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[-Thursday, November 30, 2006-]

Post No:#415

Heya peeps!

Up first will be a song by Vanessa Hudgens:
-Afriad- (Theres only 1 image in this video, so yeah, you can just go down to the lyrics.)

And the lyrics as follows:

Just when its getting good
I slowly start to freeze
Just when its feeling real I put my heart to sleep
Its the memory I can see
Then this fear comes over me
Understand that I dont mean
To push you away from me

Why am I so afraid to crash down and lose my heart again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me
Why am I so afraid to break down and lose my mind again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me

You got a way of easing me out of myself
I cant stay but I cant leave, I am my worst enemy
Please understand that its not you its what I do
Just when Im about to run I realize what Ive become

Why am I so afraid to crash down and lose my heart again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me
Why am I so afraid to break down and lose my mind again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me

Now I wonder what you think of me
Dont kow why I break so easily
All my fears are armed surrounding me
I cant get no sleep
I keep runnin in circles around you
Are you the trap I wanna fall into??

Why am I so afraid to crash down and lose my heart again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me
Why am I so afraid to break down and lose my mind again
I dont know, I cant see, whats come over me
I so want her album!
Oh yeah, before I forget AGAIN, thanks to Halif for organising the birthday celebration for me, and to the rest too for coming!! =D. Mr.Chen said I didn't compliment him...So yeah, even though I said he looks like gangster/ah pek in that photo, actually he is a very charming person, and a gentleman too! Hahas...

Well anyways, watch Grudge 2 just now and I totally don't get the ending, maybe I am just slow, but Edison rocks can?! Then about the movie World Trade Center, I feel asleep while watching it. Its like, hello?? The building is going to collaspe and the people inside the building are literally taking their own sweet time to stroll out. -.-"...

Well, nothing much has gone on today, watched Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire (HPGOF?) just now on my laptop, and then I told people not to bother me and some of them still had to do that. USING 2 different accounts, PLUS I already ignored her and she still doesn't get the clue...And she is forever asking me to do surveys. Don't people ever read the PMs on MSN anymore? -No Yan Hao, I ain't talking about you lah, when you talked to me, I was already done with the movie...-

Well anyways, I still have no idea whether the Death Note DVD is out in SG yet, but its avaliable online, from a Hong Kong website. Hmm...I am bored. Oh yeah, today, I gave Chance and Charm a bath, and they were like "Get it over and done with already. *Rolls eyes*". Lolz, but then, Charm has some sores/rashes under his arms AGAIN. -.-"...

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[-Tuesday, November 28, 2006-]

Post No:#414
(Note, time has been edited, orginal completed time is 2.00am, 29th Nov)

Event: Belated birthday celebration at TM Pizza Hut

Well! Today was a fruitful day!

Went and met Halif, Vivien and Evelyn at Century Square's Metro before heading to Pizza Hut at TM. Soon after, Kangwei, Joey and Bernard arrived and we all ordered whatever we wanted to have.

But first, a group photo.

Food came, and we ate, talked, joked and laughed, halfway through, Nadia and Mr.RAFI came!! Hahas...Stayed there for quite some time talking and catching up on each other's news and so on. Then a waiter came along, carrying a...Guess what?!

Yes! A cake! So sweet right?! (Not the waiter mind you, but the people that celebrated with me)

Borrowed a lighter from one of the waiters and Kangwei proceeded to smoke in Pizza Hut. Well, he ATTEMPTED to, with a candle...He'd probably die from posioning if he sucked in melted wax though. Heh heh. Oh yeah, did I mentioned he is blonde?! AND, he looks like a 'blardy' gangster/ah pek here....Hahas...

These people ar, so evil...They poked the candle through Blossom's eye! Hahas. Then they sang a birthday song for me! nice, and in front of so many people somemore. Hahas

Making a wish...Yeah, it looks like I am praying or something...Heh, and the cake isn't even in-front of me! Hahas.

Then after that, a waiter came along again. This time with...Guess what?

An Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae! On the house!!! I ate that, and the cake too! Super full can?!! Hahas. Well, sat there and talked abit more, before heading out. Was supposed to go to the arcade, but then afterwards, decided to hang out at McCafe and talk somemore!!! Heh...Talked about the prefect board mostly this time...

Then all of a sudden...All the cars on the road were honking so loudly for goodness knows what. And Halif, being "kaypoh" went to the roadside and took pictures. Lolz...But it was nothing, just some guy blocking the road with his car, and the traffic light was on RED!! -.-"...Well, we stayed there till around 8.30, then went back to Pasir Ris, where KW went back, and me, Halif, Joey and Bernard took bus 88 back to our homes...=D. By the time I reached home, it was like what...10pm! But still, thats not even late considering the time I reach home when I go out with Hans and Talisa.

Oh yeah, thats, my "loot" for today. Hahas. Presents from:

Vivien, Evelyn and HALIF ( aren't you glad your face is up here?! Hahahas)!!

Well, thats about it. Am looking forward to Friday's KBox with Hans and Talisa...But not looking forward to giving my two dogs a bathe tomorrow...>.<

-Logged Off-

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[-Monday, November 27, 2006-]

Post No:#413

Heya. For 2 earlier posts, scroll down. One is a review on a dim sum place and the other is just some nonesense talk from me.

First Up, a song that is meaningful to me.

Song Name: Don't Forget To Remember Me
Singer: Carrie Underwood

18 years have come and gone
For momma they flew by
But for me they drug on and on
We were loading up that Chevy
Both trying not to cry
Momma kept on talking
Putting off good-bye
Then she took my hand and said
Baby don't forget

Before you hit the highway
You better stop for gas
There's a 50 in ashtray
In case you run short on cash
Here's a map and here's a bible
If you ever loose your way

Just one more thing before you leave
Don't forget to remember me

This downtown apartment sure makes me miss home
and those bills there on the counter
Keep tellin me I'm on my own
And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night
And even when it's not, I tell her everything's alright
Before we hung up I said
Hey momma, don't forget to tell my baby sister I'll see her in the fall
And tell mee-mal that I miss her
Yeah, I should give her a call
And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl
Yeah I still feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be
Don't forget to remember me

Tonight I find myself kneeling by the bed to pray
I haven't done this in a while
So I don't know what to say but
Lord I feel so small some times in this big ol' place
I know there are more important things, but
Don't forget to remember me
Don't forget to remember me

Next up:
A song that has been out sometime ago, but I only got it recently, and got me addicted to it. Its a Christian song, and I ain't a christian, but I still find it nice.

Music Codes - MySpace Layouts

Song Name: Come As You Are
Singer: Jaci Velasquez

You are the reason
For blue in the sky
Yes, you are the reason why
Snow covers winter
And melts into Spring
And rivers meet the sea

God is here for you
And you were made for Him
He'll give you more of everything
Cause He has always loved you
His promises are true, so true
If you

Come as you are
Don't change a thing
Open your heart
He'll walk right in
Come as you are
No alibis
His love for you
Will never die

There is a heaven
Open your eyes
And there you have no disguise
He'll never leave you
No need to hide
He's always by your side

If you just believe
There is a way you'll see
It's just one step to eternity
And He will always love you
This promise will be true, so true
If you

Come as you are
Don't change a thing
Open your heart
He'll walk right in
Come as you are
No alibis
His love for you
Will never die

There is a heaven
Open your eyes
And there you have no disguise
He'll never leave you
No need to hide
He's always by your side

Well, I couldn't find a video code for it, so here it is, just as a track code. If you want it, ask me for it on MSN yeah?

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#412

Heya peeps. For the Dim Sum review scroll down yeah? (I had a dim sum session with my parents and grandparents remember?)

Sometimes, I just wish I wasn't so nice to people. Its like, when people want me to do something for them, I find it very hard to say 'no', even more so for friends. If you are someone I don't really like, I couldn't care less, but for people I value as friends, its like, I can never like reject them if they want me to do something, especially if I know I can help.

Like lending money for example. If a good friend comes to me and ask me to lend them money, I feel bad not to lend it to them, even if I am having financial trouble myself. Whats worse is that, if that person doesn't return me the money or forgot about it, I find it even harder to ask them about it cause I believe that " 谈钱伤友情" which literally translates to "A friendship will suffer when one talks about money". Its almost like I am scared that people will say I am stingy or something.

Then another thing is making skins. Sometimes, I just don't like making skins, cause I only make skins when I feel like it and when inspiration hits me. But I dislike making customs cause everyone has their own tastes and sometimes, what I think is nice you might find it ugly right? Then making customs kills my own style of making skins. But I find it hard to turn down friends that come asking me to make skins for them, its like, they will go like "please, please" and then if I turn them down I feel embarrassed cause I know that I can make skins and they don't thats why they are asking me to do it. Then sometimes, if I do turn them down, I get comments like "wah lao, you know how to make skins others don't, help also cannot meh?" or something like that. Then people will start going like "She so arrogant/selfish/action, just cause so-so she can do/she has so-and-so item."

Sometimes I really believe in "做人难, 做好人更难", which literally translates to "Being a person is difficuly, but being a nice person is even harder". Maybe you all are thinking that I am putting all these up to gain pity or whatsoever you are thinking. But then, this is my domain, its a place where I rant, and where I write my thoughts. Think what ever you want, I could care less, you want to say that I think I am so nice but I ain't, hey, thats your thinking, I can't change that right? So yea, we will both have to deal with that.

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#411 (Note: Date and time of post has been changed)

Went for Dim Sum session this morning with my parents. Food was cheap AND good. Its located at 42 Smith Street, and the name of the 'cafe' is Tak Po.

Porridge ($3) comes in rather big portions so you might want to share 1 bowl with another person. But if you order the small bowl ($2), the portion is much smaller. Had century egg & lean meat porridge, and the lean meat is cooked perfectly, not over chewy or dry. They are rather generous with the ingredients too unlike some other places.

Now, for the dim sum:
The Har Kao aka Shrimp Dumplings were delish! The shrimp was still juicy and the skin was just nice, not too thick or thin.
Lotus Rice was good too, but maybe they could be more generous with the ingredients cause the rice layer was kinda thick. But the taste was there, and the glutinuous rice was not too sticky.
The Chee Choong Fun (char siew) could be improved though, the "skin" was good, but the char siew was rather dry and the sauce was too bland.
The Scallop with Seaweed Dumpling was nice too! But I didn't taste any scallop in it...Heh...Maybe cause I had too many dishes at one go. But it was succulent and tasty.
Then the Egg Tart...Omg, don't even get me started on the egg tart, it was sooo good. The pastry was just the right thickness and "flakiness" for me. The custard was just nice (not too watery or too "solid") and the amount of sweetness was perfect!!! And then, the egg tart itself is a bit bigger than average. Heh...Delish!!!
Then the Char Siew Su (umm, a kind of pastry with char siew in the middle), the pastry was kinda thick and abit dry, but the char siew filling had just the right amount of sweetness and the meat was not too dry.
The Da Pao (big pau aka chicken and pork bun) was damn HUGE lah. I shared one with my grandma. The bun was soft and tasty, and the filling was chopped up chicken meat and pork with egg. The marinade for the filling was just right, and it was not too salty, the meat was rather moist and not too hard. Heh...Super nice!!!

Thats about it...Hmm, I think overall I would give the place:

8/10, cause its value for money, and the service was alright, the people there were friendly and not too pushy...The next time you all feel like having Dim Sum, try this place, then tell me what you think alright?!

-Logged Off-


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[-Sunday, November 26, 2006-]

Post No:#410

Alright alright. Happy Birthday to Me! I am FINALLY 17! Hahas. Okay, first of all, this post will be recording two birthday celebrations. As some of you might know, my dad's birthday is only 2 days before mine!

So first of all, my Dad's Birthday:
Date:23rd Nov'06

Well, my dad wanted to celebrate alone with my mum, but my eldest brother wanted to surprise him with a cake! So yeah, nothing much to blog about, but here are the photos. (3 combined into 1, of course there are more!)

Well, my dad came back and we surprised him with the cake, then proceeded to do the thing you do on birthdays which is to sing the birthday song and then blow the candles and cut the cake!
Then now, my birthday...Much more to blog about, heh heh.

Well, went to Heeren today and went shopping at Flesh Imp, which was having a 20% discount storewide, and with a 10% more discount as I was a VIP member, there was a total of 30% discount, PLUS a free necklace for every $50 spent. How could I bear to miss this opportunity right!? Bought a total of 4 tops, which would normally cost like $140, but then cause of the discounts costed like $104 or so.

Well, bought the ones that I raved about on my blog, but some didn't seem that nice. At least i got the Ghetto, Backstage, Drill Babe and another one which I forgot the name...Heh...2 necklaces free! Starry and chrome or something like that. Mum paid for them cause they were meant to be my presents LAH. Hahas *muackies*! Then walked around Heeren for a bit, contemplated whether or not I should get the Vanessa Hudgens and Jesse McCartney albums, but decided not to, cause well, I already bought $100 worth of clothes, enuff said.

Went to Paragon next and ate at this Japanese place called Akashi Japanese Restaurant, which was supposedly famous for its Soba (wheat noodles). Well, heres my 2 cents on it. I ordered the Tempura Soba, cause well, I love tempura! Their tempura serving could contain more prawns I guess, and there was no sauce that came with so cause you are suppose to have it with the soba. Well, the soba itself could be less salty and maybe have more other tastes to it I guess. Maybe its just me LAH. Then my take on the dessert, I ordered green tea ice cream. It was good, maybe a tad too creamy (I like the less creamy type). Overall, well, its average I guess, nothing much to rave about...But then again, maybe its just me that don't like it? The soba noodles was well cooked though, its just the broth LAH.

Well, then for dinner we didn't go to Four Seasons cause my mum was like "Your grandfather would probably nag at us for spending so much money just because its your birthday." So went to the Zhi Char place near my house. Heh, the place was like so crowded today LAH!!! But the food was good as usual. Had my favourite Black Pepper Crabs! I devoured a total of 1 pincer leg and 2 portions of the other legs (usually 1 crab will be divided into 4 for the legs) and 1 shell (the crab roe...YUM!). Heh, I love crabs! I will miss the signature chili and black pepper crab of SG.

Anyways, after dinner, proceeded to send my grandparents home (they joined us for dinner) then went home ourselves. My brother and his girlfriend actually went and bought me a cake!!! (I thought there won't be any cause my mum actually forgot about a cake.-.-") Had it at home, and did the usual procedures. The cake was nice and not too creamy (Blackberry cake from Prima Deli), heh heh...Yummy.

So yea, thats about it! OH, Thanks to everyone that actually took time out to wish me Happy Birthday, especially Halif, Talisa and Tings who did it at around midnight! =D, also to Eileen, Qiu Yun, Jing, Kai, Jia, Wai Siong, Shu An and Chun Wei too! Thanks ya'll! Oh and of course my family LAH.

Guess thats about it. Looking forward to Monday's outing with Hans (if it will happen, lolz) and on Tuesday with Halif & Co!!! Oh yeah, and tomorrow's Dim Sum time with my grandparents again!

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, November 23, 2006-]

Post No:#409

Issit just me or is MSN and Hotmail both going berserk? Oh wells.

Anyways, heres the update on the Prefects BBQ.

Reached here round 4pm, with my slippers and bottom of my cargo pants dripping wet cause it was raining and I stepped into puddles like a total of 3 TIMES! Then I almost slipped and fell a total of 5 times. -.-"...

Come to think of it, I was the only one in my batch that was there. Well, other than Stanley who didn't appear even after I left, like at 12am. Well, continuing:
Went into the chalet at Aranda and was met by Halif & co. Took group photos, and then some started playing Mahjiong, Monopoly and Risk.

Became the Pentium 1, Win 95 banker for Monopoly, which in normal language means the Slow Banker. Then their juniors came, and we just continued whatever game we were playing till around 6+?

Went to check out the pool & billards room, game rooms and the swimming pool at the reception area and then found out that only peoiple above 18 were allowed in, plus you can't wear slippers. -.-"...Went to the games room where I re-discovered Puzzle Bobble, that super ancient game I never get tired off. Heh...

Went back to the chalet and the BBQ officially started. Seniors started coming in, Geraldine, Alden, Yee hoon, KW and Shane(sp?). Started the games again with the Juniors cooking and the rest of us upstairs slacking! Heh...It was fun alright! Even though it was one of the simpler chalet events, it was still fun, cause everyone was doing their own stuff and catching up on each others lives. Oh and KW became BLONDE! 0.0"...Lolz...

Well, nothing much really to update if you don't wanna go into the super detailed details.

Lets have another chalet soon!! Hahahas, kidding lah.

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#408

Heya peeps. WIll blog about the prefect's BBQ gathering later today when I feel more awake.

Actually, I am more awake now than I will probably be later. AND GUESS whats the reason!?!!?!

(Yes, I love torturing you, now go on down)

Alright I will stop already. What else can get me more revved up now EXCEPT FOR

......DEATH NOTE?!

Well, before the news, I will tell you something which DN fans prolly knows already. I have been watching the DN manga. Yes, not reading, WATCHING. On YOUTUBE. Heh...If you are interested. Go to youtube and search for "Death Note Manga". Its super good lah can, I skipped the front most parts which are already out on Anime and continued where episode 7 left off, which is at about chap. 13 I think. SO much better than the anime.

Anyways, cause I am still ADDICTED to DN, and have yet to watch the movie, I went and search for the DVD release date. And on a few websites, they are almost certain that the DVD will be release on


The 27th of Nov'06.......Heh heh heh...I am so totally going to get it LAH, but it will prolly be sold out early.

Anyhoos, I will be going to sleep now. Ta!

=Logged Off=

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[-Wednesday, November 22, 2006-]

Post No:#407

EDIT: Death Note 7, english subbed is out on Youtube now. Go search for it.

Alright, some new songs I like, and hope you like too. Heard them by chance on radio, Power 98 & Perfect 10, which, FYI, I seldom listen to cause I am rather stuck on Yes 933. Switched to Power 98 just now, cause the horror movie adverts (with detailed descriptions) on Yes 933 were freaking me out.

Alright less talk and more songs. First up will be:

I Call It Love, by Lionel Richie (Also on "Music Playing" section under Navis):

Lyrics as follows:

I look at you, you look at me
{You can’t tell me you ain’t feelin’ butterflies}
It’s obvious there’s some chemistry
{I think know why it feels so right}
Girl, I wanted so long to know
Now you’re tellin’ me you gotta let me go
{Don’t tell me I have to start all over again}

Never thought this day would come
{This is somethin’ that I wanted in my life}
I realize that you’re the one
{Now you’re tellin’ me it’s time to say goodbye}
What’s inside of my heart it ain’t gonna change
So it shouldn’t be so easy to walk away
{You feel it, I feel it, let’s not pretend}

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool
I just know what I’m feelin’
And it’s all because of you

Don’t tell me, I don’t know
I want the truth
‘Cause they call it, we call it
You call it, I call it love

It’s so clear for you to see
{Don’t let nobody tell you what to do}
Why they just can’t let us be happy, no
{I don’t wanna find somebody new}
If you know what’s really in your heart
Then don’t let ‘em tear us apart, no, no
{‘Cause you feel it, I feel it, don’t say we’re through}

Maybe I don’t know what love is (Maybe I don’t know)
Maybe I’m a fool (Mmm, hmm)
I just know what I’m feelin’
And it’s all because of you (Please don’t)

Don’t tell me, I don’t know
I want the truth
‘Cause they call it (Yeah), we call it (Yeah)
You call it (Oh), I call it love

We have a bond that’s unbreakable
And it’s not time to let it go
{We’re in love} At night and we know it’s real
We’re gonna let it show to the whole world
That I’m yours forever and you’re my girl

{You are my girl}
{You are my girl} You’re my girl
I don’t know

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool (Maybe I’m a fool)
I just know what I’m feelin’
And it’s all because of you (And it’s all because of you)

Don’t tell me, I don’t know
I want the truth (I want the truth)
‘Cause they call it (They call), we call it
You call it, I call it love (Maybe I don’t know)

Maybe I don’t know what love is
Maybe I’m a fool (I call it)
I just know what I’m feelin’
And it’s all because of you (All because of you)

Don’t tell me, I don’t know
I want the truth (Baby, I want the truth)
‘Cause they call it (They call), we call it (We call)
You call it (You call), I call it love (I call it love)

I call it love
I call it love

**Credits to

Next Up is: Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood


Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleached-blond tramp,
and she's probably getting frisky...
right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey...

Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo...

And he don't know...

That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seat...
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

Right now, she's probably up singing some
white-trash version of Shania karoke..
Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk"
and he's a thinking that he's gonna get lucky,
Right now, he's probably dabbing on 3 dollars worth of that bathroom cologne...
And he don't know...

That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seat,
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

I might saved a little trouble for the next girl,
Cause the next time that he cheats...

Oh, you know it won't be on me!

Ohh... not on me...
Cause I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seat...
I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

Ohh.. Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats...

Ohh... before he cheats...


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[-Tuesday, November 21, 2006-]

Post No: #406

Alright people. Heres the updates for today.

Firstly, well, I have to cancelled my birthday and then tell all my relatives its cause I don't want to make a fuss out of it...AND, only my 3rd Aunt(the teacher) thought there was something wrong. Called her and explained everything, and well, she is smart, I totally know why her students really look up to her. She guessed that it was something to do with my friends. 0.0"...

Anyways, today I received the e-mail about my accomodation in Aussie. Turns out that currently, the Foundation House is totally booked and I am on the waiting list, so just in case anyone cancels (which I doubt would happen with my luck), I will be in. But then for now, I will have to send them the Homestay accomodation form so that if no ones cancels, then I will be staying in Homestay. Great.

At least my top that I ordered online for $34 came today. Oh yeah, it was supposed to be for my birthday. Anyways, it came, I tried it on and it fits like a tee. Then I noticed that the bottom of the top was a bit detached (cause it a fake 2 piece top), so I had to sew it back, which wasn't that bad afterall.

I want to make a skin, but then, I can't find an image for it. I want to submit something onto DA, but there is nothing for me to submit. Yay me! Nevermind, at least I get to go out tomorrow. Gonna meet Halif and KW and some others whom I have no idea who, at a chalet just to relax. Then on Saturday, mum will be taking me out, and then ending it all with a dinner with my relatives at my grandma's place. Chilli Crab, YUM! Better than any catering I would say.

Oh wells, guess thats all...Shoo now.

-Logged Off-


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[-Monday, November 20, 2006-]


Post No:#405


My birthday celebration has been cancelled alright peeps? Too little people and there ain't anything special going on ya? So yea, its cancelled. As there is less than 10 people excluding relatives, cause many are not free, I can't order the amount of food or drinks or whatever there is supposed to be on that day. So yeah, cancelled. Thanks!


Alright here are the updates on the parry dinner and other stuff...

About the dinner, well, they mentioned it was formal wear and turns out it wasn't...And I wore a damn blouse and pants, with BOOTS! Damnit...Yes, I mean pants, you know, working office pants?!...*faints*

Anyways, went for the dinner and had a last look around Parry. The school is still the same with that giant field there (which I missed so much!). The trees are all there and the supposedly "haunted" annex building is still standing. Hahas, dinner itself was alright I guess. We mingled but as usual didn't mix together as the different cliques were on different wavelengths. Food was good (come on, its catered by Gim Tin!), but I didn't stay for the last 2 or 3 dishes cause my bro came early to bring me back. Nothing else to write about the dinner, except that whenever my camera was in someone elses hands, the photos always always turned out blurry, so I ain't putting up any pictures. =D

Well, might be meeting Hans on the 27th, for an outing...Not sure whether its confirmed or what, but I am sure looking forward to it as there might be some Kbox involved. Of course, I am ecstatic to meet my friends as well. Hahas...

What else what else...Oh yeah, I am still wondering if I got cheated online or something...Bah...

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[-Saturday, November 18, 2006-]

Post No:#405

Hi people. I have submitted some photos up on Deviant Art, take a look yeah? Anyways, the pictures will be posted here, hahas. Bu for full view just scroll down a little on the navigation side and click on "my Deviant Art". =D

*Fallen Beauty* (On DA, its called Landed flowers. Lolz)

*Water* (Yes, dumb title I know...)

Hot favourite in DA is Crystals. Hee, never ever got that many comments on one photo, most of them got none.

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Post No:#404

Heya peeps! Those that haven't confirm please confirm with me ASAP yea?

Anyways, went out today! Like finally!

Met Kai Hua at Tampines Mall today to watch the movie Step Up. Its a really really nice movie and you should so totally watch it!! All the more if you love or are interested in dancing...The songs in the movie are so nice! I will be getting the OST as soon as it comes out...Hopefully there will be an OST.

Ate at the Food Court before the movie and halway through eating Hans replied my sms about my birthday. He said "Yes, I am free on that day, because I will be on leave from the 23rd dec till 8 jan (or smth like that)...." Wei, my birthday is on the 25th NOVEMBER! Not December...-.-"...Friends for 3 years you still don't know that...-.-"...Anyways, he called and we talked for about 10mins or so...Funny ass!

Went to Century Square afterwards to get our stuff, then took a bus back. =D...Going to see her and Jing tomorrow for Parry's dinner. Might be going out with my mum during the day to get a scanner, printer and my connection dock (for my laptop) tomorrow...Also to be brought to Aussie when I go. Hee...

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[-Thursday, November 16, 2006-]

Post No:#401

Heya peeps!!

About my birthday celebration, I have sent out the invite smses the rest that haven't receive will get it soon, promise.

Anways, if you are reading this, the celebration will be starting from around 6.30-7.00 pm, cake cutting will be round 8-9pm depending on whether the people have arrived and the time they are leaving. Location, as usual will be at my place, contact me for address (the net is a dangerous place). If you don't know how to get there, sms me, I will meet you all at Yio chu Kang or Ang Mo Kio mrt stations and then bring you all to my place. If you know how to go then don't need to meet me, just go by yourself, OR I can meet you at the nearest bus stop.

Okay, to sum it up, I will be meeting you all either at my house (if you know how to come), at Yio Chu Kang/Ang Mo Kio mrt (if you have no idea at all how to come), or at the bus stop nearest to my place (if you know how to come, but have no idea of the directions). Bus number wise, can take 72 or 88.

Thats about it. Food wise will be buffet catering, no worries, its Halal, I will make sure of that. Confirm with me ASAP via msn, sms, e-mail or call me before the 20th can? Cause I need to order the catering for the correct number of people.

Hmmm, guess thats all for my birthday, so far only 6 people confirmed coming (yes its a pathetic amount, but I only sent out the smses yesterday!). So, yeah, faster confirm wor!

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[-Wednesday, November 15, 2006-]

Post No:#401

Whoots! Just moved my whole blog to Blogger Beta, or something like that. Now I can use labels to differentiate my posts...But to edit all 400 posts will take, about a few days time. =D

Anyway, went for the medical checkup, yesterday (yes, its already the 15th! I am glad you noticed)...Went for the X-ray first and everything was fine, and they wil submit the forms for me. =D...Then went to Paragon for lunch with mum at Tambuah Mas, I totally love the Indonesian cusine there!!! Their ES Chendol is one of my faves cause it doesn't have any of those icky red beans. Heh...But didn't get to eat it today cause I have to go for a urine test for the medical checkup...My mum was like "You eat lah, later they diagnosed you with diabetes..." Wth...

Then halfway through the examination, the radiographer called and asked me to go back there and take the X-ray again from another view (which looks like a pregnant woman pretending to be a chicken leaning backwards. Stop laughing damnit!). And before I left they said that everything was okay and I don't have to do anything else...Imagine if I had gone home! Grrrr....

Okay, other than that, I went to Flesh Imp today, but didn't get any clothes though their VERY VERY tempting promotion caught my eye. "Exceed $50 in one reciept and you get a necklace worth $29.90 FREE! 2nd item in one reciept is at 30%OFF!!" *Hyper-ventilates* But didn't see the tees I wanted there, prolly going to check it out again next week or something to get myself clothes for my birthday. OH, and I changed the moblie strap for the black card, and it got extended to next year's Nov instead of Sept which is when I applied for membership...

Clothes aside. I went to Toni and Guy today...No, I didn't get a haircut, I don't think paying $55 for a junior stylist is worth it. But what I did get was a conditioner and shampoo which the color technician suggested to me. And since it's cheaper than my original conditioner and is supposed to work better, I decided to give it a try. Will post updates on the products next time...

Anyways, some photos:

Thats it for now!

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[-Tuesday, November 14, 2006-]

Post No: #400

Whoots! Its my 400th post in this Blog!

Well, didn't manage to go out today AFTERALL. Zzzzzzzz...But managed to ask my mum and bro to bring me to AMK central to get the face scrub, hair mask and whitening essence...

Used the Loreal Smooth Intense hair mask just now and left it on for around 5 mins, the tub said to leave it on for 1-2 min! Blow dried my hair as usual, then I was thinking that I prolly have to use it a few more times to get results. But guess what?! My hair is almost back! The softness is comparable to when I used the Kerastase's conditioner on 2nd use, and it doesn't feel so dry anymore...But I can't find the Kerastase's conditioner at Red Tomatoes today...Prolly going to go back to Heatwave to get it or something.

About the St Ives apricot face scrub (medicated), I used it even though you shouldn't scrub your face when you have blemishes. But somehow, my pimples look flatter!!!! Totally going to get the cleanser too, if I can find it that is.

The Za whitening essence...I started using today and I will post more about it when I have used it somemore. =D...

So now I got my hair back...Lets hope my skin can go back to when I was in secondary school, the perfect complexion...Wahhaha, yes, I am exaggrating, but at least I didn't get breakouts then...

Going for a medical checkup tomorrow which is needed to be submitted for the Aussie Visa...Oh yeah, I will be returning on June 18 I think, for 2 weeks before heading back due to sem break. =D...Have to stock up on my hair masks and conditioners now that I have found the perfect ones!!!

Will keep you guys updated, so for now, watch this space...

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[-Monday, November 13, 2006-]

Post No:#389

Whoots! Done downloading apisodes 20-26 of Jigoku Shoujo!! Like finally! Yes, I know I haven't updated in eons, pardon me, but there was just nothing going on!!

Watching episode 23 now, and I totally love love love this series. Totally going to watch the next season.

Anyways, a new skin is up on blogskins. Its one of my personal favourites too, dedicated to city dwellers, its callcity streets. Featuring 2 images I took of the city at night while in Brisbane.

And once again, as follows the links:

Link to d/l and preview via blogskins: --->Here<---
Link to Blogger preview: --->Here<---

My hair is in its worst shape yet. Totally going to head to Watson's to get a hair mask tomorrow, then get my conditioner from a shop called Red Tomato at AMK, no matter whether I am going out or not. Prolly going to get some scar whitening thingy from ZA too...Damn scars.

Oh wells, guess thats all, I am going back to Hell Girl now...

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[-Saturday, November 11, 2006-]

Post No:#398

Just finish watching Ghost Hunt Ep 2 & Death Note Ep 6 via BitTorrent d/l. Kinda slow, but faster than waiting for Youtube. Now downloading ep 1-26 of Jigoku Shoujo.

I can't wait for the next episodes to be out!!! Super addicted. Well, the last time I check Youtube has up to Ep 19 of Jigoku Shoujo, Ep 5 of Death Note and Ep 2 of Ghost Hunt...

Been eons since I last STEPPED into a cinema. The last movie I actually caught in the cinema was Tokyo Drift...And thats like, 3-4 months ago!?!!

And I haven't watched Death Note! To think that the 2nd Death Note movie will be out on Dec 28!! The Grudge 2 has been out for about 9 days now and I want to watch it too! All this movie cravings are going to break my budget...

Movies, movies, movies...

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[-Thursday, November 09, 2006-]

Post No:#397

Another skin is up...I know I know, I am producing skins really fast, average of like once a day now...

Theme is Time Stopped.

Preview on Blogger : Here

Preview/Download on Blogskins:Here

Anyways, I brought Charm to the Vets and spent another $120 on his medication...Seems like he is not adjusting well to SG's climate...

Oh yeah, mum booked the flight for me already. Am leaving at around 11pm on the 9th of FEB'07. That means, I will be at the airport like 2 hours before at 9pm...You guys come send me off alrighty? Hahas, if you are free that is. I am going alone, my mum ain't going with me...Bah...

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Post no:#396

Wanted to update this early this morning at about 12.30am, but blogger won't let me, so I went to sleep. Now I have to retype all over again. Bah...

Anyways, a new skin is up on blogskins, using a different layout this time, cause I am getting a little tired of the old ones. Featuring my brother's backview. Hahas!

Screenshot as follows:

And the links:
1) To view on Blogger --->Here<--- 2) To d/l and preview on Blogskins --->Here<--

Well, thats that. Gonna have to bring Charm to the Vet's later. His rashes ain't gone yet and his medication is about to finish...He must be feeling super miserable, it must be itchy, but he jjust won't scratch himself, he just sleeps. He's been following us around, longing for a stroke or pat. My mum got the rashes from him so she can't touch him now. -.-"....

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[-Wednesday, November 08, 2006-]

Post No:#395

Flesh Imp has launched their Autumn/Winter season clothes!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT LAH!!!!!!

Don't blame me, I am a Flesh Imp addict afterall. But seriously, I saw the catalogue on their website --->Flesh Imp<---, and I at least 4 of them has caught my eye. If I were to buy them alone, it would cost me a total of...Let's see, $35 X 4 X 90% = $140 -$14 = $126...KA-CHING $.$ !!! Oh yah, I have a birthday discount, but lets not include that.

For your reference, the four that caught my eye are Black Deck, Jammin, Ghetto Blaster and Backstage. My birthday is coming (I must learn to be subtle, I must learn to be subtle...), *wink wink nudge nudge*, size is L, thank you very much. No, not XL, L!!! L from Death Note rocks! Oopps, sorry I side-tracked.

Whhy am I underage?!!?!? Flesh Imp is having their 6th anniversary celebration at Zouk...I want to go lah!!! *Bawls*.

Okay, I need to go dream of Flesh Imp now, byebye

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Post No: #394

Heya peeps. Went to the lawyer's office today to let him certify that the copies of the passports and my birth certificate are true, plus, be the witness for the under 18 consent form. Total cost was $100; $40 for the birth cert and passports, $10 each, and $60 for the witnessing, $40 for the first chop and $20 for the second. Ouch...

Wanted to go for the medical check up after that, but can't cause of the damned period. Bah.

Halif called me after lunch, talked for about 20mins or so. Seems like he is doing well for his papers so far. Good for him!! He also told me about the Prefects chalet which is happening on the 22. Seems like I am the first person he informed...Everbody now: "awwwww...."...Lolz...So sweet...I am still jealous that their prom will prolly be held at MOS though. If you have forgotten what MOS is, its Ministry of Sound.

Nothing much, I have some links to put up, but I am at my mum's office so I can't do that...Too bad...Boo hoo

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[-Tuesday, November 07, 2006-]

Post No:#393

Heya peeps, was looking through my images folder and deleted alot of pictures with lousy quality or has no meaning to it anymore. Somehow, looking at all those photos, really cheered me up a little. Guess photos are really the only things other than our memories that can capture that one moment which would otherwise be forgotten huh.

Anyways, a new skin is up on Blogskins.

To view in Blogger: --->Here<---

To view/download from blogskins: --->Here<---

-Logged Off-

Its so real its scary. I used to think it was no big deal, but now, in the middle of preparation, its scary, seriously.


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Post No:#392

Arrgh, scrape the thought that I will be going to Bangkok. Looks like it has been cancelled. OH wells, at least I won't be tempted to spend money on food and shopping there since its like so cheap.

Applied for my Student Visa online last night. Now, all I have to do is to go fora chest X-ray, medical check up and also go to a lawyer to certify copies of my birth cert, passports (my parents too), and the under 18 consent form has to be signed in his presence too.

I thought IDP was supposed to do the Visa for me, turns out, I have done it myself...Bah...And the school even sent the original copies of the eCoe and CAAW to me instead to through them. Oh wells.

I am bored...Scheduled for me ahead is nothing but ultimate boredness. Except for the Parry Dinner on the 18th and then my B'day on the 25th. I am bored to death, and my online shopping has yet to arrive.

Yay boring me!

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[-Monday, November 06, 2006-]

Post No:#391

Where did all the good skinners go?

Really good skinners (IMO) like LuridSlick, Ice-angel, -Chronicles(Of course they aren't the only good ones, I am talking about the good ones that are gone) have strangely disappeared from Blogskins. Maybe they are taking a break...But still...

When I got back to blogskins, I see people that can submit up to 5 skins in a day. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when they submit so many skins all within a time range of about 1/2 hour, most of the time, the skins are what I call, copy and pasted. The skins basically, have a plain background color, a small image on the side that has no work on it whatsoever, just cut and pasted from somewhere and then tables at the side. At least BLEND the image right?!

I am not that good at skin making either, I know. But shouldn't people put in SOME effort in making skins? If thats a new skin, fine, I understand, but if all the skins are like that and there is someone in each comment on the skins telling you to do more work on the image rather than just paste it there, then honestly saying, I don't find the point in them making skins loh. There are alot of new skinners coming up and only a handful of them are worth the time to view their skins.

I may sound scary and angry in my posts, but honestly, I am a very nice person, its just that I have been in a very PMS-y mood these few days.

No idea what got me so sacarstic recently...

Anyways, I am going to head to Wisma sometime soon, to exchange my Flesh Imp membership HP Strap for the Black Card...Who's willing to go with me? I guess no one, oh wells.

-Logged Off-


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Post No:#390

Heya peeps.

I think I will be heading off to Bangkok on Friday. I am not sure whether is the coming Friday or the one after that. Will be going with my parents. My dad is going golfing with his friend and my mum is going along so she asked me to go too. Whoots! Lucky Me! More photo taking!

Anyways, didn't get to check out Vivocity afrerall. Went to eat at Lei Garden @ Chimes with my parents for lunch instead. I love the egg tarts!! And I should have brought my camera along, I only noticed that Chimes was beautiful in its own way today...Bah, and I haven't submitted any of my works onto DeviantArt for sometime now, I guess I will dig up something from the older photo collections or wait till I come back from Bangkok.

Wells, its confirmed that I will be leaving SG on 10th Febuary next year, most probably midnight flight if anyone of you cares. And my mum is not going to accompany me on the flight there cause its too near to CNY. I will miss my Ang Paos!!!! Bleahs.

Guess thats all, I am outta here.

-Logged Off-


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[-Saturday, November 04, 2006-]

Post No:#389

Yes people, this is my second post. Scroll down to view earlier post.

Anyways, the 2 new skins are up.

-Canine Lover @ --->Here<--- -What Are Friends For/Loner @ --->Here<--- And the screenshots respectively:

Oh and seriously, I can't stand people that keep asking the obvious when its, well, obvious!

For example, when someone is eating, and you ask them "Hey, eating you dinner/lunch?" isn't it obvious? What else am I doing with utensils and a plate/bowl of food? Get into a food fight?!

Or, when I am preparing the food for the dogs and they just quietly wait for me to be done and you ask "Ey, they won't try to snatch the food when you preparing?"...Obviously they won't or they would have done it already now won't they?

The worse one has got to be when you are sleeping and someone goes "EY! You sleeping ar?"...No, I just close my eyes, and lie down on my bed with the lights off for fun. I mean, isn't it OBVIOUS?!

Yes, I am in a bad mood and am still sacarstic, so don't ask. Its obvious.

By the way for Hell Girl and Death Note fans,

lvl02 has uploaded Death Note ep5 with subs on Youtube --->Part 1 of Ep5

has uploaded Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo ep14 with subs on Youtube --->Part 1 of Ep14

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Post No:#388

Heya peeps.

Am busy working on skin making. Yes, I am back on Blogskins, its another outlet for me to vent and I need as many as possible.

Made a skin and submitted it about 2 days ago. Check it out --->Here<---. You can go to view the actual skin in use at the link given at the webpage.

Anyways, here is the screenshot of the skin:


Am working on two more and hopefully they will be up by tonight. I will be naming them -Canine Lover- and -What are Friends For-...As cheerful as the second one might sound, it is actually not so. Yay me!! (Ignore this)

Might be heading down to check out VivoCity tomorrow. Why might? Cause its not confirm, like duh. (Yes, I am still in a sacrastic mood). And as loserish as you guys may think it sounds, I might be heading down with my parents. At least I won't be spending my own money.

I am outta here...OH, you might want to check out some new links if you even spotted them.

-Logged Off-


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[-Thursday, November 02, 2006-]

Post No:#387

People are too damn busy with their own stuff to care. (Yes, I did not sleep last night and I thought about many weird things.)

Yeah yeah, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say that just cause I have withdrawn from my course and have nothing better to do than watch anime all day and read blogs, that I think everyone is as free as me.

Well, WRONG! I know everyone has their own time whereby they have to do their own stuff. But what if when you just want to hang out, but no one seems to be free, or they don't pickup your calls...or worse, they pick up and then say that their phone is running out of power 3/5 times you call. Yeah sure, maybe they really don't charge their phone.

Sometimes, I really wonder how many friends I ACTUALLY have. And they can definetly be counted off 2 hands. Bah...Talked to Tings the night before and made her a blogskin last night. Sorry, I side tracked.

But seriously, how many people are there when you want to go out and have fun. For some, maybe you can call anyone at anytime on your contacts list and they will be there, for others, you have to call and book and then hang out or have the 'date' cancelled.
For the rest like me, the contact lists in our phones are for decoration purposes only and are hardly used. I have over 100 people in my contacts, but honestly when I want to call someone to talk to, I can only call less than 5. When I want to go out with someone, it goes down to 2. So there you go, my pathetic in-exsistant social life.

BUT somehow or another, they seem to be free when others want to hang out. WOW, how nice, maybe I just chose the wrong time. Or maybe I am not as likeable as I thought I was, excuse me while I go into a corner and cry...boohoo...Friends? Bah...

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, November 01, 2006-]

Post No:#386

I am so bored that I think I might just rot away to nothing sometime soon.

Wanted to take my camera out for some photography, but then I remembered that my dad brought my camera to China. He has those professional kinds but he just won't take his cause he finds it too bulky and asked me to use it instead!! Wtf...

Anyways, I am still on that anime marathon of mine. So far I have watched:

Ouran High School Host Club- Finished, and it totally rocks!
Fruits Basket- Finished!!! Like finally cause I am watching it on and off...
Tsubasa Chronicles- Episode 48 (waiting for uploads)
Honey and Clover-Episode 2
Hell Girl/Jigoku shoujo- Episode 13 (waiting for uploads)
Death Note- Episode 4 (waiting for uploads)
Ghost Hunt- Episode 1 (waiting for uploads)
D.Gray Man- Episode 4 (waiting for uploads)

I WANT MORE of Death Note, Ghost Hunt and D.Gray Man!!!!!! (Note: The last four animes all have something to do with Ghosts, Demons and Death...Addicting!!)

The Honey and Clover opening theme is sickening, but a fresh change, but I always skip it. Food moving about always creeps me out.

I want to watch Death Note movie!! I heard that Part 2 of the movie will be out 28th Dec...

Anyways, I have the opening and ending themes for Death Note anime and the opening theme for Hell Girl, so you can contact me via MSN if you want them.

-Logged Off-


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