It's like secondary 2 work in the first few questions and the last question was like primary school standard. To find the volume and surface area of a cuboid!! And they even said that the volume's formula was HxBxW!

OH, and I learnt that I have to take the IELTS (pronounce: I-yelts) test which is the Internation English Language Test System (or something like that). They have a composition, comprehension, listening, oral and another 150word essay thingy. And I have to get a 7 point in that test (1 lowest, 9 highest)?! Oh whatever, its not the marks, but it costs an extra AUD$280!! 0.o"

FINALLY found 2 other Singapore students today, Priscilla and Pauline. One's 17 the other is 16, she applied with her prelims results and was accepted! Priscilla stays in the Foundation House (the hostel) and she says its full of hong kong students. Well, actually, I think more than half the people in the school are from Hong Kong. But I find it pretty cool, and I think my spoken chinese actually improved more than my english cause my housemates are both chinese speaking (China and Hong Kong). And there was a Taiwanese student who asked if I was from Taiwan! Hahas, too much of hanging out with Hans and I gained an accent? 0.o".

And in my orientation group there is a indon and a taiwanese guy. And they are best friends in that group I guess. DEJA VU yea? But this time round the indon guy is more like Hans than Bob and the Taiwan guy is more like Bob than Hans. In terms of size and dressing. Personality too I guess. Why I picked these 2 out? Cause well, they remind me of Hans and Bob the insperable pair!

I AM SO Sorry that I have yet to get any photos, but I assure you they will be up soon, next post I promise! Cause after school, I just get so tired.

OH, and I personally think, the homestay family should stick to cooking western, cause they cooked Thai Green Curry yesterday for dinner. And it was like so sweet it's the first time I didn't had seconds for curry! I was kinda sick and we have leftovers for lunch the next day, so my lunch today was the curry, I had half of that, ate the chocolate bar and bought another chocolate bar from the snack machine. BUT tonights dinner was great, tandoori chicken, garlic bread, avocado salad and cauliflower cheese. Dessert was apricot pie with ice cream. YUM! I don't mind having that for lunch cause its actually good!

OH, and I saw this peson wearing an INNOVA JC orientation tee shirt to school, didn't get to talk to him though, but I think he is prolly a Singaporean? OH wells, off to sleep people, will write more tomorrow, gonna bathe. Its 10.35 here!

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, February 11, 2007-]

Post No:#478

OKAY PEOPLE. Please take note of this! IF YOU recieve a e-mail from a guy claiming to be Bala Thompson, Head Of File Department, African Development Bank. WATCH OUT, its a bloody hoax.

I receive an e-mail from him, and well, here are the contents:
From The Desk Of Bala Tomson (Esq).The Head Of File Department,African Development Bank A.D.BOuagadougou Burkina-Faso West Africa.
Phone: 00226-7885 75 97.


Compliments Of The Season 2007,

Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may offend your personality for contacting you without your prior consent and writing through this channel. I got your contact from the proffesional data base found in the internet Yahoo tourist search.When i was searching for a foreign reliable partner.I assured of your capability and reliability to champion this businees opportunity. After series of prayers/fasting.i was divinely directed to contact you among other names found in the data base Yahoo tourist search.I believe that God has a way of helping who is in need.

I am (Bala Tomson Esq),the Head of file Department in African developent bank (ADB).
In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of $ 15 million U.S.A dollars ( fifteen million U.S.A dollars) . In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with his entire family in (Monday 31st July 2000) in a plane crash. Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless somebody applies for it as next of kin or relati on to the deceased as indica ted in our banking guidelines, but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died alongside with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I and one official in my department now decided to make this businness proposal to you and release the money to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don’t want this money to go into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclamed after five years, the money will be transfered into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner, and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner. We agree that 30 % of this money will be for you as foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign account, 10 % will be set aside for expenses incured during the business and 60 % would be for me and my woman colleague. There after i will visit your country for disbursement according to the percentages indicated. Therefore to enable the immediate trnansfer of this fund to you as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as relations or next of kin of the deceased indicating your bank name, your bank account number, your private telephone and fax number for easy and effective communication and location where the money will be remitted.Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or email the text of the application I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for thetransfer. You should contact me on my number 00226-7885 75 97 immediately as soon as you receive this letter. Trusting to hear from you immediately. Your’s faithfully, Bala Tomson (Esq.)


1) Your Full Name..............................
2) Your Age..........................................
3) Marital Status..................................
4) Your Phone Number…………….
5) Your Fax Numbers……………….
6) Your Country………………...........
7) Your Occupation.............................
9) Your Religion...................................

POST SCRITUM:You have to keep everything secret as to enable the transfer to move very smoothly in to the account you will prove to the bank.As you finished reading this letter call me immediately so that we discuss very well over this business.

YEP, so what do you think of that? Hello? I am not stupid OR dumb thank you very much. IF he is really from the bank, then:
1)He won't e-mail me using a HOTMAIL account RIGHT?
2)Umm, not that I am a religionist, but the 1st para is waaay too divine for me
3)Why the hell does he want the bank's money if he is FROM the bank? Salary too low ar?
4)His english is crap.

And then, I don't even know where the hell he got my e-mail, (I doubt the possibility that he found it on Yahoo!) He probably doesn't know what my nationality is, and he wants me to act as the foreigner's kin? WTH can?

Anyways...I gonna go sleep soon. Pictures up tomorrow I promise!!!!!

6.45am tomorrow, which is like what, 4.45am SG time. Blah.

-Logged Off-

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[-Saturday, February 10, 2007-]

Post No:#477

Am in Brisbane, Aussie now! Thanks to those that came and sent me off. I appreciate it and that you prolly took time out from doing something else to come and send me off. I pretty much talked more to my friends than my relatives that came and send me off last night. Took photos, group, random and the uncatergorized ones taken by Hans when he had my camera. He kept trying to make me cry by making those sniffing and crying noises! But well, he didn't have to, cause I would have cried when I am here anyways.

Took a 7 hour flight to Brissy and pretty much slept cause there weren't too many movies onboard this time round. Reached and spent some time looking for the person that is to pick me up and send me to my homestay. FINALLY found them and then I took a MPV with 7 other students (I was the youngest and only IES student in that car) with a trailer full of our luggage in the back.

Got to the homestay the same time as my parents (they were driving) and well, the house is spacious with a pool and everything they described. Mum and Dad stayed for a while to look around and listen to the rules and whatnot. Then they left and me with the other 2 housemates (China and Hong Kong girls) went to the nearest mall to window shop and get some things. The shopping mall is freaking HUGE CAN?!

Walked around, talked, and took a bus back. The routes here are really complicated! Its like in SG, we take for example 88 from point A to B then also 88 from the other side of the road from B to A right? Well, not so here. If I take 589 from A to B, I can't go to the opposite side and take 589, I have to take a 599 from the stop that I dropped off to get from B to A?! Yeah, WTH, tell me about it.

Mum and Dad is coming over tomorrow again, and we are prolly heading down to the city to shop for some things, I need to get 2 more towels, mosquito repellent, a SIM card for my mobile, and some other misc. things. Alright, PHOTOS! From the airport. I will post up those of my homestay tomorrow.

So the internet at this place is wireless and free. One of the girls has the room with a balcony, and her's has got to be the biggest and most spacious. The other one has a room that is slightly bigger than mine and a long table. Mine is the smallest, but with the larger bed and wardrobe. I don't have THAT much clothes. But I could use the space. Am to do my own laundry and thats about it.

Guess I will go sleep. It's 10.37 over here. Tired after the long flight. Love ya people!

-Logged Off-

(I am keeping this blog under Singapore time, cause I don't want everything to change to Aussie time and you guys will prolly become confused)

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:15 PM;

[-Friday, February 09, 2007-]

Post No:#476

Here's the obligatory before I leave post.

Things packed...(I think) and visa printed. Goodbyes bidded, presents...taken? HAHAS.

Wondering whether I should bring my photo album. I guess not, I have all the photos in my laptop anyways.

The sunset today at my place was awesome. But I was too busy packing and printing stuff to take a photo of it. The last sunset that I will see in Singapore for the next...6 months. I am coming back in JULY for all you people! Most probably from the 30th of June to the 16th (or 15th) of July cause I have a 2 week break then.

Went to Coral today to "kaypoh" about the O level results. And here's the conclusion given by Miss Tham "Those that did well, did very well, those that did badly did very badly." And Mr Benny Ng's take on D&T students "I think your batch was the best. Cause your class only got one B3, this year got 4 B3!!!" XD

Saw some people crying, some laughing, some "stoning" and none dying....Yet. Went to the Library Cafe Galilee to have late lunch and found out that Jay and Toni had resigned!!OMG LAH. My Hot Vanilla!!! Maybe they went to open a salon called Toni and Jay. 0.o"...What?? Jay is damn good at coloring CAN? But Toni...I don't know lah huh.

Well, and before you guys EXCLAIM at the atrocity of my hair cause its so short, here are some photos for you to get used to.

YAY! I love my AIDS mosquito specs frame!!

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#475

Messed up emotions.
Nothing more to feel.
Don't wish to think.
Stop it, just stop it!

I need hugs.
I need re-confirmation.
I need confidence.
I need everything and more.


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;4:27 AM;

[-Thursday, February 08, 2007-]

Post No:#474

SO! Year after year of CNY songs booming on tv screens (with ugly kids that have too much make up on their faces -quoted, and on the radios, some people decided to become..."innovative" and made a Chinese New Year (DANCE REMIX) version.

Just when I thought it was safe, Chinese New Year stikes AGAIN! and again!
Someone give me my ear plugs and you should get yours to.

BEHOLD: (video taken from

YUP, the fact is that the person is dancing to "Gong Xi Gong Xi" doesn't make him any cooler. It's just my opinion, but I find that his dance is..."Super anyhow". Still, I am no expert so I leave it to your guys to judge.

And mark Kenny Sia's words: This is going to be hot in clubs worldwide.


-Logged Off-

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Post No:#473

Since I am waiting for people to come online and take the blogskin, here goes a post about the Night Safari and Night Safari alone.

Well, not really. Halif, Aiman and I decided to have Pizza Hut and I remembered there was one at Ang Mo Kio which was where we will take a bus to the Night Safari from. Walked 1 whole round around AMK central and found nothing, bleargh. Went to KFC at the Zoo instead and Halif stole our last Zinger!!!! XD!

Wentto meet Vivien after that and guess what? We proceeded to the Night Safari!!! Okay, that's not the point, we saw....2MORON there!! Not a fan, but I must admit they look better on TV than on real life. =X.

Took the fishing cat trails and now, I shall up the photos.

Some random Owl at a performance...

The Indian Wolves (Can they get any cuter? YES THEY CAN, I will show ya later.)

The Striped Hyena...(It started...."whooping" in laughter when we walked away...CREEPY CAN?) And everyone(other visitors) were like "Why the hyena never laugh one?" You think they laugh 24/7 without stopping? Will get sore throat you know!?

The Crocs...(Easiest to take, cause they were...Immobile. But they are real, and as if to prove to Aiman -who went "Later they are fake then we look stupid!"- one of them swam to the other end of the pool)

OTTERS!!! (They screeched at us like nobody's buisness. But they were protecting a baby otter I think (as Aiman pointed out! ^^)

This is a...Deer of sorts. (Hiding under some leaves away from the light.)

And throughout the whole walk of taking photos, we were all like "Can't they just keep still for the picture to process?!!!!" Especially for the tiger, the majestic, wonderful...ummm...magnificent...Bengal TIGER! It had to move when I clicked the shutter, either that or my hands were too shaky. Should have brought the tripod. Bah...Took a cab home after that, went to my place where they dropped me off then headed back to Pasir Ris.

Now, for the cute photos!

Now everyone. 1..2..3...Awwwwww! LOLZ. Yes, I know these are not wolves, but they are still canines. =P. To make up for the not so quality image above. >.<"

Like it? Now I can go to sleep cause I am done with the skin-sending and editing. Wanna see it? Nope, image not avaliable here, but you might see it on one of my links ya know? Easy to find.

-Logged Off-

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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;2:39 AM;

[-Wednesday, February 07, 2007-]

Post No:#472

Oh hell am I sleepy...

Why? Take a look

Sun's Painting by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Yup, thats the reason I didn't sleep. Actually, I did, for 3 hours, then played Audition, watched TV, and then camped in my backyard for 1.5 hours for THAT. Pretty well worth every minute and dream I didn't get! Taken once again with my Dad's Sony DSC-F828. I am falling in love with it! All I did with this shot was to increase the saturation by a tiny bit to make it a little pink instead of all orange.

Took 12 shots of the sunrise, and chose this one. 0.o"...Sleepy LAH huh. And while waiting, I took other random stuff like that

Stacked by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

All I did was increase the contrast by a tiny tiny bit. Did I mention I love my dad's camera to bits!!!! I wanna bring it to Aussie. Still lemming for my Panasonic DMC FZ7 or FZ8 (out in March'07, so slow!!)!!! Go to Cnet and read the specs if you want, am gonna bathe now or I will sleep and drown myself while bathing.

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, February 05, 2007-]

Post No:#471

Alright, I will post about the night safari trip tomorrow. Or later today if you wish as its past 12am.

Anyways, a new skin is up. The irony of it all...Something happended that contradicted this skin as I was making it.

Check it out HERE. The screenshot looks like crap but I ensure you the skin is not...And if you like it just download it ya? Even if you ain't gonna use it. >.<" The explanation of the image and everything is on the blogskins page, so I ain't going to drone on here...

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, February 04, 2007-]

Post No: #470

OKAY! Featured page for the coming week.

After featuring so many people from other countries, I decided to look for photographers closer to home. Found this one amazing gallery, and the gallery owner is a Singaporean. From what I see, he most probably travels alot.

Some of his shots:

Singapore landmark 1 by ~ZeroDivine on deviantART

COlor of sunset at Changi by ~ZeroDivine on deviantART

View by Kallang Basin last by ~ZeroDivine on deviantART

Field of Flowers by ~ZeroDivine on deviantART

A new day by ~ZeroDivine on deviantART

The photos look like they were taken straight out of a magazine eh? The second last one (Field Of Flowers) reminded me of a Windows desktop wallpaper. Hahas!

Visit his gallery HERE. I especially love his night shots (since I falied miserably at that particular section).

-Logged Off-


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;5:36 AM;

[-Saturday, February 03, 2007-]

Post No:#469

Went to my mum's office today and basically slept there from morning till 2pm, went to the Centennial Tower to get my bank account done only to find out that they were an offshore branch and don't help in setting up accounts or telegraghic transfer. 0.o"...

Well, at least it wasn't wasted cause I got 2 new shots up. Was actually 3, but the 3rd one turned out blurry and noisy so I skipped that.

Paper Clips by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Corridor by ~Snapshot89 on deviantART

Hahas. Nice? I hope you all like it though. Hmmm...

Night safari tomorrow and I have my dad's camera which I have yet learnt to use. 0.o"...Hopefully I can churn out some nice photos. Am contemplating on bringing a tripod...I think I won't, it's too much of a hassle to set up and is kinda obstructive when I need to be quick. Plus, it won't fit in my bag anyway. XD...


-Logged Off-

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[-Friday, February 02, 2007-]

Post No:#468

Hmmm. I made a new blogskin, and since I have uploaded 2 lovey dovey skins, this is less lovey and more lonely.

Check it out HERE. The description explains the skin so I ain't going to write it all out here again. Hope you guys like it.

And remember to support my other skins *cough-pre-cough-vious-cough-one*!! Even if you don't use, download for fun LOH! Hahas.

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#467

Post No:#467

OKAY PEOPLE. I need your help.

I have went and decided to join a Valentine's Day blogskin competition. SO I need you guys yo help by downloading and if you have an account, fav, comment, rate and download somemore! PLEASE!!!!! I know it ain't very nice. Oh wells. Check it out HERE.

If you like it, then help me alright! Thanks ya guys.

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, February 01, 2007-]

Post No:#466

YAY! I decided to e-mail Avril Jamieson (the accomodations officer) about not having any accomodation found for me so far. AND she replied with an attached file which she says was sent on the 10th. But she sent me the previous one of the 10th and then told me there was family circmstances on the 13th? 0.o"...Too many students and she messed up maybe?

Anyways, this new homestay, from what I can see could be great if it worked out.

Here are the stats copied from the MSWord file.
OCCUPATION: John is a teacher and Janelle is a Finance and Accounting Manager

FAMILY MEMBERS: John and Janelle are in their late 40’s. They have three children, a son born in 1983 and 1992, and a daughter born in 1986. Only two children are living at home at the moment.

PETS: They do have a dog and it does come inside.

HOUSE DETAILS: 2 story Queenslander home, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, polished floors throughout and large living room, spa bath and swimming pool. 2 outdoor decks overlooking the back yard.
They have table tennis available to the students.
They usually host 3 female students from the college. All student bedrooms are upstairs.
Broadband internet is available to the students, cost is negotiable.

DISTANCE TO COLLEGE: 20 minutes by train

TRANSPORT DETAILS: The train station is located a 12 minute walk from the house and it takes 20 minutes to get to the city. The bus stop is a 3 minute walk and it takes 30 minutes to get to the city.
This is a very regular service running every 15 minutes in peak hour. Student can then catch the Spring Hill loop bus (323), which departs the city every 15 minutes and takes 5 minutes to the college, or walk, which will take 15 minutes.

HOMESTAY INTERESTS: The family love all sports, family get togethers. They have been hosting international students for many years.


WOAH! John is a teacher, so I most probably will have someone to help me with homework? Cool. They have a DOG! YAY!!! Am hoping its a Golden Retriever. But I still love my Chance and Charm the most. They have a SWIMMING POOL, a spa bath (most probably for their own use) and 2 outdoor decks! Totally awesome can! All student bedrooms are upstairs, and they said the outdoor decks overlooks the backyard...Hmmmm...Hahaha *Laughs till cross-eye* XD. Broadband internt avaliable (thank you very much!!) and price is negotiable.

Hmm...Bus takes 30 mins, but 3 min walk to bus stop, and from there take 323 which will take 5 minutes to the college. Train takes 20 minutes, but 12 minute walk to train station, and probably take the same bus which will take 5 minutes. Hahas.


-Logged Off-


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Post No:#465

Decided not to put up images of my new hairstyle. Those that will meet me get to see, those that don't, too bad for you, cause you have to wait till Sunday?! Yea, I have nothing better to do than keep you guys in suspense. =P

Anyways, new skin is up, not very nice as compared to others, but its more...plain.

Check it out HERE. Titled "Lonely" cause well, there is only 1 fairy on that "island". Did this using brushes only. The island was the hardest, drew and re-drew till I was happy. -.-"... Go see it alright? >.<"


A food review! Haven't been one since like...EVER.

Went to eat at Boon Tong Kee (470 Macpherson) with my parents in the afternoon. Ate there before and well, I think the food before tasted much better cause they used to specialised in Chicken Rice. The chicken rice was still good, but now they serve the rice in a pyramid shape. 0.o"...Chicken (Drumstick and Thigh) was good, tender and well marinated.

But now, they have the typical "zhi char" fare selling in the store. Dad ordered a fish called (Yu Nan) which is the belly area of the fish cooked with some sauce, and other dishes consisted of the usual Osyter (sauce) Kailan and a "Mei Cai Kou Rou" which can be known as braised pork with preserved vegetables (I think). Well, they literally scattered white pepper (powder form!) all over the top of the fish and veggie which made it taste totally wrong in my opinion. Fish was well cooked, but the sauce was kinda salty. The pork was so-so.

Ordered another dish, Fried Venison Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce. Don't EVER order that. The ribs were deep fried, outside crispy and inside tender, but, I still don't like the method of deep frying it and then just pouring the black pepper sauce ontop. It wasn't even SPICY. But well, you can try.

Hmmm...Overall, I would say, go there for the chicken rice.

-Logged Off-

-Logged Off-

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