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[-Tuesday, September 20, 2005-]

Listening- Tian Shi Xing ((Angel Heart)), JJ Lin Jun Jie...
Mood- Full Of Thoughts...

Today was the Goegraphy prelims...the questions were easy enough but the difficult parts are the answers to give...heh heh...Most of the questions I could do, but...the one with the most marks,(12m)...I could not do...bleahx...

I have been thinking a lot lately...about people, who were nice and v.close to me...but has chose to leave and avoid has ignored me for the past two weeks, most says that he does this for fear of rumors and gossips spreading...I don't know but my instinct tells me that that's not it, and I want to think that after all of this blow over, he will bcome my good pal again and we can be like the past...but i doubt it...

Now, I feel that, I can never trust a guy anymore...because somehow, the one closest to me will always end up leavng my side and breaking me into tiny pieces...Each and everytime, after I was broken by one, another would come along and help to piece me back but when the most important bits are yet to be pieced back, I will be shattered to pieces even more tiny...again...

Sometimes, I really really wish that I did not come to this school, because it was here, that most of the things and people that hurt me most appeared...if I had not came to this school, then I would not know that this kind of hurt existed and would not be as bruised and battered by others as now...But...If I had not came, then I would not meet those that had stood by me and that I will never forget...

Life is full of ups and downs, and looking at others then at myself, I know that I am one lucky and and fortunate kid...but I cannot help but think that somehow, life have more emotional downs for me than ups...

Friends will come and go, but those who stay are those that are true to you...this I know... but why must it be those that I care for the most and enjoy their company the most leave me?! What is it that I have done?! No one will tell me, cause, those that know, have already left me...

Oh well, I guess I am done here...soon I will return to the happy-go-lucky girl with the easy smile again...=)...cya!


-..Wonders Of Today..-
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['-Ah_Ying-'] ;9:30 AM;

[-Saturday, September 17, 2005-]

Listening- Ru Guo De Shi, Angela Zhang and Fan Wei Qi
Mood- Frustrated...

Omg lah...I feel like killing my freakin printer!!! Well...not that I can kill it cause its a non-living thing...duh...but, could I just throw it down the stairs and get a new one please!!!!??? Ok...maybe I am not making sense by wanting to throw a printer in perfect working order down the stairs...but guess what?? I do!! Because...just to print two damn pictures for the bloody DnT folio...which yes, I have not yet completed...the papers have jammed twice and the reslultant colour was pink!! Wth!! PINK!!??? why couldn't it had been black...-.-"...Jeesh...

The last week was not's the prelims! Bleahx...and I only study at the last minute...and yes, I mean last minute...either the night before or the break time before that particular paper...and during science prac...everything was ok...till that dumb chemistry!! Arrgh...test the concentration and see which one has the loawest and which one the highest...and one of the acid was so unconcentrated that it took practically 1/2 an hour to finish dissolving a tiny strip of magnesium ribbon!!! sucks for this 16 year old who is only 15+...

oh that i have finished all those crap that I wanted to get off my mind...I am back to blogging!!! Well...maybe not everyday...but still I will update sooner or later...=D...thats all for now...ciaoz!!


-..Wonders Of Today..-
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