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[-Monday, October 31, 2005-]

Listening- Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani
Talking to- Talisa
Feeling- Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! The chinese paper is due tomorrow, and I am still updating my blog...something is wrong with this picture isn't it...lolz..oh well, wadever...but the paper is tomorrow!!! Anyways, I am pretty much prepared, especially for the Paper 1...I have memorised some of those much hated "han yu pin yin & zhao ju" words so as to be able to deal with the questions in Paper 2 tomorrow, YEAH! I am so proud of myself to be able to remember so many words...ok, I shall shut the crap...but anyways...WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Or I shall hate you...lolz..juz kiddin'...Pray for me...just kiddin'...lolz

Hmmmm...I love my iPod Nano!!! ok, that's just a random comment...heh heh...lolz...went with my mum and Jason to get his report book yesterday...he got promoted! YAY!!! I am so proud of my bro...=D...then went in search of Halif, which Sakinah((correct spelling?)) said was in her pocket??!! lolz...but I still found him, inside his class...his results were pretty good, much better compared to mine anyway, so I shall not comment...lolz

Those lucky people, they get to enjoy their 1 and a half month holiday, and what do I get?!!! O'levels...perrrrfect...but I get a 3 month holiday after that...HAHA!!! gonna get a job, somewhere, other then ISETAN!! I hate Isetan...bleahx...Shall not ruin my mood today to think about the past...maybe I will volunteer myself at the SPCA instead, but how come those that are around 16 years only get to do flag day stuff...hmmph...not fair! lolz...

Okayzzzzzz...shall stop ranting and get back to my studies (chinese especially)...BUAIZ!!!!!


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[-Saturday, October 29, 2005-]

Listening- 10 Nian (Ten Years), Eason Chen Yi Xun
Feeling- Normal...

=D...Met Ting Ting before the Geog remedial for lunch at Tampines SAFRA's Sakura Resturant! =D...Took some time to find it though, cause Ting has not been there for some time and I have never been there before at all...but the food there was good, real guys should try it sometimes, it's tons better than the outlet and Downtown East I tell you...=D

Nothing much really happened today, except that alot of people did not go for the remedial, since it is non-compulsory...and we went through map-reading...almost fell asleep, but decided to leave early with Ting...then went to White Sands to hang around for a while...and I decided to develop my photos that I took during the Graduation...talking about that, I still haven't upload them hor...oh well, I will, when I manage to get hold of a memory card reader...

Coral students were on a bus for their trip to wadever place at wadever time((I dunno the place and time so i put wadever loh)) and the bus had an accident, I have no idea with what or why...never see the news lah sorry...and Mr.Seetoh has landed in hospital...poor guy...had an accident on his bike and his face got scars liao then now one more accident...

That's all...BUHBYE~


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[-Thursday, October 27, 2005-]

Listening- Scandalous, Mis-teeq
Feeling- Ecstatic

YAY!!!!! Lolz...yeah, I am crazy right now...crazy with joy! =D...I am now the owner of a brand new, black, sleek, ultra-thin iPod Nano!!!! lolz...went shopping with my mum and bro just now...and my mum owned Jason an iPod, so we went to get it at Harvey Norman...and since there was no iPod Mini or the original iPod...Jason went for a iPod Video...and my mum was like "Xuan, you want or not? You want then take if not later I dun buy for you then you regret..." and since my mum was so generous...I picked the iPod Nano...cheaper, and I also dun really watch music videos, so doesn't matter...=D...I finally, FINALLY have a Mp3 player...=D...

Hmmm...have to get a cover for it to protect it from scratches...Using my handphone pouch to keep it for now...lets hope the accessories will come out soon...the cashier said that it will take about a week...arrgh...oh well...have to wait...

wad else leh...hmmmm...nth else bahz...oh yar! My tuition has ended!!! Not good...lolz...but its alright cause I still have smart friends like Ting and Ben Chieng to ask any questions that I might have...lucky me...lolz...

Ok...thats all...till next time dudes~!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;10:25 PM;

[-Tuesday, October 25, 2005-]

Listening-Hui You Na Me Yi Tian, JJ Lin Jun Jie
Mood- Joyful!

=D...Has just been reading Xiaxue's blog ((, and one of her entries triggered a memory that has been hiding somewhere in my brain, and I have not posted... usual, I took a train back home from school and all was well till about 3-8 minutes from my stop...this dumbass uncle boarded the bus and sat behind me...and guess what he did?! He started playing lame ringtones ((not even song clips or wad, but lame ringtones!!!)) which I suspect is from Siemens ((I have nothing against them, but heh heh...)) and even though my earpieces were like totally stuck inside my ears, and I was listening to YES 93.3 fm at the loudest volume possible, I could hear him playing with his ringtones...and not once or twice, but 3 times OVER!!! hello?? Damn irritating you know?? I felt like turning back and taking away his phone to throw it into a dustbin or just tell him to stop it...but I didn't and instead I said something "kao bei lah!" under my breathe ((which I hope was loud enough for him to hear...))...bleahx...wadever call me a coward, see if I care!

Luckily I only had to stand for a few more stops...poor bus travellers that are stuck in that bus with that childish/siao/irritating guy...haiz... that that's over...heh heh...on to 'happier' thoughts...-.-"

Next monday is my Chinese O levels((I re-taking lah))!!! Arrgh...dieeee...oh my mum wants to see me do one of the TYS papers each day!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!! lolz...I am crazy...hmmm...oh well, and the minus factor?? I have not been feeling well lately...sick AGAIN! I have been sick like throughout the year??! and plus (( not read if eating...)) the skin at the bottom of my right foot came off ((not all...but at the side...)), all thanks to Coral Sec socks..., and happens to bleed, and now I cannot walk properly on it...Damn suay ((unlucky)) I tell you...

OH SHIT!!!! I forgot to take my medicine!!! I was suppose to take it at 5!! and its like 6 right now!!! Arrgh...and my next does is like 6 hours later...which is 12 midnight!!! oh great...just great...bleahx...oh well...have to go eat medicine...buaiz!


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[-Friday, October 21, 2005-]

Listening- Baby Bye, Wilber Pan
Mood- Sad?

Today was the O level science practical...hopefully can pass bah, but I know that I totally screwed up my Physics practical...haiz...the effects of what a person does depends on his/her mood...for example, sometimes, when I go playing pool or go bowling, I sometimes play better if I am in a depressed or sad mood but not when I am in a happy mood, but its the reverse for exams...I have no idea's funny isn't it?

But what's over is already over, nothing else can be I will just hope for the best...tmr we will be having remedial lessons from Ms Lum and I just hope that everything will be like normal and stuff, instead of having to go through another cold war, with the exact same person over and over again...I have no idea what I did this time round...but whatever that I did wrong, I shall apologise right here, right now...I am sorry...but I am so tired of this kinda thing going on especially since it's so near the Os right now...I really don't wanna think about this things right now, but I cannot control my thoughts...

I noticed that he has been kinda depressed today...cause he just wasn't himself, and somehow, he seemed like he is damn tired...I seldom see him not study and use the free time to sleep and also his MSN nickname shows it all...maybe cause he is having his relationship problems or whatsoever which doesn't really have anything to do with me bah... [ Disclaimer: Above paragraph is only wirtten as a concern for a FRIEND...a GOOD PAL...and nothing more...OKAY?!]

I just wish...just wish that...everything will go smoothly for all my pals out there from now till the Os...okay? Good Luck and study hard people!!!

Thats all for now...buhbye!


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[-Sunday, October 16, 2005-]

Listening- Xie Xie Ni De Ai, Andy Lau
Mood- Stressed out

Haiz...the study break has started...and its like only 3 more weeks to the Os...I am SOOOO not prepared...Arrrgh...have to concentrate more on Maths and Humanities...and what's worse is that my tuition ends on the last day of October...Dieeee.....

Sorry for not updating for such a long time anyway...but then again, I doubt if there will be another entry made in like at least 1 week... wish me good luck ok?

Yesterday was the Graduation ceremony...It was held in the auditorium as the hall was under renovation...and we were allowed to draw on the walls with chalk!! And its only cause the wall is going to get painted over...=D...when they showed a slide of class 4T1, I begun to feel sad cause even though they are totally not related to my class, it brings back a lot of memories of all the times that I had with my friends and classmates...but after the slide, Muhaimin, Kim Swee and Gabriel put up a gig, but when it was time for Aude Lang Sye (Pls excuse my spelling....)), the whole thing, which was supposed to be sad and solem became totally hilarious...because, Muhaimin & Co. did not know how to sing it, and neither did most of us, and when the Sec 5s led us into the song, Hans started to sing "Liverpooool! Liverpooool!" with his group of people...lolz...

But just thinking about not seeing most of them after we get the O level results makes me sad...I mean, most of the funniest and saddest memories comes from this part of our lives doesn't is where friendships were made and broken and those that lasted through the years were the ones that were the best, the ones with most of the memories in them...I will really miss most of them after we go our separate ways...even though most of us are going to the same Poly ((most wants to go to Singapore Poly)) not all of us are going to be in the same school...

I think, the people that I will miss the most would be Ting Ting, Hans, Eileen, Talisa, CMC, Lee Yin, Ben Chieng, Isaac & Co., Bobby, Brian, Wei Hao and the rest of those that are in DnT ((cos thats where most of my time was spent on this year)) and also those that are still not gonna graduate, Halif, and the rest of the gang of prefects that I knew very well, and of course all my "beng" god-bros...=D

Hope that I will manage to keep in touch with these COOL people! Will miss them loads...OH, and the photos that I took yesterday will be up soon, I hope...after I get my memory card reader...=D...ciaoz!


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[-Saturday, October 08, 2005-]

Listening- Jiu Shi Wo, JJ Lin Jun Jie
Feeling- HAPPY~!

Yay!!! Cold war has ended!!! Well, for that 1/2 hour on the phone yesterday anyway...haha...okay, I admit, I am happy cause he has spoken to me again, and also joked quite a bit...=D...but the thing is, when he said that he WILL make it for the remedial, I had looked forward to seeing him, nut in the end, he still didn't turn up...he had apologised, but I was so dissapointed that I became a bit pissed off, and was quite rude in replying his sms...hope that he will forgive me... I don't wish for another cold war to start so soon...

Ms.Lum's birthday was a sucess!! But she knew about the surprise before the time we planned on telling her, cause some morons went and waited outside the computer room for her, when we had planned on getting her down to the canteen...also, most of the people were late, but its ok...the whole thing still went quite well...=D

Hmmm...I guess thats all I have to say...ciaoz!


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[-Thursday, October 06, 2005-]

Listening- Gan Bu Gan ((Do You Dare?)), Show Luo Zhi Xiang, a.k.a XiaoZhu
Mood- Frustrated & Excited! =D

Damn!!! The deadline for my project is tomorrow and me and my class have yet to finish it up!!! My folder still has the last bit, and the project is not assembled!!!!!!!! DIE!!!! Haiz...being in Sec 4 is so stressful, and the O levels are like a month away, excluding the Science Practical exams...and I am so not prepared...bleahx...

Tomorrow we are gonna celebrate Miss Lum's birthday!!! It's meant to be a surprise, so SHHH!!!! Dun tell anyone ok?! lolz...But we have yet to see think of how to bring her down the the canteen...heh heh...bought 2 cakes, both from Swensen' Cookies & Cream and the other Black Forest...YUM! haha...I am crazy...
Saw Kangwei when I was waiting for a taxi home yesterday...still that handsome dude that I know (( I AM KIDDING!!))...have not seen him for ages, cause he has been skipping school to study at home...haha...

Almost HALF my class was absent today, and since Hans & Co. were also absent, the class was like so quiet today, so peaceful that many felt sleepy (esp.-ME), cause we are usually kept awake by Hans and his group whom always jokes around in class...heh heh...

Well, guess thats all for today...buaiz!!!!!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;8:43 PM;

[-Wednesday, October 05, 2005-]

Listening- Xie Xie Ni De Ai ((Thank You for Your Love)), Andy Lau
Mood- Pathetic...

Arggh!! When will this cold war ever stop??!! I don't want this to go on anymore, I can't stand it anymore! But what's the use if I am the only one that want this dumb war to stop??!! Will we ever return to what we were before??!! I hope so, but I also doubt so...I don't know what I want anymore...I only know that I want you to continue to be my friend...I don't wish to lose you...

Sigh...I guess this is the end of it all...nothing will ever change now...Why is it always me?! Something that have not even started has already ended...but from my friend's point of view, if you think it has started then it has...but, what's the point if the other person does not feel the same way, at the end of the day, I am just wasting my time and energy on someone that does to seem to care about me at all...why can't I just forget that any of this had ever happened?? Forgive and forget?? Yeah right, lets see you try can forgive, but you will definetly not be able to forget...otherwise, you can forget, but the hate for that person is still there...Stop trying to make my life miserable will ya?!

Something funny happened today...I was standing at Clarence, Jia Wei, Hong Ru and their gang of people's table in the canteen after school, and Hong Ru asked a weird question...he said that I like Jerrold!!!??? Wth???!!! He is only my god-bro lah....and all those Good-night smses meant nothing! I send them to all of my friends!!!...Jeesh, get a life man...crazy people, as if I will ever like my own god-bro...esp one like Jerrold who already has a girlfriend! Hello??!! Reality check pls!...

I just want life to return to the June holidays, when I got back from my holiday in Aussie, where I practically played pool with Hans and Bob every day...those were the times...even though most of the time I get to sit and watch them play...It was still fun...haiz...

Guess thats all for today...bye for now!


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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:30 AM;

[-Tuesday, October 04, 2005-]

Listening-Dong Jie, JJ Lin

Haiz....Still having cold war with him...I really dunno wad to do anymore...wadever I do seems to be wrong...

At the beginning of this cold war, I tried to talk to him, but he would ignore me totally, so now that I am fed up with his attitude...I am ignoring him back...I don't know if I am doing the right thing...but I think that its the only way that will show him that I am not a toy, and will not come and go as he is so complicated...why must it always be like that...why can't the both of us just be normal with each other like how we used to be when we were doing DnT project last time??!!

Today, we ignored each other practically the whole day, and I just kept talking to Hans and Ting...and my god-bro Wai Siong said that while I was laughing and talking with Hans and Ting, he seemed to be jealous, but I just brushed that thought away, cause I do not think that it possible that he is jealous...haiz...I dunno if I still like him or not, but I do know that I still want him to at least still be my friend...No doubt, I enjoy his company...but nowadays the more I see of him, the more pathetic I feel...

While on the way to my mum's office just now, Jerrold kor and Pak boarded the train...and Pak used his camera phone to take a photo of me and Jerrold sitting together...lolz...Jerrold is crazy, but he can make me laugh and he is damn good at pool too!! Ain't I lucky to have a bro like him?

My results were crappy!! No surprise there...duh...gonna have to work harder for the Os, and leave all these complicated stuff till after the Os...haiz...guess thats all...ciaoz!


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