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[-Tuesday, February 28, 2006-]

Listening- The one I am waiting for, Relient K
Location- Office

Been surfing through the Panasonic website. And found another camera model which is definitely better than the one that I last selected. But there is one drawback, it will only be out in May or June...I am not sure...

It's the Panasonic DMC-TZ1.

5.0 Megapixels
10X Optical zoom!
4X Digital Zoom
And Image Stabilizer for people like me who can't hold a camera too long or my hands will become shaky.

As you can see, I am a sucker for high optical zoom lens. Haha. Mostly because I used to own a Sony Cybershot with only 3X optical zoom, and I can't take close up pictures when I want to.
That cyber-shot that I used to own...But mine was blue...

For example, during one of the Teacher's Day celebrations, I took a 1 minute video of one of the performing groups, but, it can't zoom in close. Or another time, when I wanted to take photos of the TKD and NCC groups during the National Day thingy from the second floor, I could only take a big group at one time, and can't recognize the people that I am actually taking cause they are too far away. So, I got pissed with the camera, and vowed never to use another camera with less than 5X optical zoom. Lolz...

But the Panasonic DMC-TZ1K is also quite expensive, priced at US$349.95 on, which is SG$568.372...YIKES! But still, it's value for price, right? I mean, I don't see any other compact digicam that has 10X optical zoom, do you?

Oh well. I think I will just have to wait and see. Let's hope this camera comes out earlier! I can't wait to get my hands on it...Haha...

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Listening- Now That She's Gone, JJ Lin Jun Jie
Location- Office

As like I always do, I spent some time looking over friends/celeb blogs before starting my work. And at Kenny Sia's blog, I found out that Tammy NYP's scandal is now made into pirated VCDs and sold in Malaysia. Actually I already knew that. But what I didn't know was that some other blogger (whom I didn't know at that time), got dragged into this thing, cause those people used her face on the VCD cover...

And when I looked at the picture that she compared the two of them, all I could say was that...Those people that made the VCD, they must be blind. Please loh, very big contrast can? It's like comparing Xiaxue to ummm...Xu Chun Mei can? Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little...How about saying that it's like comparing a Siberian Husky with a Pug? Or Lin Jun Jie with Zhang Fei. Not that Zhang Fei is ugly or anything...But...-.-"...

Oh well...But the thing is blowing over now, and I think that that's a good thing for her...
Guess what I did on MSN just now? I changed my nickname to "What took months to build up, came crashing down within minutes"...Normal right? You think...Looked at it 15 minutes later, it read "What took moths to build up, came crashing down within minutes" What the hell?! I think I really have to check my spelling before I submit anything, who knows what a word can become when it's missing one or have one more letter added to it.
I have made the font on the blog bigger so it's easier for you people to read...Plus, Eil said that my tiny font making her blind or something...Lolz...

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Listening- Superstar, Jamelia
Location- Home

FUCK!!! Stupid brother!!! Idiot...Say wanna use Friendster then go watch the Tammy NYP porn...Cheeken! Then everyone on my MSN can see that he watching cause I turn on the "What I am Listening To"...And Eileen thought that I was watching!!!! OMG LAH!!

My reputation is going straight down the drain...CHEEKEN!...Still dare tell me he never...Then contradict himself by saying that the file corrupt...Yah right, I believe you...And plus, Hans was online...Along with KW, Doris, MX, Jia Zhi, CMC...WAH PIANG!!!! If they saw and thought I watching...My reputation is so dead...

I shall say it once and for all...I don't watch porn! I find it super gross...Euurgh...I don't even know whether the place I am sitting at is infected with semen or something...Auurgh...Oh yeah, I not talking about Jason...He has his own computer...

You may think I am mean, saying that my bro watches porn...But the thing is, he told me to! Cause I was scolding him upside down and he told me "then tell them not you watch lah, your brother watch lah!!!"...See...He tell me to tell you all...Not my problem...

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[-Monday, February 27, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Sheng Jue Wang, Hong Junyang
Location- Office

Haha...I absolutely love love LOVE this SONG!!!!!!!! Been looking for the Han Yu Pin Yin lyrics all over the net, and found it on someone's blog. I didn't note the blog address, sorry...Tell me if you are the person, and I promise to give you credit...That is, if you ever come by my blog...

Yi Sheng Jue Wang - Jun Yang

Wo men si wu ji dan wo men cheng qun jie dang
Wo men mu wu zun zhang dui shen me shi dou bu man
Kan ze wo men de cheng zhang zhi hui zi zhao ma fan
Wo men jiu shi yi wu shi chu ni you neng zhen yang

Wo men don't give a damn na kan bu qi de yan guang
Wo men wei shen me dou bu shi wo men wei shen me dou bu guan
Wo men zi jian wei shen me hui jian jian de mei you yu yan
Wo men zi jian you dao qiang

Xue xiao lao shi shu shou wu ce fu mu chou ma wo men bu hui xiang
Ze ge she hui de biao zhun yi jing chao chu le wo men ze nian ji de you xian xiang xiang

Zi ren ding hui du shu jiu yi ding shi hao hai zi de ban yang
Bie yi wei kan bu qi wo men jiu gao su zi ji bi ren jia qiang
You duo shao ren guan xin wo men wei he hui zou cuo mi shi fang xiang
You you shui hui ti wo men xiang xiang ping guo wei he bian lan
Qi shi wo men ye zeng nu li yao zheng qu suo you ren de chen zhan
men xin zi wen ni men jiu jing gei le wo men duo shao xi wang

Lei shui yi jing liu gan, qian tu ye hen miao mang
Mi shi de ling hun, wo men ying gai zen me ban
Cheng wo men jiu shi tang huang de xie chu cheng zhang
Ran hou rang wo men yi sheng jue wang

You xie ren xing yun tian sheng mei you zhan chang
Wo men yi chu shi jiu shi zi ji gu jun zuo zhan
Zhan zai shi zi lu kou de feng yu zhong na han
Bu yao rang wo men yi sheng jue wang
-Hong Junyang-

I have yet to learn this song, but I hope to be able to sing it without looking at the lyrics or getting tounge tied cause the rap part is rather fast, and I can't rap fast...Actually, I can't rap at all...Lolz

When the I Not Stupid 2 VCD comes out (it's not out yet right?), I swear I am going to buy it...I can watch it over and over again without ever getting bored I tell you. And it's not because of Joshua Ang or Shawn Lee. is. They take up about 20% of my interest in the movie the rest of the 80% would be because the story is real and touching...

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Listening- Wang Li Hong, Forever Love
Location- Office

There is only one thing bad about the songs in JJ's newest album. That is, those songs managed to bring out the memories that I had tried so hard to let go and forget. Damnit. I thought I had forgotten about -him-. It was like ages since this post and the last post that I had spoken about/mentioned him was Febuary 6 2006?! If you didn't know who I was talking about that blocked me on MSN, now you know.

As I listened to JJ's songs. Memories of the times that I spent with him around came flooding back. The time that we argued over where to eat at Changi Airport. The times that I had to hold his folio while waiting for him to come out from the toilet. The times when I watched him and Hans played soccer in school. The times that I spent with him after school. The times that we took the train back together. The time that I woke him up on the bus as he fell asleep, even though Hans wanted to play a prank on him and let him take the bus till he woke up and find out that he is somewhere in Jurong. The times that I asked Mr.Ng about his how his D&T project was getting along and Mr.Ng told me to worry about myself. The times that we went to watch movies, just the 4 of us, me, Yeleng, Hans and him. The times that me and Yeleng had to wait 1/2-1 hour for him and Hans to turn up. Most of all, are the times that I make a comment and he shot something right back. Like when Hans nose got smashed by a ball, I went "ouch" and he said "Orh! Hans nose bleed you say ouch lah, then that time I fall down you no reaction." or the time when I called him to ask whether he is going out with Hans & Co. with me and Yeleng and he said "Of course lah, why? Miss me ar?" and I went "Pui Pui Pui!!! You go miss yourself lah, I then dun wanna miss you" and Yeleng heard...-.-"...The times that I collected homework and notes for him when he missed school. Those were the best days in my teenage life. I had so much fun arguing about everything with him. I am smiling as I remember those memories now.

I will most certainly miss those days. Even though right now, I want to hate him, I no longer can, cause I know that he was part of the group of people that I will always to forward to seeing in Coral Sec.

There were the good and the bad (memories). The bad will most certainly be the times where he practically ignored me throughout the whole month/week/day... The time that he shouted at me, once was enough...And most of all the time that we took back our testimonials, and Hans, Tata, Ting Ting told me what they saw. It totally spoilt my birthday last year.

All these memories, no matter good or bad, I had locked them up in a chest and buried it deep into my brain, but somehow, listening to JJ's songs brought them back out again. Especially the songs "Down", "Sarang Heyo Zhi Dui Ni Shuo (Say Sarang Heyo only to you)" and "Yuan Lai (I dunno how to write that in Engish)". Those songs...bah, they brought those memories that I had tried so hard to bury in my brain...And I shall have to once again, lock them up and bury them, deeper in.

And this shall be the last post that I will be talking about him on my blog. No more posts about him in the future, I hope...

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Listening- This Ain't A Love Song, Bon Jovi
Location- Home

Oh yeah. Did I mention that I just got the JJ Lin's new album? Well, I did!! And I have been listening to that particular CD for like 3 nights running now. Some of the songs I really like are "Down", "Ai Qing Yogurt (Love yogurt)", "Cao Cao", and some other songs which I can't really recall the name right now (and I am lazy to go to my room downstairs to get the album cover)...

I would have been listening to that CD now if not for my stupid stupid STUPID CPU cocking up. Well, it's not the CPU's fault, more of the CD-ROM drive's fault. It can't read any of the CDs or VCDs that I have tried to use. But the drive still runs! It just doesn't sense that any CD is there! Damn...I have to go get a new drive, and the hard part is installing it, cause I am basically an IT idiot. Guess I will have to get help from my brother, or I may have to end up downloading the album off the net and into my mp3 player which I really don't want to.

ARRGH! The iPod is taking AGES to charge up!!! I have been sitting here for like 1 hour plus! Plus I have to wake up early tomorrow!! Damn.

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[-Sunday, February 26, 2006-]

Listening- Vindicated, Dashboard Confessionals
Location- Home

YAYNESS!!! I finally got an iPod (my 2nd one. The first was stolen remember?)...I bought it on Friday, but then when I reached home, I found some scratches on it so I went to change it on Friday. Guess what? The person told me that there was no more stock, and asked me to go again today. And I just came back. =D

I bought the 30GB iPod Video. Yes, I bought it. My mum sponsored $50 but I paid for the rest. Didn't get a nano this time round though. I wanted a white one, but they didn't have any...Too bad...


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[-Friday, February 24, 2006-]

I took an IQ Test and here are my results.

The Classic IQ Test
What's Your IQ?

Congratulations, Karie!
Your IQ score is 120

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Precision Processor. This means you're exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic. You're also resourceful and able to think on your feet. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.
Sooo, is that High, low or average?

I checked the net, and found out that the average person's IQ is about 100...Which means I am only slightly higher...=D...If mine is 120. Then Coral's Top students and RI/RGS people will get what kinda scores? 190? I don't know...

But it's quite a fun way to kill your, go try it!
Then another test...

Karie, in your Cinderella story, you'd get to Kiss the Prince

You don't need the pouffy dress, the fancy hair, or the 3-inch glass heels. A romantic soul like you just wants a guy who's a true companion, a good friend, a real prince. And if he's hot? All the better. But ultimately, you know that home is where the heart is. Which is probably why you surround yourself with good friends you can take care of and laugh with — friends who will do the same for you.

But that doesn't keep you from fantasizing about the perfect relationship. It's not that you don't have your feet firmly planted on the ground. It's just that you're not afraid to shoot high. Or wish upon a shooting star. So keep reaching for your goals, Cinderella. If you do, your happily ever after can't be far away. And you can seal that with a kiss.

And another...

The Ultimate Personality Test
The Real You: A Scientific Analysis

Karie, you're an Observer!

That means you're one of the more kind-hearted people around. You are unusually intuitive, and you probably understand yourself, as well as others. That also means you're a good mediator — though you may prefer to spend more quiet time on your own than most.

Because of the self-knowledge you already possess, you are better equipped than many to steer your life in the right direction. Understanding more about the components of your personality will reveal unique information that even people like you might not realize. And the better you know yourself, the more confident you'll be making decisions that affect your life.

How do we know this about you? Because while taking the test, you answered questions that measure the basic traits that make up your personality. We scored your answers on different personality characteristics and discovered not only that you're an Observer, but where you stand on those proven scientific scales.
Last one.

The Emotional IQ Test
How People-Smart Are You?

Karie, your Emotional IQ is 120.

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Tickle's Emotional IQ test. But your Emotional IQ score is much more than just a number: it's an indicator of success.

Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence scores — not necessarily those with the highest IQ scores — tend to be the most valued and productive employees and have the longest and happiest romantic relationships.

So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is empathy — your ability to see things from someone else's point of view.

OKAY!! I am still bored, and I have loads of work to do...But I am lazy lah.

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Location- Office...

Second post today.

Many Singaporeans have been talking about the recent "Tammy NYP" case. But I don't want to comment too much, cause, what she does is her buisness not mine. I have a choice and I chose to ignore. She most probably is getting hell from her parents, school, friends and media already, so, give her a break will ya? And plus, it's not like she posted it on the net on purpose. Her phone was STOLEN and the person that stole it is currently the one that I think is at fault.
People have labelled her cheap, dirty and the video disturbing. You can always not look at the video if you think it is disturbing. And tell me, exactly how pure and innocent are you? Unless you are not going to have sex in the future, then, you are almost the same as her. (except for the video taking part)

Even the radio station that I always listen to is asking people about their comments on this case. I don't understand why they are doing this. Maybe they want to know how people feel about it and try to look at it from the public point of view. But all they are doing is acutally putting pressure on that girl.
If she can't take this in her stride, then she might do something stupid (a.k.a killing herself?).

That is the typical kind of situation you get if you make one mistake. People will start talking about it. Your friends won't acknowledge you. Your family is ashame of you. People you have never met in your life starts to ask you about it when you are out and about on the streets. Strangers stares and points at you as if you are some rare species of animal in the zoo. They talk in whispers around you. And if you have to courage to go back to classes and lectures, nobody wants to have any kind of association with you and you get laughed at or teased by the whole population in the school. I actually pity the state she is in, and it's all because of one slip that she made in her life.

Think about it. If you were in her shoes, what would you do? If it was me. I will most probably never live it down and just end my life. Cause, even though killing yourself does not solve any problems. It justs saves you of the humiliation that you have to endure while living. But then again, some people will say even more things when you kill yourself. Then when you die because of this kinda things, people will start blaming the media. Saying that the media was too harsh blah blah blah...

Overall, when I first heard of this, I felt bad for her which then grew to pity....

Yes, I contradicted myself when I said that I won't comment too much, thoughts just flowed as I wrote!
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Location- Office

Hmmm...Remember the post where I counted the amount of cash needed to allow me to study Vet Science in University of Sydney, Australia? Well, I might not have to study all the units of study afterall.

I e-mailed the Faculty and they replied me within 1/2 hour! That's like, fast?!
The e-mail.

Hello Karie
Please see following Faculty Policy on:
'Credit Standing for Previous Study'
Students who have already completed university study may be eligible for credit standing in specific units of study.

Credit standing may be granted under the following circumstances:-

-The student’s application substantiates that the content of unit(s) previously studied overlaps by a minimum of 75%, the content of the unit for which credit standing is sought. Applications where previous study has not included vital components of the unit in which credit standing is sought, will be rejected, even if the vital component constitutes less than 25% of the unit.
-Relevant previous study took place within five years preceding the year in which credit standing would apply
-The previous study was in a relevant context to the unit for which credit standing is sought: this ‘relevant context’ to be determined by the unit of study coordinator.
-The grade achieved in the precious study (studies) was credit or above.

Students must be enrolled in the undergraduate degree program before an application for credit standing will be accepted. An exception is made for year 1 international students who, upon receipt of the confirmation of enrolment (COE) in the degree program, may apply for credit standing in any unit in which they are required to enroll in their first year of study. Students may submit their application from overseas and obtain a provisional judgment. The provisional judgment will be confirmed when all original relevant documents are viewed by the relevant academic staff of this University.

The application (Faculty form), together with all relevant supporting documentation must be submitted to the Faculty Office at least three weeks prior to the commencement of semester in which enrollment in the unit is required.
Relevant supporting documentation should include a detailed unit/subject/course outline (eg class topics on timetable), learning objectives, mode of assessment and original statement of academic result or academic record.

Students with credit standing will be granted the average mark attained by their peers (undertaking the unit in the year in which their enrollment would have been required) for the purpose of calculation of the Weighted Average Mean (WAM) in relation to their eligibility for an honours degree.

For more information regarding the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, please view our web site: To view the 2006 Faculty Handbook (which outlines the BVSc undergraduate courses and the curriculum years 1 to 5), go to

Lee Mashman
Administrative Assistant
Faculty of Veterinary Science

+61 9351 2441
+61 2 9351 3056

J D Stewart Building B01
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

At 12:02 PM 23/02/2006, you wrote:


I am a student who might be studying Diploma in Biotechnology (Veterinary Science Option) at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. I would like to ask whether I will be able to be exempted from some study units if I take up Bachelor of Veterinary Science in the future.

Many thanks,

Well, I must say that the person who replied really gave a thorough explanation about the Credit Standing for previous studies. And I hope that under the right circumstances, I will be able to get into that University after Poly. Even though it might cost a bomb.

If I ever get a notebook within this year. Then I think I will most probably get the Thinkpad Z60. One thing i really like about it is that it has a Rescue and Recovery software, which is really good, cause I don't have to worry about my files getting into trouble with the many viruses lurking around the Internet.

And if I get a camera within this year, it would most probably be a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2S . It has a 2 things that I need and want in a camera.
1)6X zoom lens
2)5 megapixel resolution

Hee...Get the full specs here...

Gotta go!

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[-Wednesday, February 22, 2006-]

Listening- Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See), 5566
Location- Home

I can't believe the amount of paper I used at the office today! I think I used like 400 plus sheets of paper for photocopying! I am killing trees, yes I am. Okay, here is the story:

There I was sitting at my desk, and this new Zoo Vet game that I just downloaded off the internet, and suddenly, my co-worker, Mr.Wong spoke.

Wong- Ying xuan ar...Boss(my dad) asked you to help him photocopy something
Me- Orh, anything loh, won't take up too much time wad. (Boy, was I WRONG)
Wong- Ok. Nah, give you. *Hands me a book that has about 400 pages(One new pack of white A4 printing paper is about 500 sheets)*
Me- Wad page?
Wong- Everything...heh
Me- WAH! Siao!...Buy new one better right.
Wong- I also think that, but your father say photocopy...
Me- ...-.-"...
-Mum appears-
Me- Mummy! Papa siao liao! He want me to photocopy this whole book!
Mum- Then photocopy loh.
Me- Cannot ask Ah Boy(my eldest bro) go buy ar?
Mum- Aiya photocopy lah.
Me- You know ar! If photocopy outside need to pay $40!! And the book only $20 plus...BO hua (not worth it)!
Mum- Aiya, you know your daddy one...And photocopy at in office what, no need pay money.
Me- W'lao...Kill trees man...-.-"

And I started photocopying the whole book, including the contents page, cover page and the rest of it. It took me 1 bloody HOUR! To finish the job. WTH!

Here is the book. Quite blurry, cause I was in a hurry.

(It's as thick as my Sec 3&4 D&T Textbook! And it's all words with a few diagrams)
This is the photocopied product.

(Looks like I killed a lot of trees huh...)
Heard that some people has been asked to go for course interviews at the polys they chose. Especially those that chose Mass Communications. I guess that it's the norm that they do these routine interviews & I will keep my toes and fingers crossed for you people! Good Luck!!!!!!
Kenny Sia's recent post is hilarious!!! A large number of his blog posts are really funny, so if you need your daily dose of laughter, just go there! Haha...He makes me laugh. *I have his webbie on my links*

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Listening- Radio...(must I say which station I am listening to?)
Location- Office
Action- Eating

Hmmm...The pork and century egg(pi dan, not xian dan) porridge is not up to standard today...Too watery, but what to do? I already bought it and it's my breakfast. Plus, I am definetly not going to bring my ass downstairs to buy something else to eat.

I just got into the office, cause I had to accompany my mum to send my dad's car for servicing. The passenger seat vibrates when the engine starts. And they said that we can collect it later in the afternoon.

Oh yeah, you know that people say that monkey see monkey do? Well, in this case, it's not monkeys, but humans. The thing is, there were 2 computers at the Toyota service station which allowed customers to use the internet while waiting their turn. For the first 15 minutes that I was there no one even bothered to look at the computers, but then, this guy went to use it then walk away, and suddenly it looks as if everyone wants to use it! Wha?! So, if that first guy did not use the computers, then no one will use it? Typical Singaporeans, we have to see someone use it and not get into trouble then we will start to use it.

Oh yeah. My maid has been found and she certainly had more than $100 with her. She went to her embassy and if you look at the amount of time she took, she most probably walked there. And before leaving she took some money from my dad's leftover Ang Pows (Red Packets) from CNY. Smart eh? She said she wanted to go back to her country, that's why she went to the embassy. But why didn't she just go to the agent? Well, simply cause, if she returns to the agent, then she has to return all her loans, but then at the embassy, she doesn't have to. She is so smart.

Oh well, my porridge is getting cold and I have to get back to work soon.

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[-Tuesday, February 21, 2006-]

Listening- Radio...Yes93.3fm (what else do I actually listen?)
Location- Office

Darn, I had written a 2 paragraph long post and my mum won't allow me to publish it. BAH! Nevermind...I will write about something else.

Did you know that the King Cobra only eats snakes and that they only attack other animals if they are threatened? It's true. I didn't know that till I watch the National Geographic Channel earlier today. Man, this is cannibalism!!

Talking about cannibalism...Go here , scroll down and prepare to get grossed out. If you don't think that it is sick, then you better go visit a psychologist.

"Chinese performance artist Zhu Yu (the guy in the photo of that paricular website) made a name for himself by eating a dead baby on film. It's not clear what the artistic merit of this act was supposed to be, but we're sure there must be some. The photo shown here prompted a massive furor about the Internet and art, as well as inspiring a purported "investigation" by the FBI and Scotland Yard, which included baseless threats by the latter agency to shut down Rotten Dot Com. It's not at all clear whether Zhu Yu actually ate a baby for the sake of art, or just simulated eating a baby for the sake of art, or actually ate a baby for the sake of his sick fetish thrills while claiming it was for the sake of art." (From here.)


Let's drop that subject. It's grossing me out totally.

I haven't bought JJ Lin's new album yet! I can't wait to get my hands on it! I have heard that new song like so many times on the radio!!! I am going to go mad soon if I don't get that album.

Oh yeah. Have you heard of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)? I am quite certain that most people around my age has heard of it before. At least you can tell from the title it is given. Combustion means "burning of" so SHC is alleged burning of a person's body without a readily apparent, identifiable external source of ignition(fire, spark or anyhing that can start a fire)...How can a body burn down to ashes except for a leg or a foot, while the rest of the room avoids being consumed by the flames? That is what many don't understand (including me). Read more about it here

Not a lot of people might know about SHC, but even less knows about Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility. The person who can no longer be physically seen has shifted into a higher frequency than 3D - therefore cannot be seen with our physical eyes. Personally, I didn't know about it either, till I found this site through searching for cases on SHC.

This will make a good read for those that are interested in paranormal events. No, it has nothing to do with spirits or ghosts...

Okay, I will go read up somemore about paranormal stuff...Remember in primary school where we had to do projects? Well, my school told us to look for these kinda things and my class came up with serveral interesting things. Including UFOs, Bigfoot and some statue that cried blood...Can't remember, but I know that my Primary school library had books on those kinda things. I really like reading about these things...Lolz...

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[-Monday, February 20, 2006-]

Listening- Dong Jie, JJ Lin
Location- Office

Seems like the results of the JAE application are tentatively scheduled for release on 3 Mar 2006 (taken from MOE website). Which is like 11 days away?! I didn't even notice how fast the time flew, they said that it will take 3 weeks, and now, only 11 days are left!!

The results of the JAE application is accessible via the following modes:

-JAE-IS, accessible through the JAE website.

-MOE Hotline, at Tel: 6691-2131;

-Form D, which will be sent to all applicants via postal services.

Soo...After we get the posting results...Then what? TP starts on the 27th Apr...Would I be spending like, 1 more month doing nothing?! DAMN! I can't wait for school to start, even though I might be totally new, at least I will have a schedule to follow and can plan my time properly instead of just lazing around, whether at home or in the office...

OH MAN! Now I remember! Chu Hua asked me to go out with her and Chu Yun on 3rd March! HAHA!! Cause their exams would have finished by then. Seems that they will be one of the first to know where I am going to end up! HA HA!!!

Oh well I will go back to printing cheques...

Oh, and did I tell you I hate people that look as if they are so superior? I hate smug and haolian faces and would love to stamp on them till they become roti prata...

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[-Sunday, February 19, 2006-]

Listening- Cao Cao, JJ Lin
Location- Home

Hmmm...I had nothing much to do today, and I decided to calculate how much will the cost of studying Vet Science in Australia be.
University Of Sydney
Course-Bachelor of Vet Science

Tuition Fees-$177,600
MISC Fees-
OSHC: $330, 12 Months
Living Costs: $360 Per Week, $18,720 Per Year
Student Activities Fees- $604
Textbooks, uniforms, tools...-??


Type- 1 Person Studio
Package- Annual Package
Cost- Aud$230 max...Per week
5 Years- $55,200
Deposit- $500
ID card- $18
Includes -Water
-Tele connection
-Line rental
-Use of facilities.

And the total was AUD$254,292 which is SGD$306,616.69 ...KA-CHING!!! $.$...That is like ALOT of money!! I had already calculated the cost when I was in Sec 3, but then I have no idea which idiot deleted my Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, excel, Word), and I can't read it now...But then I remembered that it was more than this amount. Maybe cause I changed the accommodation, and minus off the cost of the foundation studies.

The SGD$306,616.69 is only a minimum cost of how much it will cost to study Vet Science in Australia, and it does not include my personal expenses, and other miscellanous stuff the course might require me to buy, like the textbooks.

Hmmm...There is still no news of my maid...Otherwise, nothing much has been happening...

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[-Saturday, February 18, 2006-]

Listening- Ni Bu Zai, Wang Li Hong
Location- Home

WOW! It's my third post for today! Including the one written during midnight...I know, it was not that long since my last post, so why don't I just continue from there...Well...No...

Okay! I don't understand something...HOW? Can people hate each other to the core and still behave as though they are friends when there are like a lot of other people around...I also don't get, how some people can hate you so much, but still be friends with you...AND, last of all...I don't get why, people just love to backstab each other...Yes, I might have done all of the above...No...I have done all of the above, so that does not make me perfect...And it does not make me understand it any better though...

It has happened to me like 3 times already?! That is not alot, but still...And why, WHY WHY WHY?! DO I act as if I have my arms open and ready to welcome them into my LIFE?! Or home, for that matter...WHY? Cause I wanna look gracious? Oh who am I kidding...The answer would most probably be because that I don't want other people to become upset just because I hate that person. Why do I even care, you might ask...But come on! You know I know that I hate you and you hate me too! SO, why put up the act, just so others won't get upset?! I don't think so...I think it's because, I don't want someone to run off telling the person that I used to think was a friend about how I have been mistreating her and not welcoming enough...SO, I have to act now, don't I?

I have said so many times and I will say it again...If I don't like the person, I won't pretend to like him/her...But, somehow, I can't do that. Especially in front of people that can easily be a threat to my reputation/image to someone that I care for...But when the person that I supposedly treat as a friend leaves and does not keep contact with me whatsoever, I won't bother to act in front of anyone related to him/her, why? Cause that person is already outta my life...Okay...This is becoming personal...

If you think I am talking about you, then you are most probably right...But go on, ask me...I will tell you whether or not it is you...Okay...Last of all...Why is it that everytime I pretend to like that person, then the person that I care about during that time will turn their backs on me and go off with that person? So why do I still act? I think that if this happens again, I will most probably just shut the doors on the person that I hate and let them do their talking...Cause it will just end up in the same situation, and I rather save my energy to pretend that I hate my cousins when I really do love them...

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Listening- Vindicated, Dashboard Confessionals
Location- Home
Talking- Ting Ting...

BAH! BAH! BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Yes, I am cranky...Why? You don't wanna know...Okay, I shall stop being so mysterious, cause I know you wanna know right?! Well, cause I just found out something that is seriously ruining my life...The two people that I currently hate most is most probably going to end up in the same Poly as me...Even though it's not the same course...How big can TP ever get?! Come on! This seriously sucks...BAH!!! And!! There it includes someone that is able to go JC, but is going poly instead, why? I have no idea, cause that person is like always going on and on and on about how great she is...GO JC LAH!!! Pui!!! Okaay, I am acting like some childish kindergarten kid...But...WHO CARES! BAH!

Then another moron that comes close to those two, I hope, he does not end up in TP too...Or I will most definetly join Ting Ting in MI or Chu Hua in SP...OR, even better, go overseas...BAH!

Life sucks...Nevermind, at least I will be having some friends in TP...But I still have no idea who chose the same course as me...I guess I will have to find a new group of people to lame and hang around with. Darn...This sucks...


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Listening- Wei Yi Se Cai (Only Colour?), Aaron Kwok
Location- Home
Talking- Jessica (from Tuition)

Okay...I am bored, and it's midnight!! And it's finally the WEEKEND!!!!

Okay...I have no idea what to post, but I can't get to sleep and the blogs that I usually read has not updated themselves...Hmmm, let's see, what can I talk about...OH YEAH! Let's talk about some things that I need to get...

For My Own Entertainment-
1)JJ Lin's New Album
2)Tian Guo De Jia Yi's series(Heaven's Robe...or something)

For going to poly (HOPEFULLY SO)-
1)New sling bag...My old one is in pieces...
2)MP3 Player...Hopefully an Apple or Creative manufactured...More than 6GB...
4)New siao friends to hang out with...I would prefer the old ones...but different school, what to do?
5)Bus and MRT concessions!!! Which cost a friggin $97 per MONTH!! No wonder SMRT got so much money...
6)New stationery (includes notepad, notebook, pens etc, hole puncher, stapler...)
7)New folder/ring files to keep notes in...
8)Maybe I will get a new bottle too...The old one keeps leaking...
9)Digital Camera...(For those snapshots...)

Okay! Now that the list is done...

My mum went to the police report to inform them of the missing maid, but I didn't go with her, so I don't know what their conversation consists of.

Well, my mum is hollering at me to go to sleep...

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[-Friday, February 17, 2006-]

Listening- Radio, Yes 93.3fm
Location- Office
Mood- Bored, Hungry...

BAH!!! Screw the computer!! I just finished typing out the post, and the computer hung!!! I went like "Wha!??? #@$%&$@$#%&!!!!" I really hate this computer at times when it does this to me...

Okay...So, as I was supposed to have already written, I got a new template as you people can see. I got bored with the old one even though it was barely 10 days ago that I got it, and I decided that I need to get in "touch" with my animal loving self (oh, who am I kidding...), so I went to look at the animals section in Blogskins...And I took only 30 minutes to find this, which is short compared to the last one, that took hours!

I would have liked it better if it was featuring, let's say, huskies, golden retrivers or wolves better than cats, but still I am indifferent to cats, so it doesn't really matter to me. I like the "poem" at the side, but I can't say that same for the title, which keeps switching between the two sentences. Personally, I find it a tad irritating.

There is still no news about my maid (who has ran away), but my mum is going to lodge a police report soon, but first, she has to get the passport from the agency.

Nothing much to do at the office today...No, cancel that. There was absolutely nothing for me to do today!! I spent the day playing Metal Slug...It was that boring...zzzzZZZZzzzzzz...

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Listening- Cao Cao, JJ Lin Jun Jie
Location- Home

I know I know, the album isn't even out yet, so where the heck did I get this song? (Cao Cao, JJ Lin)...I just found out that he has a blog, so I decided to visit it, out of curiousity, and there was the song, playing loud and clear on his blog!! I am going to add his blog address to my links if you want to visit it too...

I want his new album!!! Will someone get it for me? Nah, I am kidding, I will get it myself, even though it is easily downloadable over the internet. I think I will try to get it tomorrow, which is the official release date, I hope I will manage to get one from either CD-Rama or Sembawang, cause sometimes, they are sold out when a popular singer comes out with a new album...

And there is still no news about my maid, I have no idea where she might be, unless she is at her friend's place, but would her friend's employer even let her in? Then where will she sleep? $100 is not a lot in Singapore, but if she sticks to having her meals at the food courts or kopitiams around, and walk or take the bus when it comes to transport, it may last her about...more than a week...That is, before she gets caught by the police. No, we did not lodge a police report, but then what if they wanted to check her work permit or IC? She left those at home...

I will go read JJ's blog now if you people don't mind...

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[-Thursday, February 16, 2006-]

Listening- Crawling Back To You, Backstreet Boys
Location- Home

Okay! My maid ran away this morning! At around 5.45am? My mum went through her things and found out that one of the bags she has was packed with food? Like canned tuna, sachets of Milo, condensed milk, biscuits and those stuff that we usually pack in case of an emergency. And she(my maid) has been acting weird these few days, and I thought that she was becoming mental...

And yesterday, my mum was asking me whether it would be okay if she didn't want the maid, and now, she's gone! Poof! Vanished in thin air! So yeah...She also said that her husband has not written to her for some time, and the last letter was like 27th Nov? And she also has an empty box of oral contraceptives (something that you take so you won't get pregnant)...Now, don't say that we are invading her privacy, if your maid just dissapeared like that won't you worry and want to know why?! Come on! I bet you will go through her stuff too, if she hasn't taken them along that is.

My mum called the agent who suggested that maybe she ran off with some guy or something, but then again, she does not have any "off days", so how would she have met a guy? Okay, maybe she met a guy around my place, but I doubt it.

Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait for news...

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Listening- Careless Whisper, George Michael
Location- Home

Okay, I just changed the 2 english songs, and they were like from I don't know which era, but I really like these 2 songs, though I must say that the original Careless Whisper is better than the one he sang live...And well, here are the lyrics...

1st Song, Only Love by Trademark

2 am. and the rain is falling
here we are at the cross roads once again
you 're telling me you 're so confuss
you can't make up your mind
is this meant to be ?
you asking me
But only love can say
try it and walk away
but I believe for you and me
the sun would shine one day
so I just play my part
pray you'll have a change of heart
but I can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

in your arms as a darkness's breaken
face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
these happy aren't the pain
if we give in love
if we learn to trust
But only love can say
try it and walk away
but I believe for you and me
the sun would shine one day
so I just play my part
pray you'll have a change of heart
but I can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

I know if I can found the words to touch you deep inside
you give my dream just one more chance to live with fill our last good bye
but only love can say
try it and walk away
but I believe for you nd me
the sun would shine one day
so I just play my part
pray you'll have a change of heart
but I can make you see it through
that's something only love can do

That's something only love can do

2nd Song, Careless Whisper by George Michael

Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind
there's no comfort in the truth
pain is all you'll find

Should've known better

I feel so unsure
as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
as the music dies, something in your eyes
calls to mind the silver screen
and all its sad good-byes

I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

Time can never mend
the careless whispers of a good friend
to the heart and mind
ignorance is kind
there's no comfort in the truth
pain is all you'll find

I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste this chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

Never without your love

Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We'd hurt each other with the things we'd want to say

We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But noone's gonna dance with me
Please stay

And I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

(Now that you're gone) Now that you're gone
(Now that you're gone) What I did's so wrong
that you had to leave me alone

And I will change the chinese videos soon too...

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[-Tuesday, February 14, 2006-]

Listening- Scars, Papa Roach
Talking- Kangwei

Guess what?! My Valentine's Day wasn't so bad afterall!!!! I received a present...Guess what it is...No it's not flowers, neither is it a teddy bear (I have enough of those)....It's....CHOCOLATES!!!! And not just any chocolates...It's Ferrero Rocher!! (I say until like it's Godiva chocolates or something...lolz...)

Now, guess who gave it to me? No, not my friends, not my dad (Of course not! Siao ar?)...It's my BROTHER!!! Okay, that is no big deal, but then again, I am desperate for presents this Valentine's Day am I not? Ok, you can ignore what ever I have said before this...

Now, on a more random note...

That's me and Chu Hua at the taoist event held to help us ummm, change our luck for the better...Chu Yun was there too, but the photos I took with her turned out fugly...I was the one that spoilt the photos anyways...lolz...Not her...(why is it that my dimple never shows when I take a picture huh? HUH??!!!) *Slaps self*

Oh yeah...and here is a series of pictures that I took while I was bored...
No, that is not drumsticks, that is the chopsticks we used for the Lo Hei at Mandarin's Pine Court...Super long...

Was Bored....
Katong Mall

Okay, I shall stop being lame and go back to TV...
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Listening- Yes 93.3fm
Location- Office

Sorry for the lack of updates people!! Been busy with dinners these few days. Frist, there was the company annual CNY dinner, then the Yuan Xiao (last day of CNY) dinner with my family, and since I USUALLY update my blog at night, I could not do so these few days...

Just finished reading Kenny Sia's latest post (Feb 13) and I almost got a stomachache laughing...Especially his last sentence "Nabeh, want to drink one cup of coffee also have to like bai Tua Peh Kong liddat." (copy and pasted from!

Yes, Valentine's Day is here and the radio station I am currently listening to is playing every friggin' mandarin love song on earth! BAH! Well, at least I spent the night at Mandarin's hotel with my parents. They asked me if I wanted to join them! And stop calling me a Dian Deng Pao (Lightbulb?). At least, someone wished my Happy Valentine's Day this morning. Thanks Chun Wei! Even though you sent the message at a very early 7.30 am this morning while I was still sleeping with my head facing down.

Screw Valentine's Day! I don't say that only because I don't have someone to celebrate with, but then again, what's the big deal?? If your b/f treats you like it's Valentine's Day everyday, then, what's so special about the day that they sell flowers at outrageous prices and everywhere you go, there is a couple holding hands and the girl is probably holding flowers or a huge 32" BEAR! Random Note: I have tons of teddy bears at home...BAH!

Lolz...Obviously I don't mean what I say, I am merely stating the facts...

Anyways, may all couples have a great Valentine's day while I stay cooped up in the office or at home, and singles like me find someone to spend Valentine's with...

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[-Saturday, February 11, 2006-]

Listening- Only Once, Yellowcard
Talking- Jia Zhi, Talisa, Suxin (retarded)

I am in a state of shock. Ong Suxin (a.k.a retarded) got 11 points for his L1R4 and 14 points for his L1R5!!!! I knew he was smart, but that is shocking!!!!!! Somebody help me, I think I am going to faint. But still, I am not going to stop calling him retarded, cause the way he behaves, is really retarded...

Jia Zhi's results were good, and he is going to continue studying in a poly instead of a JC, cause he doesn't like JC's lifestyle, I think...For me, I have decided to go on with Biotechonology, at Temasek Poly, because after some consideration, I still want to be a Vet, and since Temasek Poly (TP) has an elective on Vet Science, it would be dumb of me not to go, right? Then another factor is that, it is one of the easiest polys that I can go to (in terms of transportation), cause it is located at Tampines, and I can easily take a bus there...

After thinking about so many courses, I still settled for Biotechology, weird ain't it? I guess, that afterall, my passion for animals still won over my passion for design and photography. I decided on Biotechnology when I saw my dog looking at me through the glass door...SO CUTE!!

And I know that, animals, for one, will never lie to you, and are definetly more trustworthy than humans, secondly, animals cannot talk, and they cannot tell you how they feel, and whether they are sick, and I think there is a beauty in the way that the Vet is able to "understand" how an animal is feeling, you get what I mean?

Well, enough about Vet Science...let's talk about the 12 choices that I made...

1) Biotechnology, TP
2) Biotechnology, Singapore Poly (SP)
3) Biotechnology, Ngee Ann Poly (NP)
4) Biomedical Science, NP
5) Law and Management, TP
6) Product Design & Innovation, NP
7) Creative Media Design, SP
8) Industrial Design, Nanyang Poly (NYP)
9) Interior Design, SP
10) Mass Communications, NP
11) Food Science, NYP
12) Biotechnology, Republic Poly (RP)

I tend to follow the course that I want instead of the location of the polytechnic. And my choices are mostly Science or Design based..Other than the Mass Comm and Law...Yeah, so...That will end my post...=D

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Listening- Which To Bury, Us or the Hachet, Relient K
Talking- Kelson, Kangwei

Bah...Parents, they really like to contradict what they say don't they? Like my parents for example, they tell me, go for a course that you are interested in, otherwise, you won't even study for it...Then when I tell them Creative Media Design, Interior Design and Visual Communication...They will tell me "Tan Bo Jia one!! (In english, it means that you won't earn enough to eat")...Then I will say "I thought you tell me to go for my interests?", and they will start on how I wanted to become a vet in the past, so why change now? And when I explain to them, they never get it!!! And now, they are telling me, take Law...I know I am interested, but then did they consider my temper? I think I will be the one getting sued instead.

I think I will end up taking Biotechnology afterall, then continue to take Vet Science then come back and be a vet...Life is so boring. Interior design not good meh? I mean, what is so bad about that? Everyone needs a home to live in don't they? And Kangwei thinks the same as my parents! Wth? And now Kelson is telling me how much a lawyer's signature is worth...BAH!!!! I can't sign properly! (That was random, yes)...Then my eldest brother is telling me to study anything that is IT, cause computers, they won't bore you at the very least, then you will earn quite a lot of money! I am not interested in IT!! Oh well, I will just go and think about it somemore, cause that is that only thing I can do right now, other than asking seniors on their experiences with their courses...
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Listening- So Confused, 2Play & Raghav
Location- Home

O levels results were released TODAY! And I could not sleep last night, well, I did, but I had some freakish nightmares, about the "Cow and Chicken" cartoon on Cartoon Network...Freaky, and weeird...Fell asleep at about 2 am, then met Talisa before we went back to get our results, and if you were wondering, we did get into school, Mr.Seetoh and Mr.Sam didn't see our coloured hair, somehow...

Before I release my results to you...Here is something...Harry Pan Weijie topped the whole school! With 6 distinctions, followed by Sean Marcus and Joti. Smart people...bah! Then Kangwei topped the whole school in FREAKING ENGLISH!!! (English ONLLLY!!!!!! action...)
I present to you...Kangwei! With a distorted face...lolz...

I have no idea why he is doing this...but if I get nightmares, it will be his fault...

Then when Talisa got her results she CRIED!!! (She was scared to death before she got the results) Because she passed her MATHS!! Haha...Then she practicaly broke my neck while hugging me and crying happily...Then it was my turn...I was like "Miss Lum!! I got fail not?!!! Got fail not!!!!!!!?????" and she was like "No no, you improve ALOT you know?!" haha, turns out that I passed my maths too!!! (not very well I might add, but for someone tha tgot F9s throughout the whole year, a C6 is not bad...)

I got an A2 for English, A2 for Design and Technology (LOOK AT THAT MR.NG! You owe us LUNCH AT SAKURA!) I am glad all those hours I spent paid off, well! Then C6 for both Maths and POA...B3 for Combined Humanities, B4 for Chinese, and C5 for Combined Science (was a bit dissapointed with this result)!!!!!! Haha...I passed all, and I improved ALOT for my Humanities and Mother Tounge(chinese)!

I look freaking ugly and fat...lolz...think it was cause I had to squeeze in then my hair got messed up...

Ting Ting was a bit dissapointed with her results...But she was okay when she left so I didn't worry too much...But then after Talisa and Ting Ting went back, I stayed around cause I was supposed to meet Halif and tell him my results, so I ended up celebrating with him at Elias Mall's McDonalds...haha...(He had chicken FAN-Tastic, when wasn't so fantastic afterall...)

At Mac's...lols...What is so nice to laugh at...lolz...=D

Talked alot with Halif and put alot of pressure on him cause I trusted that he will do VERY well for his Os this year, and I am supposed to go and meet him in school when he gets his results next year...Haha...=D (Must do well ah!!! Make me proud!!!!)

Then went out with my parents to eat at Suntec...Had the Indonesian food there...Lolz...I like indonesian food (I liked them since young in case you are going to suggest some stupid reason...) !! Haha...then I came back, and here I am, updating you guys on the happenings today...=D

But now, I still have no idea what course to go for...Old friends would know that I had wanted to be a vet ever since young, but now, when I think of it, I get rather sick of it. I have no idea why, I used to love science alot but then last year, the science teachers I had at Coral really killed off all interest I had for science, seriously...I mean, the way they teach?! I never want to see that kind off teaching again...SERIOUSLY~

So I am thinking about the Creative Media Design course at Singapore Poly, but last's year COP was 13, so I am not sure...I am not really interested in animation and games design either, and engineering...Is boring to me, then for Mass Communications, I am interested, but then somehow, I know that I won't do well, cause I am a bit afraid to talk to strangers, then for Law, I am interested, definetly interested! Cause it's really amazing how the law works doesn't it? If you get a good lawyer, you get away with some things like murder (supposed to be hung, but in the end? Ends up in prison...Not for life too sometimes...), so yeah, I enjoy seeing justice brought to light...That doesn't sound right...But you know what I mean...But since I have such a intolerant temper, I better not take law, or I might just throw something at the judge...Lolz...

Then there is Food Science...uh-huh, of course I like food! Good food, that is...Haiz, this is really messing my brain up...I think I will go sleep on it then come and tell you all my decisions tomorrow, hopefully...Lolz...

-Logged Off-


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[-Wednesday, February 08, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Sheng Jue Wang, Hong Junyang...(It's on the radio...)
Location- Home

I think that the links on my blog are causing problems for some people, cause, they cannot use the right click on the mouse, and if they click on the links that I have, my page just dissapears when they might have not finished with it, so I went around looking for the code that can help me open all links in a new window...I found it at this website , and now, you don't have to worry about suddenly going off this page when you click on the links (which is very irritating, I know...) So, go to that website when you have trouble with HTML or Javascript, cause it provides a really detailed tutorial...Who knows, maybe I will decide to make my own blog skin someday(when I am bored...). Haha...


I was bored (what's new?) the day before and went to look for some videos on nature, and guess what I looked up? Crocodiles! (No thanks to Hans) I hope you "enjoyed" them as much as I did...=D...Oh yeah, there are also some on snakes, octopus and sharks...So, sit back, relax, and prepare to get the shock of your life...

Video number 1: Bungee Dangers...

In case you don't get it...The guy almost got his head snapped off by a crocodile...I hope he didn't do that on purpose...

Video number 2: Anaconda Vs. Croc

Why do I have a feeling that this is what happens to the snake after?
Photo from BBC News
Obviously, the snake in the picture is not the one in the video, I was just using my imagination.

Video number 3: Dead? Or Maybe not. (I would suggest you lower the volume)

One word...DIAO!

Video number 4: Who is eating who now?!

This is disturbing...

Video number 5: Break My Bones...


Okay...So, now you know what kind of lame things I do when I am bored...=D...

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[-Tuesday, February 07, 2006-]

Listening- Li Xiang Qing Ren(Ideal Lover), Rainie Yeung
Location- Office

After an hour of searching, I finally found a new template for my blog. I thought that the old one was getting boring (as usual), and that I needed something lighter, and not so dark and depressing. It was difficult to find a template like that, cause, almost more than half the skins in Blogskins are emo, gothic and as depressing as they can get. I started in the anime section, then to the "light" section, and finally settled for this. I started searching from around 11? And it's already 1.11...Wow...

So yeah, I thought I would try something new for once, and I like it better than the ones that I had used in the past, it was about time I moved on anyway...What am I talking about?...I mean, that it's about time I changed my blog skin.

Valentine's day is closing in, and it will not be any different to me, cause there will be no celebration going on that includes me...I think I will just stay home, pop some popcorn and watch VCDs...

History of Valentines Day:

-Valentines Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II -Rome was involved in many bloody and unpopular military campaigns. Claudius the Cruel, as he was known at the time, was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. He believed that the reason was that roman men did not want to leave their loves or families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome.

This was when a Christian priest named Valentine came to defend love in the empire. Valentine began to secretly marry couples despite the emperors orders. When Emperor Claudius was informed of these ceremonies Valentine was sent to prison where he remained until his death on February 14 in the year 270.

It wasn't until a few hundred years later when Valentine's Day began to develop as we know it. At the time Christianity was beginning to take control of Europe.

As part of this effort the Church sought to do away with pagan holidays. Valentine's Day came to replace a mid-February fertility festival called Lupercalia. In honor of his sacrifice for love Valentine was made a saint and Lupercalia renamed in his honor.

Until today the tradition of honoring Valentine continues. The themes of love and fertility taken from the ancient meanings of the holiday have endured and evolved with our contemporary adaptations of its meanings

-Another version had St. Valentine jailed for helping Christians. While Valentine was in prison he cured a jailer's daughter of blindness. Claudius became enraged and had Valentine clubbed and beheaded on February 14, 269 A.D.

-Yet another story claims that Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her letters that were signed "From your Valentine."

Taken from here and >here

Find out why cupid is the main Valentine's Day symbol here!!
Valentine's Day is on February 14 in Korea. On that day, many girls and young women give candies to their boyfriends.

There is another special day like Valentine's Day in Korea. We call that day 'White Day." White Day is on March 14. It is just the contrary of Valentine's Day. Many boys and young men give chocolates to their girl friends. Some confess their love to their girlfriends on that day, so many young women look forward to it.

But young people who had no girlfriend or boyfriend didn't like those days because they spent them alone. So, they made another special day called 'Black Day' for themselves. Black Day is on April 14. On this day, they have Jajang noodles with their friends who are in the same situation. Jajang noodles are black, so that is why they call it Black Day. However, it is still not as popular as Valentine's Day and White Day.
In Japan, there are two days for Valentine's Day. One is on February 14th, and the other is on March 14th.

On the first one, the girl gives chocolate to the boy whom she is falling in love with.
On the second one, the boy gives candy to the girl whom he loves. So, before February 14th for one week, we can see a lot of kinds of chocolate displayed in the shops.

But most girls in Japan don't want to buy those chocolates to give to the boys they love. They think it is not true love if they don't make the chocolates themselves. So, the chocolates in those shops are just for their friends or bosses or somebody whom they like.

(Mdm Tan once said that March 14th is heartbreak day, cause on that day, if the girl does not receive a gift from the guy they love, then it means that the guy is not interested...Thus their hearts break...lolz...)
*The Korea and Japan celebrations are taken from this website .


Different coloured roses have different meanings, and different amount of roses also have different meanings
-White Rose = I respect and look up to you
-Red Rose = Everlasting Love
-Purple Rose = Love at First Sight
-Deep Pink Rose = Gratitude, appreciation
-Light Pink Rose = Sympathy
-Yellow Rose = Try to care
-Burgundy Rose = Unconscious Beauty
-Orange Rose = A new beginning
-Green Rose = Fertility, Fruitfulness
-Black Rose = Death, New Beginnings....
-Blue Rose = Mysterious
Number Of Roses (Talking about red here)
1 - The Only One
2 - Two Of Us, Deeply in love
2 joined together - Engagement
3 or 1 in full bloom - I Love You
6 - I want to be yours
9 - Love each other eternally
10 - Perfect (In chinese "Shi Quan Shi Mei")
12 - Satisfactory union and mutual affinity
13 - Secret Admirer
24 - Thinking of you 24 hours
36 - Feeling romantic attachment because you come to me
44 - Constant, unchangeble pledge
50 - Regretless Love
56 - My Love
66 - Sucessful Love Affair
99 - Understanding makes love eternal
100 - Remain a devoted couple till old...(Bai Tou Xie Lao, Bai Nian Hao He)
101 - No other love but you
108 - Please Marry Me
111 - Eternal Love
123 - Free Love
144 - Loving you day and night eternally
365 - Loving & thinking of you everyday
999 - Everlasting and Eternal Love
1001 - I will be faithful till forever...
(Taken from here )

SO, by now, I am freaking tired...lolz...and you all should know about the meanings of roses blah blah blah...Hope that all couples out there will have a Happy Valentine's Day when it comes!

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[-Monday, February 06, 2006-]

Listening- It's Gonna Be Me, N'Sync
Location- Home
Talking- Kangwei, Talisa, Yan Hao

Okay...It's confirmed! The day that we have all been waiting for! The release of our O level results...It will be this coming Friday, at 2.30. I am freaking out!!! I wasn't nervous before, but now, the day that our results are going to be released approaches, I am scared, I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown in school that day...That is, if I even get in...

That would be because of my "atrociously" dyed (coloured) hair. Simply because, my school, Coral Secondary, does not allow anyone who has dyed hair, painted nails, make-up, piercings(for guys...And not more than 2 for girls), and those in home clothes to recieve their results with the rest of the people that obeys all the rules and are in proper school uniform. WHEN, most neighbouhood/convent schools allow their students to collect the results as long as they are in their school uniforms (sometimes, they don't even have to be in the school uniform). So, why is Coral kicking up such a big fuss about those "rules" that we supposedly have to obey? Yeah, we are still students of the school, but it's the LAST DAY, dammit!! Don't come and tell that I can always not go back and get my results (That is really dumb), I can don't choose to be Coral Sec's student ( I already am?) and the rest of that bullshit...SO LAME CAN?! I am just ranting on the lameness of the rules, so, if you don't like it, that's your problem, I didn't ask you to read this...
Anyways, I will still be going back to get my results (DUH?), I will still wear my uniform (Must respect the school), but I will NOT spray (with the temporary colour spray) my hair black, cause it will make my hair 1) Sticky, 2) Dry, 3) Smell Bad, 4) Be totally disgusting..........So, if they won't allow people like me to go in and get our results...I will see what to do then..By the way, who is spraying their hair black? Then another thing is that, last year, some of our seniors sprayed their hairs black, but still, they were not allowed in, because the teachers can still "see" the colours, when no one else could? Bullshit...
*I am merely stating what my seniors told me...*
Oh yeah...SOMEONE is blocking me on MSN...Not that I care, but he/she can go rot in (no, not hell, not heaven) a cave filled with bats and bats shit...How I know? Cause, if I block you on MSN, then even when I change my nickname you won't know. And if I didn't block you, then even of you never see me online, you can still see changes in my nickname. And, his/hers, MSN nick has not changed for the past 3 months (from what I can see), but then, his/her friend told me that he/she has changed the nickname...Which, concludes that that particular inhuman being, has blocked...Yes, I am so smart, I know...Nevermind, if he/she does not treat me as a friend, then I will also not treat that person as my friend...

(And to think that before I knew this, I was wondering and worrying about how to tell that person that the results are out soon, so that that person can come back and receive the results, and everyone was telling me to heck care about him/her...So now, I will say...HECK CARE LAH! The person die is the person's problem...The person's stead can take care of it!)
I will never take someone as a friend if he/she does not treat me as a friend.
I do not BEG people to be my friend.
I do not NEED that kind of people in my life. They can go rot somewhere else...
and last of all...
I think that blocking people on MSN, so that you don't have to face them, is super cowardly and childish...

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Listening- Ba Ai Fang Kai (Let Love Go?), F.I.R
Location- Home

Hee...Ting Ting & Co. came to my place to "bai nian" but Wei Hao and Brian didn't come along...But still, we had fun, watching Wet Dreams 2 (Yes, I am allowed to watch, it's rated NC16, and everyone there was older than me), then Xuan made some tuna sandwiches cause they were starving...And I told them that my mum made Lu Zhu Jiao (Braised Pig Trotters), and Xuan went "WHAT?! Why you wanna "Lu" my legs?!" And I was like *blink blink* huh? Then I found out that in their group, 3 of them were born in the year of the pig in the zodiac...lolz...So lame...

Then after they left, I went to my grandma's place for dinner, cause it's Ren Ri (the day all humans were born, in the Chinese belief...), nothing much there, except that me and my kid cousins kept saying "So lame, So cool, WADEVER!" like how Jack Neo and Shawn Lee said it in I Not Stupid Too...lolz...

Went to Jia Ci's place today to "bai nian" plus housewarming, her place is SUPER BIG can? Makes my house look tiny...Her bedroom (plus balcony, toilet((Her toilet is 2 1/2 times my toilet))...) is biggger than my living room...I think it's about my living room, plus half of my dining room the length...And if you shout from the toilet, you won't know if the person is shouting from downstairs or from the toilet!! GOT ECHO OKAY?! Show you picture of her bedroom...Her light is a small chandelier can?
It may not look very big...but that was only like 1/2 of the room? The room cannot fit into my phone...It's quite dark cause we didn't turn on the lights...
Then here is a photo of the princess...

No, she's not the one in the middle...Actually, she is the one behind, with glasses (spectacles)...Yes, the one with the short hair, in white...

Clockwise direction- Jia Ci, Jing Yan, Kai Hua...

Met a girl there, and she told us she is 31...But seriously, she looks like a 17 year old! When she told me she was 31, I was actually shocked...And I didn't believe her...And she told us of an incident where she went to a piano school with her friend, and she asked for brochures for adult piano lessons so that she can bring them home and look it over, and the receptionist said this "You sure you want to take adult lessons? We have piano lessons for teenagers you know? You want the adult lessons for sure?!"...-.-"...

Don'ts think that there is anything much to write, unless you want a very specific and detailed timetable of my activities...lolz...

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[-Friday, February 03, 2006-]

Listening- Special K, Placebo
Location- Home
Talking- Kai Hua...

Just finished talking on the phone with Halif (no, Halif is not Hans...), he postponed the gathering (his belated birthday celebration with us) to next week, cause he can't go tomorrow as he will be visiting Ngee Ann Poly...And he told me that the O level results will be out NEXT WEEK!!! OH NO!! And he also said that Mr. Osman told them that it would most probably be on the 6th...And with the news from Ting Ting, who said that Victoria Junior College (VJC) and some other junior college told their students that the results will be out on the 6th...But from what I heard from some others, they said that the results will be out on the 10th...Oh well, it's only a difference of 4 days anyway...

I still remembered that Mr.Benny Ng said that if our class gets an average of less than 3 points for his subject (D&T) he will treat us to lunch...HAHA!!! But it will mean that most of us must get at least an A2 for that subject...I asked if Wei Hao and Brian missed the D&T lessons and doing the project and they said "NO!" immediately...So, does that mean that I am the only one that misses D&T? What a sad thought...

Went to visit the doctor today, as I am down with the flu!! BAH! He gave me a prescription that required me to take at least 5 kinds of medication! Luckily I am not studying, or else, I would have spent the whole day sleeping in class, like I did at my grandma's place after visitng the doctor...I didn't want to go home, cause there would be nothing to eat for lunch (other than the pasta (which I have gotten sick of) that the maid makes almost everyday!), and I didn't want to go to my mum's office cause I was damn sleepy and since my grandma's place was like a 5 minutes walk from the doc's, I just went there and spent the day sleeping (about 5 hours)...And when I got home, I spent for another 3 hours sleeping after watching Flightplan with my mum!!! Hav eto go take my medication in another half hour time...

Ting Ting, Mandy, Xuan'er, Rick, Brian and Wei Hao will be coming my place to bai nian tomorrow...Let's hope that they all meet at Yio Chu Kang mrt, so that I won't have to rush here and there...So sleepy...Pictures tomorrow! I promise!

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Listening- Kai Bu Liao Kou , Jay Chou
Location- Home

I think that some things, are meant to play a part in your everyday routines like wearing a watch or bringing your handphone along before you leave the house...Cause, when I went to my mum's office today, I forgot my WATCH!!! Haha...I actually felt uncomfortable without it! I mean, like really uncomfortable, like I was missing a earring or there was a tear in my jeans or something...Then I found my bracelet in my dad's toilet, so I used it as a substitute...Even worse...I kept looking at my wrist to check the time then have to remember that I forgot my watch, and put my hand back down halfway, or reach up to scratch my head...It was so awkward!! I think the people on the train must think that I am mentally-ill or something...

Finished up my work at my mum's office, and was supposed to meet Chun Wei to go to the Ngee Ann Poly's open house, but I skipped it, cause only Yiming, Wai Siong and Ben Nah was going, and he told me that Yan Hao also going, luckily I found that that Yan Hao is not going, or else I think I will be bored to death...It's just that I find it easier to lame and speak with Yan Hao, cause we share quite some things in common...
Then plus Hans called me and asked me to go watch Fearless with him and his gang, and I also asked Ting Ting along so that I wouldn't be bored alone with those guys...In the end, Hans already bought the tickets for his group for the 12.40 show...AND he told me that they are meeting me and Ting to watch the show at 1 or 2!!! That arse...I ended up having Billy Bombers for lunch with Ting Ting at Century Square...Their Cape Cod Fish and Fries is really worth the money!!! It comes with 3 pieces of deep fried fish that are like the size of my palm (overall lah), and a large portion of fries that are thicker than my fingers...And we shared the Cheese Fries! Drinks...Is obviously the famous Root Beer Float...

Love their root beer float!! I am addicted!!!!

Super nice Cheese Fries!!! (Definetly nicer than KFC's...duh...)

Then after that, we went to meet Hans & Co. at Burger King, Pavillion...Then head back to Century Square! -.-"...Then after stoning there (I saw Jia Wei there!! lolz...), went back to Burger King! And stoned there from about 4 to 5.30?? And we did not buy anything till the last 1/2 hour...Haha...But Hans they all were lucky, cause they had THREE Playstation Portables between them (Ying Liang, Ariffin and Kah Wei...), so, as what the typical males do, they started playing the games...Those rich bastards...

Hans is smiling like a pervert...What are they looking at? Porn?

You can see one PSP held by the guy between Hans and Marshall (black shirt), and another by the one behind Kah Wei (white with red stripes)...Kah wei hasn't taken out his yet...Then when Wei Hao, Brian and Meng Cheng finally arrived, we went to play pool...Nothing much there, except that Hans was not on form, and even I won him...Weeird...Oh yeah, I saw Janice there too...Well, actually I felt her, cause, she whacked my back from behind me...-.-"...Painful!!! Then when we left about 1 hour plus later, Hans and his group went back, while me, Ting, Meng Cheng, Brian and Wei Hao went to have dinner at Swensen's (Changi Airport)...

Meng Cheng must be realllllyyyyy tired huh...

The train was moving, so the picture is a bit blurrish...heh...Meng Cheng distorted his own face on purpose...Lolz...the one beside is Brian, and the one that only has part of an arm and leg is Ting Ting...We ate Chicken baked rice (Brian, Wei Hao, Ting) and Curry Chicken Baked rice (Me, CMC), and ordered an Earthquake to share... But Wei Hao had a cough and can't have ice-cream...TOO BAD! Haha...Then CMC took a bus back on his own, and I caught another bus with Ting and the two...They practically talked about Maple Story throughout...But my dad came and pick me up at the bus stop...=D...So I saved on the taxi fare...=D

The weird palm belongs to Ting Ting...Wei Hao doesn't look too happy wors...This was taken when we were on the bus, I was bored with the Maple talk...=D...

Guess that will end this post for today! Nights!! *Oh yeah, and by the way, if you want to watch the Fruits Basket series for free...go HERE

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[-Wednesday, February 01, 2006-]

Watching- Fruits Basket...(Japanese Anime, about the zodiac...)
Location- Home
Last Read-

Cont' (from last post)...

My uncle had to treat about 24 people to watch the movie I Not Stupid Too, directed by Jack Neo...=D...And I must say that I am not sorry to watch it, cause it's a GREAT movie!!! I mean, the story is so real life and so touching that you can actually feel like it's happening to you, instead of you are the audience, and it also lets you think about your daily routines...

The opening lines are made to set the audience thinking..."When was the last time you were praised by someone?...And when was the last time you praised someone?"...But then...the movie a bit violent, and its better for those that are above 12 to watch it, otherwise, it may cause the younger kids to act like Joshua Ang or Shawn Lee in the movie...

The movie is touching, funny and true at the same time, and I think that Jack Neo did a great job...=D...especially the LAME parts...

-When Chengcai's (Joshua Ang) dad was admitted in hospital, the principal and chinese teacher of Chengcai's school went to visit him and told him that it will be okay lah...He will be discharged within 1 or 2 days...Yes, he got discharged...In a coffin...-.-"...lolz...

-Shawn Lee's dad (Jack Neo) tried to close the gap between the both of them and started to become lame...literally...He was using the phrases So Cool, Wadever and Lame whenever he could...He asked his son out to dinner and ordered a LAME Chop(lamb chop)... and asked the waiter if he could move the LAME (lamp) away...then when his son went "umm..ah..oh" he said "wadever!" (enthu sia)...then gave his son a new 3G phone (cool MAN!)...lolz...
Jason watched the movie before and he still cried...My mum also cried cause she got reminded of how she hit my eldest brother in the past...My grandmother was laughing when Chengcai's dad fell down the stairs then got shocked into silence when his head hit the floor...and I said "cho lah..cho" (laugh lah...laugh)...lolz...

I must say that their acting is much much better, and they also look more mature...Joshua Ang didn't change much...But Shawn so mature...lolz...I liked the song from the movie!!! Anyone knows where I can get it...(legally hor please...) It's called Yi Sheng Jue Wang...Not sure it's by who though...

Haiz...I have to go back to working now...Otherwise, I won't be able to go out with Hans, CMC, Ting Ting and maybe Talisa tomorrow...Supposed to be class gathering, but no one wanna go...-.-"...

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