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[-Saturday, December 31, 2005-]

Listening- Dong Jie, Lin Jun Jie
Location- Home

Went out with Talisa on Thursday...and I met her at White Sands cause I wanted to go find Jay/Jae (which one issit?) at Cafe Galilee and the girl that mans the billabong shop...but then hor, didn't get to see them cause Jay/Jae was working the afternoon shift that starts at 4!!!! and the other girl on leave I think...and I wasted 1 blody hour at White Sands...-.-"...saw some coral ppl there also...arrgh!!...I didn't get my hot vanilla...bleeh...lolz...

When Talisa came, we went down to cineleisure to book the movie tickets...=D...and sionce we had about 1 1/2 hours before the show, we decided to have lunch then play pool...muahahahas...I love playing pool!!! and when we went to buy snacks, guess what they sold? CHURROS!!!!!!! My fave wors...still remember the first/last time I ate it was at the night safari, when I was still in P5 or P6...lolz...whee! I love churros...muahahaha...I finished it before we even went into the cinema...lolz... (if you dunno what it is, then go check on the internet lah...haiyo)...after the movie, and some other misc. stuff we did, we went to get manicure, but then from Scotts shopping center to Far East all gonna close soon, so in the end we didn't get to do sad lah...but we had dinner there, and the food was nice!!! =D...forgot the name of the place le...but it's at the 3rd storey of Far East Plaza, and it's basically Thai food one...

Now, about the movie...
Chronicles of Narnia was great!!! =D...I read the book before I watched the show, so I sorta knew what was gonna happen and it wasn't really surprising for me...but still I liked the way that it followed close to the original storyline...and when Aslan (the lion) came out, I was like "omg! so CUTEE!!! I wanna bring home!" lolz...anyways, back to the storyline...basically, if you have yet to watch it, you should! I was wondering if the lion was animated or real, cause at some times, it looked real, and other times, it looked animated...but Talisa noticed something...during the war, those on the good side are mostly animals while those one the bad side are made up mostly of half human half animal...lolz...I am not a movie critic, so I dunno what to say, but anyways I would give this movie a 7.5/10...=D...the story was also funny at the right places...=D

hmmm...guess that will end this post..=D


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[-Wednesday, December 28, 2005-]

Listening- Jian Jian Dan Dan (loosely translated: Simply), Lin Jun Jie
Location- Home

Hee...went to eat at Lei Garden resturant yesterday...and they had this soup which I thought was a bit weird/gross when I knew what was inside in...guess what it is...its double boiled SCORPION & Crocodile meat soup...when I heard that I was like "eewww...scorpion? uurgh, exotic cuisine" but it's so much better than eating goat's eyes or cow's vagina (Extreme Goumet)...wanna see how it looks like...I show you...

The pic is a bit blur, but you can see the two black scorpions in there...WITH their stings still on ok...of course we ate the scorpion, if not order for wad...just kiddin lah...haiyo...where will eat the scorpion...lolz...but the soup tasted like the normal chicken soup like that, except got this very faint taste that I dunno how to describe...oh yeah...and the scorpion got hair/fur one!!! lolz...I didn;t know that lolz...can see the hair on the sting...lolz...then when I person wanted to keep, I was like "wait wait, I wanna take picture"...diao...machiam sua gu...lolz...

Gonna go out with Talisa tommorow, so I think there will be pictures tmr...gonna watch Chronicles of Narnia(my mum pronounced as "na ni ah"...muahahahaha"...hee...and go for manicure nails grow le so can go for manicure...=D =D =D...oh yeah...that will be the end of this post buaiz!

-love this car!!!!! My dream car!!!-


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[-Tuesday, December 27, 2005-]

Listening- Yi Lu Xiang Bei, Jay Chou
Location- Mum's Office...

Here are some quizzes I took...was bored...lolz

Has lots of extraordinary ideas. Difficult to
fathom. Thinkforward. Unique. brilliant. Sharp
thinking. Fine, strong clairvoyance. make good
doctors. Dynamic. Secretive. Inquisitive. Know
how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less
talkative. amiable. Brave. generous. Patient.
Stubborn. hardhearted. Determined. Never quit.
Hardly become angry unless provoked. Love to be
alone. Think differently. Sharp-minded.
Motivate self. Dont appreciate praises.
Highspirited. Well-built, tough. Deep love,
emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships.
Homely. Hardworking. High abilities.
Trustworthy. Honest. Keepsecrets. Cant control
emotions. Unpredictable.

What Does You Birth Month Reveal About You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I ain't so sure about the hardly becomes angry, patient, less talkative parts...lolz...


You love with your soul. You give it your
all, that someone in your life is extremly
lucky to have found you. You will love like
none they have ever known. Your love is
amazingly deep.

What Kind of Love are You?
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You are a dragon. You're strong, brave, and fierce. You may not have many friends, but you prefer it that way. The few friends you do have, you cherish them, and will rip the head off anyone if they mess with you or your friends. You're loyal to those you trust, but to everyone else? Clear the way.

What Mythical Creature Are You?

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You are Tap! You are fun and loud and people like to be around you.

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What fairy are you? ♥gorgeous pictures♥

brought to you by Quizilla
when did I become gothic...

Your hidden power is love.
(Your like a modern cupid!)

[Good points]

You can find and see the perfect couples!
Which is a good thing- if you own a match-making place, you could make millions! Heh...

[Bad points]

You fall in love at first sight. Which is sort of a bad/good point.
The bad part is that its rarely true love.
Sure, you have the power to love and give love. But make sure its what you want.
Your power can make you forget what you want sometimes.
What is your hidden power? ( Cool Pics + very detailed results!)

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Content love
You will have a Content love. Not
boring, but without fights and problems. You
will just... be in love. Simple as that. As a
person, you're not the one who laughs highest
or most often, nor the one in the dark corner
crying. You are the one who sits watching
everyone else, often with a little smile
playing on your lips. To you, life is good and
you will get what you wish for. You will fall
for someone who is himself, and lets you be

Please rate aaaaand... eat chocolate bars?
*cough*rate*cough* ^^

What Love are you Fated for? ~AWESOME anime pics!~
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You are a Sapphire

Some ancient writers claimed the Ten Commandments
were written on sapphire. Ancient marriage
partners had great faith in the stone,
believing it would not shine if worn by the
wicked or impure

What rare and valuable stone are you?
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okok...I am done with the quizzes...
-end of post-


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Added Jay Chou's Ye Qu's (nocturne) video to my blog...and here is the lyrics, in ppl should thank me...lolz..just kiddin...

!~ Ye Qu (nocturne) ~!

Yi qun xi xue de ma yi bei fu rou suo xi yin
Wo mian wu biao qing kan gu du de feng jing
Shi qu ni, ai kai shi fen ming

Shi qu ni, hai you shen me shi hao guan xin

Dang ge zi bu zai xiang zheng he ping

Wo zhong yu bei ti xing, guang chang shang wei shi de shi tu ying
Wo yong piao liang de ya yun xing rong bei lue duo yi kong de ai qing

Ah, wu yun kai shi zhe bi, ye se bu gan jing
Gong yuan li zang li de hui yin, zai man tian fei xing
Song ni de bai se mei gui, zai chun hei de huan jing diao ling
Wu ya zai shu zi shang gui yi de hen an jing

Jing jing ting, wo hei se de da yi, xiang wen nuan ni
Ri jian bing leng de hui yi, zou guo de zou guo de sheng ming
Ah ~si zhou mi man wu qi
Ah ~wo zai kong kuang de mu di
Lao qu hou hai ai ni

Wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
Ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
Gen ye feng yi yang de sheng yin
Xin sui de hen hao ting
Shou zai jian pan qiao hen qing
Wo gei de si nian hen xiao xin

Ni mai zang de di fang jiao you ming
Wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
Ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
Er wo wei ni yin xing mai ming
Zai yue guang xia tan qin
Dui ni xin tiao de gan ying
Hai shi ru ci wen nuan qing xi
Huai nian ni na xian hong de chun yin

Na xie duan chi de qing ting, san luo zai zhe sen lin
Er wo de yan jing, mei you si hao tong qing
Shi qu ni, lei shui hun zhuo bu qing
Shi qu ni, wo lian xiao rong dou you yin ying

Feng zai zhang man qing tai de wu ding

Chao xiao wo de shang xin

Xiang yi ko mei you shui de ku jing
Wo yong qi mei de zi xing
Miao hui hou hui mo ji de na ai qing

Wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
Ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
Gen ye feng yi yang de sheng yin
Xin sui de hen hao ting
Shou zai jian pan qiao hen qing
Wo gei de si nian hen xiao xin

Ni mai zang de di fang jiao you ming
Wei ni tan zou xiao bang de ye qu
Ji nian wo si qu de ai qing
Er wo wei ni yin xing mai ming
Zai yue guang xia tan qin
Dui ni xin tiao de gan ying
Hai shi ru ci wen nuan qing xi
Huai nian ni na xian hong de chun yin

Yi qun xi xue de ma yi bei fu rou suo xi yin
Wo mian wu biao qing kan gu du de feng jing
Shi qu ni, ai kai shi fen ming

Shi qu ni, hai you shen me shi hao guan xin

Dang ge zi bu zai xiang zheng he ping

Wo zhong yu bei ti xing, guang chang shang wei shi de shi tu ying
Wo yong piao liang de ya yun xing rong bei lue duo yi kong de ai qing

!' Jay Chou'!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:31 AM;

Listening- Mei Li De Wu Hui, Sammi Cheng
Location- Home
Mood- Cranky...

Dun ask me why my mood is like this today...simply cause, you would feel the same too, if wad happened to me happened to idiotic bro went and woke me up at 7.00am..when I said wake me up early, it means maybe 9 or 10!!! NOT SEVEN!!!! HELLO?! It's the holidays and I dun have to work...who would wake up so early for nothing and not have a cranky mood...uurgh...

FROM NOW ON...when ever something makes me depressed, I will change comething in my life...and it shall be like this "New _(insert part of life)_, New life, New Beginning..." I love my hair...lolz...that was totally random lah...oh yeah...and when I said that I DON'T CARE...and that I mean it...pls dun come mentioning it to me again...-unless your intention is to piss me off-...simple cause I don't care...okay? (not making a pass at anyone, cause alot of ppl do that to me...esp HAN CHIANG! idiotic hans) as I said, I am cranky this morning, so if got de jui anyone, please dun forgive...opps, I meant, pls forgive...

arrgh...I am becoming a pool addict...I know this is stupid, but since I cannot play real pool right now (simple cause I never go out)...I AM STUCK ON YAHOO! POOL!!!...-.-"...lame right...lolz...hans better faster come back...then I can try to trash him in pool...muahahaha...but I doubt I can...lolx...I am cranky...and crazy this morning...

Oh yeah...and from now onwards, I shall only lie to the person if the person is important to, unless you think you are important, pls dun tell me that I am lying...oh yeah, you also have to know what important means to me...ppl that are important to me...a.k.s loved, unless you are someone that I currently like, or my family member, or my friend pls dun think you are important to me, cause you are not...simple as that...

hee...-end of post-


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[-Monday, December 26, 2005-]

Listening- Sometimes, Britney Spears...

Oops...I forgot...heh...Merry Christmas!!! =D...hope that all of you have had an enjoyable christmas, and if you didn't, then dun feel too sad either...anyways, hope that all you ppl have a greeat year ahead a'right?! =D...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;12:01 AM;

[-Sunday, December 25, 2005-]

Listening- The Distance, Evan & Jaron (think so bahs....)
Location- Home!

YEAHNESS!!!!!! mum let me dye my hair (dunno how many times I have said that...but, who cares...), and I had it done yesterday!!! hee...light copper brown streaks...muahahahaha...I love my hair! (I love my mum too ok)...lolz...nah...let you see me when I am doing my hair...lolz

(you ppl whould be glad to see me in this pics okay...other ppl dun get to see them...)

My hair is in aluminium foil!!!!!! lolz...and that alienish looking thing gives off heat, think is to let the colour come out or something...

After washing and blowing and straightening(temp only)...
can see colour? no?
how about now? Abit only ar?...HAIYO you all very ma fan leh

NA! see...
Taken under the super bright lights of Thomson plaza's TOILET! lolz...

After that, went home to have dinner...(and you ppl were partying at goodness knows where...)Mum asked my eldest bro's gf to come also...and there was turkey!! lolz...dunno how come mum wanna eat turkey, but she went to buy from cold storage and then have to heat up at home using the oven to roast it...(turned out a bit over cooked, heat too long)...then after that ting called from Xuan'er and Rick's home and aske dme to go, and cause I am not allowed out and still wanted to go, I had to beg and pester my mum from 10 to 11.20 then she let me go...lolz...when I reached there, it was just in time to count down...lolz...was fun lah...lolz...and we ate log cakes! lolz...I had a bad experience with log cakes but these were super nice! cause last time the one that my aunt bought too sweet liao...then very er xin(gross)...
and played this game where we had to guess the secret number and the person who got it was to be punished...lolz...I left at about 1.15am with Ting cause my mum came to bring me home and then say that she also send her home cause it was on the way...lolz...

When I reached home, it was about 2am already, and I am so super tired that I fell asleep right after I lie down on my least I got change leh...and guess what time I woke up today? a freaking 1.50pm!!!!!!!!!!! Lolz...

YEAH!! gonna have lobster salad for dinner tonight...(baby lobsters lah...not the super big ones)muahahaha...lolz...can't wait... is a nice view to end this post...buaiz!


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[-Friday, December 23, 2005-]

Listening- Breaking the Habit, Linkin Park
Location- Home
Mood- Down...

Ever since after that day that Eileen they all came my place, I have been feeling weird all over...most of all, I feel sad bahs...I don't really know the reason...but it's definetly not over what happened on that day lah...dun worry...but then I can't seem to cheer up and dun have mood to do anything except sit in the KTV room and watching Korean drama Summer Scent...

Guess that it's because when Hans and my two close friends told me abt it that time, I didn't want to believe it bahs, and still pretend that nth happen, leading my life just like before, but after that day, I know, that it's for real, and I cannot hide from it yeah, even though nth was said, I "heard" enough...and I dun give a fuck...that's their problem, not mine, and anyways, I already forget him le...and I mean it lah ok...dun talk to me abt him anymore...

Joel added me on MSN and I didn't know who he is even though he put Jophonse as his nick...forget le cannot issit...the conversationg went like this
"who is this?"
"no lah...Joel"
"errr....?? OH! CHEY!"
lolz...funny hor...but since he add me he never online liao..maybe someone find out then ask him to block me...or maybe just diff timging online...dunno lah...who cares...I dun care abt him liaoz...

-end of post-


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[-Thursday, December 22, 2005-]

Listening- Mei Li De Wu Hui (Beautiful Mistake?), Sammi Cheng
Location- Home...

Went to Orchard today with mum, went to Scotts AGAIN...and today is my last PT, and my trainer, Annie gave me a pressie!!!! A polo tee from PMK (pureMilk) nice right? But I never prepare anything for pai seh...ON the way to Scotts, heard this stupid loud CAR engine or exhaust pipe, whichever it is I dunno lah...but freaking loud know when we take the underpass to Scotts there is this escalator on the right of the tunnel that leads to this hotel there (I think it is lah) then when I exit the escalator heard the stupid loud sound that came from a GREEN car...Looks like a Lambo, or it could be a ferrari...dunno lah...but it was all the way at the other end of the three lanes loh!!! And it was so freaking fast...speeding at Orchard road...tsk loud...NOISE POLLUTION LAH!...if Wai Siong was there I bet he would be talking abt it for at least 15 min...that car freak...-.-"...boys...there were some teens there and I heard a guy go "F***! cool sia..." and some girls were dumbstruck...lolz

Ting kept asking me to meet her, and I didn't want to...but she kept pestering me...but the thing is, my mum dun let me go...too bad...she says that last night my dad dreamt that I went missing, so for these few days, I have to stick around her...bleahx...that means, I wun be going for any Christmas celebration...greeeat...countdown at home with family...HOW FUN!!!!(read:dripping with sacarsm)...(So dun count on me going out unless you want my mum to go also...-.-")

Well...i gonna go sleep right now...NITES!!...oh yeah...its Chun Wei's B'dae's 12.09am...HAPPY B'DAE SPIDERMAN!


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[-Wednesday, December 21, 2005-]

Listening- Yes 93.3 FM...(advertisment time so no song...)
Location- Mum's Office
Nearest Occasion- Chun Wei's B'dae (Tomorrow)

Hee...I am bored...gonna get a job only after Jan...Anyways...this post, is basically about those places that I went to eat at which I still remember, If I dun remember then too bad lah (read: Dun remember- Food is average)

This is only to MY opinion, I never force ppl to see the same way as me hor!

annnd (drumroll pls) PRESENTING!

The Line (Shangri'la Hotel)
-Buffet variety (the Line Buffet) ((MUST TRY!))
-Dessert (The chocolate fountain that you can dip fruits and marshmallow in...The Line Buffet)

Meritus Mandarin Singapore (at Orchard that one)
-Night View- Top Of the M resturant (Go even if only for the view!)
-Pasta- Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant

Jerry's BBQ and Grill (Jalan Kayu outlet)
-Best Western Cuisine
-Best Brownies with Ice Cream
-Nicest Fried Mushrooms (MUST TRY!!!)
*better make night almost always full

Seletar Hill Restaurant (MUST GO!)
-Nicest Smoked Duck (Camphor tea smoked duck)
-Szechuan Chilli Red Garoupa (Must try!)
-Nicest Durian and Mango Pudding...
-Best Gan Bian Shi Ji Dou (basically Long beans stir fried with chilli)
-Nice quiet atmosphere (unless you meet the occassional loud talking group)
-Nicest Chrysantamum Tea!! & Ice Lemon Tea!!!
*reservations should be made

Cafe Cartel
-Cheap and Good set lunch!!! (only ate once wad!)

Dian Xiao Er (Marina Square)
-Best herbal soup (thats what they are known for wad...)
-Nicest fried rice

Tambuah Mas Indonesia Resturant
-Best Indon Food so far...
-Best Satay... (MUST TRY!)
-Best Tahu Telor
-Best Deep Fried Fish (With Sambal Petis or Spicy coconut sauce)(MUST TRY!!)
-Best Chendol(MUST TRY!!!)
-Best Sambal Kangkong

Azuma Japanese Resturant (Pricey...BUT GOOD!!)
-Best Sashimi/Sushi/Shabu Shabu(Like steamboat)
-Best Green Tea Ice Cream (must TRY!)
-Best Salad (At shabu shabu area)
-Best congee (shabu shabu also)
-Best Unagi (Eel)
-Best Tamago!!!!!!(Egg)
-Best Chawanmushi! (Steam Egg)
-Best Uni! (Sea Urchin)
-Be it cooked or uncooked Jap food, this is the place!!!!!!
*Better make reservations...

Scotts Shopping center food court
-Best Korean cuisine...
-Best Hotplate (taiwan cuisine)...

(getting tired....)

The Cliff (the Sentosa Resort and Spa)
-Best Chocolate Truffle (Choc cake with melted choc centre)
-Best Sea View (sit at the balcony area that is...)
-GREAT dinner atmosphere (esp with your loved ones)
-Best oven baked oyster (I dun eat raw ones)
-Best service...
-Unique decor...
-Love their pasta...=D
*better make reservations if you want the sea view

Best Wanton Mee...At Ang Mo Kio (ave 4 there...) corner stall...
-Easily recognised by the looong que that forms there...

Best custard puff...Beard Papa...

Best Corokke, Corochan's corokke... (think I spelled that right)

Getting tired abt food...lets talk abt something else...hee...let's talk ppl!!!!

My fave people (in the entertainment ring)...

-Actor: Tay Ping Hui!!!...=D
-Actress: Rui En...=D
-Singer Male: Lin Jun Jie!!! (no doubt abt that...)
-Singer Female: Joi Chua (Cai Chun Jia)
-TV Host Male: Bryan Wong...=D...funny
-TV Host Female: Kym Ng...=D
-Radio Host Female: YES 93.3...Ling Zhi
-Radio Host Male:: YES 93.3...Zhou Chong Qing (correct sp?)

Hong Kong:
-Actor: DANIEL WU!!!!
-Actress: Sammi Cheng
-Singer Male: EDISON CHEN!!
-Singer Female: Sammi Cheng

-Actor: Song Seung Hun (The Cool Guy, Summer Scent)
-Actress: Song Ye-jin (Summer Scent)

-Too many to name...heh...

OMG!! dunno write how long liaoz...ciao


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[-Tuesday, December 20, 2005-]

Listening- Crawling Back To You, Backstreet Boys
Talking-Jing Yan
Mood- Relieved...

W'lao...Kelson ong...gave me a shock...lolz...talked to Eileen on the phone and she told me that YM is not coming my house afterall...hee...Eil is gonna bring over Apple of MY FAVE desserts hee...oh yeah...Eileen Chan how dare you look down on my baking skills!!?? cookies nicer than Famous Amos ok...lolz...jk lah...hee...

Kai Hua gonna leave for South Korea on Christmas...bleahx...gonna drop by her house on Sat to collect some stuff that I left at her house lolz...and drop off her present also...

And talkings 'bout that I really should get those Christmas cards done...hmm...drop your address via sms, phonecall, e-mail or just tag it here...and you will get a card wors...(so not surprising...)lolz...hee...hmmm...think that's all many posts today..acutally not many, only 2 and short ones somemore...


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[-Monday, December 19, 2005-]

Listening- Guardian Angel, Hong Jun Yang(is this spelling right?)

Someone help...Eileen, Kelson and maybe Yanming and Talisa is coming to my house tmr...hee...dun get me wrong...I am happy!! But hor...YM coming like a bit weird...I dun mind really...but its a bit weird for me, cause for those that bother to read my blog, even if you dunno me or her, should know the story through my blog le hor? will wanna come my place meh? Doubt it leh...thot she detests me...maybe it's just my own thinking lah...(wonders if can get KW to go also...lolz)

Gonna make brownies tmr...maybe go cook pasta if I am in the mood...bought some new vcds, so entertainment should not be a prob unless they find it boring then I dunno lah...hmm...wad else...who wants blueberry muffins? Lolz...oh yeah...COOKIES!!! lolz...I am crazy...dun mind me...lolz

Went to Scotts again, and had lunch at the foodcourt and there is this "Taiwan Delights" stall that sells mostly hotplates food (if you know what I mean)...and they serve nice hotplate tofu and mushroom...then Fishball Noodles stall also serve nice Satay Bee Hoon and the Japanese stall...which I have forgotten the name has nice curry rice...OH YEAH!! not forgetting, the Korean food stall serves nice Bibimbap (spelling correct hor...), which is rice with different types of veg and if not wrong got egg also, cannot remember clearly...the anchovies (ikan bilis) also nice...hee...I sound like a freak that goes sampling food at all the stalls hor? but dun worry lah, I never I ate those on different days...hee...

Bleahx...but then hor...Other than Pastamania, the Tiramisus that I have tried were basically the same...who can intro nice Tiramisu? oh yeah...and anyone knows where to get Fried Ice Cream? Had fried ice cream for dessert in Melbourne and am craving for it...hais...fried ice cream!!!!!!!!!!! lolz...

guess thats all...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:08 PM;

Listening- Not too young, Not too old, Aaron Carter

HEE...this post is just for fun lah...but if anyone wanna get these for me I also dun mind wors...lolz

Christmas Wishlist!!!!
1)Loreal Pure Zone Cleansing Gel...
2)My iPod Nano back...
3)-Him- to come back and celebrate with me...(not gonna happen!)
4)Contact Lenses (not coloured nvm)
5)Digi Cam...
6)My complexion back...(kena so many pimples lately)
7)Christmas Cards from friends...
8)oh yeah and blessings to all people out there whom are less fortunate...=D...(I still have a heart ok...)
9)Jacko and Angel back...(they are my dogs btw...they got sent away)
10)If cannot have -Him- then can I get someone else that is as good? lolz
11)World Peace (Wad?! Cannot ar? even though I doubt it would happen)
12)No terrorists attacks...

Anyways...this post is just another lame one by me lah...lolz...hee...anyways...advanced MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ppl!!!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;1:27 AM;

Hey you should be able to hear, I have changed the song once again, and its time too...lolz...anyways...the new song, is by LFO, I have never heard of them till I heard this have to click play, so at least you all get to choose whether you wanna listen or not loh...

!~Girl on TV~!
I'm wishing on a falling star
Wondering where you are
I wish

Wish for you on a falling star
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine
She's from the city of angels
Like Brady Davis James Dean and Gable
Never know what she means to me
I fell for the girl that's on TV

Met her at a counter affair
She wore a green dress & everybody was there
Felt out of place till she looked into my eyes
Shook your hand around 9 p.m.
And I, never thought I'd be the same again
Never had to be on a movie screen
To be the leading lady in all my dreams
Shooby doo-wap & scooby snacks
Met a fly girl and I can't relax
The only problem is she's a movie star
Oh oh
My friends they won't believe me
If they could only see me
At the risk of sounding cheezy
Think I fell for the girl on TV

Wish for you on a falling star
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine
She's from, the city of angels
Like Brady Davis, James Dean and Gable
Never know what she means to me
I fell for the girl that's on TV

Everybody knows her name
Wanna take a picture and their glad she came
But I just want to be there when she's down
Down (Be there when she's down)
I don't want her autograph
I just want to call her up and make it hap
Never had to be on a movie screen
To be the leading lady in all my dreams

Shooby doo-wap & scooby snacks
Met a fly girl and I can't relax
The only problem is she's a movie star
Oh oh
My friends they won't believe me
If they could only see me
At the risk of sounding cheezy
Think I fell for the girl on TV

Wish for you on a falling star
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine
She's from, the city of angels
Like Brady Davis, James Dean and Gable
Never know what she means to me
I fell for the girl that's on TV

(I wish for you on a falling star)
I'm wishing on a star
And I'm wondering where you are
(Wondering where you are)
Do I cross your mind
In the warm sunshine

So I wish for you on a bright shining star
Every where I look there you are
Its the girl in the green dress
She took my breath away
And now I look to the sky
For a better day
To the beach shore and scooby snacks
I met a fly girl and I can't relax
Never had to be on a movie screen
Cuz she's the leading lady in all my dreams
I wish

Wish for you on a falling star
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine
She's from, the city of angels
Like Brady Davis, James Dean and Gable
Never know what she means to me
I fell for the girl that's on TV

Wish for you on a falling star
(I wish upon a star)
Wondering where you are
Do I ever cross your mind
In the warm sunshine
She's from, the city of angels
Like Brady Davis, James Dean and Gable
Never know what she means to me
I fell for the girl that's on TV

I'm wishing
I'm wishing


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[-Saturday, December 17, 2005-]

Listening- Never Had A Dream Come True, S Club 7

Hey hey!!! Sorry long never update blog le...hee...sorry lah, been busy these few days...well, anyways, the wedding dinner was really nice...=D...but sorry, I never take photos (well, actually I did, but damn blur, so might as well dun put lah) hee...during the wedding dinner, the couple made an entrance by singing this duet -Wu Ding- (loosely translate into rooftop) by Jacky Wu and Landy...and I was like "W'lao, steal me and Ting's song..." lolz...hee...then they couple kissed so freaking many times lah...4-5 that night...then they played this game which was like, the host was to ask the groom some questions, and he has to answer them correctly to proceed to the bride, and if he answers wrongly, he has to take something off...lolz...was fun...the food was nice too, and the tables were decorated with rose petals in the middle, so the food was served in portions and each person gets one plate...but then hor 'jia buay ba' (not a full meal) lolz...hee...and my hair? It was fucking hideous lah!!!! WAH LAO....the hair stylist...omg...ask me what style I want, then I also dunno so I ask her to make simple one loh...and she go put my hair all up into my fucking ugly...arrgh...

Hmmm...mum finally relented and let me dye hair liao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....YEAH!!!! LOLZ...pai seh, I mad leh...hee...actually not dye lah...but highlight...gonna get it done next saturday, which is Christmas Eve...dunno whether I will still be going out or celebrate with parents...hmmm...what colour should I highlight my hair? NO BROWNS or GOLDS...lolz...too common liaoz...oh yeah...too extreme also cannot...but I dun want thoise colours that you see everywhere in Orchard road...and neither do I want to become a christmas tree by highlighting green hor...may consider streaking...hmmmm...JAE(or issit Jay)!! HELP!!! (The one from WS Cafe Galilee) lolz...

Oh two tattoos...(washable lah) one my ankle and my neck...wanna see? the one on my ankle is actually 2 dolphins and the one on my neck is a scorpion....heee

Hee...nice? dunno lah...lolz...ok lah...write till here...


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[-Saturday, December 10, 2005-]

Listening- Be My Baby, Edison Chen
Talking- Ting Ting

Muahahaha...went to the gym just now...almost broke my back and she trained me on my till so freaking "suan" (tired)and painful...then the back also...lolz...haiya...nvm...its for my own good right? lolz...

Then went to collect the dress...just nice...muahaha...but mum's dress...haiyo...jia lat (not good)...cause they were supposed to add a zip to the dress so that she can wear it easily, cause she will be getting her make up done then wear the dress mahs...then originally the dress is supposed to be pulled over the head, but imagine the hair and make up all done liao then pull the dress over the head...later look like freak...lolz...anyways they FORGOT to add the zip!!! Wah'lao eh...ppl tmr wanna wear de can like forgetful...then my mum's schedule tmr is packed le lor...morning have to go the groom's house for the tea ceremony, then after that collect the dress at 11 plus...then come home bathe, then go to Thomson at 3.30 (till 5)to get her make up done (I also tagging along and get my hair and make up done...hee), then go home and change...then so some last minute stuff and finally go to the wedding dinner...forget at what hotel liaoz...lolz...

Hmmm...tmr I will take a lot of photos wors!! (if the cicumstances allow lah) then I will post them here okay? dun wanna see sua(fine)! lolz...have I told you that Jason look freaking shuai in his suit? He does!! I take photo then let you all see tmr...muahahahaha...I wanna get contacts lah!!! If not with make up then wear till so nice and wear specs?! Wah piang eh...not fitting leh...lolz...nvm...dun wear specs...later bang into wall...hahahaha

Then today the ppl came to service the air-con, then I had to wake up early!! Lolz...wanted to have a lie-in de...but then have to wake up...lolz...then one of the ppl shuai sia...lolz...cute!! but not my type...lolz...i am crapping...haiz...dreamt of that idiot last nite...then when I woke up and went back to sleep, dream of him again!! W'lao eh...and the dream machiam continued one sia...stupid dreams...haiz...stupid idiotic tortoise/turtle bastard...invade my dreams for wad?!!!! haiz...dumb ass...make me think of you again for wad...arrghs!!!!! Quoting Simple Plan's Any given sunday -"taking my time, I am trying to leave the memories of you behind...I'm gonna be fine, as soon as I get your picture right out of my mind"-....haiz...

buaiz! tmr!!! (If i never sleep immediately after I reach home)


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:51 PM;

Listening- I Never Told You, Edison Chen...

Wahahaha...pai seh long never update the blog...actually not long lah, only 3 days...but then, I know you people miss me right?!! lolz...dun lie, I know you got miss you...wahahahaha...jk...

Hee...going to Scotts again later at 1.15...cause remember about the gym and the slimming treatment my mum going? I going there again today...that day, when I went to the gym (the place is Phillip Wain lah), then saw my old trainer there, she recognised me loh, then that day she free so had my PT that day...and she tell me that I still have 5 more PTs with I going again today...lolz...then that day I had to wait for my mum, cause she got 2 treatments!!! and one of the consultants there tell me I got 1 free facial then might as well go for the facial than to sit there and do nothing...MUAHAHAHA...NICE SIA!!! Got ppl do my face for me...lolz...but pain sia...she squeeze some of my pimples and tell me I gonna breakout soon!! nooo!!!! lolz..then also squeeze the blackheads...sounds gross hor...ut pain sia...ouch factor is 7/10 I tell you...lolz...

Later go Scotts there not only for my PT, but also collect my dress...hee...that day they had to alter... Length only hor...not size...haha...who wanna see my dress? I think no one...lolz...nvm, Jason also bought a suit...damn nice de, and I thot I would never say this, but he look really handsome/charming in the suit wors...lolz...nvm, that day I take photo let you all see...haha...=D...ok...gtg liaoz...BUAIZ!!! dun miss me wors!


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[-Wednesday, December 07, 2005-]

Listening- Scars, Papa Roach

Lolz...went out with Jing, Kai and Jia (my pri sch friends) yesterday...supposed to take the cruise but in the end never (and its not cause of what you said kelson...=P)...they were looking for smth to eat...then end up walking to Funan IT Mall there...then ate at the foodcourt...after that, walked around abit then walk all the way to Suntec!!! WAH PIANG...leg pain sia...lolz...but still okay lah...went to the arcade there, and played the racing games, Time Crisis, basketball thingy and some other games...lolz...spent a freaking lot of money on the arcade...hee...then went to Kai's house, cause nth to do her place, we played Twister (yes, I can play...) and pictionary...Hee...was damn fun...long time never go out with them already, and we talked about our school and our friends, and those funny things that happened...haha...had loadsa fun hee...took neoprints, but then I cannot put up...dun ask why, it is obvious that I dun have scanner leh...lolz...I complained so many time le...

Hmmm...went to work at mum's office today then during lunch time went to shop for the dress/evening gown thingy for the wedding dinner this Sunday...shopped at Scotts, cause my mum bought her last evening dress there, the shop is really nice...then got individual salesgirl for each person sia!!! lolz...good service...I had my eye on this dress, but then no was nice loh...but I never take pic...lolz...then looked at a few others (2 I think) also no size (hoy...kelson, I know you laughing right...lolz) but then she brought this other dress out and ask me to try on so I try loh...and WAHAHAHA...can wear sia!!!! lolz...and its looks quite nice also...but then its long...very long, even I wear also need to alter it to be shorter (not that I tall lah...lolz), then my mum was like "how come the person never tell me to try ar..." Then I tell her "You try then become walking carpet liaoz" muahahaha I so evil...LOLZ!!! My mum tried on several dresses(her size, but then not nice, I think she tried about 5 ar...) then finally the saleswoman took the dress that had no size for me to give her and try...wah lao!!!! Not fair!! but she wear le also tight...muahahaha...but then they say can alter a bit loh...and she kept asking me whether she look like water tank in it or not...lolz..but then she looks really nice in it leh...

Hee...lolz...gonna go work at my mum's office tmr again...then she go facial and slimming therapy or smth, and I tagging along...I go the gym there play...lolz...guess thats all bahz...BYE!!!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:50 PM;

Listening- Ye Qu (night song?), Jay Chou

Heee...bought two Korean dvds lately ((been watching loads of korean movies haha) and watched them both within a day and now, I am left with nothing to watch, AGAIN!...lolz...but nevermind...lolz...I now work at mum's office...haha

The first movie that I wanna intro to you ppl would be "Innocent Steps" personally, I think its a really nice, dance/romance movie...its about how this girl, Chae Rin (Moon Geun Yong) poses as her sister , a dance champ, to take part in a national dance competition...but the only problem is that she doesn't know how to dance...her dance partner, Young Sae (Park Gun Hyung) was really dissapointed at first, but then in the end, he teaches her how to dance and she became really good at it...and because Chae Rin is from China, she has to get married to live in Korea, thus they had a fake marriage, but then soon, they find themselves really falling for each other...then his enemy/competitor, tried to take Chae Rin from him, and signed her up to dance with him instead...then the rest I dun wanna say liaoz...if not spoiler lah, then you all watch the show also not fun...lolz...=D
This is how the cover of the dvd looks like :

The second movie is called Please Teach Me English...lolz..its a very funny movie of how two people meet at an English language class...Starring, Jang Hyuk as Moon Su and Lee Na Young as Young Ju... Young Ju did not want to attend the language class, she is working as a public official and one day this foreigner came and complained about his electricity bill in English, and she and everyone else there had no idea what he was talking about, and they chose the person to take the language class by spinning a she suay loh...then Moon Su took english classes because of this girl (how she is related I dun tell you) named Victoria, who is working in New York, as a lawyer...When they first met, Young Ju already took him as her perfect boyfriend...but then Moon Su was infatuated with the english teacher, Catherine...the stories continues from there, and even though the plot is a bit predictable, I definetly had a good laugh...=D...

Here is the pic of the dvd:


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[-Monday, December 05, 2005-]

Listening- 1985, Bowling For Soup

Hee...bought my memory card reader liaoz!!!, are the pics that I owe you ppl!

These are from the graduation day...all taken in class, after the grad party...lolz


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[-Sunday, December 04, 2005-]

Listening- Baby Come On Over(This Is Our Night), Samantha Mumba freaking tired lah!!!!!!! dad out from about 1.30 to 4.45? And its a freaking good workout also lah...lolz...Wanna know wad I did?! Hee...dun tell you...=P...ok lah...shall stop acting cute lolz...

Help dad to clean the freaking fish pond, well, not the pond but the filter area...EY tiring hor!!! Have to carry those sacks of dead corals, stones and misc stuff that is used to filter the water in the pond...then somemore have to clear out the water, using buckets...wah piang heavy my arms ar freaking tired sia...Those sacks of stones/pebbles and dead corals were okay lah...but then got the larger sacks one, which I guess weigh about 2-3 kg!! arms almost break...I was like "TMD!!! Si mi ming kia lai eh? (what the heck is this?!) so heavy!!!" ...haha...take out those sacks of stuff still never mind (cause is Jason do...muahahaha) but then when have to put back...almost break my arms sia...then kena tan by the freaking sun which was blazing hot somemore...lolz...I dun mind lah...I like to be tan...wahahahaha...(dun worry, I dun go suntanning de)...but I wore sandals...stupid choice!!!! now my feet machiam here darker here lighter!!! ARRGH...CB!!! lolz...shall stop cursing...

Then Jason halfway go out with friends...leave me down there carry those heavy stuff...TMD!!!! lolz...nvm...good excercise...MUAHAHAHAHA...I crazy le...MUAHAHAHA...lolz

Gonna go out on Tues with my pri sch friends, going to sg river...think go there take the river cruise or smth...lolz...and I plan to get my memory card reader that day...thus, I will be able to upload the photos that I took on my phone (which were supposed to be up ages ago)...

Mum cooked porridge, and since no one was free to eat it for lunch we are supposed to have it for dinner!! Wah lao eh!!!! Pengz lah (not that I am complaining...the porridge is nice hor! If you say not nice I smack your face...lolz)...then my dad say I help him so go out eat...LIAR!!! lolz...hahahha...wadever...

Ok lah...shall stop le...dunno how come today I become so vulgar...cb..lolz...


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:07 PM;

[-Saturday, December 03, 2005-]

Listening- Never Gone, Backstreet Boys

I am beginning to think that my blog is getting more boring by the day...correct?! lolz...I think hor, I better add in photos at times, if not ppl reading my blog (which is like less than 5, but anyways) will die of boredom...lolz...but hor...I dun cannot upload photos leh!!!!

Reasons are:
1)My camera lost/stolen...wadever...
2)My phone can take photo but no cable to upload the photos...
3)Need memory card reader or bluetooth adapter to upload from handphone...

So heh...the only way to see the photos right now is through this web that I have uploaded some pics on...will be getting a memory card reader soon...promise!!!

Well anyways...since christmas is like 22 days...I can write my wish-list right?!!!! Lolz...

1)New put in all my misc. stuff when i go poly(hopefully) next year...
2)New camera!!! If not cannot take photos for christmas celebration how?!!!
3)If no camera then a memory card reader can bahs? then I can upload from phone...
4)Friends!! To celebrate christmas eve with...
5)Some new clothes...if not I everytime wear the same set of clothes how to go poly?!!!! Think...I only have like wad? 2 sets of clothes that I always wear?
6)New earrings...or a new pair of ears...arrgh..cannot wear silver earrings...bleahx...if not will get infected...
7)Contact lenses...coloured/non-coloured dun matter...
8)OI! I wanna dye hair!! (none of your buisness I know...lolz...but if my mum happen to read my blog...heh heh)

This year not a lot of things lah...but then like alot of expensive stuff hor...hee...aiya...I put for fun nia la...dun really go buy worz I paiseh leh (being bhb again)

ok...thats all BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:18 PM;

Listening- Let's get retarded, Black Eye Peas
Talking- Benedict chieng...

can't sleep...and its like 1.30 am...haiz...woke up at like wad...2.30 this afternoon...dunno why leh...maybe cause I want time to go faster bahz...cause like I said, he is leaving at since I woke up so late, I won't be tempted to go send him the end...Yan Hao also did not go and send him off...

Dumb Hans...lolz...idiot...say wad I sad that -he- is leaving...i dun give a shit leh...lolz...then say wad i and -him- stead...yeah right...more like he and bacca(Kelson said that I very mean to call her ah h*** so change loh...) stead lah...then say i am his ex...-.-" and when I say never even start anything how to ex...he says "see...bluff again" Bluff you for WAD?!!! siao guy...

But there is something that I need to say...I really can't remember his face clearly...last time I can't remember KW face properly, but that one nvm, cause got photos, and his friendster also have his lastest face...but then this one photo...only got class one...and after looking at it i go "he look like that one meh" brain ar...die liaoz...i can remember most ppl clearly...even chu hua, chu yun, ann kok, and those ppl that I never see for a long time...maybe this is cause I dun wanna remember him le bah...lolz...

So sianz!!!!! Sian sian sian sian sian...ARGH!! yes, I am crazy...someone call the hougang chalet ppl in white to come and catch me...muahahahaha...



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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;3:20 AM;

[-Friday, December 02, 2005-]

Hee...changed the song of my blog...and here are the lyrics...though this song is not in English, but in Chinese and Korean...I just write down the 'Han Yu Pin Yin' for the chinese words and the pronounciation for the Korean words...

may not be totally accurate...lolz

!~ Endless Love ~!
Jie kai wo zui shen mi de deng dai
Xing xing zhui luo feng zai chui dong
Zhong yu zai jiang ni rong ru huai zhong
Liang ke xin chan dou

Xiang xin wo bu bian de zhen xin
Qian nian deng dai yao wo cheng nuo
Wu lun jing guo duo shao de han dong
Wo jue bu fang shou

e jen na eh son eul jap go
nun eul gam a yo
woori sa rang hae dun na dul
seng gak hae ba yo

woori ner mu sa rang hae ser
ah pa sser nae yo
ser lo sarang han dan mal do
motae sser nae yo

mei yi ye bei xin tong chuan yue
si nian yong mei you zhong dian
zhao xi guan le gu du xiang shui
wo wei xiao mian dui

xiang xin wo ni xuan ze deng dai
zai duo ku tong ye bu shan duo
zhi you ni de wen rou neng jie jui
wu bian de leng mo

e jen na eh son eul jap go
nun eul gam a yo
woori sa rang hae dun na dul
seng gak hae ba yo

woori ner mu sa rang hae ser
ah pa sser nae yo
ser lo sarang han dan mal do
motae sser nae yo

rang ai cheng wei ni wo xin zhong
na yong yuan sheng kai de hua
chuan yue shi kong jue bu di tou
yong bu fang qi de meng

woori ner mu sa rang hae ser
ah pa sser nae yo
ser lo sarang han dan mal do
motae sser nae yo

rang ai cheng wei ni wo xin zhong
na yong yuan sheng kai de hua

woori so jung hae dun yak so
e ji nen mala yo

wei you zhen ai zhui sui ni wo
cuan yue wu jin shi kong

ser lo sarang han dan mal do
motae sser nae yo

ai shi xing zhong wei yi
bu bian mei li de shen hua

!`Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon`!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;7:49 PM;

[-Thursday, December 01, 2005-]

Listening- Shou Fang Kai (Let Go), Li Sheng Jie

Just finished smsing Yan Hao...asked me to go send that someone off tmr, cause he will be going alone, and he don't wanna go send him off alone...lolz...but I turned him down...will tell you guys why later...

Went out with Ting yesterday, and she asked Mandy, Xuan'er and Rick Party World, Shane also joined us...and suddenly this tickle match begun...lolz...they started tickling Mandy, and when Mandy asked to change places with me...I said "don't want! I also scared of tickles" and my big mouth, so they turned on me...lolz...but then it only lasted less than 1 min, cause Rick was scared that I kick the glasses off the table, and I took that chance to run...lolz...when I came back in, they tickled Shane...lolz...then I smsed him, telling him to have safe trip back or something like that, cause he was supposedly leaving on the end of Nov, but then he said that he is leaving on the 2nd of Dec...and I jokingly asked whether he wants me to send him off, and he said not necessary, so I said ok...(thats why I turned Yan hao down when he asked me to send -him- off...)

Then after that, was supposed to go watch Chicken Little at Marina Square (Brendan joined us there)...lolz...but then the tix were sold out til lthe 9.30 show, and since me and Ting had to go back early, we went to play pool instead...and for once! Rick had to wait for his turn, cause Brendan won him...lolz...then after that played Daytona, Initial D (Xuan'er, Rick, Brendan, Shane) and Time Crisis(Brendan,Rick) at the joint arcade...

Then went to sit and talk at this 'cafe' somewhere in Marina Square...heh...Me and Ting left at about 9.30...and I reached home at like 10.45?

When Yan Hao asked me to go send -him- off, I really wanted to go...but then I kept pushing it off, cause I think, that he will be unhappy if I went to send him off when he obviously told me that it's not necessary (meaning- Don't send me off) don't know...reverse psychology(sp?)?...lolz...

hmmm...thats blog is getting more boring by the day...


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