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[-Tuesday, January 31, 2006-]

Listening- Yi Lu Xiang Bei, Jay Chou
Location- Home

"Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Ah! GOng Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!!!" *Smashes Radio*

Happy Chinese New Year people!! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as it lasted...think that most people have to go back to school tomorrow right? or issit the day after tomorrow? Anyways...I just hope that most of you had a enjoyable new year and collected many Ang Pows! =D...

The only stations that are safe to listen to on the radio during CNY are the english stations, cause they won't suddenly start playing CNY songs out of the blue...I am so tired of those Gong Xi Gong Xi...Cai Shen Dao...etc etc songs...arrgh! =D...Collected many ang pows this year! But it was lesser than last year...Not that I mind of course, I know that the economic is going down and that not many people can afford to be as generous as before...It's the thought that counts after all...=D...

The first day of CNY, I went to my Grandmother's place (as usual), cause it's THE place to go during CNY, as all the relatives will gather there, but we were like SOOO late this year that we missed some of the relatives...didn't get to take much photos, cause most of them didn't want their photos to be taken...I will post the photos later...Then it was SSOO warm at my grandma's place that some of us had to stay in one of the air-conditioned bedroom to keep cool...Well, actually no...even with the air-conditioner on...It was only NORMAL temperature can?! SO bloody hot...It's a miracle that my female relatives' make up didn't melt...lolz...There wasn't much gambling this year, but I won $1!!! =D (yes, one dollar I also shuang can?) Cause when I joined in, it was like the last round, and I didn't know...haha...

Still remember last time, when I was like 10? There will be this BIG (I mean big, like 10-15 people) group of people on the floor playing banluck (Blackjack), it was like so COOL then...But now, you are lucky if there is anyone playing at all...lolz...Then my grandma cooked loadsa food as usual...nothing much le lah...
(stupid photos...take so long to upload)
-First day of CNY-
Mum and her cousin(pretty Jessyca)...
My 2nd uncle and his son...
My two cousins... (2nd uncle's sons)
Taken when there was lesser people...

-Reunion Dinner at Gim Tin (AMK)-

NICE!!! Love the yu sheng...

Jason and Grandma...
2nd uncle...looking ti ko (pervertic)...lolz... dunno why turn out like that...

Told you there are very little photos...

Anyways...I watched I Not Stupid Too 1st uncle treated us to the had to treat a total to 24 people! haha...will post abt it later...damn tired...


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[-Sunday, January 29, 2006-]

Listening- I'll Be There For You, The Rembrants
Talking- Hans(stop about bobby hartono ALREADY...dumbass), Yanhao, Talisa
*Please dun give a fuck about the vulgarities used here...I am damn pissed...if you don't want to read vulgarities then dun read following para...*

-TAMADE!!! people can go fuck your own brains can!? I swear that I will scold the next person that tells me to loose weight until he goes and "long pia" (hit the wall...)...KNN...FAT THEN FAT LAH!!! BUAY SONG ISSIT?? THEN DON'T TALK TO ME CAN?! CCB...NO ONE FORCING YOU TO LOOK LAH OKAY?! If I lose weight till my aunt's size then give me $5K...EY I DUN XI HAN(want) YOUR SMELLY MONEY LAH!!! GO WIPE YOUR ASS WITH IT CAN?!? I dun give a fuck whether you are my grandfather or whoever else that I "supposedly" have to respect can?! Piss me off somemore, I dun go and bai nian!!!! (But then...thinking of the ang bao money, I will go...I will just ignore idiotic people that piss me off...)-

-The original paragraph was deleted caused it turned out that Hans was playing a prank on me (what's new?) I apologize to Bobby and the rest of the people that were affected by this...really sorry guys...I should have known...-
-logged off-


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[-Thursday, January 26, 2006-]

Listening- Wei yi Ai De Jiu Shi Ni (I love only you), Wang Li Hong
Location- Home
Talking- Talisa...

Arrgh...Suffering from stomachache...but am too lazy to go downstairs then come up again
to continue my post, so I will just REN (persevere)! Lolz...

Had a company dinner last night (24th Jan) at Lei Garden, and there was a huge drop in the food quality...the shark's fin soup with crabroe and crabmeat was was supposed to be really fresh and a bit sweet but I have no idea HOW a fishy smell got into the soup...and its those deep fried fish that kinda smell, which was disgusting, and then the lobster, they wrote it in the menu as baked, and it turned out deep fried (which was later confirmed that they deep fried it first then baked it...errr...) and all I tasted was the oil? Then the rest of the food was not really up to standard (I know cause I have eaten there loads of times)...errugh...Basically, I was really dissapointed...Alright alright, shall stop talking like some high class freak...Cause I am gonna complain about people that act class...

As you people know, I go to Phillip Wain for the gym and stuff right (Yes Kelson...stop insulting me)...then when I was there yesterday, this lao char bo (old woman) walked in after a class (think it was yoga or something) and started bitching to another lao char bo about the teacher...she was like saying things like
"She(the teacher) teach me the steps and I cannot remember then she say I got a very bad memory...Bad then bad lah! Her lessons so few people already still wanna hiam this hiam that (pick on this pick on that)...if I don't go they (Phillip Wain) will close her lessons cause you cannot have a lesson without students...Then she say about my memory all those I not happy mah, so I walked out halfway"

Hey...nobody gives a DAMN whether you like the teacher or not...blame it on your bloody memory lah...complain this complain one is BEGGING you to join their lessons can? Even if you paid for the membership fees, doesn't mean that you are Queen of the world can? You think people get paid to be bitched on by you meh?! Go get a life...or even better, do something to your bloody frizzy hair that looks like Cabbage's hair (Coral ppl will know what I am talking about) which cannot get any messier...Like to act class somemore...TMD...

ARRGH...Damn pissed off with people like that...But on the other hand...when I went with my mum to the nearest "mama" (provision) shop to buy some stuff...guess who I saw?! I SAW A SHUAI GE!!!!!!!!!! Ok...shall stop acting like desperado...SO SHUAI!!! lolz...please...ignore me...Then he is a caucasian...ahh *faints*, and he was blocking my way so I was like "Excuse me" and he said "oh...sorry" with that US slang!! Ok...I SHALL STOP BEING DESPERATE even though Valentine's is like 19 days away...Please ignore this paragraph, thank you very much...

Somehow, this thought came into my mind...Why is there something called Valentine's Day? (I know lah...the Valentine guy that help people get married secretly and was thrown into jail or something...but this is my lame answer to my question) It's because, guys (you can replace with a girl if you are a male) cannot seem to remember "important" dates like 4 month anniversary, 1 year anniversary, 100th day anniversary, their girls b'dae...blah blah Valentine's day is there so that they can easliy remember that it is a SPECIAL DAY!!! But then again, some guys are so hopeless that they still forget...AND! ON a random note, I will be spending my 16th Valentine's day alone...again...unless some miracle happen...cause, Ting Ting and Talisa both have people to celebrate with...guess I am stuck home with romance shows everywhere on TV...bleahx...or I can spend it with my DOG! (I shall not type the name for bloody obvious reasons)

Oh yeah...and here is something for you to go gaga over... me...the baby looks much cuter in real life and I took that photo with my mum's phone as my phone was dead...

AND!!! Am I the only person that thinks that the following people are good lookers?:
Tay Ping Hui-
(sorry to Brenda...=D...didn't know that I was feeding on your bandwidth)

Daniel Wu- (Whenever I see him on tv...I can't stop smiling...dunno why)

Edison Chen-

Lolz...I hope that whatever place I go after I pass on, it will be made of these...haha...*faints*


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[-Wednesday, January 25, 2006-]

Listening- Ying Yue Ri Ji (Music Diary, its a programe), Yes 93.3 fm

Sorry for the lack of updates people, been too lazy to climb all the way up to the thrid storey to use the computer...and when I managed to get my ass up there last night, Jason was using the computer to update his blog ...and make some minor changes to his blog like adding a photo of him and his crew on the first page of his blog, and adding a Flashbox for people to leave comments...All with a bit of help from me okay?! (Yes, I bhb...cannot issit?!) lolz...

Then yesterday, my mum asked me to collect a cheque from Nakano, at City Hall, and I called Ting Ting when I was on my way there, cause I was bored...lolz...and then she told me that she was updating her passport at Lavender, and I asked her whether she is free to accompany me to go to City Hall then maybe after that go Bugis to look for Hans (he is working there, so I wanted to collect some stuff from him)...then Ting wanted to go to Sim Lim Square to buy printer ink refill...then when we tried to look for Hans, he wasn't there!!!!! So we called him and found out that he is currently working at Downtown East's Burger King...bleeah...

Then Ting Ting treated me to Billy Bombers...Ahaha!! Their root beer float is really the best!! I only a sip or two though, cause I ordered Ice Mochacinno...WHICH, was also really good, considering the fact that I added about 6 teaspoons of sugar syrup, cause I was quite bitter, and I expected it to be a bit chocolatey like Mocha Latte...but no...It was like the normal Iced capuccino...bleeh...But the brownie with vanilla ice-cream is super nice! hee...

Nothing much after that, I headed to Scotts and she went back to Pasir Ris...

Hmmm...well, I think I will update again tonight, cause the later post needs some photos to be put up, but I am at the office now, so I can't upload the, watch this space...lolz...


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[-Sunday, January 22, 2006-]

Listening- Forever Love, Wang Li Hong
Location- Home

I am SOOO tired...but I still decided that I have to update my blog...=D

Well, I just got home from my mum's office, and we were doing some ISO thingy, so I stayed to help her out and then we still have to go and so the finishing touches tomorrow before the person comes and check on Monday...And my dad suggested that I be the auditor and help to audit the company's ISO, and then I will be in charge of the ISO thing, helped along by my mother of course...And that's not it...She says that I need to attend a auditor course thingy to become "qualified"...ARRGH!

Then yesterday, when this auditor came to check on files/records, she pissed my mum off and guess what happens!? A BIRD FLEW IN!!! And the both of them ran out, and my mum was hysterically shouting for the QS (Mr. Wong) to catch the bird...LOLZ!!!!! BEHOLD!! The horror of the blackbird!

Oops...Wrong photo...
THERE!! Thats the culprit!! Do not be fooled by it's cute looks...It's murderous!

It came in through this-

And proceeded to flap around the spare computer...

While Mr Wong tried to capture it...

With...A dustbin and a cardboard box cover

It then DEPOSITED its DROPPINGS near that particular computer and flew across the room...

And out that particular window again...AND THUS, the story of the blackbird ends...

Anyways, I heard from Ting, who heard from her father, who heard from his friend that our results are coming out in Feb 6!!!!! 0.0"...SOMEONE(please say that deliberately) inform that guy that is still stuck somewhere in Indon please...

Oh yeah...I am recently reading this blogand that guy is damn funny!!!!

Guess that's all...bye!


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[-Friday, January 20, 2006-]

Listening- Tong Yi Ge Shi Jie, 5566
Location- Home

Just got back home from the seminar that I accompanied my mum to...It was a tad boring, and there weren't anyone my age or even near the age of 20? And the speaker was Billy Wang from Love 97.2fm, and I last saw him two years ago, before he went for his operation...And he has changed ALOT!! As in looks that is...

Singapore poly wasn't really interesting either, cause the person that held the talk for the course I wanted to take said things that I can easily get on the web, and plus I was there with my mum, which sorta got me labelled as a "loser"? And there were people like staring loh...I hate people who stare...may their eyes pop out of their sockets...Even if I am with my mum, its no reason to laugh you morons...I went with my mum cause I wanted her to go you idiots...

Remembered that a few days ago, my mum sent some of the office computers for upgrading to Windows XP Pro (FINALLY!!! One of them was still Windows 95 okay!) and then I had nothing to do that day cause I cannot print cheques without that particular computer...So guess what I did?!! Some scratch cards came through the mail and there was a total of 127 cards!!!! -.-"...So I spent my time scratching the cards to see if I won anything...
Look at how many cards there are!!!!
These are the sets that won...A total of 17 sets...
To WIN! You have to have one of each of the following to make a set...

What was the prize? You may ask...The prize was a dog figurine for each of the 12 months...lolz...And from the pictures, the figurines are damn cute!!!! And they only used golden retrievers...

Then today while I was heading to Singapore poly...I saw this taxi...
WHAT WAS THE DRIVER THINKING?!!! I know its CNY soon...but what the?! Its too kua zhang (exaggerating) to decorate a cab to that extent!!!! Can you even see what's behind your car using the rear view mirror?!!! And for the cabbie's sake, I even blocked up his license plate...

Then remember the time I went with my mum to OG to collect her top?? I saw this, and I forgot to post...
Other than the obviouslt cross eye looks...notice that the eyelashes are damn weird...and its the only one like that...left eye had upper eyelash, right one has lower cool!!! I think someone plucked it out or something...lolz...

Well...that will end this post bahs...need to wake up early tmr and its already 1am!


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[-Thursday, January 19, 2006-]

Listening- Wo Hui Hao Hao De(I will be alright), Cyndi Wang
Location- Office

AhHH!! Talisa is down with flu and will not be going to Singapore Poly with me today, so I found a mum!!! I know...I may look stupid with my mum at a polytechnic, but who cares?! Its not like I will be the only person there with a parent along right? I wanted to postpone it and go tomorrow instead, hopefully with Ting Ting along, but then I have an appointment tomorrow, so I can't...and then my mum has a seminar tonight at 7 at Outram Park, so after the poly visit, I will be going there with her...

Well...guess I will go back to printing cheques...byes! Pictures tonight, I promise!


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[-Wednesday, January 18, 2006-]

Listening- Lian Ai-ing, Nan Quan Mama
Talking- Chu Hua (sms)

Chu Hua smsed to asked me to go to for the course talk at Singapore Poly tomorrow, and I told her I was going with Talisa...=D...and she volunteered to be my tour guide if I needed one! nice...remind me to remind Talisa later...=D

I wonder how long it has been since I last entered a cinema...think it was with Talisa, we watched the Chronicles of Narnia at Cineleisure…and it’s been like what? 18 days?! And there are so many movies out right now!!!!!

My top movies to watch list:
1)Memoirs of a Geisha
2)I Not Stupid Too
3)The Dark
4)Fun with Dick and Jane (Coming Soon)
5)Final Destination 3 (Coming Soon)

Anyone wants to treat me to a movie?? I will pay for the snacks! Lolz…just kidding…but I do want someone to watch these movies with me…anyone?? Omg…the radio is playing Hotel California by The Eagles (or is it Eagles?)…haha…I actually like this song!! =D…

Okay…I am bored and so, I shall do a boring thing…to list out what I like in a guy!! Lolz…just kidding! I am so bored!!!! Oh well… I think I will go back to printing cheques and payment vouchers…bye!


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[-Tuesday, January 17, 2006-]

HO FUCK!! I am so pissed!!!

I was typing halfway through this entry and I accidentally deleted EVERYTHING!!! Now I have to write EVERYTHING out AGAIN!!!! was about 5 paras long loh!!! ARRGH!! Oh well...I guess I will just shorten everything!

Well...went to drop off my dad's phone for repairing today, at Century Square, because his 8800's battery does not last as long as it is supposed to and goes dead by 3 or 4 pm when he fully charges it overnight till about 7 or 8am!!! And when I thought that they will ask me to wait for my number to be called, they didn't, instead this lady brought me into this room (I think it is the outlet manager's or something), and I had to tell this guy the problem...he was totally friendly even though I didn't have the iMEL number in the warranty card and I could collect the phone within 1 1/2 hours!! That’s what I call efficient...

While waiting, I went to look for Jay/Jae at Cafe Galilee (white sands, pasir ris) and have my lunch there, and Jay's hair (sliver) had a pinkish tinge on it!! haha...but its really nice...and after that I went back to Tampines to collect the phone and visit Lee Yin who was working at Isetan(TM), and saw Jessica, Shu An, Shreen and Jolly there...but I didn't see Jolly's gang there...whatever...but then I heard from Lee Yin about how Iswandi screwed up the CCA orientation!!!!!! GREEAT!!! He didn't even hand in the proposal for the banner that they were supposed to make and we didn't have a banner!!! Great job guys...remind me to congratulate you people when I go back for my results...

Then from Tampines, I had to go to City Hall to collect something from Nakano Singapore(PTE) Ltd (its a company) for my mum, then I went back to Lavender...guess how much I spent on transport today?! More than $3.00!!! And if I was still under the "student" category, it would only cost $2.00! I know I know, its only $1.00...yeah...but WHY? Do they have to cancel our student ez-link/mrt & bus fares when we are waiting for our results?!!! I mean, we are still students right? And from what Mr.Sundrum said, before we move on to JC/poly/CI/ITE/Work, we are still Coral Sec's STUDENT!!! So people, please, abuse your student ez-link card while you can...

Then while I am sitting here typing out this post, this guy walked in and when he saw me sitting at the Boss's place, he got this surprised look on his face and I found out he is the person that supplies the walkie talkies for the company and then when my mum went away for a moment, he gave me his name card?!!! Hello!?? I am 16?!! And I don't think I want to take over my parents company when I am old why the name card?

Gonna go to the Singapore Poly's open house on Thursday with Talisa in tow...lolz...wanna go check out their carnival and their courses...hopefully, I will be able to see Chu Hua there as well...

Had to cook dinner last night, and it was a disaster!!!! I had to cook 5 dishes and only 2(fish, and the vege that I don't know how to say in English) were okay...the others were either too bland(Xiao Bai Cai), too spicy (black pepper prawns) or too salty (the long bean with some spicy paste)...lolz...usually I am good in the kitchen, but I wasn't paying attention to what I was cooking yesterday, and I was also not in the mood to I guess that this phrase "the quality of the food is affected by the chef's mood" is true...

Hmmm...guess that’s all...ciaos!


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[-Monday, January 16, 2006-]

Listening- Wo De Zui Ai (My Most Beloved), Angela Zhang

Found out about this quiz from Eileen's LiveJournal...

Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Generosity - 66.7%
2. Friendliness - 62.5%
3. Flirtiness - 62.5%
4. Financial Situation - 61.5%
5. Optimism - 57.1%
1. Appearance - 66.7%
2. Limited Interests - 55.6%
3. Insecurity - 53.8%
4. Humorlessness - 50%

Dating Strengths Explained
Generosity - You are a giving person by nature. Others will see this quality in you and recognize your kind nature. Take care not to let others take advantage of you.
Friendliness - Your friendliness makes you approachable and fun to be around. A wide circle of friends also works to your advantage on the dating scene.
Flirtiness - Flirting is a good way to break the ice, and you are a pro at it. Being flirtatious will open up many dating opportunities.
Financial Situation - You've got your financial situation under control, which is a very desirable quality. Be careful to avoid guys who are only interested in your money.
Optimism - People are drawn to your positive outlook. Your optimism attracts others to you.

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Appearance - Devoting a greater effort at making good first impressions is a must. Try to be fit and develop a style if you want to catch a guy's attention.
Limited Interests - Being interested or involved in more things makes you a more well-rounded and interesting person. Try to branch out into new things.
Insecurity - Your insecurity makes you doubt yourself, but you must learn to love and trust yourself if you want to succeed in dating.
Humorlessness - You need to learn how to take a joke, or better yet how to tell a good one. A well-developed sense of humor is high on the list of desired traits for daters.

Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz

I don't have a good sense of humor???!!!!! NO WAY!!! If that was true, hans would have been dead by now...and Bob and Yan Hao and Chun Wei and the rest of the gang too...oh yeah and practically anyone else on earth that laughs at me...

Saw something that spelt out your name this afternoon and I bought it!!! For 15 bucks!!! Darn...why the hell did I do that in the first place...its not like I will have the guts to give it to you, and even if I do, so what?!!! I think I should just throw it away...but on a second thought, I WILL present it to you on the day our results are going to be released, I won't let you know, but someway, I will hand it to you...and you won't know...cause you don't read my blog DUMMY!

-Hair Dresser (hare dres*er) n. Someone who is able to create a style you will never be able to duplicate again. See "Magician."

-Valentine's Day (val*en*tinez dae) n. A day when you have dreams of a candlelight dinner, diamonds, and romance, but consider yourself lucky to get a card.

-Waterproof Mascara (wah*tr*pruf mas*kar*ah) n. Comes off if you cry, shower, or swim, but will not come off if you try to remove it.

-Eternity (e*ter*ni*tee) n. The last two minutes of a football game.

-Blonde jokes (blond joks) n. Jokes that are short so men can understand them.

-Bar-be-que (bar*bi*cue) n. You bought the groceries, washed the lettuce, chopped the tomatoes, diced the onions, marinated the meat and cleaned everything up, but, he, "made the dinner."

-Argument (ar*gyu*ment) n. A discussion that occurs when you're right, but he just hasn't realized it yet.

The above meanings are from here...

And the following from here...

Translated: "I'm going to drink myself dangerously stupid and stand by a stream with a stick in my hand, while the fish swim by in complete safety."

Translated: "I have no idea how it works."

Translated: "I was wondering if that redhead over there is wearing a bra."

Translated: "I can't hear the game over the vacuum cleaner."

Translated: "Are you still talking?"

Translated: "I remember the theme song to 'F Troop', the address of the first girl I ever kissed and the vehicle identification numbers of every car I've ever owned, but I forgot your birthday."

Translated: "The girl selling them on the corner was a real babe."

Translated: "And I sure hope I think of some pretty soon."

Translated: "It didn't fall into my outstretched hands, so I'm completely clueless"

Translated: "What did you catch me at?"

Translate: Hoping desperately that I can fake it well enough so that you don't spend the next 3 days yelling at me."

Translated: "I am used to the way you yell at me, and realize it could be worse."

Translated: "Oh, God, please don't try on one more outfit, I'm starving."

Translated: "No one will ever see us alive again."

Translated: "I make the messes, she cleans them up."

Obviously, I am bored...


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Listening- Jie Mao Wan Wan (Direct Translation - Curved Eyelashes), Cyndi Wang
Location- Home

Before I forget...Happy belated B'dae to Kangwei a.k.a Lao Chen...his b'dae was yesterday...right? Or issit today? haiya...nevermind lah...

The ceiling so nice!!!
The majority
Stage, close up

I was sitting at the very last corner, and the stage was next to us, the screen was facing the majority, and thus, I did not manage to see anything that is being played on the screen...the food was good though...lolz...I didn't get to take a photo of the couple cause when they were on stage, either the emcees were blocking me or the waitress was...and plus my phone cannot capture too well, sorry if the pics are a bit fuzzy...

Then after the dinner, my dad had to go back to his worksite (construction) to check on the progress, and then some workers screwed up (they are new though, so understandable), and my dad blew his top...and then we waited for him from about 10.00pm to 1.20 wanna know what we were doing on the car? We were taking videos and photos of ourselves...lolz...then we (me, Jason, my mum) fell asleep on the car...poor me...

Went to Orchard today and Jason bought his jeans for CNY...nothing much after that...oh yeah! I am depressed!!!! I MUST COMPLAIN!!!! I HAVE NO SHOES FOR CNY!!!!! lolz...I didn't want to get sport shoes again this year, so I tried to buy those "shoes" like wedges or flat soled shoes/slippers(not the one that wear to market hor please)...but then NO SIZE!!! WAHHHH!!!!! Then if got size, the cutting too small...W'LAO eh! not fair!!! Someone tell me where to get shoes that has my size with a wide cutting and looks nice, preferably in white or black...lolz...haiz...guess I will be wearing sport shoes again this year...or maybe go buy boots again..sheesh

Sian sian sian went to have dinner at Thomson Plaza! Cause my dad wanted to go to the tailor there for his clothes (his ones usually is tailor made de), but then when we reached there, the shop was CLOSED...haha! Then I said I wanna eat Thai food...=D...the Jai Thai Cafe there (beside Han's, near the food court there) serves nice Thai food! Try their Green Curry, Fried mixed vegetables, pandan chicken and OTAH!!! Whats so special about otah you ask...lemme tell you...their otah is not the typical otah that you take out from the banana leaf and eat with your bread...they steam the otah in a special way...go try lah...their food super nice!!! MUCH BETTER than magic wok...lolz...

Bleahx...nothing much after that...hmmm...BYE!


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[-Saturday, January 14, 2006-]

I FORGOT to write this...Life is not worth living I tell you...every single guy that is fun to be with is BUSY (I mean those i know in coral sec btw)!!! OH FUCK...lolz...

Hans is working every single fucking day, yes, even on weekends, thus, logically, he cannot go am I gonna collect my money huh? HUH? And I need to laugh like siao...I even miss his suaning sia!! You idiot...go take off lah! and then Bob is still in indon (I think, hans said he is gonna come back in April, I hope he misses the release of results and start of SP* he say he wanna go de...copycat!*) and I also cannot ask him to go out! ARRGH!!! I am stuck with the GIRLS! (not that they are not fun lah, but then I miss going out with those two moronic asses)...and since Hans cannot go out, ask CMC, MX or Isaac also no use...right? cause they will ask "who going?" "me, ting and talisa loh" "ee...dun want"...-.-"

I miss playing pool and singing KTV!!! I even miss DnT!!! oh fuck...I should go to sleep...but I cannot! cause got dinner...-.-"X2...I wanna watch MOVIE! ARRGH...*kills self*


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Listening- Kuai Le Chong Bai ( Worshipping Happiness?), Wilber Pan
Location- Home

Arrgh...going for dinner later...yes, AGAIN!!!! 3rd dinner in this week!! First, the Taoist event one, then the one last night with Nakano (Its a company), and tonight!!! Arrgh...My aunt's (Dad's side) daughter is gonna get married tonight, at Raffles Country Club, all the way at friggin TUAS!!! Great location, I must pat her on the back...

Lets talk about yesterday...I went with mum to collect her shirt from OG (did I mention?) which had to be altered to a smaller size, cause she isn't allowed to buy a skirt and a shirt of different size, if it was a set...and guess what?! This old lady, old enough to be my grandma was trying out the same suit that my mum bought (and had it altered)...I didn't notice her at first till my told me, and I didn't notice the suit thus I said "so? She wear nice mah" BAD MOVE! My mum was HORRIFIED!!! and told me that its the suit that she also bought "uh-oh"...lolz...and she said this

Mum-"I am not going to wear it loh..."
Me- "Refund loh"
Mum- "Cannot refund one lah!"
Me- "Where got cannot one!? Oh yeah, you altered it...*Bursts into laughter*"
Mum- "Dun laugh loh!"
Me- "then how?"
Mum-" Put inside the cupboard but dun wear lah...den?!"
Me- "WAH! by the time you wanna wear its gonna rot..."
Mum- "She shouldn't wear one loh, dun even suit her, she so old"
Me- 0.0 "She wear nice mah! You wear also nice mah...ppl wear you cannot wear meh"
Mum- "no loh! She too old for that suit, and you tell me I dun look auntie in it!"
Me- "you don't wad..."

LOLZ! my mum knows how to bitch...muahahahs...Then we proceeded to Marks and Spencer to look for some new year clothes for her (she wun wear the suit, remember?)...then to Lei Garden for the dinner...yum...DEEELICIOUS!! At first our table was very quiet and I felt damn extra with my mum, but then by the time the 3rd dish is up, the whole table was laughing like siao! and by the time for the dessert, we were laughing so hard that no one can finish the it turned out okay...there were 8 ppl at the table, including me and my mum and three were jokers, and everyone knows that I sibeh lame one (sorry ar...I bhb)...lolz...

Then today, went to Thomson to collect my dad's hp battery and do hair treatment...hee...mine was for colour care I think...and then when I was buying food for Jason, I saw a stall selling CHURROS!!!!! Thus, I attacked...lolz...then when I was waiting for my mum to meet me after she goes to the toilet, I saw a cute guy!!! ok...I know lah...I am being the typical desperado...lolz...he was giving out flyers and I have seen him alot of times before, and everytime will take the flyer from him de...cause my mum dun wanna take, so I take loh...very tiring one leh, stand there whole day till leg pain to give out flyers, and he is nice to kids...lolz...haiz...

YAYNESS!!! I am gonna get $800 per month (including this month) to work at my mums cool! and all I have to do is to open letters, answer telephone calls, fax/photocopy and then key in some accounts into the computer for my mum!! MUAHAHA...MY mum totally ROCKS! Gonna go buy iPod video when I get my first pay...nano the memory space too small liao, and since it got stolen, I need a new one anyways...hiaz...I really have to learn to take care of my stuff...

Well...thats all bahs...bye!


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[-Thursday, January 12, 2006-]

Listening- Sha Gua Qing Ren (Silly Lover), Zax Wang (5566)
Talking- Ben.C

Hee...sorry for not updating for 2 days...but I have reasons!! The past two days were spent at the Taoist event held by the temple that I go to...the first day was actually just those dinners with auctions thing and I talked to Chu Hua and Chu Yun LOADS!!! We had loadsa stuff to catch up on...lolz...

And then when we were supposed to "bai bai" (give offerings, burn incense sticks), we had to go down on our knees (duh) and since I fell earlier that day, I had knee cramp when I was leg cannot even move!!!! The second night was the actual ritual for the public to join in and it was something like just "praying" and I was on duty! Cause I was part of the team there that was supposed to be like ushers...and then guess what...IT RAINED!! It was just drizzling at first and the public went to continue in the shelter but we were supposed to stay at our positions...then the drizzling stopped...and guess what...IT POURED!! (dun make fun of my name lah!) and I was soaking wet within 5 minutes...luckily, they asked us to ask the people to go into the shelter and we were supposed to stay there with them...

Arrgh...stupid rain...and then I remembered "Shit, my phone! Later wet!!!!!!" and I went to put it in my bag, but nobody was there to take care of it for me, so I asked this guy that I was partnered with 2 years ago at the same event if he was going to go under the rain or stay in the main shelter and passed him my phone so that it won't get wet...lolz...then when I ran across to the "praying" side, I almost slipped and fell into the mud...ALMOST...cause one of the wooden boards that they use to make the floor on top of the field was not secured properly and when I stepped on it, it moved sideways...wah piang, scared the hell outta me...

My Nike shoes are a gonner...haiz...we had to burn those paper offerings and to make way to the burning "cage" (it is like a huge cage!), we had to walk acroos the field and water went into my shoes to soak my socks and my sliver Nikes became brown...greeat...must ask them to make a walkway all the way there next year...I am not going to dirty my shoes again...and when you walked on the mud it makes a sucking noise when you lifted your foot...gross...

Luckily the event is only once a is a photo of Chu Hua and Chu Yun, in case you have no idea who I am talking about...

They are actually twins and when I first knew them I didn't know how to tell them from each other, but then when Chu Yun cut her hair (the one with short hair...), some changes took place within them and I can easily tell them apart now...hee...=D...and Chu Hua(long hair), bribed me to go to Singapore Poly with a packet of Kinder Bueno (did I get that right?) lolz...

guess that all...bye!


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[-Tuesday, January 10, 2006-]

Listening- Tu Ran Lei Le (Suddenly Tired...lolz), Lin Jun Jie
Location- Home

Went with my mum to OG to look for some CNY clothes for her, but in the end she only bought 1 set and it was one of the few in the women's section that didn't spell case you didn't get that, I mean that the clothes are auntie looking and makes you look example:

WOULD A 30-40 YEAR OLD WEAR THAT?!!! I seriously doubt it (but if anyone really bought it and you are 30-40 or younger, and it acutally looks good on you, then I apologise) and by the way, it made me think of chinese opera wanna know why? I think the designer got inspiration from this...:
The one on the bottom right...

Lolz...I am so mean...but I couldn't help, unless you are looking for clothes from someone that is above 46, don't go there...but there are also clothes for people my age, but that is not the point...the point is that, they dun have proper clothes for middle aged working women...

Haiz, gonna go to a dinner later, and I am all shirt is black, so are my jeans...luckily my hair has highlights, so its not totally black...lolz...later go there confirm get commented by people one..but I don't really care, cause Chu Hua and Chu Yun is gonna be there!!! YAYNESS!!! muahahas...ok...

The earphones/headphones/earpieces (I dunno what it is called) of my handphone is dead...meaning, its unusable and I have to get a new one, so since my mum had to get some handphone batteries for my dad, I used the chance to get them as well...lolz...I so cunning...lolz...ok lah, I have to go le...byes!


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Listening- Perfect, Simple Plan
Location- Home

A long time ago, when I was still in Pri 3 or maybe earlier, I met this uncle...He has Jackie Chan's trademark nose, and thus looked like Jackie Chan, till now, I still know him and still enjoy "visiting" him...=D

I met this uncle through my parents and whenever we go visit him in the past, Jason and I would go to the arcade next to the place and play the games there, but that place is no longer there...lolz...Ok lah, shall stop crapping already...

Anyways, I really know this uncle and he makes great sushi!! BEFORE you go to sleep about another food post (I think this is the 3rd one...), I have to remind you, it is going to be worth your time to read this, if you, like me, enjoy good food...and don't mind spending some cash on it...but if you are not what the above described, then you can go back to sleeping...lolz...

Well, his sushi restaurant is located at Cuppage Plaza, level 3, when you exit from the lift, turn to your right, and you will see the word Azuma and the character "dong" as in "dong nan xi bei"...That particular place, serves delicious Japanese food and has a shabu shabu area for those that wanna eat shabu shabu...I have known that place for at least 6 years...Wow, time files...and he has moved his restaurant thrice...Lets see, why did I write about it right now? Cause, I went there earlier to have my dinner...=D...I would really really recommend the place if you are looking for quality sushi/jap food and Shabu Shabu ($50.00 ++)...even though its pricey (Sushi:add another 0 to the price of the sakae sushi student buffet if you eat like me and eat the stuff that I always have)...well anyways, I just want to share this place with you people...=D


ok...the photos dun really do him justice, but he said that it was ok if I wanted to put on my blog...he was packing food for Jason btw...

And since there are some people that say they haven't seen me in a long time...I shall post lastest pics of myself on this blog while you people scream in horror...
*YX happily putting up photos...
Kelson starts screaming at her to stop!!! (dunno why I keep using him lolz...)
YX happily ignores him till he smacks her on the head with tempura prawns and she proceeds to devour them being the glutton she is...and Kelson starts to upload HIS photos on her blog...YX: "NOOO!!!" and bites Kelsons head off...*
ok...not funny...lolz...wadever...

Dig the amount of pimples I have!!! (I dun mean dig as in dig dig, but dig dun get it..) Haiz...I shall commit suicide...lolz...juz kidding...

-abrupt end to post-


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[-Monday, January 09, 2006-]

Listening- Bai Se Hua Yang, 5566
Location- Office

I wanna go Koh Samui AGAIN!!!!!! okay...I am not being very clear...actually, my parents recieved their 1 week's worth of free stay in either Phuket or Koh Samui! hee...I prefer Koh Samui though, cause there are more interesting things to do there...and Phuket, most of the time, is elephant trekking or go to the Phuket FantaSea thingy...but at Koh Samui, ah ha! There are a gazillions things to do there (ok, maybe not that much)!!

Remembered that we went "Rock Climbing" to see this waterfall that is supposed to be super wonderful and ONE of the rocks that we had to climb up was almost vertical! I was crying outta fear while clinging onto that stupid rock like a friggin gecko, not daring to move cause I am afraid that one move will send me tumbling down into darkness...ok, maybe not that last 12 words...but it was still pretty scary...and turns out that the so called waterfall is non-exsistent (maybe we went the wrong way...)...tmd, got cheated of money...

But the best has got to be the snorkelling!! hee...the ocean is beautiful!!! Well...not Singapore's murky depths...but the places that you can go snorkelling there are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I swear that I will buy that waterproof handphone "pouch" thingy and take photos if I ever go again...oh yeah, I miss the food there...lolz...

okok...enough of that...lolz...I am bored...I WANT FRIED ICE CREAM!!!!! lolz...who can tell me where to get it? please!!!?? I doubt if they have it here anyways...darn...who will go and get it for me from melbourne? lolz...noone I guess...

Well, I gotta go...BYE!


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[-Sunday, January 08, 2006-]

Listening- Li Xiang Qing Ren, Yang Chen Ling
Location- Home

Its been bad weather for almost everyday...arrgh...everyday also rain!!! Bleahx...

Went to NTUC to buy the weekly groceries...and when we were choosing the vegetables, guess what I saw...A friggin SNAIL in one of the already packed Xiao Bai Cai (I dunno what it is in eng...) the snail was like 2-5 mm long small right? I am not bluffing ok?! I really saw it, but then when I took the pic, the plastic reflected the lights, so can't did the snail get in there in the first place?! I have no idea...

Heard that we are getting our results in mid-feb! fast!!!! haiz...dunno how I did...hope I managed to at least pass maths and science, if not I where also no need to go...

Hmmm...end of post...very short post...lolz...


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Listening- Scandalous, Mis-teeq...
Talking- Halif, Chu Yun

Okay...there is something that I seriously don't get...What da heck is the difference between Biotechonology & Biomedical Science?!
Received those booklets from Singapore Poly, Nanyang Poly, Ngee Ann Poly and Republic Poly just like the rest of those that are waiting for their O level results...

And I cannot tell the difference between the 2 diplomas, and the fact that each polytechnic has a different module for the courses doesn't help much...and dun tell me that Biotech focus on biotech and biomedical science teaches mostly on biomedical science, cause I can tell from the title! I just dunno what is the difference...

From what I know (due to those course into from the poly lecturers and the internet)...and I think I will just compare 2 polys...Singapore and Ngee Ann..everything is copy and pasted form their webbie, I too lazy lah...

Those pursuing the biotechnology option would be groomed for various disciplines in life sciences such as:
- microbial genetics
- animal & plant cell culture
- plant biotechnology & agri-science
- industrial microbiology & bioprocess engineering
- hybridoma techniques
- immunology
- molecular biology
- biostatistics
- genomics techniques

The Bioinformatics option caters to new biomedical technology areas that are inline with Singapore’s plan to be a global centre for biomedical services and research. Conducted jointly with the School of Info-Communications Technology (ICT), this course will equip students with cross-disciplinary training in both life sciences & information technology skills such as:

- bioinformatics tools & databases
- database management systems
- web application development
- data mining & data warehousing
- programming techniques for application in biological sciences

The course is designed to be relevant to needs of Singapore's growing biotech industry. It has been designed to provide graduates with an appropriate balance of applied and fundamental concepts with Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology being the core of the course.

The course is designed to provide students with skills required for careers in academic and R&D institutes and in a range of industrial sectors including the developing biopharmaceutical and clinical trials sectors where skills in GMP, GLP, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics are required.

Biomedical Sciences:
Biomedical science is a broad collection of scientific disciplines focused on the testing, diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases. The school is recognised by the healthcare and educational communities as the premier educational institution and resource centre for lifelong learning in the applied health sciences. Graduates are granted advanced standing for entry into many tertiary institutions. The three-year full-time Diploma in Biomedical Science offers three areas of specialisation: General Medical Technology, Cytology and Cardiac Technology.

The Diploma in Biomedical Science places an emphasis on developing manpower to support research and development in the areas of human biomedical science. This course allows graduates to pursue careers in the biomedical science, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

This is in tandem with the research activities in institutes such as the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology, National Cancer Centre, National Neuroscience Institute, Genome Institute of Singapore and in the hospital research laboratories.

Students learn to independently carry out research and development through an up-to-date curriculum which includes human genetics and diseases, clinical trials, drug discovery and development and pharmaceutical science. In addition, students conduct a major research project during their final year and embark on a 4 month industrial attachment programme at the research institutes and universities.
Ummm, I seriously need these to be translated into simple english...oh well, nevermind...but when I check the FAQs for NP's webbie, it says that both courses will be able to let me take Vet Science after the diploma, which is a good thing, cause I dun have to worry so much about which one to take, but SP, which I cannot find the FAQs area, I think I can only take Biotech, cause the Biomed in SP is really focused on human illness and diseases and stuff like that...

I think I better go down to the open house that SP is gonna hold on the 19-20th January (they says till 21st but on that day, it is abt the parents seminar...) since I missed the one that NP was holding...but I still more attracted to NP...lolz...dunno why, I used to want to go to SP...

Now lets compare NP and SP...
-Campus wide wireless connection
-Electronic notebooks are a must...
-Far from home, and troublesome to go to...
-High transportation costs (have to take bus, then mrt then bus again...-.-")
-Since got notebooks, then lesser books and papers to bring around...good for ppl like me that loose papers easily...
-chance to go abroad through various overseas immersion, attachment and exchange programmes in more than 30 countries
-Advanced standings in many universities
-ALOT of interesting CCAs...
-Discounts when buying notebooks from IBM, Acer and Dell...muahahaha
-No one that I know, I will be totally new at that place...

-Wireless campus
-Located at Dover, easy to go compared to NP...
-Students goes for overseas industrial attachments...
-Remarkable achievements and solid reputation worldwide...
-Advanced standings in universities
-Damn big campus (easy to get lost in for me...)
-Got Diploma Plus programme so that can combine a full time dip. with a specialists dip...
-Interesting CCAs
-Got ppl I know in the same school...

Bleahx...and my choice still NP...but then the transport...-.-"...I think one month more then $50 and now I only use $10 a month...haiz...too bad, poly students dun get student fares for public transport...NOT FAIR...poly students and still STUDENTS wad...still is pre-u wad...hmmph...and I like the idea of using notebooks...hee...

If I suddenly change my mind and take design, then I dun care liao, confirm go Nanyang Poly and take the Industrial Design...

arrgh...ok..end of post...lolz


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[-Friday, January 06, 2006-]

Somethings in life are really unfair...and I do mean unfair, not like she got bf I dun have kinda unfair...heard the people in the office complaining about the insurance policies...

W buys car insurance from (insert insurance company, e.g NTUC income thingy) and when W is involved in an accident and when he wanted to claim insurance, the company only allowed him to claim a measly 20%! why leh? cause the other party also buy insurance from that particular company, and since the company dun wish to pay both parties, they will see who is in the fault (or they will let you fight over it, not physical fighting lah) then pay the person that wins but also not fully, only 20% or maybe if you are lucky, 50%...WTF? where got this kind of thing one you tell me!!!!!!! Buy insurance is to insure you, so that you dun have to worry about paying these expenses if you are not the one in fault, so, I have no idea why this kinda rule exsist!!! Its like a shop selling things that will be refunded fully or you can take another item of the smae price if not suitable then tell you you cannot refund fully when you tell them it is not suitable...

If like that then might as well dun waste your money buying insurance, cause you will not be guaranteed a (enter part of amount that is stated in contract) claim, cause you will never know if the other party in the accident is of the same insurance company as you wad! dun tell me you go put stickers on your car saying with insurance company you buy from cause that is plain bullshit...and if you only claim 20% (imagine the repair fees is $1000, and you save $200 while you pay maybe $600 or more a year for the insurance...might as well you save the money to pay for the insurance to pay the repair fees and still have somemore left over...

I am not talking about ALL insurance companies, but only of those that practice this rule, cause it is a really dumb thing to not let your customer claim what is rightfully his/hers just because the other party is in the wrong...dun pay the one that is in fault lah! Or pay only 5-10% to the wrong party and keep your promise to the other innocent party...

Dun gimme the bullshit that you can choose to not buy from that company that does this, cause DO YOU KNOW if they practice it? I doubt it, unless your friends also buy from there, or that you can withdraw from the contract, cause it usually binds you to it for a few years, or maybe a lifetime...

There, I am done...


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Listening- Air-con noises, other office ppl talking and faint classical music
Location- Office...

YEAH!!! The internet at home survived!! right...I should be normal for once...=D...Mum woke me up at 7.00 am this morning...and I am still sleepy!!!

Guess wad...I am really mum received this DBS letter that has a brochure (something like that lah) in it, and it has discount vouchers for some things, and since my mum doesn't want them, I happily tore out the vouchers one by one, ONLY to notice that must use DBS/POSB debit or credt card to make the payment then can use the vouchers...WAH PIANG! Waste my time tearing them out sia...-.-"...arrgh...then there is one voucher that has discount for Tony Roma's...bleeh...

Forgot to bring my mum's earphones to listen to radio on my handphone (aka mobile phone), and thus, I cannot tune in to my favourite station!!!! and I am stuck to listening to Gold 98 fm (I think) cause the other people in the office wanna listen to that sucks (not the station but not being able to listen to what I wanna hear)...

Jason got approved to go to CHEC (City Harvest Edu Center)...and it costs abt $8k for 2 years to get his O levels (Maths, Comb. Sci, History, Eng, Chinese) waiting for them to tell the NS then he will be able to officially quit from Coral and join CHEC...

Chinese New Year is coming!!! Ang Pows!!!! Yu Sheng!!!! and all the rest...hee...miss my grandma's cooking...chicken curry, chilli crab, fried prawns...yum...I am hungry!! and its lunch time...good...lolz...

have to head to City hall to deposit cheque then buy food back for my mum and me to eat...BYEEEEEE!!!


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[-Thursday, January 05, 2006-]

I am I decided to go take some quizzes...heh...

Ice Wurm

You are a conflict of emotions. Your will is strong, but emotions like anger and loneliness will drag you down. You may not have many friends, but those you do will only be good for you, if you earned their friendship. You can be cold and uncaring at times, but that is only natural. After all, you are... Icy.

What is your soul's guardian creature?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're like a tiger! Fast, quiet, mysterious and you may have been known to have a temper on you that may scare some people...

What Animal Do You Resemble most?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Kisa Sohma. You are the tiger in the chinese zodiac. You were made fun of in school because of your hair color, and you stopped talking because of it. Hiro is a good friend to you.

Which Character from Fruits Basket are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You were a shop owner in your past life! Meeting new people and selling objects was what you did. rich and happy, you just needed love.
Master:Dealing with adventurers amd bandits, you didn't care. Making money was what you did, and you were damn good at it too. You were rich and happy, although you were a bit snobby and selfish. Because of that, some people were jealous of you. You died happily because you had a love to die with, and a heir to the shop.
Mistress:Damn girl you knew how to use your skills to sell those products! Many people loved your cherry attiude but they were also drawn away from your snobbish ways.You made the money on your own, but you also wished that you had a love to share it with.It finally happened so you died a happy death.
Flower: Carnation
Colour:Honey Brown
Weapon:Dao Stick
What were YOU in your past life? (pictures, detailed results,everyone can take it)

brought to you by Quizilla

...ok...I am becoming more bored...arrgh...someone help...


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Listening- Ai Mei, Yang Chen Ling
Location- Office

Arrgh...just finish reading Xiaxue's blog, and it really pissed me off...(not her blog, but abt what she posted)...those molest cases that she wrote about really pissed me off...can't anyone have fun at this kinda public celebrations without having to worry about this kinda things?! I dun agree that we should ban the foam sprays, cause I did have some fun spraying my friends on x'mas 2004, and I did enjoy spraying at some passerbys (guilty as charged), but we were just having a bit of fun, cause I do see ppl that were gonna spray at my group mah, so I spray first loh, dun ask me how I know, I just do...and I still remember that me and Charmaine got attacked by two foreigners (I dun think they are foreign workers, but just tourists)...but they backed off when we told then to stop...

But now that these spray cans are being used as weapons to allow ppl to get away with crimes scot free, I do think that they are becoming dangerous, imagine that your wallet gets stolen and when you turn, you end with with all those spray in your face and not being able to recognise the person, worse off, is those molest cases, it is downright disgusting loh...GROSS...and there were girls who got sprayed up the skirts or in the face by a gang/group of ppl...then kena molest...eww...but still if they ban these spray, then there is like nth to do during christmas/new year, cause it is the spray that provides the fun...right?! I bet most of you has had fun with the spray cans too right?...I think that they should really have more policemen (in uniform not plain clothes!) to patrol the area during these kinda events so that those that wanna try to commit crimes will think twice...and people that kena molest should really stand up for themselves, and not allow those people to take advantage of them...

Even though that most of the times, you don't ask for it, you should just avoid loh...just dun wear revealing clothes, and if you know that these kinda things are gonna happen, then just avoid that kinda event loh...cause you have a choice wad...not like you bo pian have to go to orchard wad...

I know that there are always ppl that kena molest first time, and sometimes even when they wear jeans, tees and jackets...cause if the ppl wanna molest then it is unadvoidable...but does help if you cover up...=D...

It's just my 2 cents worth on this topic loh...the government should really do something about this without taking away the fun...=D...


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Listening- YES 93.3 fm (yes, it's a radio station)
Location- Mum's Office (I am working!!! but now late lunch)
Talking- Yan Hao, Kangwei...=D internet is spoilt! The one that I use at home, that is...and now I can only use the internet at my mum's office, and from today onwards, I will be working at my mum's office...yeah I know, it's typical and boring...but at least I have something to do and I get paid quite well free lunch and transport...lolz...everyone have unch le then now my lunch time...-.-"...Jason's buying the food downstairs, and I decided to use this free time to update you guys on the happenings these few days...

Well...on New Year and New Year's eve, I was stuck at home watching "Witness to a Prosecution" (this cantonese show, which I have learnt to understand...) with my mum...Dad was working, Jason was out and my eldest bro was celebrating with his gf...bleeh, I dun have!! ( I mean bf ), but who cares...I dun need one to survive...anyways, yeah, that was how I spent my pathetic new year...lolz..

Saw a green lamborghini outside grand hyatt the other day...-.-"...everyone crowding around it trying to take photos...wah sports car also no need action ok! make me jealous only...lolz...(will upload the photo later)...then my mum said that the person wanna show off...but I tell her that the person waiting for car to get scratched...(obviously I am kidding...)and then when I told kw, he tell me carpark the space too small liao...-.-"...

Mum broke the soft bone (ruan gu) in some part of her foot...not sure where...which resulted in me not being able to go to Ngee Ann poly open house!!!! ARRGH!!! cause she was supposed to go with me then jason went to sit on her foot (accident)...-.-" sad...

Hmmm...wad else leh...nth much le bah...i go eat my lunch liaoz...BUAIZ!!!! (waited 1 hour sia)


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;Lamb Burger
;Shrimp & Chive Dumplings
;Steamed Prawns with Garlic Oil
;Tamagoyaki (Jap Omelette)

Sweets & Cakes:
;Chocolate Fudge Cookies
;Egg Tarts
;Individual Cheesecakes
;Ondeh Ondeh
;Oreo Cheesecake

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